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FAQ/Walkthrough by FalconZero

Version: 1.60 | Updated: 07/09/2009

   _|        _| _|_|_|_|_| _|_|_|_|_| _|_|_|_|     _|_|_|   _| _|_|_|_|
   _|_|    _|_| _|             _|     _|      _| _|      _| _| _|      _|
   _|_|_|_|_|_| _|             _|     _|      _| _|      _| _| _|      _|
   _|  _|_|  _| _|_|_|         _|     _|_|_|_|   _|      _| _| _|      _|
   _|        _| _|             _|     _|    _|   _|      _| _| _|      _|
   _|        _| _|             _|     _|      _| _|      _| _| _|      _|
   _|        _| _|_|_|_|_|     _|     _|      _|   _|_|_|   _| _|_|_|_|

  Metroid Complete FAQ/Walkthrough for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

                    Version 1.60 (Last updated 03/16/04)

                       Copyright (c) 2004 Falcon Zero
-=> T a b l e   o f   C o n t e n t s <=-
| - - 1.0)  Introduction                                         - - - - - |
|           1.1)  Updates                                          - - - - |
|           1.2)  The Story So Far...                                - - - |
|           1.3)  Take Control                                         - - |
| - - 2.0)  Weapon & Item Overview                                     - - |
| - - 3.0)  Walkthrough                                                - - |
|           3.1)  Samus' Entrance                                      - - |
|           3.2)  The Bowels of Norfair                                - - |
|           3.3)  The Hunt for Kraid                                   - - |
|           3.4)  Ridley's Hellhole                                    - - |
|           3.5)  Final Confrontation                                  - - |
|           3.6)  Finale                                             - - - |
| - - 4.0)  Game Endings                                           - - - - |
| - - 5.0)  Reader Tips                                            - - - - |
| - - 6.0)  Contacting the Author                                - - - - - |
| - - 7.0)  Credits                                            - - - - - - |
| - - 8.0)  Legal Info                                       - - - - - - - |


The original Metroid is where it all started, with bounty hunter Samus 
Aran's first battles against the space Pirates on planet Zebes. In the 
original 15 year old plus NES game, Samus traverses through Zebes in search 
of the marauding Space Pirate leaders Kraid, Ridley and the maniacal Mother 
Brain. Filled with classic enemies, weapons and power-ups, the saga begins 
here. This guide will take you from the beginning of the game to the end, 
detailing the locations of all the items, as well as boss tactics and 
hidden areas. Keep in mind that due to the game's diversity, there's 
potentially hundreds of ways of playing through the game successfully, so 
don't go reading this document with the idea that it's the only way to play 
through the game, because it isn't.

.:---------------------(1.1   UPDATES)------------------------------------:.

Version 1.60  03/16/04
-  Just a quick error fix for 3.2 and 3.3 in the walkthrough thanks to 
Christopher Hilding's proof-reading skills. Also added more reader hints 
submitted by Christian & Floral Crafters.

Version 1.50  12/20/03
-  Added some well-overdue reader tips, anyone that has any handy tips to 
offer feel free to submit them to me and I'll add them to the guide in the 
future. Also gave the guide a new title banner :P. Also fixed up a small 
confusing part of the walkthrough in 3.2 thanks to Christopher Hilding.

Version 1.00  02/07/03
-  Here's the first complete version of this walkthrough, which contains 
all the basic overviews of weapons and items, the game walkthrough itself 
and the different endings to be had. Enjoy!

.:---------------------(1.2   THE STORY SO FAR...)------------------------:.

Galactic civilization has reached its peak with peace reigning throughout 
star systems, trade lines run non-stop, and the species of the universe 
live in harmony with one another. During routine trade ship's schedules, 
innocent lives came under fire from a group of alien terrorists calling 
themselves the "Space Pirates." Deliberately causing as much devastation 
and destruction as they could, the Pirates raided trade ships and left 
their occupants stranded in space. The Galactic Federation, an organization 
of space law-enforcers, were facing their worst fears ever. Out of control, 
the Space Pirates continued to wreck havoc, eventually attacking the 
peaceful planet of Zebes and the defenseless Chozo race that dwelt there.

During the attack many Chozos escaped into space, but before long the 
Pirates claimed the planet to be their own HQ. As they attacked Zebes, the 
Pirates simultaneously attacked a human colony known as K-2L. They 
eradicated all life there, as well as the structures within the colony. 
Little did they know however, that the only survivor of the attack would be 
their greatest threat. Chozo survivors from Zebes reached the colony only 
minutes after the Pirates left the smoldering ruins of the colony. Shocked 
at the destruction facing them, the Chozos managed to find the colony's 
only survivor - a human child hidden under the twisted remains of a 
building. Taking the child and raising her under their own tutelage, the 
girl - known as Samus Aran, soon grew into a fine warrior worthy of 
defending the universe. Infused with the blood of the Chozo to enhance her 
combat skills, once Samus had grown into a mature woman, they built her a 
highly sophisticated Power Suit to combat evil with. 

