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Guide and Walkthrough by ApacheMan2K

Version: 4.0 | Updated: 04/04/2004

Samurai Sword FAQ

Game (c) 1988 Capcom Co., Ltd.
FAQ written by ApacheMan2K

This is a FAQ describing the walkthrough for the Famicom Disk game,
"Samurai Sword". Here are the updates so far.

Version 1.0		FAQ is born, and the first section of the game is written.
Version 2.0		Second part of the game is added to the walkthrough section, plus a few
			new items and one new spell.
Version 3.0		Part three and two new items are [finally] added to the walkthrough.
Version 4.0		Final version. The last two sections of the Walkthrouh are added, 
			Section II. is corrected, and the last few items are added as well.

Sorry to have kept you waiting. Things have been going on, such as college work and online 
affairs. Thankfully, I have found the time to update my guide at long last.


I.	About the Game
II.	Story
III.	Characters
IV.	Walkthrough
V.	Items
VI.	Magic
VII.	Conclusion & Special Thanks

I.		About the Game

"Samurai Sword" happens to be one of three official Famicom Disk games ever made by the company 
we know as Capcom, along with Section Z (which is like our version, only the FDS version has a 
game save feature) and Gun Smoke (which didn't go through any changes except, of course, the 
translation). That's pretty much all I know at the moment.

II.		Story

Here is the quote from the game, translated by Mute (thanks for the patch info!).

"When the dark priest Soron threatened to engulf the world in shadow, heroes and wizards alike
rose against him.

All were defeated.

But a lone warrior still stands..."

You play the role of a samurai that must destroy the forces of Soron. You find, however, 
that you cannot defeat him alone, so you must find a light mage who will aid you on your
quest, and most importantly, the sacred weapon known as the Samurai Sword.

III.		Characters

Hero			He is the 'lone warrior' mentioned in the quote. You can name him, but with
			up to four letters.

Saria			A white mage who is said to be hiding in the woods. She has some useful 
			magic, though she is also fond of liquor.

More to come as the game progresses!

IV.		Walkthrough

a.	The Battle with Soron

When you start the game, you'll read the exact quote. Then, a couple of new lines will appear:

"That's you!
Now you have to
take down Soron..."

Soron will start the battle by unleashing an overwhelming aura barrier that blocks your every
attack. To make matters worse, you find that you cannot hold on much longer. Soron will taunt 
you, saying...

Soron: Your incompetence is almost amusing.

Fight, and he will send you to the ground. You grab your sword and restart the fight.
But, again, the barrier repels you.

It seems that you won't be able to defeat Soron; not for quite a while. While you struggle, you
hear a dignified voice saying...

?????:	(Hero's name here). You mustn't die here. You have a blazing spirit, but that alone
		will not be enough. Seek out a Light Mage..."

b.	A Walk in the Forest and the Cave

After changing disk sides, you come to in some bizarre forest. You ask yourself how far the
woods extend. Move forward, and you will see two elves standing in your view. Try to talk to
them, and they'll run away. You'll need their help, but they'll be back. Anyway, press on and 
you will see a building ahead of you. You don't know what's in there...yet. Go 
into that place, and you will find yourself at a bar. A bar in the woods? That's rather unheard
of. :S

If you speak to the bartender, he will ask if you want something to drink. Talk to the girl, 
and she'll mention a key to the back door that she lost. In fact, if you check the bar, you'll 
now that there is indeed a back door. Nothing to do here right now, so go back outside, then
head north. You've just stepped on something, so look at the ground. You'll find a key. Hmm...
maybe this is the key that the girl at the bar lost? Only one way to find out. Don't forget to
take the key, or the game will say that you stepped on something the next time you move to this
screen. Go back to the bar and give the key to the girl. She'll thank you and unlock the back
door for you. Head out back to find an ax leaning against the brick wall. You can't take it 
just yet, though, since the bartender's watching. Right now, you can talk to the barkeep some
more. He'll say there's a monster in a nearby cave and advise you to stay away from it. 
Then, he will say that the elves love alcohol; and, we know what kind of drink has alcohol in
it, right? Liquor, of course! Take some liquor for free, exit the bar, go south, and give the
liquor to the elves. Well, actually, you can't really give them the liquor. You have to use it
first; your character will shout...

