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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Drayano

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    Table of Contents

    1. FAQ Info
    2. Version History
    3. Introduction
    4. Additions and Changes
      1. Seasons
      2. Experience System
      3. Other Additions / Changes
    5. Version Differences
    6. General Tips
    7. Main Game Walkthrough
      1. Nuvema Town
      2. Route 1
      3. Accumula Town
      4. Route 2
      5. Dreamyard
      6. Striaton City (2)
      7. Striaton Gym
      8. Striaton City (3)
      9. Dreamyard (2)
      10. Striaton City (4)
      11. Route 3
      12. Wellspring Cave
      13. Route 3 (2)
      14. Nacrene City
      15. Nacrene Gym
      16. Nacrene City (2)
      17. Pinwheel Forest (Outside)
      18. Pinwheel Forest (Inside)
      19. Skyarrow Bridge
      20. Castelia City
      21. Castelia Gym
      22. Route 4
      23. Desert Resort (Entrance)
      24. Desert Resort (Main)
      25. Nimbasa City
      26. Route 16
      27. Lostlorn Forest
      28. Nimbasa Gym
      29. Route 5
      30. Driftveil Drawbridge
      31. Driftveil City
      32. Cold Storage
      33. Driftveil Gym
      34. Route 6
      35. Chargestone Cave
      36. Mistralton City
      37. Route 7
      38. Celestial Tower
      39. Mistralton Gym
      40. Twist Mountain (Entrance)
      41. Surfing for Treasure
      42. Mistralton Cave
      43. Pinwheel Forest (2)
      44. Wellspring Cave (2)
      45. Route 1 (2)
      46. Route 17
      47. Route 18
      48. P2 Laboratory
      49. Twist Mountain
      50. Icirrus City
      51. Route 8
      52. Moor of Icirrus
      53. Icirrus Gym
      54. Dragonspiral Tower
      55. Relic Castle
      56. Tubeline Bridge
      57. Route 9
      58. Opelucid City
      59. Opelucid Gym
      60. Route 10
      61. Route 7 (2)
      62. Victory Road
      63. Pokemon League
      64. *Spoiler*'s Castle
    8. Post Game Walkthrough
      1. Nuvema Town (2)
      2. Route 18 (2)
      3. Dreamyard (3)
      4. Relic Castle (2)
      5. Relic Castle Depths
      6. Cold Storage (2)
      7. Chargestone Cave (2)
      8. The Royal Unova
      9. Challenger's Cave
      10. Route 11
      11. Village Bridge
      12. Route 12
      13. Lacunosa Town
      14. Route 13
      15. Giant Chasm
      16. Undella Town
      17. Undella Bay
      18. Undersea Ruins
      19. Route 14
      20. Abundant Shrine
      21. Black City / White Forest
      22. Route 15
      23. Marvelous Bridge
      24. Pokemon League (2)
    9. Post-Game Content
      1. Swarming Pokemon
      2. Victory Road's Final Fight
      3. Final Fight in Nuvema
      4. The Battle Subway
      5. The Dream World
    10. Special Events
      1. Zorua and Celebi
      2. Zoroark and the Crown Beasts
      3. The Lock Capsule
      4. Victini and Liberty Island
      5. Keldeo and Secret Sword
      6. Meloetta and Relic Song
      7. Genesect and the Drives
    11. Challenges
      1. Nuzlocke Challenge
      2. No/Minimal EXP Challenge
      3. Mono-Type Challenge
    12. Credits

    You can rematch Belle once every Saturday night.

    The Battle Subway

    Taking the place of resident battle facility in the Black & White version of Unova is the Battle Subway. The Subway is very much like the Battle Tower of DPPtHGSS in function, although in terms of appearance it is totally different. The subway works by having you ride on a 'line'; which line you pick determines what sort of battles you face. Once you've selected a line, you'll face a series of seven battles as usual, going through the carriages of a train as you defeat each trainer. Once all seven have been defeated, you come to a stop, where you can either choose to continue straight on with the next seven trainers or return to the Subway, keeping your streak if you choose to do so.

