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Guide and Walkthrough by AdamL

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 03/08/2002


...the game most people don't know exists...

...the 8-bit Prequel to Goonies II...

     ##### # ##     #####   ####    ####  ###  ###  ##   ####     ###
    #### # # # #  ######## ###### ####### #### ### #   #######  ######
      #  # # ##   ### ########### ####### ####  ########## ### ### ###
     ## ## # ###  ### ### ###  ## ###  ##  ###  ###  # ### ### ##   ##
                 ###     # ##  ##  ##  ##  #### ##  ## ####### ######
                 ### ##### ##  ##  ##  ##  #######  ## ######  #######
                 ### #### ###  ##  ##  ## ### #### ### ### ###     ###
                 ###  ### ###  ## ###  ## ### ####  ## ### ###  #  ###
                ######### ############### ###  #### #########  #######
                 #######   ######  ###### ###  #######  #####  ######    v1.4

...brought to you by AdamL



v1.4 - Completed 3/8/02

Written and maintained by Adam Lamontagne
Copyright (c)2000,2002 Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)

ASCII art title by Dallas (dallas@dodgerstats.com)

An 8-bit Famicom game by Konami 1986.

[NOTE: This game was actually released in the USA, but only on the vs.
Unisystem...see ODD FACTS section for more details]


I.    Revision History
II.   Introduction
III.  Story
IV.   Gameplay
V.    Controls
VI.   Main Characters
VII.  Hidden Characters
VIII. Enemies
IX.   How to Attack
X.    Items
XI.   Special Items
XII.  Scoring
XIII. Walkthrough
      A. Stage 1
      B. Stage 2
      C. Passageway Stage A
      D. Stage 3
      E. Stage 4
      F. Passageway Stage B
      G. Stage 5
      H. Passageway Stage C
      I. Stage 6
XIV.  Frequently Asked Questions
XV.   Odd Facts
XVI.  Acknowledgements
XVII. Disclaimer


3/8/02: v1.4
-Added my current email address.
-Removed 2 sites where this FAQ was hosted.
-Added a lot of contributed information.

12/18/00: v1.3
-Added info on Goonies being released in arcades in the USA.
-Added another site where this FAQ/Walkthrough can be posted.
-Re-organized Revision History section.
-Added the Stages in the Walkthrough to the Table of Contents.

8/6/00: v1.2
-Added tip on how to make the Helmet and Spring Shoes appear.
-Added a few people to the Acknowledgements section (thanks guys!).
-Added some info on second quest.
-Changed Vampire to Ghost Pirate.

7/7/00: v1.1
-Added tip for finding Special Items.

6/8/00pm: v1.0
-Completed Walkthrough section.
-Added to Enemies section and Scoring section.
-First version submitted online.

6/8/00am: v0.6
-Added more to the Frequently Asked Questions section and the Walkthrough

6/7/00: v0.5
-Worked on the Frequently Asked Questions section and Walkthrough section.

5/26/00: v0.3
-Added a Special Items section.

5/24/00: v0.2
-Started Walkthrough.
-Worked on Items, Hidden Characters, How to Attack, Controls and Disclaimer
-Received nice ascii art title from Dallas.

5/11/00: v0.1
-Started initial layout.
-Worked on the Introduction, Story, Gameplay, Main Characters and Odd Facts


This FAQ/Walkthrough is for the Famicom game Goonies.  If you've ever wondered
why there was a game for the NES called Goonies II and not just Goonies, you're
not alone.  I always thought the NES game was a sequel to the movie, hence the
"II" in the title.  This was before learning of the vast amount of cool
Japanese NES (Famicom) games that never made it to the states.  One of these
was a simple little game called The Goonies.

In 1986, early in the Famicom's young life, Konami decided to cash in on the
movie's success with a cute little platform game of the same name.  I'm not
sure how popular it was in Japan, but it never made its way over to the states.
 We did get the sequel, Goonies II, which is a great game in itself and got to
enjoy the adventures of Mikey and the gang, but it would have been nice to get
a taste of the original.

The original Goonies game is only available for the Famicom, but there are at
least 3 ways of playing the game.  You can either (1) find the actual Famicom
cart.  These are hard to find, but they pop up on eBay every now and then.  (2)
The Goonies is found on quite a few Famicom Multi-Carts.  In fact, the first
time I ever played the game was when I bought a 64-in-1 cart and found the game
among the 64 first generation Famicom games.  (3) The last way to play the
game, and probably the most common nowadays, is to download the ROM somewhere. 
Do not ask me where to find it.  The ROM I found is a mapper 3 version which
played fine on NESticle.  Since I own Goonies, albeit on a multi-cart, I guess
I can legally possess the ROM.

Those that do track down the game will find that it is pretty similar to the
NES game Goonies II.  That familiar Goonies II music starts the game off and
the colors as well as some of the enemies are the same.  The major difference
is that Goonies I is only a platform game.  There are no 3-D mazes to go
through as in the sequel.  This game is also much shorter.  If you liked
Goonies II, you should enjoy this simpler version as well.


