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FAQ/Walkthrough by TDOMMX

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 06/10/07

     ::--::.    ::.  D V D  V I D E O  G A M E    .:.                          
    @@@@@@@@#  @@@                               #@@                           
   @@@-   @@@-=@@@*#**-    -*##*+++  ***###*+  =%@@@##  :+###*++  :*+##*=-##*+ 
  :@@@    @@@ @@@@#@@@@+ -@@@@%@@@@ -@@@%%@@@@ *@@@@#* @@@@%%@@@% @@@%@@@@%@@@+
  %@@@  .@@@= @@@   @@@- @@@   @@@- @@@+   @@@  @@@   -@@@   @@@  @@@  @@@  @@+
  @@@@@@@@@. #@@*  .@@@ %@@+   @@@  @@@   @@@+ :@@@   @@@-  :@@@ +@@- *@@. #@@.
 :@@@        @@@   @@@# @@@-  %@@# +@@@   @@@  @@@=  .@@@   @@@- @@@  @@@  @@@ 
 =@@.       :@@+   %@%  :%@@*+%@@  #@@.  -@@=  =@@%+ .@@%++#@%= .@@= :@@- :@@: 

              P  H  A  N  T  O  M    O  F    I  N  F  E  R  N  O

                              Game Guide & F.A.Q.
                                 Version 1.10

                               Written by TDOMMX

 0. Contents

 1. Revision History
 2. Introduction
 3. Story
 4. Characters
 5. Walkthrough
   a) DVD-ROM Warning
   b) Chapter 1
       - Ein's Route
       - Claudia's Route
   c) Chapter 2
       - Cal's Route
       - Claudia's Route
   d) Chapter 3
       - Mio's Route
 6. Endings
   a) Chapter 1
       - Ending #1 - The Endless Nightmare
   b) Chapter 2
       - Ending #2 - The End of a Long Dream
       - Ending #3 - Southbound
       - Ending #4 - Fugitives
       - Ending #5 - Vengeful Spirits
       - Ending #6 - From Atop the Hill
       - Ending #7 - The Woman in the High Castle
   c) Chapter 3
       - Ending #8 - Road of the Cerulean Sky
       - Ending #9 - Cherry Blossom Avenue
       - Ending #10 - Dusty Desert Trails
 7. Frequently Asked Questions
 8. Special Thanks
 9. Contact Information
10. Copyright Notice

 1. Revision History

Version 1.10 - June 10th, 2007
 - Added DVD-ROM Chapter Skip Warning

Version 1.00 - May 25th, 2007
 - Initial Release

 2. Introduction

Phantom of Inferno is an adult-oriented visual novel created by Nitro+.  For
those of you not familiar with the term, a visual novel is a sort of hybrid
between a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel and Japanese animation.  Many people
think "dating sim" or "anime porn game" whenever they hear the term "visual
novel", but this is largely due to skewed exposure to the medium.  Phantom of
Inferno is intended for a mature audience as it contains violence, coarse
language, and (streamlined) scenes of sexuality.  If you are comfortable
watching a typical R-rated movie or playing mature games such as Metal Gear
Solid, Indigo Prophecy, or the Prince of Persia -The Sands of Time- trilogy,
you should feel right at home with Phantom.

Originally released for Japanese PCs in 2001, Phantom was converted into DVD
player format in 2002.  Unlike most visual novels, Phantom blends anime-style
artwork with live-action photography and computer-generated imagery to tell its
tale.  Although some may feel that these elements are underwhelming in and of
themselves (at least, I do), they combine to create an experience that is
well beyond the sum of its parts.

 3. Story

In the world of organized crime, one organization rests at the pinnacle of
chaos and corruption:  a clandestine syndicate known only as "Inferno".  With
its best assassin, codenamed "Phantom", Inferno controls the trade routes of
the black market and maintains the balance of the underworld economy.