    The Battle Subway is found in Nimbasa City, by entering a large building in the south east of the city. Inside, the area is spiral; you'll be moving around in a circle rather than a straight line. Each entrance is marked with a specific colour that will show you what sort of battles you'll face inside. The colours match to the battle types as follows:

    Subway ColourBattle Mode
    Dark GreenSingle Battle
    Light GreenSuper Single Battle
    RedDouble Battle
    PinkSuper Double Battle
    OrangeMulti Battle
    YellowSuper Multi Battle
    PurpleWi-Fi Multi Battle
    BrownTrain to Anville Town

    Unfortunately, there are no triple or rotation battles, which sucks a bit. :/ The difference with the 'Super' lines is that the lines that don't have the super adjective use only Unova Pokemon, whereas the Super lines have trainers use Pokemon from all five generations - which makes it infinitely more interesting, I think.

    To do the Super line, you will first have to complete 21 battles in the regular line. The regular line can only have a maximum streak of 21 - the streak resets to 0 when you play again - but the Super line streak can go as high as you can manage.

    It's also worth noting that the Subway temporarily sets all Pokemon entered at Level 50, adjusting stats as appropriate. This applies to Pokemon both below and above Level 50!

    On that note, much like how the other facilities have a boss (such as Palmer being the Tower Tycoon in DPPt) the Battle Subway has its own bosses. There are two in this facility, named Emmet and Ingo. Emmet is dressed in black clothing and will be your opponent in either the single or the multi lines. Ingo is dressed in white clothing and will be your opponent in either the double or the multi lines.

    In the case of the multi lines, you'll be facing both of them at the same time in a double battle. Your partner in the multi lines is usually the character of the gender opposite to the one you picked (ie, if you picked Hilbert (the boy) then Hilda (the girl) will be your partner and vice versa.) In the case of Wi-Fi Multi Battle, the person you connect to will be your partner.

    You'll face the respective Subway Bosses on the 21st and 49th battles of the line. Their teams will always be the same, hence they are listed below for reference. Please note that the first Pokemon listed is not neccessary the lead; it is random which one of the three will be first.

    Subway Boss Emmet - Single Lines - 21st Battle

    GarbodorLv. 50PoisonToxic, Venoshock, Focus Blast, Psychic
    KlinklangLv. 50SteelVolt Switch, Shift Gear, Giga Impact, Gear Grind
    CrustleLv. 50Bug/RockX-Scissor, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Flail

    Subway Boss Emmet - Single Lines - 49th Battle

    ExcadrillLv. 50Ground/SteelEarthquake, Aerial Ace, Poison Jab, Rock Slide
    HaxorusLv. 50DragonDragon Dance, Earthquake, Dragon Tail, Dragon Claw
    ChandelureLv. 50Ghost/FireOverheat, Shadow Ball, Protect, Will-O-Wisp

    Subway Boss Ingo - Double Lines - 21st Battle

    CrustleLv. 50Bug/RockX-Scissor, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Flail
    GarbodorLv. 50PoisonVenoshock, Focus Blast, Psychic, Toxic
    DurantLv. 50Bug/SteelX-Scissor, Iron Head, Shadow Claw, Rock Slide
    KlinklangLv. 50SteelFlash Cannon, Thunderbolt, Protect, Toxic

    Subway Boss Ingo - Double Lines - 49th Battle

    EelektrossLv. 50ElectricDischarge, Gastro Acid, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave
    ChandelureLv. 50Ghost/FireOverheat, Shadow Ball, Protect, Will-O-Wisp
    ExcadrillLv. 50Ground/SteelEarthquake, Aerial Ace, Poison Jab, Rock Slide
    HaxorusLv. 50DragonDragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Earthquake

    Subway Bosses Emmet and Ingo - Multi Lines - 21st Battle

    GarbodorLv. 50PoisonToxic, Focus Blast, Venoshock, Psychic
    KlinklangLv. 50SteelVolt Switch, Shift Gear, Giga Impact, Gear Grind
    GalvantulaLv. 50Bug/ElectricX-Scissor, Wild Charge, Cross Poison, Thunder Wave
    DurantLv. 50Bug/SteelX-Scissor, Iron Head, Shadow Claw, Rock Slide

    Subway Bosses Emmet and Ingo - Multi Lines - 49th Battle

    ExcadrillLv. 50Ground/SteelEarthquake, Aerial Ace, Poison Jab, Rock Slide
    HaxorusLv. 50DragonDragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Earthquake
    EelektrossLv. 50ElectricDischarge, Gastro Acid, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave
    ArcheopsLv. 50Rock/FlyingRock Slide, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Protect

    Defeating the 49th battles on the Super Single and Super Double lines will earn you a Trainer Star, too.