Since I don't have the manual (and probably couldn't read it anyway, as it
would be in Japanese), I will try to give you the basic storyline.  The
Fratelli's have rescued your 6 fellow Goonies and you have to get them back. 
You'll travel through houses, caves and even One-Eyed Willy's pirate ship in
your search to save the Goon-docks.


You play as Mikey and have to go through 6 stages of play (plus 3 Passageway
Stages) and rescue your 6 Goonie friends, Data, Mouth, Chunk, Brand, Andi and
Stef, who have been kidnapped by the Fratelli gang and scattered throughout the
stages.  Along the way you must find 3 Keys in each stage to open the gate to
the next stage.  A few of the stages are really short passageway-type areas,
but since the time limit resets when you enter and leave them, I counted them
as Passageway Stages and not regular Stages.  You do not have to rescue any
Goonies or collect any Keys in these Passageway Stages.

The most important item in the game is the Bomb.  You can get them by killing
certain enemies, like the mice.  When you find a closed door with a skull on
it, place a Bomb in front of it and move away while the Bomb detonates and
opens the door.  You will find one of 4 things inside these doors, Keys,
Goonies, a Slingshot or Potions (the last stage is an exception to this...you
will find some treasure behind the skull doors).  The item behind each door is
random with each new game played, but I figured a way to work around this in
the walkthrough section.

There are also several Special Items that are hidden in the game which aid you
in different ways.  To find these you have to jump, duck, kick or shoot in the
right place to make a bag appear.

[NOTE: Jordan Houghton (halberg@pcfl.net) sent an email saying the following:

"You say the way to get some items (spring shoes, helmet, etc.) is to walk
around in a certain space. Actually, all you do is press up and the bags

Cool, thanks for the tip Jordan!]

Inside the bag will be an item that is helpful, yet unnecessary in solving the
game.  They sure do make life easier though.  These Special Items are
automatically activated, so you do not have to do anything special to use them.
 See the Items section for more info.

The Goonies you find all look alike, except the one you rescue in the last
stage will be female (most likely this is the Goonie that Mikey had a crush on
in the movie, Andi...yes, it's a female).  It's too bad the programmers
couldn't have made each Goonie resemble their counterpart in the movie.  They
could have had an overweight Goonie doing the Truffle Shuffle and we'd have
known it was Chunk ;)

There are no bosses in the game to beat.  It would have been nice to be able to
fight Sloth over a tub of Rocky Road or something, but you're basically on a
scavenger hunt in this one.  Sloth really doesn't even make an appearance in
this game...well, he kind of does...you'll see.  Mama Fratelli's not even in


Up - Climb ladders; Enter doors
Down - Crouch down; Climb down ladders
Left - Move left
Right - Move right
A - Jump; Super Jump (w/ Spring Shoes in a certain spot)
B - Kick; Use Slingshot
Down + B - Place a Bomb
A then B - Jump kick
Start - Pause
Select - No known use



-He's the man in this game.  Armed with only his feet as weapons at the
beginning, he must single-handedly take on the Fratelli's and rescue his
kidnapped friends.


Konami likes to import other Konami characters into their games, and this one
is no different.  Here are some Konami characters as well as other hidden
things I have found:


This guy makes an appearance in Passageway Stage A.  If you can find him, he
rewards you with 5000 points.


This guy appears in Stage 2.  He's worth 5000 points if you grab him in time.


The Unidentified Flying Object appears in Stage 5


This little guy pops up in Passageway Stage B.  Catch him and reel in 5000


He's located in Stage 6...at least it kind of looks like him.


There are a bunch of different enemies in this game, but none are too strong to
defeat.  Since this game has no bosses I wouldn't worry too much about the
enemies, but here are some of them:


These come in several different colors and most give up bombs when defeated. 
The white mouse gives you an invincibility cross instead.


These guys roam each of the stages and relentlessly pursue Mikey.  They wear
suits and attack using guns or the ever-dangerous musical notes.


This guy materializes in thin air and flies in a straight line.  He can only be
defeated with bombs or the Sling Shot.  I initially thought he was a vampire,
but as Jordan Houghton pointed out, he has a hook for a hand and a peg leg.

[NOTE] Killing Machine <killingmachine@exterminator.net> sent an email saying
that the Ghost Pirate is actually the Ghost of One-Eyed Willie.  This
definitely makes sense.


More of a nuisance than anything.  One of the Special Items makes you immune to


These guys attack by either throwing their heads at you or throwing bones.  A
certain Special Item will make you impervious to their bone attack.


They jump out of the water in an arc pattern.  Shoot or kick them to get a


These little guys appear in the later stages.  You can also get bombs by
defeating them.

