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FAQ/Walkthrough by imationdaman

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/21/05

 __                                           _       
/ _\_   _ _ __   ___ _ __    /\/\   __ _ _ __(_) ___  
\ \| | | | '_ \ / _ \ '__|  /    \ / _` | '__| |/ _ \ 
_\ \ |_| | |_) |  __/ |    / /\/\ \ (_| | |  | | (_) |
\__/\__,_| .__/ \___|_|    \/    \/\__,_|_|  |_|\___/ 
   ___           _   _                   
  / __\_ __ ___ | |_| |__   ___ _ __ ___ 
 /__\// '__/ _ \| __| '_ \ / _ \ '__/ __|
/ \/  \ | | (_) | |_| | | |  __/ |  \__ \
\_____/_|  \___/ \__|_| |_|\___|_|  |___/

Super Mario Brothers for the Famicon Disc System
Email: imationm320@gmail.com
AIM: ImationM320
Site: www.geocities.com/imationm320
Copyright 2005 of ImationM320
Version 1.0
Version 1.1
Version 1.2

 Latest Update
 Added World's 5-8 and completed the guide.

 This guide is dedicated to Humanvegetableonline for all the laughs and the
 inspiration for me to get off my butt and write some guides!

  1. Introduction
  2. About the Game
  3. About Me
  4. Legal Junk
  5. Controls
  6. Enemies
  7. Gameplay
  8. World 1.
  9. World 2.
 10. World 3.
 11. World 4.
 12. World 5.
 13. World 6.
 14. World 7.
 15. World 8.
 16. Who To Thank
 17. Closing Comments
 1. Introduction
 Hello gamers and welcome to my FAQ for Super Mario brothers on the Famicon
 Disc System! My name is Richard or I am known as ImationM320!

 I am currently writing guides for old games to fulfil a goal. Read about my
 goal in the "About Me" Section.

 I hope that this guide is of use to you and it helps you in a classic and
 fun Mario game!


 2. About the game
 Another Mario game! This is an incredibly fun game and when it was first
 introduced it was long and quite hard in some parts! There are eight worlds
 and in each world there is four levels. That adds up to 32 seperate levels!

 In this game you choose your character and battle your way through a series
 of levels. It's very fun and VERY addictive!


 3. About Me
 What can I say, I'm a 15 year old gamer with some free time and a strong will
 to play video games.

 I am writing a game that was made before I was born. I have still played it
 and loved it.
 Why am I writing a guide for this game? I have a goal to fulfill on GameFAQs.
 My goal is to write a guide for EVERY game that is based around Mario. No
 Donkey Kongs or Donkey Kong JR but nearly ALL the Mario games from the 1980s
 to the year 2000!

 Sounds like a crazy goal? Not to me. To me it sounds like a good opportunity
 to show my apperciation for such a fantastic and entertaining game series!

 Over time I will hope to have FAQs for the following Mario Games:

 Mario Brothers - Atari 2600
 Super Mario Brothers - Famicom Disc System (Which you are reading now!)
 Super Mario Brothers II - Famicom Disc System
 Super Mario Land - Gameboy
 Super Mario Land 2 - Gameboy
 Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land - Gameboy
 Super Mario Kart - SNES
 Super Mario World - SNES
 Super Mario Brothers III - SNES
 Super Mario 64 - Nintendo 64
 Mario Kart 64 - Nintendo 64

 As you can see that will take me quite some time and I will slowly be filling
 through that list.

 4. Legal Junk
 Well here we are, the copyright stuff. This guide *CANNOT* be hosted without
 my permission. Email me if you want to host it first. I keep a record of who
 is hosting it!

 Secondly, you *CANNOT* sell this guide or edit it. You are not permitted to
 unless you pay me like $10.00 first.

 You may print if off for *PRIVATE* use but you *CANNOT* print it off and
 publicly distribute it!

 With that being said, the following sites have permission to host it:


 Neoseeker and IGN will be added when the guide is online at their websites.

 5. Controls
 Below is the listing of controls for this game:

 A button: Jump, stomp on enemies, break bricks and hit the question blocks.
 B button: Hold to run faster and shoot fireballs
 Start: Pause the game, Start the Game
 Select: Switch Option
 left/right" Move in that direction
 down: go down special pipes

 6. Enemies
 This game would be nothing without the enemies! These pests make the game hard
 and fun! Below is a paragraph or two about each enemy.

 The basic and most common enemy. Not to mention an annoying one. To get rid of
 them, just stomp on them.

