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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MJEmirzian

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    Fire Emblem Heroes of Light and Shadow Walkthrough
    Revision: 9 (9/13/2010)
    Most of the game data tables are used with permission from Serenes Forest
    Run conditions:
    1. Lunatic Reverse, classic difficulty.
    2. No glitches, wi-fi (rainbow pot, drops, etc.) or everybody's situation.
    3. All recruits, no deaths, and obtain every item from chests/enemy drops.
    4. Low turns and mostly reliable strategies while meeting the above 
    5. Strategies mostly by myself unless otherwise noted.
    This was a mostly blind first run of Lunatic Reverse, not a run using other 
    people's strats, rainbow pots, ignoring difficult to reach thieves and chests,
    Reloading for RNG results happens in every LTC run, it's not an ironman run or 
    super reliability run that impacts turn counts too heavily.
    Obtaining every item from chests/thieves/other enemies slows down the turn count
    and makes some stages more complex and difficult compared to other LTC runs.
    Not using the Rainbow Potion, Growth Drops, etc. makes the game more difficult 
    and may impact the turn count compared to other LTC runs.
    1a. Revision History
    2a. Advice and General Info
    2b. My Unit Creation
    2c. Game Data
    2d. Character Review
    2e. Class Review
    3a. Prologue Walkthrough
    4a. Main Story Walkthrough
    5a. Extra Maps/Downloadable Content
    2a. Advice and General Info
    The word aggro is shorthand for aggression, meaning the enemy is actively 
    moving towards your units to attack. Unaggroed or stationary means an enemy 
    standing in place that will aggro if you get into its range. Baiting or 
    pulling an enemy means stepping into their attack range to aggro them. Proc 
    means process, or what happens when someones statistic increases upon level 
    up. The term 'one round' means that a unit is killed in one round of 
    fighting, usually involving double attacking. This is also known as a 'ORKO' 
    or one round knock out, 2RKO for something that dies in two rounds, 3RKO for 
    three rounds, etc.
    LTC = Low turn counts
    The AI will always chase after the closest unit it can deal the most damage to 
    in one attack like a low DEF/RES healer or pegasus knight. Use this to your 
    advantage to steer enemies where you want them to go.
    Use save spots to reload for good level ups for My Unit, and retry the first 
    few prologue chapters a few times, it only takes a minute or two if My Units 
    growths are already good. You definitely want an uber pirate/fighter My Unit 
    to kick ass with. Planning your level ups around save spots can greatly 
    increase your units stats with only a minor amount of reloading, assuming the 
    stat you are trying to proc is 50% or higher. You can also consider ending a 
    chapter with a unit very close to level up, then send them into the arena once 
    and keep reloading until they get good growths that way. The arena method 
    will cost you a bit of gold, however.
    If your units start capping stats, consider reclassing them to another similar 
    class where their stats aren't capped. If you cap stats as a swordmaster, 
    switch to a sniper to cap out their SPD as a sniper, for example.
    To continue past Chapter 20, you need to have gathered all of the Star shards 
    found in various early-mid game chapters.
    End of game ranking:
    Speed (速度) Turns taken. This seems to be a very easy category to get an A 
    rank in.
    Survival (生存) Units Alive. If you fail to recruit a unit, they count as 
    dead. This means you need to recruit everyone as well as keep them alive.
    Tactics (攻略) Not sure on this one, but again it's easy to get an A rank.
    Wondering who to give the Boots to? If you don't care about turn count, I 
    suggest Catria or My Unit. If you're trying to LTC, definitely give 
    them to Marth.
    Palla, Est, and Catria have a triangle attack. Bord, Cord, and Barst also 
    have a triangle attack.
    On Lunatic mode, you can't get the Silver Card, Warp, Aum, or Silence. You're 
    also limited to one Hammerne, not two.
    Speed Cap vs Speed Cap. Which class can double which class?
    General (21) - None
    Dracoknight (23) - None
    Warrior (24) - None
    Bishop, Sage, Paladin, Lord (25) - General
    Hero, Falcoknight (26) - General
    Berserker (28) - General, Dracoknight, Warrior
    Sniper (29) - Caster, Paladin, Lord, Warrior, Dracoknight, General
    Swordmaster, Horseman, and Dragon (30) - Bishop, Sage, Paladin, Lord, Warrior, 
    Dracoknight, General, Hero, Falcoknight
    Important supports: Supports do stack from multiple characters, so it's worth 
    placing them together when possible.
    Marth - My Unit, Shiida, Merric, Elice
    My Unit - Marth, Luke
    Luke - My Unit, Marth
    Draug - My Unit, Marth
    Malliesia - My Unit, Marth, Shiida
    Catria - My Unit, Marth, Palla
    Palla - My Unit
    Shiida - My Unit, Marth
    Sirius - My Unit
    Feena - My Unit
    Merric - My Unit, Marth
    Etzel - My Unit, Marth
    Xane - My Unit, Marth
    Important Bond items: You'll always get these bond items when reaching the 
    third level of support between characters, so you can plan on having them 
    available for certain chapter strategies.
    Marth+My Unit = STR
    Luke+My Unit = STR
    Merric+My Unit = MAG
    Palla+Catria = SKL
    Catria+My Unit = SPD
    Shiida+Malliesia = RES
    Etzel+My Unit = RES
    Marth+Shiida = DEF
    Draug+My Unit = DEF
    Malliesia, Xane, Feena, Shiida, Sirius, Palla+My Unit = LCK x6
    The cost of using the arena depends on the stats of the unit you've chosen. A 
    unit with high stats will cost more gold than a unit with lower stats. 
    Arena level gains (VincentASM on Serenes Forest): It takes the character's 
    growth rate total and rolls a random number (presumably from 0-99) to 
    determine the number of stat gains. Eg. Marth's growth rate total is 395, if 
    the RN is 94 or less, then he will gain 4 stats, but if it's 95 or more he 
    will gain 3 (so in most cases, he would gain 4 stats). This means you can't 
    save/load the base arena until someone gains a stat in every category. They 
    will usually be limited to 3-4 stat gains at most.
    Completing Hard mode or above (must get the best ending) removes the male A 
    and B class limits, so you can switch from a Knight to a Cavalier, Warrior to 
    a Dracoknight, Sniper to Horseman, etc. Being able to switch Aran, Sirius, 
    and MU to Knight/General makes the early game much easier. Completing Lunatic 
    mode unlocks Lunatic Reverse and adds 3x of each stat boost item to the base 
    store except for the Boots.
    All enemies on Lunatic and Lunatic Reverse mode have A weapon levels and a 
    bonus +10% to hit.
    Rescue staff uses throughout the game on Lunatic mode:
    1. Ch 4 - Rescue Ogma after recruiting Sirius.
    2. Ch 4 - Rescue Marth north to Ogma, closer to the castle.
    3. Ch 5 - Rescue Marth back to the castle after visiting the village.
    4. Ch 5 - Rescue your draco after killing the Master Proof thief.
    5. Ch 6x- Rescue Marth northward to claim the castle in one turn. Repair 
    Rescue staff w/ Hammerne
    6-7. Ch 7 - Rescue two of your dracos further north so they can move north and 
    kill the escaping thieves.
    8. Ch 8 - Rescue Marth closer to the castle.
    9. Ch 9 - Rescue one of your dracos after killing a thief that drops a steel 
    10. Ch 9 - Rescue Marth towards the castle with a staff user that can travel 
    faster through desert terrain.
    11. Ch 11 - Rescue Marth towards the castle with a staff user that can travel 
    faster through desert terrain. Repair Rescue staff w/ Hammerne
    12. Ch 17- Rescue Marth to the throne room.
    13. Ch 18 - Rescue Marth closer to the castle.
    14. Ch 19 - Rescue Marth either away from the draco reinforcements after 
    visiting the village, or towards the castle.
    15. Ch 20 - Rescue Midia.
    16. Ch 21 - Rescue Marth to the castle after visiting the village.
    17-18. Ch 24 - Use 2 rescue charges to finish in 2 turns.
    Thief Staff uses on Lunatic mode:
    1-2. Ch 10 - Both inside chests.
    3. Ch 17 - SE room chest.
    4-5. Chapter 22, both chests. Or if you're not concerned about getting every 
    item in the game, use the 4th and 5th charges on the NW and SE Ch 20 chests 
    for the Hero Bow/Axe.
    Master Key uses on Lunatic mode:
    1-3. Chapter 20 any chest.
    4-5. Chapter 20x, both chests.
    Again staff uses:
    1. Ch 15 - Cast again on Marth so he can finish one turn sooner.
    2. Ch 16 - Cast again to finish on turn 6. Repair Again staff w/ Hammerne.
    3. Ch 17 - Cast again on Marth so he can finish one turn sooner.
    4. Ch 19 - Cast again on Marth so he can finish one turn sooner.
    5. Ch 21 - Cast again on Minerva so Marth can visit the village and finish one 
    turn sooner.
    6-7. Ch 22 - Two charges to finish in 5 turns reliably, or one charge if you 
    don't mind save/loading for a crit on the boss.
    8. Ch 24 - Use 1 again charge to finish in 2 turn.
    Recommended Shopping List. You should be fairly stingy with your shopping. 
    You'll get most of what you need from chests, thieves, and recruits. Spend 
    the rest of your money on stat boosts, forges, and the base arena.
    3 Javelins, 2 Hand Axes, 2-3 Door Keys, 1 Wyrmslayer, 2 Dragonpikes, 1 Physic, 
    stat boosts in Ch 21 secret shop. 
    Q: Lunatic mode is too difficult!! How do I make the game easier?
    1. Complete Hard mode (must get the best ending) to unlock male class limits. 
    This lets you do helpful things like make Aran into a general and gives you a 
    much more flexible male My Unit.
    2. Use Everybody's Situation. You can get some ridiculously good items 
    (Roro's Axe, Camus's Lance, Kleine's Bow, and Ogma's Sword are some of the 
    best weapons in the game and you can get multiples of them), temp buffs, and 
    free XP. If you have an emulator, you can 'cheat' by setting your windows 
    clock ahead a day at a time and reaping tons of everybody's situation rewards.
    3. Use the wifi features such as the free Rainbow Potion. Rainbow Potion 
    makes the whole game significantly easier.
    4. Find someones save file that has already completed Lunatic mode so you can 
    access stat boosters in the base store.
    5. Save/load for growths from save points. You can only feasibly 
    do this for one unit per save point, but it adds up.
    6. Skip some items/recruits - most of them are bad past Merric anyway, and 
    if they don't have an item you want, just kill them. Ignore turn counts and 
    take as long as you want to complete maps. This will make your end of game 
    score suffer but you probably don't care if you're reading how to make the 
    game easier.
    Lunatic Reverse Mode:  If you complete the game on Lunatic mode, you can 
    access Lunatic Reverse mode, where enemies always attack first even on player 
    phase. What happens with attack phases on Lunatic Reverse? As you can see, 
    the game mercifully lets you get in an attack even if the enemy is doubling 
    your unit.
    You attack an enemy and neither of you double - Enemy, You.
    You attack an enemy and you double - Enemy, You, You.
    You attack an enemy and they double - Enemy, You, Enemy.
    You attack an enemy w/ a hero weapon and both of you double - Enemy, You, You, 
    Some more notable features and tactics of Lunatic Reverse:
    My Unit starts with 2 Vulneraries instead of 1.
    Counterattacks are more important because they free you to heal on player 
    phase and allow you to perform multiple attacks against multiple enemies.
    Healing is more important because everyone but longbow snipers will be taking 
    more damage.
    Ranged units are more important for finishing enemies off without taking 
    Killing an enemy in as few attacks as possible is more important, because you 
    can't often 'finish off' an enemy without taking damage.
    Enemies attack first even in the arena/coliseum. This makes leveling growth 
    characters more difficult, and makes the coliseum more or less impossible to 
    all but your most overpowered units like My Unit.
    Any character that gets one shot will need to level up as a ranged unit, or 
    level up exclusively in the arena. You can't reliably feed them melee range 
    kills because they'll probably get one shot.
    Male class limits are removed by default since you have to clear Lunatic mode 
    first, which makes the early game easier since you can make Aran into a 
    general, etc. There are also stat boosts in the shop, 1 of each type besides 
    the Boots. These stat boosts make the early game easier if you apply 
    them to the right units.
    Units that can be 3RKOed or higher instead of 2RKOed are much much more 
    valuable because they don't have to be healed every time they want to attack. 
    DEF is an even more important stat than before. That's why a Knight MU with 
    extremely high starting DEF is the best choice for Lunatic Reverse. Spending 
    a number of levels as a dracoknight will help your fliers like Catria, Palla, 
    and Shiida develop higher DEF for when they need to switch to Paladin or 
    Swordmaster later.
    Using Fortify once or twice per turn is an essential tactic in the mid to 
    late game to fully restore everyones HP before enemy phase and make up for the 
    damage everyone will be taking. That means placing Feena next to your A staff 
    user, bringing 2 A staff users, or making Xane copy the A staff user for at 
    least part of the chapter. That also means you'll need to grab as many Fortify 
    staves as you can get.
    Turn Counts as a Knight (+2 STR, +1 DEF, +SKL/SPD) on Lunatic Reverse under
    the run conditions.
    P01 : 4 turns
    P02 : 4 turns
    P03 : 4 turns
    P04 : 4 turns
    P05 : 5 turns
    P06 : 3 turns
    P07 : 3 turns
    P08 :11 turns
    C01 : 8 turns
    C02 : 7 turns
    C03 :17 turns
    C03x: 6 turns
    C04 : 8 turns
    C05 :12 turns
    C06 : 7 turns
    C06x: 1 turn
    C07 : 5 turns
    C08 : 6 turns
    C09 : 7 turns
    C10 : 5 turns
    C10x: 1 turn
    C11 : 7 turns
    C12 : 6 turns
    C13 : 8 turns
    C13x: 3 turns
    C14 :10 turns
    C15 : 8 turns
    C16 : 6 turns
    C16x: 2 turns
    C17 : 6 turns
    C18 : 2 turns
    C19 : 7 turns
    C20 : 18 turns (or 7 if you skip items/reinforcements)
    C20x: 7 turns (or 5 if you skip chests)
    C21 : 9 turns
    C22 : 5 turns
    C23 : 6 turns
    C24 : 2 turns
    Total:  240 turns
    2b. My Unit Creation
    Male Base Stats
    Mercenary:    20 HP, 6 STR, 0 MAG, 11 SKL,10 SPD,3 LCK, 5 DEF, 0 RES
    Fighter:         24 HP, 9 STR, 0 MAG, 6 SKL, 7 SPD, 3 LCK, 3 DEF, 0 RES
    Cavalier:       20 HP, 7 STR, 0 MAG, 5 SKL, 7 SPD, 3 LCK, 7 DEF, 0 RES
    Knight:          20 HP, 8 STR, 0 MAG, 5 SKL, 1 SPD, 3 LCK, 11 DEF,0 RES
    Archer:         18 HP, 7 STR, 0 MAG, 6 SKL, 5 SPD, 3 LCK, 6 DEF, 0 RES
    Mage:           18 HP, 2 STR, 3 MAG, 4 SKL, 4 SPD, 3 LCK, 2 DEF, 3 RES
    Female Base Stats
    Myrmidon:          18 HP, 5 STR, 0 MAG,12 SKL,12 SPD, 3 LCK, 4 DEF, 0 RES
    Cavalier:             20 HP, 7 STR, 0 MAG, 5 SKL, 7 SPD, 3 LCK, 7 DEF, 0 RES
    Pegasus Knight: 18 HP, 6 STR, 2 MAG, 8 SKL, 8 SPD, 3 LCK, 5 DEF, 6 RES
    Archer:              18 HP, 7 STR, 0 MAG, 6 SKL, 5 SPD, 3 LCK, 6 DEF, 0 RES
    Mage:                18 HP, 2 STR, 3 MAG, 4 SKL, 4 SPD, 3 LCK, 2 DEF, 3 RES
    Base+Class Growths before bonus choices:
            HP     STR    MAG   SKL    SPD    LCK    DEF    RES
    Flier   60     35     0     50     55     60     30     10
    Cav     70     40     5     55     40     60     35     5
    Knight  90     40     0     50     30     60     50     0
    Archer  70     35     5     50     60     60     30     0
    Merc    80     45     0     55     50     60     30     0
    Myrm    70     35     5     50     60     60     25     5
    Fighter100     65     0     55     40     60     25     0
    Hunter  70     45     0     45     55     60     25     0
    Pirate 100     55     0     45     60     60     20     0
    D. Mage 50     10     35    50     50     60     5     30
    Mage    50     15     45    50     45     60     5     20
    Sage    50     10     35    50     50     60     5     30
    Cleric  50     10     25    45     50     60     10    40
    Curate  50     10     25    45     50     60     10    40
    Flier = Pegasus Knight, Dracoknight, Falcoknight
    You can only choose each stat type once between Past, Present, and Future 
    choices. If you choose Farmer's Child for +4HP, you cannot choose Strength or 
    Seeker for additional HP. This is why you only get 4 Present choices and 3 
    Future choices.
    My Unit Past
    1. Merchant's Child 商人の子 - LCK+2, RES+2, growth rate up by 5% (3.95 pts)
    2. Clergyman's Child 聖職の子 - DEF+2, growth rate up 0% (2 pts)
    3. Orphan 孤児 - STR+2, MAG+2, growth rate up 5% (3.95 pts)
    4. Farmer's Child 農村の子 - HP+4, growth rate up 10% (8.90 pts)
    5. Noble's Child 貴族の子 - SKL+2, SPD+2, growth rate up 5% (3.95 pts)
    My Unit Present
    Wisdom 賢さ - LCK+1, RES+1, growth rate up by LCK +10%, RES +5% (LCK +4.90, 
    RES+2.95 pts)
    Kindness 優しさ - DEF+1, growth rate up 5% (2.95 pts)
    Heterogeneity 異質さ - STR+1, MAG+1, growth rate up 10% (4.90 pts)
    Strength 強さ - HP+2, HP growth rate up 20% (9.80 pts)
    Beauty 美しさ - SKL+1, SPD+1, growth rate up 10% (4.90 pts)
    My Unit Future
    Wealth 富裕者 - LCK, RES growth rate up by LCK +15%, RES +10% (LCK+5.85, 
    RES+3.90 pts)
    Philanthropist 博愛者 - DEF growth rate up 10% (3.90 pts)
    Recluse  隠遁者 - STR, MAG growth rate up 15% (5.85 pts)
    Seeker 求道者 - HP growth rate up 30% (11.70 pts)
    Honour 栄誉者 - SKL, SPD growth rate up 15% (5.85 pts)
    So what do those percentage points add up to on average over My Units 38 
    levels of growth? Even though the present and future choices offer less 
    points up front, on average they'll reward more points as you level up your 
    character to 20/20. Sometimes the difference is pretty small, though. For 
    example, the difference between Honour and Noble's Child is only about 2 
    SKL/SPD points over 38 levels.