Hero:		Say, elves, wouldn't you like some alcohol?

...and the elves will respond, "Oh yes! Give it to us!"

Do as they say, and you will share it with them. Now, try to talk to them, and they will tell
you about a resident in the forest named Saria, a practical joker who uses light magic; in fact, 
they will say that she hid the elves' elder away with that magic. Finding her won't be easy, 
but if you follow my directions, you'll find her in no time. Move forward, then east to come to 
a rather wide tree. Look at to find a hole in it (a blue hole will appear), then look into it.
You'll encounter a defensive bird protecting its nest. Do you suppose that this bird might be 
hiding something?

Once you use your sword, the glint from it will drive the bird away. Look into the hole once
more to save the leader of the elves. He will appear; talk to him, and he will tell you how
grateful he is for his rescue then disappear. Go back to the elves. You'll see an orange orb
sitting between them. They will thank you for the return of their elder. When you look at the
elves, they tell you that the orb is an All-Seeing Orb. They give it to you as a token of their

Now, you should go forward twice, then east once. You'll come to a cabin that seems deserted.
Once you check or look at the cabin, an old man appears and asks if there is something you 
need. If you do almost anything but move, he will tell you that you are unwelcome. Hm...rather
suspicious, wouldn't you say? Maybe the orb knows what is going on. Look into the Orb. You will
see a flash that shows a young lady. Interesting...

You should talk to the old man, who will turn back to Saria as you have figured her out. Now,
here comes the next challenge: convincing her to come along. Just trying to talk to her won't
be of any use. (Side note: if you check her, she'll call you a pervert. :D:P) Talk to her once
to hear that she won't join you, then talk to her again. You'll see a whoosh cut by and make
off with her spellbook! Talk once more, and she'll ask if you will help her find the book.
Now that Saria has joined you, all you need to do here is find out who stole the spellbook, and
give it back to her.

Go back one screen, then go north. You're at the mouth of a cave, with an elf standing right by
it. Ask if he stole the spellbook. He'll tell you he's innocent, though Saria won't believe 
him. Then, the elf will tell you that the Lizard Beetle took it away. So now, you know who
may have stolen it. Now, it's time you've learned of her magic spells. Enter the pitch-black 
cave and talk to Saria. She'll want to try a spell. Have her use her magic and cast Kiar to 
light up the cave. Now, you know that she's armed. Look at the ground for a hole and check that
hole. The Lizard Beetle will appear!

When you try to attack, your sword will be broken. Don't worry, you're not weaponless for good.
Saria's magic is useless against it, so don't bother trying, unless you want to experiment with
the spells she's got. Right now, the best option is to escape. Go back to the bar and out the
back door. There's that same ax. If you talk to Saria, the hero will say...

Hero:		If only we had that axe...

As you might recall, the bartender is watching your every move, so you can't take the axe...un
-less he is distracted or diverted in some way. You still should have the liquor in stock. Give
it to Saria, then have her cast a new spell, Sorip -- this will cause a sleeping gas to come out
of the bottle. Next, tell her to use Winda to blow the gas into the bar, and voila -- the 
barkeep and girl are both fast asleep, and the liquor is all gone. Now, you can take the ax and
think to yourself, "Maybe this is the right weapon to fight that Lizard Beetle with." If you're
thinking that, then you're thinking right. So now, we go back to the cave, light it up, look 
into the hole, and meet the monster. You can't just fight it right then, though, for it seems 
pretty agile for an armored reptilian beast. You'll need to slow it down first, so Saria should 
use the Swirly spell to slow down the Lizard Beetle's movements. Fight it to penetrate the shell, 
then finish it off with a Bolt strike. The lightning strikes the crack in the shell, and the
beast is toast!