One day, a lone teenager awakens to find himself in the back room of what
appears to be an abandoned factory.  Unable to remember who he is or where he
came from, he is given a choice:  train as an assassin in the service of
Inferno, or die.

 4. Characters

A young man with no recollection of his past.  He was at the wrong place at the
wrong time and has since become the captive of the Inferno syndicate.  Under
the tutelage of Ein, he is given little choice but to learn the ways of an
assassin.  The name "Zwei" means "two" in German.

Inferno's top assassin.  Like Zwei, she is without a past and calmly follows
her orders without question.  Apathetic and aloof, she acts as Zwei's mentor as
he learns what it takes to become an assassin.  She is a living example of the
expression "the world's best killers are the ones who have nothing left to
lose".  Her name means "one" in German.

Claudia McCunnen
A mysterious young woman who sits on Inferno's Executive Council.  She has a
troubled past that she has all but put behind her and quickly takes a liking
to Zwei.  Her nickname, "Clau" ("Kuro"), means "black" in Japanese.

Lizzie Garland
Claudia's best friend and confidante, she is fiercely devoted to both her
friends and Inferno.  Whenever she is not acting as Claudia's bodyguard, she
can be found on the front lines with the rest of Inferno's forces.

Scythe Master
A former neurologist for the German K.G.B., he excels at brainwashing and
manipulation.  A collector of antique guns and weaponry, he is responsible for
both Ein and Zwei's amnesia.

Raymond McGuire
A Colombian drug kingpin and co-founder of Inferno.  Quiet and composed, he is
the driving force behind Inferno.

Isaac Wisemel
Leader of the Bloodies gang in Los Angeles and co-founder of Inferno.  He loses
his composure rather easily and openly shows his distrust for Claudia.

Randy Weber
Wisemel's bodyguard and right-hand man.  A former Navy S.E.A.L., his stoic
demeanor and massive build easily intimidate those who would oppose his
commander.  He is confident in his skills as a sharpshooter.

Cal Devens
A young girl raised in the streets of South Central L.A., she witnessed the
death of her best friend during a botched deal between Inferno and the Japanese
Mafia.  Cal is playful, energetic, and kind-hearted, but would give anything to
avenge her friend's death.  Despite her poor upbringing, she is a natural
genius and an excellent copycat.

Daisuke Godo
Son of the current head of the Godo Conglomerate, he is next-in-line as the
leader of the Yakuza.  Foul-mouthed and hotheaded, he is kept in check by his
right-hand man, Shiga.

Toru Shiga
Godo's longtime friend and second-in-command.  Always cool and in control, he
keeps Godo from going overboard whenever he loses his temper.

Mio Fujieda
Godo's kid sister.  Gentle, mild-mannered, and extremely shy, she has been
raised believing that her older brother is actually her uncle.  She is unaware
of her connection to the Japanese Mafia.

Kaiten Godo
Father of Daisuke Godo and Mio Fujieda, and leader of the Yakuza.  To protect
Mio from being used as a bargaining chip during underworld transactions, he
separated from his wife while Mio was still an infant and had her take his
wife's maiden name.  He bears a strong hatred for anyone who would use his
family to manipulate him.

A reckless and flashy Inferno assassin fueled by a burning desire for revenge.
Drei prefers to carry out missions her own way and shows little respect for her
superiors.  She likes to settle matters with an old-fashioned Western duel.
Unlike Ein and Zwei, she has not been brainwashed by Scythe.  Her name means
"three" in German.

Zahlen Schwester
Scythe's personal army consisting of six teenage girls:  Vier, Fünf, Sechs,
Sieben, Acht, and Neun.  Not much is known about these girls except that they
have been given the same treatment and training as their predecessor, Ein.  The
unit's name means "the numbered sisters" in German, whereas the girls' names
mean four through nine, respectively.

