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FAQ/Walkthrough by Kazerei

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/12/10

               This document is copyright (c) 2010 Vivian Lam

 #    #                      __      _   _  _
#      #                    (_  | | |_) |_ |_)
#                           __) |_| |   |_ | \
 #       #### ####  #### ####  ####  #     ##### #   #  ###  #   # #####  ####
  ###   #     #   #  #   #   # #   # #     #     ##  # #   # #   #   #   #
     #  #     #   #  #   #   # #   # #     #     # # # #   # #   #   #   #
      # #     ####   #   ####  ####  #     ##### # # # ##### #   #   #    ###
#     # #     #  #   #   #   # #   # #     #     # # # #   # #   #   #       #
 #    # #     #   #  #   #   # #   # #     #     #  ## #   # #   #   #       #
  ####   #### #   # #### ####  ####  ##### ##### #   # #   #  ###    #   ####

                            Super Scribblenauts
                                Nintendo DS
                                Version 1.1
                             November 12, 2010
                           Written by Vivian Lam

                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

                            1. INTRODUCTION
                            2. LIST OF MERITS
                            3. PUZZLE SOLUTIONS
                            4. CLOSING REMARKS




WHAT IS THIS GAME ABOUT? -----------------------------------------------------

Super Scribblenauts is a puzzle/action game developed by 5th Cell exclusively
for the Nintendo DS. The game features the ability to summon objects by
writing the words in Maxwell's notebook. Maxwell can also interact with the
objects in a number of ways. The goal of each level is to collect a Starite,
which requires solving some puzzles and/or overcoming some obstacles.

WHAT'S NEW IN SUPER SCRIBBLENAUTS? -------------------------------------------

If you've played the first Scribblenauts game, you'll be happy to know that
5th Cell has addressed everyone's biggest issue: the controls.

* Maxwell can be controlled with the D-pad or ABXY buttons, while the stylus
  is used to move the camera and to interact with objects.

* The main upgrade to the Objectnaut engine is the ability to modify objects
  using adjectives. There are some puzzles that require adjectives.

* Now you can build your own levels and share them via Wi-Fi. There are 16
  types of puzzle templates (eg: Gifts, Race, Catch, Slayer) to choose from.

HINTS (top right on level screen)
* Looks like an hourglass icon. You can purchase hints if you're stumped.

ADJECTIVE HISTORY (bottom left on notebook screen)
* View a list of the adjectives you've previously used.

ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW? -------------------------------------------------

The two most useful tools in this game are:

MAGNIFYING GLASS (top left on level screen)
* Identifies the objects in the level.

RECALL BUTTON (bottom of notebook screen)
* Cycles through the last 12 objects you've created.




* Starite Apprentice: Catch 10 starites

* Starite Master: Catch 60 starites

* Starite King: Catch 121 starites
     Create a time machine and use it repeatedly. Eventually you'll be taken
     to the first level in the first Scribblenauts game. The 121st starite is
     in a tree.

* Connect the Dots: Complete any constellation

* Replay: Complete a level in advanced mode
     The levels with crowns on them are replayable in advanced mode.

* Full Replay: Complete all advanced mode levels
     The levels with crowns on them are replayable in advanced mode.

* English Eagle: Create 10 unique objects

* Letter Lieutenant: Create 25 unique objects

* Syllable Savant: Create 50 unique objects

* Language Lion: Create 100 unique objects

* Grammar General: Create 200 unique objects

* Word Warrior: Create 300 unique objects

* Brand New Pencil: Use 10 unique adjectives

* Sharpened Pencil: Use 25 unique adjectives

* Well Used Pencil: Use 50 unique adjectives

* Worn Down Pencil: Use 100 unique adjectives

* Cracked Pencil: Use 200 unique adjectives

* Broken Pencil: Use 300 unique adjectives

* Rad Recombiner: Apply three adjectives to an object

* Master Morpher: Apply five adjectives to an object

* Mega Mutator: Apply eight adjectives to an object

* It's Alive!: Grant life to an inanimate object
    Sleepy door

* Piggy Bank: Hold 1,000 Ollars in your bank

* Nice Wallet: Hold 5,000 Ollars in your bank

* Money vault: Hold 10,000 Ollars in your bank

* Welcome Mat: Set a custom level as your playground
     Go to Custom Level and create a playground-type level. When you exit,
     you'll be asked if you want to set as playground. Then return to the
     title screen.
* Home Grown: Complete a custom level
     Go to Custom Level and create a non-playground-type level. When it's
     finished and functional, hit the play button and complete the level.