    The Battle Subway also has a Battle Points currency, as with every other facility since Emerald's Battle Frontier. A certain amount of battle points is earned when completing the lines, with a greater amount given for battling on the super lines, as well as a greater amount whenever a Subway Boss is defeated. The prizes you can get from the Subway are as follows:

    HP Up1 BP
    Protein1 BP
    Iron1 BP
    Carbos1 BP
    Calcium1 BP
    Zinc1 BP
    Power Bracer16 BP
    Power Belt16 BP
    Power Lens16 BP
    Power Band16 BP
    Power Anklet16 BP
    Power Weight16 BP
    Toxic Orb16 BP
    Flame Orb16 BP
    White Herb32 BP
    Power Herb32 BP
    Absorb Bulb32 BP
    Cell Battery32 BP
    Red Card32 BP
    Eject Button32 BP
    Wise Glasses48 BP
    Muscle Band48 BP
    Scope Lens48 BP
    Zoom Lens48 BP
    Wide Lens48 BP
    BrightPowder48 BP
    Focus Band48 BP
    Focus Sash48 BP
    Choice Band48 BP
    Choice Specs48 BP
    Choice Scarf48 BP
    Life Orb48 BP
    Iron Ball48 BP
    Air Balloon48 BP
    Binding Band48 BP
    Razor Claw48 BP
    Razor Fang48 BP
    Rare Candy48 BP
    TM23, Smack Down36 BP
    TM48, Round36 BP
    TM87, Swagger36 BP
    TM88, Pluck36 BP
    TM34, Sludge Wave48 BP
    TM51, Ally Switch48 BP
    TM59, Incinerate48 BP
    TM60, Quash48 BP
    TM64, Explosion48 BP
    TM77, Psych Up48 BP

    It's also worth noting that after every 21 battles (so every multiple of 21) the platform you reach after the seventh battle of that run will have a guy on the far left who will reward you with a PP UP.

    The train to Anville Town simply takes you to Anville Town, a far away place in Unova where you can do some item trading, but there isn't all that much purpose to it otherwise. It doesn't even have a Pokemon Center!

    There's also an interesting change to the Subway that means double KOs (ie where both sides have all Pokemon fainted) aren't neccessary losses anymore, removing an unfair advantage from the AI. However, I don't know if you always win, or if it depends on what actions were taken. Exercise caution all the same - don't start blowing up your last Pokemon just in case.

    That covers pretty much everything about the place.

    The Dream World

    The Dream World is an interesting new addition in Black & White. Pokemon has now taken the use of the internet further than ever before, and with the new functions of the Global Link there are new things possible.

    The Dream World is the most prominent addition to the games and has several functions that are not possible in the regular Unova. For example, one can plant and grow berries in the Dream World, maintain your own house and catch Pokemon in three specific areas.

    The Pokemon you catch here are special, however, as they possess an ability that is normally impossible to get. You might be able to get the likes of Drought Vulpix, Technician Shroomish or Magic Guard Abra for your very own.

    Unfortunately my knowledge on the Dream World is limited at the time of writing this, so there's not a lot I can do to help. Maybe in the future...

    Special Events

    There are some things in Pokemon Black & White that are in the game but cannot normally be accessed without the use of outside materials. There are four notable things in Black and White that need events; one is Pokemon related, one is item related and the remaining two are move related.

    Zorua and Celebi

    Requirements: Obtain a special Celebi.

    Should you manage to obtain a Celebi from one of the Black & White mall tours in America or the GAME stores in the UK (which annoyingly only had ten of them give out Celebi, all in England...) then you will be able to unlock this event. You'll have to send the Celebi from your DPPtHGSS game to BW using the RELOCATOR. If you use the PokeTransfer then you won't be able to activate this event - send the Celebi over with the Relocator in Castelia City!