 Koopa Troopa:
 These turtlelike enemies come in two different colours, red and green.
 Green ones are stupid and just walk off edges whilst the Red ones will walk
 back and forth. Now these guys are annoying to kill. When you stomp on them
 they turn into their original shell.

 Now if you stomp on them again they will zoom off in the direction you kicked
 it and will rebound off the nearest object. Any enemies in your path will be
 affected but watch out, the moving shell can harm you.

 Koopa Paratroopa: Just Koopa Troopas with wings. The green ones bounce towards
 you and the red ones move up and down. When you stomp on them they turn into
 normal Koopa Troopas so you follow the normal procedure to kill them then.

 These pests float around on little clouds and drop spiny eggs.

 When the Lakitu thrown egg hits the ground they become spiny creatures. You
 cannot stomp on them because they have spikes/spines on their backs.

 Hammer Brothers:
 These guys fling hammers at you. They cannot fling them if you are right next
 to them. Stomp on them to kill them.

 Buzzy Beetle:
 These guys are immune to fireballs but they act like the Green Koopa Troopas.

 Pirhana Plant:
 They pop out of some pipes and munh on anything that gets near them.
 They cannot pop out of the pipe if you are on or next to the pipe.

 Bullet Bills:
 These are fired from cannons. Like Pirhana plants, they cannot fire if you are
 next to or on top of the cannon.

 Cheep Cheep:
 These fish are no problem underwater. But on land they pop out of nowhere and
 are a pest.

 Underwater that chase you. Small Mario cannot be touched if he's on the bottom

 Balls of fire that pop out of the lava in the castle.


 7. Gameplay
 Here is just a section about gameplay. Here I'll talk about the storyline,
 how to play, etc.

 The storyline...
 The king Koopa aka bowser has kidnapped the princess and his minions cover
 the lands. It is up to Mario to battle his way across the lands and rescue
 the princess from the hands of Bowser.

 You run across the screen jumping onto ledges and stomping on enemies.
 As you advance through the 32 levels it gets harder and harder until the
 final stage, the battle with Bowser...

 8. World 1
 Part one of the walkthrough! I've seperated each of the eight worlds into
 seperate sections. Enjoy.


 Going down the fourth pipe leads to a secret coin room. When you come out of
 the secret room you'll be near the Flagpole. You can find an  invisible block
 containing a 1-Up Mushroom if you go sixth-block-lengths away from the fourth 
 pipe and jump up. It is possible, although  difficult, to get the 1-Up and 
 still be able to go down the fourth pipe.


 There is a 1-Up Mushroom over the last block on the right of the platform with
 6 coins above it. If you're Super or Fiery Mario, quickly break the Block to
 the right of the 1-Up that just sprouted so the Mushroom drops down so you can
 collect it. If you're small Mario, not to worry -- just follow the 1-Up
 Mushroom and it will drop down over the pit with the elevator lifts.

 A well-timed jump can nab that 1-Up. However, if you were small and followed
 the 1-Up that far, you have passed the first pipe which leads to a secret coin
 room. To find the Warp Zone in this stage, get on the second set of elevator
 lifts, ride it up a bit, then jump on top of the ceiling to the  right.
 Continue to the right, and you will find the game's first Warp Zone!
 Here you can warp to Worlds  2, 3, or 4. Feeling like a cheat? Warp to world 4
 and you can skip levels!

 As you go, the jumps are tricky. Take the lower path and you'll earn a power
 up and four coins. Run past the Koopa Paratroopa and the goomba. Then simply
 ride the side-to-side platform until you get to the end of the level.


 There are 6 hidden blocks containing 1 coin apiece hidden in the first
 wide-open area of this stage. Be wary of Bowser's fireballs!
 To get past Bowser, jump over him or run under him when he jumps.

 Touch the axe thingie and the bridge will retract, and Bowser will fall into
 the lava. You can also kill Bowser with 5 fireballs.

 If you kill him with fireballs, you'll get a cool 5,000  and you'll see 
 that Bowser was really a Little Goomba. Yep, keep going! One down, seven more
 to go!


 9. World 2
 Part two of the game. Now you've got a feel for the game, it should be a bit

 If you have warped to this level, there is a hidden 1-Up Mushroom down in the
 area with the first Koopa Troopa. Go under the Bricks but stand one block left
 of them. Jump to find an Invisible Coin Block,then jump straight up off of that
 to reveal the hidden 1-Up. Keep going and there will be two rows of "?" blocks.
 On the one nearest to the Pirhana Plant is a star. Grab it last and just zoom
 forwards, running down all enemies as you go.