I might have missed a couple, but you probably don't care about this section
anyway :)


There are only 4 ways to attack and defeat enemies in this game:


This is the most basic attack and you start the game only being able to kick. 
Simply hit the B Button to kick an enemy.  You can also jump and kick in


Not only can you use Bombs to blow open the skull doors, but you can blast
enemies with them as well.  Timing is the trick.  The blast from the exploding
bomb last a couple of seconds, so if the enemy hits the blast at any time, they
will get hit.  Be careful though, as the Bombs can also kill you.


The Slingshot is a good long-range weapon.  When you find the Slingshot (behind
a skull door) you will automatically be armed with it.  You get 50 shots and
when you use them up you go back to just being able to kick.  Use the Slingshot
to take out the Vampire when he appears.


If you find a white mouse, defeat it and a Cross will appear.  Grab it to
become invincible.  Now you can run through any enemy and destroy it.  You're
only invincible for about 10 seconds, so do as much damage as you can.


There are all kinds of surprises to find in this game.  Some of them are easier
to find than others.  Here is a somewhat complete list of the different items
in the game:


You get these when defeating most enemies.  You can then use them to either
bomb open the skull doors or to destroy enemies.


These are hidden throughout the Stages of the game.  They are hidden and can be
uncovered by jumping, kicking or ducking in particular spots.  When you collect
8 Diamonds your life meter will be refilled automatically.


These are found behind the skull doors.  You must find 3 of these in each Stage
to open the gate to the next Stage.  Since it is random whether you will
discover a Key or a Goonie behind a particular skull door from one game to the
next, Keys will also be referred to simply as ITEMS.


Your 6 buddies, like the Keys, are also found behind the skull doors.  In each
Stage you must rescue a Goonie in addition to finding the 3 Keys in order to
move on to the next Stage.  All the Goonies you find will look the same (like
Mikey), with the exception of the last one, which is female.  If you find the
Secret Warp that lets you skip Stage 4, you will find a Goonie in the Warp
area, which makes up for the one that you will miss in the skipped stage.


If you see a white mouse, defeat it and it will leave behind a Cross.  Grab it
to become invincible for a little while.


Behind certain skull doors will be Slingshots.  You will get a limited number
of shots (50, displayed at the top of the screen) when you find this item and
it will be turned into your default weapon until you run out of ammo.


Also behind some skull doors will be Potions.  Grab them to increase your
energy level.


These are found behind skull doors only in the last stage.  They give you a
whopping 8000 points a piece.


There are 7 Special Items hidden throughout the game.  To find them, you must
kick, jump, duck or move back and forth in certain spots to make a bag appear
or in most cases simply press Up on the controller.  Inside the bag will be one
of the Special Items.  You do not need to find any of these to finish the game,
but they each make you invincible to certain hazards or help you get to
previously unreachable areas.  They are automatically equipped when you find

David Lo (davidlo19@yahoo.com) emailed me with the following:

"In Stage 3, you mentioned that "walk back & forth" for a secret to
appear... what you should really do is press the UP key.
This is what happens with the game. In 1st stage, it was attack that'll
make secret appear, 2nd stage, DOWN. 3rd stage: UP, 4th: DOWN +
attack... (I might have memorized them wrong, but that's as good as I can
do for now...) So, in each stage, you'll know what to do to get the secret
item and diamonds."

Thanks David!

Here are the Special Items:


These are found in Stage 1.  They will make you impervious to the musical notes
shot at you from the Fratellis.


Find this in Stage 2.  This will protect you from the steam released from the
exhaust jets.  It will also allow you to jump through waterfalls without
getting hurt.  Protects you from water drops falling from the ceiling.


This is located in Stage 3.  It protects you from falling stalactites.


Finding this will allow you to walk under the jets of flame in Stage 2 without
being damaged.  Otherwise you would have to time it just right to make it under
the flame and risk getting scorched.  You find this in Stage 1.


This Item is nifty because it allows Mikey to carry 2 bombs at once instead of
1.  It is found in Stage 4.


This is also found in Stage 4.  The Skeletons throw bones at you.  If you are
wearing the Red Suit, the bones will not hurt you.  I also believe this
protects you from Bats.


Find these in Stage 3.  If you have these, you will be able to find a secret
warp in Stage 3 which brings you to Stage 5.  They make you jump about 10 times
as high as normal, but you can only use them in this one spot.


There is a scoring system in this game.  You get points for killing enemies and
finding items.  You get an extra man when you score 50,000 points.  You get
another one at 150,000.  I'm not sure when you get another one.

Here are some point values for enemies and items:

Red Mouse..............................................100 points
Orange Mouse...........................................100 points
White Mouse............................................100 points + Cross
Fratelli Brothers......................................100 points
Vampire................................................500 points
Skeleton...............................................200 points
Skeleton Bones.........................................200 points
Skeleton Heads.........................................100 points
Bats...................................................200 points
Octopus................................................100 points
Fish...................................................100 points
Diamonds...............................................500 points
Rescuing a Goonie.....................................1000 points
Finding Peace Dude....................................5000 points
Finding Konami Man....................................5000 points
Finding UFO...........................................5000 points
Finding Raccoon.......................................5000 points
Finding Sloth.........................................5000 points
Ring..................................................8000 points
Necklace..............................................8000 points
Crown.................................................8000 points
Finishing the Game...................................50000 points


Alright, here's what you came for.  In the walkthrough I will assume that you
have a bomb handy or know how to acquire them (by killing most enemies), so I
will just say, "Bomb the door" or whatever.  Also, since every game has the
items randomly placed behind the different skull doors, this walkthrough will
lead you to the doors and will refer to the Key or Goonie simply as "ITEM"
since that will avoid any confusion.  Have fun!