    Once Celebi is there safely, take it to the first building on the right on the street directly to the right of the Pokemon Center, otherwise known as the Game Freak building. With Celebi in your party, talk to the girl in this room and Zorua will remove its illusion and appear. Celebi and Zorua will play, and then the girl will offer to give you Zorua. You'll have to pick a Poke Ball to put it in, but once you do so you'll have a free Lv. 10 Zorua for your very own.

    Note that the Celebi can only be used to activate this event once.

    Zoroark and the Crown Beasts

    Requirements: Obtain one of the 'crown beasts'.

    If you managed to get the Shiny Raikou, Entei or Suicune off of Wi-Fi or in stores then you can unlock this event. As with Celebi, send the beast over to BW through the Relocator.

    You can then take this beast to Lostlorn Forest to unlock the event. It does not matter which beast it is, nor does it matter whether you have trained it or not! As long as you have one of the there, then it'll work.

    With the beast in your party, approach the caravan and a woman will run out, give out a cry and you'll then be thrown into a battle with a Lv. 25 Zoroark, who is always female.

    However, it won't be Zoroark when you first end up in the battle! Zoroark will take on the form of one of the three beasts. If you're unlocking the event with Raikou, Zoroark will be an Entei. If you're using Entei, she'll be Suicune and Suicune users will see a Raikou illusion. This is Zoroark's illusion ability in effect, which copies everything to do with a Pokemon appearance wise, but everything else ie type, stats, ability remains the same. Strike Zoroark with one hit to reveal its actual form.

    If you happen to accidentally faint Zoroark, you can exit and re-enter the forest to reactivate the event again. Once Zoroark is caught, you cannot catch it again. Also note that the beasts can only be used once each to unlock the event.

    Of course, you can always breed Zoroark anyway!

    The Lock Capsule

    Requirements: Obtain the Lock Capsule.

    Should you somehow get the Lock Capsule (which at this point is impossible, I might add) send it over with the Relocator. There's a guy called Mr. Lock in one of the buildings of Castelia City who has the appearance of a clown; taking the Lock Capsule to him will have him tell you that it was encapsulated to stop the item inside getting in the hands of Team Rocket. He'll unlock it for you, giving you the final TM in the game, TM95, SNARL. Unfortunately, it's not that good of a move...

    Victini and Liberty Island

    Requirements: Obtain the Liberty Pass from a Wi-Fi event.

    This is one of the easier events to unlock, and it involves the use of Wi-Fi at any point the Liberty Pass event is active, which has nobody happened during the initial releases of Black & White around the world.

    If you get ahold of it, take a trip to Castelia City and go to the furthest port on the left. There will be a boat here; talk to the guy on the left and show him your Liberty Pass to get a trip to Liberty Island.

    When you arrive, you'll find a bunch of people around, as well as Plasma grunts! Start making your way around. The first Plasma grunt on the right will fight you with a Lv. 18 Patrat, though he's easily avoidable if you so wish. The next one is also avoidable, and he's positioned so as to block the passage onto Team Plasma's boat. That's a shame! Defeat his Lv. 17 Sandile and Lv. 17 Patrat and move on.

    If you go to the very far left, there's an ULTRA BALL hidden in the third bin down. Head back right and then attempt to move into the tower. You'll have to take out the Plasma grunt first who uses a single Lv. 18 Sandile, but it's nothing big. Inside, head down the great slope and fight another Plasma grunt, this time using a Lv. 17 Patrat and Lv. 17 Scraggy.

    Head inside the room for a lecture and a final fight. Defeat his Lv. 20 Watchog, then you can move forward. Victini waits at the top of the room! Don't forget to save before you attempt to catch it.

