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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Marriland

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/06/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     . . . . . . . . . .!!!!!"''''''`''''''''''''''''''''''!!ddd!!!!  . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . !!!!!!'''        _...  ........_             YY!!!!!!!!!bb!!!::  .
     . . . .!!!!!!P''      _. -''               `b====L;       Y88PPP!!!!!!!!dd!. .
    . .d!!!!!!!P''   _,,-'     _ -                `\==-='`            Y88P!!!!!!!!
     !'Y!!!!'''  _.-'     _.--'                ....= '' '      [-.'_       '''''!!!
     !!!!!''  ,-'   _,,-''     _,-'                 I ' _,.-----"-- ''--._       `!
    !!' '  ,-_,.--]''    __  -',                     \.'       ,.:::\='-p='__._
    !!.. `-''  _,' _..--'  _,v':.._                   +,       P\=...     .._)'
    !!!!     ,/.-'],'__.--' --'    `._                 \ \     \.|\,.,x_ -''
    !!!!.         '''                 ` .__            'p'    _/\\/  ,'
    ,!!!_c____cc.... __c.d$$$p       _. --.[::=._       \. _,Y:,\ Y. (      ,/b.`\
    ,;!__c_cccc$$$h.$$$$$FF"'     ,-'      __    :o_     \`    |_'-\JL./-''`Y/Y-"-
    `!d$$$$$$$$$FFFFFFF"'  __.....'     ,.b= -b-'  dP_    `.  /|.:,..''     |"  ._
    ::d$$$''"''''b$F'   `\u_''''---..,.,       ''"'   \_    `-]-._ `\    _,    ,$$$
    :d$$$$8"'$$bb8$$.     p.L._                         `-.   |   |Y' ,,'    _cJ$$h
    $h$$$Fhd$bbb8c$$[     `. `u`:,- .._      o.          '    `.. |'|/    dd$$,$$$c
    $h$F$$$$bb88$$F'     `>'=-- .':=._ '`-._  \`.      ,'     _| `b|\|,   ?$$$$$$$$
    $$$h$$cb88$$F    ,''']---\"-.'_ ' "-._  `- \ `b  _,       \`  '`./||  ?$$ic$$$$
    $$$$$$bb8$'    ,'   /    __ ...=-.b_        `  `'          \    Y  |   $$$$$$$$
    $$$$$bb8F     /  ,   -.,P--:,=\..___             ".               /   ,d$$$$h$$
    $$$$$$8'     _.\Y'`'''''  /\.-'  ,..:-             ' _,-         ,'   ,$$F$$d$$
    $$$Fiib   <[:         /  / |    / '' .               '          /    ,$$$$$F$$F
    $$$d__b      `.Y.....=|  +-[ . |::=P'`.              /_,'   ,,='   .!d$<$$$FFd8
    $8bdooooo__      `., -\  \/'.   \,- \/'  .         /^'  ,',Y ,'  ,!!o$o8888b888
    $88888888888oo.     `._\_ `.[\._ '" /  .' \    _,='     P'|-'    !d88888d888888
    d88888888888888b.   __==--..::=`/[`    '   , `'         `\|      `!""Y88bd88888
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    88d88888888888888b      _         `.  |  |         '''b=d=Y...:-u    Y88888888P
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    MMMMMMM         MMb.bbb    ="'   `._  /'  '--._` .   `YMMMMbmmmmmm_mmmMMMMMMMMM
    MMMbMM ._______. MMMMmm._           `'''`---- .Y  =.    d8MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMb
    MMM'M  | .---. |___ '''''''''''''''_________________,-----.,__________MMMMPMMP
     ::  .-| | .`-...-.|_____|.--.^^.----..--.--.-----.|  __  /_______  ,-\ ......
     '   |.--' `.@,;| `----.__|  |__|_  _||__|  |_   / / [_/ //      < <._ \ ... .
     .  //|__.  .__|__,  __||_|   _|_   _|  /  / /  ( \_/-,  |\______< <`   \ . .
       //,-. |  |,-. /  | __|||  |   | |_  /  / /    \  _/  /;=========-     \ .
      <<.\_/ |  |\_/_\,/ (___/|__|_ _\___)(__/ /__/\__\`\__/;\_______________ \
        `;., |  | |_) |'| |_/ `_  |V| |'| |\|  |_)| /_\/'`|_/, | ||_||'|'|__ \\\
         |||/__/_ |   |_| | \ (_` | | |_| | |  |_)|_| |\_.| \` !ij| || | |__  ||
         /j,_ /\\.===========================================================\|'
        /j,` \/ \\|    Copyright 2010 Devin Peltier-Robson aka Marriland      |
        '`                      Walkthrough Version 1.00.
    | | TABLE OF CONTENTS |______________________________________________________|
    | |
    | | 1. Introduction
    | | 2. Version History
    | | 3. Legal Stuff
    | | 4. World Map of Isshu
    | | 5. Walkthrough
    | |
    | |___) 5.1. Tri Badge
    | |___)---- 5.1.1. Opening
    | |___)---- 5.1.2. Kanoko Town
    | |___)---- 5.1.3. Route 1
    | |___)---- 5.1.4. Karakusa Town
    | |___)---- 5.1.5. Route 2
    | |___)---- 5.1.6. Sanyou City
    | |___)---- 5.1.7. Dream Ruins
    | |___)---- 5.1.8. Sanyou Gym
    | |
    | |___) 5.2. Basic Badge
    | |___)---- 5.2.1. Sanyou City
    | |___)---- 5.2.2. Dream Ruins
    | |___)---- 5.2.3. Route 3
    | |___)---- 5.2.4. Underground Water Hole
    | |___)---- 5.2.5. Route 3
    | |___)---- 5.2.6. Shippou City
    | |___)---- 5.2.7. Yaguruma Forest
    | |___)---- 5.2.8. Shippou Gym
    | |
    | |___) 5.3. Beetle Badge
    | |___)---- 5.3.1. Yaguruma Forest
    | |___)---- 5.3.2. Sky Arrow Bridge
    | |___)---- 5.3.3. Hiun City
    | |___)---- 5.3.4. Hiun Gym
    | |
    | |___) 5.4. Volt Badge
    | |___)---- 5.4.1. Route 4
    | |___)---- 5.4.2. Resort Desert
    | |___)---- 5.4.3. Ancient Castle
    | |___)---- 5.4.4. Raimon City
    | |___)---- 5.4.5. Raimon Gym
    | |
    | |___) 5.5. Quake Badge
    | |___)---- 5.5.1. Optional: Route 16
    | |___)---- 5.5.2. Optional: Forest of Doubt
    | |___)---- 5.5.3. Optional: Yaguruma Forest
    | |___)---- 5.5.4. Optional: Route 2
    | |___)---- 5.5.5. Optional: Kanoko Town
    | |___)---- 5.5.6. Route 5
    | |___)---- 5.5.7. Hodomoe Drawbridge
    | |___)---- 5.5.8. Hodomoe City
    | |___)---- 5.5.9. Freezing Container
    | |___)---- 5.5.10. Freezing Container (Inside)
    | |___)---- 5.5.11. Hodomoe Gym
    | |
    | |___) 5.6. Jet Badge
    | |___)---- 5.6.1. Hodomoe City
    | |___)---- 5.6.2. Route 6
    | |___)---- 5.6.3. Electric Stone Cave
    | |___)---- 5.6.4. Fukiyose City
    | |___)---- 5.6.5. Route 7
    | |___)---- 5.6.6. Tower of Heaven
    | |___)---- 5.6.7. Fukiyose Gym
    | |
    | |___) 5.7. Icicle Badge
    | |___)---- 5.7.1. Mt. Neji
    | |___)---- 5.7.2. Sekka City
    | |___)---- 5.7.3. Optional: Dragon Spiral Tower
    | |___)---- 5.7.4. Sekka Gym
    | |
    | |___) 5.8. Legend Badge
    | |___)---- 5.8.1. Dragon Spiral Tower
    | |___)---- 5.8.2. Ancient Castle
    | |___)---- 5.8.3. Shippou City
    | |___)---- 5.8.4. Route 8 and Sekka Wetlands
    | |___)---- 5.8.5. Cylinder Bridge
    | |___)---- 5.8.6. Route 9
    | |___)---- 5.8.7. Souryuu City
    | |___)---- 5.8.8. Souryuu Gym
    | |
    | |___) 5.9. The Pokemon League
    | |___)---- 5.9.1. Route 10
    | |___)---- 5.9.2. Victory Road
    | |___)---- 5.9.3. Pokemon League
    | |___)---- 5.9.4. Elite Four
    | |___)---- 5.9.5. Endgame
    | |
    | | 6. Optional Areas
    | |___) 6.1. After getting Surf
    | |___)---- 6.1.1. Sanyou City
    | |___)---- 6.1.2. Underground Water Hole
    | |___)---- 6.1.3. Route 3
    | |___)---- 6.1.4. Hodomoe City
    | |
    | |___) 6.2. Legendary Pokemon: Kobalon and Birijion
    | |___)---- 6.2.1. Route 6
    | |___)---- 6.2.2. Fukiyose Grotto
    | |___)---- 6.2.3. Yaguruma Forest
    | |
    | |___) 6.3. Route 17, 18, and the P2 Lab
    | |___)---- 6.3.1. Route 1
    | |___)---- 6.3.2. Route 17
    | |___)---- 6.3.3. Route 18
    | |___)---- 6.3.4. Route 17 / P2 Lab
    | |___)---- 6.3.5. Route 18
    | |
    | |___) 6.4. Legendary Pokemon: Kobalon and Birijion
    | |___)---- 6.4.1. Route 7
    | |
    | | 7. Frequently Asked Questions
    | | 8. Contact Info
    | | 9. End Credits
    | |__________________________________________________________________________
    | Hint: To jump to a section, select the section number (4.1.2., for example)|
    |       and press CTRL + C, then CTRL + F, and then type "s" and press       |
    |       CTRL + V, then hit the enter key and you'll be taken to the section! |
    ( s1. INTRODUCTION | ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: )
    With the release of Pokemon Black and White in Japan, there's been an explosion
    of interest in the next generation of Pokemon, which takes place in a foreign
    region with entirely unfamiliar Pokemon.  They've added over 150 new Pokemon,
    and, unlike previous generations, Pokemon Black and White bring you back to the
    basics, where everything is new and fresh -- a lot like the old Red and Blue
    This walkthrough is meant to assist your playthrough of Pokemon Black or White
    if you simply couldn't wait for them to come out in English.  It is meant to
    help bridge the language barrier and get you through the game as stress-free as
    possible.  By following this guide, you won't get lost or confused, and you'll
    always have it here if you can't figure out why so-and-so is blocking your path
    or where the Gym Leader is at.
    Also, I'm expecting you to be at least a moderate Pokemon nerd.  It'd be pretty
    silly if the Japanese Pokemon Black and White are your first Pokemon games!
    Knowing that, I'm not going to explain literally everything that a Pokemon fan
    should know, although I will still do my best to remind you of type matchups,
    tell you what attacks and items do (even older ones), and various other stuff.
    But still, just keep that in mind while reading this. (I'm sure this won't be a
    Since there are virtually no official English names for the Trainers, Gym
    Leaders, Cities, Pokemon, Items, Attacks, and Abilities, I'm using translations
    for them.  These are the same translations that are available on my website,
    but understand things may be differ from what you know.  Typically, when
    providing translations, I try to adjust the Japanese name so it looks more
    phonetically correct in English -- "Yoo" looks to an English speaker like
    "You", but it's actually pronounced more like "Yo".  I'll get into this in more
    depth, but I just wanted to warn you ahead of time.
    THIS IS NOT A SPOILER-FREE WALKTHROUGH! Read at your own risk! I make an effort
    to avoid spoiling any future events in earlier sections of the walkthrough,
    unless it's important to your progression (like certain types of Pokemon to
    catch for the Gym Leader, etc.).
    If you're looking to find out what all of these new Pokemon do, as well as
    their stats, pictures, abilities, and all that jazz, I STRONGLY recommend
    checking out my website! It's a great complement to this walkthrough and will
    greatly enhance your gameplay experience!
    This walkthrough was also originally written for my website and is updated more
    frequently there.  I'm providing it as a text version to help reach a larger
    audience of Pokemon fans and will do my best to update it fairly regularly, but
    if you're looking for a richer experience than what a mere text document can
    provide, I also encourage you to check out my website's version of the
    Lastly, this guide was mostly written based on my playthrough of Pokemon Black.
    I'm playing through both games at once and there may be differences between
    them that I failed to cover.  For the most part, they're the same, though,
    other than a few things that I'll be sure to point out.
    Now go ahead and enjoy the walkthrough! May it help you through your journeys
    in the Isshu Region, Trainer!
