Review by captainginyu89

Reviewed: 08/04/04

Manhole is free with an e-Reader, sooooooo

First, let's get this out of the way. Manhole comes free with the e-Reader, so it's impossible not to get this card. Secondly, this was supposed to be the first in the "Game and Watch Collection" series but at the time of this writing, hopes of this collection are very grim. So in a way, this IS the Game and Watch Collection. But, how does Manhole stand as a game?

Graphics- 5
Yes, I know this was originally on the G&W handheld that pre-dated the Gameboy, but, this is just not that pretty of a game. It can't even hold a candle next to the NES-e games, much less to Mario Party. I suppose the graphics get the job done, and it doesn't HURT to look at them. One pleasant surprise I found was that the picture was crystal clear, nothing was blurry at least. Scores, misses and game type are all at the top of the screen.

Sound- 4
Even worse. There are just a few sound types and no music. True, they are identical to the original, but I'd expect that even on a paper card medium such as this.

Gameplay- 7
A very simplistic game. You are the once popular Mr. Game & Watch, and you must protect the masses from uncovered manholes. You have a sewer cap in your hand, but there are 4 manholes open, so you must move around from spot to spot protecting the people (and amassing numerous points) You can only allow 2 people to fall in to the sewer and on the third fall, you lose the game. Obviously this is a point game where the only objective is to gain points until you have hit your limit as a gamer. Without the point system, you really don't have a game. The downfall to this however, is that the game doesn't record scores. Maybe if your really into it, you can record them down on a peice of paper or something. Also the Manhole has 2 game types, Easy and Hard. So if a gamer wants to get to the challenge quicker, he or she has that option. The game, as old as it is, sometimes gets a little stale.

Control- 9
Excellent, as I'd expect in this type of game. The game relies on precise control, and if it didn't have that, it would be an un-fun piece of junk. The control is very simple, Control Pad to move left, right, up or down and the A button is used to move diagonally.

Graphics and sound aren't horrible
Gameplay is fun for a while
Control is excellent

Graphics and Sound aren't up to snuff with other e-Reader games
Gameplay gets monotonous

A pointless question, this is free with the e-Reader so, uh, you already have it, enjoy!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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