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Guide and Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 12/21/2000

Rush 'n Attack FAQ/Walkthrough(NES)
version 1.0.0
Copyright 2000 Andrew Schultz schultza@earthlink.net

Please don't reproduce this FAQ for profit without my consent as it took 
a good deal of effort to create.  I am not in any way affiliated with 
Konami, NES, or any entities who created the game.  Although I did my 
best with this, some of the events are quasi-random in the 
game(soldiers' speeds--even though they look identical) so it is 
impossible to provide a complete description.  So I appreciate any 
error-checking that gets done.

Please note this is not the arcade FAQ.


Please visit my homepage at http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762, 
or something.















  Rush 'n Attack is a very demanding game.  Because of some decisions 
the programmers made about controls, even when you think you are doing 
something right, you won't be.  Although you can knife repeatedly, if 
you are worked into a hole you won't be able to kill any enemies.  Here 
are things to be aware of:

1--you can jump left or right over soldiers.  But if you jump at them 
you can't always knife them.
2--if you jump at a ladder, you'll automatically climb it.  Big problem 
if you planned to knife a jumper afterwards.
3--shooters, from the right, fire, go forward, fire, etc.  Moving to the 
left, they get where you can't attack them even when crouching, unless 
you back in to the left.  They'll also search for you if you are on a 
different platform.
4--When in doubt, a standing jump is better.
5--You can knife two opponents at once with one knife stroke.  You're 
probably better off with two tries, even when you're killing two of 
6--the regular soldiers have two different speeds, which are quasi-
7--the best way to play Rush 'n Roulette(sorry, had to say it!) is to 
jump left, especially if you are left of mid-screen to begin with.  A 
soldier may appear from there, and you'll buy the farm.
8--your jump is slightly longer than the distance between two mines.  So 
back up before jumping over the first of a series.  Your hero is just 
too athletic... :)


100 points for a Special trooper/"weapons guy"(releases weapons.)  They 
hide missile launchers or grenades(three shots each), a star of 
invincibility, or a gun(which you can use for a limited time.)  You also 
get 100 points for picking the special item up.
200 or 300 points for Soldiers, depending on if they're slow or fast.  
It's funny that the fast ones may actually be the less annoying.
500 points for Shooters.
500 points for taking out a mine with a special weapon.  You must crouch 
down with a missile launcher or throw a grenade to do so.
1000 points for dogs in the boss scenes.
1000 points for Jumpers.
2000 points for jetpack guys in the boss scenes.
3000 points for paratroopers, but 500 if they turn into shooters.
8000 points for helicopter guys.

Oh yes.  You get an extra guy at 50000 and then at every multiple of 

Approximate point totals for going straight through level without losing 
a guy(cumulative):
1.  25000
2.  60000
3.  125000
4.  170000
5.  230000
6.  300000


Aside from weapons guys(light tannish yellow, no other details) each 
class of enemies dresses differently for each level.

On level 1:
--Soldiers have white bottoms with black tops and brown extremities.
--Jumpers have black tops with red everywhere else
--no shooters
--everyone has bayonets

On level 2:
--Soldiers have maroon outfits with black shirts
--shooters have yellow outfits with black shirts
--jumpers have red outfits with black shirts

On level 3:
--soldiers have maroon tops, white pants, black shirts.
--shooters have black/gold/yellow
--jumpers have black/red/yellow

On level 4:
--everyone wears black helmets
--soldiers wear maroon
--jumpers wear red
--shooters wear tan

On level 5:
--everyone wears coats with rifles
--soldiers wear maroon
--jumpers wear red
--shooters wear tan

On level 6:
--no weapons guys
--soldiers wear black with white spots
--shooters wear yellow with pale yellow spots
--jumpers wear red with yellow spots