    5% = 1.95 points
    10% = 3.90 points
    15% = 5.85 points
    20% = 7.80 points
    30% = 11.70 points
    My Unit choices:
    Depending on what starting weapon you choose for your male My Unit, you can 
    swap between any of the following classes. Choose whatever set of classes 
    corresponds to the weapon type you'd mainly like your male My Unit to use. 
    Note that you must have male class limits removed to be able to switch between 
    Male A and Male B classes.
    Cavalier/Paladin, Myrmidon/Swordmaster, Mercenary/Hero, Horseman - Sword
    Cavalier/Paladin, Dracoknight, Knight/General - Lance
    Fighter/Warrior, Pirate/Berserker, Hero, Dracoknight - Axe
    Archer/Sniper, Hunter/Horseman, Warrior, General - Bow
    Mage/Sage, Dark Mage/Sorceror, Bishop - Tome/Stave
    If Male class limits are removed, any character can switch to Swordmaster or 
    Sniper and use one Arms Scroll and instantly have B level silver sword/bow 
    access. This makes leveling up lances or axes more appealing, since you can 
    reach B sword/bows with very little effort.
    Knight - Even with the +15% SPD he'll have 45% SPD, which is tough to get 
    growths out of. However you can always swap him to a faster spear using class 
    at some point. If you get lucky or reload for SPD growths, you can get him a 
    sizable amount of DEF and SPD by the end of the prologue and reclass them to a 
    slightly faster cavalier, assuming male class limits are removed.
    This is a 
    great choice for Lunatic Reverse where a high DEF tank is useful for the 
    prologue and beyond. Just keep in mind you will have to reload for 45% SPD 
    growths for the first couple levels so he doesn't get doubled by bandits and 
    mercs during the prologue. This isn't a big deal since the prologue chapters 
    take 1-2 mins at most to complete.
    Knight MU easily has the greatest potential of any MU choice due to his
    ridiculous DEF potential. Once he has 30 DEF as a Draco or Paladin he will
    be nearly invincible to physical damage for the majority of the game.
    It's fairly easy to level his axes as a draco or berserkser with an
    arms scroll.
    Recommended growths: +2 STR/MAG, +1 DEF, +SKL/SPD
    Cavalier - A decent choice if you want to swap between the spear and/or sword 
    using classes. Males start with D in lances, while females start with D in 
    swords. While their bases are nice, their growths tend to be mediocre even 
    after you choose bonuses to patch things up with. During the prologue, their 
    SPD isn't high enough to double much and their DEF doesn't make them super 
    tanks like the Knight. On the other hand, you won't have to reload for SPD 
    growths to avoid being doubled during the prologue like the Knight.
    Recommended growths: +4 HP, +1 STR, +SKL/SPD or +2 STR, +2 HP, +SKL/SPD
    Pegasus Knight (female only) - At best they will be another Catria, which is 
    great, but you will be missing out on the male exclusive classes (berserker, 
    mostly) which makes this choice less flexible than a Knight or Fighter. A 
    female MU is appealing if male class limits are imposed because you can switch 
    between a general and a paladin and fly around before promotion.
    Recommended growths: +4 HP, +1 STR, +DEF
    Myrmidon (female only) - SMs are pretty godlike especially if you can cap 
    their HP/DEF. Swords are kind of a waste for MU, though, since anyone can 
    swap to Swordmaster and use an arms scroll for an instant B in swords, while 
    lances or axes requires dedicated leveling. A female MU is appealing if male 
    class limits are imposed, because you can switch between a general and a 
    Recommended growths: +2 DEF, +2 HP, STR/MAG
    Fighter - Probably the best Male B class, but if male class limits are not 
    removed, you'll miss out on draco My Unit, which is a very useful class. Once 
    you reclass him as a pirate he will have great SPD growth and will easily 
    double enemies.
    The main reason to choose a fighter is because you don't get 
    any really good axe users over the course of the game. While pirate/berserker 
    My Unit is quick to cap STR/SKL/SPD, he'll lag behind on DEF and you'll likely 
    need to give him Dragon Shields to help. Giving him a role as a general or 
    draco for a couple chapters for more DEF growths is a good idea as well.
    Recommended growths: +2 SKL/SPD, +1 STR/MAG, +DEF
    Mercenary - A solid choice as long as male class limits are removed. You 
    don't want to be locked into Male B with swords and be unable to switch to the 
    superior swordmaster later. Heroes really aren't that good in this game.
    Recommended growths: +2 DEF, +2 HP, STR/MAG
    Mage or Archer - Probably the least useful My Unit choice because you already 
    get some decent to good casters (Malliesia, Etzel, Merric) and bow users 
    (Hunter Draug). Any promoted unit can instantly get a B in bows as a sniper 
    by using an arms scroll, so leveling up an archer from scratch is a bit of a 
    Recommended growths: +4HP, +1 STR/MAG, +SKL/SPD
    2c. Game Data
    Check here for the game data:
    2d. Character Review
    This is not a tier list, but a look at some characters to determine when and 
    how long they are useful in your party.
    First, keep in mind that in the early game you're encouraged to use 
    units with poor growths and dispose of them later, such as Aran. This isn't a 
    big deal as you get tons of XP due to the high enemy density of Lunatic mode.
    Changing classes is a frequent occurrence to meet the demands of Lunatic 
    mode. Sometimes you want Aran to be a general, sometimes he's better off as a 
    dracoknight. This is especially true of your prepromotes (Aran, Sirius) whose 
    access to promoted classes makes them especially flexible and useful early 
    Male characters are reviewed with male class limits locked and male class 
    limits removed.
    Best party in the game: My Unit, Luke, Draug, Catria, Shiida, Palla, Sirius, 
    Malliesia, Etzel, Xane, and Feena.
    A * next to the unit means I think they are worth using long term for the 
    majority of the game.
    A ! next to the unit means I think they are worth using short term for a few 
    chapters at most, then left behind.
    Units not listed are not recommended to ever take up an active deployment 
    spot. This does not include characters you are forced to bring in order to 
    recruit other characters.
    Marth - He has some decent growths that will make him a decent sword user that 
    can take a hit and dish some damage back. He can open chests but not doors. 
    He's the only person who can capture thrones and visit villages as well. 
    Unfortunately about mid-game his speed growths on average start to suck 
    compared to enemies and he'll end up getting doubled and killed unless you 
    give him some +SPD help. Marth needs 27 SPD to avoid being doubled by Medeus, 
    which he can get with his 25 SPD cap and +2 automatically from the shield of 
    seals. In fact he only caps SPD on average at level 30, so you more or less 
    need to set aside a Speedwing just so he survives one of Medeus's attacks and 
    doesn't get doubled.
    Only Marth's Falchion is effective against Medeus. If 
    you're LTC'ing, expect Marth to fall behind in levels due to the fact 
    that he's constantly on the move and doesn't have many opportunities to hit 
    things for XP. You have to make up for this by giving him stat boosts 
    and leveling him in the base arena.
    *My Unit - Without question the most uber and broken unit in the game. Before 
    My Unit even shows up, you can customize his/her growths and stats in an 
    optimal manner for their chosen class.
    Next, you can easily reload for 
    growths during the prologue chapters since they're 1-2 mins at most. This 
    gets him/her off to a ridiculous start right from the beginning of the game. 
    If you start out as a class with high base DEF like cavalier or knight, your 
    MU will be a nearly invincible tank capable of nearly soloing most early and 
    mid game chapters.
    It's best to overlevel My Unit and promote him early so 
    that you can take advantage of his relatively amazing stats vs early and mid 
    game enemies. Once you hit Ch 14 he starts to lose a bit of steam vs the 
    heavy magic damage from mages/sages, but throwing Talismans on him will help 
    out a lot.
    Recommended (Set A): Knight (starting class), Cavalier, Paladin, Dracoknight, 
    Swordmaster, Sniper
    Recommended (Set B): Fighter (starting class), Pirate, Warrior, Berserker, 
    Recommended (Set C): Pegasus Knight (starting class), Cavalier, Dracoknight, 
    General, Swordmaster, Sniper
    *My Unit Male Class Limits Removed: Even more uber than the original My Unit. 
    After promotion you can switch to berserker to level his axes from D to C, 
    then use an arms scroll from C to B. Having a dracoknight MU with an A in 
    axes and spears is completely ridiculous and will dominate the early and mid 
    Recommended: (Merged Set A and B): Knight (starting class), Cavalier, 
    Dracoknight, Paladin, General, Berserker
    *Luke - Good base stats and growths. He makes a good sword user or sniper. 
    He also gives support to My Unit, making him even more valuable.
    Recommended: Myrmidon, Swordmaster, Sniper
    *Luke Male Class Limits Removed: If you make Luke into a Mercenary he'll have 
    +10 HP, +10 STR, -10 SPD, and -10 RES compared to Myrmidon, which is a pretty 
    good trade off considering how far ahead SMs usually are on the speed growth 
    curve. You can also make him into a good horseman once he has an A in bows as 
    a sniper, which will give him B as a horseman.
    Recommended: Myrmidon, Swordmaster, Sniper, Horseman
    !Rody - 15 more SPD but 10 less STR compared to Luke. The big problem with 
    Rody are his poor base stats, which suck even for a level 1 unit. If you 
    don't have male class limits removed then I suggest benching him after Ch 3 or 
    4. The reason Luke is worth using over Rody is because he'll quickly have 
    enough SPD to double enemies as a Myrmidon, making him pretty useful, while 
    Rody mainly uses spears and can't easily switch to Myrmidon.
    Recommended: Cavalier
    !Rody Male Class Limits Removed: He will make good Hunter with 90 HP, 55 STR 
    and 75 SPD. Even though his bases give him a slow start, he'll eventually 
    outclass hunter Draug on average. You do have to work him out of level 1, 
    though, and you can't reclass him during the prologue. He also has support 
    with My Unit, for what it's worth. Unfortunately, I feel he's still not worth 
    the effort compared to hunter Draug, since Draug has a 5 level lead on him.
    Recommended: Hunter
    !Cecil - She starts out with decent base stats, but her growths are a mixed 
    bag. Her survivability is awful so cavalier, pegasus knight, and myrmidon are 
    out. She has better MAG and SPD than Linde, but she doesn't get access to 
    early Aura, and she has to work out of E tomes, which means her better growths 
    are likely not worth the extra effort. Use her in Chapter 1 as a cleric or 
    mage then dump her permanently.
    Recommended: Cleric or Mage
    !Gordon - He starts out with decent base stats, but 10 SPD and 20 SKL is a 
    death sentence. Use him to do some chip damage in Chapters 1-3 and then bench 
    Recommended: Archer
    !Ryan - Suffers from a lowish 25 SPD. You should probably leave him as an 
    archer because the archer 30 SPD will help counteract his base 25 SPD. He 
    makes a decent archer for the early game chapters but he is not a long term 
    unit because bow users are all about SPD and Ryan doesn't have what it takes.
    Recommended: Archer
    !Ryan Male Class Limits Removed: Making him into a hunter gives him 50 instead 
    of 55 SPD, but the extra MOV and +10 STR of the hunter class outweighs it. 
    His low SPD means he won't be useful for much besides one shotting air units, 
    which is not as useful compared to a faster hunter that can double for most of 
    the game such as Draug.
    Recommended: Hunter
    *Draug - He's pretty much the best bow user to level up from scratch. He has 
    a level and base stat lead on Rody and his SPD growths dominate the other bow 
    using candidates.
    Recommended: Hunter, Horseman, Sniper
    !Aran - Does the number 0 mean anything to you? His base growths are almost 
    nonexistent so all XP on him is wasted. Still, being a promoted unit that can 
    use silver spears is valuable for a number of early chapters. He stops being 
    useful after Ch 5 or so. Dump him ASAP. It is possible to get through the 
    game without using him, but when you're going to throw away half of your early 
    game party anyway, you may as well take the throwaway unit that's more useful 
    than the others.
    Recommended: Swordmaster, Dracoknight, Sniper
    !Aran Male Class Limits Removed: He makes a decent general for the very early 
    game. You should still toss him ASAP.
    Recommended: Swordmaster, Dracoknight, Sniper, General
    *Malliesia - She makes a perfect healer with her high MAG growth, especially 
    when using Fortify. She can also use the Hammerne, which you'll need to 
    repair your Rescue and Again staves. She even makes a great Starlight user if 
    you give her an arms scroll to get to C tomes, since she naturally has very 
    high MAG and SPD.
    Recommended: Cleric, Sage
    *Catria - Good base stats and great growths with a base 50 HP, 40 STR, 60 SKL, 
    55 SPD, and even her base 20 DEF isn't too bad. The game sort of forces you 
    to early promote her if you want to get all the loot on Ch 7, unless you have 
    another comparable dracoknight like an early promoted spear/axe using My 
    Unit. She's pretty much the most godlike unit in the game next to My Unit, so 
    use her well.
    Recommended: Pegasus Knight, Cavalier, Paladin, Falcoknight/Dracoknight, 
    General, Swordmaster, Sniper
    !Linde - She has unfortunately low 10 MAG, even though her 60 SKL and 55 SPD 
    are great. She can use Nosferatu and Aura early on, which are two very useful 
    tomes. It's not her stats that are the problem, but her gender - she can't 
    use Excalibur due to being a female. While she's useful for the early game 
    with her strong Aura and Nosferatu, her damage and durability start to falter 
    mid game and never recover. I don't recommend using her much if at all.
    Recommended: Mage
    *Palla - She has 5 base SPD growth which means she is going to be very slow 
    unless you feed her speedwings or reload for SPD growths. She also strangely 
    has 20 LCK, which is really poor for a pegasus knight - don't try throwing her 
    at any enemies wielding killer weapons. Try to avoid early promoting her so 
    she has more chances to grow in SPD. Despite her low SPD growths, her bases 
    and other growths make her an excellent unit, just not as good as Catria. 
    Expect to give her at least 2 Speedwings so she can keep up with enemy SPD. 
    Make sure to level her in the high SPD growth classes like Dracoknight, 
    Swordmaster, or Sniper.
    Recommended: Pegasus Knight, Cavalier, Paladin, Falcoknight/Dracoknight, 
    General, Swordmaster, Sniper
    !Julian and Rickard - Your pair of thieves are useful for grabbing chests when 
    the need arises. Just don't let them get caught.
    !Yumina - Another healer. She's a decent stave user if you happen to need one 
    during the early game, but her base stats and growths don't warrant her a 
    permanent position.
    Recommended: Cleric
    *Sirius - His 55 HP, 50 STR, 35 SKL, 40 SPD, and 35 DEF growths are good, 
    although his base stats are mediocre for a promoted unit. Unlike Aran, he'll 
    grow into a decent permanent party member although his stats will lag behind 
    your other units. Once his Dracoknight SPD starts to look a little lame, 
    switch him to SM permanently. SM is pretty much the only class he'll ever cap 
    SPD in, and thankfully he already has an A in swords.
    Recommended: Paladin, Dracoknight, Swordmaster
    *Sirius Male Class Limits Removed: You can change him to a general which can 
    help on some early game maps.
    Recommended: General, Paladin, Dracoknight, Swordmaster
    *Shiida - She has very high SKL/SPD growths, but only 20 STR and 30 HP 
    growths. Her Wing Spear is very useful, though, making up for her crap STR 
    when up against knights and cavaliers. Similar to how Palla sucks at SPD, 
    Shiida will need Energy Drops to keep up in STR unless she gets lucky growths.
    Recommended: Pegasus Knight, Cavalier, Paladin, Falcoknight/Dracoknight, 
    General, Swordmaster, Sniper
    *Feena - Awesomesauce dancer that you should use a lot.
    *Merric - His 10 MAG is crappy but no worse than Linde, and his SKL/SPD is 
    pretty good at 45/50. You need to bring him to the final chapter if you want 
    to recruit one of the 4 bishops, and he can provide A support for Marth vs 
    Medeus (that extra 5 crit and 10 hit/evade means a lot there). His Excalibur 
    can one shot most flying units, making him instantly useful and easy to level 
    up and promote quickly. And of course he can break out of E in staves very 
    quickly. If you need to use the physic staff and Merric is halfway to C 
    staves, make him a bishop temporarily and he'll be able to use physics with 
    only a small hit to his MAG.
    On Lunatic Reverse his lack of staves makes him 
    less attractive. If you are playing Lunatic Reverse or trying to LTC, 
    you should take Etzel over Merric. If you are playing on Lunatic or don't 
    care about LTC'ing, take Merric.
    Recommended: Mage, Sage
    *Etzel - The main argument for Etzel is that he comes pre-leveled with D 
    staves and B tomes and can one shot wyrms with excalibur just as well as 
    Merric. Where he falls short is trying to take on Gharnef, where he's highly 
    at risk of being RNG screwed and you'll need to take extra staff users to 
    support him unless you feed him stat boosts. If you want to LTC the 
    game, however, you will have to take Etzel for his stave level lead on Merric.
    Recommended: Sorcerer
    *Etzel Male Class Limits Removed: He comes with D staves which is more 
    attractive in Lunatic Reverse where almost everyone is taking a lot more 
    damage. You also get a lot more stat boosts in Lunatic Reverse, which makes 
    patching him up with boosts a more viable strategy. If you are playing 
    Lunatic Reverse or trying to LTC, you should take Etzel over Merric. If 
    you are playing on Lunatic or don't care about LTC'ing, take Merric.
    Recommended: Sage
    *Xane - The unique copycat unit. He's as good as your current party members 
    are. Having a second My Unit running around never hurts. Xane stays 
    transformed for 5 turns, then reverts back on the 6th turn. He retains his 
    pre-transformation HP after transforming, so you'll usually need to heal him 
    before he's ready to go.
    !Nagi - A mamkute with better stats than Tiki. She can nearly one shot the 
    dragons in Chapters 22-24, so she's worth taking once in Chapter 23 if your 
    other characters aren't as useful at dragon slaying.