    ( s2. VERSION HISTORY | :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: )
    Version 1.00 (10/5/10, 382KB)
       - Completed the main storyline portion of the walkthrough, officially
         marking this guide as "complete," although there's still a whole ton of
         post-game stuff to do.
       - This means I've added the Legend Badge and Pokemon League sections to the
       - Added an optional area detailing where to catch Tornaeros or Boltros after
         getting your 8th Badge.
       - Added a few more Pokemon encounters for areas, fixed some bugs, improved
         some wording here and there.
       - Planning on adding an item location list and Pokemon name list in a future
         update to the walkthrough.
    Version 0.70 (9/30/10, 275KB)
       - Initial release of the text version of the walkthrough. I'm starting at
         version 0.70 as I already have written all the way up to the 7th Badge.
       - Rewrote pretty much everything, but used the same basic layout as my
         Diamond and Pearl Walkthrough. It's a good start.
    ( s3. LEGAL STUFF | :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: )
    This walkthrough and all of its contents are copyright (C) 2010 Devin
    Peltier-Robson aka Marriland.  Pokemon and all related properties are copyright
    (C) their respective owners.  All rights reserved.
    The content of this walkthrough was written to aid fans and players of the
    Japanese version of Pokemon Black and White.  It is never to be sold anywhere,
    for any reason, as this information should be available free of charge!
    This walkthrough may not be reproduced, republished, or redistributed unless
    all of the following conditions are met:
        o No profit is made directly from the reproduction of this guide.
        o You provide credit to Marriland and provide a hyperlink back to my site:
        o You do not claim this guide as your own. This guide still remains
          copyright (c) 2010 Devin Peltier-Robson aka Marriland.
        o This guide is provided in its original text format, with all of the
          original text intact. That means NOTHING in this guide can be changed by
          you for whatever reason, including (but not limited to) adding HTML tags
          to this guide.
        o You try to provide updates to this file at a reasonable pace. The most
          current version of this file can always be found at:
    Please feel free to print this walkthrough out or save it to your computer for
    your own personal reference. Just don't ever try to sell it (or the paper you
    printed it on!).
    ( s4. WORLD MAP OF ISSHU | ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: )
     _                         ,a,_a_/
    (z)         (T)__(U)--V-___| |___--p-_____(r)
               (Q)7(R)      (W)              \d \
               /  /                           \  \
              / 7/                             \d \
             [P]<              (@)              >[s]   (t)
              \ 6(n)                           /e /
              (O) \                          (u) /
                \6 \____--L-___   _y_--x-(w)_/e /
                  (N)       ___|4|
     .--------------.      (J)I. |
     |  MAP OF THE  |          |4|          ____(E)_
     | ISSHU REGION |          | |__,--~'```__[F]3[C](D)
     '--------------'          [H]____,--~``(G)   |2|
                                      /           [B]
                 (Sky Arrow Bridge)--`        __(o)1|    ,-----------. 
                                              i_h_[A]   /   LEGEND    \
    | A: Kanoko Town                   | U: Sekka Wetlands                  |
    | B: Karakusa Town                 | V: Cylinder Bridge                 |
    | C: Sanyou City                   | W: Training Cave                   |
    | D: Dream Ruins                   | X: Souryuu City                    |
    | E: Underground Water Hole        | Y: Victory Road                    |
    | F: Shippou City                  | Z: Pokemon League                  |
    | G: Yaguruma Forest               | n: Fukiyose Grotto                 |
    | H: Hiun City                     | o: P2 Lab                          |
    | I: Resort Desert                 | p: Village Bridge                  |
    | J: Ancient Castle                | q: Kagome Town                     |
    | K: Raimon City                   | r: Giant Hall                      |
    | L: Hodomoe Drawbridge            | s: Sazanami Town                   |
    | M: Hodomoe City                  | t: Sazanami Bay                    |
    | N: Freezing Container            | u: Harvest Shrine                  |
    | O: Electric Stone Cave           | v: Black City / White Forest       |
    | P: Fukiyose City                 | w: Shift Factory                   |
    | Q: Tower of Heaven               | x: Wonder Bridge                   |
    | R: Mt. Neji                      | y: Forest of Doubt                 |
    | S: Sekka City                    | z: Kanawa Town                     |
    | T: Dragon Spiral Tower           | @: High Link                       |
     | 1: Route 1  | 5: Route 5  | 9: Route 9  | d: Route 13 | h: Route 17 |
     | 2: Route 2  | 6: Route 6  | a: Route 10 | e: Route 14 | i: Route 18 |
     | 3: Route 3  | 7: Route 7  | b: Route 11 | f: Route 15 |-------------'
     | 4: Route 4  | 8: Route 8  | c: Route 12 | g: Route 16 |
    This is an ASCII representation of the world of Isshu. These are all of the
    locations that can be seen by using the Town Map, so if you need to know the
    translation of a location, use this map in conjunction with your Town Map to
    figure things out.
    ( s5. WALKTHROUGH | :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: )
    /#| s5.1. Tri Badge |#####################################################::~/
    (_| s5.1.1. Opening |________________________________________________________)
    As soon as you fire up the game, you'll notice a really cool intro scene. Very
    well done, but also very mysterious indeed!
    Now, after you've gotten through the menu, you'll have four options presented
    to you by default. The first one is the one you want to select, which will
    start a new game.
    Almost immediately after doing so, it will ask if you want to play the game
    using Kana or Kanji. I highly recommend playing the game with the first option
    (Kana), as it makes the game much easier to understand for non-native Japanese
    readers. But if you're well-versed in Kanji, hey, go ahead, be my guest.
    After selecting that, you'll be greeted by Professor Araragi and her Chillarmy
    that she sends out. You know, the usual stuff.
    She'll talk for awhile and give you the background on Pokemon, then will ask
    you if you're a boy or a girl Trainer. This should be really obvious to select,
    but just use your control pad to choose and press A.
    You'll then get to choose your name. Unless you want to go through with a
    Japanese name, I recommend selecting that little ABC icon in the bottom of the
    buttons and then inputting a 5-character English name. That should make it
    easier to see when people are yelling your name for whatever reason.
    Afterwards, she'll introduce you to your two friends, who are also sort of your
    rivals. One of them is Cheren and the other is Belle.
    Then it will go into a little opening scene inside of your house in Kanoko
    (_| s5.1.2. Kanoko Town |____________________________________________________)
    Then it will go into a little opening scene, starting with you inside your
    house. Cheren will be up in your room and then Belle will show up and they'll
    start talking about Araragi. Apparently she left the three of you a present!
      ||              Before you pick your Pokemon...              ||
      || If you're looking for a point to save your game before    ||
      || you pick your starting Pokemon, you need to do it right   ||
      || now, before you check out the present. This will give you ||
      || the option to reset your game if you're looking for a     ||
      || specific gender or if you're resetting for a shiny        ||
      || starter.                                                  ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || You can save by pressing X and then selecting the icon    ||
      || that looks like a book.                                   ||
    You'll open the box automatically and then get to pick your choice of Tsutaja
    (the Grass-type snake Pokemon), Pokabu (the Fire-type pig Pokemon), or Mijumaru
    (the Water-type sea otter Pokemon).
    Right off the bat, you will battle against Belle and her new starter Pokemon,
    which will be of the type yours is strong against.
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $500  ||
    |\   PKMN Trainer Belle        |/-------\|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Tsutaja) ]*****|#|
    |*| Mijumaru     |    WTR    | L 5 | M |#|
    |*|[     Tackle     ][   Tail Whip    ]|#|
    |*|[      ---       ][      ---       ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|*****[ (if you picked Pokabu) ]*****|#|
    |*| Tsutaja      |    GRS    | L 5 | M |#|
    |*|[     Tackle     ][      Leer      ]|#|
    |*|[      ---       ][      ---       ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Mijumaru) ]****|#|
    |*| Pokabu       |    FIR    | L 5 | M |#|
    |*|[     Tackle     ][   Tail Whip    ]|#|
    |*|[      ---       ][      ---       ]|#|
    The battles play out mostly the same as in Diamond, Pearl, and the other Gen IV
    games, but you'll notice that the entire battle scene is much more lively and
    animated! Very well done.
    This battle isn't particularly hard, no matter which starter you chose. All of
    the starters have Tackle and then either Tail Whip or Leer. You can usually win
    by just using Tackle.
    After winning, you'll be round around level 6 and pocket a bit more cash; if
    you don't win, it's no big deal, so don't worry about it. You just miss out on
    the EXP (of course, if you saved your game beforehand, you can just reset and
    try again).
    Once the battle has concluded, you and Belle will have made an absolute mess of
    the room. Little smoke clouds will fill the air as your once tidy room now is
    in shambles. Ah well, it's no worry for a Trainer like you who's about to
    leave, anyway!
    Cheren will heal both your and Belle's Pokemon with some Potions, then will
    challenge you to a battle to try out his new Pokemon, which is the one yours is
    weak to type-wise.
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $500  ||
    |\   PKMN Trainer Cheren       |/-------\|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Tsutaja) ]*****|#|
    |*| Pokabu       |    FIR    | L 5 | M |#|
    |*|[     Tackle     ][   Tail Whip    ]|#|
    |*|[      ---       ][      ---       ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|*****[ (if you picked Pokabu) ]*****|#|
    |*| Mijumaru     |    WTR    | L 5 | M |#|
    |*|[     Tackle     ][   Tail Whip    ]|#|
    |*|[      ---       ][      ---       ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Mijumaru) ]****|#|
    |*| Tsutaja      |    GRS    | L 5 | M |#|
    |*|[     Tackle     ][      Leer      ]|#|
    |*|[      ---       ][      ---       ]|#|
    Again, he's mostly going to be the same as Belle. Just use Tackle over and over
    until you either win or lose. Your Defense-lowering attack may seem helpful,
    but since it takes 4 hits on average to win anyway, it's only smart to use at
    the very beginning of the battle, and even then, the difference is marginal.
    If you win against him, you'll get more money and also a good chunk of EXP. If
    you don't, he'll brag about it for all eternity.
    Anyway, go downstairs afterwards and the three of you will talk to your mom for
    awhile. Your two friends will then leave and then your mom will heal up your
    Pokemon. She'll also give you the Livecaster. You can come back to her to heal
    your Pokemon if ever they get injured, which may be handy coming up soon on
    Route 1.
    Now you can leave the house and do a bit of exploring of Kanoko Town. There's
    this one girl on the west side of town that will ask you if you can understand
    Kanji. If you say yes, she'll switch your language from Kana to Kanji, so try
    to avoid her or just answer no to keep your language complexity the way it is.
    Belle is in the southwestern house, and when you go inside, she'll be in an
    argument with her father and will then storm off. After she's done that, go to
    Prof. Araragi's lab in the northwestern part of town. You won't be able to do
    much else anyway other than check out Cheren's house in the southeast corner of
    town, but he's sort of waiting at the lab anyway.
    Professor Araragi will say a bunch of stuff, but will ultimately ask if you'd
    like to give your Pokemon a nickname. Feel free to give it one if you'd like,
    but just remember you're restricted to just five characters since it is a
    Japanese game.
    After some more dialogue, Prof. Araragi will give you the Pokedex. Woohoo!
    That's what you've been waiting for! You didn't have to deliver parcel or
    anything to get it, either!