    This one's a whole lot easier than the others!  Of course, it's nice 
not to have Shooters.  You can run forward, just knifing the guys 
behind.  The weapon you get will be a missile launcher.  You can use it 
to blow up the mines when the background changes from the bridges.  
Don't jump on the trucks because you will encounter Jumpers there.  You 
should get another missile launcher--it's best to save the bullets to 
make the boss scene easy.  If you hit the guy while he's still 
crouching, the launcher will be to the right, but if not, it will fly up 
and land on the truck.  Also, a jumper will follow the weapons guy 
immediately, so be alert.  There will be one solitary mine to jump over 
except you may have to wait a bit to pass it so you don't jump and hit a 
bad guy in the process, so it's the only place you might use the 
launcher.  Other than that, just roll forward and don't forget to take 
care of the guys creeping up a bit on you every now and then.  Once you 
pass the solitary mine, you will have to kill three jumpers who come 
from the right.  When one appears, do not go further right but knock 
them off one at a time, until you have the hang of the game.  If there 
is a soldier in the area, rub him out first so that you can concentrate 
on the jumper.  Once you are able to go past the midway mark you are at 
the rightmost part of the level, and the boss will soon appear(you also 
hear sirens if you have sound.)  Note this is a general rule for the end 
of all scenes.  If you have all three shots in the missile launcher, 
this is easy.  Go to the left, wait for the first man to appear, and 
fire right.  Repeat three times.  If you only have two shots left then 
wait as long as possible to shoot(you can take out jumpers when they are 
airborne,) leaving two jumpers to take out(not hard to do with a jumping 
stab.)  With no shots left, start a bit left of center and determine 
your jump so that you will not have to knife both jumpers and soldiers.  
It's a good place to get comfortable with standing or running jumps.


    The pace picks up here.  Go forward and the third guy coming from 
the right will be a jumper.  You know what to do with him.  You'll want 
to keep your left side pretty clear because you will be running under a 
gun tower which fires shots periodically--if you stay in one place, you 
will be shot, but otherwise you should be OK.  If you must stop, right 
under the gun tower is the best place to avoid shooting.  At some time 
you will want to make a break to the right--there are two jumpers and 
then your first shooter, and you can almost always outrun the bullets if 
you don't pause or turn back.  If you run right at shooters(again, watch 
your back) they won't kneel and fire.  Once you get to the first truck, 
don't pass it, but wait until the weapons person crouches, move to the 
left of the truck and wait(knife to the left if you have to.)  Once you 
get the gun be ready to fire at the first jumper you see, always moving 
to the right.  Then crouch down and blow up mines when you're relatively 
close to them(i.e. you see two mines,) and run right so your missile 
takes out as much as possible.  There'll be a shooter there and anthough 
you can blow up all three mines with a shot it's better to pick off two 
mines and kill him than risk things.  After the mines there will be a 
few trucks, followed by another gun tower.  A shooter will come from the 
left, and you may want to go under the gun tower and nail him with a 
missile(remember to duck.)  If you've got no gun, go just right of the 
tower, then back left to knife him.  After that there are some mines you 
must jump over unless you were able to save a missile.  You can knife 
the jumpers that jump at you pretty easily as it's just a matter of 
timing, and it's good practice for a tough part of level 5.  There will 
follow a truck you will want to jump on, as it has an invisible ladder 
to the right of the visible one that is quite annoying--if you climb 
down it, you step on a mine.  Go to the right edge and wait for the 
jumpers to cross below before jumping down.  You can now go full 
throttle right as there will be jumpers and a shooter, but they will not 
be too tough to handle as long as you jump vertically when to the left 
of a ladder.  When the trucks end, check briefly to see if someone's in 
back of you.  Then floor it right.  You should be able to knife a bunch 
of soldiers and a shooter, and you will just be able to beat the shots 
from the gun tower if you only knife when necessary.  There's a jumper 
at the end, and after that is the boss scene.
    The boss scene is not too bad.  Start off just left of center(where 
that white horizontal line ends) and if you have grenades, throw them 
before the jetpacks swoop down.  Even if you don't this scene is not too 
hard even with just your knife--the people in jetpacks stop near the 
ground so often.  Just beware the soldiers marching around on the 
ground.  If you kill all three in the air and don't survive, tough luck 
for you.  I find you can jump right and kill one jetpack guy after they 
land first.  In fact, the jetpack guys spend a lot of time waiting to be 
knifed when they "land."  Just watch for the grenades landing.