Check the hole once more to obtain the spellbook. Since it's Saria's book, you might as well
give it to her. This will convince her to join you on your quest. You're done here, so now's
the time to save your game (by flipping your disk to side A) and press on.

c.	Crossing the Desert

With Saria as your new ally, you find your way out of the woods and into a vast and arid desert. 
You and Saria stand under the scorching sun. Looking and checking the ground and area won't 
really do anything, except maybe give you a sudden thirst for water. When you talk to Saria a
couple of times, she will tell you about a "city of magic" that thrived until it was torn by 
war and violence. Also, she will comment about the wind that howls with the screams of pain and
agony from the dead citizens of that place, hence the name of this whole area, the Moaning 
Desert. Next, you hear that you are just miles away from Soron's temple. Talk to your ally once
more to go on.

You come to a spring. You can take some of the pure spring water; heck, you can take as much as
you'd like, but it wouldn't do anything significant. Nothing else to do here but go forward.
You see a man who is lying in front of you, senseless. First, look at the traveler, and then
you check him so you know that he is still alive. Saria is unsure of what she could do to help
this poor man, but you can just have her cast another new spell, Reray. Doing this will wake
him up. It's obvious he'd want some water. Oh, and as for the other new "spell", Book, that one
is really something that tells you what the listed spells do. Anyway, check the ground to find 
a flask, then pick it up and take it over to the spring. Fill it up with water and return to 
the parched man, then give him a drink. Now, he can speak to you; he'll tell you that he was 
looking for the fabled Samurai Sword, and that he met a sage. But, his quest came to a halt 
when he was wounded after encountering a golem and a zombie. Sage...golem...zombie...very inter-
Feel free to move about the desert; you'll eventually run into the zombie you've heard about!

Take a whack at him, and you will beat him so quickly and so easily...not! After one hit from
your ax, the zombie gets back up and spits metal-eating acid on your weapon, thus leaving you
weaponless once more. Saria is too scared stiff, so no luck from her. Don't bother attacking it
again, or he'll squeeze you so hard, you'll lose your breath...and you die. You've been warned.

After losing your ax, just run away and go back to the traveler. You might be wondering what
other sights are here. You can't go south or east, and guess what will happen if you go north 
several times. So, how about taking it to the west?

There stands an odd-looking monument of some sort. Check it to find that there is a notch at 
the top. Hmm...what could this mean? Nothing else you can do here, but we're not quite done 
with that man who is now a stiff. Go back to him and check him twice to find a new sword that's 
chipped and dirty, and something else that falls out of his pocket. Pick this, or rather these, 
lens up. There must be some good use for these...

The first thing that comes to mind might be that stone monument. Go over there and hand the
lens over to Saria and let her put them in the notch. You'll see a glint in the ground near the
monument. Check the ground, and an opening will appear right before your eyes. Go down the

You and Saria find yourselves in a chamber that is buried under the sand. Check it to learn of
the runes on its chest. You can't read them, but Saria can. She reads, as follows...

"Look upon the Thirst Golem and know catastrophe."

Suddenly, the statue comes to life! You have two choices: either fight it, or run away. Running
away won't do you any good, so it's better to try and defeat it. And, don't worry about dying;
this one doesn't kill you. If you examine him (not check), you'll find that the Golem seems
rather vengeful, as it shares the combined fury of the magic city's deceased. Talk to Saria,
and she will ask if she could, somehow, cool him down. Cool him down, eh? Hmm...what is the
one thirst quencher that can cool down just about anything? Water, of course. You still have
some with you, don't you? If so, then give some to Saria, and she will splash it all over the
walking statue. But, the water hisses and vaporizes. No use, it seems. Well then, let's switch 
to plan "B": check the Golem. Aha -- a crack in the chest is found! Strike at his chest to send 
him back to the floor, in pieces.