    Lunatic Usefulness Ratings, based on the run conditions:
    Extremely Useful: These units are unique and make the impossible possible. 
    You'll find LTC runs more difficult if not impossible without them.
    Knight My Unit - The most key unit in the game. Capable of soloing half the 
    map in the early game. Mid-late game still retains key roles that are 
    implausible or impossible for your other party members, such as a 30 DEF A 
    axes and A spears draco.
    Xane - Your 'My Unit' clone.
    Catria - Her growths make her a goddess. She makes a perfect Falcoknight as 
    Palla - Needs speedwings, but the results are worth it, making her almost as 
    good as Catria.
    Shiida - Super fast and her wing spear is amazing.
    Malliesia - Her high MAG Fortify spam is a game changer, plus Hammerne for 
    keeping those Rescue and Again staves up. And no, you can't afford to take 
    someone else as a healbot and 'swap Malliesia in' when you need to repair. It 
    just does not work out. You want low turn counts, you take Malliesia. Also if 
    you give her an arms scroll she can use Starlight and her naturally high MAG 
    and SPD make her pretty effective against him, probably more so than Etzel who 
    will struggle to avoid being ORKOed.
    Feena - Extremely useful dancer. Responsible for countless essential 
    Very Useful: These units are great, but aren't going to outshine the stats and 
    variety of strategies that the extremely useful characters are capable of.
    Draug - The best bow user to train from scratch.
    Luke - Kind of a second string unit to Catria, Palla, and Shiida, but he makes 
    a good exclusive SM or possibly a sniper.
    Etzel - Excalibur, starts with D staves, Gharnef slaying possible with some 
    stat buffs.
    Fairly Useful: They have drawbacks that prevent them from being star players 
    in a party.
    Marth - Sucks for most of the game, but you need him to kill Medeus in a 
    timely manner. He's mostly a liability, but you kind of need him to keep 
    progressing in chapters.
    Sirius - Starts out strong, but his mediocre bases catch up to him and he'll 
    struggle mid-late game. Even as a SM his SPD will struggle to keep up with mid-
    late game enemies.
    Rody - Not as good as Draug, but he does grow into a decent bow user and gives 
    My Unit support as a bonus.
    Aran - Very useful for the first 6 chapters, but should be left behind 
    Merric - Makes a great sage, but his lack of staff levels will hurt your turn 
    count if you use him.
    Not very useful: These characters are deployable for a chapter or two, but 
    their usefulness quickly expires.
    Nagi - Probably the most useful temporary unit, since she can nearly one shot 
    Ch 22-23 dragons, which even your best units can't do without forges.
    Ryan - Useful in prologue and for Ch 1-4 as a hunter. Too slow to keep using.
    Yumina - Decent backup healer for a few early game chapters.
    Linde - Useful in Ch 3x to aurabomb knights and get a 6 turn clear.
    Cecil - Useful in Ch 1 as a sage. She's like a more fragile version of Shiida 
    without the wing spear. Not worth the effort.
    Wendell - Useful in Ch 9 as a backup healer that can cross desert terrain 
    Gordin - Useful in Ch 1-2 as an archer/hunter. Too slow to keep using.
    Athena (prologue only) - Rocks in the prologue as she can double almost 
    everything and ORKO archers.
    Cain (prologue only) - High stats during the prologue, will kick plenty of 
    butt in Prologue 8.
    Not useful: Not worth deploying except to recruit other characters.
    Jeorge - He has A bows. Your bow users need to be doubling enemies to 
    be more than dead weight to a team, just like any other damage dealer. Being 
    able to one shot fliers is not enough.
    Tiki - Great, you get a dragon slaying mamkute JUST as you finish off the last 
    of the dragons on Ch 14. Once the dragons (not wyrms) start showing up in 
    large numbers again in Ch 22, you get Nagi, who is almost entirely better than 
    Ellerean - He's like Merric, except he can't use excalibur at jointime,
     and his growths are worse.
    Minerva - A axes but can't switch to berserker due to being female. Extremely 
    slow yet unlike Palla doesn't have the bases or growths to make up for it 
    Leiden, Frey, Roger, Nabarl, Barst, Bord - Growth character that joins 
    too late. Will slow down a LTC with their lower stats and XP siphoning.
    Ogma - Too slow, not even worth it as a growth character.
    Warren - Way too slow. If you want a temporary early game archer, go for 
    Gordin or Ryan.
    2e. Class Review
    Classes are rated in usefulness based on the stated objectives at the 
    beginning of this guide.
    Good Classes:
    Pegasus Knight - Great class for doubling almost every early game enemy and 
    covering difficult terrain. Their high base RES lets them kill early game 
    mages easily. Their only weakness is that their 8 MOV isn't quite as good on 
    flat terrain compared to the Cavalier.
    Dracoknight - Pretty much the most useful damage dealing class for the mid 
    game as far as MU, Palla, Catria, and Shiida are concerned. They will all be 
    fast enough as Dracos to double most enemies while taking advantage of the 
    Dracos high base STR, DEF, and MOV. Even slower Dracos like Sirius can be 
    useful when you need to bring as many fliers as possible to a chapter.
    Falcoknight - Due to the circumstances involving when Elysian Whips are handed 
    out (Ch 11 and 16) and when you're likely to early promote all of your units 
    (Ch 12), you can realistically only have one Falcoknight. It's a choice 
    between Shiida, Palla, and Catria. Falcoknights are extremely useful because 
    they are flying sword users with 26 SPD. Add in the Star Orb +2 SPD buff and 
    you've got a 28 SPD flier, making them essential for flying over difficult 
    terrain and ORKOing enemies.
    Dancer - While ridiculously frail, the dancer is essential for countless 
    strategies - they make the impossible possible. You'll want to take them on 
    almost every chapter you possibly can.
    Chameleon - What's better than one My Unit? TWO My Units, of course. Another 
    essential class you'll almost never want to go without, despite their 
    Sniper - Let's count the ways that the sniper is awesome. 5 bonus hit and 
    crit. Only class that can use longbows. 29 SPD cap. Base C in bows. 30 SPD 
    growth. Just plain better bases than the Horseman. The only thing holding 
    them back is their 7 MOV and bow-only weapon usage.
    Swordmaster - Another case of terminally awesome. 10 bonus evade. Base C in 
    swords. Extremely high SPD base and growth along with 30 SPD cap means they 
    will almost always double their targets. STR cap of 24 is also excellent 
    considering their SPD cap.
    Sage - You can't reasonably get through Lunatic mode without a healer or two, 
    and Sages are the best healers you can get. Their high MAG means better heals 
    and more damage. Male sages are especially useful for nuking flying enemies 
    with Excalibur. You can't get past Chapter 23 without a good Sage to kick 
    Gharnefs ass with, unless you want to try killing Medeus without the Falchion 
    in a reasonable amount of time. This makes the Sage more important than most 
    classes for clearing the game.
    Decent Classes:
    Lord - Annoyingly low SPD growth and 25 SPD cap ensures your Lord will never 
    be a stellar sword user like the SM. They'll also be annoyingly slow mid-game 
    and get doubled by all but the slowest enemies. Not to mention they are 
    usually running like hell towards some castle or throne or other and won't 
    have much time to stop and hit things for XP.
    Cavalier - Decent all around class. With the highest MOV of any unpromoted 
    class, you will rely on them to cover great distances during the early game. 
    However it takes a certain type of uber unit to make up for the Cavaliers 
    mediocre base stats and growths, namely My Unit, Palla, Catria, and Shiida.
    Hunter - If you want to level someone as a bow user, these guys will perform 
    very well. Still, they aren't nearly as good as snipers or horsemen due to 
    their low MOV and lack of base weapon level.
    Mage - An OK class if you need to level a caster like Merric, but they can't 
    use staves. Promote to Sage asap.
    Cleric/Curate - An OK class to level your healers in, but their 5 MOV is 
    terrible. Promote to Sage asap.
    Bishop - Sacrifices MAG for higher staff level and more RES. Not the best 
    caster class to be in, but if you need to bump a units stave level up 
    temporarily so they can use a certain level of staff, you don't have much of a 
    General - Generals have great base DEF, but their low SPD and MOV hinders 
    their usefulness. If you can get a Draco or Paladin to 30 DEF they will be 
    superior to the 30 DEF General in almost every way. Generals are useful for 
    the mid game when My Unit hasn't quite built up the huge amount of DEF needed 
    to get anywhere near the Paladin or Draco cap of 30. Catria, Shiida, and 
    Palla all make good generals because they'll never hit the Paladin DEF cap 
    without a boatload of stat boosts. General Aran and Sirius can make some 
    early game chapters much easier since they are fast enough to not get doubled 
    and still have ridiculous DEF for that point in the game.
    Horseman - Inferior to the Sniper except for one stat - MOV. Sometimes you'll 
    need that extra MOV to pull off a strategy that the Sniper just can't reach. 
    Unlike the Sniper, they can keep up with your 9-10 MOV units on long distance 
    run chapters. Their 30 SPD cap means they'll be kicking ass all the way to 
    the final chapter.
    Paladin - Unlike the Cavalier, Paladins aren't quite as useful by the time 
    you're in the mid-game and everyone is promoted. This is mostly due to the 
    superior Dracoknight and Falcoknight, who have higher base DEF and STR and can 
    fly. Paladins do have a very high base RES, though, which makes them ideal 
    for tanking if you can get them to 30 DEF, which is pretty much only possible 
    with a Knight MU unless you dump stat boosts on Palla or Catria. Their 
    abnormally high RES also makes them useful for tanking mid-late game casters 
    that would hit like a truck otherwise.
    Berserker - 30 STR and 28 SPD means they will double almost everything and hit 
    like a ton of bricks. Bonus 10 to crit makes them even more destructive. 
    Their 2 MOV cost on water combined with their SPD makes them useful in several 
    situations where a flier is too slow or too vulnerable to do the job. 
    Unfortnately their 7 MOV sucks and their low DEF/RES makes them especially 
    fragile against multiple enemies or casters. They are also the perfect class 
    to start leveling your My Unit axes with.
    Outclassed Classes:
    Knight - Only useful on flat terrain where movement isn't an issue. Their 5 
    MOV and very low SPD really hurts them, especially in the early game where 
    nobody has a very high base SPD yet. Only a SPD blessed knight MU can pull 
    off the knight class with any success, and even then you'll want to switch 
    them to Cavalier once you're past Chapter 1.
    Archer - That extra 5 SPD growth doesn't make up for their worse bases and 1 
    less MOV compared to a Hunter.
    Mercenary - While they have a bit more HP, STR, and DEF than the Myrmidon, 
    their loss of 2 SPD is usually not enough to allow your unit to keep doubling 
    early game enemies, which is far more important than 1 more STR and DEF.
    Fighter/Pirate - An OK set of classes, but their extremely low DEF means they 
    will be paper tigers at best. Unfortunately your early game healers are not 
    likely to be able to keep up with the large amount of HP that needs to be 
    healed every time they take damage.
    Dark Mage - Compared to a Mage they sacrifice 10 MAG for 10 RES and 5 SPD 
    growth, and 1 base MAG for 2 base DEF. Since MAG is the more important stat, 
    there's no real reason to use this class.
    Sorceror - Similar to the Dark Mage, they sacrifice MAG for DEF and RES. No 
    point in using this class over the Sage.
    Hero - Easily the worst promoted physical damage class. No 10 crit bonus like 
    the Berserker and no 10 evade bonus like the SM. Terrible caps with nothing 
    useful to make up for it. D base swords and E axes - he can't even use a hand 
    axe at promotion. They only get 1 more MOV and 1 DEF cap over the Berserker.
    I'm not aware of any strategy in the game that would make you want to take 
    a Hero over a Berserker, Swordmaster, or axe Dracoknight.
    Warrior - Warriors are supposed to be 'axe tanks' with higher SPD and STR caps 
    than the general, but lower DEF cap. The problem is that their low DEF/RES 
    bases, DEF growths, and 28 DEF cap ensure they'll never be as good a tank as 
    the General, Paladin, or Dracoknight. Compared to a Berserker, they lack the 
    10 crit bonus, 2 MOV on water, and have 4 less SPD cap.
    Manakete - The only reason this class is marginally useful is because their 
    Divine Stones are effective against most dragons. Maybe possibly worth taking 
    in one chapter if your other units can't kill dragons as effectively.
    3a. Prologue Walkthrough
    3a. Prologue Walkthrough: If you lose characters during the prologue, they 
    will come back on Chapter 1 even on classic difficulty mode. Marth's army will 
    receive 10000G at the start of Chapter 1, minus 1000G for every unit fallen 
    during the prologue, so try not to let anyone fall (this still applies to 
    casual mode). If you don't get Rody or Luke any +HP or +DEF during the 
    prologue, they will get one shot by Chapter 1 bandits, so make sure to get 
    them at least one HP or DEF growth. 
    Your prologue experience will be different depending on what class you chose 
    for My Unit. You can't reclass until Chapter 1. You can recruit different 
    units as the prologue progresses which will alter your strategy. You should 
    probably give Luke more XP than Rody when you have the choice, as Rody isn't 
    normally worth using beyond the first few chapters.
    The prologue does not count against your end of game ranking, but you can 
    still speed through it if you choose. Prologue turn counts are still listed 
    during the end of game credits.
    Prologue 1 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 4
    The Lunatic Reverse run will be written assuming you rolled a Knight w/ +2 
    STR, +1 DEF, and +SKL/SPD, and male class limits are removed, since you need 
    to complete Lunatic to unlock Lunatic Reverse. The Lunatic Reverse run is 
    more of a LTC and turn counts are significantly less than my original 
    Lunatic run. Reload for SPD growths which should have a 45% chance to proc. 
    You don't have to reload for the other growths as long as knight My Unit isn't 
    getting doubled by bandits or mercenaries. Move straight for Jagen while 
    killing the soldier with counterattacks. Counter Jagen to death while using 
    vulneraries. If you want to clear in 4 turns you'll have to reload until 
    Jagen has 11 STR and not 12 STR.
    Prologue 2 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 4
    If your knight has enough STR, he should be able to kill Luke in one turn with 
    Ryan's help. Repeat the same strategy against Rody.
    Prologue 3 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 4
    Rely on Ryan's bow to weaken/kill enemies and stay in screenshot 1 formation 
    while using vulneraries if nobody can attack without dying. After the merc 
    and fighter are dead, pull the remaining fighter and Shiida as usual.
    Prologue 3 Intermission Choice:
    Yes - Fight and recruit Athena in Prologue 4. I recommend recruiting Athena 
    over Gordin.
    No - Fight Jeorge and recruit Gordin in Prologue 4.
    Prologue 5 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 5
    The bandits here have 8 SPD so you'll want your knight to have at least 5 SPD 
    by now, or he will be far less useful. Place units in counterattack range and 
    kill off the bandits (Screenshot 1). Use My Unit to lure one of the archers 
    in for a kill on Turn 2 (Screenshot 2). Make sure to get some XP for Luke and 
    Rody from the hunters that won't fight back in melee range.
    Prologue 5 Intermission Choice:
    Yes - Fight and recruit Draug in Prologue 6.
    No - Fight and recruit Oguma in Prologue 6.
    Prologue 6 vs Draug Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 3
    Recommended Units: Merric, Luke, Shiida, Wrys
    Pretty much the same strat as Lunatic mode. Pull enemies, kill them as they 
    approach. You'll just be taking more damage while doing so. If you want to 
    finish in 3 turns, pull both soldiers and the archer on turn 1, then pull the 
    mage and draug on turn 2.
    Prologue 6 vs Oguma Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 3
    Recommended Units: Athena, Merric, Shiida, Wrys
    Position your knight and Merric by the lower bridge. Wear the enemy down with 
    counterattacks on enemy phase 1 then kill as much as possible on phases 2-3. 
    Your knight can use an iron spear for better accuracy and still get the job 
    done with Merric's help.
    Prologue 6 Intermission Choice:
    Yes - Fight and recruit Cain in Prologue 7. Other enemies are knights and 
    No - Fight and recruit Est in Prologue 7. Other enemies are fighters and 
    Prologue 7 vs Cain Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 3
    Recommended Units: Merric, Shiida, Ogma, Luke, Athena
    Plug up the incoming enemies with your knight while everyone else punches 
    north to kill Cain. Unless your Luke has 9 or more STR, you'll need Ogma to 
    help kill Cain.
    Prologue 7 vs Est Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 4
    Pretty much the same as the Lunatic version, except you'll need to use 
    vulneraries to make up for the damage everyone will be taking. 4 turns is 
    possible if you land all of your 75-80% lance attacks against the axe users 
    and Est. This is probably the most difficult prologue chapter.
    Prologue 7 Intermission Choice:
    Yes - My Unit puts on a headband as a costume piece.
    No - My Unit doesn't put on the headband.
    Prologue 8 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 11
    Suggested Party: Athena, Shiida, Merric, Cain, Luke, Wrys
    You can pull more aggressively using your knight My Unit, but you still 
    shouldn't pull the two silver axe bandits and mages near the save point until 
    the reinforcements are finished. By turns 7-8 everything but the boss group 
    should be dead and you can head south to the save point. Hopefully the levin 
    sword thieves have 13 and not 14 SPD or you'll have a lot more trouble killing 
    them and you might have to run away instead of kill them all in 1 turn.
    Prologue 8 Intermission Choice:
    Yes - Remove the headband costume piece.
    No - Keep the headband costume piece on.
    4a. Main Story Walkthrough
    Chapter 1:
    Preparations: Aran's growths suck, but you have to use him because he's a 
    promoted unit and has access to useful promoted classes like dracoknight, 
    swordmaster, sniper, general, etc. Gordon is a decent archer or cavalier for 
    the time being, but his 10 SPD growth means he's doomed on Lunatic mode, so 
    you should use him sparingly. Luke, and Rody are probably still around level 
    2-5 depending on how much you used them - hopefully they have enough HP to 
    survive a chapter 1 bandit attack, or they will be pretty useless as melee 
    units. My Unit and Marth should be around lv 7-10 depending on how much you 
    used them.
    Unit Choices:
    Male class limits not removed: Hunter Draug, Swordmaster Aran, Mage Cecil, and 
    everyone else on your roster.
    Male class limits removed: General Aran instead of Swordmaster.
    Cave - Bullion
    2x Bandit - Vulnerary
    Aran (Paladin) - Joins during intermission.