Meanwhile the Pirates had infested Zebes with their filthy armies and 
technology. On a routine mission to the planet SR388, scientists discovered 
a new life-form - parasitic creatures with the ability to cling to a any 
being and literally suck the life energy out of them. These potentially 
dangerous creatures were named the "Metroids" and several were taken for 
study. Contact was soon lost with the scientific vessel and it was quickly 
learned that the Space Pirates had stolen the Metroids, intent on creating 
an army to conquer the galaxy. 

Appearing to the Federation's call for help, Samus poses as a bounty hunter 
and accepts the job of hunting down and annihilating the Space Pirates on 
Zebes. Not only to protect the galaxy from the Pirate's Metroid army, but 
to avenge the death of her parents all those years ago...

.:---------------------(1.3   TAKE CONTROL)-------------------------------:.

Samus can jump and fire her arm cannon, giving her the ability of taking on 
almost any enemy within the depths of Zebes. Using missiles, energy tanks 
and a myriad of other items, you'll take on a range of enemies and bosses 
before facing the dreaded Mother Brain. Read on below for a quick overview 
of the controls.

You direct Samus around with the Directional Pad, you can also aim her arm 
cannon left, right or up while moving.

|B Button | Fire Samus' arm cannon. Whichever beam weapon you current have |
|         | equipped will be used. Also use B to fire missiles.            |
|         |                                                                |
|A Button | Jump up. If you press left or right before jumping Samus will  |
|         | perform a somersault in the air.                               |
|         |                                                                |
|Start    | Pause the game. Press again to resume.                         |
|         |                                                                |
|Select   | Switch to missile mode, press again to revert back to Samus'   |
|         | beam weapon.                                                   |


Hidden throughout the dense passageways of Zebes, you'll find many handy 
weapons and items. Each one adds a new ability to Samus' Power Suit, many 
are vital to your success. Keep in mind that you can only have the Ice Beam 
or the Wave Beam equipped - you can't mix beam weapons. Read below for a 
quick description of each item.

>>>Ice Beam

-Description: The Ice Beam changes Samus' beam to a freezing shot, any 
              enemies struck by the beam will be instantly frozen. Shoot 
              the target again to unfreeze it. While an enemy is frozen, 
              Samus can jump on top of them without taking damage. You'll 
              need the Ice Beam when venturing into Tourian near the end of 
              the game, as it'll be critical when facing the Metroids.

>>>Wave Beam

-Description: Gives Samus' arm cannon the ability to fire a series of 
              energy balls that fly in a wavy pattern. The pattern of the 
              shots can greatly help in destroying smaller enemies and 
              gives Samus a wider firing range.

>>>Long Beam

-Description: Initially, Samus' arm cannon's range will only be quite 
              short, but once this weapon's found early in the game, her 
              shot range will reach the edge of the screen for any weapon 
              type equipped. You'll also be treated to a new sound effect 
              for Samus' beam shots.


-Description: Missiles litter the corridors and shafts of Zebes, you'll be 
              finding plenty of these while exploring the vast caverns. 
              Each Missile Tank found adds a further five missiles to 
              Samus' maximum arsenal. You'll be able to find a maximum 
              limit of 255 Missiles.

>>>Energy Tanks

-Description: This will give Samus an extra 100 energy units above her 
              current maximum health level - definitely worth searching 
              for. You'll be able to carry up to a maximum of six energy 
              tanks, but eight are hidden throughout the game.

>>>Morphing Ball

-Description: This special ability will allow Samus to crouch down and 
              assume the shape of a small ball. She can roll around while 
              in the ball form, allowing her to crawl through narrow 
              tunnels. You'll also be given the ability to plant bombs once 
              you've found the Bomb upgrade.


-Description: While in the Morphing Ball mode, Samus can plant bombs that 
              can damage enemies within range. The bombs can also break 
              open hidden tunnels within certain rooms.

>>>High Jump Boots

-Description: This allows Samus the ability to jump much higher than her 
              normal jumping height.

>>>Screw Attack

-Description: This deadly ability allows Samus to charge up energy in her 
              body while performing a somersault jump. When Samus jumps, 
              she'll begin flashing indicating that the Screw Attack's in 
              action. Any enemies coming in contact with Samus will be 

>>>Varia Suit

-Description: The Varia greatly enhances Samus' Power Suit, reducing damage 
              inflicted by enemies.