With the Golem gone, you can look at the area. As you might notice, there is an opening in 
front of you. It would appear that the Golem was guarding it. Talk to Saria to head inside.
There is nothing but darkness in here, but don't go thinking you've come to a dead end. Have
Saria lead on. It seems you've come to a stop...or does it? The wall spins and exposes another
path. You come to and meet an old man who is not very surprised to see that you have found him.
He's obviously been expecting you...

When you talk to the Sage, you learn that it was he who sent you to the forest after telling 
you that you needed a Light Mage to defeat Soron. The Hero is the only one who can wield the
Samurai Sword; search the ruins for a clue. You go back to the dark ruins room. Where there's
darkness, there's an opportunity -- an opportunity to light up a room with magic, that is.
Saria should use Kiar. Now, you can see what may be in these ruins. Look and check to find that
there is nothing but junk in this room. Looks can be deceiving, though, so don't go anywhere.
The next thing you should do is check the junk to learn of a scroll that is beneath it. Take
some of that junk to move it out of the way, then pick up the scroll and give it to Saria.
The scroll tells you of the Samurai Sword's necessity for it to become a powerful weapon --
that it needs to be purified. After she reads the scroll, it will disappear, and a gem will
fall into her hands. You will instantly go back to the Sage, who tells you that this gem is 
called the Light Drop, and that you should use it when necessary. Give him your sword so he
can purify it. Now, you can defeat that zombie that lurks around the desert! Talk to the Sage
to leave.

Right when you leave the underground shrine, you will meet the zombie. Now's when you take it
down with one blow. After the zombie is downed, all you can do is look at the area. All of a
sudden, the screen goes black, and Saria is calling for your help before she vanishes! You
hear a familiar voice from under your feet. He says...

??????:	Ah yes. Another Light Mage to add to my collection.

That was Soron, and he's taken off with the ally you need to claim your victory!

Check the area to see a sparkly thing and pick it up. This happens to be the Light Drop that
she left behind. Suppose she might have left it there on purpose...? Whether she did or not,
take it. When you do so, the same sage appears and says that you must go to a "city of 
science", and to use a card you are given to enter it.

d.	The City of Tomorrow

As you approach the city of science, you find yourself standing in front of the only gate that
takes you inside. The gate, however, is guarded by a lone man. Talking to him won't help, and
you don't know how to use your card. You can check the area and talk to the guard all you want,
but that won't do anything. So, the best thing to do here is to do nothing (this is no joke).
Wait a few seconds, and the guard will leave his post. After the guard leaves, check the gate
twice to learn of a slit near it. Now, use the card on that slit to enter the city.

When you enter, you find yourself standing in front of buildings made from advanced technology.
Observing everything won't do much except describe what you see (houses and shops). You could
talk to some locals, too; they would say things like who they managed to preserve the ancient
technology. They will also point out their belief that Soron summoned a dragon to do his evil
bidding. The power of science will foil his scheme, according to the locals. Now, you can move.

When you move forward, you'll come to an open door with nobody guarding it. If you choose to
walk further into it, you will be blocked, for the area ahead is for authorized personnel only.
Speak to tell the sentry your name and your purpose: to defeat Soron. The sentry responds by
saying that you are familiar to them, but he will also ask you to leave because of the safety
the city of science offers. Go back.

Try going to the right to listen to gossip. Locals there will say how superior the city of
science is, compared to the city of magic. then forward to come to a pillar with someone standing near it. This
man is a scientist who is studying relics of the past. You can't do anything here for now, so
return to the entrance and go left from there.

You are now at a shop. No use talking or browsing the area (you'll just get scolded for window
shopping), so press on forward. Talk to some locals there to hear about a thief who stole some
items from some ruins and brought them all back to sell. Nothing else to do, so go back.

I know what you're thinking: "I'm confused, what will I do now? I can't go anywhere, and I
can't get any farther." But, patience is the virtue here. You could keep going from place to 
place or just sit there at that entrance screen until you see the sky flash white.

