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Reviewed: 01/04/11

Different and Better

A new generation of Pokemon games have been released again in the DS Hand-held. Overall this game is a big improvement, compare to Generation 4. The game "Pokemon", released by Nintendo that involve the player going on adventures collecting Pokemon and using them to battle to become a champion. The franchise has a anime that follow loosely to the game and a manga that doesn't follow the game storyline at all.

STORY: 7/10

The plot for Pokemon have always been simple and bland, therefore, there isn't much to expect from the game. This game have 2 plots, one is the typical Pokemon game plot, where the protagonist train to become the next champion of the region. The second plot is more sinister and a bit more interesting where it involve Team Plasma trying to separate Humans and Pokemons, so that the two different species would stop relying on each other.

Both of the plot isn't interesting at all, it's those typical RPG game's plot, but what makes it superior than the prequel is the fact that there's character development, therefore, all the main characters have more roles in the story. This is a good addition as it allows the players to relate to the characters inside the game.


The gameplay in this game are the same from the past Pokemon games where you have 6 Pokemons and you send out 1 or 2 (In Double battle only) to battle. The stat damaging attacks have a bigger impact in battle than before, therefore, this game involve more planning in battle. There's a wide variety of attack moves, abilities and Pokemon to uses.

This game also introduced 3 new battle system. The first one is the "Tipple Battle", which is just like the Double Battle system, but with 3 Pokemon. The second one is the "Rotation Battle", where the player chooses 3 Pokemons to battle, but the pokemon would take turn to battle. The third one is the "Combination attack", where certain move can be combine together to form a stronger attack. These are a nice touch to the game, because this will keep the player fresh and not get bored over the same battle mechanics.

This game is also the first game where Pokemons from the other regions doesn't appear at all until you beat the Elite Four, therefore, there's no Kanto's, Johto's, Hoenn's or Sinnoh's Pokemons, until the Elite 4 is defeated. This is great, as player would now need to try out the new Pokemons introduced, instead of sticking to the same team, this give a fresh feel to the game instead of just another sequel.

This game introduced several new systems outside of battles. One of them is the "Dream World", where the player enters a Pokemon's dream to play various mini games to win prizes. There's also the "Pokemon Musical", which replaced the old "Pokemon Contest" .This game also features a WIFI mode, where you can trade and battle against players world wide. These features would definitely keep players entertained even when outside of battles.

Some of the flaws this game have are that they've removed the feature where the Pokemons follows the player around, but that's really it.


The graphics in Pokemon's games never really bother me, the graphic's style are cute, smooth and colorful, but this game will just surprise you on how amazing the 3D effect is. In battle your Pokemons' sprites move constantly during the entire battle, the animation is smooth and fluent which makes the Pokemon feel more alive.

Now for the flaws about the graphics. Some of the Pokemons in this game doesn't have the Pokemon feel and some just looks plain weird and bland. Some of the Pokemons are similar to the rejected Pokemon design, but was recolored and rehashed for this game.


The sounds and musics in this game are the same as the old Pokemon games, nothing special, it doesn't hurt your ear or annoying at all. The sounds that the Pokemon makes are nice though, but some sounds bad.


Seeing how there's so much Pokemon to collect, the inclusion of Dream world and WIFI mode, this game offers a long play time to keep you players entertain and the trainers can be re-battled, therefore, keeping the players entertained even the when the game ends. The replay value for this game is pretty low since there's only 1 save slot and I doubt anyone would willing to delete their save file to start a new game.


Overall this got to be the best Pokemon game ever, there's lots of new features to keep players entertain in and outside of battle. The story is still bland. but there's character development and with that many Pokemon to collect, this game will keep you satisfy for a long time.

Dream world
Wide variety of Pokemons
New attacks and Abilities
Pokemons' Animations move fluently in battle
Nice 3D graphic
WIFI mode
Character Development
Long Play time

Removal of Pokemon Contests
Removal of some berries
Low replay value
Battle is slow
Story is boring

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Pocket Monsters Black (JP, 09/18/10)

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