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Lara Croft for Everyone! Easy to Play!

Now you can play one of the most exciting Action Adventure Games ever with your friends and family -- on your DVD Player! It's new, thrilling and very different from other DVD Games.

In around the time it takes to play a board game or watch a movie you can enjoy wonderful film-like graphics and an exciting plot that allows everyone to join in! And you can play again and again, trying different ways to improve your score.

For even more fun you can split into teams and play Tomb Raider together. At each checkpoint in the adventure you will get a password. That means you can take a break and then carry on from the same place next time.

The game is based on Angel of Darkness, the gripping videogame. Lara Croft, daughter of Lord and Lady Croft, is wrongfully accused of murder. But she is tough and clever as well as gorgeous and you can help her prove her innocence and recover the missing Obscura Paintings. There's lots of explosive action and adventure in this super graphical adventure blasting out of your TV.

The simple use of your DVD remote allows you to control what Lara does next without anything being tricky or complicated. That's why we say this is "LARA FOR EVERYONE!"
So don't hang around -- get everyone together, pop the DVD into your DVD Player and prepare for action!
Just select the arrow on your remote control to choose the next move. Then watch as the story unfolds. Did you go the right way? Should you have knocked out the guard before entering the secret chamber? It's your choice!

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