* Maxwell in Disguise: Play as a different avatar

* Window Shopper: Purchase 10 avatars

* Dedicated Collector: Purchase 25 avatars

* Avatar Maniac: Purchase all avatars
* Suit Up: Fully equip Maxwell
     Shoes, Pants, Shirt, Watch, Gloves, Hat

* You Can Fly: Equip any flying gear or mount

* Cthulhu Fhtagn: Create a mythos monster

* Fatality!: Destroy the world
     Nuclear bomb

* Clever Creation: Attach any three objects together

* Creative Concoction: Attach any six objects together

* Colossal Contraption: Attach any ten objects together

* Over Budget: Completely fill the budget meter

* Skin of Your Teeth: Catch a starite while Maxwell is being defeated
     Create a flood on level 1-6

* Micronized: Create the smallest possible object
     Microscopic particle

* Ginormous: Create the largest possible object
     Colossal mansion

* Lion Tamer: Ride a creature that's normally hostile
     Shark, Saddle

* History Lesson: Use the time machine

* Teleported: Use the teleporter

* Break Time: Use the arcade machine

* Behind the Scenes: Create three 5th Cell developers
     Jeremiah, Marius, Sean
* Forbidden Fruit: Use Maxwell's Notebook
     Actually create the object "Maxwell's Notebook" and use it

* Russian Doll: Place an object inside an object inside an object
* Kiss Me: Transform a creature into a frog
     Prince, Wand (shoot him with it)

* Really Big Lizards: Create 5 Dinosaurs
     Brontosaurus, Triceratops, T-Rex, Velociraptor, Pterodactyl

* Texture Artist: Create 5 objects made out of altered materials
     Metallic, Wooden, Furry, Glossy, Slimy

* Daily Horoscope: Decorate the sky with the 12 zodiac symbols
     Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius,
     Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces (constellation)

* Astronomer: Decorate the sky with every planet in the solar system
     Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

* Easter Egg: Create five hidden historical figures
     Ben Franklin, Shakespeare, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Galileo

* Coloring Book: Create 10 objects with altered colors

* Hypnotized: Hypnotize another character
     Hypnotizing stick (throw it at a person)

* Fantasy Fulfillment: Create 5 fantasy objects or use 5 fantasy adjectives
     Wizard, Witch, Elf, Dwarf, Unicorn

* Looking Ahead: Create 5 science fiction objects or use 5 sci fi adjectives
     Time machine, Teleporter, Laser sword, Ray gun, Cyborg

* The Fourth Wall: Apply the secret super scribblenauts adjective
     The adjective is "scribblenautical"




For most of the puzzle solutions, I just listed the words I used. Some of
the solutions include comments/instructions to help explain what to do. If
you want further clarification, please email me and I will elaborate.

This is important! In puzzles where there are multiple boxes, I list the

To search for a specific puzzle solution, hit ctrl+F, and type in [#-#]

============================== CONSTELLATION 1 ===============================

[1-1] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Which one is the real starite?

* It's the red striped one.

1. Grappling hook

[1-2] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Place an object with similar characteristics in the empty box to complete
the puzzle!

1. Horse
2. Flamingo
3. Dinosaur

[1-3] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Pit stop! The car needs replacement parts to get back on track!

1. Tire
2. Engine
3. Gas tank

[1-4] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Kick off the beach party!

1. Beach ball, Surfboard
2. Towel, Umbrella
3. Barbecue, Burger

[1-5] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Help the step-brothers become friends! Their love of sports will bring
them together.
Good job! Now the other brother needs something from the same sport.

1. Baseball, Bat (sports)
2. Football, Football helmet
3. Tennis ball, Racquet

[1-6] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cause a new extinction event without weapons or asteroids!

1. Plague
2. Hurricane
3. Flood

[1-7] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Provide a home for each creature!

1. Zoo, Home, Barn
2. Savanna, Tent, Pasture
3. Jungle, Chalet, Slaughterhouse

[1-8] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

The boy froze! Help him!

1. Hairdryer
2. Radiator
3. Sun

[1-9] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

The create-a-tron is used to assemble things by placing specific items inside.
Help Maxwell make a body using the create-a-tron!

1. Eye, Ear, Nose, Mouth, Tongue, Hair
2. Head, Torso, Arm, Hand, Leg, Foot

[1-10] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Unlock the statues in the correct order! Remember, Maxwell can interact with
nearby objects by tapping on them!

* Unlock the petrified people from young to old. Baby, Boy, Man, Grandpa.

1. Yellow key, Green key, Blue key, Red key

[1-11] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Invaders are coming! Give the villagers weapons to make an army!

1. Bat (sports), Axe, Sword, Gun
2. Pitchfork, Bow (weapon), Club (weapon), Rifle
3. Yari, Yumi, Katana, Dao

============================== CONSTELLATION 2 ===============================

[2-1] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Place an object with similar characteristics in the empty box to complete
the puzzle!

1. Lobster
2. Crab
3. Shrimp

[2-2] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Help the man safely jump off the cliff!

1. Parachute
2. Hang glider
3. Balloon (toy)

[2-3] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

The king of the jungle needs to rest!

