Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (North America)

  1. From Hostedposted (07/28/2020; 256KB) Has every pokemon in the white pokedex shiny and pokedex is %100 complete you have all badges and all fly locations. No trainers beaten and starts from the beginning.
  2. From xTKx (03/14/2011; 256KB) No saved game - Liberty Ticket downloaded from Mystery Gift

Action Replay Max DS (.dst) Game Save (Japan)

  1. From neostelar0629 (11/02/2010; 1024KB) Elite 4 beat. Have Victini, Reshiram, Zekrom, and other Legendaries. 1 Star on Trainer Card

Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (Japan)

  1. From Railand (03/06/2011; 512KB) Beat Elite 4 once time, has Zekrom. Reshiram, Charizard, Zuruzukin, 3 Shiny Beast, Event Zorua, and beat
  2. From jinxblog (02/21/2011; 512KB) E4 beaten once, Strong Pkmn, some places still left undiscovered for you to explore!

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