    Gordon (Archer) - Joins during intermission.
    Malliesia (Cleric) - Visit the village.
    Weapon Shop: Iron Weapons, Javelin, Hand Axe
    Chapter 1 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Knight My Unit, General Aran, Hunter 
    Draug, Myrmidon, Mercenary, or Cavalier Luke, Cavalier Rody, Archer Gordin, 
    Archer Ryan, Cleric Cecil.
    Chapter 1 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 8
    Both Knight MU and General Aran should be 3RKO by bandits, making them 
    especially resilient.
    Turn 1: Move your generals and melee units east forming a frontline wall to 
    deal counterattack damage. (Screenshot 1)
    Turn 2: Finish off all bandits and the hunter. Move Marth north towards the 
    Turn 3: Kill the thief and visit the village with Marth. The easiest way to 
    kill the thief is attack with MU or Aran, then finish with a bow user that can 
    take one hit. Pick up 3 javelins and a hand axe. Since you are using a lance 
    MU and Aran, Palla, Shiida, Sirius, and Catria all want lances, you'll 
    probably be pressed for lances and have a glut of axes.
    Turns 4-8: Pull the bandits with one of your armored units. (Screenshot 2)  
    Start killing them with general Aran and knight My Unit in front. Use the 
    save point if you need to hit an enemy standing on the fort that you only have 
    60-70% chance to hit. Move Marth towards the castle and capture. (Screenshot 
    3) Use the second save point for a good level up from the last bandit if 
    Chapter 2:
    Preparations: You'll want 3-4 archers for this chapter to handle the 
    dracoknights at the end of the chapter. Hopefully your My Unit has some 
    impressive stats by now. Give someone a steel lance and vulnerary to hand to 
    Catria. Catria is a goddess in training so treat her well. You can kill the 
    thief in 2 hits - one javelin from Catria, then one steel spear from Catria, 
    as long as the thief has 1 DEF and not 2 DEF. Keep reloading your save until 
    the thief has 1 DEF, it won't take long.
    Unit Choices:
    Male class limits not removed: Sniper Aran, hunter Draug, and everyone but 
    Male class limits removed: General Aran instead of Sniper
    Lady Sword - Thief
    Boss - Steel Axe
    Vulnerary 2x - Hunter and Soldier
    Catria (pegasus knight) - Joins at start.
    Warren (hunter) - Talk to with Catria.
    Cord (fighter) - Visit village.
    Chapter 2 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Cavalier My Unit, General Aran, 
    Myrmidon Luke, Cavalier Rody, Archer Gordin, Archer Ryan, Hunter Draug, Cleric 
    Your units will need about 8 SPD to avoid being doubled on this chapter. Aran 
    has 8 SPD as a general so he should be ok for now. Make your MU into a 
    cavalier if he has enough SPD to double the 10-11 SPD enemies.
    Chapter 2 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 7
    The strategy here is much the same as Lunatic mode. Kill the thief using 
    Catria while everyone else heads north towards the castle. Place Aran and My 
    Unit in front to soften enemies with counterattacks, then finish them off with 
    your bow users. The cavaliers and soldiers can't do much but tickle Aran and 
    MU. Pull the dracos with Aran and MU counterattacking, but avoid the boss as 
    it will probably double them. Use the 2nd save point to reload in case any of 
    your archers attacks miss. In order to finish in 7 turns, you have to move 
    Marth right outside the bosses attack range and provide a lower HP/DEF 
    distraction so the two rightmost dracos don't gang up on Marth - someone like 
    fighter Draug who has 3-4 DEF and can take a hit.
    Chapter 3:
    Preparations: There are a ton of dracoknights in this chapter so 2-3 archers 
    helps a lot. It's a good idea to make someone into a pirate for this map if 
    you don't have one because being able to walk on water terrain to hit 
    dracoknights is very helpful.
    Unit Choices:
    Male class limits not removed: My Unit, Ryan, hunter Draug, sniper Aran, Luke, 
    Linde, Catria, and Malliesia.
    Male class limits removed: General Aran
    Tetsu Axe - Dragon Knight
    Steel Blade - Thief
    Silver Lance - Dracoknight
    Master Proof - Dracoknight
    Taurus Star - Lucke (boss)
    Weapon Shop: Steel Weapons, Hand Axe, Javelin
    Linde (mage) - Joins during battle preparations.
    Palla (pegasus knight) - Joins on first turn.
    Bord (fighter) - Visit SW village.
    Julian (thief) - Visit NE village.
    Matthis (cavalier) - Talk to with Julian.
    Sidequests: Chapter 3x - Complete Chapter 3 in N24 H28 M33 L38 L'43 or less 
    If you fail the sidequest turn count, you can still access the sidequest if 
    nobody fell during the prologue.
    Enemy Reinforcements: Enemy Turns 2-5: Cavaliers from north forts.
    Chapter 3 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Cavalier My Unit, General Aran, 
    Myrmidon Luke, Hunter Draug, Hunter Ryan, Cleric Malliesia, Pegasus Knight 
    Catria, Mage Linde.
    Chapter 3 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 17
    If My Unit doesn't have 17-18 DEF as a Cavalier by now, you should probably 
    buy him a Draco Shield. Palla will take damage killing the thief, so use a 
    vulnerary on turns 4 and 5 to make up for it. In order to LTC this 
    chapter, you need to pull the master seal draco by turn 4. Throw Aran and MU 
    into the incoming dracos range to soften them up with counterattacks or just 
    kill them outright. Deal with the cavaliers with Palla and MU. Try to get 
    Catria a level or two here, even though she won't be as useful as your ranged 
    units at killing dracos. For the boss pull, put MU in front and 1-2 to the 
    sides to draw aggro as usual. Smack the boss around with a silver spear then 
    finish it off with someone else like Palla if MU doesn't have enough health on 
    the last turn.
    Chapter 3x:
    Preparations: Lots of knights here, and you know how to deal with those - 
    magic, rapiers, hammers, etc. If you did a few minutes of reloading for 
    level up growths and you have a pirate My Unit he should be a beast by now who 
    can easily double the knights and tear them apart. Even if he doesn't have 
    uber stats he'll still be useful with the hammer. I suggest bringing 
    fighter/pirate My Unit, Linde, dracoknight Aran, Palla, and Catria. If My 
    Unit isn't a fighter/pirate that can use the hammer, replace Linde or Draug 
    with someone who can do so. Give Catria the Taurus orb to boost her stats a 
    Unit Choices:
    Male class limits not removed: My Unit, Linde, dracoknight Aran, Palla, and 
    Wrys - Joins on first turn.
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    Enemy Turn 4 - 2x Knight from the forts.
    Deployment: Position Catria on the northmost square so she can move to a safe 
    spot on turn 1.
    Chapter 3x Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Cavalier My Unit, Draco Aran, Peg 
    Palla, Peg Catria, Mage Linde.
    Chapter 3x Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 6
    Here you'll need to kill both archers and all 3 armors in 1 turn, so you're 
    going to need to dig into the stat boosts at the store. You shouldn't give 
    boosts to Aran or MU, because Aran is crap and MU is already godlike. Give 
    Marth a Speedwing to get his SPD to 13 and either give him an Energy Drop for 
    +2 STR or forge his Rapier so he can one round one of the knights. Send 
    Catria and My Unit after the archers and the rest at the armors. Palla and 
    Marth should be able to one round an armor each, and Linde and Aran should be 
    able to take out the third one. Once those guys are dead, pick off the two 
    enemies chasing Wrys and head towards the castle. Use this chapter as an 
    opportunity to get Catria some more XP.
    Chapter 3x Intermission Choice:
    Yes - My Unit becomes bald thanks to Wrys.
    No - My Unit keeps his/her hair.
    Chapter 4:
    Unit Choices:
    Male class limits not removed: My Unit, Linde, cavalier Catria w/ Lady Sword, 
    hunter Draug, Luke, Palla, swordmaster Aran, and cavalier Rody.
    Devil Sword - Thief
    Vulnerary - Archer
    Armorslayer - Thief
    Steel Bow - Hunter
    Bullion - Gayle (boss)
    Shaver - Visit SW village.
    Oguma (mercenary) - Joins on first turn.
    Yumina (cleric) - Joins on first turn.
    Yubello (mage) - Joins on first turn.
    Sirius (paladin) - Speak to with Oguma.
    Castor - Visit NE village.
    Shiida - Joins after chapter is over.
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    Enemy Turns 2-4: 2x bandit, 1x hunter from west forts.
    Enemy Turns 3-4: 1x bandit from east fort.
    See Screenshot 1.
    Chapter 4 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Cavalier My Unit, Peg or Cavalier 
    Catria and Palla, Linde, Aran, Hunters Ryan and Draug, Myrm/Merc Luke, 
    Chapter 4 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 8
    Similar strat to Lunatic mode, except a lot more healing is needed for your 
    melee units. Bring units that are 14-15 SPD so they can double the 
    hunters/pirates/bandits. Stick units like Linde, Aran, and Ryan on the forts 
    to block reinforcements.
    Chapter 5:
    Preparations: Your army just keeps getting bigger. You have to bring Oguma to 
    recruit Barst. You don't have to recruit Rickard in this chapter, since he 
    shows up in Chapter 6 as well. You can use that extra spot to make this 
    chapter a bit easier. As far as choosing a healer goes, just pick the one 
    with the highest staff level, probably Malliesia.
    Unit Choices:
    Male class limits not removed: My Unit w/ hammer, Oguma w/ armorslayer and 
    iron axe, hunter Draug, dracoknight Sirius, dracoknight Aran, Malliesia, 
    cavalier Catria w/ lady sword, cavalier Palla, cavalier Shiida, and Luke.
    Male class limits removed:
    Hammerne - NW village
    Iron Sword - Thief
    Holy Water - Mage
    Fire Tome - Mage
    Master Proof - Thief
    Vulnerary - Dracoknight
    Gemini Star - Torus (boss)
    Physic - Bishop
    Barst (fighter) - Talk to with Oguma.
    Rickard (thief) - Talk to with Julian. Shows up in Chapter 6 if you don't 
    recruit him here.
    Jeorge (sniper) - Don't kill him this chapter, and you'll be able to recruit 
    him during Chapter 8.
    Secret Shop: Located between the two visible shops on the map. 1x Master Proof
    Weapon Shop: Steel weapons, Javelin, Handaxe
    Tool Shop: Fire, Heal Staff, Door Key, Vulnerary
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    Enemy Turn 8 - Thief in SW corner of the map which will head towards NW 
    Deployment: See Screenshot 1.
    Chapter 5 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Dracos MU and Sirius, Cavaliers 
    Catria, Palla, Shiida, and Luke, Hunters Ryan and Draug, Malliesia, and 
    Myrmidon Ogma.
    Early promote My Unit in this chapter. He should be about lv 16-17 and nearly 
    stat capped in everything anyway. 14-15 SPD is needed to double the cavaliers 
    and mages on the map. Choose whichever classes get your units to that SPD. 
    You want your ladies to be cavaliers because that extra 1 MOV is essential for 
    storming the castle. 
    Chapter 5 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 12
    Instead of trying to kill all the cavaliers, just kill the closest one with 
    draco MU and blockade the middle one with units that can take a hit. The 
    north cavalier will suicide on MU and the south one will attack whoever. Send 
    draco MU after the master proof thief. MU should one round the draco that 
    attacks him, while the other 3 head SE towards your main army. Finish off the 
    dracos while your cavaliers and dracos get in position to storm the castle. 
    You have 4 cavaliers and 2 dracos including MU to easily wipe out the castle 
    forces. Rescue Marth after getting the Hammerne for a 12 turn finish. Just 
    make sure to get the physic before capturing.
    Chapter 6:
    Preparations: To kill the bishops you'll need a unit with 17 SPD that can 
    double it, probably cavalier Catria. She will likely need a forged Javelin 
    with both +1 STR Starshards in her inventory to have enough damage. If she 
    has 10 STR then a +3 might forged javelin along with the two Stars for +2 STR 
    will do fine, assuming the bishop has 30 HP and 4 DEF.
    Unit Choices: My Unit, paladin or general Sirius, Cavalier Catria w/ forged 
    javalin, Shiida, hunter Draug, Palla, Linde, Malliesia, myrmidon Luke, and 
    Bullion (L) - SE chest
    Magic Shield - Middle left chest
    Libra Star - Middle right chest
    Vulnerary – Knight, sniper
    Door key - Knight, bishop
    Secret Book - Bishop
    ElFire - Mage
    Live Staff - Bishop
    Cancer Star - Lang (boss)
    Rickard (thief) - If you didn't recruit him in Chapter 5, he shows up in this 
    chapter. This is your last chance to recruit him.
    Frey (cavalier) - Joins on turn 3.
    Norne (archer) - Joins on turn 3.
    Samto (myrmidon) - Talk to with Ogma or Shiida
    Sidequests: 6x - Complete Chapter 6 in N20 H24 M28 L32 L'36 turns.
    If you fail the sidequest turn count, you can still access the sidequest if 
    you recruited Rickard.
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    Enemy Turn 3-6 - 2x Soldier at lower entrance
    Enemy Turn 3, 6, 7 - Knight and archer at lower entrance
    Aggroing the knights in the throne room - All previously stationary enemies on 
    the map will aggro.
    Chapter 6 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Paladin or Berserker My Unit, Peg or 
    Cavalier Catria and Palla, Hunter Draug, Malliesia, Cavalier Shiida, Myrmidon 
    Luke, Julian, Generals Sirius and Aran
    You'll need to use Pegasus Knight Palla or Catria to kill the two mages and 
    the bishops. They'll need 17 SPD, Holy Water, and enough STR/weapon level to 
    one round the bishops. Stack the Taurus and Gemini starshards for an extra +2 
    STR, then forge a javelin if you have to. You don't need to use both of them 
    for the task. Give her a javelin, both starshards if needed, a vulnerary, and 
    holy water. 
    Shiida and Marth need to be able to one round the knights in the boss room 
    with the rapier/wing spear. My Unit needs to be able to one round the knights 
    with a forged javelin or hand axe. 
    Chapter 6 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 7
    Move Palla/Catria into the 2x mage aggro range, then send her at the bishops, 
    then place her at the door next to the mage to counter and kill it. When she 
    gets the door key/skill book drop, replace the holy water so it goes back into 
    Marth's caravan. You can then hand the holy water to My Unit on the other 
    side of the map.
    Use My Unit to tear up most of the armors to the west. Open the door for him 
    then one round the sniper, then recruit Samto with Shiida. Charge into the 
    throne room using holy watered My Unit and slaying many noobs. Use generals 
    Sirius and Aran to blockade the reinforcements, with help from Frey and 
    Norne. Aran will be taking the most punishment due to his shitty 8 SPD so 
    you'll need to use vulneraries and physics to keep him up. Use the save point 
    just in case the Killer Lance knight lands an unlikely crit.
    As for the thieves and treasure, here's what they should be doing:
    Turn 1 - Julian moves SE
    Turn 2 - Julian opens SE door
    Turn 3 - Julian talks to Rickard and opens SE chest
    Turns 4-7 - Rickard heads towards the remaining two chests and opens them.
    Chapter 6x:
    Vulnerary - Warrior, knight
    Wendell (sage) - joins during intermission
    Caesar (mercenary) - finish 6x without killing him
    Radd (myrmidon) - finish 6x without killing him
    Chapter 6x Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Draco My Unit, Malliesia, Cavalier 
    Shiida, Cavalier Palla, Myrmidon Luke, SM Sirius.
    Chapter 6x Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 1
    Bring your best units here. You'll need to be able to one shot the boss, 3 
    fighters, and 1 knight if you want to get every item and still clear in 1 
    turn. Draco MU should kill the boss, Shiida should kill the knight, and 
    Palla, Luke, and Sirius should each take a fighter. You can use try using
     devil and killer swords and keep reloading until you get the kills, or 
    try using starshards, forges, or stat buffs.
    Chapter 7:
    Preparations: The duo of dracoknight Sirius and Aran won't cut it here, so 
    you'll to need to promote Catria to a dracoknight for this chapter if you want 
    to get all the items and recruits. It may be possible to do this without 
    promoting Catria if you bring 3 staff users and use 3 rescue charges, but 
    you'll want her to be promoted soon anyway. In my run Catria was already lv 
    13 with capped SPD so it wasn't a big deal to promote her a little early. If 
    you've been holding out on promoting her, you're going to have to if you want 
    all the chapter loot.
    Unit Choices:
    Male class limits not removed: My Unit, dracoknight Catria, dracoknight 
    Sirius, dracoknight Aran, hunter Draug, Malliesia, another staff user, and two 
    choices between Shiida, Luke, or Palla.
    You may need to forge a silver spear capable of one shotting the 30HP thieves 
    on the map, depending on Sirius' STR w/ the +2 STR star buff. If you have a 
    Sirius with 14 STR and A lances you'll only need to forge +1 onto the silver 
    spear, or if he has 15 STR you don't need to forge anything. And no, you 
    can't use Catria for the silver lance, you need her speed to double the enemy 
    You'll also need to use up two rescue staff charges getting Catria and Sirius 
    close to the action, so if you've been using the staff a lot you will need to 
    cast Hammerne on the staff to regenerate its charges so that it doesn't 
    break. If you've been following the guide, you'll only have used the rescue 
    staff once or twice in Chapter 4, so you should still have 2-3 charges left 
    before needing to repair it with the Hammerne or waiting until Chapter 16 to 
    get another rescue staff.
    To kill the fire dragon, you'll need someone with high HP/DEF who can survive 
    a hit and can counterattack at range, for one thing. It does 36 dmg to a 0 
    DEF unit, so find someone with a winning HP/DEF balance. I used pirate My 
    Unit with his hand axes. Chip away at its health while kiting it east and 
    finish it with Linde whose Aura spell should do about 17-19 dmg to it 
    depending on her MAG.
    Physic - on the cave spot
    Iron sword, 2x master proof, angelic robe, wo dao, bullian, scorpio star - 
    Levin sword - Dahl (boss)
    Firestone - fire dragon
    Nabarl (myrmidon) - Appears on first turn
    Feena (dancer) - Appears on first turn
    Astram (hero) - Do not kill him in Chapters 7, 8, and 9, and you can recruit 
    him with Jeorge in Chapter 16.