1. Sleepy meat
2. Anesthetist
3. Tranquilizer gun, Hunter

[2-4] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Put an object in the empty box! Use adjectives to make it a cross between
a building and an animal!

1. Furry hut
2. Hairy igloo
3. Fuzzy shelter

[2-5] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Help Maxwell the magician make the lion disappear!

* Hit the red switch and then the blue switch.
* Lure the lion over.
* Hit the blue switch and then the red switch.

1. Beef
2. Pork
3. Lamb (meat)

[2-6] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Place food with Maxwell that uses these ingredients. Connect three in a row
to win!

1. Sandwich
2. Pizza
3. Omelette

[2-7] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

What does he want to be when he grows up?

1. Firefighter, Doctor, Rockstar
2. Athlete, Driver (person), Musician
3. Quarterback, Racer (person), Guitarist

[2-8] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Put an object in the box! Use adjectives to make it similar to its neighbors!

1. Zombie robot
2. Robotic zombie
3. Metal bedbug

[2-9] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Potions with adjectives will change any objects they are used on. Use potions
on the man to give him the qualities of a dragon!

1. Fire-breathing potion, Flying potion, Scaly potion

============================== CONSTELLATION 3 ===============================

[3-1] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Help the witch make a love potion! Fill the cauldron with sweet, slimy and
beautiful things. Adjectives cannot be used.
Help the monster fall in love.

* Pick up the potion and use it on the monster.

1. Candy, Slime (material), Flower

[3-2] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Place objects with similar characteristics in the empty box to complete
the puzzle!

1. Bat (animal)
2. Vampiric bird
3. Flying syringe

[3-3] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Put a dwarf or giant in the empty box! Use adjectives to make him similar
to the other character!
Now connect a dunce and a professor!
Now connect a villain and a hero!

1. Little giant, Stupid professor, Evil hero

[3-4] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Emergency! Wake the astronaut and extinguish the fire!

1. Alarm, Extinguisher (give it to the astronaut)
2. Drummer, Firefighter
3. Evil snowman (drop it on the astronaut, then drop it on the fire)

[3-5] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Place objects in the empty boxes to complete each math equation. The final
result must use an adjective!

1. Young man, Amplifier
2. Late person (male), Cable
3. Immortal guy, Socket

[3-6] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

The customers want their cars painted. Use adjectives to provide them with
a correctly colored vehicle!

1. White limo, Red bike, Black skateboard, Green van, Blue car

[3-7] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Supplies are limited! Get to the front of the line!

* Give items to the other customers, then grab the innovation.

1. Mail (paper), Barbell, Paint, Rifle, Guitar
2. Parcel, Protein, Brush (paint), Grenade, Mic
3. Pizza box, Lotion, Camera, Map, Money

[3-8] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ronnie is feeling blue. Cheer him up!
Bobby is sick! Cure him!
Mike is terrified! He needs some courage!

1. Clown, Doctor, Knight
2. Videogame, Medicine, Shield
3. Happy potion, Healthy potion, Brave potion (pick it up and use it on him)

[3-9] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Give the archaelogist what he needs to locate the lost ziggurat.
See what you can uncover below the ziggurat!
Arrange the bones in the correct order on the tables.
Give the archaeologist what he needs to assemble a skeleton!

* Correct order is skull, cheekbone, shoulder, foot
* You can drag and drop the bones using the stylus

1. Map, Shovel, Glue
2. Compass, Hoe (tool), Tape (sticky)
3. Metal detector, Jackhammer, Cement

[3-10] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Complete each scene by adding objects. Look for similarities between scenes
to find out what objects are missing!
The bottom left scene is missing one object with an adjective!
The bottom right scene is missing two objects!

1. Fire truck, Smart EMT, Jail, Motorcycle

============================== CONSTELLATION 4 ===============================

[4-1] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Starite get!

* It's in in the upper right box. Bump the bottom of the box.

1. Wings
2. Jetpack
3. Flying shoes

[4-2] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Maxwell's mission: discover a strange new world!

1. Planet
2. Moon
3. Comet

[4-3] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Return life to the oasis! First replace the water source.
The oasis needs grazing material.
Add a creature to eat the plants.

1. Lake, Field, Camel
2. Rain (storm), Grass, Bunny
3. Waterfall, Rainforest, Mammoth

[4-4] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Help her open a grocery store. Create a variety of food aisles.

1. Milk, Bread, Meat, Vegetable, Water (drink), Oil (food)
2. Cheese, Muffin, Steak, Lettuce, Juice, Salt
3. Yogurt, Rice, Fruit, Fish (food), Candy, Ketchup

[4-5] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

The lady is watching her weight, serve her something healthy!
The man is burning for something spicy!
The unusual customer wants something sweet!

1. Banana, Jalapeno, Sugar
2. Salad, Curry, Pudding
3. Potato, Taco, Cake

[4-6] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Place two humans with Maxwell that would use these objects. Connect three
in a row to win!

