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  • This game was based on the Japanese radio show "All Night Nippon". While the levels were taken directly from Super Mario Bros 1 and 2, graphics were changed to reflect the show. Bushes became microphones, enemies became radio DJs, the Toads became famous Japanese celebrities and Princess Toadstool was changed to wear a kimono.

    Contributed By: Jerrynsteph4eva.

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  • This game is one of the rarest Mario games as it was only available through giveaways on the "All Night Nippon" radio show. Only 3,000 copies were ever made.

    Contributed By: Jerrynsteph4eva.

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  • This rare Mario game was published by the Japanese game company Fuji Television - the same company who would notably go on to create the game Yume Koujou: Doki Doki Panic, which in turn was modified to make the western version of Super Mario Bros. 2.

    Contributed By: Ryan Harrison.

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