Zebes is an endless maze crawling with Space Pirates of all sizes and 
shapes, we'll be travelling through the planet in search of Kraid, Ridley 
and finally the Mother Brain. Along the way we'll also be exploring the 
depths to find handy items and new weapons.

.:---------------------(3.1   SAMUS' ENTRANCE)----------------------------:.

Samus infiltrates the planet and begins in the Brinstar area. The planet 
consists of five areas - Brinstar, Norfair, Kraid's Hideout, Ridley's 
Hideout and Tourian. Once you begin the game, go left and jump over the 
large rocky terrain to find the Morphing Ball on the other side. Once 
you've grabbed it, roll under the rocky terrain and travel right. Head down 
the corridor and enter the door at the far end. Cross over the crumbling 
blocks in the next room and head through the door on the right. Cross the 
next long corridor to reach a huge shaft leading skyward. Ascend the shaft 
and go through the first door you'll find on the right wall. Go past the 
narrow corridor to find a second giant orange shaft leading up and down. 
Drop down to the very bottom and go through the door there. Traverse 
through the next corridor until you find a Missile Tank. Pick it up and go 
left, back to the tall shaft. Climb back up the shaft and go through the 
first door on the left wall and head through the narrow corridor to go back 
to the first tall shaft. Climb the shaft and go through the door up on the 
left. Cross the next corridor and blast the door down on the left with five 
missiles. Go inside to find the Long Beam. Leave and head back down to the 
orange shaft. 

Head through the door opposite the one you entered the shaft via, then 
travel through the next series of long corridors filled with lava. 
Eventually you'll come across an Energy Tank. Grab it and move on. At the 
end of the corridors you'll reach a shaft leading up, so climb on up. Go 
through the door up on the left wall and cross the corridor inside. Blast 
open the door at the far side with five missiles and head inside to find 
the handy Bomb power-up. We'll now be heading down to Norfair, but on the 
way you'll be able to track the Ice Beam down. Go back down to the long 
corridors, but once you reach the first small room connecting the corridors 
(the one with the Waver flying about below the platform), blow open a small 
hole in the ground six blocks along from the left door and drop down below 
the lava. You'll fall down to reveal a hidden shaft, descend and go through 
the door at the base. Cross the corridor, blow open the red door with 
missiles and head inside to find the Ice Beam. Once you've gained this 
life-saving weapon (especially when it comes time to face the Metroids) go 
back out to the shaft leading up. Climb up the shaft, but once you reach 
the fake lava, you'll find that you can stand on the piece of lava directly 
below the destructible block. You won't be able to jump up high enough to 
reach the platform above, so instead, aim up and shoot the block open. 
Immediately jump up and down four times as high as you can, on the fourth 
jump the block should reappear when you're within it, pushing you up to the 
platform above. Once you've successfully made it up (it might take a few 
tries) go back left to the orange shaft. Bungee down to the bottom and head 
through the door there. Go through the long corridor where you found your 
first Missile Tank, then open the door at the end to find the room 
containing the elevator leading down to Norfair.

.:---------------------(3.2   THE BOWELS OF NORFAIR)----------------------:.

Ride down the elevator to be greeted by two gargoyle-type statues at the 
bottom. You're now in Norfair, the fiery and lava-filled region of Zebes. 
We won't be taking on Ridley here yet, instead it's time to go on a lengthy 
and dangerous treasure hunt - they don't call this an adventure game for 
nothing. Drop down below the elevator to find two doors leading off from 
both walls. We'll find the missiles through the left door on the way back, 
so go through the right door and cross the lava-filled corridor. Watch out 
for the enemies in here, they'll take a beating, but you can also freeze 
them to get by. Once at the end you'll find yourself in yet another giant 
shaft leading up and down. Climb up the shaft, the first door you'll reach 
leads to the second Ice Beam in the game, go in and grab it again if you 
want, but in the same room you'll be able to break through a hidden passage 
to find a corridor leading off on the left. Go through and climb the shaft 
you'll find. Cross the next corridor to eventually find two Missile Tanks, 
then keep going right to find yourself at the top of the long shaft leading 
down. Blow open a hole in the right corner to drop down below, then head 
through the first door on the left below to find three Missile Tanks. Once 
you've found all the missiles, go back to the shaft and drop down to the 
bottom. From here you can find two missiles through the door on the left. 
You'll need to cross through a dangerous corridor filled with enemies, and 
you'll also need the Ice Beam to reach the missiles, but you should have it 
by now so that won't be a problem. 

