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FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0

Updated: 01/19/09

-------------------------------- [ SUPER MARIO BROS 2] ------------------------
---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
------------------------------  [ FAMICOM DISK SYSTEM ]------------------------


The evil King Koopa aka Bowser has kidnapped Princess Toadstool and turned all
the other Mushroom Kingdom to blocks. These are the things you use as stepping
stools. As Mario or his brother Luigi , you go through 32 normal levels and 20
bonus levels which is really 13 levels divided into 4 substages and save the 
princess whom has the power to undo the spell. Basically the same story as the
first game its just Super Mario Bros. with a facelift.


Unlike the first game, this is only a one player game where you choose to play
as Mario or Luigi. Luigi is a much better jumper than Mario so most players 
will find themselves using him more often but he has the ability to skid a lot
so that's the price you got to pay for jumping longer distances.


A button = Jump, stomp enemies, break bricks and hit question blocks above.
B button = hold to run faster, shoot fireballs
Start = Pause the game, start the game
Select = switch option

left/right = move in that direction
down = go down special pipes


There are eight normal levels and each are seperated into four subsections. 
Each level has their background settings. There is the Overworld (Day time),
Underworld, Underwater, Overworld (Jungle), Overworld (Night), Overworld (Snow),
Clouds and the Castle itself.

If you beat level 8 without using warp zones you go to Level 9 which is mostly
underwater. To get to Level A-D. You must beat the game 8 times.

Red Mushroom - makes you big
Poison Mushroom - makes you small or kills you
Fire Flower - can shoot fireballs
Star - Makes you invincible
Green Mushroom - Extra life.
Axe - dump Bowser in the abyss and complete the castle level.


American Name: Goomba
Japanese Name: Kuribo
Description: They are the second most common enemies in the Mario series, they
try to walk into you.

American Name: Green Koopa Troopa
Japanese Name: Midori Nokonoko
Description: They behave like the Goombas, they move into a straight line and
try to walk into you or place themselves in inconvenient spots.

American Name: Red Koopa Troopa
Japanese Name: Akai Nokonoko
Description: When they reach the edge of a platform they'll turn around and go
in the opposite direction.

American Name: Hammer Bros.
Japanese Name: Hammer Bros.
Description: They usually hang out where there is a set of bricks around so
they can hop up and down a level while tossing Hammers.

American Name: Buzzy Beetle
Japanese Name: Met
Description: They behave just like the Green Koopa Troopa except fireballs have
no effect on them. The have a new trick where they walk on the ceiling and drop
and spin at you when close.

American Name: Spiny
Japanese Name: Togezo
Description: They spiky shells protect them from being stomped on. That is if
you don't wear a Kuribo Shoe.

American Name: Cheep-Cheep
Japanese Name: Chikkoi Pukupuku
Description: Cheep-Cheeps in the water place themselves in bad spots but out of
the water, they leap out of the water.

American Name: Bullet Bill
Japanese Name: Killer
Description: They are fired out of special cannons. Stand next to the cannons
and they will not fire.

American Name: Blooper
Japanese Name: Gesso
Description: The Bloopers will swim towards you

American Name: Green Koopa Paratroopa
Japanese Name: Midori Patapata
Description: Hops forward in a straight line. Turns into a Koopa Troopa when it
is stomped.

American Name: Red Koopa Paratroopa
Japanese Name: Akai Patapata
Description: All it does is fly up and down and sometimes sideways. You can use
it for leverage to an otherwise hard-to-reach area.

American Name: Lakitu
Japanese Name: Jugem
Description: They continually toss down Spiny Eggs at you. If you kill him, he
will reappear after a few moments.

American Name: Piranha Plant
Japanese Name: Pakkun Flower
Description: They come out of some pipes and munch on anyone who touch them.
If you stand on or next to the pipe, they won't come out. The red ones however,
still come out if you are not directly on the pipe. They also come from above
pipes too.

American Name: Pobodo
Japanese Name: Bubble
Description: In the lava stages, they continually pop out of the lava to catch
unfortunate jumpers.