Soon, an energy wave will rock the city and the sky will flash white for a moment. It's that
dragon that the people were talking about! You, along with a platoon of soldiers, are now 
pitted against it. When you look at the area, the soldiers are easily scorched by the dragon's
flame. Although this sounds crazy, try striking at the beast. You find that you can't actually
fight the monster, but when it tries to burn you, you barely evade it...and stumble into a
secret underground passage. Investigate the entire area to learn of the giant that sits near
you, as well as the unreadable runes below your feet. This is a good time to check on the Orb. 
Using that will tell you that you are in the presences of both science and magic. Leave these
ruins and you find yourself outside the restricted path. The dragon is gone, but everyone has
become restless. You reason with them that if this keeps happening, then their city is history.
After having gone through the dragon encounter, the ministry invites you inside. You now meet
a soldier, and a city official.

Talk to both of them. The soldier will explain that despite the fact that their home endured
the great war, the dragon could eventually destroy it. The official agrees with this and says
that their technology is not enough to stop Soron. Talk to the official to ask about the giant 
you found at the ruins of science. This giant happens to be the Alpha Arm, an ancient weapon 
that has been inactive for millenia. Look at the area to find a machine, which turns out to be 
the cybernetic management system. Talk to the CMS, and it will ask for your command. Do this
again, and the CMS will tell you that the Alpha Arm can be used only if there is a power great-
er than or equal to its own. By now, you might be rather interested in the giant. The soldier
will tell you to go to the plaza to ask a scholar there. Move outside and to the plaza to meet
the same man who has been studying the lance-like pillar. The man believes that if you use the
giant, then you may have a sporting chance in slaying the dragon. Go to the now-unoccupied shop
and look at it. Then, check the junk to find a helmet that seems shaped specifically. There is
obviously some good use for it, so take it. Back at the plaza, show it to the scientist. His
suggestion is that while you are wearing the helmet, you might have control of the Alpha Arm.

Keep walking around to run into the dragon again. Just move into the ruins and keep checking
the floor. Eventually, you'll find a loose panel on a seal formed by the runes. Use your sword
twice to pry the tile off. Now that you have broken the seal, check the giant to open its
chest. Check it again to climb aboard, then again to take your seat in the cockpit, and then
check your helmet to find a button and press it. After years and years of dormancy, the giant
finally comes to life! Now, let's see if you can actually beat Soron's reptilian beast.

Fight the dragon and knock it down. Although it will attempt to breathe fire on the mecha, you
dodge and think about the pillar you found at the plaza. Suppose that could be used as a 
weapon...couldn't it? Move to the plaza and take the pillar, which was very obviously meant to
be the Alpha Arm's weapon. You are facing the dragon once more. Time to finish it off! Knock
the dragon down and check the lance enough times for your helmet to light up and the energy
within the lance to charge. Once it is fully charged, use the lance and send a streak of light-
ning on the flying monster and eradicate it.

After the dragon dies, you are taken back to the plaza. You learn that Soron has possibly taken
the Samurai Sword and stashed it into his floating temple. You must get it back at any cost!

e. The Floating Temple of Soron

So far, so good. But, what all that we've gone through was all just a warm-up for what's to 
come: the final chapter of Samurai Sword. At this point, you are asked to flip your disk's 
side (this usually happens before or after finishing most FDS games).

Once you've flipped to Side A, it's time to penetrate Soron's strange residence, free Saria,
steal the Samurai Sword, and destroy Soron once and for all.

You are now standing near the temple. As you look at the structure, you feel dark energy emana-
ting from within, and you are determined to save Saria. You can try using the lance, though 
that would be a waste of time. Walk closer to it.

The temple will suddenly take off and suspend itself in the skies above. Again, the lance does
nothing. So, keep going towards it. Before you know it, you'll see something coming your way.

A wyvern knight appears before you! The knight is under Soron's influence, but the wyvern is
one of the sorcerer's own creatures. It will attack if you look at it twice, but it will never
actually hit you. Notice the "Take" command? Do you suppose that it might be possible that you 
could hijack the wyvern? Don't fight it, just keep trying to take it. If you're persistent and
patient enough, you'll be riding the animal and shoving the knight off its back. With a look 
and a strike at the knight, off to the temple you go.

