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Reviewed: 04/12/11

One of the finest colors I've played

It's been quite a while hasn't it? Its been 15 years since the first Pokemon games were released for all the young boys and girls awaiting to play it on their Game Boys. I still remember the fine Christmas morning opening my Pokemon Red and jumping all over the house for joy. The wonders of exploring the electronic world that was inside the cartridge and smiling along the way. Now I'm 15 years older and I can proudly say that I've begun smiling again at the electronic world that's inside my Pokemon Black cartridge.

The Pokemon series has a very simple concept; catch Pokemon, train them and use them for battle against other Pokemon. Each main game in the series follows this rule with exceptions here and there. Each main game stars a different protagonist (pair of protagonists starting with Pokemon Crystal in late generation 2) who's main goal is to conquer eight gyms in their region, collect eight badges and challenge the Pokemon League. Each handheld main game follows this pattern, it's pretty much set in stone. Pokemon are Pocket Monsters that are based on real life animals, machines, fabled creatures and even in gen 5, food. Pokemon come in many shapes and sizes and there are plenty to go around.

Something that about Pokemon will always remain intact, the turn based command style we all know and love. Pokemon follows a rule of rock, paper, scissors type of gameplay used for battles against other Pokemon. Pokemon are divided into seventeen types and are able to use moves of multiple types as long as its in their movepool. For example, Pikachu, an electric type Pokemon, is able to use Thunderbolt, an attack that would able to cause more damage because of its typing. Pikachu can also a normal type move like Tackle but it would not get the bonus due to a different type of move. Pokemon Black carries this tradition and uses the formula introduced in the previous gens. Moves are split into three categories, Physical, Special and Status. Physical depends on the Attack stat, Special depends on the Special Attack stat and Status causes no direct damage but has effects depending on what it is. Throughout the game, you are allowed to keep up to 6 Pokemon on your team (the rest you catch are stored in your PC for withdrawing) and are able to travel the various towns and cities that Gamefreak provides us. Pokemon Black features a time system, day and night feature and even a seasonal transitional system. It works, it sells, its Pokemon. Despite the repetition, I give gameplay an

Get 8 badges, stop evil team, defeat Champion and go home. This has been the plot for the last four generations and is the plot for generation 5. However, the story in this is a bit different. Yes, our main goal is to become Champion. While we are doing that, we get in trouble with the evil team of the game Team Plasma. Should I say evil though? Get the game and find out. It may not be on the level on some other RPGs but for Pokemon, it is truly the best.This score is probably the highest I've given for a Pokemon games story. I usually give the handhelds 5/10 in story as of Gen 1 but for Gen 5, I give it a

Being a game on the Nintendo DS, I do not expect high quality graphics or sound. I do expect high quality graphics and sound for the Nintendo DS and sure enough, Nintendo did a great job. The graphics feature the style used in Generation 4, 3D environments with 2D characters. While it hurt my eyes in Pearl/Diamond, they did an excellent improvisation of the 3D environment. Some of the towns are absolutely wonderful while a certain mountain in the Winter time looks breathtaking. In battle, the Pokemon now have animated sprites which brings life to them and even shows them off in humorous ways. I love the graphics in Pokemon Black and I'm happy to give them a 9/10. The sound in generation 5 is wonderful, I can not name I track I do not like. The sound is crisp and everything is in tact. Some of the soundtracks in this game are simply enriching to listen to and even gave me a smile with some of them. My personal favorite soundtrack is a town with a certain southern mayor if you know what I mean. I give the sound a 10/10 Overall, a

Compared to the other Pokemon games, I will admit generation 5 is a bit shorter. Don't let this deter your overall view of the game though, it has plenty of re-playability and post game content to keep you playing for quite a while. In terms of re-playability, I mean choosing different Pokemon and different strategies to conquer the challenges that await you. Overall, a

Final Thoughts
I highly recommend Pokemon Black to everyone; veterans, newcomers and anyone that doesn't even like the concept of capturing monsters. Pokemon Black is ultimately the game that I feel anyone can enjoy and I would highly suggest you at least consider it. You will feel satisfied and amazed at what's in store for you.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Pokemon Black Version (US, 03/06/11)

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