Head back out to the main shaft once you've found the missiles, then bomb 
open a hidden tunnel leading down in the right corner. Down below you'll 
find an almost bottomless shaft leading down, but you'll be looking to head 
through the first door down on the left wall. Through here you'll find a 
corridor leading to a red door, so blow it open with five missiles. Inside 
here you'll locate the High Jump Boots, but the treasure hunt is far from 
over. Go into the small opening below the statue and bomb open a hidden 
tunnel. Go left and bomb your way through the walls to find a new room 
filled with orange blocks. Freeze the enemies flying about to reach the 
high cliff, then eventually you'll reach a door beyond the lava on the far 
left. Go through and head past the narrow corridor to find a cavernous area 
filled with lava. Keep going left, but watch out for the red pods on the 
ground that spew out lava rocks. In the next green room you'll spot a door 
straight ahead, jump up to the ledge above you and shoot open a hidden 
tunnel leading up in the corner. Jump up above and go through the door 
there. Cross over the lava in the next corridor and shoot open the door at 
the end with missiles. Go inside to find the Screw Attack, a really handy 
item that'll save you a lot of time and hassle. Once you've found it head 
back down to the room below with the two doors.

In this room, if you go left you'll eventually wind up directly below this 
room, so to make it much easier on yourself, blow open a secret tunnel 
leading down just in front of the right door and drop down. You'll land in 
a room identical to the one above, head through the door on the right and 
cross over the sea of lava. You'll eventually reach a solid wall, bomb your 
way through and keep going right. Once you reach a door head through to 
find yourself at a dead end - or is it really? Of course it's not a dead 
end, bomb open the ground directly below the blue bubble of the door to 
make your way below the fake lava. Down below, go through the door on the 
left and cross the lava in the next corridor to eventually locate an Energy 
Tank. Once you've grabbed it, leave and head back up to the green room 
containing the two doors on either side. Once you make it back there, 
instead of going back up, go through the door on the left and cross the 
lava in the next long corridor. In the next shaft, instead of climbing up, 
we'll be entering a new secret area. Drop down into the lava at the bottom 
of the shaft (don't worry, it won't hurt) and you'll fall straight through 
it. Bomb open a hidden tunnel in the left corner of the small pit and drop 
down to find another long shaft leading down. Go through the door at the 
base to find yourself in an incredibly long corridor filled with lava and 
crumbling blocks dotted everywhere. First, go all the way to the right end 
of the corridor and you'll eventually find a Missile Tank at the end. Once 
you've found it, head back left until you reach a small room with lava 
below the platform (You'll also spot one of the fire-breathing dragons 
below). Bomb open the block directly below the left door and drop down 
below the fake lava. Go through the door at the bottom of the shaft and 
cross the next corridor. Blow open the door there with missiles to find the 
Wave Beam weapon inside.

We've now only to find a few more items before leaving. Go back up the 
shaft and continue travelling left. You'll eventually reach a small room 
similar to the previous green rooms, this room also shares a hidden tunnel 
in the ground near the right door, so bomb your way down. Drop down the 
hidden shaft and go through the door on the right to find two Missile Tanks 
hidden in the next corridor. It's now time to leave, at this point you 
should have found everything in this area of Norfair, so you'll have to 
retrace your steps back up to the long cavern filled with lava leading to 
the room with the orange blocks. Just remember that the large green room 
where you found the Screw Attack hidden above contains the door leading 
back to the long lava corridor. Once you reach the orange lava-filled 
corridor, keep going right, past the room with the High Jump Boots, until 
you reach the massive purple shaft leading up. Once there, climb up the 
shaft and head through the second door on the left wall. Cross the long sea 
of lava in the next corridor, you'll then reach the main elevator leading 
back up to Brinstar. Before you leave however, go through the door on the 
left below the elevator to eventually find two more Missile Tanks.

.:---------------------(3.3   THE HUNT FOR KRAID)-------------------------:.