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    Approach the cave - a fire dragon will spawn
    Enemy Turns 3, 5, 7 - 2x knight, 2x cavalier, 1x mage at the forts
    Weapon Store: Steel weapons, Hand Axe, Javelin.
    Deployment:  See Screenshot 1. Place the rescue staff holder in the top spot, 
    and the other staff user in the northeast spot.
    Chapter 7 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Dracos My Unit and Sirius, Myrm Luke, 
    Cavalier or Peg Shiida, Palla, and Catria, Malliesia, Yumina, and one staff 
    user of any level.
    Chapter 7 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 5
    The reason for bringing 3 staff users is because you need Malliesia to repair 
    the rescue staff with hammerne, then two more staff users to rescue Draco MU 
    and Sirius northward. Plus it's nice to be able to heal your dragon team and 
    thief team at the same time.
    The dragon is more dangerous now that you can't attack it without getting 
    hit. Lure it back with a 17+ SPD range unit then hit it with other 17+ SPD 
    units. You can finish it off with a below 17 SPD unit as long as they don't 
    get one shot or don't miss. I used Palla to kite the dragon with then used 
    Palla, Luke, and Shiida to finish it off. If you're planning to finish in 5 
    turns you have a much smaller time window to kill it and reach the cave for 
    the Physic.
    Send Draco MU, Sirius, and one of your pegasus knights north to deal with the 
    thieves. Nabarl will take a bit of extra damage hitting the thief on turn 1 
    but he can use a vulnerary after Feena dances for him. Draco MU should be one 
    shotting thieves left and right and easily survive a hit from an archer. 
    Dance for Marth as he approaches to get him into the castle on turn 5. If you 
    have someone who can one shot thieves besides My Unit, or if you add an extra 
    flier up north, you'll have some extra moves to use the save points.
    Chapter 7 Intermission Choice:
    Yes - My Unit puts on a bishop's miter costume piece.
    No - My Unit doesn't put on the miter.
    Chapter 8:
    Preparations: The generals have 12-13 SPD so choose units that can double up 
    on them. Hunter Draug should be fast enough to double them, and if you give 
    Linde the speed star she will probably be able to as well if you've been 
    leveling her. Not really sure who to give the angelic robe to, so just hold 
    on to it until it's clear that you need to use it to obtain a recruit or loot.
    Unit Choices:
    My Unit, dracoknight Sirius, hunter Draug, general Catria, two stave users, 
    Palla, Feena, myrmidon Luke, and Shiida or Linde.
    Sagittarius Star - Jeorge (boss)
    Firestone - Thief
    Silver bow - Sniper
    Arms scroll - General
    Leo Star - Thief
    Astram (hero) - Do not kill him in Chapters 7, 8, and 9, and you can recruit 
    him with Jeorge in Chapter 16.
    Cain (cavalier) - Joins at start of chapter.
    Bantu (manakete) - Visit village.
    Roger (knight) - Talk to with Shiida
    Jeorge (sniper) - Talk to with Marth or Gordin. Must have survived Chapter 5.
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    Enemy Turn 2-5 - 2 cavaliers and 2 knights from SW fort, and a mage from SE 
    Enemy Turn 6 - 4 generals from the NE, plus all of the generals and heroes on 
    the map will aggro
    Weapon Store: Silver Spear, Silver Bow, Hammer, Armorslayer
    Chapter 8 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Generals My Unit and Sirius, Cavalier 
    or Peg Catria, Shiida, and Palla, Myrmidon Luke, Hunter Draug, Malliesia, 
    Yumina, Feena.
    Chapter 8 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 6
    It's time to break out the big guns. General My Unit, who should be nigh 
    invincible, needs to plow through a boatload of generals to clear the way for 
    Marth. Use MU and Sirius to blockade the generals while Marth slips past. 
    You can of course get your other units lots of XP from what MU doesn't kill. 
    Send a high SPD flier after the south thief, preferably someone who can double 
    or one shot it, then keep them down there to kill the mage reinforcements as 
    they spawn. Hold back the incoming forces from the south with Cain and 
    another of your less potent units against Generals. The two save points are 
    easy opportunities for level ups.
    Chapter 9:
    Preparations: The dracoknights in this chapter have 20 SPD, making them very 
    dangerous to any of your slower units. Marth needs to run NE to the village 
    then W to the castle while your other units hold off the incoming dracos. By 
    the time you fend off the enemy dracoknights, your ground units won't be able 
    to catch up to Marth, so you'll need fliers to get around the desert terrain. 
    Dracoknight Sirius and Catria are a given, but you need one more. Your 
    options are Shiida, Palla, Wendell, or MU if you have male class limits 
    removed. Promote your fighter My Unit this chapter if they are STR/SPD capped 
    and around lv 18. Early promote hunter Draug to Sniper so he can start using 
    silver bows. All of your units attacking the dracoknights need to be able to 
    take one hit.
    You get the boots in this chapter. If you're not too concerned about turn 
    count, give the boots to My Unit or another strong unit like Catria, so you 
    have access to a 12 MOV unit. If you're LTC'ing, give Marth the boots.
    Unit Choices: Berserker or Draco My Unit, Feena, Dracoknights Sirius and 
    Catria, dracoknight or pegasus Shiida and Palla, Malliesia, Hunter Draug, 
    Julian, Luke.
    Capricorn Star - Right chest
    Boots - Left chest
    Thief staff - thief
    Steel sword - thief
    Master proof - thief
    Vulnerary - mage, dracoknight
    Steel spear - dracoknight
    steel axe - dracoknight
    Thunder - mage
    Speedwing - bishop
    Mend - bishop
    Master proof - Yodel (boss)
    Astram (hero) - Do not kill him in Chapters 7, 8, and 9, and you can recruit 
    him with Jeorge in Chapter 16.
    Minerva (dracoknight) - Visit village.
    Etzel (sorceror) - Talk to with Marth.
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    Enemy turn 7 - 6x hero at south of map, including Astram
    Weapon Shop: Steel Weapons, Silver Axe, Silver Sword
    Left Item Shop: Door Key, Vulnerary, Holy Water
    Right item Shop: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, ElFire, Heal, Mend
    See Screenshot 1.
    Chapter 9 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Dracos My Unit and Sirius, Pegasus 
    Knight/Cavalier Shiida, Catria, and Palla, Myrm Luke, Hunter Draug, Feena, 
    Julian, Malliesia, Yumina.
    Chapter 9 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 7
    Turn 1: Move Marth east, dance for him, then send him to the village which he 
    should reach on Turn 5. Send Julian to the treasure chests. Use the Barrier 
    staff on MU. Kill the steel spear thief with MU then rescue him. One shot 
    the thief staff thief with draco Sirius. Move counterattackers in range of 
    the two incoming NW dracos.
    Turn 2: Kill the draco next to the river with MU's forged hand axe from the 
    south, then dance for him and kill the farthest draco with the hand axe. Take 
    care of the other two dracos with the rest of your party. One shot the master 
    proof thief with Sirius. (Screenshot 1)
    Turn 3: Position counterattackers in enemy mage range, but out of dracoknight 
    range. Lure Etzel towards the village with one of your pegasus knights 
    (Screenshot 2) - he should reach the village by Turn 6, so Marth can talk to 
    him. You can use the save point with Marth and still reach the village on 
    Turn 5.
    Turn 4: Aggro the two dracos by the castle with MU.
    Turn 5: Visit the village with Marth.
    Turn 6: Etzel should be within talking range of Marth. Talk to Etzel with 
    Marth and slay any mages that may have came with him. Start killing the 
    bishops by the castle with MU and your fliers. (Screenshot 3)
    Turn 7: Rescue Marth next to the castle, kill the boss, then capture. Astram 
    won't even get to show up this time.
    Chapter 10:
    Preparations: This is a good chapter to get any of your non-promoted units 
    some XP including Marth. It's not crazy like the last two chapters where you 
    need to keep running around and mowing down enemies as fast as possible to 
    avoid killing Astram. The enemies in this chapter are the same slow mages 
    with a few slightly faster mercs - not very daunting opposition. You'll need 
    two stave users on this map to follow the bishop killing strategy. You need 
    to take Wendell to recruit the boss, so that's one. The other spot can be 
    taken by sage Linde or Eztel.
    Unit Choices: My Unit, Feena, paladin Catria (to avoid dracoknight speed cap), 
    dracoknight or paladin (or whatever?) Sirius, Wendell, Julian, Rickard, Shiida 
    or Palla, hunter Draug, myrmidon Luke, and one more stave user (sage Linde, 
    Eztel, etc.)
    Unlock - far right chest
    Recover - far left chest
    Bullion (L) - mid right chest
    Physic - mid left chest
    Holy water - Priest
    Vulnerary - Priest
    ElFire - Mage
    Killer sword - Sniper
    Silver Card (Normal, Hard, or Maniac) or Vulnerary (Lunatic or Lunatic') - 
    Clear the chapter without killing any curates.
    Merric (Mage) - Joins on first turn.
    Ellerean (Mage) - Talk to with Wendell.
    Sidequests: 10x - Clear Chapter 10 in N15 H18 M21 L24 L'27 turns. If you fail 
    those turn times, you can still reach 10x if at least 3 curates are alive at 
    the end of chapter.
    Chapter 10 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Berserker My Unit, Sniper Draug, 
    Malliesia, Feena, Pegasus/Cavalier Palla, Shiida, and Catria, SM Sirius.
    Chapter 10 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 5
    Place Merric to the bosses left or right, de-equip his tome, and use Holy 
    Water. Send your two thieves to the outside chests while your staff user 
    opens the middle two with the thief staff. Send half of your team with Marth 
    and MU north to the throne while the rest of your team holds off the incoming 
    mages and mercs. Like all mages they hit like a ton of bricks so use +RES 
    buffs liberally. Make sure your defenders can counter ORKO the incoming mages 
    or they will be overwhelmed.
    Chapter 10x:
    Dice (Fighter) - Joins during intermission.
    Maris (Myrmidon) - Joins during intermission.
    Horace (General) - Joins on first turn.
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    Every Enemy Turn - Roros will respawn infinitely until you kill the 'real' 
    Roro and end the chapter.
    Chapter 10x Intermission Choice:
    Yes - My Unit puts on a mask costume piece.
    No - My Unit doesn't put on the mask.
    Chapter 10x Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Draco My Unit, Draco w/ 21 SPD, 
    Feena, Draug, Luke, whoever else.
    Chapter 10x Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 1
    You must reset your save until the boss roro is on the left/right and not the 
    middle (66.6~% chance). ORKO the middle roro in the way of the boss roro with 
    your 21 SPD draco. Send MU towards the boss Roro, dance for him, then move 10 
    spaces up to the Roros face and kill it. Use your other units to get some 
    free XP off the nearby Roros.
    Chapter 11:
    Preparations: This chapter is a great opportunity to catch Merric up in levels 
    by one shotting wyrms with Excalibur. Etzel is a decent ready-made caster 
    that can also heal, although he is very slow and won't cap sorcerer SPD on 
    average. Minerva is one of the only axe units besides fighter My Unit worth 
    You can get your first of 3 elysian whips in this chapter which promotes any 
    female to a falcoknight instead of a dracoknight. Catria is almost certainly 
    already promoted, so that leaves you with Palla or Shiida. The next whip you 
    get is in Chapter 16. Promoting Palla will give her +3 SPD which helps her 
    poor SPD growth a lot, while promoting Shiida will give you a low STR/HP but 
    easily SPD capped falco. If you've been using Palla a lot you'll probably 
    want to use the whip on her.
    There are many axes and wyrms on this map, which means you should bring 
    swords, bows, shaver/excalibur casters, and that dragonpike Minerva joined 
    with. Give priority to units or class combos that can reach 24 or higher SPD 
    to double the Wyrms.
    Unit Choices: Warrior or Draco My Unit, Feena, dracoknight Catria w/ 
    dragonpike, dracoknight Sirius, hunter/warrior Draug, Linde or Palla, Merric, 
    Etzel, Shiida w/ VIP card, and myrmidon/SM Luke.
    Map used from http://wiki.gamerp.jp/fe/data/237.html
    Treasure is always found 100% of the time by all units.
    Vulnerary - Wyvern
    Energy Drop - Dracoknight
    Steel Axe - Bandit
    Steel Bow - Sniper
    Master Sword - Swordmaster
    Killer Axe - Bandit
    Wyrmslayer - Dracoknight
    Jake (Warrior) - Talk to with Shiida
    Secret Shop: It's two squares east of where Jake is standing.
    Wyrmslayer, Armorslayer, Rapier, Ridersbane, Wing Spear, Dragonpike, Hammer, 
    Chapter 11 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Dracos My Unit, Sirius, Shiida, and 
    Palla, Malliesia, Sage Etzel, Yumina, Wendell, Catria, Swordmaster Luke.
    Chapter 11 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 7
    Send My Unit and Shiida north and everyone else west. Use My Unit to solo the 
    NE enemies and swordmasters. Rush your casters and dracos west, use Luke to 
    deal with the bandits and hunters to the west or just ignore them. Keep chain 
    pulling dracos with Etzel and healing him. Don't even bother triggering the 
    northwest castle trap, just rescue marth close to the castle, kill the boss, 
    grab the treasure, and capture. If you want to use the secret shop, hand the 
    member card from Shiida to Jake after recruiting him - I suggest buying 3 
    dragonpikes and a wyrmslayer. Your spear users will be using up those 
    dragonpikes like nothing if you expect to clear Ch 12-14 quickly. Make sure 
    to pick up all the treasure before capturing - Grab the NE treasure with 
    Shiida and Luke and the SW/W treasure with Sirius.
    Chapter 12:
    Preparations: There are many dragons on this map and they all hit as hard as 
    ever. At 18 SPD they aren't extremely fast, so anyone with decent STR who can 
    hit 22+ SPD is golden. The wyrms have gone up to 21 SPD which makes your 
    slower units look even more antiquated. You'll want to bring one or two 
    defensive units that can take at least 2 hits from the bandits, wyrms, and 
    dragons, unless you don't mind hiding in your starting area for most of the 
    chapter. General Catria and My Unit make good frontline choices that can take 
    more than a few hits.
    Merric is still useful with Excalibur - he should be leveling very quickly 
    still. Some high defense units to stand in front taking dragon attacks would 
    be useful.
    You should have a number of stat boost items available, and your team that 
    you'll be taking through the rest of the game should be more or less set by 
    now. Almost all new recruits from now on are not likely to make it on your 
    permanent roster either due to bad stats or being too difficult to level up. 
    You should have 2x STR, 1x MAG, 1x SKL, 2x SPD, 1x LCK, 1x DEF, 2x HP, 1x MOV, 
    and 1x Arms Scroll. I'm not sure if you should distribute them or save them 
    all for Marth who probably needs all the help he can get vs the final boss.
    Silver Sword - Swordmaster
    Devil Axe - Bandit
    Vulnerary - Wyrm
    Pisces Star - Fire Dragon
    Master Proof - Fire Dragon
    Darros - Talk to with Marth.
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    Turn 2 Enemy Phase - Bandit, 2x fire dragon at SE fort
    After crossing about 1/3 past the bridge - 2x Wyrm, fire dragon at northmost 
    middle 3 forts
    After taking a left at the north end of the bridge - 2x fire dragon at NW 
    fort, 2x wyrm, 1x fire dragon at mid N fort, 3x wyrm at middle bridge fort, 3x 
    wyrm at SE fort
    Chapter 12 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Berserker My Unit, Draco/Falco 
    Shiida, Palla, Sirius, and Catria, SM Luke, Sage Etzel and Malliesia, Horseman 
    Draug, Feena.
    You'll want at least two fliers with 22 SPD to double the fire dragons. MU 
    can kill the dragons without needing a dragonpike, but your other fliers won't 
    have that level of STR. Give Marth the Boots if you want to continue 
    Chapter 12 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 6
    Turn 1: Kill the two nearby fire dragons on the forts. Move MU north then 
    dance for him then move him further north to kill the bandit from the west 
    with a javelin or hand axe. MU will be attacked by a large number of enemies, 
    hopefully he gets a few crits so you have less to deal with on turn 2.
    Turn 2: Kill any nearby enemies. Recruit Darros. Position your fliers so 
    that they can reach at least the left and right forts in the group of 
    northmost middle forts on turn 3 to prevent reinforcement wyrms.
    Turn 3: Kill the 2 fire dragons and bandits then block off the forts. You 
    must block the left and right forts in the northmost middle group of forts or 
    wyrms will spawn from them.
    Turn 4: Kill the two fire dragons on the right side and position to kill the 
    two wyrms on the right.
    Turn 5: Kill the wyrm on the left and the nearest fire dragon. Block all of 
    the northmost middle forts again.
    Turn 6: Use the second save point then kill all of the fire dragons in the way 
    including the boss.
    Chapter 12 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Berserker My Unit, Draco/Falco 
    Shiida, Palla, Sirius, and Catria, SM Luke, Sage Etzel and Malliesia, Horseman 
    Draug, Feena.
    You'll want at least two fliers with 22 SPD to double the fire dragons. MU 
    can kill the dragons without needing a dragonpike, but your other fliers won't 
    have that level of STR. Give Marth the Boots if you want to continue 
    Chapter 12 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 6
    Turn 1: Kill the two nearby fire dragons on the forts. Move MU north then 
    dance for him then move him further north to kill the bandit from the west 
    with a javelin or hand axe. MU will be attacked by a large number of 
    enemies. He has a good chance of crit killing one or two of them.
    Turn 2: Kill any nearby enemies. Recruit Darros. Position your fliers so 
    that they can reach at least the left and right forts in the group of 
    northmost middle forts on turn 3 to prevent reinforcement wyrms.
    Turn 3: Kill the 2 fire dragons and bandits then block off the forts. You 
    must block the left and right forts in the northmost middle group of forts or 
    wyrms will spawn from them.
    Turn 4: Kill the two fire dragons on the right side and position to kill the 
    two wyrms on the right.
    Turn 5: Kill the wyrm on the left and the nearest fire dragon. Block all of 
    the northmost middle forts again.
    Turn 6: Use the second save point then kill all of the fire dragons in the way 
    including the boss.
    Chapter 13:
    Preparations: More dragons!  The wyrms are faster at 22 SPD so only a few 
    classes near their SPD cap will be able to double them. Despite that, this 
    chapter is easier than 12 because you have a lot more room to move around and 
    there aren't waves of enemies approaching every turn. It's fairly 
    straightforward except for the reinforcement ambush at the end. The only 
    thing to look out for are the thieves, but they are easily one shotted by a 
    high STR draco like Catria or Sirius, possibly with STR star shards and/or a 
    forged silver lance. Having at least one chracter who can one shot the 
    mages/thieves on the map is a big help, such as draco catria, palla, or luke, 
    who should be around 20 in STR.
