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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Drayano

    Version: 2.20 | Updated: 03/06/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents

    1. FAQ Info
    2. Version History
    3. Introduction
    4. Additions and Changes
      1. Seasons
      2. Experience System
      3. Other Additions / Changes
    5. Version Differences
    6. General Tips
    7. Main Game Walkthrough
      1. Nuvema Town
      2. Route 1
      3. Accumula Town
      4. Route 2
      5. Dreamyard
      6. Striaton City (2)
      7. Striaton Gym
      8. Striaton City (3)
      9. Dreamyard (2)
      10. Striaton City (4)
      11. Route 3
      12. Wellspring Cave
      13. Route 3 (2)
      14. Nacrene City
      15. Nacrene Gym
      16. Nacrene City (2)
      17. Pinwheel Forest (Outside)
      18. Pinwheel Forest (Inside)
      19. Skyarrow Bridge
      20. Castelia City
      21. Castelia Gym
      22. Route 4
      23. Desert Resort (Entrance)
      24. Desert Resort (Main)
      25. Nimbasa City
      26. Route 16
      27. Lostlorn Forest
      28. Nimbasa Gym
      29. Route 5
      30. Driftveil Drawbridge
      31. Driftveil City
      32. Cold Storage
      33. Driftveil Gym
      34. Route 6
      35. Chargestone Cave
      36. Mistralton City
      37. Route 7
      38. Celestial Tower
      39. Mistralton Gym
      40. Twist Mountain (Entrance)
      41. Surfing for Treasure
      42. Mistralton Cave
      43. Pinwheel Forest (2)
      44. Wellspring Cave (2)
      45. Route 1 (2)
      46. Route 17
      47. Route 18
      48. P2 Laboratory
      49. Twist Mountain
      50. Icirrus City
      51. Route 8
      52. Moor of Icirrus
      53. Icirrus Gym
      54. Dragonspiral Tower
      55. Relic Castle
      56. Tubeline Bridge
      57. Route 9
      58. Opelucid City
      59. Opelucid Gym
      60. Route 10
      61. Route 7 (2)
      62. Victory Road
      63. Pokemon League
      64. *Spoiler*'s Castle
    8. Post Game Walkthrough
      1. Nuvema Town (2)
      2. Route 18 (2)
      3. Dreamyard (3)
      4. Relic Castle (2)
      5. Relic Castle Depths
      6. Cold Storage (2)
      7. Chargestone Cave (2)
      8. The Royal Unova
      9. Challenger's Cave
      10. Route 11
      11. Village Bridge
      12. Route 12
      13. Lacunosa Town
      14. Route 13
      15. Giant Chasm
      16. Undella Town
      17. Undella Bay
      18. Undersea Ruins
      19. Route 14
      20. Abundant Shrine
      21. Black City / White Forest
      22. Route 15
      23. Marvelous Bridge
      24. Pokemon League (2)
    9. Post-Game Content
      1. Swarming Pokemon
      2. Victory Road's Final Fight
      3. Final Fight in Nuvema
      4. The Battle Subway
      5. The Dream World
    10. Special Events
      1. Zorua and Celebi
      2. Zoroark and the Crown Beasts
      3. The Lock Capsule
      4. Victini and Liberty Island
      5. Keldeo and Secret Sword
      6. Meloetta and Relic Song
      7. Genesect and the Drives
    11. Challenges
      1. Nuzlocke Challenge
      2. No/Minimal EXP Challenge
      3. Mono-Type Challenge
    12. Credits

    Main Game Walkthrough (Continued)

    Dragonspiral Tower

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    TranquillNormal/FlyingGrass30%Level 32
    DeerlingNormal/GrassGrass30%Level 34
    MienfooFightingGrass30%Level 50
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass85%N/A
    EmolgaElectric/FlyingShaking Grass10%N/A
    UnfezantNormal/FlyingShaking Grass5%N/A
    • This list applies to the entrance of Dragonspiral Tower in Spring, Summer and Autumn.
    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    VanilliteIceGrass30%Level 35
    DeerlingNormal/GrassGrass30%Level 34
    MienfooFightingGrass, Tall Grass30%Level 50
    VanillishIceTall Grass30%Level 47
    SawsbuckNormal/GrassTall Grass30%N/A
    BearticIceTall Grass10%N/A
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass90%N/A
    EmolgaElectric/FlyingShaking Grass10%N/A
    • This list applies to the entrance of Dragonspiral Tower in Winter.

    There's a fair bit of seasonal change here, too. There's two new Pokemon here. One is Mienfoo, a competent Fighting type who evolves into the excellent Mienshao... at Level 50. It's unfortunately a pretty late evolution, but it's worth it. If you need a Fighting-type, go for it. It's worth noting that Mienfoo and Mienshao are two out of the three Pokemon who can normally get the Regenerator ability (Audino being the other), which restores 1/3 of the Pokemon's HP whenever it switches out. Combine that with U-Turn - a move that they learn by level-up - and you've got one hell of a combo.

    Druddigon is another Dragon Pokemon who is a little on the average side; he's slow, but pretty powerful at 120 attack base. He has a decently large movepool, as well as access to the excellent Rough Skin and Sheer Force abilities. Sheer Force in particular will really pick up the power with moves such as Rock Slide. He unfortunately learns no Dragon-type moves that have a bonus effect, though.

    If you're playing in Spring, Summer or Autumn, there's not a whole lot here. You can access the lower grass, but the upper tall grass is completely out of bounds. If you head forward, you'll see Prof. Juniper's father. Approach him and Bianca will also appear; plenty of dialogue later you'll receive an OLD GATEAU, an item that works exactly like a Full Heal. That's all, so head inside the deeper part.