Next, fly into the temple, examine the area, and check the pillar. There's a shiny object 
ahead; it's a ring. You are not sure what the ring is for, but take it anyway -- you'll 
need it! Press onward into one of three bizarre rooms that give you the feeling that you're
walking in outer space, with doors and pillars about. Well, there are more pillars than doors,
so no worries about picking the wrong path. The door, we'll check out later. For now, take the
right path and move ahead once. Be sure to look and check the area you walk into; yet another
shiny thing rests on the floor. Look at the mystery item (a small mirror). Before you know it, 
there is someone standing in your way. If you try to fight it, he will dodge, but you will 
dodge when he tries to attack you. It's strange when you keep fighting it...it's like this 
soldier is your mirrored counterpart. In fact, he looks almost just like you! Try using the
Orb. When you do, the man will vanish, and you can go further on down the path.

In the end room of this hallway, there is a statue standing in front of you. It seems to be
just a statue, but if you look closely and use the Orb, you'll find that this statue is none
other than your missing companion! Now, how will we break this curse? Follow these next 
directions. Go back to the intersection and take the left path. When you go forward the next
few screens, you're probably going to say, "Where the heck am I going?" Don't panic, there's
a reason I'm telling you to do this first. Each time you go forward, be sure to look at the
area until you read the text...

"Wonder how far this path continues..."

When you see this message, go back and look at the area two or three times to learn about some
inscriptions on the pillar. Check the pillar; you find out that the continuing path is an end-
less path curse. Looking at the area before going forward and looking at the hallway's area
enough times would do nothing; that's why you should try to go down the path of infinity first.
Anyway, now that you've broken the spell, go forward twice to arrive at a jail cell. Get closer
to it and examine it all over. Its lock and hinges are rusty, so you can move further into the
jail and kick the door out of the way (automatically). A lone, weakened man sits there. Talk to
him, and you learn that he was a Light Mage himself, before Soron sucked his powers dry. Before
he disappears, he will give you some holy water. This could be useful, since this water will
break any of Soron's curses.

Head back for the statue room and use the water on the monument to bring animate life back into
Saria's now-unpetrified body. Now that you have freed Saria, you must now find the Samurai
Sword. Obtaining it won't be as easy as you might think, though. When you talk to her, you
are instantly taken to the prison cell. Check the area (not the jail itself) to find a hole
in the wall. Maybe Saria knows what the hole is for, so ask her.

She hints that the Sword's resting place is sealed, and the only way to break that seal is by
using a ring. You haven't picked up that ring at the last room before the hub, have you? If
not, be sure to go back and take it! Once you have the ring ready, place it into the hole. A
wall opens up and reveals the Samurai Sword [Katana] and a tablet below it, which reads...

"The power of the Sword keeps the temple aloft."

You can't take the Katana, since it's so heavy. When you give it a looksee, you realize that
the sword is also cursed. A word of caution, though: do not -- I repeat -- DO NOT use the water
on the sword; this would cause the temple to fall down in an instant, and you are caved in and
unable to win.

Instead, talk to Saria, who tells you that there is a connection between the Light Drop and the
Sword. Do you remember what the Light Drop is?

Look at the sword; you learn of a hole in the hilt. Put the Light Drop (which is your Jewel)
into that hole. Nothing will happen...yet. Now that the Light Drop is in the hilt, however,
you could remove it. Doing this will cause the ring to break, and the walls will shut. You and
Saria discover that the Light Drop is a part of the Samurai Sword, which explains why moving it
was impossible at first.

You leave the jail, but now you will have to be quick, for the temple is soon to stop flying!
Just then, the Sage from Scene 2 signals you that there is only one matter left to rectify:
the priest of darkness. Make haste for the hub and go straight to the door. The room you enter
is pitch-black, but Saria can light it up in a jiffy. However, the light is absorbed. Then, an
ill-omened voice is heard, with these words...

"Who disturbs my tranquility?"