    As you leave the Lab, your mom will show up and be all proud of you and stuff,
    then she'll give all three of you a Town Map, which lets you take a look at the
    Isshu region in depth. Go ahead and use it from your Key Items if you'd like.
      ||                 Things you should know...                 ||
      || Since the game is in Japanese, navigating the menus may   ||
      || be a little daunting at first. If you're familiar with    ||
      || any of the Gen IV games, you should be able to figure it  ||
      || out anyway, but just in case, I'll give you a quick       ||
      || refresher to help you get through before you set off on   ||
      || your adventure!                                           ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || To get to the menu, just press X. That will open up a     ||
      || window on the bottom screen, where you can then use       ||
      || either your stylus or control pad to navigate.            ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || The top-left most button will open up your Pokemon menu.  ||
      || Just like in the other games, you just select which       ||
      || Pokemon you want to do something with, and then choose    ||
      || the option.                                               ||
      ||   o The top option lets you view the Pokemon's stats.     ||
      ||     You can press left or right to switch pages and view  ||
      ||     attacks/stats as opposed to generic info.             ||
      ||   o The second option lets you move the Pokemon           ||
      ||     around, just like in the old games.                   ||
      ||   o The third option lets you give the Pokemon a held     ||
      ||     item from your bag, like in the old games.            ||
      ||   o The last option is cancel, duh!                       ||
      ||   o Obviously, as you get HM moves, these will appear     ||
      ||     as well.                                              ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || The top-right most button is the Pokedex. When you open   ||
      || it up, it won't do anything until you either press A or   ||
      || tap it to open it. Then it just shows you all of your     ||
      || Pokedex stuff sort of like the other games, including how ||
      || many you've seen and caught.                              ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || The middle-left button is for your Bag (items). You can   ||
      || use left and right to scroll through your different       ||
      || pockets, and it will show the items on the right-hand     ||
      || side of the screen in a list. There are apparently ways   ||
      || you can sort the items, too, which is convenient.         ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || The middle-right button that has your name on it is your  ||
      || Trainer Card. It shows how many badges you have and some  ||
      || other information. It looks pretty sweet, plus you can    ||
      || flip it around and sign the back of your Trainer Card if  ||
      || you'd like.                                               ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || The bottom-left button is Save (Report in Japanese), and  ||
      || it lets you save your game. This is something you should  ||
      || do on a regular basis, so make sure you know how to do    ||
      || that! Yeah, you heard me; go save right now!              ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || And lastly there are the settings in the bottom-right     ||
      || button. Let me break down what they all are, or at least  ||
      || the ones I know...                                        ||
      ||                                                           ||
      ||   o Text Speed: Slow, [Medium], Fast                      ||
      ||   o Battle Animation: [Animated], No Animation (for       ||
      ||     attacks)                                              ||
      ||   o Battle Rules: [Shift], Set                            ||
      ||     (If changed to "Set", you cannot switch Pokemon in    ||
      ||     Trainer battles after you KO a Pokemon.)              ||
      ||   o Sound: [Stereo], Mono                                 ||
      ||   o Language Mode: [Hiragana], Kanji                      ||
      ||   o IR Mode: (not sure yet)                               ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || After changing the settings, you'll need to hit Confirm   ||
      || in the bottom-right, although not the button with the     ||
      || arrow on it.                                              ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || And there you have it, basic controls in a nutshell. See, ||
      || that's not so hard, is it? Thankfully there are pictures  ||
      || and icons everywhere, so it makes it pretty easy for you  ||
      || to figure out what's going on.                            ||
    Whenever you're ready, go ahead to the northeast corner of town and you'll
    enter Route 1!
    (_| s5.1.3. Route 1 |________________________________________________________)
    As soon as you enter the route for the first time, you'll walk along with
    Cheren and Belle until you see Prof. Araragi. She's gonna school all of you and
    show you how to catch a Pokemon! Pay attention to her, because she'll point out
    the commands, just in case you weren't familiar with them. She uses a Chillarmy
    L7 to catch a Minezumi L2.
    After her demonstration, she'll give you 5 Poke Balls. Now you can catch your
    own Pokemon if you so desire! Belle and Cheren decide that they're too good for
    you and want to go ahead with their Pokemon, maybe catching a few of their own,
    so they'll leave you free to wander Route 1 by yourself. That's great, because
    you're probably itching to catch some new Pokemon, huh?
    Let's take a peek at some of the Pokemon you can encounter here...
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 1                            |)
    ( #010 | Minezumi    |    NRM    | L2, 3, 4                    )
    ( #012 | Yoterrie    |    NRM    | L2, 3, 4                    )
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    | L2, 3                       )
    :)                        * Rare, only found in shaking grass (:
    Talk to the lady in the middle of the second patch of grass and she'll give you
    a free Potion. Hey, can't go wrong with that, huh? You might need it in an
    upcoming fight, too, so hold onto it and don't use it carelessly against wild
    Pokemon battles!
      ||                Did that grass just shake?!                ||
      || One new feature introduced to Pokemon Black and White is  ||
      || the mysterious "shaking grass patches." If you hear a     ||
      || rustling, like you're walking through grass when you're   ||
      || not, stop moving! Then, look around at all of the nearby  ||
      || patches of grass. Are any of them shaking suspiciously?   ||
      || If so, you're going to want to head directly to that      ||
      || shaking patch, because there's a rare Pokemon in there!   ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || Early on, this is usually the healing Pokemon, Tabunne,   ||
      || which is fortunate because you gain a lot of EXP if you   ||
      || knock it out (and you can catch it if you want, too), but ||
      || later on, you can find some pretty cool stuff in those    ||
      || shaking patches.                                          ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || It is always good to have a couple of Repels on hand just ||
      || in case you see a shaking patch, because if you get into  ||
      || a battle between here and there, you'll lose the shaking  ||
      || patch!                                                    ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || Oh yeah, and in different terrains, like caves and water, ||
      || it'll be different, so just be on the lookout for them!   ||
    When you get to the northern end of this very simple route, you'll see Belle
    and Cheren waiting there for you. They wonder if you caught any Pokemon and
    sort of have a contest as to who caught the most Pokemon. Just say yes or
    whatever, and then the three of you will get a call on your Livecaster that you
    got from your mom. It's basically like a four-way video conference... on your
    Actually it's a kind of neat concept, showing you a cutscene with portraits of
    the four of you all talking with lips moving and stuff. Apparently you can use
    this Livecaster thing to do that with other actual people nearby, but you'll
    use it throughout the game for certain dialogue scenes, which is cool.
    Araragi is on the line and tells you and the gang that you should go to the
    Pokemon Center in the next town, Karakusa Town, and she'll teach you how to be
    a responsible Pokemon Trainer. You know, because healing your Pokemon is super
    Head north and you'll enter your next destination: Karakusa Town!
    (_| s5.1.4. Karakusa Town |__________________________________________________)
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Marriland's Team at this point     |)
    ( #007 | Mijumaru    |    WTR    | L7                          )
    ( #012 | Yoterrie    |    NRM    | L4                          )
    ( #010 | Minezumi    |    NRM    | L4                          )
    Head right over to Prof. Araragi at the Pokemon Center and she'll lead you
    inside. Belle is already in there, and the two will oversee you healing your
    Pokemon. Make sure you heal them, otherwise they'll scold you until you do. You
    should know how to do this already if you've played any Pokemon game, though.
    She'll then show you the PC, which is another extremely essential piece of any
    Pokemon Trainer's success. It is now to the left of the desk rather than off on
    the other side, making it arguably a little more within reach. You start off
    with only 8 boxes, but don't worry, you'll get more way later in the game after
    you've gotten the National Dex, so the 8 boxes will hold plenty in the
    Lastly she'll take you over to the Poke Mart, which is now included inside of
    the Pokemon Center. After more dialogue, Prof. Araragi leaves, but Belle sticks
    around and recommends you buy some Potions and Poke Balls. Actually, that's
    some smart thinking, Belle; I recommend the same thing. You should have between
    $3000 and $4000, depending on how badly you won against your friends. Buy about
    5 - 7 Poke Balls and maybe 2 Potions, totalling up to $2000. That still gives
    you plenty of cash leftover.
    The other shop just sells stupid stuff like mail, so don't worry about it.
    As you leave the Pokemon Center, some guys outside will be all like,
    "Something's going on!" They go and check it out. Over there, you'll find
    Cheren watching as well. This creepy dude with some creepy music shows up,
    calling himself Geechisu (That's pronounced sort of like "Gate" and "Chisel",
    minus the "el" part ... not to be confused with "Gee" "Cheese!"). He spares no
    time in introducing himself as the leader of Team Plasma. Then he blabs on and
    on about his diabolical scheme to restore the balance with humans and Pokemon.
    Or something like that.
    His speech eventually ends and he heads off with the rest of his goons. Then
    everyone disperses like nothing ever happened. Well, everyone except for this
    one dude in a black cap! Whoa! He introduces himself as "N", and after some
    dialogue, he challenges you to a fight.
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $700  ||
    |\   PKMN Trainer N            |/-------\|
    |*| Choroneko    |    DRK    | L 7 | M |#|
    |*|[    Scratch     ][     Growl      ]|#|
    |*|[      ---       ][      ---       ]|#|
    N's Choroneko can use Growl and Scratch. Growl is particularly annoying if your
    Pokemon uses Physical-based attacks, and Scratch is fairly potent early on. The
    thing is also pretty fast at that. However, it's not too tough, and you should
    have Potions just in case. After beating it, you'll earn a nice chunk of EXP
    and $700. He'll leave and then Cheren will tell you about the Gym Leader in
    Sanyou City, so that's where you should go. Just be sure to heal up your
    Pokemon after battling N!
    Now, one fun thing you can do in town is climb the stairs up by the Pokemon
    Center leading to a house up there. Talk to the people inside and one of them
    will ask if you want them to play the piano while the other asks if you want
    them to play the drums. If you have them play the instrument, it changes the
    music slightly in town, even if you leave the building.
    In one of the houses on the west side of town, if you go upstairs and talk to
    one of the guys up there (there should also be a Minezumi running around),
    he'll give you a free Poke Ball. Awesome! You can also play a variant of
    Rock-Paper-Scissors with the little girl up there, except with Fire-Grass-Water
    That's about all of the excitement left in town, so make your way westbound
    over to Route 2, crossing through the slick new gate leading you there!
    (_| s5.1.5. Route 2 |________________________________________________________)
    Shortly after entering the route, you'll receive a call on your Livecaster from
    your mom. After some dialogue, it turns out she was actually right behind you
    and heard that you were going to Sanyou City! To make your journey easier, she
    gives you the Running Shoes, which now let you run by holding in B. Handy! No,
    it doesn't look like there's a feature to auto-run, though. Oh well.
    Now head through the grass and pick up the Potion in the middle of it. Get
    ready, because you're gonna fight some Trainers pretty soon! But also be sure
    to catch some Pokemon in the grass, since there are plenty of new ones
    available for you and Trainer battles are a great way for them to earn
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 2                            |)
    ( #010 | Minezumi    |    NRM    | L4, 5, 6, 7                 )
    ( #012 | Yoterrie    |    NRM    | L4, 5, 6, 7                 )
    ( #015 | Choroneko   |    DRK    | L4, 5                       )
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    |                             )
    :)                       * Rare, only found in shaking grass. (:
    The Trainers use Pokemon that are about level 7 or so, so you'll want to keep
    your new Pokemon under careful watch of your starter in case things get rough.
    Remember, switch-training can be your best friend here, so be sure to utilize
    that. What's switch-training, you ask? Well it's just starting with the Pokemon
    you're looking to train, then switch it for a stronger Pokemon like your
    starter Pokemon to finish the fight, splitting the EXP.
    The first three Trainers use level 7 Minezumi, Choroneko, and Yoterrie in that
    order. Just one Pokemon on each Trainer's team, of course. It's just enough to
    give you a good run for your money, but a lot more of a challenge than in some
    of the more recent games.
    Past the three Trainers, you'll find the city up to the north, but you can also
    climb some steps and head south to pick up a Potion and a Poke Ball in a little
    secluded area. Hey, why not? You might have seen these earlier if you dealt
    with the people playing instruments.
    Anyway, as you head north towards Sanyou City, you'll be challenged by Belle,
    who wants a battle right away to test out her newly caught Pokemon!
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $700  ||
    |\   PKMN Trainer Belle        |/-------\|
    |*| Yoterrie     |    NRM    | L 6 | F |#|
    |*|[      Leer      ][     Tackle     ]|#|
    |*|[  Odor Sleuth   ][      ---       ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Tsutaja) ]*****|#|
    |*| Mijumaru     |    WTR    | L 7 | M |#|
    |*|[     Tackle     ][   Tail Whip    ]|#|
    |*|[   Water Gun    ][      ---       ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|*****[ (if you picked Pokabu) ]*****|#|
    |*| Tsutaja      |    GRS    | L 7 | M |#|
    |*|[     Tackle     ][      Leer      ]|#|
    |*|[   Vine Whip    ][      ---       ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Mijumaru) ]****|#|
    |*| Pokabu       |    FIR    | L 7 | M |#|
    |*|[     Tackle     ][   Tail Whip    ]|#|
    |*|[     Ember      ][      ---       ]|#|
    She shouldn't be very hard at all, especially since her main Pokemon is weak to
    the type your starter is. Hopefully yours learned one of its elemental attacks
    by now, because that will be your best bet against hers.
    After beating her, she'll leave, allowing you to visit Sanyou City.
    (_| s5.1.6. Sanyou City |____________________________________________________)
     /  MY POKEMON  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Here's what my team was at this point... |)
    ( #007 | Mijumaru    |    WTR    | L12                         )
    ( #010 | Minezumi    |    NRM    | L4                          )
    ( #012 | Yoterrie    |    NRM    | L4                          )
    ( #015 | Choroneko   |    DRK    | L4                          )
    The first thing you should do when you get to Sanyou City is heal your Pokemon
    and save your game. After that, right near the entrance, you can actually break
    through the west part to get yourself an X Speed, which may come in handy (or
    may not).
    Go inside of the first building, entering from the side (yes, you can do that
    now!). Talk to the man inside and he'll give you a Great Ball, which is just
    great at catching Pokemon. It's much more effective than a normal Poke Ball, so
    save it for something special (although don't wait too long, since you'll be
    able to buy 'em later in the game).