    On the other hand, if you're playing in Winter there will be a pile of snow in Icirrus City that'll let you access the upper part of this small area; you'll be able to both have a go in the tall grass and grab the NUGGET waiting up here. Otherwise, it's the same, so head deeper inside.


    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    TranquillNormal/FlyingGrass, Tall Grass30%Level 32
    DeerlingNormal/GrassGrass30%Level 34
    SawsbuckNormal/GrassTall Grass30%N/A
    MienfooFightingGrass, Tall Grass30%Level 50
    DruddigonDragonGrass, Tall Grass10%N/A
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass85%N/A
    EmolgaElectric/FlyingShaking Grass10%N/A
    UnfezantNormal/FlyingShaking Grass5%N/A
    BasculinWaterSurf, Dark Water ~ Surf100%N/A
    DratiniDragonFish65%Level 30
    Dragonair'DragonFish5%Level 55
    DratiniDragonDark Water ~ Fish60%Level 30
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    DragonairDragonDark Water ~ Fish9%Level 55
    DragoniteDragon/FlyingDark Water ~ Fish1%N/A
    • This list applies to the entrance of Dragonspiral Tower in Spring, Summer and Autumn.
    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    VanilliteIceGrass30%Level 35
    DeerlingNormal/GrassGrass30%Level 34
    MienfooFightingGrass, Tall Grass30%Level 50
    VanillishIceTall Grass30%Level 47
    SawsbuckNormal/GrassTall Grass30%N/A
    BearticIceTall Grass10%N/A
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass90%N/A
    EmolgaElectric/FlyingShaking Grass10%N/A
    BasculinWaterSurf, Dark Water ~ Surf100%N/A
    DratiniDragonFish65%Level 30
    Dragonair'DragonFish5%Level 55
    DratiniDragonDark Water ~ Fish60%Level 30
    BasculinWaterDark Water ~ Fish30%N/A
    DragonairDragonDark Water ~ Fish9%Level 55
    DragoniteDragon/FlyingDark Water ~ Fish1%N/A
    • This list applies to the entrance of Dragonspiral Tower in Winter.

    Trainer Pokemon: Vanillish L36, Galvantula L36 | Cubchoo L35, Hahakurimo L35, Darmanitan L35

    Yes, you're reading that right. You can actually catch Wild Dragonite here, although they are incredibly rare. Come back here once you get the Super Rod if you dare have a go.

    If you happened to come up here before we got the Freeze Badge, you would have seen the tower shut and nothing accessible but a small patch of water. However, with Plasma's intervention that has all changed. First, get onto the bridge and Surf off to the right, where the pillars have been knocked down to give you access. If you use the itemfinder, you can guide yourself to one of the tower walls which can be checked for a hidden HEART SCALE. There's also an island on the right with two trainers you can fight and a TM63, EMBARGO to pick up.

    Head inside the tower afterwards.


    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    GolettGround/GhostBuilding Floor50%Level 43
    DruddigonDragonBuilding Floor30%N/A
    MienfooFightingBuilding Floor20%Level 50

    This first, watery room has a couple Wild Pokemon for you to find, including a new one, Golett. Golett is a Pokemon that you will have seen used by a trainer back in the Celestial Tower, assuming you fought every trainer there. It's a Ground/Ghost - a unique typing - that specializes in attack, with some decent defenses and average speed. The evolution level is good, but the strangest thing is that Golett's evolution - Golurk - can learn Fly, despite having no wings or any apparent flight method to speak of! Secret superhero, perhaps?

    There's nothing of interest in here otherwise, though. Head through the top door, though not without some complimentary shaking.


    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    GolettGround/GhostBuilding Floor100%Level 43

    Just a bunch of robots that are Wild in here, which is good if you want one. Cheren will call to you from up the stairs, then continue on. We need to follow him. Go up the left side and go straight past the strength boulder; you can pass under the broken pillars. There's a HYPER POTION hidden under the pillar on the right. Now, see the pillar to the right here, that has collapsed onto the floor but is connected with the large arch we just went under? If you don't have Strength, then this is your lucky day, as you can actually walk onto this broken pillar and walk across to the platform we saw Cheren on. Either do so, or move the Strength boulder into place and go up the stairs. Pick up the STARDUST on the flat pillar at the bottom of this platform, then go left and into the next room.

    DRAGONSPIRAL TOWER ~ 3F: No more Wild Pokemon now. Make your way up the stairs and you'll reach a puzzle rather like the one from Tin/Bell Tower in the Johto games. Take the first one down, then use the bottom one to go left. Continue on this route, but when you get near the stairs ignore it and continue going up. Follow this path and you'll be able to reach a SHINY STONE. Take the hop on this platform down, the next one down, then go right. Take this one down too, take the bottom row again, then this time when you get near the steps break away and go up them. Enter the door at the top.

    DRAGONSPIRAL TOWER ~ 4F: Plasma grunts everywhere! Cheren and Brycen will keep some of them busy, but it's up to us to get rid of the others. Move down and a Plasma grunt will see and challenge you. Defeat his Lv. 34 Watchog, then go further down and fight the second grunt, who will send a Lv. 34 Liepard after you. Once that's taken care of, ascend the stairs and fight the third grunt. Demolish his Lv. 34 Scraggy, then continue forward. There's a fourth grunt to fight with two Lv. 33 Liepard. Go up the stairs for a fifth one with a Lv. 32 Watchog, Lv. 32 Scraggy and a Lv. 32 Krokorok. Following that, descend the steps to the right for a DRAGON FANG, then ascend both sets of stairs to get to the next floor..

