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Animal Crossing for Nintendo GameCube lets you explore a world that thrives 24-7, and Animal Crossing-e cards add to the fun! The cards show ultracool images of your favorite friends, and certain cards contain passwords and encoded game data which you can use with the Animal Crossing game to receive awesome gifts.

The latest series of Animal Crossing-e cards are more fun than ever. On top of all the great gifts available from the Animal Crossing character cards, new game cards allow you to download cool Jump Rope and Relay Racing games to your Game Boy Advance. Scan a game card, then scan some character cards to watch your favorite Animal Crossing citizens compete. Other new features include double-character sibling cards and all-new town tune and design cards.

Game Cards: Game cards allow you to play special minigames on your Game Boy Advance. Collect both the Jump Rope and Relay Racing games, then use your character cards to watch your favorite characters compete. Experiment with different characters to find the very best teams!

Character Cards: The latest character cards feature your favorite friends from Animal Crossing, including special characters like Jingle and Tom Nook. Collect them just for fun, or use the passwords printed on certain cards to receive awesome gifts from the animals depicted on the cards. Using the e-Reader, you can instantly receive gifts just by scanning your Animal Crossing-e cards!

Sibling Cards: New sibling cards are like character cards, but they feature two characters on the same card. For example, a new sibling card might feature Mr. Resetti one side and Don on the other. Each side features a unique code which will give you a special gift!

Design Cards: Design cards contain new designs that have never been seen before in your Animal Crossing town. Talk to Mable Able in the Able Sister's Tailor Shop to scan your cards and access sweet designs.

Town Tune Cards: Visit the town tune bulletin board in your Animal Crossing town to scan a new Animal Crossing-e town tune card. This gives your town a cool custom tune, even if you're not musically inclined!

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