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Reviewed: 06/22/11

The best one so far and here's why.

Introduction: As any fan of the Pokemon series would know the game consists of catching Pokemon to raise and evolve to use against other Pokemon in battle. Throughout all the games you start off as a new trainer and you get your first pokemon and you go out and collect badges to prove you are the best trainer around. This game is no exception which was why at first I was reluctant to buy the game. I felt that it would be the same old same old, but I was wrong.

Game play- Game play is the same as any other pokemon game and for those new to the series their has never been any flaws with the game play and it's really straightforward. The game is reasonably difficult but it's hard to ever really say a pokemon game is hard because anyone can easily just run around and get stronger before a difficult battle. The game play if fun because it is interesting to see what new pokemon are around and any fan of the game enjoys the satisfaction of their pokemon getting stronger and stronger. Also their are two new types of battles in this version. I won't say what they are, but the new battles really make a player focus on type advantages as well as abilities more than any other type of battle. The wireless linking is much better in this version because it is much faster to perform each of the actions such as trade and battle. Their are new things you can do with this version such as wireless communication by talking to each other using the microphone as well as visiting each others game.
Rating: 10/10

Story- The story is where the improvements really caught my attention. For starters in this version you can only catch the newest pokemon until you beat the game which means even the experienced players will have to take the time to know the types of their pokemon as well as which ones to choose as favorites. Another difference is that their are many characters involved with the storyline which means more unique conversations as well as a more interesting story. Another thing is while all the other pokemon games have a traditional method of the story, example after so many badges you run into the bad guy, this one breaks from the old routine which really makes for interesting and entertaining surprises for veteran players.

Graphics/Sound- First and foremost what an incredible change to the graphics. The cities have much more detail to them, the battle animations are a lot flashier, and the details are so much better that any experienced player will notice them right away. I never notice the sounds that much unless they are really terrible, and in this case they weren't.

Playtime- Playtime to beat the game would be roughly 20 to 30 hours so if you get this game be prepared to play for awhile. This does not include all the extras after you beat the game which would easily add another 10 hours to the playtime. Also including the time it takes to collect pokemon you're looking at several days worth of game play even for gamers who can play for most of the day.

Replay Value- If you are just a fan of the story the replay value would be really high, but if you are one of those players who hates the idea of loosing all the pokemon collected during the game then the replay value is really low. So it really depends on what you are looking for in the game if you want to replay it or not.

I will not rate this I am one of those who wouldn't want to replay the game in fear of loosing my collection.

Overall I gave this game a 9/10 because it's fun but not worth $40 so wait till the price comes down then it'll be a 10/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Pokemon Black Version (US, 03/06/11)

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