Soron shows himself, but not entirely. Saria is quite terrified, so only you can take action.
When you fight him, however, he will stun you. Don't panic, this is all part of the master 
plan. Trust me. Fight him again at least twice, then ask for Saria's help. She will help you
out by restoring some of your strength. Attack him to cut him down!

f. The Final Battle

Don't celebrate your success just yet, though. As with every RPG, the final boss comes in more
than one color, if you know what I mean. That same voice speaks...

"We wander yet in darkness..."

With these words, Soron is revived, with his hands, cloak, and suit revealed. If you fight him
now, he will rebuke you and throw you down with his aura. Talk to Saria, and she will pray to
the sword for strength. Use the Katana to bring out your holy barrier of protection that will
deflect the fiend's magic. Fight twice, and you lose your protection. Soon, it overwhelms you 
and you fall over (but do not die). You could have Saria talk to him; the following 
conversation will result:

Soron:	There is no peace in darkness...for our souls or yours...

Saria:	OUR souls? Does that mean...?

Perhaps, that will help you in a tremendous way. Use the Orb to see a swirl of souls within
the fiend's body. Then, look at the Katana to gain energy from the pure jewel embedded in the

After all this is done, fight Soron and finish him off, once and for all! Then, you get to kick
back, relax, and watch the ending.

g.	Closing

Well, I hope you have found your way around with my FAQ. Some of the text might have confused
you, but I am certain that you might figure out what I mean by what I wrote. If you're still
stumped, feel free to e-mail me, and I will come up with an answer ASAP.

V.		Items

Name			Description

Sword	(I)		The Hero's first weapon. You start with it, but you lose it too soon.
Liquor		Used as a bargain tool, and as a sleeping gas bomb.
Orb			The All-Seeing Orb, used to reveal Saria's identity.
Key			The bar girl's back door key. Give it to her, and she will unlock the door.
Spellbook		Saria's spellbook of various magic spells that will aid you on your journey.
Axe			Found in the backyard of the bar; used for breaking tough shells.
Flask			An empty canteen found near the unconscious man; used for storing water.
Sword (II)		A weak and rusty weapon found near the man; can be strengthened by the Sage's
Lens			The key to the underground shrine.
Jewel			The Light Drop; an item essential on your quest.
Junk			Stuff that covers a scroll; not an actual item.
Scroll		Readable only to Saria; it will give you details about the Samurai Sword.
Helmet		The Alpha Arm's source of energy; effective when worn by the mecha's pilot.
Pillar/Lance	A strange-looking monument that is really the Alpha Arm's weapon and light-
			ning rod. Can be picked up only while piloting the mecha.
Wyvern		A flying monster that you can steal to enter the floating temple.
Ring			Soron's strange ring, used to break his own curses.
Water			A vial of holy water, given to you by the prisoner in the fortress.
Katana		The legendary Samurai Sword; your last weapon.

VI.		Magic

Name			Description

Kiar			Used to light up dark places.
Swirly		Creates a breeze of wind. Can slow down certain enemies.
Bolt			Sends a streak of strong lightning against a foe.
Sorip			Causes things like alcohol to form a sleeping gas, kinda like a non-exploding
			molotov cocktail with magic instead of fire.
Reray			Awakens a sleeping or senseless person.
Book			Describes the spells currently available for use; not an actual spell itself.

VII.		Conclusion & Special Thanks

I want to thank the following people...

Mute			For the English-translating patch, and for instructions on how to apply it
			to my Samurai Sword ROM. Most importantly, without Mute's diligence in mak
			-ing the patch, I wouldn't have been able to create this FAQ file in the
			first place.

Capcom		For being one of my favorite game companies of all time, and for creating 
			this unique, text-based RPG.

Let me just say, that if this game were released worldwide, there would be some players who
would remember this game as fondly as they might remember similar games like Shadowgate, 
Deja Vu, and Uninvited.

If you have anything to share with me, e-mail me at apacheman2k@yahoo.com, and I will be sure
to credit you on further FAQ updates. Until next time, sore ja!

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