You can now finally depart Norfair. Head back to the main elevator and ride 
it up to Brinstar. Before we travel down to Kraid's Hideout, there's a few 
more handy items to be found. Go back to the large orange shaft and climb 
up to the very top. Go through the door at the top to find yourself in a 
green corridor filled with Wavers flying about. You shouldn't have any 
trouble dealing with enemies in this area due to the Screw Attack. Head 
right until you reach a blocked-up wall, then bomb or shoot open the 
crumbling block to get through. Just beyond here you'll find a series of 
gray pipes leading right, but which one do you choose? Jump up to the top 
one, blast the Geemers crawling around inside, then activate the Morphing 
Ball and crawl through. Watch out for enemies along the way, once you reach 
the end pop out and keep going right. Head through the door just ahead to 
find a small room with two Wavers. Stand in roughly the center of the room 
and shoot up at the roof to reveal a hidden tunnel leading up. Jump up to 
the top to find a door high up on the left wall. Watch out for the pit 
concealed below the door, use the High Jump Boots to reach the door. Cross 
the next corridor and shoot open the red door with missiles to find the 
Varia inside. This is one of the more important items, as it'll greatly 
enhance your survival in battles. Go back down to the green room and head 
right to find another corridor. Eventually you'll find a Missile Tank, grab 
it and keep going. Once you reach the dead-end, shoot up at the roof in the 
corner to reveal a hidden passage. Jump up and walk through the wall to 
find another small room. Go over to the right wall, activate the Morphing 
Ball and plant bombs to propel yourself up to the small opening in the 
wall. Crawl through to find another Energy Tank.

Now there's only two more items to find. Keep going right to eventually 
find yourself at the top of the shaft containing the door that led to the 
Bomb power-up. Drop down to the bottom and head down the long corridor 
filled with yellow quicksand. Along the way, be sure to pick up the Ice 
Beam, after grabbing it the first time you should know where it is. Just in 
case you've forgotten, bomb through the ground in the first small room 
you'll find connecting the large corridors and descend the shaft to find 
your way to it. With the Ice Beam in hand go left through the long 
corridors to reach the gigantic blue shaft and drop down to the bottom. 
Head left and use the Morph Ball to crawl through the narrow tunnel below 
the large rocky overhang in the following corridor. Watch out for the 
diving Skree beyond the tunnel. Once it's about halfway down the screen 
freeze it with the Ice Beam, then jump on top of it. Shoot at the second 
block in the roof along from the overhang to reveal an Energy Tank - you 
should easily be able to reach it from here. Once you've scored it keep 
going left and go through the door to find a room with crumbling blocks in 
the floor - you should have passed through here at the beginning of the 
game. Bomb the blocks away to get down below, drop down the shaft and head 
right. Ride down the elevator in the next room to reach Kraid's Hideout.

This complicated maze of an area contains many dead-ends and empty 
corridors, so follow these precise (but hopefully not misleading) 
directions to find everything here. To top it off there's also a fake 
version of Kraid, you may as well just avoid going to face it all together. 
Drop down below the main elevator and blast through the first red door on 
the right. In this corridor you'll find a Missile Tank atop a pillar, once 
you get it turn back and go back to the main shaft - there's nothing to be 
found further on. Drop down the shaft and go through the next red door on 
the right. Once you reach the solid wall, bomb your way through to find a 
room containing an Energy Tank. climb back up the main shaft and head 
through the blue door just below the elevator. Cross the corridor, then 
blow your way through the solid wall to find a Missile Tank. Keep going 
left to find a shaft leading down. At the base of the shaft, drop through 
the fake lava to fall down a much longer shaft. Head right to eventually 
find another Missile Tank. Continue going right until you reach a small 
shaft leading up.

From here, you can take one of two paths to reach Kraid's room. For one 
path, head back up to the main shaft to eventually find a red door leading 
off the right wall of the shaft, through there you'll eventually reach 
Kraid and a Missile Tank along the way. The other path you'll also be able 
take to go straight to Kraid's room, you'll have to try to bomb-jump up the 
narrow shaft to reach the door on the right. If you manage to get through, 
go through and down a short shaft to reach two green rooms with Sidehoppers 
in them. In the second green room, bomb your way through the floor to reach 
the room below just outside Kraid's room. If you kept going left you 
would've found the fake Kraid. Once you reach the room outside Kraid's, 
blow open the red door and head inside to face this first mini-boss.

Mini-boss: Kraid

     Kraid will be standing in the center of the room moving back and 
     forth, he'll also be firing out a multitude of projectiles. He'll 
     often fire out three spikes from his chest that fly straight forward, 
     you can easily freeze these with the Ice Beam to buy more time before 
     they launch. Kraid will also spew out two spinning spike projectiles 
     from his head, they'll fly up and down, try to stay close enough to 
     Kraid to avoid taking damage. You can easily hit Kraid with Missiles, 
     but instead we'll get our hands dirty. Activate the Morphing Ball, 
     then plow into Kraid while constantly planting bombs around him. 
     You'll probably take a lot of damage, but you should have enough 
     Energy Tanks to survive. Keep dropping bombs all over Kraid and don't 
     worry about his projectiles, after a pounding he should explode and 
     you'll be rewarded with an extra 75 Missiles. 