    Go right, knife the two soldiers, stop, jump up and knife the 
jumper.  Then pass the ladder and wait for the shooter to climb down.  
Knife him, climb up, go right, pick up the invincibility star.  Now 
floor it right until you get to the sheds with numbers on them(11, 51, 
91.)  A jumper should come out, and you probably want to jump straight 
up to take him out(chorus in:  WATCH YOUR BACK!  Don't get spoiled by 
the star) so you're not stuck on a ladder.  Also, there will be a 
shooter coming up from the bottom level.  Staying to the left of the 
down ladder will deal with him too, as you can knife him when he comes 
up.  This is in general a good strategy for dealing with shooters.  
There will then be mines past the sheds.  Jump over them and wait for 
the special weapon guy to come forward.  Knife him and a grenade will 
jump up to the second level.  Beware the jumper that comes at you(jump 
straight up to kill him) and again wait for the shooter.  Once he's 
knifed, climb up, get the grenade, and go right.  Pull up before the 
second level ends, waiting for the jumpers to go by.  The next set of 
sheds, with mines, is a great place to use grenades.  When a jumper 
appears on the bottom level, start throwing them.  Once you get to the 
ladder at the pointy shed, run past it, knife the special weapons guy 
and the shooter, run left, and knife the shooter coming down the stairs.  
The gun that appears isn't terribly useful as it has less power than a 
knife(only one enemy dies with one shot) and will run out just when you 
don't want it to.  It will, however, get you to the edge of the shed, 
and it's the only gun in the game so if you want to sidetrack a bit, 
it's a good time to do so.  Otherwise you can just run past it after 
knifing the shooters and climb up to the second level.   Jump down after 
one jumper runs by and proceed right with caution.  You may be in 
trouble if jumpers and soldiers are coming at you from both sides and 
will probably need to resort to some ballet moves(i.e. jump back and 
forth and turn around in midair) if you run right too quickly.  The 
final jumper may be the trickiest--if you can time things so you jump 
over the soldier as you hit the jumper(they walk together) you will have 
no problem.  The boss scene is very easy--six dogs come from the 
right(knife them), six from the left, six from the right, six from the 
left, and six alternate left-right-left-right-left-right.  At 1000 
points each they're the easiest point source in the game.