 The next pipe you see is a secret pipe. Take it. Once you get out, there are
 three pipes with Pirhana Plants. Simply time your jumps to get safely past the
 plants. Now there are more goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Koopa Paratroopas
 towards the end. Grab the spring to vault the wall and get to the pole on your
 right to finish the level.

 You're underwater. Say, how can Mario breath for that long underwater? Anyway,
 keep going right, avoiding the bloopers and the cheep cheeps as you go. I
 strongly recommending staying low unless you have to swim over the pink stuff
 or jump over the wall. You will eventually reach a side pipe that will take
 you to land. Proceed to the pole and exit.

 VERY EASY. Just move, and keep an eye on the Cheep-Cheeps above you so you can
 dodge them easier. If you stand in one spot too long, a Cheep-Cheep will land
 on you.

 Remember that Cheep-Cheeps can be stomped on while they are out of the water!

 When you reach the end, get to the pole and exit the level.

 The Pobodos are different here. They are fireballs that leap from the lava
 and can harm you whilst jumping. Dang. Wait for the Pobodo to fall before you
 keep on moving. Avoid the annoying firebars. You will encounter the moving
 platforms which are not annoying or important.

 When you reach Bowser, blast him with fireballs or hit the axe. Another one of
 his imposters, a Koopa Troopa. Two down, six more to go!


 10. World 3
 Part three of the game.

 The final pipe in the sequence is a nifty shortcut. Take it. When you pop up,
 move right until you see a set of bricks above. The leftmost one has a star.

 Blow past everyone, including the new hammer brothers. Use the spring to get
 on top of the blocks and in the middle section there is a beanstalk which is
 also a shortcut. Go up the beanstalk.

 Finish the rest of the course, get to the pole and exit the level.

 If you still have the fireballs, go right and shoot down anything that moves.
 If you haven't got the fireballs, you'll have to kill them all the harder way.

 Soon after there is a single Koopa Troopa stuck. Kill the Koopa Troopa. Get
 the coins in the brick then the star. Now just sprint along and run down all
 of the enemies. Shoot the ones that you miss running down. Reach the flag
 then exit.

 Be careful as you move from side to side amongst the platforms and when you
 make it to some scales. Get onto the way you need to go, take the side-to-
 side platforms and kill the Red Koopa Troopas. Another Side-to-Side platform
 leads to another scale then the exit.

 Go through the course as normal. In the Bowser battle is a group of pobodos
 with Bowser. Jump over them and kill the Bowser. Another imposter, this time a
 Buzzy Beele.


 11. World 4
 Part four of the game.

 New enemies ahoy! The Lakitu and Spiny eggs are now in. The spiny eggs are
 dropped by the Lakitu and turn into Spinies when they hit the ground.

 You _CANNOT_ kill the Spinies as they have spikes on them. Take out the Lakitu
 as fast as you can then sprint towards the exit.

 Carefully hop across and kill the two goombas. Towards the end of the corridor
 there is a hidden set of coins in the bricks. Read the small Warp Zone section
 below for information regarding the warp zone. Otherwise stay on top of the
 level until the second elevator and exit the stage.

 Carefully go through a map of Red Koopa Troopas and Red Koopa Paratroopas on
 the way to the scales. Get across the scales. Now there are three more scales
 to leap across. Then there is a rising and falling platform before the end.

 An evil level.. It's a "take the right path and if you make one mistake,
 start again" style level. The correct course is:

 High road, then the low path. When you've done that, you'll fight another
 Bowser. Only Firebars and Pobodo's interfere this time. Kill the Bowser.
 A fourth imposter, a Spiny! Four down, four more to go! Halfway there!


 12. World 5
 Part five of the game.

 Go across the screen and shoot anything that ventures near you or the pipes.
 You will get a star. Grab it and run down everything as you go. You'll see a
 new enemy, the bullet bill. It is no threat so run past it. The second one you
 will need to duck from. The bullet bills are much like the Pirhana Plant, if
 you are on or directly next to it, it cannot fire. Jump on top of the cannon
 then onto the pipe for a shortcut to the pole and the end of the level.

 Tread carefully as you pass the Bullet Bill and go for the spring. The spring
 isn't really needed. There will be a Hammer Brother here on the step area. If
 you still have it, shoot it or try and run past it. Keep moving across the top
 area and you will soon encounter more. Smash the blocks below the Hammer
 Brothers to kill them. Charge through goombas, koopa troopas and buzzy beetles
 and get to the pole.

 Bullet Bills will randomly fire at you. Watch out for them and smash down any
 Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Koopa Paratroopas that are in your way and get to
 the pole.