American Name: Spiny Egg
Japanese Name: Paipo
Description: Tossed by Lakitus, the red ones hatch when they hit the ground and
turn into a Spiny. 


You score points by killing all enemies. There is a sequence where if you land
on a group of enemies, the points go from 100, 200, 400, 800, 1000, 2000, 4000,
8000, and 1-ups for each enemy thereafter. Some enemies are worth more points.

                                  World 1

1-1: This guide assumes you are playing as Luigi like we are since he has 
better jumping. At the beginning is a chance to build up to 127 lives. Get past
the green Koopa Troopa and there is a red Koopa Troopa encased in an area. Hit
the second block to uncover a Mushroom then bump it over the wall without
hitting the Koopa Troopa and wait for it to come back to you and get big. Break
the first and third block without hitting the Koopa and it should be marching
back and forth on te forth block. Break the first three blocks up top then jump
against the side of the fourth top block and let go. Mari/Luigi will bounce
continuously against the Koopa Troopa shell and rack up 1-up after 1-up. Once
you're done, go right and avoid the Pirhana Plant on the ground. On the lower
level is a multicoin block. Take the high road now and kick the red Koopa
Troopa to the right and it will ricochet and kill the enemies at the bottom. At
the end of the path is two pipes. Go over the second one but don't go too far.
Jump back to the second pipe and go down, You get a few coins. Do not get the
Poison Mushroom on the far left hidden block. Once out, go right and hit the

1-2: Jump past the Koopa Paratroopa and hop the gap. Jump over the pipe or
stand on it when the Pirhana Plant is down and kill or get past the Goombas 
then run across the high road. Mario has to hop across the falling platforms
to get across. Sucks to be Mario, while Luigi can stay on top, Mario has to get
past a series of pipes with Pirhana plants. There is an elevator of platforms
going up. Mario can use this to get to the top of the screen or stay low. 
Luigi can come down to exit the pipe on the right. Once out you can touch the
flagpole. You could have stayed on top and use the warp in 1-2 but there is a
special surprise for defeating Bowser in World 8 without warping. More on this
later. We'll reveal the warp zones in the end of this guide too.

1-3: Run right and hop on a palm then use a scale to proceed. Take out the
Koopa Troopas or avoid them and watch for the Blooper which is outside its
natural habitat. Hop on the side to side moving platform. Use the scale then
take the high or low road and there is two stones in the air in the center to
take you to the next palm tree, Get the powerup, use the side to side moving
platform, a scake and hop on two palm trees and hit the pole.

1-4: Avoid the firebar at the beginning. Hop over the pits carefully. Luigi
skids a lot and jumps high enough to hit the ceiling. Avoid the firebars. Small
Mario/Luigi can avoid the top ones easily. Watch for the Koopa Troopa in the
way and avoid the Fire Breaths and when you face bowser, wait the right moment
and run or jump over him andget the axe or shoot fireballs at him.

                                  World 2

2-1: Run right and dodge or kill five Koopa Paratroopas. The Power-Up is in the
second block. Hop the water and there is a star in the middle brick. Hop on the
second pipe and hop left to go down a special pipe. The bonus area has a small
gap so run across it instead. Once out, hop across te two pipes and a big palm
tree. Hop on the side to side platform and use the spring to get over the pit.
At the end of the set of bricks where there is a green Koopa Paratroopa in the
area, hit the top blocks and find a beanstalk. Once down, avoid the mushroom on
the left block. Use the spring and vault over the huge pit and kill all enemies
on route to the exit.

2-2: Run past the Green Paratroopa, kill the goombas and avoid the pirhana on
the floor. Get rid of the Koopa Troopas. Hip over the gap and onto the block,
then hop on the pipe and then head forward and make a hard jump to the right
onto the high blocks then make a series of long jumps. There is a thin wall 
with a star in it, When you reach a place where there is a Green Koopa Troopa
and two blocks above it, the pipe before it is a special one. Go down and do 
not jump at the far left because there is a hidden mushroom there. Once out,
jump on it. Jump and hit a hidden coin and Luigi can jump onto the pipe easily
but Mario must hit another hidden coin. Get past the Koopa Troopas and Goombas.
Use the Koopa Paratroopa for leverage if you are mario. Hop to the right and
stomp or avoid the Goombas and hit the flagpole.