    • Level: 15
    • Type: Psychic / Fire
    • Ability: Victory Star
    • Moves: Confusion / Incinerate / Quick Attack / Endure
    • Base Stats: 100 HP / 100 Attack / 100 Defense / 100 Special Attack / 100 Special Defense / 100 Speed
    • Victini is relatively low level, due to the fact you can catch it very early on. It's the 'cute' Pokemon of Generation V and has stats as such, all being equal and relatively high.
    • Victini has a secondary type of Fire, which gives it a unique type combination, though not neccessarily a good one. It starts off with Confusion and Incinerate which are some pretty decent moves, so Victini will easily integrate into your team if you want to use it in the main game.
    • However, it does only have a catch rate of 3, so it will be just as hard to catch as any other legendary! This might make it pretty difficult if you're limited to Poke Balls and Great Balls, but try and weaken it as much as possible, put it to sleep etcetera. The usual strategies for a legendary will work just as well here.
    • Victini's Victory Star ability increases the accuracy of its own moves and any other Pokemon on its team currently out in the battle by 10%, but this doesn't affect you at all for this match seeing as all of its moves are already 100% accurate.
    • Victini has a cute little jig too. Ohohoho.
    • Also, don't bother trying to get a shiny Victini, as it is NOT possible. There's an algorithm in the code that causes a shiny PID for Victini to be automatically skipped over. The same applies to Reshiram and Zekrom, for the record.

    Once you catch it, there isn't really anything else to do here. You can leave and come back to Liberty Island anytime, though.

    Keldeo and Secret Sword

    Requirements: Somehow obtain a Keldeo.

    If by some miracle you get a Keldeo, take it the Moor of Icirrus, along with the three others of the musketeer quartet (Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion.) Go to the hill just to the left of the entrance and Keldeo will ask to come out of its ball. Allow it to do so and the man we saw in Mistralton Cave will appear, say some words and then ask you to release the other three muskeeters. You'll do so, and together they will teach Keldeo a new move, called Secret Sword. Secret Sword is a unique 85 power special Fighting move that attacks physical defense, but still uses Keldeo's superior Special Attack stat. It's a useful move for any Keldeo.

    Meloetta and Relic Song

    Requirements: Somehow obtain a Meloetta.

    If you somehow get a Meloetta, go into the alleyway in Castelia City and enter the cafe. Talk to the guitarist here and he'll begin to play an ancient melody. You'll automatically release Meloetta from its Poke Ball and it'll (why the hell is it genderless?!) begin to float and dance around the room. Once the scene is finished, Meloetta will learn Relic Song, a 75 power Normal-type move with a 20% chance of causing Sleep, the only move of all to have a sleep side effect.

    However, this is not the main purpose of Relic Song! When used, Relic Song will cause Meloetta to change from its Normal/Psychic green-haired Aria Forme to its Normal/Fighting Pirouette Forme, granting it a stat switch in favour of attack and speed. Unfortunately, the transformation only lasts until Meloeta is removed from the fight - either by the battle ending or by switching out - so as far as things go it's a pretty useless forme change. Aria Forme itself is decent, at least...

    Genesect and the Drives

    Requirements: Somehow obtain a Genesect.

    With a Genesect in hand, head to the P2 Laboratory. If you go inside the laboratory building you will find a scientist inside, the one responsible for the Genesect project in the first place. After some complaining about N's prevention of the project, he'll battle you with a Lv. 34 Klink and a Lv. 34 Klang. Once you beat him, he'll give you two items depending on what version you're playing. Black players will receive the BURN DRIVE and the SHOCK DRIVE, whereas White players instead gain the DOUSE DRIVE and the CHILL DRIVE.

    The purpose of these items is to change Genesect's 'forme', but it really isn't much of a switch. Equipping a drive will do two things; it changes the colour of the little rectangle on Genesect's cannon to match the Teravolt colour (it's normally a dark yellow) and also changes the type of its signature Techno Blast move to match the type that the drive represents, giving it an 85 power Fire, Water, Electric or Ice move to use. Unfortunately, it learns Thunderbolt, Ice Beam AND Flamethrower anyway, so the Douse Drive is really the only one that is remotely useful. Genesect can do far better than Techno Blast, though.


    In the event you get bored with Black and White, there are ways to spice up the game. Pokemon is as hard as you make it, and there are different challenges you can do to try and spice it up a bit.