    If you go behind those buildings, you'll find a shady character who will give
    you a Dusk Ball if you talk to him. That's actually great, because it is an
    extremely effective ball, but only if used at night or in other dark places.
    There's another Great Ball hiding in the eastern side of town, by the streams
    and gardens. It's hiding behind some trees in the south. It can be a little
    tricky to spot, but it's there, don't worry.
    Anyway, before you take on the Gym, you should really go over the Pokemon
    School. Cheren's waiting there, after all! If you talk to one of the little
    boys there, he'll want to quiz you. Just answer the top answer (Antidote) and
    then the bottom answer (Awakening) and he'll give you a free Full Heal, so you
    can cure any of those status conditions.
    Now, go ahead and talk to Cheren and he'll ask if you'd like to battle him,
    since he's using the type that the Gym Leader will use against you. You should
    definitely take him up on it, even though it might be a tad tricky.
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $800  ||
    |\   PKMN Trainer Cheren       |/-------\|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Tsutaja) ]*****|#|
    |*| Pokabu       |    FIR    | L 8 | M |#|
    |*|[     Tackle     ][   Tail Whip    ]|#|
    |*|[     Ember      ][      ---       ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|*****[ (if you picked Pokabu) ]*****|#|
    |*| Mijumaru     |    WTR    | L 8 | M |#|
    |*|[     Tackle     ][   Tail Whip    ]|#|
    |*|[   Water Gun    ][      ---       ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Mijumaru) ]****|#|
    |*| Tsutaja      |    GRS    | L 8 | M |#|
    |*|[     Tackle     ][      Leer      ]|#|
    |*|[   Vine Whip    ][      ---       ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|**********[ (regardless) ]**********|#|
    |*| Choroneko    |    DRK    | L 8 | M |#|
    |*|[    Scratch     ][     Growl      ]|#|
    |*|[     Assist     ][      ---       ]|#|
    Cheren is much more difficult to take down due to his type advantage over your
    starter Pokemon, so hopefully you have another Pokemon trained that can help
    take it out. Nothing you have at this point will be overly effective against
    it, so don't worry too much about it, and your starter can likely do pretty
    well if it is fairly high level. Beware, though, because his starter has an
    Oran Berry attached, which will heal it up when it gets weak.
    After beating him, he'll give you an Oran Berry to help you out. That very well
    may come in handy against your Gym Leader battle, but for now, you should leave
    it unequipped, because it'd be a shame to use it up too soon!
    Now that you've beaten Cheren, you can head to the Gym to the right of the
    Pokemon Center. The guy who was blocking it earlier is gone and replaced with
    someone else instead: the Gym Leader you are about to face! Talk to him and
    he'll go inside right away to get ready for you.
    Before you do, though, there's a new Pokemon you'll definitely want to pick up
    to make your battle against the Gym Leader much easier, since the Gym Leader is
    going to use the type that you're most weak to. Head on to the east of town,
    over to the Dream Ruins! Just make sure you have at least one empty slot in
    your party before you leave (and healing would be great, too!).
    (_| s5.1.7. Dream Ruins |____________________________________________________)
    There's a Lass right up front that has two Choroneko L8 while the Youngster
    after her has two Minezumi L7 and a Yoterrie L7.
    Now if you go and talk to the person past the two Trainers, he'll take a look
    at your starter Pokemon's type and will offer to give you a Pokemon that will
    complement its type and help against the Gym Leader. In my case, he offered me
    Baoppu. Just answer yes with a spot in your party and he'll give you one at
    level 10.
    That will make a great addition to your team, particularly for the upcoming Gym
    Leader battle, so consider training it up a few levels. There's also an X
    Defend right by him. Unfortunately that's all you can do here for now, though,
    so go back, heal up your Pokemon, maybe fit in a little bit of training, and
    then get ready to take on the Gym!
    (_| s5.1.8. Sanyou Gym |_____________________________________________________)
    As soon as you enter the Gym, the dude that was blocking it earlier will come
    over to you and introduce himself as the coach. You know, he's that usual "Yo,
    champ in the making" guy. Anyway, to prep you for the fight, he gives you some
    Fresh Water, which heals 50 HP when you use it. That very well may come in
    handy in your fight, because the Gym Leader is pretty tough.
    This gym's puzzle is really easy to solve. There's a curtain with a color and a
    symbol on it that clearly represents an elemental type. Beneath the curtain are
    three buttons you can step on: one for Fire, one for Water, and one for Grass.
    It shouldn't take a genius to figure out which is which. In order to drop the
    curtain, you need to step on the button that beats the type on the curtain.
    That's the easy part. The tough part is dealing with the rather strong Waiter
    and Waitress inside; the Waiter uses a fierce Yoterrie L11 which hits pretty
    hard, while the Waitress uses a Minezumi L10 and a Choroneko L10. Beware the
    Minezumi, because it has Bide, which will cause it to wait two turns before
    attacking you for double the damage you did to it during that time! The best
    thing to do if it looks like it's getting angry or whatever is to just use
    moves like Growl, Tail Whip, and Leer, then attack when it is not saving
    strength. You can also switch to a not-as-often-used Pokemon to take the hit if
    you accidentally hit it.
    After beating them and getting through the easy puzzle (which, granted, is
    technically harder than any of the other generations first gyms...), you'll be
    ready to take on the Gym Leader. Before you do, go back to the Pokemon Center
    to heal up your Pokemon, then save your game when you get near the Gym Leader.
    Surprisingly enough, though, this Gym doesn't have just one Gym Leader... it
    has three! Only one of them will battle you, though, and it's based off of your
    starting Pokemon. If your starting Pokemon was Tsutaja, you'll have to fight
    against the fiery Poddo; if your starter was Pokabu, you're going up against
    the cool Kohn; and if your starting Pokemon was Mijumaru like mine was, you're
    gonna have to take on the green Dento.
     /  MY POKEMON  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Here's what my team was at this point... |)
    ( #007 | Mijumaru    |    WTR    | L13                         )
    ( #012 | Yoterrie    |    NRM    | L11                         )
    ( #019 | Baoppu      |    FIR    | L11                         )
    ( #015 | Choroneko   |    DRK    | L7                          )
    ( #010 | Minezumi    |    NRM    | L4                          )
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $1680 ||
    |\   Leader Dento              |/-------\|
    |*| Yoterrie     |    NRM    | L12 | M |#|
    |*|[      Bite      ][    Cheer Up    ]|#|
    |*|[      ---       ][      ---       ]|#|
    |*| Yanappu      |    GRS    | L14 | M |#|
    |*|[   Vine Whip    ][    Cheer Up    ]|#|
    |*|[      ---       ][      ---       ]|#|
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $1680 ||
    |\   Leader Poddo              |/-------\|
    |*| Yoterrie     |    NRM    | L12 | M |#|
    |*|[      Bite      ][    Cheer Up    ]|#|
    |*|[      ---       ][      ---       ]|#|
    |*| Baoppu       |    FIR    | L14 | M |#|
    |*|[   Incinerate   ][    Cheer Up    ]|#|
    |*|[      ---       ][      ---       ]|#|
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $1680 ||
    |\   Leader Kohn               |/-------\|
    |*| Yoterrie     |    NRM    | L12 | M |#|
    |*|[      Bite      ][    Cheer Up    ]|#|
    |*|[      ---       ][      ---       ]|#|
    |*| Hiyappu      |    WTR    | L14 | M |#|
    |*|[   Water Gun    ][    Cheer Up    ]|#|
    |*|[      ---       ][      ---       ]|#|
    Each one of the trio's Pokemon have the move Cheer Up, which raises that
    Pokemon's Attack and Sp. Atk by one stage, increasing their potential to do
    damage by a lot. You do not want them to use that move too many times. If you
    have it available, you should counter with Growl right away, especially against
    Yoterrie and Yanappu (Dento's green monkey), as they only have Physical-based
    Dento's Yanappu is quite a bit tougher. It's really cool how the music changes
    when you take on the Gym Leader's last Pokemon, though! Really makes it pretty
    epic. Thankfully, Yanappu doesn't have a lot of defenses, so as long as you hit
    hard and hit often, you should be good. Using the Baoppu you picked up in the
    Dream Ruins can help, although you probably haven't had much time to train it.
    As for the other two Gym Leaders (if you didn't start with Mijumaru like I
    did), their strategy is mostly the same, but they don't have a variety of
    moves, so you only have to worry about the type they're using, making the
    elemental monkey Pokemon you picked up earlier a great counter to them.
    After beating Dento (or whichever Gym Leader you had to go up against), the
    trio of Gym Leaders will relinquish the Tri Badge as a symbol of your victory
    against them, which will enable traded Pokemon up to Level 20 obey you. They'll
    also give you TM83 (Cheer Up), which -- as you probably saw -- raises the
    user's Attack and Sp. Atk by one stage!
      ||                TMs are now unlimited use!                 ||
      || In the older generations, once you used a TM to teach     ||
      || your Pokemon a move, it used up that TM like an item.     ||
      || That caused players to think carefully about which TMs    ||
      || they taught to which Pokemon. However, in Pokemon Black   ||
      || and White, you can reuse TM moves as many times as you'd  ||
      || like, so feel free to teach any of your Pokemon Cheer     ||
      || without fear of making the "wrong decision"!              ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || Just keep in mind that, if you teach a Pokemon a TM move, ||
      || it will have only as much remaining PP as the move it was ||
      || replacing had. You can't just use TMs to freely restore   ||
      || PP, sorry!                                                ||
    Congratulations! You just showed these Gym Leaders how to win at their own
    game! Now head out of the Gym and back to Sanyou City.
    /#| s5.2. Basic Badge |###################################################::~/
    (_| s5.2.1. Sanyou City |____________________________________________________)
    As soon as you exit the Gym, you'll be approached by a rather odd character
    named Makomo. She has something that Prof. Araragi wanted to give you or
    something like that, so she takes you back to her house and then takes you
    upstairs... There's some weird contraption hooked up to a bed there. Yes, this
    sounds rather peculiar, but all becomes well when she gives you HM01, which
    teaches your Pokemon Cut. Now that you have the Tri Badge, you can use it
    outside of battle, too. Woohoo!
    Anyway, she tells you some stuff about needing to catch or get a Munna or
    something before you can do something, and then you can do something else
    called a Game Sync. Hmm, odd. Anyway, she'll then just sort of leave you up
    there. Talk to the other girl in the room and she'll introduce herself as
    Shouro. She's a lot like the Bill, Lanette, and Bebe of the older generations.
    She puts her name on the box menu now, so it'll be "Shouro's PC" now rather
    than just someone's. She also tells you about the new Battle Box feature, which
    can be used to store your team of Pokemon in for quick and easy access to
    battle, for battles from the menu screen (before hitting Continue) and probably
    some other battles.
    If you get a Munna anytime soon, you should bring it back to Makomo. If it has
    this one ability, then you'll be able to activate this special place called the
    Dream World, I think.
    So now that we have the HM for Cut and the badge it goes with, where should we
    go with our newfound powers? Well, on the northern part of Route 2, there's a
    shrub you can cut that leads you to a Super Potion and a Great Ball. That's
    kinda cool. But where you really want to check out is the Dream Ruins. Yeah,
    you know you totally saw that shrub blocking your path earlier, so go heal your
    Pokemon and check it out, Trainer!
    Oh, also, while you're healing your Pokemon, you might want to take a peek at
    the Poke Mart items available. They're now selling Great Balls, Super Potions,
    Escape Ropes, status healing items, and Repels.
    (_| s5.2.2. Dream Ruins |____________________________________________________)
    Go ahead and cut down that shrub now that you're able to. As soon as you do,
    Belle will come over and be amazed at the ruined place, but also have a
    suspicious feeling. After walking a little further, you'll hear something, and
    then walking even further will reveal one of those Munna things that Makomo was
    talking about earlier.
    Things seem alright, but then two Team Plasma Grunts show up and want to take
    the Munna. They even kick it and stuff! Now it's time for you to kick some Team
    Plasma behind for your first time! One of them will start off by taking you on,
    showing a really cool Team Plasma intro scene. Gotta love that, as well as the
    epic music!
    The first Plasma grunt has a Minezumi L10 while the second one has a Choroneko
    L10. Neither are too tough, but the Minezumi can hit for a good chunk of
    Once you've beaten them, they'll continue to harass the Munna. All of a sudden,
    though, Geechisu shows up! And then... well, then another Geechisu shows up...?
    Then he does some teleport thing and appears as one in front of the Munna,
    saying they should never harm Pokemon. That's enough to scare the socks off of
    those lowly Plasma goons, because they go running! Oddly enough, Geechisu just
    disappears afterwards.