1. Builder, Tailor (person)
2. Firefighter, Hairdresser
3. Farmer

[4-7] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Protect Maxwell from the plague!
Give the doctor an infected specimen to examine!
Help the doctor find a cure!
Cure the girl!

1. Hazmat suit, Microscope

[4-8] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Impress the judges by wearing or holding objects they like! Activate the
lever when Maxwell is ready!

1. Gold platter, Fast shoes
2. Rainbow crown (jewelry), Spotted tie
3. Green polka dot robe, Moustache

[4-9] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Place objects in the boxes to complete each math equation. The final result
must use an adjective!

1. Magic, Flying mermaid

[4-10] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

It's a witchs' duel! Destroy her monsters with your own! Only creatures
with opposite adjectives can win!

1. Little devil, Black dragon, Cold yeti, Beautiful cyclops, Slow cthulhu

[4-11] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Complete the missing links!

1. Dinosaur, Monkey

============================== CONSTELLATION 5 ===============================

[5-1] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Open the doors with objects colored with adjectives!

1. Red ball, Blue ball, Black ball, White ball

[5-2] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Use adjectives to make regular objects into the cast and props of a
horror movie!

1. Undead man, Evil woman, Psychotic teen, Scared kid (person), Vampiric baby
2. Zombie robot, Vicious rat, Frightened boy, Supernatural girl, Demonic tree
3. Haunted TV, Dead body, Ghostly image, Scary portrait, Alien hand

[5-3] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Create bridges with adjectives applied to help the dog guide his master to
the finish line!

1. Heavy bridge, Long bridge, Fireproof bridge

[5-4] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

The man needs a haircut! Give the stylist the tool she needs!
This woman needs her hair styled!
Help the stylist make this woman a blonde!

1. Scissors, Brush (hair), Hair dye
2. Razor (grooming), Blowdryer, Bleach
3. Hair clippers, Hairpin, Foil

[5-5] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Find a reason to get the specialists to check on the prisoners!

1. Disease, Ghost, Garbage, Fire

[5-6] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Create yaks with adjectives that mimic the above characteristic sequence!

1. Swimming yak, Flying yak

[5-7] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Maxwell is the tooth fairy! Put the boy to sleep and give him money for
his tooth.

* Grab the tooth on the bedpost after the boy falls asleep.

1. Teddy, Money
2. Blanket, Coin
3. Warm milk, Ollar

[5-8] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Scare your friends, don't get caught! First, make the weather spooky.
Now give Maxwell a spooky disguise and a scary weapon.
Go in for the scare!!

1. Cloud, Spooky disguise, Scary weapon
2. Rain (storm), Mask (fun), Chainsaw
3. Thunder, Invisibility cape, Cleaver

[5-9] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Help the knight across the lake!

* Easiest thing to do is just fly across. Give both Maxwell and the knight
  the flying equipment.
* You can also kill the shark and then swim across. But getting the knight
  to jump out of the water can be tricky. Just keep jumping and it'll work.

1. Wings
2. Jetpack
3. Flying skateboard

[5-10] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Impress the judges by wearing or holding objects they like! Activate the
lever when Maxwell is ready!

1. Cowboy hat, Tights, Cleats
2. Moustache, Tutu, Helmet, Flying cape
3. Horse (ride it), Pink disguise, Football

[5-11] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Use the create-a-tron to make a snowman.

1. Snow (pile), Hat, Button (clothes), Carrot, Scarf, Stick

[5-12] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Hire professors to teach at the university!

1. Scientist, Mathematician, Writer, Historian, Musician
2. Astronomer, Philosopher, Psychologist, Engineer, Economist
3. Doctor, CEO, Programmer, Geologist, Genius

============================== CONSTELLATION 6 ===============================

[6-1] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Replicate the above characteristic sequence in the empty boxes by creating
cavemen with adjectives!

1. Spiky caveman, Fast caveman

[6-2] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Win the parents' approval with gifts!
It's dad's turn!
Now give Maxwell's date a gift!

1. Cloth, Rifle, Rainbow ring

[6-3] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Help the botanist adorn her garden!

1. Grass, Flower, Bush, Tree, Vine, Sapling, Cactus, Bonsai
2. Rose, Lilac, Sunflower, Hydrangea, Magnolia, Azalea, Trillium, Petunia
3. Fountain, Pond, Statue, Sculpture, Arch, Lattice, Gazebo, Birdhouse

[6-4] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Assist the cubs!

* Cubs are hungry, scared, and lonely. Lots of ways to do this.
* You can help the hungry cub get to the beehive (air vent), or just give
  it food.
* You can incapacitate the hunter, or just push it down (air vent) to
  Maxwell's level.
* Watch out for the bear if you go down to blow up the rocks. You can
  incapitate it the same way as the hunter (anesthetist)

1. Tiny air vent, Fire, TNT
2. Honey, Disease, Mine (trap), Rock
3. Fish (food), Anesthetist, Bomb, Wings

[6-5] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Place humans with adjectives in the first empty box on each line.
Then place clothing in the second empty box to get the result!

