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Reviewed: 07/22/10

I never knew you could manage an entire fleet of factories with just a stylus!!

Sometimes, an unexpected success of a PC game that was almost never advertised deserves to have another port developed and manufactured to the DS.

Chocolatier for the DS is a casual adventure game where you run a whole fleet of factories that make chocolate, sell them, and complete the story of the Baumeisters.

The story involves the Baumeister family and how they have fallen into despair. It is your job to bring their chocolate dreams back into glory and, eventually, reunite the family!!

The gameplay starts out like this: it is your job to collect the family recipes that have been scattered all over the world. And you have to make those chocolates in order to sell them. It's basically a combination of story and gameplay, which is great, because the story is continued at a great pace at the same time that you are playing the game, which is nice!!

But that's enough about the story. The interface is quite unique for this title. And it's unique because you read at the top screen, while you do all of the work at the bottom screen. I thought that was nice, because it really made the game feel organized and ready-to-go.

And using the touch screen to do the work is quite a genius idea for a game like this. You use your stylus to press "buttons" to trigger events in this game. They work quite well, and the pressing is very responsive as well.

The graphics are nice for what the DS is capable of in this game. While the train and boat animations aren't that good, the characters when you do meet them in the story look sharp and handsome.

The locations also look good when you do visit them. The buildings have great depth and really make the place feel like home...almost.

The music selection is the same as the PC game of the same name. And I have to say that just like the other counterpart, it's pretty good to listen to while you shoot that last ingredient onto that troublesome man! I just missed! But the music is still alright, even after playing it for more than 2 hours.

The Story Mode was nice to play at for a while, but what if you want to play without the pressure of objectives and stuff like that? The Free Play mode might be for you if you want to learn about trial-and-error, but that's all you can do in this mode. It quickly got boring, and I've decided that I like Story Mode much better than this.

This game could last you around 7-8 hours if you wanted to get the story plowed away quickly. If you want to continue selling chocolates, Free Play mode won't hold you in for long.

Presentation: Turn a surprise PC hit into a game where you can do everything the PC can offer you on the go.
Graphics: Portraits and building were built with extreme love.
Music: Very nice to listen to, but can be distracting at times.
Controls: Handling all of the work with your stylus is a genius idea. Very responsive and easy to use.
Gameplay: Obtain factories, make chocolates, sell them, and continue the Baumeister story. There's a lot to do in 8 hours of gameplay. Free Play mode needs more work, though.
Replayability: Story Mode will build your empire, but the Free Play mode will not. This game is not to last forever.

Final Verdict: Buy. While the Free Play mode is badly made, it is completely offseted by the huge filling of great music, sleek graphics, very easy to use and responsive controls, and an awesome Story Mode. And this is why this game is worth a buy to anyone who loves chocolate and tycoon games.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Chocolatier (US, 03/31/10)

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