    Now the Munna's parent or something -- a Musharna -- appears and goes near the
    Munna. Makomo appears a few seconds later, saying what the Pokemon is. The two
    Pokemon leave, but leave behind an item of some sort that Makomo checks out.
    The little punk runs off with it, too! Oh well, you can deal with her later...
    There's a patch of grass that could use your attention, as well as some other
    stuff to explore.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Dream Ruins                        |)
    ( #015 | Choroneko   |    DRK    | L8, 9, 10, 11               )
    ( #010 | Minezumi    |    NRM    | L10, 11                     )
    ( #023 | Munna       |    PSY    | L8, 10                      )
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    | L8                          )
    :)           * Rare, only found inside shaking grass patches. (:
    There's a Poke Ball to the left of where the Team Plasma fight was, inside one
    of the patches of grass. A Parlyz Heal can be found over by the window on the
    right side of the building's remains. Climb the stairs and walk over to the
    southwest to pick up a Potion. And if you go to the eastern side upstairs, you
    can get yourself a Repel.
    Well, that's about all there is to see here. Move along, folks, move along.
    Actually, after doing all of this, you'll want to go back to Makomo's house in
    Sanyou City. Talk to her and she'll be all excited, then will give you the
    awesomely cool C Gear item, which can be used to do various things. At first it
    will look like there's some big warning or something, but that's just for
    warning you about online stuff I think.
    Basically, this C Gear kinda shows you some stuff for battling players and lets
    you hook up to places right away. Shouro also gives you the Pal Pad afterwards,
    allowing you to exchange Friend Codes with other players and deal with them
    over the internet. Yeah, you can battle and trade with your friends online now!
    The C Gear does have its uses, though, don't get me wrong. But if you're not
    looking to quickly interact with other players through all of its uses and
    you're just a casual player for now, you should press that little Power Off
    button in the bottom-right corner of the DS touch screen. It will help conserve
    your DS's battery life much more than if you had it on.
    I'll cover all this stuff later. For now, you're probably itching to do more
    exploring, so off to the west of Sanyou City you go! Once in the gardens, head
    north onto Route 3!
    (_| s5.2.3. Route 3 |________________________________________________________)
    Right near the start of the route, you'll find some Twins that you can battle
    in your first Double Battle. They each have a Choroneko L10 and aren't too
    hard, but it's a good introduction to Double Battles.
    There's another Trainer up by the buildings that has a Munna on her team, which
    will be your first exposure to the odd Psychic-type Pokemon. The three
    Kindergarteners she's watching over all have the elemental monkeys on their
    team, each at level 10.
    Are your Pokemon getting weak from the fighting? Well you can just take a nap
    in the kiddie day care, which is actually right next to the Pokemon Day Care.
    That'll restore your Pokemon's health right away. Speaking of the Pokemon Day
    Care, it's right next door, although you can only drop off one Pokemon there
    for the time being, so don't be thinking you'll walk home with a horde of eggs.
    Anyway, as you head west, you'll be stopped by Cheren, who wants to battle you
    right this instant!
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $1200 ||
    |\   PKMN Trainer Cheren       |/-------\|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Tsutaja) ]*****|#|
    |*| Pokabu       |    FIR    | L14 | M |#|
    |*|[   Tail Whip    ][     Ember      ]|#|
    |*|[  Odor Sleuth   ][  Defense Curl  ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|*****[ (if you picked Pokabu) ]*****|#|
    |*| Mijumaru     |    WTR    | L14 | M |#|
    |*|[   Tail Whip    ][   Water Gun    ]|#|
    |*|[  Water Sport   ][  Focus Energy  ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Mijumaru) ]****|#|
    |*| Tsutaja      |    GRS    | L14 | M |#|
    |*|[      Leer      ][   Vine Whip    ]|#|
    |*|[      Wrap      ][     Growth     ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|[ (regardless of what you picked) ]*|#|
    |*| Choroneko    |    DRK    | L12 | M |#|
    |*|[     Growl      ][     Assist     ]|#|
    |*|[  Sand-Attack   ][  Fury Swipes   ]|#|
    Cheren has definitely gotten stronger from last time, but he shouldn't be any
    tougher than the recent Gym Leader you fought, so that's good at least. Take
    him down, although remember that his starter has an Oran Berry held.
    After beating Cheren, two Plasma Grunts will run by in a hurry. Belle and some
    little girl will come from the same direction and wonder what's going on. So
    then Cheren decides to do the heroic thing and go hunt them down! Alright,
    great, that leaves you time to explore the rest of the route.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 3                            |)
    ( #012 | Yoterrie    |    NRM    | L9                          )
    ( #025 | Mamepato    | NRM / FLY | L8, 9                       )
    ( #015 | Choroneko   |    DRK    | L9                          )
    ( #028 | Shimama     |    ELC    |                             )
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    | L11                         )
    :)                       * Rare, only found in shaking grass. (:
    There's a Super Potion in the patch of grass to the immediate northwest of
    where Belle and the girl are. You won't be able to go south until you've
    tracked down Team Plasma, so you're gonna need to head west. Back there, you'll
    find Cheren standing in front of a cave, but also a lot of grass and a Pokemon
    Breeder waiting for you. She has a Minezumi L9, a Yoterrie L9, and a Mamepato
    L9. After beating her, she'll give you an Oran Berry, and also give you access
    to that Repel.
    Now go and talk to Cheren and then the two of you will go in after the Plasma
    goons together!
    (_| s5.2.4. Underground Water Hole |_________________________________________)
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Underground Water Hole             |)
    ( #033 | Koromori    | PSY / FLY | L10, 11, 12, 13             )
    ( #030 | Dangoro     |    RCK    | L11, 13                     )
    ( #035 | Mogurew     |    GRD    | L10, 11, 12, 13             )
    :)                       * Rare, only found in swirling dust. (:
    Get ready for some battling! You're going to each take on one of the Plasma
    Grunts. The one you take on has a Minezumi L12, which you should be pretty used
    to battling by now. Take him down, and then you'll team up with Cheren to take
    on the next two Plasma Grunts that challenge you to a fight! They both have a
    Minezumi L12. Cheren also uses his starter that he just used against you in
    your recent fight. Be careful, because Cheren may or may not have the smarts to
    avoid hitting them when they're using Bide.
    After you've beaten the lot of them, they'll run off, leaving you and Cheren to
    talk about just how evil they are and stuff. He'll leave afterwards, giving you
    free reins to explore the rest of the cave. There's not really much in here
    (for now), but you should definitely go pick up TM46 (Thief). It's not quite as
    good as Bite, but it's at least some sort of Dark-type move available now.
    Ok, that's all there is in the cave now, so get on out of here. ...well, maybe
    after catching some of the local denizens, which will be entirely new to you.
    Both Koromori and Dangoro are pretty decent Pokemon from the looks of it, with
    Dangoro hitting hard at this point in the game with its Headbutt.
    (_| s5.2.5. Route 3 |________________________________________________________)
    Go back to where Belle and the girl were and then the girl will thank you for
    something and give you a free Heal Ball. Woohoo. That's a pretty bad ball, but
    it's at least equivalent to a Poke Ball, so use it in place of one. Then Belle
    will take the little girl back from whence she came, leaving you free to head
    There are a few more Trainers on the route for you to fight. One of them uses a
    Shimama L13, which is probably a new sight for you. There's an Antidote in the
    patch of grass right near him.
    As you head further south, Cheren will stop you and warn you about those
    thicker patches of grass. They tend to have stronger Pokemon in them, but, not
    only that, there's also a chance you can enter a Double Battle against wild
    Pokemon in them!
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 3 (Thick Patches)            |)
    ( #025 | Mamepato    | NRM / FLY | L10, 11, 12, 13             )
    ( #010 | Minezumi    |    NRM    | L10, 11                     )
    ( #028 | Shimama     |    ELC    | L11                         )
    Further south, you'll find another Trainer for you to fight on the route, and
    she uses a Koromori L13. Past her, you'll find a bridge, but to the south of
    the bridge you can score another Great Ball past some grass. Take on the
    Trainer on the bridge and her Minezumi L12 and Choroneko L12.
    Across the bridge and on the southern side by the flowers is an Awakening for
    you to take. There's also another School Boy nearby that has a Mamepato L12 and
    a Dangoro L12. Beat him and then continue west until you reach Shippou City.
    (_| s5.2.6. Shippou City |___________________________________________________)
    As soon as you enter Shippou City, Cheren will direct you right on over to the
    Pokemon Center. What, does he think you're gonna get lost in here or something?
    Well, possibly. Regardless, he tells you that the Gym Leader uses Normal-type
    Pokemon and he also gives you 3 Chesto Berries to wake up your sleeping
    Pokemon. You know, just in case.
    Well that's just peachy. Now go heal up your Pokemon and get exploring town!
    There's plenty for you to do here!
      ||          Trade for a flower of a different sort!          ||
      || From the entrance of Shippou City, head west down the     ||
      || tracks until you see the first house with stairs leading  ||
      || up. Enter the building from the side (you can actually    ||
      || enter it from the front, too, if you'd like) and talk to  ||
      || the girl up there to trade your Monmen for a Churine in   ||
      || Pokemon Black, or a Churine for a Monmen in Pokemon       ||
      || White. You're trading one version exclusive for the other ||
      || one that you can't normally get, so it's a pretty good    ||
      || deal!                                                     ||
    You can buy any of the X items, such as X Attack, X Defend, X Special, etc.
    from a guy inside of the bottom floor of the house to the west of the Pokemon
    Center. These come in handy during any Boss Battle that you're struggling with
    and I highly recommend having plenty on hand at all times, although since money
    might be a little tight this early in the game, don't buy too much right away.
    A few of each, particularly the defensive ones and the attacking ones, can make
    a world of difference and can help turn fights around for you. You definitely
    don't want to be without those!
    To the west of that building, the lady in the blue hair will give you a special
    held item that powers up a Pokemon's moves of a certain type depending on what
    answer you give her. She'll ask you to choose between the following answers...
      o Tsutaja (gives you a Miracle Seed)                                        
      o Mijumaru (gives you a Mystic Water)                                       
      o Pokabu (gives you a Charcoal)                                             
      o Cancel (ask her later instead)                                            
    You don't have to pick the same one as your starter, but it will certainly soup
    up their attacks if you give it to them. The elemental monkeys also benefit
    from the item, so if you have the Grass-type monkey, Yanappu, and want it to do
    more damage, you can pick Tsutaja from the answers to get a Miracle Seed.
    Whatever the case, it adds +20% damage to the corresponding type's moves.
    When you approach the Gym, you'll be stopped by N, who already showed up there
    and is now itching for a battle against you. He'll ask you a question, but I
    don't think it's overly important. Just go ahead and stomp his face in!
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $1300 ||
    |\   PKMN Trainer N            |/-------\|
    |*| Mamepato     | NRM / FLY | L13 | M |#|
    |*|[  Quick Attack  ][      Gust      ]|#|
    |*|[      ???       ][      ???       ]|#|
    |*| Otamaro      |    WTR    | L13 | M |#|
    |*|[   BubbleBeam   ][      ???       ]|#|
    |*|[      ???       ][      ???       ]|#|
    |*| Dokkora      |    FTG    | L13 | M |#|
    |*|[    Low Kick    ][      ???       ]|#|
    |*|[      ???       ][      ???       ]|#|
    He's not too challenging, but he uses a few Pokemon you probably haven't seen
    before, such as Otamaro and Dokkora. Be wary around them, particularly Dokkora,
    who can hit hard if you're not prepared. After beating him, he'll run off, but
    will say something about wanting Zekrom (or Reshiram if you're playing White),
    hinting to the presence of the version legendaries. Hmmmm...
    Now, before taking on the Gym, there's something that may help your fight...
    Not only that, but you can have a chance to catch the Pokemon that N had, too.
    Head off to the west, over to Yaguruma Forest.
    (_| s5.2.7. Yaguruma Forest |________________________________________________)
    Right near the start of the route, talk to the lady standing at the edge of the
    path and she'll give you TM94 (Rock Smash). That will definitely come in handy
    in your fight against the upcoming Normal-type Gym, that's for sure! Since it
    is no longer an HM move, you can replace it whenever you want, meaning it
    doesn't hurt at all if you teach it to your Pokemon for right now. Pokemon like
    Yoterrie or Dangoro, or even your starter will definitely benefit from having
    Keep going down the path if you'd like. There's a Nurse you can battle who has
    a Munna L15, which may prove rather challenging for you due to its level.