 5. Walkthrough

As with all visual novels, part of the fun of Phantom comes from reading
through the story yourself and making your own decisions.  Phantom has a total
of ten endings, and some of these endings can be difficult to obtain without
knowing what to do beforehand.  The following will guide you through the game
and suggest the best ways to obtain each ending without restricting your
actions or ruining portions of the story.

Phantom of Inferno is divided into three chapters.  During each chapter, you
will be required to make a number of decisions that will influence the flow of
the story.  Unlike most visual novels, which start with a common "trunk" and
"branch out" into different scenarios, the events in Phantom are interleaved.
Your past decisions can influence what options are available at any given
moment.  Most of the game's endings can be obtained by following a particular
series of decisions, which are referred to in visual novel jargon as "routes".
Chapters 1 and 2 each contain two routes, whereas Chapter 3 contains only one.
These routes are described in this section, while the actual criteria for each
ending are described in the following section.

In certain situations, different courses of action can yield the same outcome.
Usually this is by design, but there are occasions where this is an unintended
bug.  I have noted such moments in parentheses.  Although I have done my best
to keep spoilers to a minimum, I recommend that you complete Phantom once on
your own before referring to this guide.

 DVD-ROM Warning

If you are using a DVD-ROM drive to play Phantom of Inferno, please avoid using
your software DVD player's Chapter Skip function.  Chapters in AnimePlay DVDs
are not arranged in sequential order, so skipping to the next chapter can send
you to an entirely unrelated scene.

If you wish to skip a scene you have viewed in a previous playthrough, use your
player's Fast-Forward function.  My software DVD player, InterVideo WinDVD,
allows me to fast-forward at up to 60 times the normal playback speed.  Most
software DVD players support variable-speed Fast-Forwarding; it can usually
be activated by clicking the Fast-Forward button several times in succession.

 Chapter 1

Available Endings:
 - The Endless Nightmare

Ein's Route
- On the first night, think about Ein.
- When Ein returns late at night after her mission, ask her about her day.
  (This can be done by calling out to her, then either asking her immediately
  or by hesitating a moment and then talking to her.  If you stay silent from
  the get-go, you will not be given a second chance.)
- During practical training, pick knife combat as your second option.
  (Ein will give you the option of training with powerful revolvers, quick-
  reloading automatics, or knives.  If you choose knives the second time
  around, you will train with all three.  Otherwise, you will only train with
  the two types of guns.)
- Just before the final exam, plead with Ein.
- After returning from the bodyguard assignment, treat Ein's wound.
- After treating Ein, plan to leave Inferno.
- The next morning, do not let Ein leave on her own.
- After returning to the motel room, console Ein.

Claudia's Route
- On the first night, think about your captors.
- As Claudia begins to leave after her visit, call her back.
- Just before the final exam, plead with Claudia.
- During driving practice, accept Claudia's invitation and don't give up.
- During the bodyguard assignment, follow Claudia's lead.
- After returning from the bodyguard assignment, treat Ein's wound.
- After treating Ein, plan to return to Inferno.

 Chapter 2

If you did not obtain Ending #1, you will automatically proceed to the second

Available Endings:
 - The End of a Long Dream
 - Southbound
 - Fugitives
 - Vengeful Spirits
 - From Atop the Hill
 - The Woman in the High Castle

Cal's Route
- When the homeless girl asks you what you plan to do, answer her.
- At the restaurant, try to talk to Cal a little longer.
- When Cal is preparing to go shopping, go with her.
- On the top floor of City Hall, agree to Cal's request.

(After the counter-snipe operation, you may accept or evade Cal's confession.
You should accept for the sake of consistency, but it is possible to continue
Cal's Route without doing so.  This is the result of a porting bug.)

Claudia's Route
(Note that you cannot follow Claudia's Route in Chapter 2 if you did not do so
in Chapter 1.  You can, at your discretion, follow Cal's and Claudia's Routes
simultaneously. If you choose to do so, your first decision for Claudia's Route
will vary slightly.)