1. Funny man, Red nose, Good person, Wings
2. Happy dude, Big shoes, Charitable guy, Robe
3. Silly kid (person), Rainbow wig, Holy father, Halo

[6-6] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Put a witch or princess in the space between them! Use adjectives to make
her similar to the other character!
Now connect the doctor and the assassin!
Now connect the peasant and the millionaire!

1. Ugly princess, Medical assassin, Poor millionaire

[6-7] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Create buildings to make a city!

1. Home, School, Hospital, Store, Church
2. Apartment, Mall, Gym, Theatre, Court
3. Hotel, Restaurant, Arena, Station, Park

[6-8] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Use the create-a-tron to make a werewolf.

1. Man, Moon, Wolf

[6-9] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Gold rush! Find the gold nuggets!

* Dig, pan and mine for gold. Try to dig so that Maxwell can still hop out.
* Turn the rock into gold (wizard staff), or bash the boulder (hammer, sword)

1. Shovel, Pan, Hammer
2. Hoe (tool), Frypan, Sword
3. Jackhammer, Wok, Wizard Staff

[6-10] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Give the monsters what they crave!

1. Head, Kid (person), Brain, House
2. Face, Closet, Flesh, Grave
3. Horse, Bed, Tongue, Body

[6-11] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Help Maxwell sneak into the wedding!
Return the ex's gift without getting caught!

1. Invisibility cape, Pocket
2. Tux, Bag
3. Cassock, Case

[6-12] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Help decorate!

1. Table, Desk, Chair, Couch, Recliner, Beanbag, Stand (furniture), Shelf
2. Bed, Closet, Toilet, Sink, Shower, Stove, Fridge, Microwave
3. Clock, Calendar, Scroll, Blinds, Painting, TV, Rug, Fireplace

[6-13] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Grand opening! Populate each museum room with one unique art or
history exhibit!

1. Art, Sculpture, Artifact, Jewelry
2. Painting, Statue, Fossil (part), Crown
3. Photo, Mummy, Diamond, Diorama

============================== CONSTELLATION 7 ===============================

[7-1] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Help Maxwell set up the campsite!

1. Tent, Fire, Knife
2. Backpack, Tarp, Sleeping bag
3. Water (drink), Gorp, Picnic table

[7-2] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Make a robotic girlfriend for this automaton! Start with a material!

1. Steel, Girl, Robot dog
2. Fiberglass, Lady, Engine
3. Cinnabar, Maid, Turbine

[7-3] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

They've come to see Maxwell. Give them what they need!
Now create a character to define her shape!
Impress her with a gift fit for a robot!

1. Shoes, Heart, Brain, Courageous drink

[7-4] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Drop party supplies into the park!

1. Pinata, Clown, Cake, Punch, Music, Confetti

[7-5] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Place lava in the first empty box. Use adjectives to make it similar to
the boulder!
Place a boulder in the second empty box. Use adjectives to make it similar
to the mountain.
Place a mountain in the third empty box. Use adjectives to make it similar
to the hill!

1. Cool lava, Huge boulder, Round mountain

[7-6] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Make peace with the alien!
A new human colony requires a water source!
Create three food sources for the new colony!
Now create a renewable source of oxygen!

* Some objects are both food sources and oxygen sources.

1. Ambassador, Lake, Cow, Corn, Legume
2. President, Rain (storm), Chicken (bird), Wheat, Apple tree
3. Gift, Waterfall, Pig, Goat, Horse, Grass

[7-7] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Complete each scene by adding objects. Look for similarities between
scenes to find out what objects are missing!

1. Boar, Cat, Forest, Wolf

[7-8] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Infiltrate the party! Do not harm anyone!
Rendezvous with the contact to get the key card!
Use the computer to disable the camera!
Retrieve the intel from the safe and escape!

* To get the keycard, give the supermodel an object and quickly grab it
* To open the brown door, fill the safe with an object, like the keycard

1. Invitation, Wings, Invisibility cape
2. Tux, Rose, Jetpack, Tranquilizer gun
3. Disguise, Rock, Flying shoes, Blind potion

============================== CONSTELLATION 8 ===============================

[8-1] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Complete their missing stage of life!

1. Cocoon, Chicken (bird), Seed

[8-2] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Help Maxwell the blacksmith assist the hero! Give him a weapon to defeat
the monsters!
Orcs are tough! Use adjectives to give the hero a weapon to make them sick!
Treants are made of dry wood! Use adjectives to give the hero a weapon to
fight them!
Use adjectives to give the hero a weapon to fight a fire-breathing dragon!
Use adjectives to give the hero a weapon to defeat the evil dark knight!