Just before you leave, drop down into the quicksand on the right side of 
the room and shoot open the blue block in the wall to reveal an Energy 
Tank. The easiest way to score it is to jump up to the right side of the 
hole and activate the Morph Ball. Then drop down into the hole while 
hugging the right wall and you should snugly touch the Energy Tank. Once 
you've got it leave the room and head right to eventually reach the long 
shaft leading up. Climb up the long pillar of crumbling blocks, near the 
top you'll find a door leading to a Missile Tank (you might have already 
grabbed this one if you came this way to Kraid's room). Once you've got 
you'll have found everything here, so it's time to track down the second 
mini-boss, Ridley.

.:---------------------(3.4   RIDLEY'S HELLHOLE)--------------------------:.

Make your way back up to Brinstar, then go all the way back to Norfair. 
Once down in Norfair, we'll be going down to find a new area to explore, 
Ridley's Hideout. Below the elevator head right and cross the lava-filled 
corridor to reach the huge purple shaft. Drop down to the absolute very 
bottom of the huge shaft (remember to bomb through the "apparent" solid 
floor half-way down) then head through the door there. Cross the long sea 
of lava in the next corridor, then drop down the next shaft and head right 
to find the elevator leading down. Ride it down to reach Ridley's Hideout, 
where you'll be treated to an unusual music theme. The last few items to be 
found in the game are here, as well as Ridley.

Go through the left door below the elevator to find a narrow corridor. 
Cross through the left door to find an identical room. In this room, shoot 
open the roof directly above the right door and jump up to find a hidden 
room. Go through the door on the left and cross the corridor to find a 
Missile Tank. Go back down to the narrow corridor and head left to find a 
long corridor filled with a multitude of enemies, but the Screw Attack will 
make short work of them all. If you go to the far left of this room, you'll 
find a high wall blocking the way, but there is a way around. Go back right 
and find the first pillar of crumbling blocks from the right end of the 
corridor. Between this pillar and the next, bomb open a hole in the floor, 
then drop down and roll to the left to crawl under the wall. Blow open the 
red door and head inside to find an Energy Tank in a narrow corridor. Be 
careful as the second and third blocks to the right of the tank conceal a 
hidden tunnel leading down, so time your jump to make it to the Energy 
Tank. At this point you'll have already found the maximum of six Energy 
Tanks, so this one will fill them all up. Once you've grabbed it drop down 
the hidden tunnel and head right at the bottom. Cross the next corridor to 
find yourself at the top of a shaft leading down. Through the door on the 
right you'll be able to reach a Missile Tank, but you'll need to time your 
jump over the hole to avoid falling down the shaft, making this one of the 
hardest Missiles to reach in the game. If you miss it you'll have to come 
back around for it, so get ready for a challenge. 

*Note* Thanks to Floral Crafters for this handy hint which will help you 
get through the gap much easier. If you use the Bomb Jump Trick you'll have 
a better chance of crossing the gap. Set yourself up by activating the 
Morph Ball and sitting on the second block from the edge on the platform 
you'll be jumping from. Plant a bomb here and quickly roll over to the 
block at the edge of the platform. Once the bomb detonates it'll propel you 
over into the gap, where you'll need to quickly press Up on the D-Pad when 
Samus is in mid-air. Once she stands up, press A to jump up in mid-air and 
hold right to hug the wall on the opposite platform. If done correctly you 
should be able to sneak into the opening on the right without any trouble.

Once you've got the Missile (or couldn't be bothered trying to get it), 
drop down the shaft and head left. Cross the next corridor's sea of lava, 
then head through the door at the end to face Ridley.

Mini-boss: Ridley

     Like Kraid, Ridley will stay up on his platform for most of the battle 
     while flapping his wings to jump up and down. He'll also often spit 
     out five small fireballs that fly about at Samus, you can easily 
     freeze them with the Ice Beam. Doing so will stop Ridley from spitting 
     any more fireballs until they unfreeze and hit a wall. You can by all 
     means use Missiles against Ridley, but instead we'll get our hands 
     dirty again. Jump up to his platform and activate the Morphing Ball, 
     then begin your barrage of bombs. Plant them all over Ridley, but 
     don't worry about losing health. Whenever he spits fireballs stand up 
     and freeze them. Continue your assault of bombings and you'll beat 
     Ridley in no time. Once he blows you'll receive an extra 75 Missiles.