    DRAGONSPIRAL TOWER ~ 5F: Well, this room is certainly fitting of the word spiral. Go right, cross the platform when you come to it, then continue right. Cross the next platform down, then grab the STARDUST lying here. Go back and take the platform up back to the ring we were on before, then go straight left ignoring the platform that was just above us. On the other end, go up the platform and pick up the STAR PIECE, then jump over the ledge and get to the next platform. Cross this one, then go right, jumping over the ledge and taking the platform down to an outer ring. Follow this ring left, take the platform down then go all the way right to pick up a REVIVE. Finally, return and go down the platform to the outermost ring, then head up the steps to the left.

    DRAGONSPIRAL TOWER ~ 6F: Move upwards and you'll hear more shaking, as well as the cry of a very fearsome sounding Pokemon. Time is of the essence! Take this path around, picking up the MAX ELIXIR that's on the upper part. You'll run into a Plasma sage and four Plasma grunts, all aimed at you. Oh dear.

    The Plasma grunts will swarm you and you'll have to take all four of them down one after another. Seeing as they're grunts it isn't that hard though. The first grunt has a Lv. 33 Watchog and a Lv. 33 Krokorok. The second has a Lv. 34 Krokorok. The third has a Lv. 33 Trubbish and a Lv. 33 Liepard, and the final one has Lv. 34 Watchog.

    Once they're all beaten, they'll move away, allowing you to pass. Go to the bottom and ascend the stairs.

    DRAGONSPIRAL TOWER ~ 7F: Oh dear, a music change. Head up and you'll find N and the opposite legendary of the game! Black players will see a cutscene with Zekrom, while White players will see a cutscene with Reshiram. N will talk to you for a moment, then fly away with his chosen legend.

    Cheren and Brycen come and watch as he departs, then the three of you leave the tower. Outside, the three of you along with Prof. Juniper's father and Bianca discuss what to do next; Alder will also come along and with that we'll know to go to the Relic Castle next. Brycen and Prof. Juniper's father will head back inside the tower. Cheren and Alder will depart for the castle, and Bianca stays there as a reminder just in case.

    If you went to the Desert Resort earlier the game, you may have entered the Relic Castle; it was a sand filled building that contained plenty of Wild Sandile and Yamask. We have to head back there now. To get there, get to Nimbasa City, then head down into Route 4. When you can take a left, do so. Take this path and then head north and keep going and you'll end up in the Desert Resort. At the top end to the right there is a stair surrounded by some weird blue statues; this is where you need to go.

    Relic Castle

    Trainer Pokemon: Watchog L34, Krokorok L34, Krokorok L34 | Scraggy L35, Watchog L35 | Garbodor L36 | Krokorok L36 | Liepard L34, Trubbish L34, Trubbish L34 | Watchog L35, Scraggy L35 | Trubbish L35, Liepard L35

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    SandileGround/DarkSand Floor50%Level 29
    YamaskGhostSand Floor50%Level 34
    • Encounter list is identical for 1F and B1F.

    As you approach the stairs, Cheren will approach and talk to you for a moment. Head inside afterwards.

    Now we can truly explore this place. As a reminder, you need to walk on the sand pits to cross them. Running or biking will cause the sand to drag you in and throw you down to the next floor. I'm assuming you visited earlier, but if you didn't you can get a fossil from the backpacker woman on the left of the first floor, as well as two items (one of which is hidden) if you sink down either of the sand pits on the first floor.

    Begin by going over to the left sand pit on this first floor and walking over it so that you can reach the stairs. You'll now be able to pass the guy that was blocking us earlier. Go down the stairs and you'll run straight into a Plasma sage. After talking to him, head right and fight the Plasma grunt. Sink through the sand pit afterwards; either run/bike on it or just walk into the centre. I believe the latter is faster.


    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    KrokorokGround/DarkSand Floor50%Level 40
    CofagrigusGhostSand Floor50%N/A
    • Encounter list is identical for B2F to B4F.

    You'll be able to find evolved wild versions of the Pokemon above now. Cofagrigus in particular has quite a freaky sprite.

    Pick up the MAX POTION right below you, then head up and fight the Plasma grunt. Walk over the pit (if you accidentally sink just take the stairs up in the room you appear in) then go down and fight the grunt here. Cross the pit by walking and pick up the useful TM30, SHADOW BALL, then sink down the pit we just crossed.

    Go straight down and sink into the pit here. The spot you land on has a hidden item; move one space in any direction and examine it for a hidden SUPER POTION, then go up and pick up the SUN STONE on the ground. Follow this path around up the stairs, then take the stairs that end up directly in front of you up, and you'll end up in the room that had the TM30. Sink down the same pit as before.

    This time, go straight left and fight the grunt, then walk south across the pit and pick up the MAX REVIVE. Afterwards, take the pit across west (the north route holds nothing.) After the grunt, cross the pit west to pick up the PP UP, then fall down the sand pit.

    You'll end up next to two Plasma grunts. Beat both of them, then fall down the pit.

    You'll end up at the very bottom of the castle, as will Cheren. You'll find Alder and Ghetsis talking. After Ghetsis practically says a monologue, he'll charge through you and exit. Alder and Cheren will also leave, and take you with them. For the record, there are Wild Pokemon on that last floor but nothing else... yet. We'll go back there a long time from now.

    Outside, you'll get a Xtransceiver call from Prof. Juniper. Afterwards, Alder will Fly away, and Cheren will stay put. Go figure.

    Next up, we need to visit Nacrene City.