    All of your units should be promoted by now except possibly Shiida or Catria 
    if you are waiting for a second Elysian Whip. It's possible to get Merric 
    from lv 11 to 18 during Ch 11-12 mostly by one shotting wyrms with Excalibur, 
    so he should be in good shape to be promoted on this chapter. Linde is 
    basically a healbot in my game so I'm not sure I'd level her up again if I 
    started a new playthrough, since Malliesia would be just as good as a healbot.
    I recommend taking berserker My Unit w/ hand axe, SM Sirius, SM Luke, Linde, 
    Etzel, or Malliesia (just for healbotting mostly), Palla as long as she has 21 
    SPD to double ice dragons or Shiida w/ forged Dragonpike to allow her to one 
    round ice dragons, dracoknight Catria, warrior Draug, Feena, Merric, and 
    Wyrmslayer - east chest
    Dragonpike - SE chest
    Spirit Dust - mid chest
    Vulnerary - Dark Mage, Bandit
    El Fire - dark mage
    Master Proof - ice dragon
    Robert, Belf, Leiden - Joins during intermission.
    Beck (Horseman) - Talk to with Marth.
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    Stepping onto the centre isle - Wyrms from NW and NE and ice dragons from 
    every fort, plus all enemies on the map aggro.
    Sidequests: 13x - Complete Chapter 13 in N20 H24 M28 L32 L'36 or less turns. 
    If you fail those turn times, you can still reach 13x if no thieves escaped.
    Secret Shop: located 3 squares west of the west save point
    All 4 Killer weapons, Shaver, Physic
    Chapter 13 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Berserker My Unit, Draco/Falco 
    Shiida, Catria, and Palla, Horseman Draug, Feena, Sages Malliesia and Etzel, 
    SM Luke, Julian.
    Chapter 13 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 8
    Similar strat to Lunatic mode. Split up east and west, allow the thieves to 
    open the SE and mid chest and kill them for the contents. Solo the NE wyrms 
    with My Unit. Place Marth on the river near the castle on turn 7, then swoop 
    in to kill the boss on turn 8. You don't even have to kill all the enemies 
    around the castle or deal with the ambush, just kill enough for Marth to 
    capture. If you've been eating through Physics as fast as my group has, 
    you'll want to buy 1-2 at the secret shop.
    Chapter 13x:
    Iote Shield - NE chest
    Athena - Joins on first turn.
    Chapter 13x Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Paladins My Unit, Catria, Shiida, 
    and Palla, SMs Luke and Sirius.
    Chapter 13x Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 3
    Send Marth NE flanked by Paladins for his protection. Send MU directly east 
    to kill the boss while others work on the ballistas, bandits, and myrmidons.
    Chapter 14:
    Preparations: The ice dragons now have 18 SPD. Anyone with 22 SPD and a 
    dragonpike/wyrmslayer will be good. Someone who can one shot the dark mages 
    and/or thieves will be a big help. You only need one general to tank with, so 
    pick whoever has the best DEF/HP. I recommend taking general or berserker My 
    Unit, general or draco Catria, warrior or horseman Draug, SM Luke, SM Sirius, 
    Linde or Malliesia or Etzel (healbot), Julian, Feena, and Palla, Merric, or 
    Shiida. Merrics usefulness is cut when there aren't any wyrms to slay, so you 
    may want to rest him this chapter to get both Palla and Shiida in.
    Swordslayer - Middle chest
    Talisman - Right chest
    Again - Left chest
    Vulnerary - Ice Dragon
    Warp (Normal, Hard, or Maniac) or Fortify (Lunatic or Lunatic') - thief
    Bullion (L) - Thief
    Poleax - Thief
    Armorslayer - Thief
    Ridersbane - Thief
    Recover - Thief
    Master proof - Thief
    Orb of Light - Gato
    Star Orb - Gato (only if you collected all of the star shards)
    Xane - Joins on first turn.
    Tiki - Talk to with Marth (requires Starsphere)
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    After talking to Gato - 3x Ice Dragon, 2x Dark Mage from the south, plus all 
    enemies on the map aggro.
    Secret Shop: Located in the middle of the U shaped lake at the top of the 
    map. You can't reach this shop in Lunatic mode.
    Firestone, Icestone, Wyvernstone, Magestone
    Chapter 14 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 10
    Turn 1: Make Xane copy Draco MU and take some axes and spears from storage. 
    Kill the 4 ice dragons and 2 sorcs in front. Kill the thief w/ a full 
    inventory and place the Fortify staff into storage. Retrieve the Fortify 
    staff with your A healer and use it at the end of the turn to heal everyone up.
    Turn 2: Finish off the ice dragons and sorcs then start killing the thieves. 
    The thieves will all attack so you really need weapons that can one shot them 
    since there are so many. 
    Turns 3-6: Move Marth to Gato. This will trigger a ton of enemies so have 
    Xane and MU with hand axes ready to counter the east and west wings. Try to 
    clear out the east wing asap so Marth can reach Tiki. Retreat towards the 
    east wing while using counterattacks if you have to. Keep using the Fortify 
    staff to keep everyone up (I used it 5 times this chapter). Send Julian north 
    to the middle chest.
    Turns 7-10: After talking to Tiki, move Marth and Julian towards the throne. 
    Open one chest with Marth and the other with Julian, then capture. While 
    you're waiting for Marth and Julian, I suggest working on Etzel's staff level.
    Chapter 14 Intermission Choice:
    Yes - My Unit puts on a Tiki headband.
    No - My Unit doesn't put on the headband.
    Chapter 15:
    Preparations: If you need to use physics and your sages aren't quite at C 
    level yet, turn them into Bishops temporarily. You'll need a strong tank to 
    handle some of the aggro in this chapter, or be able to block up the NW forts 
    before reinforcements show up. Load Catria up with the star orb and iote's 
    Unit Choices: Berserker My Unit, draco Catria, horseman Draug, SM Luke, Linde 
    or Eztel or Malliesia (healbots), draco Sirius, Feena, Merric, draco Shiida, 
    falco Palla, and Xane.
    Dragon Shield - left village (you can only select one village, then the other 
    village will close)
    Energy Drop - right village (you can only select one village, then the other 
    village will close)
    4x Vulnerary - Knight, Mage, Horseman, Paladin
    2x Steel sword - Knight, Paladin
    Steel bow - Sniper
    ElFire - Mage
    Killer Bow - Sniper
    Silver Bow - Horseman
    Silver Lance - Paladin
    Rapier - Thief
    Silver Sword - Thief
    Silver Axe - Thief
    Steel Axe - Warrior
    Tomahawk - Warrior
    Door Staff - Mage
    Mend - Bishop
    Live - Bishop
    Physic - Bishop
    Javelin - Knight
    Killer Lance - Knight
    Est (Pegasus Knight) - Joins on first turn.
    Dolph (General) - Joins on first turn.
    Abel (Paladin) - Talk to with Marth.
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    Step anywhere along the west or southwest side of the map after player turn 
    5  - 2x cavalier, horseman, mage at NW forts, 2x thief at centre forts, 
    paladin at SE forts for one turn, then 2x cavalier, horseman, mage at NW 
    forts, 2x horseman at centre forts, paladin at SE forts for two more turns.
    North Weapon Shop: Iron and steel weapons, silver sword, silver spear, 
    javelin, ridersbane, rapier.
    South Weapon Shop: Iron and steel weapons, silver axe, silver bow, hand axe.
    North Item Shop: Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, ElFire, Heal, Mend
    South Item Shop: Door key, vulnerary, holy water
    See Screenshot 1.
    Chapter 15 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Draco MU, Paladin/Falco Shiida, 
    Catria, and Palla, SMs Luke and Sirius, Horseman Draug, Sages Malliesia and 
    Etzel, Xane, Feena.
    First, you'll need two forged axes/javelins powerful enough to kill the 
    ballistas with ranged weapons. MU should have 30 DEF and 10+ RES. Use 
    Talismans from the stat boost shop to get him there.
    Chapter 15 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 8
    Turn 1: Cast Barrier on MU. Kill the left Ballista with Xane and the right 
    Ballista with MU w/ Iote's Shield. You can technically attack the left 
    ballista with two range attackers, but both of them need to be able to survive 
    two hits from the two bishops, which requires high RES/HP. Even my Falco 
    Catria only had 9 RES. Move everyone else west out of the paladin/horsemen 
    attack range.
    Turn 2: Kill the enemies around the village and visit one of the villages with 
    Marth. Blockade the east bridge with MU who should have Iote's Shield to fend 
    off bow attacks. He should be able to kill them all with javelin/hand axe 
    Turns 3-5: Start moving Feena, Etzel, Malliesia, and Dolph towards the 4 NW 
    forts to camp them. Move MU southeast towards the enemies in front of Est's 
    room and kill them all, then proceed south. Move the rest of your force 
    southwest, killing the enemies along the way.
    Turn 6: By now you should have all 4 NW forts blocked from reinforcements. 
    Make Xane copy your Falco. Kill the paladin, horseman, and thief 
    reinforcements showing up using your 10 MOV units. Use MU to counterkill most 
    of them.
    Turn 7: Block the SE fort and place unarmed MU in range of Abel to draw his 
    attacks. Place other armed units (with lower DEF than MU) south of MU who 
    will draw the horsemens aggro.
    Turn 8: Use the save point. Kill the general in Est's room, kill the boss w/ 
    My Unit's Hammer and recruit Abel with Marth. Use the Again staff on Marth, 
    kill the sniper in his way, then capture.
    Chapter 16:
    Preparations: You only get 8 unit picks here and you're forced to bring Jeorge 
    and Julian (unless you don't mind spending time opening chests w/ Marth). The 
    thief with the earth orb and holy water will attempt to escape to the NW 
    corner. The other 4 thieves will raid the treasure chests and attempt to run 
    away as well. Bringing 1-2 units who can one shot the mages and thieves on 
    the map will be a great help - forge a weapon if you have to. You should also 
    consider bringing a General and +RES staff/holy water, just because you'll be 
    fending off a huge number of reinforcements again. One of your units should be 
    a paladin to kill the boss more quickly. If you don't bring a general you'll 
    have to rely on your SMs to dodge for you, or rely on your paladin/my unit to 
    tank. The heroes have 24 SPD but luckily the Warriors are only 22, making 
    them slightly easier to kill.
    I recommend taking My Unit, Jeorge, Julian, two out of 
    Linde/Etzel/Malliesia/Merric for healing (at least one person with B staves to 
    use Recover), Catria, SM Sirius, SM Luke, Feena, and one choice between Draug, 
    Shiida, Palla, and Xane.
    Master Proof, Goddess Idol, Speedwing, Shaver, Bullion (L), Rescue, Elysian 
    Whip - Treasure Chests
    Earth Orb - thief
    Silver Sword - hero
    Silver Axe - hero
    2x Vulnerary - hero, warrior
    Hammer - warrior (reinforcement)
    Physic - bishop
    Reserve - bishop
    Recover - Willow (boss)
    Macellan (General) - Joins on first turn.
    Astram (Hero) - Talk to with Jeorge. He must have survived chapters 7-9.
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    One turn after one of the treasure chests has been opened - The temple gates 
    open and most enemies inside aggro.
    Upon opening the temple gates manually, before they automatically open - Most 
    enemies inside the temple aggro.
    One turn after one of the treasure chests has been opened, or one turn after 
    the temple gates open - 2x warrior, 1x mage, 1x soldier from the south for 3 
    Sidequests: 16x - Complete Chapter 16 in N18 H21 M25 L28 L'32 or less turns. 
    If you fail those turn times, you can still reach 16x if My Unit is level 5 
    Deployment: See Screenshot 1.
    Chapter 16 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Paladin My Unit, Falco/Swordmaster 
    Shiida/Palla/Catria, Draco Luke/Sirius or Horseman Draug, Feena, Xane, 
    Malliesia, Julian, Jeorge.
    Only Shiida, Palla, and Catria are likely to have 28 SPD as SMs right now. 
    You might just want to make them all SMs, or leave one of them as a Falco if 
    they have 26 SPD. If Luke or Sirius have 28 SPD they'll be ok as well, but 
    that's highly unlikely without Speedwings.
    Make the best of Jeorge, Astram, and Macellan. They can soften up the 
    heroes/snipers or deal a good amount of ranged damage to thieves. Give some 
    swords to Jeorge to hand to Astram.
    You need to send someone to kill the geosphere thief but you probably can't 
    afford to send Palla, Catria, or Shiida. As long as Draco Luke or Sirius can 
    survive a round with the geosphere thief, they can do the job with some 
    healing from Malliesia. Don't be afraid to use Fortify, of course.
    Chapter 16 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 6
    Turn 1: Move northwest, aggroing the heroes. Do not kill any of the thieves 
    yet. Send your thief killer southwest and start attacking/chasing the two 
    thieves. Position one of your units so that the sniper near the treasure room 
    attacks from inside the treasure room. This gives you room on turn 2 to deal 
    with the heroes without that sniper interfering.
    Turn 2: Kill most/all of the heroes and the sniper out in the open. Recruit 
    Astram. Stay out of the remaining snipers attack range. Make sure your SM is 
    in position to kill the sniper on turn 3 - move them as NW as possible. 
    Julian must move pretty far NW to be able to reach the nearest chest on turn 4 
    as well.
    Turn 3: Use the save point. Send your SM into the treasure room to kill the 
    remaining sniper - you'll need a very strong SM or forged silver to ORKO it. 
    You will have to kill one of the thieves blocking the way. Move everyone else 
    SE towards the temple.
    Turn 4: Have Marth use Holy Water. Start opening the westmost chests with 
    Julian. Cast Again on Julian and open a 2nd chest, then open two more during 
    turns 5 and 6. Kill the thieves as they begin opening chests. Position MU 
    and Xane w/ Holy Water by the temple doors, with a third unit farther behind 
    to take one of the soldiers. Place MU w/ starsphere and forged silver spear 
    close to the door and Xane to his left w/ javelin equipped. Position Marth 
    nearby with the starsphere. MU in front will kill the general and axe warrior 
    w/ his forged silver spear and Xane will counter the mages, soldiers, and bow 
    warrior. You should be left with the sniper and bow warrior alive. Position 
    Feena and Malliesia so they can move east on turn 5 out of the incoming 
    reinforcement range.
    Turn 5: Cast Fortify. Kill the sniper, bow warrior, and the two swarm 
    bishops. Avoid the incoming reinforcements while moving into the temple. 
    Keep opening chests/killing thieves. Position Macellan, Astram, and Jeorge 
    right outside the incoming reinforcements attack range to lure the Hammer 
    warrior closer.
    Turn 6: Use the second save point. Kill the Hammer warrior using Macellan, 
    Astram, and Jeorge to get his item drop. Finish off the enemies in the 
    temple, kill the last thief, open the last chest, then capture.
    Chapter 16x:
    Vulnerary - Berserker
    Holy Water - Berserker
    Katarina (Sage) - Talk to with My Unit 3 times.
    Chapter 16x Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 2
    The strategy for this chapter is even simpler than the previous side stories. 
    Move in, slaughter the berserkers then snipers, then talk to Katarina 3 times 
    with My Unit. Make sure to de-equip his weapon so he doesn't slaughter her. 
    27-28 SPD units that can double the berserkers and snipers are preferred.
    Turn 1: Kill the SM and 4 berserkers in front, talk to Katarina with My Unit.
    Turn 2: Talk to Karatina twice with My Unit while Feena dances, then take out 
    the remaining snipers and SM.
    Chapter 17:
    Much like Chapter 3, we've got another chapter with loads of annoying 
    dracoknights and draco reinforcements on our hands. Bow and shaver/excalibur 
    users are highly recommended, of course. If you've been hanging on to your 
    stat boosters, I suggest you start using them sparingly on your most important 
    units to make unwinning strategies into successful ones. If Shiida's STR or 
    Palla's SPD is falling behind, give them buffs if you intend to keep using 
    them. You'll need to use a charge of the unlock staff here unless you want to 
    bring a thief or take a long time finishing the chapter, so hopefully you 
    haven't been using it much. If you don't have a forged hand axe for My Unit, 
    make a +5 or +6 one now, it's cheaper than a forged javelin and very useful.
    Equip the Geosphere on a strategically important unit that will be in the 
    middle of combat often. I put it on SM Luke. Combining the Geosphere with a 
    killer weapon usually gives crit rates of 50 or above. Note that it doesn't 
    effect the person actually holding it. Its crit boosting effect extends 3 
    squares outward.
    The west thief will be headed for the NW village, and the east thief will be 
    running away southward. Catching the east thief is complicated by the fact 
    that moving past the save point triggers 5 draco reinforcements. You'll want 
    iote's shield on your flier to avoid being one shot by the sniper while 
    chasing the thief. There are several strategies for catching the thief.
    The first strat is to give one of your fliers the Boots move them south a bit, 
    then dance for them so they can make the full 12 MOV south to kill the thief 
    on turn 1. However you'll need to kill all 3 dracos or rescue Feena because 
    Feena will be in their attack range after dancing. The easiest way to kill 
    the dracos is use berserkers w/ the geosphere and 26 SPD falcoknights w/ the 
    star orb and killer lances for doubling the crit chance. The setup I used was 
    2 berserkers, 1 draco, and 1 falco.
    The second strat is to reach the thief on turn 2 without using the Boots. The 
    problem with this strat is that you'll trigger the reinforcements and the 
    enemy sniper will trap your unit in the corner with two aggroed dracoknights. 
    Your flier can still make it out of this predicament alive by stepping in the 
    narrow chokehold and using physics and vulneraries while countering with a 
    javelin to wear the enemies down.
    Unit Choices: Berserker My Unit, draco Catria, draco Sirius, Feena, SM Luke, 
    berserker or horseman Draug, Merric, one healer, Xane, and draco/falco Shiida 
    or Palla.
    Angelic Robe - NW village
    Secret book - Treasure chest
    Door Key - warrior, sniper in SE building
    Nosferatu - Thief (winner of the most annoying thief in the game to catch)
    Vulnerary - Sniper, Warrior
    Heal - Thief
    Tomas (sniper) - Visit NE village.