Now there's only two more items to find before leaving. Shoot down the door 
on the left side of Ridley's room with 10 Missiles, then head inside to 
find a sea of lava leading left. Most of the lava's fake and you can stand 
on it, cross the corridor to find the final Energy Tank in the corner, grab 
it to fill up your energy. Leave this room and cross the series of 
corridors on the right until you reach a large shaft leading up. Drop down 
to the bottom and head left to find a corridor filled with enemies. Head 
left to eventually find the last Missile Tank, once you've grabbed it you 
can finally leave. Go back to the shaft, climb up to the top and head left 
to eventually reach the elevator. Travel back through Norfair and up to 

.:---------------------(3.5   FINAL CONFRONTATION)------------------------:.

The time has finally come for us to enter Tourian - the Mother Brain's lair 
- and do away with the Pirates and their Metroids. If you don't have the 
Ice Beam, make sure to go and get one, as you won't stand a chance against 
the Metroids without it. Getting to Tourian won't be a problem, once you're 
back in Brinstar, go back to the gigantic blue shaft near where you started 
the game. Climb up to the very top and head left. Cross the next long 
corridor and blast through the red door at the end to locate the Statue 
Room. In here, you won't be able to proceed until both Kraid and Ridley are 
dead. As you've dealt with them, both statues representing Kraid and Ridley 
will be flashing, shoot both of them to reveal a bridge leading to the door 
on the left. Head through the door and ride down the elevator to enter 

Traversing through Tourian will be easy, it's the enemies you'll have to 
watch out for. Below in this first shaft you'll face a number of Metroids, 
they'll try to grab onto Samus and suck her energy away. If one does ever 
grab you, just leave the room you're in to shake them off. Whenever you 
face a Metroid, shoot it with the Ice Beam to freeze it, then pound into it 
with 5 Missiles to end their day. Make sure you grab any energy or missile 
refills they leave behind, as they'll restore more than the ordinary 
enemies. At the bottom of the first shaft blast through the door with 10 
Missiles and head through.

In the next corridor small red circles will appear from the background and 
fly at Samus, just whack them with the Screw Attack or freeze them and move 
on. You'll face more Metroids in here, just keep firing to the right as you 
cross over the lava to freeze any when they appear. At the end of the 
corridor, blast through the red door and descend the next shaft. More 
Metroids await below, with a large concentration of ones at the base of the 
shaft, so be careful. Once at the bottom go through the door to find 
another corridor filled with Metroids. Whack each one and head through the 
door on the left side to find the Mother Brain's lair - you'll know your 
there as the music will pick up and become tenser. Gun turrets line the 
ceiling, so try to avoid their fire, as well as the annoying red circles 
appearing everywhere. You'll need to blow through the barriers ahead with 
Missiles before reaching the Mother Brain, just keep pounding into them 
until they blow. You'll need to blow through five barriers to reach the 
Mother Brain at the left end of the corridor.

Final boss: Mother Brain

     You'll find the Mother Brain encased in a large glass container 
     surrounded by gun turret defenses, so it'll be difficult avoiding the 
     projectiles flying around. Shoot the front of the glass with a single 
     Missile to break it open, you'll now have a clear shot at the gruesome 
     Mother Brain itself. Stand on the pillar where the last barrier was, 
     you can also stand on the small blue platform to the right of it to 
     pick off clear shots, just make sure the projectiles don't push you 
     into the lava just below Mother Brain as you'll have a tough time 
     getting out. Keep persisting against Mother Brain while the 
     projectiles fly about, after firing a number of shots you'll notice 
     that the brain will begin pulsating rapidly. Keep firing, then once 
     the projectiles stop coming and the screen flashes, the Mother Brain 
     will disintegrate and fall to pieces. You'll finally have gained a 
     well-deserved victory, but the fun isn't over yet.

A tense frantic theme will begin playing and a message "Time Bomb Set, Get 
Out Fast" will appear where the Mother Brain was. A timer will appear and 
begin rapidly counting down from the number 999, so you'll have to get out 
of here before it reaches zero. Shoot open the door that appears on the 
left to find a long shaft leading up. This is the final run, you're exit 
and ultimate victory are waiting at the top. Jump up the shaft using the 
small blue platforms, just try not to fall down. You should have plenty of 
time to reach the exit, once you make it up there ride up the elevator to 
escape from Zebes. Congratulations, you've now fully completed the one and 
only original Metroid!

.:---------------------(3.6   FINALE)-------------------------------------:.

And that's the original NES Metroid, the one that began Samus' adventures 
that now span more than 15 years. The game doesn't let you know how long it 
took you to reach the end, but you'll probably find yourself playing for 
somewhere between 2-4 hours the first time, but following this guide you 
should beat it in around 1 hour 30 minutes, easily enough to gain a decent 

-(4.0   GAME ENDINGS)-

After rewarding you with a congratulatory statement, the game will give you 
a different ending before the credits roll based on the time it took you to 
complete it from start to finish. After the credits roll and "The End" 
appears, if you press Start you'll begin the game again with all of the 
weapon and item power-ups, except Energy Tanks and Missiles.