    NACRENE CITY: Go to the museum and you'll see a relatively large crowd outside, composed of Alder, Prof. Juniper, her father and Bianca, and soon enough Lenora too. Lenora will entrust you with a very valuable item, either the DARK STONE or the LIGHT STONE depending on your version. This key item will come into play much later on, but it's an important storyline object.

    Now we're able to continue the storyline. To keep going, head to Route 8. You may want to go see Prof. Juniper first though; by now you should have seen over 100 Pokemon, so you can get the TM10, HIDDEN POWER that we were unable to earlier on.

    ROUTE 8: A short section? You bet. We've been told to go to Opelucid City to find out more about the legends of Reshiram and Zekrom and it so happens Opelucid is also the location of your last badge, so it works perfectly.

    Head to Route 8 (by the seventh gym town) and go to that big grey building we saw before. The Plasma grunts - now that we've cleared the Relic Castle - will be there no more, but attempt to enter and Bianca will show up! She'll challenge you to a fight; the first rival battle we've had in a while, in fact.

    • Rival Bianca
    • Rewards: $4000
    StoutlandLv. 38Normal
    Simisage/Simisear/SimipourLv. 38Fire/Water/Grass
    MusharnaLv. 38Psychic
    Emboar/Samurott/SerperiorLv. 40(Fire/Fighting)/Water/Grass
    • Considering the length of time it's been it makes sense, but Bianca's levels are much higher than they were before, and all of her Pokemon are now fully evolved. What does that mean? More experience!
    • Things aren't really much different; we're just playing with higher levels and higher stats now. Normal type matching will do the trick just fine, although it is fun to see the rival starters in their final forms. We'll get to see Cheren's too eventually, but it's a little while yet.
    • As always, Bianca also has some healing items in store, which she'll use if her Pokemon's HP gets low.

    After winning, she'll give you a FULL RESTORE, then leave, allowing us to continue. Let's press on. Enter the building here.

    This is a rather big gatehouse compared to the normal one, huh? Go out the other end.

    Tubeline Bridge

    We've got us another 3D bridge to cross. So start crossing! If you talk to the battle girl near the other end (if you can actually catch her amongst that crazy movement, that is) she'll give you a TM43, FLAME CHARGE, which is a move you will have seen before if you've trained either a Tepig or a Blitzle. It's a 50 power, 100% accuracy physical Fire move that is guaranteed to raise the user's speed if it connects.

    At the other end, we'll see... Ghetsis!? The Shadow Triad will also appear and rush you towards him. Once he finishes his usual pacing and talking, he'll go, letting us finish the bridge. Head forward and into the gatehouse, and pass through to the other side.

    Route 9

    Trainer Pokemon: Krokorok L36, Scraggy L36 | Krokorok L36, Garbodor L36 | Scraggy L37 + Scraggy L37 | Pawniard L37 | Scraggy L37 | Liepard L36 | Stoutland L36 | Minccino L36, Lampent L36

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    GothoritaPsychicGrass, Tall Grass (Black)30%Level 41
    DuosionPsychicGrass, Tall Grass (White)30%Level 41
    MinccinoNormalGrass, Tall Grass20%Shiny Stone
    GarbodorPoisonGrass, Tall Grass20%N/A
    PawniardDark/SteelGrass, Tall Grass20%Level 52
    LiepardDarkGrass, Tall Grass10%N/A
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass80%N/A
    EmolgaElectric/FlyingShaking Grass10%N/A
    CinccinoNormalShaking Grass5%N/A
    GothitellePsychicShaking Grass (Black)5%N/A
    ReuniclusPsychicShaking Grass (White)5%N/A
    HoundourDark/FireSwarm (Black)40%Level 24
    PoochyenaDarkSwarm (White)40%Level 20

    As soon as you enter this route, a guy in a cap will see you and give you a TM56, FLING, ironically by flinging it towards you. It's not that useful of a move, but I guess it helps our collection.

    There's a new Pokemon here - Pawniard. It and its evolution Bisharp specialize primarily in Attack, backed up by a good defense and decent speed. Their type combination is pretty unique, although it gives it weaknesses to Steel's three usual weaknesses - Fire, Fighting (quadruple!) and Ground. However the dual type does negate the Bug weakness that Dark-types have. It's usable, but it's a high evolution level, so be prepared to be patient.

    You can also catch the midforms of Gothitelle and Reuniclus here, and surprisingly their final forms too, if you get lucky enough.

    Straight ahead is a biker; fight him, then the guy right above, then the double fight to the right. That'll get us off to a good start; ignore the big building for now and fight the biker to the right. There's one last trainer in the top right of the route.

    Now that that's been taken of, let's wrap up the rest of the route. There's a hidden LEMONADE located a little outside the big building. Head into the building afterwards.

    This is the department store. Yeah, they put it in a route rather than Castelia City or something. A bit weird, but oh well. If you go into the room on the bottom right front wall of the store, you can get a PP UP. There's a few trainers in the main building, too. If you go up the steps right next to the PP Up room, there's a rich boy who will fight you. There is also a lady and a waiter on the top floor who will fight you. If you talk to the worker on the top floor, you can get a THUNDERSTONE.

    The store's selection isn't really all that impressive. The most notable thing is the TM shop on the mid right by the rich boy; it sells TM15, HYPER BEAM and TM68, GIGA IMPACT for a hefty $90,000 each, but they can be good moves in-game if you need a powerful high power move.

