Review by Dr Faid

Reviewed: 09/03/03

Just another useless attempt to get people to buy the same game they bought 10 years ago.

I've got a question for you. Have you ever played donkey kong jr.? If the answer is no, than crawl the heck out of that rock you've been living under. Donkey kong Jr. can be found to play in so many places. On animal crossing, on e-reader, on NES, heck you can even get it on a calculator. Now back to my question, if you have ever played Donkey Kong Jr. (which i'm assuming most of you have) this game is no good for you. Don't buy it, don't play it, don't waste your time in some video game store in the mall trying to scan those chewed on, ripped up cards through that scratched up gameboy, it's not worth it. (The exception of course is if your a dead hard fan of this game, or if your dog ate your orignal NES cartridge.) If you haven't played this game, read on, and find out why you should have earlier, but its to late now.

Graphics: If I had a trumpet I would toot sound's of victory into it. Then I would take the trumpet plug and play the infamous, ''wahhh wah wahhhhhhh'' sound, for these graphics, for lack of a better word, stink. They are like blocks with color. They have not improved from the original NES version, and cm'on were playing a game on the most powerful portable game system ever and its got blocks for graphics. I do have to say though as with the other E-Reader games, me gusta los colores (or I like the colors for those of you non-spanish types). - 4/10

Sound: A second go I had written here a single word, but in the interest of letting the public know a lot without lacking detail I erased that single word. I feel we Can get on better without that awful word. Now please, let me be serious, this music is repetitive, annoying, stupid, loud, repettitive, and repetitive. Don't get it expecting a symphony, unless you expect Bach's, ''Repetitive in D-Minor'' (note: not actual song.) - 2/10

Gameplay: Meh. It's ok. I had fun at first but then it got boring. Yeah it was fun for about 5 minutes. (The time it took me to beat the game...twice.) But it's just the same thing over and over again ('cept for the last level.) I do have to say, it is an entertaining game for a while, but it's so easy and repetitive. So, I'll give it a. - 6/10

Rent or Buy: Ugghhh... why do I do this, rent or buy. How about this, buy it for 3 bucks, have fun with it for a little bit and then keep the cards in mint condition so you can play it agian some day.(Which you will.) Don't rent it. You can't rent it. It's some cards. Does your video store rent baseball cards. No, no it doesnt. Don't rent it. If you did. That, would, be... weird.....

Final- 4/10

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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