5+ hours:  Samus raises her left arm in victory, but her armor remains on.

5+ hours with Armorless Samus:
           Samus turns around showing you her back while putting her arm 
           over her face, apparently looking disappointed.

3-5 hours: Samus begins to flash, then her helmet disappears revealing her 
           face and brown hair.

3- hours:  Samus will begin flashing, her entire suit will then disappear, 
           revealing for the first time that Samus is neither a robot or a 
           man, she's a woman. She'll then wave before the credits roll. If 
           you play through the game again after the credits finish, you'll
           be treated to a bonus where Samus no longer has her suit on 
           (she's still as strong, though).

1- hour:   Samus begins flashing again, and her suit completely disappears. 
           This time she'll be wearing a bikini. She'll wave before the 
           credits roll.

-(5.0   READER TIPS)-

Here's where readers can submit their various tips covering different 
parts of the game. Found an easy way to crush Kraid? Discovered any short 
cuts that cut minutes off play time? If you've got any words of wisdom, 
give me a shout and I'll post your tips here giving you full credit.

Thanks to Guitarzan for the following:

- In the area where you find your first Ice Beam, climbing back up to the 
ledge where you can't make it with a normal jump can be done without using 
the reappearing block to propel you up. If you use the bomb jump trick 
(drop a bomb, stand up and then jump while in mid-air from the bomb blast),
you'll easily clear the ledge without having to use the reappearing block.

Thanks to Chuck Cochems for the following:

- If you're playing for a fast time it's a good idea to go for Ridley first 
before Kraid and don't bother finding the Wave Beam, the 50 missiles you'll 
get from Ridley will help against Kraid. Also another note, if you're 
playing the Famicom Disk System version of the game, Ridley's fireballs 
will alternate between short and long bouncing patterns, but in the US 
version (most likely PAL too) they'll randomly change between short and 
long bounces.

- Here's a few tips for taking on Ridley:

   With the Varia and Wave Beam, if you jump down into the lava below 
   Ridley and jump up and down while firing the Wave Beam you'll eventually 
   take him down (just make sure you've got heaps of Energy Tanks).

   When the fireballs bounce over a long distance, just fire a few missiles 
   each time Ridley lands, if you run out use your beam weapon.

   Another trick is to Screw Attack into Ridley each time he jumps, but 
   quickly fly back to the right when you hit Ridley. This trick works if 
   you're low on missiles.

   If you have the Ice Beam, when the fireballs bounce around in an almost 
   direct vertical pattern, freeze them all before laying into Ridley, 
   while the fireballs are frozen he won't spit out any more.

- The best and fastest way to beat Kraid is to freeze his three spike 
  missiles after they launch away from his body, then fill him with 
  missiles before they unfreeze. Keep this up while dodging the flying 
  bombs to take him down pretty quickly. Fake Kraid can also be beaten with 
  one Screw Attack.

- A good trick when fighting Mother Brain is to freeze the bubbles that fly 
  around (only three ever appear at one time), this will give you around 7 
  seconds to rip into Mother Brain.

- Strangely if you make it out of the final elevator too fast the game will 
  think you cheated and gives you the worst ending to the game. If you make 
  it to the top of the shaft too fast wait around 100 timer units before 
  hopping onto the elevator.

This one comes from Christian:

- For a faster completion time it's better to go after Ridley first and 
then take care of Kraid second. If you manage to jump right over Ridley and 
stay behind him you'll be able to tear away with the Wave Beam without the 
threat of taking heavy damage from his fireballs.


If you want to send me a question, comment, etc. please take a moment to 
make sure that it isn't covered in the guides above, I don't have time to 
answer any gameplay questions that are covered in this walkthrough. If you 
have a comment or feedback, I'd love to hear from you, just please make 
sure that the message is applicable to this guide.

E-mail question/comments to falconzero114@gmail.com

-(7.0   CREDITS)-

/Game Companies:

Nintendo: For the awesome Metroid series, with its never-ending 
entertainment and replay value, especially with the recent double sequel 
topping sales charts everywhere.


Many thanks goes to the Metroid Database <http://www.metroid-database.com/> 
& GameFaqs <http://www.gamefaqs.com/> for hosting this guide.

Thanks also goes to Guitarzan, Chuck Cochems, Christian & Floral Crafters 
for submitting reader tips.

Thanks also goes to Christopher Hilding for error fixes in 3.2 and 3.3 of 
the walkthrough.

-(8.0   LEGAL INFO)- 

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