    Go back out the store, then to the bottom right corner; there's a gap in the fence allowing you to get to the grass. If you follow this grass through (note that you can slide in between some of the trees) you can find a HP UP, as well as a hidden MAX ETHER in one of the top left squares (you can slip past between the tree and the fence). There's also a FULL RESTORE if you go through the tall grass.

    You'll probably notice there's a cave here with a guy blocking the entrance. This is the Challenger's Cave, and we won't be able to access it until we've seen the credits. We'll come back later for it.

    That's all for Route 9. Head into the east gatehouse and out the other end.

    Opelucid City

    Trainer Pokemon: Simisear L39 + Simipour L39 + Simisage L39 | Mienfoo L39 + Elgyem L39 + Pawniard L39

    Opelucid City is a pretty unique place; depending on whether you're playing Black or White, it'll look different. Black players will see a more technological city, whereas White will see a more nature based one with trees and hedges. I prefer the White one myself, but it doesn't matter. They have different music too, but the actual gameplay is near identical. At least, I think. I'm writing this guide while playing White, so I apologize to Black players if some of the information is incorrect.

    Move forward and you'll find Alder, who will take you forward to a crowd. Once again Plasma are doing a speech in town. These are getting a bit annoying now. Urgh.

    Anyway, once Plasma and the crowd leaves, you and Alder will talk to Iris (who you might remember from way back in Castelia City) and Drayden, the old man standing next to her. They'll tell you the legends of Reshiram and Zekrom, how they were once one dragon broken apart by differences, or something. I still don't read Japanese D:

    Now, one of them will head off, and the other will lead you. Which character does which depends entirely on your version. Follow whichever character and you'll be taken to Drayden's house. After the conversation ends, one of the two will leave. Black players will see Drayden leave, and White players will see Iris leave - the person that leaves is the Gym Leader of Opelucid City! The remaining person will stay in the house, functioning as a Draco Meteor tutor. Any Dragon-type Pokemon can learn the move - it's a special Dragon move with 140 power and 90% accuracy that sharply drops Special Attack after use. It's not useful on every Dragon-type, but it's a very strong move all the same, and can be taught infinitely.

    If you go upstairs in this house, you can talk to the American football player for a FLOAT STONE - this stone, when equipped to a Pokemon, halves the Pokemon's weight. This can be useful for reducing things such as the damage given by Grass Knot, for example. You can also talk to the blonde woman in here to receive a RING TARGET, an item that causes the holder's immunities to be nullified. Yeah, not very useful, but might be better paired with a move such as Trick or Switcheroo.

    Exit Drayden's house now. Head straight down the path and enter the Pokemon Center to the right. Heal up the damages from Route 9, then exit.

    Outside, you can find a hidden MAX REPEL a bit below the vending machine. There's also a hidden ULTRA BALL located in one of the upper parts of the city; use the itemfinder to locate it.

    In the top right most house (the one closest to the gatehouse with the sign outside it) you can do a couple fights. On the bottom floor is an Ace Trainer who will triple battle you with the three evolved elemental monkeys at Level 39, with the usual triple method your game follows. Upstairs there is one more trainer; a female Ace Trainer who also triple battles you with the normal method with three Pokemon. Both of them will rebattle you once a day.

    The house directly to the left has a blonde girl on the bottom floor who will give you a DESTINY KNOT, which is for all intents and purposes a pretty useless item.

    To the left of that is the gym, which we'll visit soon enough. Take the street down and enter the tower like house on the left. If you talk to the gentleman in here he'll give you a PRESENT BOX accessory.

    Go back to the Pokemon Center and take the street to the right of it up, and visit the first building you come to on the left. The guy in green on the top floor wants to see a Pokemon with the move Charge. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, there is a catch; he wants to see a Pokemon with Charge from the opposite version. Youll either have to trade or use the GTS and hope you get lucky. Should you fulfil his want, you will receive the CELL BATTERY, a one-use item that will raise a Pokemon's Attack stat if it is hit by an Electric-type move. Note that it does have to be hit, so using this item in combination with Motor Drive, a Ground-type or some other way to block an Electric move means it won't work.

    Anyway, that's it for the city. Head into the gym at the top left.

    Opelucid Gym

    Trainer Pokemon: Fraxure L41 | Deino L41 | Fraxure L40, Fraxure L40 | Fraxure L41 | Druddigon L42 | Deino L39, Fraxure L39, Druddigon L39 | Deino L40, Druddigon L40 | Fraxure L40, Fraxure L41

    The final gym of Unova has us take on Dragon Pokemon in a rather strange puzzle; we have to make stone dragons change directions and extend in order to open a path to the leader. Sounds fun, no?

    As always, get a FRESH WATER (the last one ;_;) then go straight forward. You'll run into an Ace Trainer; defeat his dragon and take the winding path right. You'll eventually come to a point where you can go right; do so and jump over the raised bit. Go up and fight another Ace Trainer - who has the Dark/Dragon Deino - then jump off the platform to the left. You'll hit the switch with enough pressure that the dragon's head will twist.

    Take this new path up and around. You'll find another Ace Trainer to fight. After him, jump off the platform to hit the other switch and center the dragon head, opening a new route. Follow this route, beat an Ace Trainer, then keep going and jump off when you can to move the dragon. You've probably noticed you can see Drayden/Iris sometimes when the camera moves.

    Don't take this dragon up now as it goes nowhere; instead jump over the southern raised bit and follow this curvy path. You'll have to beat another trainer. Afterwards, take the path left and around and jump off when you can to move the dragon head.