Time Limit: 180 seconds
Special Items to Find: HEADPHONES, FLAME SUIT
Hidden Stuff: none

-You start the game by a skull door.  Jump over the gap to the right and kick
the mouse to get a Bomb.  Jump back over to the door and bomb it open to get
the first ITEM (Key or Goonie) of the stage.

-Fall down to the next level and stand beneath and a little to the right of the
door on the level above.  Press the button to kick and a bag should appear in
the air above you.  Grab it to acquire the HEADPHONES.

-Go right, climb the ladder back to the top level, then down the next ladder
and bomb the skull door for the second ITEM.

-Climb back up the ladder and head right until you come to the end of the
platform.  Fall and hold left so you land in the small space below.  Stand in
the middle and kick to reveal another bag.  This one contains the FLAME SUIT.

-Jump over the gap to your right into another small space.  Kick to reveal a
couple of Diamonds.

-Now fall down to the bottom level and bomb open the skull door to your left to
get the third ITEM.

-Walk all the way right and climb up the ladder.  You'll find a Diamond here. 
Climb up the next ladder and bomb the skull door in the corner to get the
fourth and final ITEM in Stage 1.

-Walk left and fall down to the bottom level.  Go left and up the ladder, where
you will find more Diamonds.  Head left and fall down to the bottom.  Continue
all the way left to the exit to Stage 2.

Time Limit: 360 Seconds
Special Items to Find: RAIN COAT
Hidden Stuff: PEACE DUDE

-You will begin this stage under a flame jet.  If you got the FLAME SUIT in
Stage 1, none of these jets will harm you.

-Start by going left, across a gap and up a ladder to a skull door.  Bomb it to
get your first ITEM.

-Climb back down the ladder then fall down to the bottom floor.  Go right, jump
over the gap and go over to a ladder which leads up to a skull door in a small
room.  Bomb the door for your second ITEM.

-Go down the ladder and go back left over the gap, up another ladder and
continue left to a ledge.  Jump up to the area with a skull door and bomb it
for your third ITEM of the stage.

-Continue left and make your way down two ladders and over a gap to another
skull door.  Bomb this for another ITEM.  You may now have all the required
ITEMS to exit this stage, but there is more secret stuff you may want to find.

-Make your way up to the white skull at the top left corner of the screen and
enter it.  You will come out in a blue room.  There is a DIAMOND on the upper
right ledge in the room, but otherwise just go down to the bottom ladder to
enter another section of the stage.

-From the ladder, go right and stand to the right of the ladder directly
underneath the center of the platform above you.  Now duck down and the PEACE
DUDE will appear.  If you grab him quickly he's worth 5000 points, but if he
disappears you only get 1000.

-Now go back left and keep going until you reach a skull door.  Bomb it for the
ITEM.  Climb down the ladder and then climb up the next ladder to the left to a
platform with a flame jet above it.  Stand on the very left edge of this
platform and duck down to make a bag appear.  Grab it to get the RAIN COAT.

-Jump to the left and bomb the skull door for another ITEM.

-Now head back to the right, fall down to the bottom level, and go all the way
right to the end where a skull door is.  Bomb it for an ITEM (it will probably
be the Sling Shot...if not, you might have gotten it already).

-Go back left.  There is a DIAMOND in the small room in the center of the
screen.  Otherwise, make your way up to the ladder at the top of the screen
(above the small room with the DIAMOND) to go back up to the previous area.

-Go up and enter the white skull to go back to the beginning of the stage.

-Now go ALL THE WAY to the right, staying on the upper level and enter the
white skull at the upper right corner of the level.

-You're in the last room of the stage.  Make your way down to the lock to enter
Passageway Stage A.

Time Limit: 110 Seconds
Special Items to Find: None
Hidden Stuff: KONAMI MAN

-This area is basically just an area connecting Stage 2 to Stage 3.

-Walk down the ledges to the left.  If you want to find about 3 DIAMONDS, take
the upper path left.  If you don't need them, take the lower path.

-I recommend skipping the DIAMONDS, but if you really want them, take the upper
path all the way up and to the left, then kick (or shoot the Sling Shot) to
make them appear.

-When you take the bottom path, head all the way left to the vine going down,
but don't climb down it yet.  Instead, go back to the right a bit and KONAMI
MAN will appear!  He will fly at you and is worth 5000 points.  Now you can go
down the vine.