2-3: As you go right, there are Koopa Troopas, Koopa Paratroopas, Cheep-Cheeps
and bloopers in the way. Use careful steps and the broken bridges. After a
couple palm trees after the last broken area, then the flagpole is ahead.

2-4: Run right and jump up the narrow passage before the Koopa Troopa comes
then jump on it and kick it to the right and it will knock out more enemies up
to a 1-up. Watch for its ricochet off the firebar block. Avoid the firebar and
stand on the block and hop across the lava. Run across the gaps avoiding more
firebars. The Pobodo appears for the first time here. There is a hidden block
before the next set of firebars. After the last two firebars, you meet Bowser.
Fry him or run under him since the blocks stop your jump and get the axe.

                                  World 3
3-1: Go right and hit the Hammer Brothers from below to get rid of them. Hop
the gap and avoid the poison mushroom in the last coin block. Hop on the brick
then you hit the first coin block for a power-up. Luigi can hop over the large

Optional: Go down the grey pipe. Watch out for the bullet bill here and you are
out. You have a free trip to the warp zone that takes you back to level 1.

Get past the Bullet Bills and use the Koopa Paratroopa for leverage to the pipe
and hop across the

3-2: The object of this level as with the other underground levels is to stay
low to the ground and never coming up unless it is necessary. in order to move
on. There are red and blue Cheep-Cheeps and Bloopers in this level. You'll also
encounter a Koopa Paratroopa who doesn't belong in the water is only harmed by
fireballs. Same with the Koopa Troopas. Hell, all enemies can't be stomp on
in the water. After some tricky swimming, you'll come out through a side pipe
and be back on dry land and on the way to the flagpole.

3-3: Kick the Troopa shell into a slew of other Koopa Troopas for a possible
1-up. Wait for the Pirhana Plant to go down and then use the scales to proceed,
wair for the two pirhana plants to go down and move to the catapult and spring
over the scale and land next to the palm tree with a Koopa Toopa. Run across
the falling platforms then jump on the shell on the small steps in the air.
Jump over the Koopa Paratroopa or use it for leverage to get a high score on 
the pole.

3-4: This is one of those castle levels where you need to take the right path
to proceed, the wrong path makes you try again. Take the low path first then
the lowest path again but you'll need to be small. Next, stay at the highest
path and avoid the firebars and take the highest path again. Jump carefully and
jump right to face Bowser if you're Luigi or under him if you're Mario and take
the axe.

                                  World 4

4-1: The red pirhana plants and the Lakitu n' Spinys make their debut here.
Move right and avoid the Spinys if you aren't Fire Mario or Fire Luigi. Lakitu
will leeave when you reach coin blocks. The last block has a power-up. To get
across the water, do a running jump on the spring and push forward till you
are safely across. Lakitu reappears. Do not touch the poison mushroom next to
the pipe. The beanstalk is the lone brick above the pipe. When you come down,
you'll be brought back to the mushroom area before Lakitu reappeared. This time
ignore the beanstalk and head for the pole.

4-2: Watch out for the Bullet Bills and get a Power-up. Grab the star from the
brick next to the two question blocks and trudge your way to the right. Time
your jumps to hop over the first Hammer Brother then take the low road and run
past the red Pirhana plants when they are down and jump right. The pole is 
close by.

4-3: Use the scales, side-to-side platform, and falling platform to the right
and land on a Paratroopa to land safely on the next platform. Get the power-up
if needed then continue right. Watch out for the bullet bills as you use the
falling platform and scale to move right. Use the Koopa Paratroopa for leverage
to the stones and reach the pole.

4-4: There is a large firebar. Get past it then kill three Goombas. Get past
another long firebar and a short one. Then wait for the Koopa Troopas to fall
then hop up the block when the firebar is out of the way. Mario needs a running
jump to do this. Hop past the Hammer Brother and take the low road. Defeat the
Goombas and Koopa Troopas and watch for the fire. When you reach Bowser, watch
for the Pobodo first then the firebar then run under Bowser the first chance
you get an grab the axe.