    Now we can use this head for a path; follow the newly created path and you'll eventually reach another Ace Trainer. Take the long path around afterward and jump on the switch; it'll cause the dragon to go down rather than up, but that works fine. Go up now and follow this path, and you'll wind back to the Ace Trainer. Take the same path as we just did again and jump on the switch to make the dragon move. Take the dragon head path up and around, fight another Ace Trainer and then jump to get both of the dragon hands up, centring the dragon.

    Take the new path. It's quite wavy; go right when you can and you'll come up to a strong female trainer. After beating her, continue north on this path and go left and jump off when you can. This will cause the dragon by here to centre, leading you right to the gym leader. Take it up and you'll be in front of Drayden/Iris. The teleporter behind them will take you back to the beginning, but I would recommend just using healing items as in this gym the puzzle DOES reset if you leave!

    • Rewards: $5160, TM82 Dragon Tail, Legend Badge
    • My Team: Rufflet Lv. 41, Lilligant Lv. 49, Emboar Lv. 48, Carracosta Lv. 48, Excadrill Lv. 49, Musharna Lv. 49
    FraxureLv. 41DragonRivalryDragon Tail, Dragon Dance, Assurance, Dragon Rage
    DruddigonLv. 41DragonSheer ForceNight Slash, Revenge, Dragon Tail, Little by Little
    HaxorusLv. 43DragonMold BreakerDragon Tail, Dragon Dance, Slash, Assurance
    • I took a quick trip to Route 10 and added a Rufflet to my team. Isn't it just the cutest? The rest of my levels are a bit high though. :x This also happens to be the last time you'll hear the main Gym Leader music in the game, since Black and White have no Gym Leader rematches. ;__;
    • Drayden and Iris specialise in Dragon-types, hence they have three Pokemon of that distinction. Strangely enough they don't have anything from the Deino line, so there's two of one line (Fraxure and Haxorus) with Druddigon in the middle. For the record, the team is exactly the same no matter who you're facing; the only things that change by version are aesthetics.
    • These two have a special move called Dragon Tail. It's 60 power and 100% accuracy with two special effects. First, it always goes last. No exceptions, or at least a very small amount of exceptions. The second thing is that if it connects, the Pokemon it hits is sent back into its Poke Ball and the trainer is forced to send another one out at random. It's basically a Roar or Whirlwind that actually does damage. It shouldn't be too much to worry about, but be careful anyway, especially since all three of their Pokemon have the move.
    • As a reminder, Dragons have only two weaknesses - Ice and Dragon. If you have a Vanillish or Vanilluxe with Ice Beam, you will be able to absolutely sweep this gym. An Fraxure or Haxorus of your own could also do a good job, and a Druddigon would also have a decent job, but you have to watch out with your own Dragons since they are also weak to the attacks being thrown at you by the Gym Leader. Blizzard will also do well, if you have it on anything.
    • Fraxure and Druddigon aren't anything particularly special. Fraxure does have Dragon Dance which raises attack and speed - you're best of not letting it use that too much. Druddigon has a pretty varied movepool, but is practically guaranteed to go last. Both of them should go down without too much trouble.
    • Haxorus on the other hand is a bit different. At Level 43 it shouldn't actually exist (since Fraxure doesn't evolve until 48), but it is the main Pokemon of Drayden and Iris. As you may recall if you were reading back in Mistralton Cave, this thing has a gigantic 147 base attack, paired with 97 base speed. Thankfully its defenses aren't anything too special so you should be able to knock it out, but due it with all due speed - it has Dragon Dance, and having that attack powered up any more is really going to hurt. Having it sped up won't help either, although that might get partially negated if it chooses to use Dragon Tail. Your Pokemon will probably outmatch it in level, but be careful all the same!
    • They also have two Hyper Potions to use.

    Defeating them will get you TM82, DRAGON TAIL and the long awaited Legend Badge, meaning we now have all eight badges of the Unova League! All that awaits us are the trainers at the Pokemon League.

    Head into the teleporter behind Drayden/Iris and exit the gym. Prof. Juniper will meet you outside and lead you towards the gate that leads to Route 10. After talking to you, she'll give you the very special MASTER BALL, an item that is best saved for a very particular legendary.

    That leaves us with the rest of the game to do. Make sure you heal up after the gym, then head out north.

    Route 10

    Trainer Pokemon: Scrafty L39, Mienfoo L39 | Fraxure L39, Eelektrik L39, Accelgor L39 | Maractus L39, Cryogonal L40, Alomomola L39 | Sawk L40 | Gurdurr L38, Boldore L38 | Sawsbuck L40, Jellicent L40 | Beartic L39, Seismitoad L39, Escavalier L40

    PokemonTypeLocationEncounter RateEvolution Method
    HerdierNormalGrass, Tall Grass30%Level 32
    VullabyDark/FlyingGrass, Tall Grass (Black)30%Level 54
    RuffletNormal/FlyingGrass, Tall Grass (White)30%Level 54
    BouffalantNormalGrass, Tall Grass20%N/A
    FoongusGrass/PoisonGrass10%Level 39
    AmoongussGrass/PoisonTall Grass10%N/A
    SawkFightingGrass, Tall Grass (Black)10%N/A
    ThrohFightingGrass, Tall Grass (White)10%N/A
    AudinoNormalShaking Grass80%N/A
    EmolgaElectric/FlyingShaking Grass10%N/A
    StoutlandNormalShaking Grass5%N/A
    SawkFightingShaking Grass (White)5%N/A
    ThrohFightingShaking Grass (Black)5%N/A
    TyrogueFightingSwarm40%Level 20

    The music in this route is absolutely beautiful. I only wish the route were longer, but as far as things go it's pretty short.