1. Invincible hammer, Poisonous mace, Fiery lance, Freezing gun, Holy sword

[8-3] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Create cats with adjectives in the empty boxes! Make each cat similar
to its neighbor!

1. Big cat, Small cat

[8-4] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Use the create-a-tron to make a solar system like our own!

1. Star, Planet, Moon, Asteroid

[8-5] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Save the princess, but do not wake the dragon!

* Just manoeuvre around the level very slowly and carefully

1. Wings
2. Flying shoes
3. Aerial scarf

[8-6] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Impress the judges by wearing or holding objects they like! Activate the
lever when Maxwell is ready!

1. White swimsuit, Feather bandana
2. Flippers, Scary eyepatch
3. Buoyant whistle, Ghostly pirate hat

[8-7] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Place humans with adjectives in the first empty box on each line. Then
place clothing in the second empty box to get the result!

1. Bad guy, Prison uniform, Pharaoh, Sarcophagus
2. Criminal dude, Striped shirt, Dead man, Bandage
3. Evil person, Handcuffs, Zombie person, Toilet paper

[8-8] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Get Maxwell dressed for boot camp!
Tear gas training! Protect Maxwell!
Firing range! Destroy the target!
Attack the second target with close fighting weapons!
Destroy the final target with thrown or launched weapons, but don't hurt
the training dummy!
Drive the tank to the front line!

1. Helmet, Flakjacket, Gas mask, Gun, Bayonet, RPG, Bomb
2. Army uniform, Boot, Oxygen mask, Rifle, Katana, Shuriken, TNT
3. Camos, Beret, Hazmat suit, Shotgun, Knife, Dart, Car

============================== CONSTELLATION 9 ===============================

[9-1] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Place an object with similar characteristics in the empty boxes to complete
the puzzle!

1. Stool
2. Bench
3. Recliner, Acoustic guitar

[9-2] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Drop objects onto the carwash that the cheerleaders will use!

1. Sponge, Soap, Bucket, Hose (water), Towel

[9-3] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

What's your sign?

1. Aries, Taurus, Gemini
2. Cancer, Leo, Virgo
3. Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

[9-4] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Get Maxwell through the fire training course!
Free the fire engine!
Get the kitty out of the tree!
Revive the swimmer!
Complete Maxwell's training! Put out the fire!

* Climb the wall or just blow it up.
* Maxwell can pull the fire engine out himself. Attach the rope/chain to
  the top of the fire engine.
* Similarly, you can pull the kitty out of the tree. Or lure it out.
  Or just go up and grab it.
* Interestingly, shooting the bazooka at the house takes out the fire.

1. Wings, Chain, Thunder
2. Bazooka, Rope, Stun gun
3. Ladder, Tow truck, Cat food, Defibrillator, Water gun

[9-5] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Help the girl prepare for school.
Eek! The hamsters escaped.
The boy is in trouble. Give the bully what he wants!

1. Backpack, Cage, Money
2. Clipboard, Crate, Candy
3. Pencil, Box, Lunch

[9-6] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Use the create-a-tron to make a superhero!

1. Human, Costume, Radioactive spider
2. Woman, Cape, Nuclear fuel
3. Man, Mask, Mercury (material)

[9-7] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Create a colored paint brush to color objects.

* The game will randomly select a color. Make a (color) paint brush and use
  it on the correct objects.

Red paint brush: Ketchup, Cardinal (bird), Apple
Orange paint brush: Basketball, Sun, Orange (fruit)
Yellow paint brush: Rubber duck, School bus, Lemon
Green paint brush: Watermelon, Relish (condiment), Broccoli
Brown paint brush: Elephant, Bear, Eagle
Gray paint brush: Elephant, Parking meter, Cloud

[9-8] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Place an object with similar characteristics in the empty box to complete
the puzzle!

1. Paper, Sub (boat), Man-eating plant

[9-9] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Complete each scene by adding objects. Look for similarities between scenes
to find out what objects are missing!

1. Butcher, Slaughterhouse, Wood, Carpenter, Miner, Mine (place),
   Jewelry store, Golden ring

[9-10] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

1. Chicken, Bear, Fish
2. Crab, Eagle, Bull
3. Scorpion, Penguin

============================== CONSTELLATION 10 ==============================

[10-1] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Recruit different professionals to take to the colonization of Mars.

1. Teacher, Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Farmer, Police
2. Scientist, Historian, Builder, Artist, Soldier, Chef
3. Researcher, Leader, Celebrity, Machinist, Secretary, Agent

[10-2] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Get Maxwell ready for police training!
Create objects to put the red car in violation of the law!
Train the dog to find dangerous items!
Create three items you would find at a crime scene!
Peacefully break up the rioters!

