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Tinker around, solve puzzles, have fun and keep your gray matter in tip-top condition: welcome to "Crazy Machines". At last, the release of "Crazy Machines 2" brings you the sequel to the popular and award-winning do-it-yourself game for iPhone and iPad. The absent-minded Professor is back, and is now leaving his secret laboratory to explore the wide world where he can fiddle with his complex experiments. This will lead him to the most beautiful beaches in the world and to the pyramids of Giza, among other places. You will help the Professor in his experiments to trigger ever wackier chain reactions and complete increasingly intricate test assemblies.Tilt, roll and fall: the Professor is on his world tour!"Crazy Machines 2" takes you on an experimental world trip: you will have to use diverse objects to build outlandish machines that set off some hilarious chain reactions at the Great Wall of China, the pyramids of Giza and even in creepy Transylvania!For example: your task is to launch a firework rocket. You'll have to use all your ingenuity to achieve the desired result, because all you have available is a football, bellows, a hot air balloon, scissors and a few planks of wood. Only the correct combination and sequence of objects will trigger the chain reaction that will achieve your objective.In Action mode, skill and quick reactions will be required to adjust the experiments while they are up and running. Construction kit mode allows you to create your own experiments and even to set your friends new challenges; just let your imagination run wild! In Puzzle mode, the nutty Professor will set you some elaborate tasks in a variety of finished experiments. If you surrender totally to your creative impulses to solve the puzzles, the Professor will reward you for particularly "left-field" solutions!Features- Three tricky game modes: Action, Puzzle and Construction kit- Wacky background story with 13 exotic settings- Greatly improved graphics using a brand new engine- Controls have been further optimized- Countless new levels and combinations of objects- Mental exercise with humor and a learning componentMacwelt"Challenging and entertaining."mobile Zeit"The thrilling experiments make this as much fun as the original. [...] Thanks to a excellent tutorial, even hobby inventors will eventually manage to put the parts in the right place, and will achieve a motivating highscore to reward their frazzled brain cells!"

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