    There's a fair few new Wild Pokemon here, despite it being so late in the game. We have the version exclusive birds, Vullaby and Rufflet, and their evolution level is not a typo. They do indeed not evolve until Level 54, so if you want to use one of them, you better be patient! Vullaby, and its somewhat hilariously named evolution Mandibuzz, are a female only species found in Pokemon Black. They focus more on defense, hence their attacking stats are a bit subpar... to put it in perspective, Mandibuzz's attack and special attack are 65 and 55 base respectively. You probably won't be doing much damage, so I'd give them a miss. Their abilities are also pretty useless at this stage.

    Rufflet and its evolution Braviary, on the other hand, are a male only species with a pretty standard Normal/Flying typing but stats better suited to the in-game. Braviary gets 123 base attack and 80 base speed, which is just fine, as well as the use of the Sheer Force ability which can be paired with moves such as Rock Slide and Crush Claw. They're certainly the better of the two, though still hard to raise due to being an unevolved form so late in the game. If you need a Flying-type still though, then this thing can come in useful.

    Bouffalant is a buffalo with an afro. That aside, it's a pretty powerful Pokemon with good defenses and again, average speed, with some useful abilities in Reckless and Sap Sipper. Bouffalant also gets the powerful Head Charge, an exclusive Normal-type move that is 120 power and 100 accuracy, which can produce incredible hits off of its attack strength and STAB. The drawback is that it does produce recoil, but this also means it's affected and powered up by Reckless, so it's a double-edged sword. Bouffalant also gets Megahorn, Earthquake, Wild Charge and Stone Edge as possible choices, so it is pretty good. Use it if you wish.

    Returning to the route at hand, head forward and fight the battle girl, who allows us to finally see Scraggy's evolution. Very gangsta like, isn't it? You might notice there are three Poke Balls in the grass. The far left one is a friendly neighbourhood Foongus at Level 30. Remember it has Effect Spore! The middle is also a Level 30 Foongus, while the one on the right is an actual item - namely, a FULL HEAL.

    Head up the steps then immediately take the path above you. There's a hidden MAX POTION about three spaces away from the wall. Return and go up the next steps to the right to find an Ace Trainer, who will use the midform of the electric eel and the evolution of Shelmet. Quite interesting Pokemon, eh? Just ahead is a veteran trainer with another three Pokemon, though none of them new.

    I'd make sure you're ready for a tougher battle before you cross the bridge, because when you reach the other end Cheren and Bianca will show up. Cheren will challenge you to what is the final rival battle in the main game!

    • Rival Cheren
    • Rewards: $4500
    UnfezantLv. 43Normal/Flying
    Pansage/Pansear/PanpourLv. 43Fire/Water/Grass
    LiepardLv. 43Dark
    Emboar/Samurott/SerperiorLv. 45(Fire/Fighting)/Water/Grass
    • Cheren still only has four Pokemon, but they're higher levelled than ever before; in fact, these are the highest levels we've seen yet. As far as things go, it's pretty much the same, although Cheren also now has his fully evolved starter, at a pretty high level of 45. As always, type matching will produce the best possible results! Also, his Liepard has a Sitrus Berry. Yeah, not his starter. I have no idea why, unless it has some other item?

    After the battle, Cheren will heal your Pokemon and Bianca will give you a MAX REVIVE. Cheren blitzes away, and Bianca soon follows.

    Anyway, there's some tall grass right next to you; start taking that path. The first Poke Ball you come to is your not so friendly neighbourhood Amoonguss; it's the evolution of Foongus, and has increased HP and defenses from its pre-evolution, but retains Effect Spore. Exercise caution as necessary.

    The second is also a Amoonguss, at Level 40 just like the other one. You should also be careful of the Toxic attack that they have! The third Poke Ball is a HYPER POTION while the fourth is a DAWN STONE.

    Take on the fighter here, who owns a pretty powerful Sawk. Following the path, there's also a hiker on the bridge to fight. After beating him, talk to the guy in the corner here for a DUSK STONE. Follow the path a bit more for a TM05, ROAR, then jump off the ledge and continue right, back onto and past the bridge.

    There's a female Ace Trainer here with an evolved deer and an evolved female jellyfish. Both of them can be pretty strong. After the fight ends, jump over the ledge and collect the FULL RESTORE, then go back around and fight the veteran trainer. He also uses some interesting Pokemon, including the final evolution of Tympole and the evolution of Karrablast. That ends our sad journey of the main route, but we're far from done yet - we've got Victory Road to do!

    It's time. Enter the building above. Approach the gate and the guy will check if you have the Tri Badge. You do, so the gate will open. Now, each room you go through will have the design of the previous badge. For example, this room we're in now has a river, plants and torches - representative of the first gym's types of Water, Grass and Fire.

    Simply push against each gate to get it to open. The next room represents the Basic Badge's Normal-type, and does it by having a pretty normal area, including grass. The Pokemon in the grass are the same as those in the normal Route 10, for the record. Also, note the music - there's an extra beat added for each room you go through!

    The fourth room takes its design from the Insect Badge, hence the giant stone insect that you cross over. The room after that is representative of the Bolt Badge, which is full of electric generators. The music will notably have a lot more substance to it now.

    Next we open the Quake Badge door, with the room being very earth looking. Hard to describe but you know full well what I mean. Then we open the Jet Badge door, and the Flying design sends us walking over a huge pit! You can walk anywhere on the windy part, too. It's pretty cool.

    Next comes the Freeze Badge door, which adds a simple sliding puzzle to the mix. Just slide up, right, up, left and up from where you enter to get to the other side and push against the door, unlocking the Legend Badge door. Walk through it to see stone dragons and a gate. The music is now complete. Walk through the gate, and we're here. Victory Road!