                                  World 5

5-1: Get rid of the Buzzy Beetle and watch for the overhead red pirhanas. Move
right then at the steps, the wind blows you to the right, time your jumps to
land safely. After the fourth jump, the wind stops. Time your jumps past the
two red pirhanas. Safely make your way to the right till you reach a small step
on the ground, Use it to reach other steps then hop over the Koopa Paratroopas
or use them for levrtage. The beanstake has a lot of coins and leads to level
6 but ignore the beanstalk if you like and reach the pole at the end.

5-2: If you are Big Mario/Luigi, the key point to finishing this level is
getting to the top and staying there until either you drop down and exit or
keep going to reach the warp to level 7. Otherwise, watch for the overhead
pirhana plants and this level is yours. A mushroom or Fire Flower is in an
invisible block at the start.

5-3: Stay on the moving platform until you see two Koopa Paratroopa and use
them to reach the pipe and go down. When you exit, hop across a pipe, scale,
and a big palm tree and watch for Bullet Bills. Hop over the Blooper and land
on a side to side platform and then jump on a Koopa Paratroopa to reach the
palm tree. Use the falling platforms to reach the palm tree after that. After
a scale and small blocks in the area, the pole is ahead.

5-4: Use the falling platforms and get through two Pobodos. Watch for the
firebar in the next corridor. As Luigi, take the high road since you can reach
it easily if he is small. Just watch for the Pobodo. Come down when the firebar
is out of range then watch for the Pobodos afterwards. Avoid the firebars and
take the low road if you're small and you'll be untouched. Hop right carefully
and get through a Pobodo and a long ass firebar and now you got fire breath to
get through. Take the low road again if you are small and get ready to face
Bowser. Nothing changes here.

                                  World 6

6-1: Get the power up where Buzzy Beetle is and ignore the Koopa Paratroopa.
Move through the enemies and try to kick a Koopa Troopa shell into the Hammer 
Brother and hit a hidden coin near the pipe for leverage. Hop onto the Bullet
Bill Cannon and hop right. Avoid the Pirhana plants and bop the Hammer Brothers
from below but try to reach the pipe in the corner. It's a shortcut that takes
you to close to the end.

6-2: Another underwater level. This one is a little harder than the others. Be
careful while swimming high or low. THe enemies are out in full force.

6-3: Cheep-Cheeps and Koopa Troopas and Koopa Paratroopas everywhere. Both
powerups are in a coin block and brick.

6-4: Another maze castle. Take the low road under the long firebar. After the
pipe, get past the Hammer Brother and take the top path, now take the bottom 
path next under the pipes and use the side to side platform at the bottom. Stay
low and get past Bowser. He throws Hammers this time.

                                  World 7

7-1: The wind blows early but it helps a little to get you across the first
pit. Maneuver through the pipes and run across the gaps. Watch for the Bullet
Bills and Cheep-Cheeps and get the star. Now it's time to rampage through the
level. The exit will not be far ahead once the invincibility wears off.

7-2: Use the moving platform and get a Power-up and bounce off two Koopa
Paratroopas and go down a high pipe. You should have fireballs now after
getting the flower from the bonus area. Shoot everything in sight then avoid
the firebars and use the two falling platforms to reach safe ground then use a
Koopa Paratroopa to reach the next falling platform and a pipe. The pole is a
leap to the right.

7-3: The wind blows early. Watch out. Start off jumping from spring to spring.
When you land on safe ground, get a mushroom and start moving from spring to
spring again. Watch for the firebars and the exit is shortly after the wind

7-4: General tip. Stay away from the top of level. Once you go up there, you
won't come back down and will have to die of time out. This is the hardest of
all castles. Avoid the firebars and get a hidden mushroom on the wall before
the elevators and before the firebar touches you. Get acroos the elevator and
don't go up there. Go down and zigzag past the firebar. Kick the last Koopa
Troopa into the swarm of Buzzy Beetles and get a 1-up. Carefully sacrifice
your power-uo in the first firebar and use the invincibility to get past the
second one quickly. Get past the fire breath and Pobodos and run under Bowser
and avoid the hammers and dump him.