-This next small area is filled with enemies...and DIAMONDS.  If you move
through it slowly you can kill the enemies and back-track for the DIAMONDS. 
You can also just head for the exit, the vine on the lower right.  This will
bring you to Stage 3.

Time Limit: 420 Seconds
Special Items to Find: HELMET, SPRING SHOES
Hidden Stuff: WARP ZONE

-From the start of this stage, go down the ladder to the left and enter the
white skull.

-When you come out, climb the ladder and go left, jumping over to a long ladder
going up.  Climb the ladder and bomb the skull door on the platform to your
right for the first ITEM.

-Jump off the platform to the right and continue right, jumping over a couple
long gaps, until you reach a ladder.  Climb it and bomb the skull door at the
top for your second ITEM.

-Jump to the left and head back, over the 2 gaps, to the white skull, back to
the beginning of the stage.

-From the white skull, climb up the 2 ladders and go right until you get to
another ladder, and climb it.

-Climb the ladder and bomb the skull door for your third ITEM.

-Go right and climb the long ladder up to the white skull and enter it.

-Now go left, down a ladder, left, and down another ladder.  Walk left to the
dead end where you will be standing on a metal pipe.  Move back and forth on
the pipe and press Up and a bag will appear.  Inside the bag is the HELMET.

-Go right, up the ladder and head to the right where you will find another
skull door in the lower right corner.  Bomb it for your fifth ITEM.

-Head up the ladder from the skull door and all the way left until you see the
ladder leading up to the white skull.  Climb the ladder and go right, into the

-From the skull, go down the long ladder, then down the ladder right beneath it
to the next area.

-Go down this one, then down another one to the skull door, where you'll get
the sixth ITEM of the stage.

-Climb the ladder from the skull door and head right.  Go over the gap and down
a ladder to another ladder leading to the next area.

-After you go down the long ladder, climb up to the skull door and bomb it for
another ITEM.

-From this skull door, fall or climb down the ladder and go left until you
reach a ladder going down to an area with an exhaust pipe blowing steam.  Climb
down there and walk back and forth in the small area and press Up to make a bag
appear.  Inside the bag are the SPRING SHOES!

-Now you have a choice to make.  Since you have the SPRING SHOES you can find
the SECRET WARP to Stage 5, but you will miss out on finding the RED SUIT and
BACK PACK in Stage 4.  It's up to you.  I will present both scenarios below.


If you want to skip Stage 4 and go directly to Stage 5, do the following:

-From where you found the SPRING SHOES, climb the short ladder and go all the
way right until you see a ladder on the ground floor going down.  Take it down
to the next area.

-You will now have to climb down a really long ladder.  Now what do you do? 
For some reason your SPRING SHOES only work in this area of the game, so use
them to jump up the cliff to your left.

-Continue left, then down to a ladder.  This ladder will lead to a skull door. 
Bomb it open to rescue a Goonie then fall down to the ladder below, which leads
to Stage 5.

If you don't want to warp and want to progress through the game normally, do
the following:

-From where you got the SPRING SHOES, climb up the ladder and up the next
ladder to your right, so you are at the top level.  Go all the way left, over a
couple of gaps, and you will reach the last skull door of the level.  Bomb it
to get the ITEM.

-Now go back right, fall into the first gap you reach, and go back left until
you reach the ladder that leads down to the locked door.  Enter to move on to
Stage 4.

Time Limit: 500 Seconds
Special Items to Find: RED SUIT, BACK PACK
Hidden Stuff: none

-You start this stage by falling from the top of the screen.  Immediately hold
right as you are falling to land on the ledge next to a rock masher.  Move up
and right to the skull door and bomb it for your first ITEM.

-Go left, past the 2 rock mashers, and continue left on the upper part of the
level until you reach a white skull.  Enter it.

-You will see a skull door at the bottom right.  Ignore it for now and go left
over a bunch of long gaps until you reach a skull door.  Bomb it open for the

-Continue left until you are standing on a dead end ledge.  Stand in the
middle, duck down and press the fire button (if you have a bomb you might want
to get rid of it first, as the explosion might kill you in this small area).  A
bag will appear above you.  It contains the RED SUIT.

-Now go all the way back to the right and bomb the skull door you ignored
earlier to get your third ITEM of the stage.  Climb up the vines and enter the
white skull again.

-See that vine at the bottom of the screen leading down?  You want to get
there.  From the white skull, fall off the right ledge and go left to the rock
masher.  The only time these can hurt you is if you are directly under one, so
fall down past it and run to the left to the vine going down.

-Climb down the vine and head right, past the masher and up the cliffs to a
dead end.  While facing the wall, crouch and press the fire button and another
bag will appear, this one containing the BACK PACK.  Now you can carry 2 bombs
at once!

-Go back left, jump over the gap, and climb a vine to reach the skull door
containing your fourth ITEM.

-From here, jump over to the vine on the left and climb it to the next area. 
Ignore the skull door right above you for now.  Climb the vine then climb
another one up to the next area.  Go left and climb the first vine you see,
then continue left to a skull door where you'll get another ITEM.