1. Police uniform, Fire hydrant, Gun, Steak, Corpse, Gun, Note, Water gun
2. Badge, Stop sign, Body, Treat, Body, Fingerprint, DNA, Water balloon
3. Baton (weapon), No parking sign, TNT, Dog food, Hair, Wallet, Criminal,

[10-3] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Prepare the schoolhouse for a new year!

1. Pencil, Pen (writing), Eraser, Highlighter, Crayon, Ruler, Stapler,
2. Paper, Notebook, Folder, Hole puncher, Compass, Protractor, Calculator,
   White out
3. Desk, Chair, Table, Chalkboard, Chalk, Bookcase, Book, Computer

[10-4] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Santa dropped his list! Figure out where each kid lives, then put the
correct toy in their box.

* From left to right, Mandy (winter sports), Zach (cowboys), 
  Samantha (music), Todd (naughty)

1. Skates, Cowboy hat, Violin, Coal

[10-5] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Follow the UFO!
Write the answer!

1. Spaceship, Starite

============================== CONSTELLATION S1 ==============================

[S1-1] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Use the button and switches to bring the starite to Maxwell.

* There's three switches and a button. Hit the switch to move the
  corresponding steel doors and gates. Stand on the button to activate the
  air vents. I'll just list the steps.

A. Olive switch. Orange switch. Pink switch and yellow button.
   The starite should be in the middle column, on an orange door.

B. Pink switch. Olive switch. Orange switch and yellow button.
   The starite should be in the left column, on an olive door.
C. Orange switch. Green switch and yellow button.
   The starite should roll into your area.

[S1-2] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Save the starite!

* Block the starite from hitting the spikes. Or, attach it to a rope, and
  glue the rope to the left wall.

1. Indestructible ramp, Wings
2. Invincible box, Jet pack
3. Glue, Rope, Flying shoes

[S1-3] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Don't allow any animals to be hurt!

* The trick is to lure the animals around using food.
* Note the orange and red switches on the side.

A. Purple switch. Lure tiger to the left using meat. Purple switch.
B. Red switch. Lure tiger to the left using meat. Red switch.
C. Green switch. Now lure peacock and ostrich into the starite area by
   using seed and hitting the orange switch as necessary.
D. Purple switch. Lure hyena to the left using meat. Purple switch.
E. Now you want Maxwell to go around to the right, hitting the orange and red
   switches on the side to open up the path. The tiger should stay in the
   bottom left area. Use meat if needed.

[S1-4] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Find the real starite!

* It's the one that sparkles. Just hit the right tripwire, and fly over
  to collect the starite.

1. Wings
2. Jetpack
3. Flying shoes

[S1-5] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Get the starite!

* Use an object to hold down the red button. Hit the switches and let the
  starite fall down to the yellow door. Then dig across to get it.

1. Wings, Box, Shovel
2. Jetpack, Rock, Hoe
3. Flying shoes, Brick, Jackhammer

[S1-6] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Catch the shy starite!

* Pretty simple platformer level. Trip the spikes, but then wait for it to
  pass by before flying across.

1. Wings
2. Jetpack
3. Flying shoes

[S1-7] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Beware the ninja shark!

* Attach something buoyant to the lower naval mine. Hopefully it will float
  up and explode without destroying the starite. If the spiked steel balls
  get in the way, you can use a shovel or hoe to dig around them.
* Or use a large air vent to push the naval mines up.

1. Large air vent, Scuba
2. Indestructible surfboard, Glue, Snorkel
3. Invincible life jacket, Tape (sticky), Flippers, Shovel

[S1-8] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Bombs away!

* Defuse the bombs by dropping them in water. Then move the bomb off the
  green door. Try emptying the object and hoping the bomb pops to the left.
* Or glue something indestructible to the wall, for the bombs to land on.

1. Tub, Wings
2. Large fishtank, Jetpack
3. Indestructible bridge, Indestructible glue, Flying shoes

[S1-9] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Beware the domino effect!

* Put out the fires. Then it becomes another platforming level where you
  have to avoid the spikes. If you're having trouble with the spikes, try
  triggering them with a projectile like a gun.

1. Rain (storm), Wings
2. Snowstorm, Jetpack
3. Icestorm, Flying shoes

============================== CONSTELLATION S2 ==============================

[S2-1] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Don't touch anything!

* Another platforming level.

1. Wings
2. Jetpack
3. Flying shoes

[S2-2] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Push the button to release the starite!

* Stick a box above the blue button, or push the starite through faster.

1. Glue, Box
2. Tape, Crate
3. Air vent (act quickly!)

[S2-3] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Going up?

* Remotely destroy the lower right and upper left ropes. Then you can fly
  past the spiked balls, though it'll hurt a little.
* You could also push the spiked balls with air vents, or you could attach
  them to the walls.

1. Bomb, Wings
2. TNT, Jetpack
3. Gun, Large air vent, Flying shoes

[S2-4] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Beware! Both lower trip wires destroy the rope attached to the starite!