                                  World 8

8-1: Kick the Buzzy Beetle aside and get a Mushroom which you know you need
since you sacrificed it in World 7-4. The wind blows. Use the Koopa Paratroopas
for leverage to get across. Watch for the Hammer Brothers here and take the
high road or low road to avoid the next one. Be careful and the exit is just

8-2: This level is tricky because the exit is elsewhere. Use the falling
platform to reach a brick with a mushroom. Use the spring to get on the wall
then jump onto some steps. keep moving and go past the Koopa Paratroopa but
don't scroll past it. Stand on the brick on the right and let the Hammer
Brother fall to its death then bounce off the Koopa Paratroopa and reveal a
beanstalk that leads to  the flagpole. If you mess up, go to the end and go
down the bonus pipe and try again.

8-3: Kill the Lakitu and jump to the clouds and as Luigi, you can jump off the
edge of the clouds and land on the falling platform. Get rid of the Lakitu and
Koopa Troopas and start jumping past the Hammer Brothers hammers when safe but
watch for a Poison Mushroom hidden block that messes you up when jumping past
the second Hammer Brother. Use the spring to hop onto the Koopa Paratroopas and
get past the second set of Hammer Brothers. Use two hidden coins to reach the
scales and the exit is straight ahead.

8-4: Curve your jump to get below then hop across the lava pit. Get past the
Pobodo and firebar and use the Koopa Paratroopa for leverage then get in the
pipe below the blocks. Swim your way carefully to the exit pipe. Curve your
jump to  get on the right pipe but watch for the Pirahana plant then go down.
Hop to the right and avoid the Posion Mushroom in the thrid coin block. Use the
side to side platform below and stay low and hop over the long firebar and at
the end of the corridor, wait for the Koopa Paratroopas to be one down and one
right and hop on them to get through. There is a Mushroom above the exit pipe.
Run under Bowser then get past the Buzzy Beetle and Pirhana plant to face the
real Bowser. Get past him to save the princess and she'll recite a poem.

Peace is paved
The kingdom is saved
Hurrah to Mario/Luigi
our only hero
This ends your trip
of a long friendship

100000pts added for each player left in the FDS version.

                                  World 9

9-1: Go down the pipe and swim through an underwater version of the overworld.
The enemies here are mostly from the overworld and you can only kill them with

9-2: Another underwater level. Juke and jive through Pirhana plants and Lakitu
n Spinies and that's it.

9-3: What the hell? Bowser outside of his castle? Stay at the very top of this
level to complete it

9-4: This is a short level, you'll notice the walls are shaped funny. We'll
they are Kanji characters aka Japanese letters that spell arigatou which means
"thank you" in English.

                                  World A

A-1: There is a Mushroom hidden in between the blocks, and once you get rid of
the green Koopa Troopas, check the bricks above for a beanstalk and get coins
in the clouds. Once down, there is a 1-up in the block next to you. Kick the
top Koopa Troopa to the left to get rid of other enemies and a 1-up as it
zigzags down. Get past the hammer brothers and the Koopa Paratroopas and the
Pirhana Plants. Get rid of the Koopa Troopas on the thin walls and the exit
is ahead.

A-2: Use the spring to reveal a 1-up and move right but slow down so it can 
catch up to you then catch it as it falls. Get to the top of the level ASAP
and stay there, its hell making it to the exit via bottom. You can drop down
and go to A-3 or keep moving and warp to World B-1

A-3: This is an easy level. The wind blows temporarily. All you have to worry
about are the Cheep Cheeps landing on you and that's it. The other enemies are
no real threat.

A-4: Avoid the Pobodo and firebars especially the long one that can get you if
you are on the coin block containing a power-up. Avoid two more firebars and a
Pobodo and hop a pit. Go up the steps and kick a Koopa Troopa shell and what's
this? Pobodos aren't invincible after all as you'll find out. Watch for the 
gang of Pobodos then some Bullet Bills and fire breath and now its time to
dump hammer-throwing Bowser.

                                  World B

B-1: Get the coins and leap on two pipes carefully. A power-up is the 3rd loose
coin block. Now the general rule us to stay on top of the level as much as you
can to beat this level easily.