    Sheema (general) - Talk to with Marth, must not have killed any Gra soldiers 
    (the level 1 enemies on the map)
    Samson (hero) - Talk to with Sheema.
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    Opening the door to the SW building - 3x dracoknight at mid W, 3x dracoknight 
    from mid N
    Moving south past the save point - 3x dracoknight at mid E, 2x dracoknight at 
    mid S
    Weapon Shop: Silver Weapons, Hand Axe, Javelin.
    Thunder, Blizzard, ElFire, Mend, Door Key, Vulnerary.
    See Screenshot 1
    Chapter 17 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Berserker My Unit, 
    Falco/Swordmaster/Draco Palla, Catria, and Shiida, Horseman/Sniper Draug, 
    Swordmaster Luke or Sirius, Feena, Malliesia, Etzel, Xane.
    You'll need a 28-29 SPD sniper/horseman and two 28-29 SPD swordmasters to ORKO 
    the enemy snipers and warriors with. They'll also need A level weapons or 
    forged silvers to put out enough damage. I chose to take Palla as a SM, 
    Catria as a Falco, and Shiida as a Draco.
    Give Etzel an arms scroll to reach A tomes, then change him to Bishop so he 
    can use B staves and B tomes. If Etzel doesn't have B staves by turn 6 you 
    can't complete the chapter in 6 turns. If your Again staff needs repairing, 
    try to get it repaired during this chapter before turn 6 (this will complicate 
    things, though, you should have repaired it at the end of Ch 16).
    Chapter 17 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 6
    Similar strat to Lunatic mode. Use your Falco to help kill the east 
    berserkers with MU and Xane. Use your draco w/ Iote's Shield to chase down 
    the Nosferatu thief, then send your falco south to help kill the dracos and 
    enemies in the treasure room. Use your two SMs and sniper/horseman to slay 
    all warriors and snipers in your way. Use Fortify to patch everyone up. MU 
    and Feena are on a very tight movement schedule to reach their positions by 
    Turn 5 and 6. 
    Turn 1: Visit E village. Kill the 3 dracos to the east with MU, Xane, and 
    Falco w/ Starsphere. Move Etzel west in position to counter one of the west 
    dracos. Place Draug in range of the tomahawk warrior for a counterkill. Kill 
    the nearby sniper with SM 1 and the nearby warrior with SM 2. Heal SM 2 if 
    needed. Move your Draco south towards the nosferatu thief w/ javelin equipped.
    Turn 2: Use Fortify. Kill the two west dracos with Etzel and SM 1. Kill the 
    sniper in the fort with Draug and the other nearby sniper with SM 2. Attack 
    the nosferatu thief with your Draco. Move Marth W towards the village (dance 
    for him) and everyone else SW.
    Turn 3: Kill the nosferatu thief while staying out of the snipers attack 
    range. Move Marth and SM 1 west. Move your Falco and Xane SE. Move everyone 
    else SW towards the throne room.
    Turn 4: Kill the warrior near the throne room. Kill the SE sniper with Xane 
    and move your Falco south towards the SE room. Keep holding off the two 
    dracos with your draco. Dance for MU and move him into the snipers attack 
    range. Visit the village with Marth.
    Turn 5: Open SW door w/ MU. Open SE door with your Falco holding the Iote's 
    Shield and Javelin. Move Xane in and kill the killer axe warrior. Move Marth 
    west into the corner. Use the save point.
    Turn 6: Ignore the draco reinforcements. Kill the sniper in the SE room for 
    the door key and have Etzel use the thief staff on the treasure chest. Clear 
    the way in the throne room then rescue Marth so he can recruit people. You 
    don't have to kill every enemy in the throne room, just enough so Marth can 
    reach the throne. Cast again on Marth with Etzel then capture.
    Chapter 18:
    Preparations: The Generals and Paladins have a slightly forgiving 20-22 SPD, 
    making it easy to double them, much easier than the 24-25 SPD Snipers and 
    Warriors you just faced. The paladins are a bit faster but anyone with 26 SPD 
    should be good. This is a pretty short chapter where you head west to the 
    village, which causes the cavaliers and horsemen to retreat, then head east 
    and siege the castle. You'll need a high dodge or high HP/DEF unit with A 
    level support to weather the initial castle pull. SM Catria is a good choice 
    for highest dodge, while a general with 60 HP and near capped DEF would work 
    as well.
    Unit Choices:
    Male class limits not removed: My Unit, Catria, Sirius, Feena, Luke, Draug, 
    Merric, one healer, Xane, Shiida, Palla.
    Orb of Life - Village. Visiting the village will cause the paladins and 
    horsemen to retreat except for the 4 paladins by the village, which will 
    remain hostile.
    Arms Scroll - Cave
    Silver lance - General
    Recover - Bishop
    Master Proof - General
    Frost (bishop) - Joins during intermission.
    Secret Shop: Located 5E, 2N from the save point.
    3x Master Proof, 1x Elysian Whip
    Chapter 18 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Dracoknight My Unit w/ Star and Light 
    Orbs, Dracoknight Sirius, Paladin/Falcoknight Catria, Shiida, and Palla, 
    Horseman Draug, Swordmaster Luke, Sages Malliesia and Etzel, Xane, Feena.
    Marth needs 19 SPD to be able to survive an attack from one of the Paladins.
    Chapter 18 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 2
    Turn 1: Kill 3 of the paladins near the village using 3-4 of your 9-10 MOV 
    units except My Unit. Visit the village with Marth using Feena to dance. 
    Make Xane copy My Unit. Place My Unit w/ Hammer equipped into aggro range of 
    the generals to pull them. MU is guaranteed to kill 3 of the generals with 
    his hammer, no luck needed.
    Turn 2: Clear a path to the castle and kill any enemies that drop items - you 
    need to kill 5 targets total - 3 generals and 2 bishops. You can dance one of 
    your 10 MOV units at the village east for a bit of extra help. Move Malliesia 
    or Etzel east, rescue Marth close to the castle, then capture. Don't forget 
    the arms scroll in the cave.
    Chapter 19:
    Preparations: You have to catch the 2 thieves from destroying the village on 
    enemy turn 4. The problem? 4 pissed off warriors and 6 paladins surrounding 
    the village, and enough ballistas to to cover 80% of the map. The paladins 
    and warriors will aggro as soon as you step into their attack range. The most 
    efficient strategy I've found is to send some powerful fliers east over the 
    mountains and kill the warriors and thieves while the rest of your army 
    aggroes and kills the paladins. You don't need a 12 MOV unit for this 
    strategy. It helps to have two C stave users with Physics to keep your fliers 
    alive. Pass around the lifesphere between your fliers to reduce the amount of 
    healing needed on them.
    Use a strong HP/DEF counterattacker to aggro the paladins with - I suggest 
    using general Catria or berserker My Unit. To help kill the warriors and 
    thieves, bring a 26 SPD Falco w/ Lady Sword and Star Orb and place someone 
    with the Geosphere next to her, so she'll get to double the warriors with 25% 
    x2 chance to crit. Use iote's shield to pull the silver bow/tomahawk 
    warriors. You will probably need to use the rescue staff to rescue Marth 
    after he visits the village, because the draco reinforcements will likely kill 
    him otherwise.
    The third strategy to consider is how to deal with the 12 dracoknight 
    reinforcements. The SE dracos and the nearby ballista attack range perfectly 
    overlap, so you need to kill one or the other. You can either send a strong 
    counterattacker that can handle two of the dracos to the village, or you can 
    kill the nearby ballista near the castle then rescue staff the flier. Killing 
    the nearby ballista triggers 2 waves of reinforcements so be ready for those. 
    It's very useful to have a forged silver weapon that can one shot the sages 
    and thieves on the map and a +5 forged ridersbane to one shot the huge waves 
    of paladin and horseman reinforcements. A 30 STR berserker with a +1 forged 
    silver axe can one shot the sages.
    If you can kill the boss very early on with your fliers, you may be able to 
    avoid all reinforcements. You'll want to do this after Vyland appears so you 
    can still recruit the wolf team.
    Unit Choices: Berserker My Unit, general Catria, draco Sirius, Feena, Luke, 
    horseman Draug, Merric w/ C staves, healer w/ B staves, Xane w/ lances, 
    draco/falco Shiida, draco/falco Palla.
    Silver Axe - Warrior
    Silver Sword - Thief
    Vulnerary - Horseman
    Mend - Bishop
    Spirit Dust - Nehring (boss)
    Thoron, Physic - After clearing Chapter 19.
    Roshea (Paladin) - visit village
    Vyland (Paladin) - talk to with Roshea
    Sedgar (Horseman) - talk to with Vyland
    Wolf (Horseman) - talk to with Sedgar
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    Killing the boss prevents all reinforcements from appearing, including Vyland.
    After killing one of the thieves or the village is destroyed - Vyland and 5x 
    paladin from the SW
    2 turns after Vyland appears - 12x dracoknight in the SW, SE, and NE corners 
    and 4x paladin, 2x horseman, 2x sage at the castle forts
    Stepping 2-4 squares near the ballistas by the castle - 4x paladin, 2x 
    horseman, 2x sage at the castle forts for 2 turns.
    Right Weapon Shop: Iron, Steel, and Silver Bows and Axes
    Left Weapon Shop: Iron, Steel, and Silver Swords and Lances, Rapier, Wing Spear
    Right Item Shop: Door Key, Vulnerary, Holy Water
    Left Item Shop: Thunder, Blizzard, ElFire, Heal, Mend
    See Screenshot 1. Basically you want someone to be able to aggro the paladins 
    by turn 2, and you want to aggro the killer axe warrior on turn 1.
    Chapter 19 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Draco MU, Paladin/Falco Shiida, 
    Palla, and Catria, SM Sirius and Luke, Horseman Draug, Etzel, Malliesia, Xane, 
    Forge +4 onto a Poleax and give it to MU. It will cost about 5.7k but you 
    need to be able to one shot the paladins. Give your Falco Star Orb, Iote's 
    Shield, and a Luck Bond. Give MU a Hammer, Silver Axe, forged Poleax, and 
    Life Orb. Having a +1 or +2 forged ridersbane and wing spear will also help 
    out a lot here, or just having Luke, Sirius, and Draug at 28 SPD so they can 
    ORKO the paladins and horsemen would be great. Even giving Malliesia a Shaver 
    to help wouldn't be a bad idea.
    Chapter 19 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 7
    Turn 1: Move MU NE, dance for him then move him NE into Paladin attack range 
    w/ +4 forged Poleax equipped. Move everyone else NE. On enemy turn MU will 
    counterkill (one shot) 3 paladins.
    Turn 2: Move NE, kill the two nearest paladins with Mu and Xane w/ Feena.
    Trade the Poleax to Xane so he can also one shot a paladin. Move your Falco 
    w/ Star Orb in aggro range of the crit axe warrior. Keep moving everyone NE. 
    On enemy turn the silver axe warrior should attack MU.
    Turn 3: Kill the crit axe and silver axe warriors and thief closest to the 
    village. Position your Paladins so they are in range of the tomahawk and 
    silver bow warriors. Keep moving everyone NE. Vyland shows up on enemy turn, 
    and the tomahawk and silver bow warriors should split up attacking your falco 
    and one of your paladins near the thief you killed.
    Turn 4: Move one of your paladins in position to aggro the horsemen. Trade 
    the Iote's Shield and Star Orb to MU and send him west over the mountains to 
    aggro two nearby generals and a horseman. MU should have Iote's Shield, Star 
    Orb, and Life Orb with Hammer equipped. MU will counterkill both generals. 
    Kill the last two warriors. Make sure Feena is as close as NE as she can get 
    without getting into ballista range. Move Marth towards the village and 
    everyone else E/NE.
    Turn 5: Use the save point. Visit the village with Marth. Kill the boss with 
    MU's Hammer. Place Xane right in Vylands attack range with a handaxe 
    equipped. Vyland will attack but even if Xane has 26 STR and doubles Vyland 
    he won't kill him barring an unlucky crit. Kill the horsemen and eastmost 
    ballista - having multiple units that can ORKO the horsemen either with 28 SPD 
    or forged ridersbane/wing spear is essential here. As long as you place your 
    Falco near Sedgar, Sedgar will ignore Feena and attack the Falco. He hits so 
    weakly that as long as your Falco is at full health, he has no chance of 
    killing them. You'll want to place your Falco further north so Sedgar starts 
    turn 6 closer to the castle and Wolf.
    Turn 6: Rescue Marth towards the castle and move Marth west. Recruit Vyland 
    with Roshea and Sedgar with Vyland all on this turn. Move Sedgar west towards 
    Wolf. Move MU away from Wolf's attack range, but close enough to the Mend 
    bishop that he can kill it on turn 7. Wolf will naturally head NE towards 
    Marth and Sedgar without a target. Kill or blockade any remaining paladins.
    Turn 7: Kill the Mend staff bishop. Kill any horsemen in the way of Sedgar 
    and Marth, although there shouldn't be any. Recruit Wolf with Sedgar, move 
    Marth towards the castle then again staff him to capture. Try to get some 
    shots on the horsemen for XP.
    Chapter 20:
    Preparations: There are a large number of 25-26 SPD enemies here, so bringing 
    some 29 Snipers/30 Horsemen and 30 SMs wouldn't hurt. Passing around the 
    starsphere between your slower units for the +2 SPD so they can double is 
    important. You need to use the rescue staff to rescue Midia.
    There are several ways to kill the thief. You can attack it with one person 
    with 12 MOV, one person with Feena's help, and if you rescue Midia close 
    enough, she can help too. You can try one shotting it with a powerful forged 
    silver spear. You can try reloading until the thief gets 28 SPD, then give a 
    30 SPD unit the Starsphere so they can double and kill it. And you can always 
    just mash reload until you crit with a killer weapon/geosphere.
    Be ready for a very long and demanding chapter. The first half is dealing 
    with a huge ambush, then the second half is dealing with a large number of 
    traps with deadly enemies all over the place. You only get two save points 
    despite the chapter taking 25-30 turns.
    Unit Choices: Berserker My Unit, general Catria, SM Sirius, Feena, sniper 
    Luke, horseman Draug, Merric, healer, Xane, paladin Shiida, SM Palla.
    Brave Axe - NW chest
    Brave Bow - SE chest
    Bullion (L), Brave Sword, Master Proof, Again, Brave Lance - Middle chests
    Master Key - thief
    Vulnerary 2x - Hero 2x
    Recover - Bishop
    Fortify - Bishop
    Orb of Darkness, Gradivus - Hardin (boss)
    Midia (paladin) - Joins on first turn.
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    From enemy turn 4 onward, if you've aggroed the 2 stationary heroes or 
    northmost sniper: 6x Paladin from the East for 3 turns, and 2x Hero, 2x 
    Sniper, 2x Warrior, 2x Sage in the SE room on the first and third turns. 
    Also, enemies become aggroed against Midia.
    You can also trigger the 6x Paladins for 3 turns before enemy turn 4 by 
    entering the northwest jail cell area.
    Side Quests: Chapter 20x - You must have the completed the Shield of Seals. 
    In addition, you must complete Chapter 20 in N24 H28 M33 L38 L'43 turns. If 
    you fail those turn times, you can still reach 20x if you have at least 3 of 
    the 5 recruits from Ch 19 and 20. You still need the Shield of Seals either 
    Chapter 20 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Paladins MU and Shiida w/ Wing Spear, 
    SMs Catria, Palla, Sirius, and Luke, Horseman Draug, Xane, Feena, Malliesia, 
    You'll need a very strong team here. All of your SMs and Horsemen should have 
    30 SPD. Bring your highest MT and Crit weapons - A level weapons, killer 
    weapons, swordslayer, forged silvers, etc. It helps if Shiida, Catria, and/or 
    Palla are 3RKOed instead of 2RKOed. If you've been giving them most of the 
    angelic robes and dragon shields, they should be very resilient by now. Using 
    the master sword and geosphere support a SM will have a near guaranteed chance 
    to crit, making it a reliable killing strategy. Using the A Sword or Bow, any 
    SM/Horseman with 22+ STR can ORKO the warriors.
    You have two strategies you can try out. The LTC strat involves running 
    through the treasure room to kill Hardin while blockading the north treasure 
    room door. Open the south treasure room door, kill Hardin quickly using 
    Hauteclere (possibly using an Again stave), then capture. You can finish the 
    chapter in less than 10 turns this way, but you won't get all of the 
    treasure. I haven't tried this strat but there's no reason it wouldn't work 
    with a party optimized for charging in and slaying Hardin in short order. 
    Unless you use the thief staff you'll probably miss out on the hero axe and 
    bow. You'll also probably miss out on the two fortify staves carried by the 
    7 turn LTC strat:
    Turn 1: Move NW, kill thief.
    Turn 2: Aggro 2x heroes in front.
    Turn 3: Kill the heroes, sniper, and warrior outside the treasure room.
    Turn 4: Move into treasure room.
    Turn 5-6: Move through treasure room and kill the sorc, sniper, and sage near 
    Hardin from over the wall - do not open the door yet. Send someone to use the 
    west save point to reload for crits on Hardin, the paladins won't be able to 
    catch him. You might also be able to lure the general by the NW prison out 
    then kill the Fortify bishop on turn 7 for his staff. Fortify staves are like 
    solid gold on Lunatic Reverse. Keep opening chests.
    Turn 7: Open the door, kill Hardin, and capture. Use thief staff to grab hero 
    bow/axe if needed.
    The slower strat involves moving in and clearing out the treasure room and 
    prison room by turns 5-6 before reinforcements arrive. Blockade the Paladins 
    with MU and Xane and kill the south reinforcements with the rest of your team 
    as they approach. Raid the treasure chests with Marth while fending off 
    reinforcements. Afterward, move towards Hardin and finish off the rest of the 
    map. You can finish the chapter in less than 20 turns this way while getting 
    all of the treasure.
    Chapter 20 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 18
    Turn 1: Move everyone NW. Make Xane copy MU. Kill the thief with MU and 
    Midia. Cast Barrier on MU.
    Turn 2: Move NW again. Attack the heroes in front with MU and Xane.
    Turn 3: Kill the heroes, warrior, and sniper in the way, continuing towards 
    the treasure room.
    Turn 4: Open the treasure room door and kill everything inside. Send MU 
    towards the prison room.
