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FAQ by Crystal Castles

Version: Final | Updated: 02/23/05


                                  Volley Ball
                                 Author: nm14
                                  For the NES
                                 Version Final


Table of Contents

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------------                         --------------------
1. Legal Info/E-Mail Policy            sec1
2. Strategy                            sec2
3. Conclusion                          sec3


                        1. Legal Info/E-mail Policy                        sec1


This document is (c) copyright 2003-2004 to nm14 for use only on the 
internet at the following sites. Failure to follow the copyright laws will 
result in a law suit. If you wish to obtain the FAQ on a site/magazine etc. you
must consult with me through electronic mail. I must give clear instructions
and you must follow those instructions.

If permission is given to you, please do not change the content of format of
the FAQ. It is meant to stay in this state until I say otherwise. So, again,
if you wish to use this FAQ in any way, pleace consult with me. Thanks you,
and the following sites may use this FAQ at the present date.



Hey everyone. This is the e-mail policy portion of this FAQ. I am going to 
list what I believe to be "acceptable" or "unacceptable" e-mails. Of course,
it would be very wise of you to correctly e-mail me if you are hoping for a 
response. Also, if you have made a mistake when e-mailing me, it is very likely
I will block you so that you cannot send me any more messages. So, now that 
you all know what will happen if you incorrectly e-mail me, you have to find 
out what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. Please read below.

Do you have information that we have not covered in this FAQ? Well, read below.
If you happen to know something in the FAQ please e-mail me. I am always
interested in adding information from readers, but there are a few exceptions.
If this FAQ is NOT labeled "Final" as its version, your added information may
not neccessarily be used. I could possibly already know your information, but
have not gotten to that section yet. So, do not guarantee that I will post your 
comments just because you were nice enough to e-mail us.

Now, for a little more about an "acceptable" e-mail, let's talk about the 
subject of the e-mail. I get a lot of e-mails about other FAQs that I have
written, so I can easily miss your e-mail unless you identify it. So, in the
subject line, please include the words "Volley Ball" in your subject
line. This makes it a lot easier to sort things out in my e-mail. If you do
not refer to what game you are commenting/asking for help on, I will most 
likely ignore the entire e-mail. 

The last aspect that we would like to talk about is reading the FAQ. If you are
in doubt, check around the entire FAQ before coming to us for direct help. It
is likely that information is in other parts of the FAQ, and not neccessarily 
the part that you are looking at during that very moment. Any comments that are
already answered in this FAQ will simply be ignored and blocked, as I have
taken a lot of time to write this guide for you, you can do a little something
for me as well.

If any of the above guidelines are not followed correctly your e-mails will be
considered "unacceptable" and I am sure you know what that means. I personally
think that it will be simple to follow the guidelines, and you will not have to
worry very much about the process. Thank you, again, for your cooperation.


                               2. Strategy/Game                            sec2


Welcome to the strategy portion of Volley Ball for the NES. This game is one
of my favorites, as I never really had any taste for Volley Ball until I tried
this one. It is surprisingly fun for only a NES game, and you will get a lot
of hours out of it. Let's begin with the Controls.

D-Pad - Moves the line near the front of the net, moves players
A - No function
B - Hit the ball, throw the ball up, spike the ball


In the start menu, you will have two options. They will be "Game" and the other
is "Training." Based on how many times you have played this game, you should
pick either option. If this is your first time playing, I would recommend that
you simply choose the training mode. You will get a good taste of how to move
your players without missing the ball, and how to control your line up. I will
explain all of that in this guide as well.

Choose game...

Now you have the Play Select screen. You have several options, as seen below.

1 Player Women
1 Player Men
2 Player Women
2 Player Men

Choose whichever gametype you want, women or men, and 1 or 2 players. But, more
importantly, you must choose what country your team will represent. You will
have the following options:

USA - United States
URS - Russia
CHN - China
CUB - Cuba
JPN - Japan
BRA - Brazil
KOR - Korea
TUN - ???

So, once you choose your team, the game will start. Basically, the volleyball
team will run onto the coury and automatically get into their positions. The
starting line up is as follows where the X's are your players...

 Row 1 | Row 2
        X    |
   X         |
        X    |
   X         |
        X    |
X            |

So, while you are in the game, you will be able to move the players only in one
row at a specific time. So, row 2 players will all move when the ball is near
them, or row 1 will all move when the ball goes deep. Make sure you get a good
handle on moving them, so if you need more practice, go to the training mode
before you head into this match. So, let us begin the match.

Throw the ball up with your player that holds the ball, and then press B again
to serve the ball over the net. This will challenge the other team to hit the
ball back over. If they fail to, you will get one point, and will remain doing
the serving. If they hit it back over, and you miss, then they will gain a 
point and start serving. Serving is always an advantage, because returning a
normal shot is much easier than returning a serve.

So, the next strategy that you must learn is how to return the ball because 
that is the only tricky part in a match. Basically, the other team will serve
the ball, and you can return it by pressing B. Usually, they will serve it
right at one of your players, so you should not have any trouble with the first
hit. However, your hit will usually go straight up in the air. So, right after
you hit the ball, make sure you rush another player to hit the ball over the
net. You can set a spike up as well if you have a person close to the net. This
will get you more points as you progress. The winner of the match will be the
one to 21 winning by two. Have fun playing the game. Hope my strategy has 
helped you understand how to play this game! Enjoy!


                                 3. Conclusion                             sec3


Thank you for tuning in to my FAQ. I truly hope that you actually learned
something from this guide. I hope that I did what I was supposed to do,
which is to make you a better gamer. If I did, I can pat my self on the
back because I helped someone get something done. If you really enjoy
my work, you can take a look at some of the other games that I have
written for.

As for the credits of this guide, I would like to credit a few people...
-CJayC, who runs a nice site full of amazement.

                 __    ___
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| '_ \| '_ ` _ \ | |/ /_| |
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|_| |_|_| |_| |_\___/   |_/

All of my work can be found at:


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