-Go back to the right and climb up a vine to enter the white skull.  You will
be in an area like the beginning of the stage.  There are skull doors to the
right and left, which will probably give you a POTION and SLING SHOT.  Get them
and return to the white skull where you entered this area.

-From the white skull, work your way down to the vine at the bottom right of
the screen and go down it.  Now you can go left over to the skull door and get
your last ITEM of the level.

-Go down the vine under the skull door to the next level down.  Climb the vine
down and walk along the bottom level to the right, where you will unlock the
door to Passageway Stage B.

Time Limit: 90 Seconds
Special Items to Find: none
Hidden Stuff: RACCOON

-You also enter this Passageway Stage in a free fall.  Hold right on the
controller to land on the ledge, then go to the area to the right to find some

-If you go to the area left of where you landed to start this area, climb up
the steps to the left wall and the RACCOON will appear.  Snag him quickly for a
cool 5000 points.

-To exit to Stage 5, simply go all the way right and down the vine.

Time Limit: 450 Seconds
Special Items to Find: none
Hidden Stuff: UFO

-Alright, you either got here from the Warp Zone in Stage 3 or you progressed
normally through the game and just went through Passageway Stage B to arrive
here.  The only difference is that each of the 2 ways to get here start you out
in different sections of Stage 5.  I will begin this section of the walkthrough
from the area you start in if you DID NOT warp here, but it is not that far
from the area you start in if you did warp here from Stage 3, SO I will quickly
guide Mikey to that spot in the next paragraph so that everyone will be at the
same starting point.

-So, if you came here from Passageway Stage B, Mikey lands to the right of a
waterfall.  Start by going right, past another waterfall, until you see a
really long vine leading up to the next area.  Climb up.  Now go up the next
vine to the ledge with the skull door, but ignore it for now.  Go right past
the waterfall and continue all the way to a dead end with a skull door on it.


-Bomb open the skull door for your first ITEM.

-After getting the ITEM, stand on the middle of the platform to your left (it's
over the water), face left, and kick (or fire your Sling Shot).  A UFO will
appear.  Quickly grab it for 5000 points.

-Now go left until you reach another skull door to the left of a waterfall and
bomb it for the second ITEM.

-Quickly climb down the short vine below you then down the vine leading to the
next area below you.  Climb all the way down this vine and go right to the
skull door for your third ITEM.

-Climb back up the long vine to the next area again, then climb up the 2 vines
to the top of the area and go left to the white skull and enter it.

-From the skull, walk right until you reach a skull door and bomb it for your
fourth ITEM of the stage.

-Keep going right and you will eventually reach another skull door at the
bottom of a vine, where you will get the fifth ITEM.

-Now climb the vine and head all the way back to the left to the white skull
and enter it.  From the skull, climb down the vine and go right past the
waterfall and down a vine to the next area.

-In this area head all the way to the left and you will reach a white skull and
a skull door.  Get the ITEM from the skull door then enter the white skull.

-From the skull, go right over a couple water holes, then up the vine to a
skull door containing another ITEM.

-Now head left on the upper level all the way until you get to the skull door
containing the last ITEM of the stage.

-Climb the vine back up to the top and go right until you see the white skull
at the bottom.  Enter it.

-From the skull, climb the vine and start going right.  Walk on the middle
platform when you get the chance and keep going right until you can jump over
to the key hole leading to Passageway Stage C.

[NOTE] Frederick Delles <dellesfy@clarkson.edu> sent in the following:

I just want to let you know that there IS a 1-up on Stage 5. I'm not sure
where, but I found an orange elixir (same shape as the red energy elixirs)
behind a skull door that gave a free man.

Time Limit: 90 Seconds
Special Items to Find: none
Hidden Stuff: none

-This is the easiest of the Passageways.

-Start by walking down some steps, collecting DIAMONDS along the way.

-Go right, then up the vine.  If you want more DIAMONDS, fall off the left of
the platform and walk around to make some appear.  Otherwise, enter the white
skull to enter Stage 6, The Final Stage.

Time Limit: 120 Seconds
Special Items to Find: none
Hidden Stuff: Sloth?

-This is it, you're at One-Eyed Willy's pirate ship!

-Your goal here is to find the last Goonie behind one of the skull doors.  The
other skull doors have treasures worth 8000 points each, but all you really
need to do is find the Goonie to complete the stage and finish the game.

-Below is a map to the pirate ship.  The last Goonie is randomly placed behind
one of the skull doors (marked 1, 2, 3 and 4).  Try each door in the order they
are marked, as this is the quickest way through the ship.  There is not much
time, so hurry.  Also, there is a hidden character in this stage that kind of
resembles Sloth, except his eyes are in the right place.  This probably isn't
even Sloth, but to find him stand on the platform to the left of skull door #4
and fire.  Sloth will appear and is worth 5000 points.

