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Wizardry is a world-famous title made in 1981 that is said to be the ancestor of Computer RPGs, it is a dungeon RPG where you can dive into deep dungeons and enjoy exploring the labyrinth. In this work, you can enjoy an adventure that pursues more "Wizardry" characteristics while following the system of the previous work; "Wizardry: Wedge of Life". There is no existing player character, and you will embark on a challenging adventure by forming a party with the characters you made yourself. In addition to solving mysteries while using the stylus, there are also traps that endanger the adventurers in real time, and the dungeon is full of danger. In addition to more strategic and comfortable battles, more than 190 fascinating monsters by Jun Suemi and other talented illustrators will attack adventurers. With the addition of new elements such as a monster pictorial book that records the monsters that have been defeated, you can now enjoy deeper dungeon exploration.

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