    Turn 5: Clear the prison room of the sniper, sage, and general. MU should 
    kill the Swarm bishop with a javelin, then his high RES will allow him to 
    survive the other bishop and sage's attacks during enemy phase.
    Turns 6-7:  Kill the hero in the jail cell with one of your SMs and grab the 
    NW treasure. Try to kill the SW swarm bishop with your horseman, although 
    it's not necessary. Start blockading the Paladins with MU and Xane. Place 
    Marth, Luke, and the Geosphere nearby to boost their crit rates to 50-60%. 
    Place MU one space ahead of Xane so he gets attacked the most.
    Turns 8-13:  Use the save point on turn 7 or 8 just as the south 
    reinforcements arrive. Use the rest of your party to handle the south 
    reinforcements while MU and Xane handle the Paladins. You'll need to 
    counterkill enemies as they arrive so you don't get overwhelmed - having a 
    high HP/DEF SM like Catria or Palla holding the Swordslayer is perfect for 
    counterkilling the incoming heroes. If things get ugly try retreating towards 
    the prison room while protecting your vulnerable units. And you do have the 
    turn 8 save point if things go badly.
    Turns 14-18: Once the reinforcements are dead, charge through the rest of the 
    map clearing out any remaining enemies and grabbing treasure. Marth should 
    have already opened most of the treasure room chests. You'll want to kill the 
    glower sorc and sniper next to Hardin quickly so Marth can safely open the 
    bottom two chests. Embarrassingly, Paladin MU is probably not the best unit 
    to kill Hardin with, since he's not a Hauteclere wielding berserker/draco at 
    the moment. Rody/Draug with Parthia and Star Orb can do about 14-16 dmg per 
    hit to Hardin, which is more than MU can manage with a silver spear. You can 
    get Xane or MU to the SE chest by turn 18 just by charging ahead.
    Chapter 20x:
    Preparations:  With no more starsphere, you can't buff anybody's SPD if they 
    are already capped. Enemies have 25 SPD here so you'll need SMs, Snipers, or 
    Horsemen. Berserkers are still useful because they can double the generals, 
    although you'll probably prefer a more durable unit. The hero weapons from Ch 
    20 are very useful for ORKOing enemies so start using them up. You only have 
    a few chapters to go after all.
    If you're planning on speeding through this chapter, being able to one round 
    enemies is important. If you don't have a max STR SM, you'll need to forge an 
    armorslayer, and you'll probably have to forge +1 onto a silver bow to 1 round 
    the snipers. Of course a berserker with a hammer will be able to deal 
    ludicrous amounts of damage to the generals.
    The way Fog of War works in this game is pretty basic and lenient. Everyone 
    can see 2 spaces ahead of them. Moving away from a spot doesn't remove your 
    sight on that spot for the current player phase. You get to see all spots 
    that any unit passes by as they move.
    Unit Choices:
    Male class limits not removed: MU, Xane, 2x 30 SPD Swordmaster, Horseman 
    Draug, Healer w/ A staves.
    Excalibur - W chest
    Aura - E chest
    Vulnerary - Sniper
    Longbow - Sniper
    Chapter 20x Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 7
    This is probably the only chapter where the A spear is useful since you can 
    ORKO the generals as a Paladin. Feel free to use it up to ORKO the annoying 
    Slender Spear generals. You'll need your horseman to pick off the snipers 
    behind walls. Use your SMs to slay just about anything using the hero sword. 
    Open the south chest with the master key and a full inventory, then toss the 
    key into storage so you can take it from Marth further north and open the NE 
    chest. Like most Lunatic Reverse chapters, expect to use Fortify often to keep 
    your team up.
    Chapter 21:
    Preparations: This chapter is far easier than Ch 20 for several reasons. 
    First, you'll notice the wyrms and dragons can never forge their breath, which 
    means they're actually weaker and less accurate than the 18 MT/120 HIT forged 
    weapons you're used to dealing with. Second, there aren't many enemies on the 
    map and it's relatively short. And third, there isn't an army of Bishops 
    armed with Fortify staves waiting to fully heal any enemy that didn't die 
    during player phase. It's pretty easy to send high DEF/RES units like Catria, 
    Xane, and My Unit charging ahead and blowing up anything in their way, as long 
    as you distract the AI with multiple lower DEF targets. Just watch out for 
    the meteor sorcerers lining the map.
    The stat boost secret shop is located in this chapter. Sell whatever items 
    and weapons you don't need so you can buy as much as possible. Keep in mind 
    that from now on all you will be facing is sorcerers, berserkers, SMs, and 
    dragons/wyrms, so you don't need any knight or cavalier slayer weapons. What 
    kind of junk can you sell? Unneeded E and D level weapons, goddess idols, 
    master seals, rapiers, armorslayers, ridersbanes, all those tomes lying around 
    you'll never use like ElFire and Nosferatu, etc. In order of importance, cap 
    out SPD, HP, STR, then DEF. The total cost of the 3x STR, SPD, HP, and DEF 
    boosts is 30000. I didn't find Speedwings to be that useful because everyone 
    was SPD capped long before reaching this chapter (they kind of have to be if 
    you're playing Lunatic). Get some talismans and arms scrolls too if you can 
    afford it.
    Your 24 STR Snipers and Horsemen won't be able to one shot the wyrms with an 
    unforged silver bow. You'll need to use Parthia or forge +1-2 onto a silver 
    In order to kill the thieves, you'll have to rush through the map and catch 
    them before enemy turn 9.
    Unit Choices: Berserker My Unit, SM Catria, Draco Sirius, Feena, sniper Luke, 
    horseman Draug, Merric, healer, Xane w/ swords, bishop Minerva, falco Palla or 
    Talisman - Cave
    Starlight - Village
    Vulnerary - Berserker
    Devil Sword - Swordmaster
    Devil Axe - Berserker
    Ymir (Warrior) - Joins on first turn.
    Michalis (Dracoknight) - Move Minerva onto the village by player turn 15, then 
    visit the village with Marth. He will join after the chapter is cleared.
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    Enemy Turns 3 and 5 - More thieves from the cave
    Enemy Turn 7 - Wyrm from middle fort
    Enemy Turn 9 - Wyrm from middle fort
    Right Weapon Shop: Killer weapons
    Left Weapon Shop: Silver weapons, Hand Axe, Javelin
    Right Item Shop: Door key, Vulnerary, Holy Water
    Left Item Shop: Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, ElFire, Heal, Mend
    Secret Shop: Located 7 squares west of the arena. 3x of all stat boosts 
    besides the Boots.
    Chapter 21 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Paladin MU, Draco Shiida, SMs Catria, 
    Luke, and Palla, Horseman Draug, Malliesia, Etzel, Xane, Feena, Minerva.
    The SMs have 28 SPD, while the Berserkers have 26. Your Paladins and Dracos 
    will need to pass around the hero spear to be effective. MU's role is mostly 
    tanking and bringing the enemies closer so your other units can kill them. 
    Your dracos role, like the lunatic run, is to kill the sorcs across the river 
    using the hero spear. Don't worry about using up the hero weapons, as they 
    are mostly useless in Ch 22-23 against the dragons and sorcerers.
    The most important factor to consider for the stat boost shop is whether Marth 
    is strong enough to kill Medeus and whether your sages are strong enough to 
    kill Gharnef. Focus on capping Marth's stats so he can face Medeus. Marth 
    needs two lucky crits to 2RKO Medeus even with capped STR and SPD.
    Sell as much junk as possible for the stat boost shop. You technically only 
    have Chapters 21, 22, and 23 left, since Ch 24 all you'll be using is 
    Again/Rescue staves and the Falchion, which has infinite uses. Ch 21 is 
    fairly short and easy, and Ch 22-23 are almost entirely killing dragons and 
    sorcerers. So you really can get away with selling almost everything in your 
    inventory, including all of your iron and steel weapons, a couple silvers, 
    whatever killer weapons you have left, etc.
    You'll want to hold on to some funds to forge +4-5 onto a wyrmslayer or 
    dragonpike to help slay the 27 SPD Ch 23 fire dragons that nobody will be able 
    to double.
    Chapter 21 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 9
    Same strat as Lunatic. Rush ahead and slaughter everything, using your high 
    DEF/RES units to pull. Move Minerva onto the village on turn 8, cast again on 
    Minerva so Marth can visit it, then rescue Marth to the castle on turn 9.
    Chapter 21 Intermission Choice:
    Yes - My Unit puts on Ymir's fur clothing.
    No - My Unit doesn't change his appearance.
    Chapter 22:
    Preparations: Basic strategy - run like hell to the throne before the nearly 
    endless waves of reinforcements catch up to your party. If you have two thief 
    staff uses left, I suggest using them on the chests, because you can't exactly 
    stop there in person unless you feel like killing the reinforcements. Make 
    sure any frontline unit has over 40 HP to handle the Glower tome sorcerers. 
    You need a 12 MOV Paladin with the Boots (Catria) for this strategy to work.
    Unit Choices:
    Male class limits not removed: Marth w/ hero sword, My Unit w/ hero axe, 
    Paladin Catria w/ hero spear, SM Sirius, Feena, sniper Luke w/ longbow, 
    horseman Draug w/ hero bow, Merric, healer w/ A staves, Xane w/ spears, SM 
    Shiida w/ swordslayer, SM Palla.
    Male class limits removed:
    Wyrmslayer - left chest
    Dragonpike - right chest
    Door Key - Sorcerer
    Fortify - Sorcerer
    Nagi (mamkute) - Joins on first turn.
    Enemy Reinforcements: Reinforcements will be appearing from 3 these locations 
    regularly. The most important reinforcement wave is during enemy turn 4 at 
    location 3, where 2 dragons show up on each side. You'll  need someone strong 
    there to fend off their attacks.
    Location 1 - By either of the two chests.
    Location 2 - Along the east and west sides of the map.
    Location 3 - Along the north side of the map between the two walls.
    See screenshot 1.
    Chapter 22 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Paladin MU, SMs Catria, Palla, Luke, 
    and Sirius, Sniper Shiida, Etzel, Malliesia, Xane, Feena.
    Chapter 22 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 5
    Similar strat to Lunatic mode, except since I didn't give Catria the boots 
    this time, I had to use two again staves to finish in 5 turns. Send a 
    swordmaster w/ again stave at the boss who should be able to ORKO it with a 
    forged wyrmslayer. Use the save point to reload from just to make sure. Try 
    to get Marth some XP by killing the Swarm sorcerers along the way.
    There is still a way to complete this chapter using only one again staff 
    charge, although it requires a lot of save/loading. Place MU with the A Spear 
    right in front of the door, then have Etzel or Malliesia open the door from 2 
    spaces away using the Unlock staff. Use the save point then have MU run in 
    and attack the boss at range until the A Spear crits.
    Chapter 23:
    Preparations: This is another chapter where you have to haul ass to the throne 
    before legions of reinforcements catch up to your party. It's all dragons and 
    sorcerers here. The dragons mercifully have 24 and 27 SPD, so you can double 
    the magic dragons and throw 24+ SPD units at the fire dragons without being 
    doubled. Use hero weapons as much as possible against the glower sorcerers to 
    avoid damage - this doesn't work on lunatic reverse, of course. You pretty 
    much have to kill Gharnef in one turn or he'll get healed to full by the army 
    of Fortify stave sorcerers hanging around.
    There are two strategies you can execute on this chapter. Either hang back 
    waiting for the dragons to come to you, then move north when it's safe, or go 
    on the offensive and slay lots of dragons every turn. You'll need a pretty 
    godlike party to pull off the second strat, though. If you want to go on the 
    offensive, you need to be able to kill the fire dragons in two attacks at 
    most - one longbow attack to soften them up, then another attack with a +5 to 
    +6 forged wyrmslayer or dragonpike. If you are playing on Lunatic reverse and 
    everyone is taking damage, I suggest using Fortify twice on every player turn 
    to restore everyones HP to full.
    Unit Choices:
    Male class limits not removed: Marth, My Unit w/ hero axe, SM Catria w/ +5-6 
    forged wyrmslayer, Draco/Paladin Sirius w/ +5-6 forged dragonpike, Feena, 
    sniper Luke w/ longbow, sniper Shiida or Palla, horseman Draug w/ hero bow, 
    Merric, healer w/ A staves, Xane w/ swords, Nagi.
    Male class limits removed:
    Aum - left chest (unobtainable on Lunatic mode due to lack of warp staff and 
    enemy standing on top of it)
    Hammerne - right chest (unobtainable on Lunatic mode due to lack of warp staff 
    and enemy standing on top of it)
    Falchion - Gharnef (boss)
    Enemy Reinforcements:
    Enemy Turn 7 onward - Lots of enemies incoming from the south every turn.
    Chapter 23 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 5
    Pretty much the same strat as Lunatic except you'll need to spam Fortify 
    more. Since you won't have Merric on this run, I suggest giving Malliesia an 
    arms scroll and letting her wield Starlight. She should have high enough SPD 
    to avoid being doubled and kill Gharnef about as easily as Merric. The only 
    alternatives are to give Etzel way more than 2500G worth of buffs so he can 
    successfully kill Gharnef instead, or save/reload for crits on Gharnef.
    Turn 1: Kill the two nearby fire and magic dragons.
    Turn 2: Kill the dragons on the left side, the middle magic dragon, and the 
    left meteor sorcerer. Keep your vulnerable units out of range of the two 
    dragons and meteor sorcerer to the right.
    Turn 3: Kill the remaining two fire dragons. Next up, the last trap in the 
    game. Use the save point. For this trap you'll need to set up units of 
    varying RES levels so that the enemies attack different targets. You can't 
    just use one tank here because Glower does a flat 40 DMG every time. The 
    magic dragon deals MAG damage so using holy water may help. Preferably your 
    units can counterattack and injure/kill the enemies so you have more units to 
    deal with the fire dragons on the turn after the pull.
    Turn 4: Kill whatever is left of the sorcs and dragons. Whoever attacks the 
    fire dragons will be in range of meteor casters, so heal them if needed. Move 
    someone in range of the dragons on the stairs to pull them.
    Turn 5 or 6: Kill the two meteor casters. Before pulling Gharnef, use the 
    save point. Position your best caster w/ Starlight (Merric in my case) in 
    range of Gharnef when you're ready. Place lower RES units to the sides in 
    range of each meteor caster to absorb the meteor attacks. I had Xane copying 
    Catria from turns 1-5, so I had to wait until turn 6 so he could copy Merric, 
    even though I could have pulled Gharnef on turn 5. Not exactly sure how to 
    rectify that other than having Xane copy Merric from the start.
    Turns 6 or 7: Kill Gharnef using Merric, Xane(Merric), your A level healer, 
    and Feena. There are several ways to get Marth to the throne on this turn: 
    rescue staff, again staff, Feena, or giving Marth the Boots. Or you can 
    always wait another turn.
    Chapter 23 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: Berserker or Paladin MU, Paladin or 
    SM Catria, SMs Palla and Luke, Sniper Shiida, Malliesia, Etzel, Xane, Feena, 
    Etzel should easily have A staves as a bishop by now. Spend the rest of your 
    funds forging a dragonpike or wyrmslayer to help vanquish the fire dragons. 
    The magic dragons are slow and easily killed by unforged weapons, so no 
    worries about those. You should still have some hero spear uses for the 
    sorcerers. Place your high DEF/RES in enemy dragon range so they can 
    counterattack and soften them up.
    Chapter 24 (Final Chapter):
    Give Marth the Falchion.
    Unit Choices:
    My Unit, Julian, paladin/draco Sirius w/ rescue 
    staff, paladin/draco Minerva, Merric w/ rescue and again staff, Feena, and as 
    many B level stave users as you can field. Add Xane and any of your best 
    wyrmslayer/dragonpike users if you are going for a 2 turn strat.
    Lena (bishop w/ long red hair) - Talk to with Julian.
    Nyna (bishop w/ white hair) - Talk to with Sirius
    Maria (bishop w/ gold headband) - Talk to with Minerva
    Elice (bishop w/ blue hair) - Talk to with Merric
    Place Sirius on the left side closer to Nyna (bishop w/ white hair).
    Walkthrough Turns Taken: 1-2
    This is one of the shortest chapters in the game. If you still 
    have lots of rescue stave and again stave charges, you can finish it in 1 
    turn. If not, you can finish it in 2 turns by moving everyone north and 
    getting a little closer. You still don't have to kill many, if any, dragons 
    in your way.
    For the 1 turn strat to work, you need 4 rescue staff charges left and 2 again 
    staff charges at minimum.
    Turn 1: Move Sirius north. Have a B level stave user (that isn't Merric) cast 
    Again on Sirius. Dance for that B level stave user. Recruit Nyna with 
    Sirius. Trade his rescue staff to her. Have Nyna rescue Merric. Have Merric 
    recruit Elice and rescue Minerva. Try to position Merric where he can provide 
    A support to Marth attacking Medeus. Recruit Maria with Minerva. Rescue 
    Marth and Julian with Maria and Elice. You should now have all 4 bishops 
    recruited and Marth in position to attack, with at least 2 bishops available 
    to cast more spells. With those two bishops, you can cast Again on Marth or 
    heal on Marth. If you have extra bishops to spare, you can rescue My Unit to 
    give Marth A support, or rescue someone to use the save point, which will make 
    killing Medeus easier. Or you can just go for a 2 turn strat, which requires 
    much less rescue staff usage and you're guaranteed to be able to use the save 
    point and maybe even attack Medeus with someone other than Marth.
    2 turn strat:
    Turn 1: Move everyone north.
    Turn 2: Clear out any dragons in the way with your best attackers. It's 
    pretty much the same as the 1 turn strat, except Sirius and Minerva don't need 
    to have rescue or again cast on them because they are far enough north to 
    reach the people they need to talk to already. Use the save point, get My 
    Unit next to Marth, and slay the big bad dragon.
    Chapter 24 Lunatic Reverse Unit Choices: MU, Shiida, Merric, Minerva, Julian, 
    Sirius, lots of staff users.
    Chapter 24 Lunatic Reverse Turns Taken: 2
    I've determined that you can probably shave off more turns earlier in the game 
    by 2 turning the final chapter instead of 1 turning it. In addition, 2 
    turning the final chapter means you can use the save point, get more supports 
    in position, and the whole strategy is much more reliable. This frees up 1 
    again stave and 2 rescue staves which you can put to use elsewhere in the 
    game. Strat is still the same as Lunatic, except you might need to heal Marth 
    in between attacks because Medeus will still be 2RKOing him.

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