* Wedge something above the starite.
* Or attach it to the side wall, as low as you can.

1. Indestructible bridge, Wings
2. Long invincible plank, Jetpack
3. Short rope, Flying shoes

[S2-5] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

* Let the ground to get blown up, and then drop an object on the green switch.
* Just fly across. The timing is pretty easy.

1. Wings, Brick
2. Jetpack, Rock
3. Flying shoes, Boulder

[S2-6] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Let's play starite pachinko!

A. Yellow switch. Purple button. The starite should land in the middle not
   far above Maxwell.

B. Blue switch. This is the finnicky part. Wait for the starite to settle.
   Then quickly hit the red and yellow switches.

C. If the starite is sitting in the middle, quickly flick either the red or
   yellow switch on and off. Hopefully the starite will fall through.

[S2-7] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Don't hurt the chicken!

* You want to hit the red and orange switches, and none of the buttons.
* Move the middle two boulders off to the side.
* Hit the uncolored switches to destroy the cracked platforms.
* Don't worry about momentarily stepping on the buttons. It'll be fine.

1. Wings, Short rope
2. Jetpack, Short chain
3. Flying shoes, Cable

[S2-8] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Trapped between a rock and a hard place!

* Touch either the red or yellow tripwires, and just avoid the explosions.
* There's some destructible terrain just above the side air vents.
* Quickly fly across the blue tripwire and grab the starite. The spiked ball
  will hurt you, but you'll survive. You can attach the spiked ball to the
  ground if you're worried.

1. Wings, Shovel
2. Jetpack, Hoe (tool)
3. Flying shoes, Jackhammer

[S2-9] -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Prevent the spiked balls from falling!

* There's two spiked balls to deal with.
* Shoot the higher spiked ball, so that it gets pushed to the right.
* Drop a rock on the explosive barrel to the right of lower spiked ball. This
  ball should roll over and end up next to the starite.
* Drop a rock the two barrels surrounding a fire.
* The path should be clear now. Fly down and grab it.
* An alternative solution is to use air vents.

1. Gun, Rock, Wings
2. Pistol, Stone, Jetpack
3. RPG, Brick, Flying Shoes

[S2-10] ----------------------------------------------------------------------

The gates will open once the starite is close by.

* Attach a short rope to the starite and black/white platform. Then touch the
  white/black tripwire.
* Attach a balloon to the starite and it will lift up, but then slowly fall
  back down. Quickly grab it when the gates open.
* Put the ramp on top of the spikes, and the starite will safely roll down it.
  Fly up to catch it.

1. Wings, Short rope
2. Jetpack, Balloon
3. Flying shoes, Indestructible ramp

[S2-11] ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Only the starite can pass safely through.

* Stick two bridges/planks in the area to activate the crushers and keep them
  down. Then, just fly over everything to the starite.
* Or, glue an air vent to the right wall, and use a match to cut the rope.
  Use more air vents to push the starite to Maxwell.

1. Indestructible bridge, Wings
2. Invincible plank, Jetpack
3. Glue, Large air vent, Match

[S2-12] ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Four little monkeys jumping on a bed. Don't crack their heads!

* I just ignore the monkeys.
* Attach the rope to the starite, and catch the air current with the rope.
  Once the starite is at where the red door is, use the large air vent to
  push it up to the bed area. Use the rope to guide it to the middle, and it
  should get pushed up to Maxwell's area.
* Or, attach a guitar string to the starite, and pick it up with an RC
  helicopter. It should be strong enough to pull the starite up.
* Or, attach two balloons to the starite, moving the ballons to guide it.

1. Rope, Large air vent
2. String (guitar), Fast mini RC helicopter
3. Balloon

[S2-13] ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Don't touch anything!

* Lift the starite up and out of harm's way. Blow up the barrels and let
  the starite drop down the shaft.
* Pterodactyl solution is a bit finnicky. Try attaching the rope to the
  starite first.
1. Balloon (toy), Wings, Gun
2. RC helicopter, String (guitar), Jetpack, Bow (weapon)
3. Pterodactyl, Rope, Flying meat, Flying shoes, Dart

[S2-14] ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Don't get claustrophobic

* Three different ideas for doing this.
* Bring the starite to you. Attach it to an RC helicopter. Use two large air
  vents to help get it over the spikes to the right (place one next to
  Maxwell, and glue one to the wall). Watch out for the crushers.
* Travel to the starite. You can mount the microscopic helicopter and fly
  through the narrow passage.
* Hax. Place the hole along the left wall.

1. Small fast RC helicopter, String (guitar) Large air vent, Glue
2. Microscopic helicopter
3. Hole



Thanks to 5th Cell for making such an awesome game.

Thanks to GameFAQs community for useful object ideas in both Scribblenauts
and Super Scribblenauts.

Thanks to CNetC for hosting this FAQ/Walkthrough.

               This document is copyright (c) 2010 Vivian Lam

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