- After going shopping with Cal or having drinks with Lizzie, visit Claudia's
- When you come across the scene between Claudia and Godo, stop them.
- When Lizzie draws her gun, stop her.

 Chapter 3

Reaching the final chapter of Phantom can be tricky as it has its own set of
 - Follow Ein's Route during Chapter 1
 - Follow Cal's Route during Chapter 2.
 - During the counter-snipe operation, confirm the sniper's identity.
 - During the attack on Los Angeles Harbor, confirm the identity of the
 - After the loft is bombed, hide.

Available Endings:
 - Road of the Cerulean Sky
 - Cherry Blossom Avenue
 - Dusty Desert Trails

Mio's Route
- After Elen explains Mio's background, *do not* seek solitude to think.
  (Either stay in the church or look for Mio.)
- When you return to the classroom, accept Mio's confession.
- After exiting the classroom at lunchtime, speak to Mio.
- After the incident in the restaurant, tell Mio about Drei.
- When Elen runs through her plans, ask her what she would do if something
  happened to Mio.

 6. Endings

 Chapter 1

Ending #1 - The Endless Nightmare
The first chapter has only one available ending, which can be obtained one of
two ways:

a) After returning from the bodyguard assignment, escape alone.
b) Follow Ein's Route, but let Ein leave.

 Chapter 2

Ending #2 - The End of the Long Dream
There are three ways to obtain this ending:

a) Follow Claudia's Route during Chapters 1 and 2 (without following Cal's
   Route), but wait and see what happens when Lizzie draws her gun.
b) During the counter-snipe operation, shoot immediately.
c) During the attack on Los Angeles Harbor, escape immediately.

Ending #3 - Southbound
- Follow Ein's Route during Chapter 1.
- Deviate from Cal's Route at any point during Chapter 2.
- During the counter-snipe operation, confirm the sniper's identity.
- During the attack on Los Angeles Harbor, confirm the identity of the

Ending #4 - Fugitives
- Follow Ein's Route during Chapter 1, but remain quiet in the motel room.
- Follow Cal's Route during Chapter 2.
- After the loft is bombed, hide.

Ending #5 - Vengeful Spirits
- Follow Cal's Route during Chapter 2.
- After the loft is bombed, kill everyone.

Ending #6 - From Atop the Hill
- Follow Claudia's Route during Chapters 1 and 2.
- At the airport hangar, defend yourself.

You will obtain the first part of the Ending Password after the English

Ending #7 - The Woman in the High Castle
- Follow Claudia's Route during Chapters 1 and 2.
- At the airport hangar, accept fate and give up.

You will obtain the first part of the Ending Password after the English

 Chapter 3

Ending #8 - Road of the Cerulean Sky
- Deviate from Mio's Route at any point during Chapter 3.
- After saying goodbye to Sanae, look for Elen.

You will obtain the second part of the Ending Password after the Japanese

Ending #9 - Cherry Blossom Avenue
- Follow Mio's Route during Chapter 3.

You will obtain the third part of the Ending Password after the Japanese

Ending #10 - Dusty Desert Trails
- Deviate from Mio's Route at any point during Chapter 3.
- After saying goodbye to Sanae, concentrate on finding Drei.

You will obtain the final part of the Ending Password after the Japanese

 7. Frequently Asked Questions

How many versions of Phantom of Inferno are there, and how are they different?
If you are referring to the Japanese releases, there are four different
versions of Phantom:
- The original PC version created by Nitro+ in 2001.  This version contains a
  number of adult scenes and should not be purchased or played by anyone under
  the age of 18.
- The DVD version created by Digiturbo in 2002.  It serves as the basis for
  Hirameki International's North American releases.  This version features
  touched-up artwork, professional voice acting, and a new opening movie (which
  is actually a promotional trailer that plays automatically before the title
  screen).  Many of the adult scenes in the original version were edited to
  remove nudity or downplay sexuality.
- "Phantom: Integration", a 2004 PC remake that supposedly integrates the extra
  features of the DVD version into the original game.  This version contains
  extra artwork and full-motion computer-generated cutscenes and retains the
  adult scenes from the original release.  The voice acting from the DVD
  version is curiously absent.  This version also contains more decision points
  and a fourth Chapter 3 ending, entitled, "Looking Up at the Moonlit Sky",
  that was not available in the DVD version.
  (Note:  If this ending does actually exist in the DVD version and I have
  simply been unable to obtain it, please let me know.)
- A PlayStation 2 port created by Princess Soft in 2004.  This version is
  supposedly the same as Phantom: Integration, but also includes the voice
  acting found in the DVD version.  This version is edited more harshly than
  the DVD version.

