Review by UltimaDQM2356

Reviewed: 03/14/11

A work of art on a small card


OMG! this is the greatest pokemon game ever a work of art on a small (not data size) card buy this game and play it this is the 5th generation game with 150 new pokemon and new 3D differences well here we go...

Graphics 9/10

better uses of the DS graphics lots more 3D making this pokemon game fresh and new. With an exciting tittle screen scrooling round Reshiram. and 3D cutscenes E.G. the drawbridge going down. battles are the same with new battle animations like water gun actually looks like a gun and not a droplet of water, the camera follows attacks and when a pokemon is attacked it zooms in on them. instead of being a fixed camera its all in different angles. one flaw is there using 2D sprites for characters.

Story 10/10

The story starts in Nuvema town where Prof. Juniper leaves a present at your house you choose a pokemon and get challenged to a battle by Cheren then Bianca then after the Pokedex stuff you start your adventure! after a while you will run into team plasma who are liberating pokemon after this you meet N who challenges you to a battle I would explain more but that would be spoilers...

Gmeplay 10/10

Just the same iconic gameplay walk in grass find a pokemon but there something new dark grass means a wild double battle! shaking spots mean a more powerful pokemon! with the new addition of pokemon musical where you dress pokemon up which is better because you put clothes on and it goes to a certain point of that pokemon. but in any case gameplay exactly the same so get 8 GYM badges, beat the elite 4, beat the champion, get all of the pokemon. a new wireless feature is the entralink this is where 2 players are in the exact same world.

Music 10/10

A great soundtrack features in this game the battle music is the best it's ever been and music changes when HP reaches the red zone into a fast paced theme, the when a GYM leader is on his/her last pokemon the theme sounds like the pokemon theme.

Overall 10/10

this sounds cliche now but it's a work of art on a small card there is no game better than this. it may be a pokemon game but it's fresh and new. With new graphics, new pokemon 150 to be precise. buy this game and you will not put it down. I got 8 badges in 8 days (not 1 badge a day by the way!) this is why I'M giving it 10 out of 10!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Pokemon Black Version (EU, 03/04/11)

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