    General note for this level:  the grenade/cannon launchers that fire 
at you in regular intervals drop bombs that don't have as much range as 
you'd think and always land in the same place, so they are predictable.  
They also swivel if you walk past them, meaning they can shoot you from 
behind.  They also don't kill you if you run by them, only if you jump 
into them.  So do wipe them out, but don't panic when they fire.  Floor 
it right.  When you see the first grenade-launcher guy behind the oil 
drum/trash can, jump right and knife him, and you'll get the shooter 
that will appear as well.  Past that there's a paratrooper.  If you're 
running right, he shouldn't be a problem.  He'll shoot twice, and your 
best strategy is to knife the weapons guy, go right, wait for the bullet 
to fall, and when the jumper comes from the right of the screen, jump up 
and knife him.  If you must, cha-cha back and take out/jump over any 
normal soldiers once you see where the shot goes.  Take the shooter(ex-
paratrooper) out by waiting by the ladder.  Climb up and back down(the 
missile launcher flies up) and you are in business.  As you go right 
three jumpers will soon appear from the left.  Turn around and knife 
them before taking out the cannon guy.  The second-next cannon guy will 
have a weapons guy underneath.  DON'T shoot him!  You'll lose the 
missile launcher he'll throw out, and you want to keep three shots for 
the rest of the level.  The best strategy is to get pretty much under 
the cannon, knife the weapons guy and the shooter, then fire left to 
take out the shooter from that side.  Then walk up and get the missile 
launcher, timing the shots from the cannon.  Again, don't use the 
missile launcher if possible.  You should just run and jump, knifing 
shooters that may climb down ladders.  When the scenery seems to change 
to the right, climb up the ladder and jump right off the platform end 
over the mine.  Then jump onto the ladder and wait for the jumpers to 
pass you by.  The top is a much easier place to survive.  Past the 
second ladder there is a shooter, and you will want to run at him and 
may have to duck anyway, so it's a good place to watch your back.  Other 
than that you will encounter some jumpers, but you can time this pretty 
easily.  You will then want to climb down the ladder(jumping is a risk 
to your health, and walking off will hit a mine!)  The mines are a good 
place to use a shot from your missile launcher, as if you run right 
you'll take out some jumpers too.  The last part before the bridge is 
the hardest to get down, but when you see the log platform, jump right 
to climb onto the first ladder, climb up, and go right.  If you don't 
want to use a missile or don't have one, knife the shooter, jump, and 
knife the jumper.  Don't worry if your controls jam and you jump over 
the shooter, since when he backs up he falls off the log structure and 
doesn't bother you.  You'll have to do this again.  There's a third 
challenge of three jumpers in a row, who can be taken by one jump or 
less riskily by creeping right to take them one-by-one.  Jump off the 
platform to the bridge.  Be careful--there will be shooters on each 
side.  Knife one, crouching all the time, and when the other lets up 
firing, creep right to knife the left guy.  Of course, if you have a 
missile left it's no problem to shoot to the left.  The boss scene is 
easy to survive if you take care of the soldiers that pass back and 
forth and if you stand at the third vertical line from the left--it's a 
predetermined patternn and you're safe there.  As you keep track of 
stuff on the ground, you'll want to remember that you need to jump and 
knife straight up just as the air-gun machines reach your level(they 
have five levels total.)  Except for the last one, where you'll want to 
move left a bit and wait.  Note that a missile launcher can take out the 
machines on the second-lowest level.

    The second level of the brown sheds is the easiest if you know how 
to time your jumps.  Beware that the third shed has a gunner who jumps 
from the very top--you can't jump and knife him(seems like a bug) but 
you can wait for him to drop to the first level, climb, and get knifed.  
If you can, watch carefully for a weapons guy that will give you 
grenades.  They'll make your life easier.  Once you get past the sheds a 
shooter is waiting to attack you from the right--watch your back and try 
to run at him.  Climb up on the log platform(BTW, can I assume it's not 
made of Lincoln Logs :) ?) to avoid a jumper and then jump off.  You 
have a mine/jumper combination here.  Whenever you jump over a mine, a 
jumper will appear.  The key is to get the weapons guy who'll give you 
three grenades.  It will require patience to get the grenades, and 
you'll do well to jump straight up instead of over mines when a jumper 
runs at you, or you might get caught up in the action and lose 
concentration.  I've slipped a lot by jumping over a shooter, who fires 
from the left with a jumper coming from the right.  As there's no time 
limit, slow and steady is best.  Then just throw the grenades whenever 
you see a jumper and you should take out a shooter too--otherwise, the 
combination of the two will be very tough.  Continue going right, climb 
up the platform, and before you get to the brick wall, wait for a 
shooter to climb up and knife him.  Jump right and down and do two 
flying jumps left to nail some jumpers.  From there you'll have a few 
tense moments with other jumpers(there are about 14,) and you may have 
to jump over a soldier.  But you can sneak to the right if you want.
    The boss fight here is close to impossible.  If you have grenades, 
they are useful.  The catch is that if you die you can't pick up any 
special weapons.  The scene is quasi-random as the paratroopers each 
fire two bullets at you depending on where you are and which direction 
you're moving, so a slight difference in timing can mean curtains.  I 
find my best success occurs when I start in the center and jump to the 
left.  It fools the paratroopers into thinking I'm higher up than I am, 
and a lot of shots go harmlessly off the left side of the screen.  Even 
if they don't and go into the corner, you may be able to creep back to 
the right.  If the paratroopers reach the ground and you are not trapped 
by bullets, the rest is easy, since they turn into shooters.  Crouch at 
the left side and knife to the right.  Often you can jump over bullets 
and quickly duck if you need to.  It may take practice to keep your head 
with all the bullets flying around.  Continue to level six.