As for the American releases, there are two versions.  The only difference
between the two is the cover artwork.  The initial pressing shows a Elen and
Drei standing back-to-back on a white background, whereas the reprint features
a more attractive collage of the various characters on a black background (the
original cover art can be found on the spine of the game case).  The rest of
the package, including the back cover, the insert, and the disc contents, is

Exactly what was removed in the DVD version?
A total of ten scenes were edited for content.  Two of these scenes were edited
to remove nudity.  Four scenes were edited to downplay sexuality.  Three scenes
of sexual content were completely removed.  A single scene of sexual violence
was also removed.

Having had a look at the scenes in question, I can agree with all but two of
the edits.  If you are curious and wish to know more, feel free to email me.
Be sure to mention which endings you have obtained so that I can avoid spoiling
the parts of the story that you have not yet explored.

What is the Ending Password used for?
Once you have obtained all four password fragments, you can enter the resulting
password to access a more complete version of the Extras menu.  From this menu,
you can view the various production trailers and TV commercials (entirely in
Japanese), replay all of the FMV sequences (except for Zwei's second attempt at
driving the F40), and listen to Phantom's soundtrack.  The original DVD version
also included a Gun Gallery which showcased the various weapons used in the
game.  This feature has been locked out in Hirameki's North American releases.

Is there a way to access the Gun Gallery even though it was locked out?
Yes.  Use your DVD player's remote to access Title #10, Chapter #1 on the
Phantom of Inferno DVD.  Chapter Selection may be locked out on some DVD
players, so your mileage may vary.

Are there any other extras, Easter Eggs, or unlockables on the Phantom disc?
No.  Sorry.

Out of curiosity, what is your favorite ending?
I happen to like several of the endings in Phantom of Inferno.  Be warned that
spoilers are imminent, so if you have not yet finished the game, please skip
the rest of this answer.

I think "Southbound" is an appropriate ending for Phantom, but this ending
prevents the events of Chapter 3 from taking place.  "Fugitives" answers the
questions that were raised when I first finished Phantom well over three years
ago, but it lacks the kind of closure I would expect from this kind of story.
"Vengeful Spirits" is simply a cool ending.  It focuses on the idea of Zwei
getting revenge against the organization that robbed him of everything that
mattered to him in life, only to reveal that he had not, in fact, lost
everything as he had thought.  A tragic ending, but a fitting one nonetheless.

My favorite ending, however, would have to be "Dusty Desert Trails".  While I
am not a fan of Spaghetti Westerns, I like the way everything plays out in this
ending.  Reiji accepts that he has done something terrible to Cal and is
prepared to accept his punishment.  Elen regains her emotions and becomes a
hero.  Scythe gets exactly what he deserves.  Finally, Drei reverts to the
playful young girl she once was from the hateful, sadistic woman she eventually
turned into.

Who is your favorite character?
Drei, though I like Elen, Mio, and Lizzie as well.

Where did you get the names of the endings from?
The official guide for the PS2 version of the game:  "Phantom of Inferno
-Memories of an Assassin-".  Thank you, AstCd2, for translating them for me.