    However, before we take Victory Road on (note that if you enter it becomes a Fly location) there is a new legendary available. We were told about strange weather patterns as we entered Route 10. Go to Route 7 to check it out.

    Route 7 (2)

    As soon as you enter this route, the screen will get darker and a flash of lightning will occur, then an absolute torrent of rain will pour down from the heavens. There's a certain legendary taking residence around here that we need to vacate. No, it's not Kyogre.

    Make your way to the house with the healer near Twist Mountain. As you cross by it, an old woman will come out and invite you into the house until the rainstorm passes.

    When you go back out, you'll hear a strange cry. Your character will move to the right, then a strange Pokemon will float over next to you! The rain begins anew, then the Pokemon will suddenly flee and the rain dissipates. What just happened..?

    The Pokemon we just saw was one of the three Pokemon belonging to the legendary trio based upon three Japanese gods, the three of which are collectively referred to as the "Kami trio". The Kami trio contains three Pokemon - Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus who all share a common Flying-type. Tornadus is pure Flying (and the first at that ), Thundurus is Electric/Flying and Landorus is Ground/Flying. Tornadus and Thundurus have exactly the same stats, reaching a 580 base stat total, while Landorus has slightly different stats and a 600 base stat total.

    • Level: 40
    • Type: Flying (Tornadus) / Electric/Flying (Thundurus)
    • Ability: Prankster
    • Moves: Revenge / Air Cutter / Extrasensory / Agility (Tornadus)

    Revenge / Shock Wave / Heal Block / Agility (Thundurus)

    • Base Stats: 79 HP / 115 Attack / 70 Defense / 125 Special Attack / 80 Special Defense / 111 Speed
    • There's a slight trick with this legendary - which one you get depends on your version! Those of you playing Pokemon Black will have just seen the green and purple Tornadus, the first pure Flying Pokemon and legendary based on the Japanese wind god, Fuujin. On the other hand, White players will have seen the blue and purplish Thundurus, the second Electric/Flying legendary based on the Raijin, the Japanese god of thunder and lightning.
    • Regardless of version, this legendary will be your roamer of the game. Most Pokemon players will know what I mean by that, but for those who are playing a Pokemon game for the first time, a roamer is a legend that actually moves around the region's routes. Once they're released into the wild, the roamer will settle in a random route, then will generally shift to an adjacent route every time your player character moves into a new area. The use of Fly, Teleport etcetera tends to reset their position to another random place in the region.
    • In this particular game you'll have to chase the legendary around Unova. It can show up on any of the primary sixteen routes (I don't think it can show up on 17 or 18, but I don't know for sure). The annoying thing is that you cannot keep track of this legend like you could with the others in previous gens with the PokeDex, PokeTch or PokeGear - you'll have to be in the same route as them to know when they're in the route. You can walk between a town and a route to refresh the area constantly and hope the legendary arrives there. You'll know when Tornadus or Thundurus are in the area by the weather; if they are around then the weather will change to the same rainstorm as we just saw in Route 7. If you get the weather, go into the normal grass (I don't think the tall/doubles grass will work) and if you're lucky you'll encounter it. If you don't encounter it after a few Wild Pokemon then it'll leave, but you can keep going in and out to have a chance of it appearing again.
    • Should you encounter the legendary, it will run away from the battle the first chance it gets ie as soon as it can move on the first turn - though it is worth noting that if it tries to run, it will ALWAYS move last. There are a couple ways to lock it in place - you have the option of using a trapping move such as Mean Look, Block etc or you can place it in battle with a Pokemon that has the Shadow Tag ability. Arena Trap unfortunately won't work as both Tornadus and Thundurus have the Flying-type giving them immunity to the ability. Don't think you can stop them by sleeping or freezing them, as somehow they will still run! Just remember, if you use Mean Look or Block, you will have to ensure you either keep the same Pokemon in the battle the whole time OR you use Baton Pass to switch to another Pokemon while keeping the trapping move in play. Catching roamers can be tough, but try and try again and you'll get it.
    • Alternatively, just throw the Master Ball as soon as you encounter it. Tornadus/Thundurus are by far the best legend to use the Master Ball on due to their movement! I implore you to use it on them rather than any of the stationary legendaries. It is particularly useful that in Black and White you have only one roamer, so there's unlikely to be any real need to keep the Master Ball unless you want to keep it as a collector's item. That is the key difference - every other legendary is stationary, but this one will flee as soon as it can!
    • It's important to note that the possible locations for these roamers actually changes depending on time; you'll find them in either the north or the south of the region depending entirely on the clock. While I don't know for sure, it appears possible that it depends on whether the clock is AM or PM. At AM, the legendary will be found in the northern routes of Unova, whereas at PM it is found in the southern routes. I'm not entirely sure where this north and south split actually is, but I would guess that Route 4 and anything below it counts as southern, while Route 5, Route 16 and any routes following on from them count as northern. If anyone has anything more conclusive, I would highly appreciate an e-mail with the information.
    • Annoyingly, there are no two routes connected in this game apart from 17 and 18 which may not even work, so you'll have an annoying time actually cornering the legend. I'd recommend you go between a town and a route that has no gatehouse though, to speed things up. Strangely enough, however, it isn't actually that hard to end up with it on the same route as you. You might need a little luck, but it shouldn't take too long. It helps that Unova has a small amount of routes compared to the other four regions, as well as a fairly linear shape.
    • Note that if you exit and re-enter Route 7 as soon as you release the legendary, you might well find it again right away as long as it is evening.