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It has been roughly a year since Mars defeated the Dark Dragon Medius in the "Dark War".

Among the many young people who clamor among the gates of the Knights to become a knight who protects the hero Mars, there was a young knight applicant, the main character (My Unit / Chris). At the test site where comrades gather, he meets many friends, including Catalina, a girl who wants to be a military teacher, and the main character spends every day training hard. And finally, the day has come to receive the award as a knight. However, an assassin invades the castle during the medal ceremony. Marus is targeted for life. There, the protagonists are informed of the shocking fact that Catalina was actually an insider who guided the assassination.
Although the assassination was attempted, Catalina disappeared. The hero, who has been selected as a knight of the guards, will work with Mars to support the lord who is departing on an expedition and to discover the true motives of his companion, Catalina.

In this title, "My Unit" that allows you to customize the name and gender of a player character appears. For the first time in the series, a "casual mode" has also been installed, in which characters who have become incapacitated are revived.
In addition, the simulation RPG "BS Fire Emblem Akaneia Senki" set in the Akaneia continent just before "Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light" delivered on Super Famicom Satellaview is included as "New Akaneia Senki".

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