What do you know about "Phantom: The Animation"?
Phantom: The Animation is a three-episode-long direct-to-video ("OVA") anime
series loosely based on the events of Phantom of Inferno.  The operative word
in this statement is "loosely".  Although the character designs are pretty
decent and some parts of Zwei's backstory are better portrayed, the anime
version is a terrible adaptation of the story of Chapter 1.  Much of the plot
is simply glossed over, nearly every character is reduced to a bit part
(including a palette-swapped version of Cal who remains onscreen for all of
five seconds), and many of the points raised in the original story are openly
disregarded (and sometimes even contradicted).

The action scenes are nicely done, but the animators take many technical
shortcuts in the non-action scenes and the end results are rather
disappointing.  I should mention that I had seen the first episode of the OVA
series prior to checking out the game, so I was able to evaluate it on its own
merits before comparing it to its source material.

An English version of Phantom: The Animation was released in North America by
AnimeWorks.  I have not personally checked out the English-dubbed version, but
if AnimeWorks' past titles are any indication, the dubbing is probably not very
good.  The game and anime are available bundled together at RightStuf.com, for
those who are interested in picking it up and sharing a copy of Phantom with
their friends.  I cannot recommend Phantom: The Animation, but I will not stop
those who wish to satisfy their curiosity.

I loved Phantom!  Are there any other visual novels that you can recommend?
Considering the fact that there are not many visual novels available in
English, especially those with the same feel as Phantom, I cannot give a
satisfactory answer to this question.  If you feel like telling me a bit about
yourself, drop me a line via email and I will try to make a personalized

 8. Special Thanks

Nitro+ <http://www.nitroplus.co.jp/>
- The creators of this fine visual novel.

Hirameki International <http://www.hirameki-int.com/>
- The North American distributor of Phantom (and many other great titles,
  including "Hourglass of Summer" and "Ever 17 -Out of Infinity-").

Digiturbo <http://www.digiturbo.co.jp/>
- The developer of the DVD version of Phantom.

No Name Losers & Insani <http://www.nnl1.com/ & http://www.insani.org/>
- The translators of Wind -a breath of heart-, an impressive but somewhat
  overdramatic visual novel.

Mirror Moon <http://mirrormoon.org/>
- The translators of Tsukihime, the world's most popular amateur visual novel.

VisualNews <http://visualnews.net/>
- The unofficial headquarters of the English visual novel community.

- The creator of GameFAQs.  Without CJayC, you would not be reading this.

T-Prime & Deathscythe Hell
- My real-life friends who inspired me to write this guide.

- My younger brother, the first person to abandon the misconception that all
  visual novels are pointless dating sims.

- A VisualNews administrator who volunteered to proofread this guide.

- A VisualNews regular who translated the official ending names for me on a

- A GameFAQs reader who reminded me of the problems that can arise when using
  a software DVD player's Chapter Skip function.

 9. Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments, notice a typo in my guide, or somehow 
manage to obtain the Integration-only ending in the DVD version of Phantom,
feel free to email me at TDOMMX at Graffiti dot net.  Be sure to enter "Phantom
Guide" in the subject line to ensure a timely response.  I try to check my
email at least once a day, but sometimes this is not possible.  I make a point
of responding to all of my messages (except those that strike me as
particularly asinine).

 10. Copyright Notice

This guide is intended for private, personal use and should not be published in
commercial websites or publications without prior written consent.  This
document is publicly available through GameFAQs.com.  Please ask for permission
if you wish to post a copy of my guide on your personal website.  I am more
than likely to grant permission for those who ask, and I will keep you up-to-
date on revisions.  If you find this guide on a site other than GameFAQs,
please contact me immediately.

Distribution of modified versions of this guide, especially versions omitting
this copyright notice, will not be tolerated.  I don't put words in your mouth,
so don't put any in mine.  Likewise, I don't steal your ideas and claim that
they're my own, so have some respect and show me the same courtesy.


Copyright (c) 2007 Leif Landevag (TDOMMX).  All Rights Reserved.

All trademarks and copyrights referenced within this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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