 That's a big firebar. Move fast and avoid the pobodos and get through that
 part. There are more but smaller firebars to get through next. Use the one
 elevator wisely as there is only one and make it past the pobodos, firebars,
 and Bowser breaths as you go. Kill the Bowser. The fifth Imposter is a
 Lakitu. Five down, three more to go!


 13. World 6
 Part six of the game.

 Go right and dodge or shoot the spinies as you go. Take down the lakitu as
 quick as you can. There are two areas where you need to do this. This is a
 short level so there is no real reason for detail. Get to the pole, touch it,
 and you're done.

 Nothing fantastic here. Just maneuver through the pipes until you find a set
 of bricks with a beanstalk sticking out of it. Jump off on the right side
 and keep going. More pipes until you reach a Koopa Paratroopa near the end.
 Kill it and get to the pole.

 No Scenery? Meh. Move through the platforms and scales. Bullet bills will
 appear in random spots. So avoid them as you get towards a spring. Be careful
 as you land on moving platform. Then take the scale until you find four moving
 platforms. Get through them and proceed to the pole.


 Everything here is what you've battled before. Just a few more trickier jumps
 between the firebars. Avoid the Bowser Breaths and this Bowser will throw
 hammers. Kill this Bowser to reveal a Blooper. You expected a Hammer Brother?
 Well it's a Blooper this time. Six down, two more to go!


 14. World 7
 Part seven of the game.

 The main danger in this level are the Bullet Bills and there are a lot of them
 in this level. After you kill Koopa Troopas, the pipe is a shortcut so take it
 and pop out near the pole. Kill the Hammer Brothers and the Buzzy Beetle on
 the steps and grab the pole.

 Another underwater level. It's pretty much the same as the last one, swim
 near the bottom. Swim to safety so you can shoot out the Bloopers and Cheep
 Cheeps near the pipe. Go through the pipe then to the pole.

 Move slowly and dodge the Cheep Cheeps, Koopa Troopas and Koopa Paratroopas
 as you get towards the pole.

 Another damn choose the right path level. The way is:

 Low, middle, high, high, middle, high. Kill the Bowser that throws hammers
 to reveal a Hammer Brother. The Blooper was to throw you off. Say, Seven of
 the worlds down and only ONE MORE to go!


 15. World 8
 Part EIGHT of the game. The final world!

 You've made it to the last world, well done! Let's kill that Bowser! Stomp
 down the Buzzy Beetle and kill the Goombas as you go. Keep going as fast as
 you can since the timer goes fast this time. The shortcut pipe is before the
 two coins floating in the air. Take it. Once you pop up, two Koopa Paratroopas
 are there. Kill them and grab the star. Run down any enemy and jump. Do not
 jump to fast as you can fall from the pipes. Take two careful jumps,
 shoot all that move and jump across the narrow walls. Grab the pole and that
 level is done.

 A Lakitu, Spiny, and two Koopa Paratroopas are near you at the start. Kill
 them. Grab the spring which allows you to hit the 1-up. Near the end are
 bullet bills. Take some careful jumps as the ground you are on is narrow.
 Run over the gap and take the leap of faith. Hang in there until you grab the

 Avoid the bullet bills and shoot down anything that moves. Hop across the wall
 sections and grab the pole.

 THE FINAL LEVEL at last! Move to the third pipe and take it. Take the fifth
 pipe then which is in the air. A hidden coin will help you get there. Avoid
 that Cheep Cheep on the way to the fourth pipe which is after a pit. Leap in
 the water and swim across. When you get out, dodge the pobodo and the Hammer

 Now the final Bowser battle! Avoid the fire and hammers. Grab the axe and kill
 him! Congratulations, you just finished the game!


 16. Who to thank

 I'd like to thank the following people for assisting me with my FAQ and
 other things.

 Nintendo: For creating this game.

 Atari: For creating the Atari 2600 console.

 CjayC: For hosting it on GameFAQs.

 Humanvegetableonline: For the inspiration and the laughs!

 Me: For writing it.

 And you, for reading it!


 17. Closing Comments
 Here we are folks, the end of the Guide. It wasn't that great to read but it's
 one step closer for me to fulfil my goal of hosting an FAQ for the Mario games
 I had listed before!

 If you enjoyed this guide or have constructive critisicm, contact me via AIM
 or via Email. Again my contact details are:

 AIM: ImationM320
 Email: imationm320@gmail.com

 Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my future guides!

 Richard. AKA ImationM320

 COMING SOON! My Super Mario Brothers II FAQ for Famcion Disc System!

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