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Reviewed: 01/07/13

Keep an open mind, and I guarantee you'll like it.

I was born in 1995... That means that by the time I was three, Pokemon was hugely popular here in the states. I'm pretty stuck to my old ways of Pokemon... Sapphire may have been my first Pokemon game, but Crystal was hands-down my favorite. I remember when Diamond and Pearl came out, I decided to get Diamond the day it was released just to see what these new Pokemon were like... And I remember enjoying it immensely. But by the time Black came around, I was older, more stuck in my 1st-3rd Gen ways, and looking out for any flaws I could find in Black and White. I originally had told myself "No, man, you are NOT buying Black or White!!! It's going to SUCK!!!", but curiosity got the best of me, and so I bought it. While my intention was to laugh at its stupidity while I played, I soon found that it wasn't really that bad... After a few months, I'd put the game down, but with an open mind, I picked it back up, and enjoyed it so much that I was puking rainbows. I even manage to convince a hardcore 1st-4th Gen player to go buy Black!!!

So, now, to the storyline... This Pokemon game is set in the region of Unova, which was inspired by New York. If you think about it, the name does sound like America... UNited States OF America... UN-OF-A... Unova!!! Anyways... There's the whole typical new-trainer-gets-Pokemon-from-professor-spiel, and then you're off to explore the country and get gym badges... And, as always, there's the bad team trying to ruin some part of the world- this time, it's Team Plasma. So, you've got to beat the storyline, get gym badges, catch 'em all... Typical Pokemon.

Storyline 7/10: Meh, it's alright... It's your typical Pokemon storyline, as I said before. The only thing different from normal is that you have these two friends with you, like Ash has on the anime. Your friends are Cheren (A dude), and Bianca (A dumb blonde). You see them a lot during the game- almost every time you enter a new city or area, you see them!!!

There IS another storyline, however, that is there if you have Wi-Fi that your DS can connect to. It's called the Dream World, and it's flipping awesome!!! What you do is, you put a Pokemon in bed, then you go onto your Pokemon Global Link account on your computer, then you play with it there for an hour. You can only do this once in 24 hours, by the way. You can befriend Pokemon, grow berries, swap items, and play games during this hour. Then, when you're done, you choose one Pokemon you befriended and whatever items you want to be sent to your game. You click on "Wireless" on the C-Gear, then go to Entralink, and walk north. Talk to the boy on the left by the entrance to the forest clearing to get the items you sent; go into the forest and catch the Pokemon you befriended. The coolest part is that, since they're friends with you, you don't even need to weaken them first! You just pick a ball, and they go in, like Pokemon Ash befriended on the anime have done before. The Pokemon you can find in the Dream World are mostly 1st-3rd Gen Pokemon, like Beedrill, Venonat, Misdreavous, and Wobbuffet (I have personally seen all of those there). It's pretty cool to have them in a 5th Gen game where you can't normally obtain them, to be honest. I would have rated the storyline as 5/10, but the Dream World made me bump it up two points...

Graphics 8/10: The cities and nature look VERY nice. They're kind of 3D, in a way (Not stereoscopic 3D, but 3D compared to 2D). Sometimes the views are just plain breathtaking. I've never had a Pokemon game take my breath away before until I played Black and went on that bridge by Castelia City. Honestly, there are times I just sit there and stare at the graphics for a good 3-5 minutes!!! Games rarely do that to me; Zelda games do, Grand Theft Auto games do, but never Pokemon. This was a huge surprise to me. Also, the character's animations look really good. But the battle scenes are in-between Pokemon Colosseum's style and Pokemon D/P's style, so the attack animations look really terrible. They look 2D, but the Pokemon look 3D.

Music and SFX 8/10: The music is pretty good, admittedly. It successfully conveys the emotions and feelings the game wants you to experience while in certain levels/areas/battles. The SFX are fairly good, as well, but since I turned off the battle animation, I don't get to hear them at all anymore. But the times I did, they were okay.

Controls 9/10: The controls are good... Not much more to say, since it's an RPG without a live battling system (It uses a battle system like Chrono Trigger, but not like Illusions of Gaia. You pick moves and the game attacks for you; you don't run around and attack things yourself.)

Replay Value 7/10: This game keeps me coming back, and I've been playing Pokemon games since 2003! You'd think it would have gotten boring by now, but it's still pretty fun. I like trying to catch lots of Pokemon and breed them.

Conclusion: This game is a piece of art, and a great Pokemon game as well. If you play it with an open mind, you'll like it. If you play it just to look for flaws or laugh at it, you won't like it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Pokemon Black Version (US, 03/06/11)

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