    However, after beating her, she'll heal up your Pokemon. You can also talk to
    her at any point to have her heal your Pokemon, which saves you a few steps
    heading back to the Pokemon Center.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Yaguruma Forest (Outside)          |)
    ( #041 | Otamaro     |    WTR    | L12, 14, 15, 16             )
    ( #025 | Mamepato    | NRM / FLY | L12, 13, 14, 15             )
    ( #038 | Dokkora     |    FTG    | L14, 15, 16                 )
    ( #045 | Dageki      |    FTG    | L14                         )
    :)                   * Rare. Found in shaking grass in White. (:
    ( #044 | Nageki      |    FTG    | L15                         )
    :)                   * Rare. Found in shaking grass in Black. (:
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    | L13                         )
    :)                       * Rare, only found in shaking grass. (:
    Past her, there are a few Kindergarteners that you can fight. There's also an
    Ether that can be reached by going inside of the gate near the Nurse. Anyway,
    back to the Kindergarteners. One of them has a Monmen L13 and a Churine L13
    while the other has a Dangoro L14. Then, past the Kindergarteners you'll find
    another Great Ball. Great.
    Keep going south and you'll find even more tall grass, as well as a Youngster
    down there with some interesting Pokemon ready to battle. He has three Otamaro
    at L13. Otamaro is an odd little Water-type Pokemon, so be wary. Past him you
    can find an Antidote, then another Youngster to the east while some thick grass
    is over to the west. There's a Super Potion in the southeast corner of the
    thick grass, but that's about it, other than the Pokemon there. The second
    Youngster nearby has a Fushide L14, which is a big Bug-type Pokemon similar to
    Weedle back in the day, and he also has a Yoterrie L14.
    Head to the east and climb up those steps and you'll find a Black Belt and
    Battle Girl waiting up there. They each have a Dokkora L16, which is a rather
    powerful Fighting-type Pokemon. Head down the steps by the Black Belt and
    you'll reach the Net Ball that was waiting up on that ledge. Yeah, really
    exciting. Ah well, hop off the ledge and then head west to the previous area,
    where you can either head back or go fight around in the thick grass in search
    of some rare Pokemon. There's a certain Fighting-type that may be very helpful
    for your upcoming fight, too...
    Since the path into Yaguruma Forest is blocked off by Team Plasma for now, it's
    a good time for you to return to the Gym and get your 2nd Badge, now that you
    have all of this extra training under your belt!
    (_| s5.2.8. Shippou Gym |____________________________________________________)
    When you first enter the Gym, you'll wonder if you stepped into the right
    place, because it appears to be a museum. There's a giant fossil of some
    massive Dragon-type Pokemon, as well as a few other Pokemon here. But the
    scientist dude will lead you to a door taking you to the actual Gym, so don't
    Upon entering the Gym portion of the building, the coach will give you another
    Fresh Water and will tell you a bit about the Gym and stuff. Ah, but that's
    what you have me for, right?
    Anyway, the first Trainer you run into has a Minezumi L17.
    In order to get the rest of the Trainers to fight you, you're going to need to
    solve some puzzles. These puzzles probably make a bit more sense in English,
    but anyway, here's how to get through the problem the quick and easy way
      o Talk to the School Girl on the middle row.                                
      o Go to the bottom-left bookshelf and press A when looking at the blue      
        bookshelf down there. There's a question in there, but don't worry about  
        it, you've got this guide.                                                
      o Go to the middle row, then on the left side, search the green bookshelf.  
        There's another clue in there.                                            
      o I talked to the School Girl at this point and answered yes to her         
        question, but it didn't seem to have any effect.                          
      o Then, go talk to the Researcher up in the northern part of the room and   
        answer yes to her question. She'll battle you right away, using a         
        Harderrier L17 (evolution of Yoterrie). Watch out! She may use an X Defend
        right away!                                                               
      o After beating her, she'll move out of the way.                            
      o Search that bookshelf and you'll find another secret memo with a question.
      o Now go search the green bottom-right bookshelf and you'll find yet another
        memo with a question.                                                     
      o Go and battle the School Girl just to the north of you now. She has three 
        Yoterrie at level 15 and is not too difficult to defeat.                  
      o After beating her, search the bookshelf she was guarding and answer yes to
        reveal a secret set of stairs leading down to the Gym Leader!             
    You might want to take this moment to go back and heal. Stock up on items if
    you need, then go back, save your game, and get ready to take on the Gym Leader
    herself, Aloe!
     /  MY POKEMON  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Here's what my team was at this point... |)
    ( #008 | Futachimaru |    WTR    | L18                         )
    ( #013 | Harderrier  |    NRM    | L17                         )
    ( #030 | Dangoro     |    RCK    | L17                         )
    ( #028 | Shimama     |    ELC    | L17                         )
    ( #038 | Dokkora     |    FTG    | L16                         )
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $2400 ||
    |\   Leader Aloe               |/-------\|
    |*| Harderrier   |    NRM    | L18 | F |#|
    |*|[   Take Down    ][      Bite      ]|#|
    |*|[  Retribution   ][      Leer      ]|#|
    |*| Miruhog      |    NRM    | L20 | F |#|
    |*|[      Leer      ][     Crunch     ]|#|
    |*|[  Retribution   ][    Hypnosis    ]|#|
    She starts off with her Harderrier, which has Intimidate, mind you. It can use
    Bite, Take Down, and Leer. Take Down will hit for a LOT of damage, unless
    you're absorbing the hit with a solid Rock-type like Dangoro. Be wary of that!
    Miruhog likes to start by using Leer a lot, then hitting you for massive damage
    with its big attack.
    After beating Aloe, she'll give you the Basic Badge, which makes traded Pokemon
    up to level 30 obey you without question. She also gives you TM67
    Before you have much time to celebrate, one of the scientists barges in, saying
    that Team Plasma is here and after some of the bones from the museum! Head back
    upstairs and you'll see a bunch of Team Plasma dudes there. They run off with a
    big chunk of the big dragon fossil you saw earlier! Yikes!
    Outside of the Gym, a mysterious person comes over and knows Aloe pretty well.
    Aloe introduces him as Arty, the Gym Leader from Huin City. They're sort of
    talking about Team Plasma and some stuff, then Belle and Cheren show up. Aloe
    leaves to go find Team Plasma while Arty heads towards the Yaguruma Forest.
    Then, Belle gives you the Item Finder, giving it to you from Makomo. Those two
    run off into the museum now, leaving you free to explore.
    You can use the Item Finder to search for hidden items! That's pretty useful,
    that's for sure. Unlike the Gen IV games, where it was more radar-like, this
    one is a lot more like a Dowsing Machine (its Japanese name, after all). It'll
    have two sticks held apart, but basically it will guide you in the direction
    you need to go. Just remember that when you're on top of the item, you have to
    actually face it in order to pick it up, so take a step back and then press A
    in order to pick up your prize.
    There's actually an Ultra Ball hidden on the patio of the Cafe in the northwest
    part of town, so you might as well pick it up on your way to the Yaguruma
    Forest (after healing, of course).
    /#| s5.3. Beetle Badge |##################################################::~/
    (_| s5.3.1. Yaguruma Forest |________________________________________________)
    On your way to Yaguruma Forest, you'll run into Arty again, but then he'll go
    into the forest. Inside the main part of the forest, it's playing the Team
    Plasma theme, so now you're sure something's going down. Arty heads north, but
    he says things about the two different directions, so you're gonna need to pick
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Yaguruma Forest                    |)
    ( #052 | Monmen      |    GRS    | L14, 15, 16                 )
    :)                                              * Black only. (:
    ( #054 | Churine     |    GRS    |                             )
    :)                                              * White only. (:
    ( #049 | Fushide     | BUG / PSN | L15                         )
    ( #046 | Kurumiru    | BUG / GRS | L14                         )
    ( #019 | Baoppu      |    FIR    | L15                         )
    :)                                  * Rare (in shaking grass) (:
    ( #017 | Yanappu     |    GRS    | L15                         )
    :)                                  * Rare (in shaking grass) (:
    ( #021 | Hiyappu     |    WTR    | L15                         )
    :)                                  * Rare (in shaking grass) (:
    ( #053 | Elfoon      |    GRS    | L17                         )
    :)                     * Rare (in shaking grass). Black only. (:
    ( #055 | Dredia      |    GRS    | L17                         )
    :)                     * Rare (in shaking grass). White only. (:
    ( #025 | Mamepato    | NRM / FLY | L15, 16                     )
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    |                             )
    :)                       * Rare, only found in shaking grass. (:
    Start by heading to the west, where you'll have to fight some Twins. They each
    use a Kurumiru at L16, which is one of those new Bug/Grass-type Pokemon. After
    her, you'll have to fight a Plasma Grunt who uses the new Dark/Ground sand
    crocodile Pokemon, Meguroko. It has Intimidate, too, and it's at level 16.
    Further west, you'll have to fight another Plasma Grunt who uses a Choroneko
    L16. Right north of her is a Pokemon Ranger that has a Harderrier as a pet -- I
    mean, Pokemon. It's at level 18. After beating him, he'll give you a Chesto
    Berry at least, so that's pretty cool.
    To the south of the female Plasma Grunt and the Pokemon Ranger, behind the
    fence (and after crossing through some grass), you can find a Big Root. That
    item will come in handy for any Pokemon that can leech HP with Mega or Giga
    Drain, and there are probably a few of them in the forest that could benefit
    from it. There's also a Super Potion just to the west of them, which is where
    you're still headed.
    Keep going west and you'll find a Youngster that has a Fushide L16 and a
    Dokkora L16 on his team. Past him, you can pick up an Antidote inside of a tree
    stump, but as you're about to go through a hollow log, you'll be ambushed by a
    Pokemon Ranger! She has a Yanappu L18 on her team. She'll give you some more
    Chesto Berries after beating her, too.
    Further on, there's another Pokemon Ranger that will ambush you. She has a
    Hiyappu L18 and will give you a Pecha Berry after you beat her. Up the log,
    you'll have to face yet another Plasma Grunt with a Minezumi L16. Then keep
    heading east until you reach some more tree stumps. Pick up the Parlyz Heal
    from the stump. There's a Pokemon Ranger hiding by the hollowed out log, and he
    uses a Baoppu L18. He'll give you a Pecha Berry for beating him.
    Now, before you head inside of the hollow log, head south and make your way
    around the area until you get to the item up the steps. It's TM86 (Grass Knot),
    which is a Special-based Grass-type move that does more damage if you're using
    it against a heavier foe.
    Ok, so go back to that log and then go through it to face off against another
    Plasma Grunt. They're all over the place! This one uses two Minezumi L14 and
    one Meguroko L14 with Intimidate. After you beat this one, though, you'll
    receive the Dragon Bone, which is the head of that big old beast they stole.
    However, after relinquishing it, a mysterious dude that has Geechisu's theme
    comes in. His name is apparently Asura, and it seems like he means business.
    Well, thankfully Arty steps in, followed by Aloe. That's enough to make him get
    Since that whole drama is over, Arty decides to go back to Hiun City, and then
    you give the Dragon Bone back to Mama Aloe. For being such a good sport about
    it, she gives you a Moon Stone, which can be used to evolve certain Pokemon.
    Head on over to the east and pick up the Miracle Seed before you jump off that
    Now that you're finally on the other side where you could have gone earlier,
    there's a bunch more Trainers for you to fight. Yep, even more. At the bottom
    of the pile is a School Boy using a Munna L17. Just ahead of her is a Lass with
    three Koromori L15. There's a School Girl with a Mamepato L16 and a Choroneko
    L16 just past the bridges.
    Well, that's about all there is as far as Trainers go. There really were a ton
    of them in this forest, huh? Before you head north, if you caught either a
    Monmen or a Churine in the forest, you can go back and trade it for the other
    one. It'd be a good time to go do that now. Otherwise, just go ahead and head
    north, perhaps healing at the edge of the forest courtesy of that Nurse you
    beat earlier.
    (_| s5.3.2. Sky Arrow Bridge |_______________________________________________)
    Whoa, take a look at that bridge view! Man, that looks pretty sweet! All that
    time we've spent out in the country totally seems normal, but seeing those big
    bridges and skyscrapers really is a different spin for Pokemon. Anyway, inside
    of the gate, talk to the Hiker inside and he'll give you the Quick Claw, a
    great held item that has a chance of causing the bearer to go first regardless
    of their Speed. That's very handy for those slower Pokemon of yours!
    Just revel in the glory of walking across a GIGANTIC BRIDGE with a bunch of
    cool camera angles and everything. All you really need to do is hold Up and
    you'll run to the other side, but it's really a sight to take in, trust me. On
    the other side of the bridge, you'll reach your next destination: Hiun City!
    (_| s5.3.3. Hiun City |______________________________________________________)
    Whoa, what a big city!