  If you stay on the top platform, this is not too bad, if you remember 
the standard tricks.  The bottom has mines without any special weapons 
guys, so it might be a nice challenge after you've solved the game.  
There is of course a standard assortment of twists.  You will want to 
stop short of the first ladder as three jumpers come in at awkward 
intervals.  Jump straight up and knife them to get rid of them.  Also, 
after three jumpers in a row there will be a shooter.  The first ladder 
past the first gap you must jump over holds a shooter followed by 
jumpers, whom you'd be well-advised to rush at.  At one point there will 
be two jumpers side-by-side and there may be a soldier traveling at the 
same speed they are(if you're lucky, he'll be slower.)  Jump over the 
soldier if you must.  You'll have to jump left and knife them, jumping 
over the soldier.  There's also a shooter past the second gap to jump 
over--take your time jumping!  At the end of the top platform(i.e. there 
will be a gap you can't jump over to stay on top--you will see something 
weird on the ceiling, which will shoot lasers at you in short order) 
wait 'til the soldiers have passed by and make a similar run to the one 
you made at level 2.  You'll probably need to turn around and jump in 
midair over the soldier that's running with the jumper(which is 
sometimes, if you're lucky, just a plain soldier,) but once you do, 
you're at the final scene.  It's a bunch of waves of soldiers, always in 
the same order.  Weapons, jumper, jumper, fast soldier, jumper, weapons, 
jumper is the order they come out in, but of course the weapons guys 
will eventually tag along behind.  My advice is to find a place where 
you can knife everyone by jumping straight in the air--you can always 
move back between jumpers.  I found a good starting place under a part 
of the blinking control panel near the center that looks like follows:
    Face right from the second dot from the left and jump straight up 
and down.  You'll want to jump early to avoid the annoyance of getting 
killed by a weapons guy.  Plan to hit the jumper in back of the soldier 
early and you won't get killed by the soldier.  Also, if you can, you 
should knife the weapons guys in two different places.  When all but a 
weapons guy and a jumper are dead, just back up a bit and let them come 
at you, jumping straight up and knifing.  That'll give you two missiles.  
Once you've got missiles, if you can also time your missile shots so 
that you can kill the first five opponents, it is easy to kill the final 
two and get another missile, but if not, you can start over again.  You 
will need to shoot the rocket in the background twelve times before you 
blow it up.  Then enjoy the finale!


These are quirks related to game control, not shakiness of plot(i.e. 
stuff like You Sure Jump High For Wearing Combat Boots :).)

You can jump while crouching if you hit up very quickly.
On the second level, I mentioned an invisible ladder on a truck.
Unlike the arcade, there is no time limit on NES.
Also unlike the arcade, the harbor boss scene isn't very involved.  
There are no guys in coats pointing at you for the dogs to attack.
Get killed while you're jumping and you jump even higher to start.
Ammo that you don't use at the end of the level disappears at the start 
of the next.
Soldiers don't die from their own shots/grenades, etc.
If you jump and hit a grenade, it won't kill you.
If you jump, the shooter following you on a different level will, too.  
You can make him miss his ladder that way.
The shooter may also go off the screen if you can get him to climb a 
ladder to the very left and then run right.
If you run RIGHT at a jumper, he'll go over you.
You can knife people jumping off platforms from behind, but it's a bit 
If you throw a grenade and run forward, the explosion won't get you.
Regular soldiers come out from the sides at the same level you're on.  
So if you are climbing a tall ladder in level 4, they'll make some 
dramatic jumps!
If you're lucky/skillful you may be able to knife a jumper without 
jumping.  But you will need to have tracked back left a bit.
Weapons guys who are blown up turn into shooters briefly before dying.

This might not belong in quirks, but I'm wondering what the LOWEST 
possible Rush 'n Attack score is.  I can get under 300K.




Version info
1.0.0 submitted to GameFAQs.com 11/19/2000
1.1.0 touched up all parts 12/20/2000

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