                                                            / |
                      /|                                   /  |
                     / |                                  /   |
                    /  |                                 /____|
                   /___|                                      |
                       |                                      |   _____________
                       |                                      |  /            
_______  START         |                                    _ | /          _  
\   |  |_____ ____  ___|__  _____________ _________________|3||/______
 \  |        H         |             |   H                            H       
  \ |        H  _      | **         _|   H                            H       /
   \|________H_|1|__ __|_____    __|4|___H____________ _____ __   ____H______/
    \  |            H                                 H  |  H             /
     \ |____________H_         ____________________   H  |  H     _______/

1-1st Door to enter
2-2nd Door to enter
3-3rd Door to enter
4-4th Door to enter
H-These are ladders

-If you can't figure it out, from the START go down the ladder to skull door
#1.  Go down the next ladder, all the way right and up another ladder.  Go
right to the next ladder going up to skull door #2.  Go back down the ladder
and all the way left to the next ladder going up, then go left to skull door
#3.  Go all the way left, fall down the gap and stand on the platform you land
on and press the fire button to make Sloth appear.  Now jump over to skull door

-You will see a brief ending scene and the game will start you back in Stage 1
with no Special Items and faster enemies, but your score will remain intact.


[NOTE: Jordan Houghton emailed me with some info on the 2nd Quest:

- No diamonds (that I know of, they maybe there but I don't know how to get
- two Fratelli brothers on a screen at a time chasing you (they also use their
music attack in first level)
- MANY more monsters, maybe not more, but at least more frequent harder
monsters (a lot more yellow mice instead of red ones, but also more white mice
with invincibility cross)
- Incibility (cross) last less time
- Different ways to get item bags, for instance, to get item bags in first
level, instead of kicking, drop bomb spot of bomb
- Items (Konami Man, Peace guy, etc.) are not there (I don't think)]


David Lo emailed me with this info:

After beating the game, we're back at stage 1, but the secret items are
still there, you just need a different combination to get it. (Down +
Attack, I think).

Frederick Delles <dellesfy@clarkson.edu> sent this in:

Also, there ARE diamonds in the "hard" mode after you finish the game. You
have to place a bomb where you normally jump-kicked. Ditto with the items.


Q: I read through your walkthrough and saw that there are a bunch of Special
Items to find, like the Flame Suit and Spring Shoes.  I played through the game
a couple of years ago and beat it, but I never found any of these.  Was I
playing a different game?

A: It's weird, the same thing happened to me.  I had originally played through
this game a few years ago without finding a single Special Item, yet I didn't
have much of a problem finishing the game.  When I decided to write a quick
walkthrough I just happened to let the title screen stay on and a game demo
started.  Out of curiousity I watched it and it showed Mikey finding a Special
Item in the 1st Stage!  I then wondered if there were more Items like this
hidden, and to my surprise there were, and I managed to track down all of them.
 They are not necessary to find, but they are fun to discover and definitely
make things easier.


Q: I found the Spring Shoes but I can't get them to work.

A: The Spring Shoes are automatically activated in the Warp area in Stage 3. 
This is the only place in the game I found where they are used.  If you try
going to this area without the Shoes, you will only have your normal jumping


Q: Who is Konami Man?

A: I know he appeared in the Famicom game Konami World as a playable character
(along with Konami Girl and several other Konami characters).  He also shows up
to help in Goonies II.  Otherwise, I'm not sure if he has his own Famicom game
or if he just makes guest appearances in other games.


Q: Are there any 1-Ups hidden anywhere?

A: As far as I know, no.  The only way I could get an extra man was to get
50,000 points.  They might be hidden somewhere, but I couldn't find them.


Q: Why isn't Sloth in this game?

A: He really should be, shouldn't he.  I don't even think he was in Goonies II
either.  I don't want to give it away, but he kind of appears in the last
stage...sort of.


Q: When I beat the game, it starts over at Stage 1.  What happens if you go
through it again?

A: I don't know.  When/If I find out, it will give me a reason to update this
FAQ/Walkthrough.  I bet nothing changes though.  This game came out in 1986, so
we should feel lucky that it even has one ending.  Read the NOTES right before
the FAQ section for more info.


Q: What happens if I don't rescue the Goonie in the Warp Area in Stage 3?  Will
I still get to see the ending screen with only 5 Goonies rescued?

A: Good question.  Next time I play through I'll try it and update the FAQ with
the results,


-This game did come out in the US!  Check out the emails I got after saying it
was never released in the States:

Tess (gargoyle@spacemoose.com) writes:

There's one other way that one could be able to play the Goonies in the US. In
the mid 80's Nintendo released their VS Unisystem in the arcade. Essentailly,
it was an arcade system that housed the innards of an NES and used exact NES
romsets that were slightly modified for arcade play. (insert coin/continue/no
unlimited lives, etc) In fact, the VS Goonies machine was very popular. At one
point in time, all Chuck E. Cheeses nation-wide had a sit-down VS Unisystem
that had VS Goonies and VS Gradius.