    Immediately as you enter, one of the first things you should do is head south
    onto this little pier thing. Talk to the scientist dude there and he'll ask you
    which of the elemental monkeys you prefer or something like that. Same sort of
    thing as earlier; the choice you make determines the item you get, but this
    time evolutionary stones are at stake!
      o Yanappu (gives you a Leaf Stone)                                          
      o Baoppu (gives you a Fire Stone)                                           
      o Hiyappu (gives you a Water Stone)                                         
      o Cancel (ask him later instead)                                            
    Now, unlike before, it's not like these stones are really useful for anyone
    else. They only evolve the elemental monkeys, so you should probably just get
    whatever one suits your monkey. You're free to do whatever, though, but this is
    definitely where you get one of these three elemental stones, so remember that.
    Just keep in mind that, if you evolve your monkey, it isn't going to learn any
    new moves. It's a trade-off for higher stats. You can still teach it TM and HM
    moves, though, so it's not the end of the world by any means!
    Ok, so now that you've got your stone, go back to where you were and just head
    west. You'll spy a Pokemon Center at the base of a pretty big building. Might
    as well take this moment to go inside and heal your Pokemon, or even just to
    check out the shop. Inside, there'll be someone in line at the Pokemon Center,
    and she'll ask you if you want to sign up for the Geonet thing. She basically
    just wants you to check out that spinning globe you've seen and put your
    position on it.
    Yeah, so this city looks pretty big, but there's not really anything you need
    to worry about on the external outer shell, so to speak, right now. However,
    there are some buildings around the perimeter of the city that you can enter,
    so let's go through them one by one, starting from the Pokemon Center and
    heading perpetually left.
    __|_| Battle Company |________________________________________________________
    The first building has some Trainers for you to battle in it if you want!
    There's a dude who goes up the elevator when you first get there, and when you
    get to the elevator, you can go to either 47F or 55F.
    __|_| Battle Company 47F |____________________________________________________
    On the 47th Floor, there's a Businessman with a Dokkora L19 ready to play ball.
    There's an OL with a Harderrier L19. Talk to the guy near her and he'll give
    you 3 Quick Balls, which works extremely well if you toss it during the first 5
    turns of the battle. He also gives you 3 Timer Balls, which is quite the
    opposite -- the more turns that elapsed in the battle, the better it is (it
    caps at like 40 turns or something, and even then it is only as effective as a
    Dusk Ball).
    The Scientist on the floor has a Dangoro L19, although he likes to use an X Sp.
    Def to raise his Dangoro's Sp. Def right away. The OL to the left of the
    Scientist has a Churine L18 and a Monmen L18. Right by her, you can pick up a
    Revive, which may be incredibly helpful. Now, over on the right side of the
    room, there's another Businessman and he has three Basurao L17, which are
    strange Water-types you probably haven't seen yet. They give a ton of EXP,
    though, so it's well worth it.
    After all of that, talk to the Scientist at the end and he'll give you the
    Scope Lens held item, which raises a Pokemon's critical hit rate when its held.
    If you've got a Pokemon that isn't holding anything, you might as well give it
    that for now.
    __|_| Battle Company 55F |____________________________________________________
    Right south of the elevator door is a Hyper Potion, which is actually way too
    powerful of a Potion for you to get right now, so don't worry about using it
    yet. To your left, there's a Businessman with a Koromori L20. Then there's a
    Researcher right beneath him with a Munna L20. She'll probably start the fight
    by using an X Special to boost her Munna's Sp. Atk. At the very bottom of the
    room, there's a Scientist that has a Kurumiru L20, plus he boosts its critical
    hit rate right away by using a Dire Hit.
    Now there's another Businessman guarding the boss guy, but he has a different
    sprite and everything and means a lot more... business. Yeah, had to. Anyway,
    he uses a Baoppu L19, a Yanappu L19, and a Hiyappu L19. Last but not least,
    you'll have to take on the boss guy himself, who is hiding back there for
    whatever reason. He uses a Yabukron L20, the trashbag looking thing. He also
    has a Chillarmy L20. After beating him, you'll win the EXP. Share item, which
    is invaluable for training up new Pokemon as it splits the EXP you earn with
    the combatant Pokemon and the bearer of that, even if the bearer didn't fight.
    Well, that's great. That Battle Company sure rocked! Make your way down the
    elevator and let's explore the rest of Hiun City.
    __|_| Survey Building Thing |_________________________________________________
    Not entirely sure what's here, but I'm thinking it's some sort of survey stuff,
    because they ask a lot of questions. For your average Joe, I'd recommend
    avoiding this place, although if you spend like 10 minutes here answering
    questions you will get a Soda Pop for your trouble.
    __|_| Inner Hiun (left side) |________________________________________________
    Since we're already down on this end, let's check out that alleyway. After all,
    that is where the Gym is.
    So yeah, the Gym is to your right. When you try enter it, Cheren will push you
    out of the way. Oh, hi, Cheren! And then Arty will pop out afterwards and
    recognize you, but then run off after Cheren. Oh, lovely. Now you need to go
    find him. He's over at Prime Pier, so you can go track that down later, because
    you know you want to explore the rest of the big city.
    __|_| Hiun City (by the fountain) |___________________________________________
    Further in, you'll find a little fountain area and a dancer dude. He'll fight
    you if you want, so you might as well say yes and show him who's boss. Watch
    out, though, because he has a Yanappu L21! Beat him and he'll say something
    about there being a trio of dancers, I think, so be on the lookout.
    While you're here, you can buy Fresh Water, Soda Pop, and Lemonade in the
    vending machines on the northern part of the fountain area. I HIGHLY recommend
    buying about 10+ Lemonades if you can, because they're extremely cheap yet way
    more potent than Super Potions are! They are the ones that are $350.
    Anyway, there's plenty of other places to explore, so let's head down the
    narrow alley just to the east of the one we entered from.
    __|_| Narrow Alley, Left Side |_______________________________________________
    Hmmm, looks shady back here, that's for sure. Go in a little bit and you'll
    find another Dancer, though, who uses a Hiyappu L21. He'll run off after you
    beat him, but it's good that you found him.
    Keep going south and you'll find a Cafe, but go past the dumpsters and you'll
    find a dude in a black suit that appears out of nowhere...! Yikes! Actually, he
    just gives you TM70 (Flash), which lowers the accuracy of the target by one
    stage. Hey, it's sort of helpful, maybe.
    Go inside of the Cafe and talk to the person behind the counter and he'll give
    you some Lemonade. Yum!
    After that, you'll be back on the outside of Hiun City again, over by the
    Battle Company, so just head right and then go in through that next alley.
    __|_| Narrow Alley, Right Side |______________________________________________
    Wow, this street sure is bustling a lot more! Look at those people walk!
    The first building on your right seems to be some sort of Art Gallery. The
    clown inside will ask to see a certain type of Pokemon each day and will reward
    you with one of five berries of your choosing of you show him a Pokemon that is
    at least partially that type. Unless you have the Japanese for the types
    memorized, though, it may be a little tricky to know what he's looking for, but
    it doesn't hurt for you to at least show him any of the Pokemon in your team
    that are of different types just in case one of them is the correct type.
    There's a little ice cream stand where you can buy some Hiun Ice for $100 if
    you wait in line for it.
    Guess that's it on that side, so now you'll be back in the fountain area. Well,
    head over to the right and then you'll be in the big street with tons of busy
    __|_| Wide Street, Right Side |_______________________________________________
    From the top of the area, the first building on the left has someone inside
    that will give your Pokemon a free massage to increase their happiness. Yeah,
    just talk to the lady with purple in the lobby of the building and she'll do
    that once per day.
    Take the elevator in the building up to 11F and then talk to the Hiker guy and
    he'll give you TM44 (Rest), a move which causes the user to sleep for the next
    two turns, but restores its HP to full. It has its uses, particularly if you
    juggle TM moves (since that is now an option).
    Ok, now if you go in the building to the right, you'll see some people talking
    and stuff, and one of them will show you a picture of a little Zorua. They
    don't know how to get it, of course, but at least it will count as being seen
    in your Pokedex.
    On the 22nd Floor of that building, you'll find all of the Game Freak guys,
    just chilling like they always do in any Pokemon game. Yep, that's where they
    are this time around.
    Following the path south will take you right back to where you started in Hiun
    City, so now I guess go back to the fountain area and then head north.
    __|_| North Hiun City |_______________________________________________________
    The first building near the right has a Scientist guy in it that will see how
    many Pokemon you have seen in your Pokedex. I've seen 28 Pokemon, so he gave me
    the Evolution Locus, which I guess raises your Defense and Sp. Def if it's held
    by a Pokemon that hasn't evolved yet. At least from the sounds of it.
    The building on the left has the Name Rater in it. He's the bald old man, of
    course, and he'll let you change the nicknames of your Pokemon if you so
    Going up to the 11th Floor in that building leads you to a Scientist that sort
    of wants a password to something. It's a combination of two words and it's
    probably to enable Mystery Gift or something.
    The second building on the right is having some sort of international party.
    Dudes with shades and black suits are blocking the elevator, but if you just
    answer yes to the guy's question, he'll let you in. So take the elevator
    upstairs and you'll get a chance to talk to some different people, some of
    which are speaking perfect English! Wow, sweet! Stuff I can understand, haha!
    Talk with one of the girls in the bottom-right corner of the room and you'll
    receive TM45 (Attract), which, when used, infatuates a target Pokemon of the
    opposite gender, causing them to fail to attack 50% of the time. It can be
    useful sometimes, especially when you know you're facing against Pokemon of a
    certain gender (like Gym Leaders in a lot of cases).
    __|_| Let's explore some piers! |_____________________________________________
    The left-most pier doesn't have anything really on it for the moment, so don't
    worry about it.
    The middle pier has the last Dancer you need. He uses -- surprise -- a Baoppu
    L21 when you fight him. After beating him, and after you've beaten the other
    two Dancers, go back to the fountain and talk to the middle dancer to receive
    an Amulet Coin, a really useful hold item that doubles the amount of money you
    receive after battle as long as the bearer was in the fight at one point.
    Finally, the pier after that is the one that you're looking for. After you've
    met Arty at the Gym in the western side of town (you need to have done this, so
    go back and do it now if you're looking to progress), he'll be here at the pier
    meeting his friend, Iris, along with Belle. After some discussion, a Team
    Plasma goon shows up and then runs off. Iris stays with Belle while Arty runs
    off after the Plasma dude.
    __|_| Plasma on the West Side |_______________________________________________
    Head back to the west side of town. You'll see Arty looking around and then
    noticing that Team Plasma is stationed down by his Gym! Of all the nerve! So
    you'll go ahead and help him vanquish some Team Plasma goons. The one you have
    to fight uses two Meguroko L17. He's not too tough, don't worry, but watch out
    for them gators nonetheless.
    After beating the trio of Grunts (Arty takes care of the other two), they'll
    retreat into the building. Belle and Iris show up afterwards, and then the
    three enter the building to see what's going on.
    Inside, you'll see Geechisu, two important-looking henchmen, and some more
    Plasma Grunts. Yikes! After a whole bunch of dialogue, they eventually pull a
    Munna out from nowhere and hand it back to Belle. Then, just like that, the
    whole lot of Plasma dudes vanish, leaving only an item behind in their stead.
    After even more dialogue, Iris gives you a Yache Berry, which is useful if your
    Pokemon has a weakness to Ice -- like a lot of Dragon-types do, for instance.
    It reduces the first Super Effective Ice-type hit to only half the damage
    (making it normal damage unless they're 4x weak), but it's consumed after use,
    so you don't want to just use it right away.
    Anyway, then Iris and Belle, the two new best friends, will leave, leaving Arty
    to do the manly thing and go take care of his Gym. Oh, but before you leave, be
    sure to pick up the Smoke Ball, which, when held by a Pokemon, allows it to run
    from any wild Pokemon fight, regardless of its Speed stat. That can be very
    handy on a lot of things, trust me.
    Ok! You're finally ready to take on the Gym! Heal up your Pokemon if you need
    to, then head back to this area of town with your team ready to go. Remember,
    the Gym's theme is Bug-type Pokemon!
    (_| s5.3.4. Hiun Gym |_______________________________________________________)
    The coach doesn't seem quite as inclined to tell you what's going on unless you
    talk to him, but if you talk to him, he'll still give you some free Fresh
    Water. Doesn't go quite as far as it used to, but hey, it's still nice.
    Getting through the Gym isn't terribly difficult, don't worry. Just follow
    these instructions...
      o Walk forward into the middle of the honey wall as hard as you can until   
        you pass through it, then hit the switch right there.                     
      o Head into the room and fight the Clown with his Kurumiru L20 and Fushide  
      o Press the switch to lower the gate around the honey.                      
      o Walk through the honey, but don't press the switch in front of you unless 
        you want to fight a Clown with a Kurumiru L20 and an Ishizumai L20 (which 
        is a new hermit crab sort of Pokemon). Despite Ishizumai's looks, it is a 
        Bug/Rock-type Pokemon, so Water-type attacks are effective against it.    
      o Hit the switch to the northeast of the gate you just went through.        
      o Now hit the switch to the northwest of that gate you just went through.   