B-2: This is an underwater level. Nothing fancy here. Just be careful. There is
a long firebar in this level and a Koopa Paratroopa at the end.

B-3: This level is simple until you get to the spring. By this time, the Bullet
Bills appear and the jumps are trickier. But we think you'll still make it out
of here with hardly any trouble.

B-4: Avoid going down all pipes. If you want to warp to level D (there is no
penalty for doing so), go down the fifth pipe from the start. Otherwise, just
keep going till you face and defeat Bowser.

                                  World C

C-1: Maneuver through pirhana plants and Koopa Paratroopas and you'll be fine
for the first part. Just watch for the overhead pirhana plants the most. Luigi
can make it over the pit almost but almost doesn't count. Use the Koopa
Paratroopa to get by. Get past a Hammer Brother and use the Koopa Paratroopa
for leverage. The exit is a little ways ahead.

C-2: Juke and jive through Cheep Cheeps, Bloopers, and Koopa Paratroopas for 
the first part. Jump carefully across two loose stones and a palm tree, leap
onto a Koopa Paratroopa to get across safely. Watch for Bullet bills and this
level is over.

C-3: This is World 7-3 all over again. Only difference is that there is a
Lakitu that throws Spinies and that's it. Refer to World 7-3 for more info.

C-4: Another case of dejavu as this is a remake of World 7-4 with a couple
added obstacles. Like before, stay away from the top of the level because once
you go up, you ain't getting back down.

                                  World D

D-1: The Hammer Brothers arrive early and their pattern is hard. Try to bop
them from below if you are lucky enough. Otherwise, creep slowly and wait for
the top one to arrive first and approach then jump past it. Then deal with the
second one by any means. Use the Koopa Paratroopa to make it across. Go down
one pipe and get bonus coins and when you come out, a mushroom is near the 
river. The Hammer Brothers arrive later on again. The wind blows temporarily
but stops as you near the pole.

D-2: Kick a Koopa Troopa shell down the gap. Watch for overhead Pirhana Plants.
Hop onto the top area from the Bullet Bill Cannon if you are Luigi. You can go
down the pipe. Use the stone to reach the stone and pole.

D-3: Watch out for the Bullet Blls here. Get the powerup and use the hidden
coin to avoid the Hammer Brothers. Spring over the wall, get past another
Hammer Brother. Get past more bullet bills and Hammer Brothers and the exit is
after the last set of cannons you'll need for leverage.

D-4: The beginning is just like World 8-4 except you keep on going instead of
going down the pipe below the blocks. At the end is a pipe leading to the
Overworld. Stay on the pipe until you can safely leap over the Hammer Brother.
The wind blows shortly. Go down the pipe when it is safe to jump. Its a bonus
area that leads back to the Castle. Run under Bowser, get past the Hammer 
Brother and Bowser is not too far. Beat him and you survive the ultimate
challenge that Nintendo was afraid to bring to the US.

There are 10 Warp Zones in all.

World 1-2: Hit one of the blocks above the second pipe from the start of the
level to create a beanstalk. It leads to World 3

World 1-2: Get to the top and go past the exit and go down the pipe. Go to
the far right as you can and use the two invisible blocks before the lava to
get to the top and reach the warp to World 4

World 1-2: Same as getting to World 4 except instead of going down the pipe,
you just keep going till you reach a warp to World 2

3-1: The are two ways to get to this warp. Go down the first pipe or spring
over the flagpole. This leads back to World 1

5-1: Climb the beanstalk near the end and it leads to World 6

5-2: Hit the hanging block near the up elevator to reveal a beanstalk that
leads to World 8

5-2: Stay on top of the level and get past the exit pipe and it leads to World

8-1: Go into the first pipe after the fifth upside down pipe and it leads to
World 5.

A-2: Stay on top of the level and go past the exit to warp to World B

B-4: Go down the fifth pipe you see and it leads to World D.

To play level 9, you must beat Level 8 without using any warps zones throughout
the game.


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You for reading.

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Thank you for reading

-Ice Queen Zero

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