Steve Bush (srbush@charybdis.com):

I was just reading your "The Goonies" FAQ (v1.0)  and
wanted to mention that you say the Goonies never appeared in the United
States. This is likely true for the home consoles, however, the Goonies
did actually appear in the United States in the form of a stand-up arcade
game which I know simply because I used to play it on numerous
occasions. It was not an extremely popular game, though, and was not
around for very long.

Sam Gray <sam_gray1@yahoo.com>

You mention that The Goonies never made it to the United States. You're right
that it never made in to the US NES. However, it was available in the arcades
as "Vs. The Goonies" - part of a series of "Vs." games that were slightly more
difficult arcade ports of regular NES games (other ports included Super Mario
Bros. and Castlevania, for example). I used to play
"Vs. The Goonies" all the time when I was a kid.  Also, users of MAME
(available at <http://www.mame.dk>) can download this version of The Goonies if
they have the latest version.

Trenchmoon <ghaleon@olemiss.edu>

Not sure if this would be pertinent information, as you may already know
this...but I have two facts that could be taken into consideration for your
FAQ. As an avid arcade gamer for years, I've come into contact with MANY
different games....and some of my favorites were Nintendo's Play Choice 10.
They didn't seem very  popular though...why waste your money on games for five
minutes of play when you could buy the damn thing?  But hey, I loved 'em. Well,
one day at my local Wal-Mart all those years ago...there was a new  game...THE
GOONIES!... being the Gooniefreak I was (and still am)...plunked in a few
quarters and  was instantly addicted. But alas, I couldn't find it. Then a few
months later came my salvation: in a  very reputable video game distributors
ad, I found the words..."THE GOONIES! NEW TO THE US!"

So I ordered.
And waited.
And waited.
And waited.

Until my reply came, saying that the game hasn't been released yet and
offered a different game instead...I chose to wait.

About a year later, they still didn't have it.....so with a tear in my eye,
I chose Wrestlemania Challenge.

Sad story, eh?

Well, okay...two facts...one story. Game was on PC10 and was teased for an
American release.

-Most of the characters from the movie Goonies went on to bigger and better
things.  One notable exception was Chunk, played by Jeff Cohen.  I'm not sure
what he is doing right now in 2000, but the last I heard of him was that he was
President of the University of California at Berkeley student union in 95-96.

-Sloth, the deformed Fratelli brother kept chained up in the basement, was
named Lotney Fratelli in the movie, though he is only called Sloth.  The actor
that played him, former Oakland Raider John Matuszak, died of a heart attack in

-Sean Astin, who plays Mikey in The Goonies, will be co-starring in J.R.R.
Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy.  He'll be playing Sam Gamgee.

-There was a scene cut from the movie (though some people swear they saw it in
the theaters) where an Octopus appears in the waters outside of
One-Eyed-Willy's ship.  The octopus is in the novel and Data even mentions an
Octopus at the end of the movie, but as far as I know it never made it to the
big screen.


Konami - For making a cool game...too bad it never came out for the NES!

Dallas - Thanks for the ascii art.

The Ultimate Goonies Page at http://members.theglobe.com/slothaj/ultimatej.html
- helped me with the names of the Goonies and some other info I didn't really

Sloth - For being such a wretched...thing

Jordan Houghton (halberg@pcfl.net) - For sending in the tip on how to make the
Special Item bags appear...thanks dude!  Also pointed out that the Vampire is
really a Ghost Pirate.  Emailed me some facts about the second quest.

Ming Shui (mingshui@hotmail.com) - For also letting me know to press up to make
the Helmet and Spring Shoes appear.  Also informed me that it is the Rain Coat
that protects you from the water drops.

David Lo (davidlo19@yahoo.com) - For info on finding the Special Items in the
first and second quests.  He's also working on isolating hex values for secret
items and other stuff (he already found the life value).

Steve Bush, Tess, Sam Gray <sam_gray1@yahoo.com> and Trenchmoon
<ghaleon@olemiss.edu> - For info regarding the Goonies being released in
arcades in the USA.

Killing Machine (killingmachine@exterminator.net) - For info on the Ghost
Pirate actually being the Ghost of One-Eyed Willie.

Frederick Delles (dellesfy@clarkson.edu) - For info on a 1-up in Stage 5 and
for info on the 2nd Quest.

By the way, if anybody else finds anything wrong with this FAQ/Walkthrough or
has any info to add to it, please send it my way at alamont1@maine.rr.com.  I
will credit you in this here Acknowledgement (you just know that word has been
used in a spelling bee) section...just let me know if you want to be before or
after Sloth.


This walkthrough is not endorsed by Konami, Warner Bros. Inc., Nintendo of
America or Nintendo of Japan. The information contained within this document is
provided without guarantee.  All copyrights and trademarks are recognized.

This walkthrough may be reprinted, posted in newsgroups, or placed on web sites
(with permission), as long as it is not altered in any way and the proper
credit is given to the author.  The only sites with permission to post this
FAQ/Walkthrough are:


(c)2000,2002 Adam Lamontagne (alamont1@maine.rr.com)

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