    Nuzlocke Challenge

    The Nuzlocke Challenge is currently one of the most recognised and practiced challenges in the Pokemon games. As the name implies, the idea is credited to Nuzlocke, who is also the maker of the Nuzlocke comics. The Nuzlocke challenge has two distinct rules:

    • You can only catch the first Pokemon that you find in the route. If you happen to kill the first, or you have no Poke Balls when you encounter it, you're stuffed and cannot catch anything from that area.
    • If a Pokemon faints - at any point - you must either release it or place it in the box, never able to use it again. If you run out of Pokemon, you lose the challenge, and will have to restart the game from the beginning.

    A heavily practiced rule is nicknaming the Pokemon you get. It isn't absolutely neccessary, but it furthers the feel of bonding that the Nuzlocke challenge gives you. It might sound silly, but if you start playing, you'll know what I mean. I was quite upset when I lost my lil' ice cream when I tried a Nuzlocke on Black :(

    Otherwise, it's entirely up to the user what else they want to do. You can make the challenge harder in a number of ways, such as not allowing the use of Pokemon Centers or forcing yourself to not buy any items whatsoever. Rules such as whether you can catch a Pokemon on each floor of a cave or in the cave as a whole, whether a gift Pokemon counts as a Pokemon for that area etcetera are also often up for debate, so the choice really lies with the user.

    More than anything, you need to be careful if you attempt a Nuzlocke challenge. Prepare as best as you can for big threats (such as Lenora!) and always be on your guard. Critical hits are, without a doubt, your worst enemy.

    No/Minimal EXP Challenge

    This is a challenge that you can't do with the game alone, but if you can somehow activate the game's anti piracy or use this code:

    521D6D0C 46C0BDF8
    121D7D0E 00002500
    121D7D10 00004345
    D0000000 00000000

    The anti piracy will eliminate experience altogether, whereas that code will shoot it so low that the absolute max you'll get from a battle is about 5, taking into account a gigantic level difference. As such, the chance of you getting a level up is very, very low.

    The fun in this challenge is that you are basically forced to use near everything that appears in the wild, as you'll have to keep catching new Pokemon in order to keep up with the game's levels. You'll also need strategy to an extent, and the fact that TMs are now reusable as many times as you wish helps a lot in this challenge.

    Whether you can use Rare Candies or not is a bit of a thin line. They don't technically give any experience, but at the same time they also give as much experience as neccessary in order to reach the next level. It's your choice whether you think they're allowed or not. If you do allow them, there's another bit of strategy involved - trying to find good places to use them. For example, Route 9 has Gothorita/Duosion. If you have two - and only two - Rare Candies, you can grab a Level 39 Gothorita or Duosion (the highest in the area) and apply both candies to them to get yourself a Level 41 Gothitelle or Reuniclus, which can help a lot. They're also neccessary for a lot of evolutions! You will be stuck with a lot of unevolved Pokemon otherwise. Stone evolutions can also be helpful, though there aren't a huge amount in the game.

    The way this challenge goes is relatively linear so it'll only really be fun once, but it's a good one all the same.

    Mono-Type Challenge

    A classic Pokemon challenge is to go through the game using only one type. In these settings, once you're able to catch a Pokemon of that chosen type then you must catch it and deposit all non-conforming Pokemon in the PC - or alternatively, release them. HM slaves are however allowed.

    To be able to use a Pokemon, it simply must possess the type you choose OR evolve into the type you have chosen. For example, if you chose a Flying-type run, you'd be able to use Pidove - who is always Flying - and you'd be able to use Surskit, who evolves into the Flying-type Masquerain. You wouldn't be able to use Blitzle, who never gains a Flying-type.

    Whether a Pokemon is dual typed or not is irrelevant! As long as one of the two types matches your chosen type, you are perfectly allowed to use it.


    The following people and websites helped contribute to this guide, whether directly or indirectly:

    Serebii.net - A valuable information resource which helped massively in collecting location data and checking stats, level up moves etcetera.

    Bulbapedia - Also an incredible information resource, and made the job of moveset collection that much easier. A great site for sure.

    PokeJungle - PokeJungle is a Pokemon blog that is pretty damn quick with the information - some of the stuff they got helped with the translation of this guide.

    0mastar - A friend of mine who answered a few of the questions that I thought of when going through the guide.

    GameFAQs - Both the staff members for uploading the guide and letting people see it, and the message boards for Black and White for holding valued information which made the guide that much better.

    Thank you for reading and/or using this guide.