        That will lower the gate on the honey by the Clown.                       
      o Also, go over and hit the other switch farther west to lower the gate     
        around some other honey for later on.                                     
      o Walk through the honey directly above where the Clown was (or would be if 
        you didn't hit that switch), which was north of where you entered this    
      o Go to the western part again and walk through the honey.                  
      o Don't hit that switch unless you want to fight another Clown. This one has
        a Kurumiru L21.                                                           
      o Now walk through the honey and hit the switch past it. That will open up  
        the gate to its northeast, so walk back over there and go through that    
      o You'll need to fight another Clown. This one has a Fushide L20 and        
        Kurumiru L20.                                                             
      o Hit that last switch, and the gate around the last honey will open,       
        allowing you access to the Gym Leader, Arty.                              
     /  MY POKEMON  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Here's what my team was at this point... |)
    ( #008 | Futachimaru |    WTR    | L22                         )
    ( #013 | Harderrier  |    NRM    | L20                         )
    ( #030 | Dangoro     |    RCK    | L22                         )
    ( #028 | Shimama     |    ELC    | L21                         )
    ( #038 | Dokkora     |    FTG    | L20                         )
    ( #057 | Meguroko    | GRD / DRK | L16                         )
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $2880 ||
    |\   Leader Arty               |/-------\|
    |*| Hoyga        | BUG / PSN | L22 | M |#|
    |*|[  Poison Tail   ][ Bug Repellant  ]|#|
    |*|[    Pursuit     ][    Screech     ]|#|
    |*| Ishzumai     | BUG / RCK | L22 | M |#|
    |*|[   Knock Down   ][ Bug Repellant  ]|#|
    |*|[  Faint Attack  ][  Sand-Attack   ]|#|
    |*| Hahakomori   | BUG / GRS | L24 | M |#|
    |*|[   Razor Leaf   ][ Bug Repellant  ]|#|
    |*|[  String Shot   ][    Protect     ]|#|
    Arty's Bug-type Pokemon are fairly diverse in their types. He's also the first
    Gym Leader to have 3 Pokemon in his team so far, so that alone will prove to be
    somewhat challenging. Thankfully, his levels aren't too drastically high
    compared to what you've been fighting, although his attacks are pretty solid.
    His Hoyga is quite a defensive Pokemon. It will soften your Pokemon up with
    stat lowering moves before striking hard. The Ishzumai is a little difficult
    with its typing, but it is weak to Water-type attacks, so try to utilize those
    if you have them in your arsenal. If you don't, just slug it with neutral
    attacks and hope for the best.
    Hahakomori is the main attacker on Arty's team. It is quick, nimble, and hits
    pretty hard. It is very weak to Fire- or Flying-type attacks, though, so if you
    have any, you'll be in business. Bug- or Rock-type attacks will also do a good
    amount of damage. Just beware, because Arty is capable of healing if his
    Pokemon get into the red zone HP wise.
    After beating Arty, you'll be rewarded with the Beetle Badge, which enables all
    traded Pokemon up to level 40 to obey you. He also gives you TM76 (Bug
    Repellent), which hits for a small amount of damage, but it always lowers the
    target's Sp. Atk.
    As you leave the Gym, Belle will call you on the Livecaster and say she's gonna
    meet you in the gate leading to Route 4, so that should be your first
    destination... after you've healed up your Pokemon, of course! (I mean it,
    because you're gonna have to battle her.)
    /#| s5.4. Volt Badge |####################################################::~/
    (_| s5.4.1. Route 4 |________________________________________________________)
    Just as promised, as you pass through the gate north of Hiun City onto Route 4,
    Belle shows up and wants to battle you!
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $2000 ||
    |\   PKMN Trainer Belle        |/-------\|
    |*| Harderrier   |    NRM    | L18 | F |#|
    |*|[  Odor Sleuth   ][      Bite      ]|#|
    |*|[  Helping Hand  ][   Take Down    ]|#|
    |*| Munna        |    PSY    | L18 | F |#|
    |*|[      Yawn      ][    Psybeam     ]|#|
    |*|[    Imprison    ][   Moonlight    ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Tsutaja) ]*****|#|
    |*| Baoppu       |    FIR    | L18 | M |#|
    |*|[      Lick      ][  Fury Swipes   ]|#|
    |*|[      Yawn      ][   Incinerate   ]|#|
    |*| Futachimaru  |    WTR    | L20 | M |#|
    |*|[  Focus Energy  ][  Fury Cutter   ]|#|
    |*|[  Water Sport   ][  Shell Blade   ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|*****[ (if you picked Pokabu) ]*****|#|
    |*| Hiyappu      |    WTR    | L18 | M |#|
    |*|[   Water Gun    ][      Lick      ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][  Water Sport   ]|#|
    |*| Janobi       |    GRS    | L20 | M |#|
    |*|[      Wrap      ][   Leech Seed   ]|#|
    |*|[     Growth     ][  Grass Mixer   ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Mijumaru) ]****|#|
    |*| Yanappu      |    GRS    | L18 | M |#|
    |*|[   Vine Whip    ][   Leech Seed   ]|#|
    |*|[      Lick      ][  Fury Swipes   ]|#|
    |*| Chaobu       | FIR / FTG | L20 | M |#|
    |*|[  Defense Curl  ][      Smog      ]|#|
    |*|[   Arm Thrust   ][  Nitro Charge  ]|#|
    Her Pokemon aren't too terribly strong, so don't worry. She'll start with the
    Harderrier, which lowers your lead Pokemon's Attack thanks to Intimidate. She
    now has the Munna that she got back as well as one of the elemental monkey
    Pokemon (the one of the type you're weak to), plus she has two Super Potions
    that she may use in her fight, so be wary when getting her down to the red zone
    You should be able to take her out no problem, though. If your Pokemon are weak
    after the fight, go back and heal right now, because you're gonna have another
    fight ahead on Route 4!
    Just run straight up the road and you'll fight against your other rival,
    Cheren. He is definitely a bit tougher than Belle was.
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $2200 ||
    |\   PKMN Trainer Cheren       |/-------\|
    |*| Mamepato     | NRM / FLY | L20 | M |#|
    |*|[      Leer      ][  Quick Attack  ]|#|
    |*|[   Air Cutter   ][     Roost      ]|#|
    |*| Lepardas     |    DRK    | L20 | M |#|
    |*|[    Pursuit     ][  Fury Swipes   ]|#|
    |*|[  Sand-Attack   ][    Torment     ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Tsutaja) ]*****|#|
    |*| Yanappu      |    GRS    | L20 | M |#|
    |*|[      Bite      ][   Vine Whip    ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][   Leech Seed   ]|#|
    |*| Chaobu       | FIR / FTG | L22 | M |#|
    |*|[  Nitro Charge  ][      Smog      ]|#|
    |*|[   Arm Thrust   ][  Defense Curl  ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|*****[ (if you picked Pokabu) ]*****|#|
    |*| Baoppu       |    FIR    | L20 | M |#|
    |*|[      Bite      ][   Incinerate   ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][      Yawn      ]|#|
    |*| Futachimaru  |    WTR    | L22 | M |#|
    |*|[  Shell Blade   ][  Fury Cutter   ]|#|
    |*|[  Focus Energy  ][  Water Sport   ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Mijumaru) ]****|#|
    |*| Hiyappu      |    WTR    | L20 | M |#|
    |*|[      Bite      ][   Water Gun    ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][  Water Sport   ]|#|
    |*| Janobi       |    GRS    | L22 | M |#|
    |*|[  Grass Mixer   ][      Wrap      ]|#|
    |*|[   Leech Seed   ][     Growth     ]|#|
    His starter Pokemon is pretty tough, plus it's holding a Sitrus Berry to
    restore its health when it gets under 50%. The raging sandstorm will damage any
    Pokemon sent out that isn't Rock-, Ground-, or Steel-type, so keep that in mind
    when considering how much damage attacks will do.
    After beating him, the two of you will receive a Livecaster transmission from
    Prof. Araragi. She's saying something about Belle and the gate at Raimon City
    to the north of Route 4. After the transmission, Cheren heads off to find her
    or something.
    Now you can really explore this place!
    Right near the entrance, there's a Hiker staring over at a Guard Spec. in the
    middle of some deep sand. Since there's clearly no grass in a desert like that,
    you'll encounter wild Pokemon here in the deep sand. Remember that it is always
    sandstorming out while you're in the desert, so your Pokemon's health will be
    whittled away during battles!
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 4                            |)
    ( #060 | Darumakka   |    FIR    | L15, 16, 17                 )
    ( #057 | Meguroko    | GRD / DRK | L15, 16, 18                 )
    ( #065 | Zulugg      | DRK / FTG | L16, 17                     )
    We'll check the rest of the western area out later. For now, just head north,
    following the road. If your Pokemon need some healing, you can go on the west
    side of the fence and enter the house to the north. Talk to the guy inside and
    he'll heal your Pokemon up, which is great in a place like this!
    Right after the road breaks, you can find a Burn Heal sitting there. Just in
    case you need it. There's also a Backpacker with a Darumakka L19, which is one
    of those weird Pokemon you can find in the desert. Off to the west of her is
    another Backpacker, except she has a Monmen L19 in her party. Further north,
    another Backpacker has the matching Churine L18. Right next to her is a Super
    Potion and another Backpacker just past her with a Shimama L19 on his team.
    Keep heading north and you'll pass under a freeway. You know, with cars and
    trucks and stuff passing by. Yeah, it's pretty awesome. Just beyond it, there's
    another Backpacker, this time with a Mamepato L19. That's that, the last
    Trainer before you reach the gate.
    But what about the rest of the desert? Oh, never fear! If you're up for
    exploring, there are a few places you can go. For starters, if you go just
    south of the freeway and then head west, you'll find a Worker with a Dangoro
    L18 and a Dokkora L18 for you to fight. There's another Worker past him with a
    Dokkora L19. Now keep going west and go inside of the house. Talk to one of the
    Workers in there and he'll give you TM28 (Dig), a fairly powerful
    Physical-based Ground-type attack that burrows the user underground during the
    first turn, avoiding damage and effects, and strikes on the second turn. This
    is a pretty useful move for your Pokemon to learn, especially because they may
    not have access to Ground-type moves of any sort at this point! Plus 80 base
    power is nothing to sneeze at.
    Further north is this other area, the Resort Desert, but you can check that out
    When you're finished in the northern part, head back towards the entrance and
    this time let's go west, into the depths of the desert where more Trainers and
    goodies are lurking!
    Climb down the stairs and you'll find a little lake where two Fisherman are
    fishing. The first has two Basurao L18 and the second has four Basurao L16.
    Thankfully these all give a lot of EXP, so it's definitely worth your while
    fighting them.
    Back up the stairs, head north and you'll see a Parasol Lady and an item. Go
    grab the Great Ball, then fight the Parasol Lady and her team of two Otamaro
    L18. Now inside of the fenced area, to the right, there's a Hyper Potion
    waiting for you. There's also another Worker waiting up above with two Dangoro
    L17 and a Dokkora L17. Head into the sand pit and then north to fight against
    one more Worker, this one with a Dokkora L19.
    Keep walking just a little bit further and you'll reach the prize you've been
    looking for: TM41 (Torment). Yeah, I know, it's not really spectacular, but it
    can have its handy moments. In a nutshell, after its been used, it prevents the
    opponent from using the same attack twice in a row. This can sometimes come in
    handy, particularly if you combo it with Protect later on, but as a general
    rule it's one you only need for specialty cases.
    Well, that about covers it in the desert, so why not go check out that Resort
    Desert? It's optional, so don't worry about it, but I'm gonna cover it anyway.
    Remember, this can be found by heading back to the entrance, then heading north
    along the road until around the freeway, where you head west instead. Otherwise
    you can just keep going north if you want to move along with the game.
    (_| s5.4.2. Resort Desert |__________________________________________________)
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Resort Desert (Entrance)           |)
    ( #065 | Zulugg      | DRK / FTG | L20                         )
    ( #060 | Darumakka   |    FIR    | L19                         )
    ( #057 | Meguroko    | GRD / DRK | L19, 21, 22                 )
    Not really all that much to see or do here in the entrance, although the
    Pokemon around are a lot stronger than they are over on Route 4. Head to the
    west and then pass through the gate to enter the real Resort Desert.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Resort Desert                      |)
    ( #057 | Meguroko    | GRD / DRK | L19, 22                     )
    ( #062 | Marakatchi  |    GRS    | L20                         )
    ( #060 | Darumakka   |    FIR    | L19, 20                     )
    ( #067 | Shinbora    | PSY / FLY | L20                         )
    ( #063 | Ishzumai    | BUG / RCK | L20                         )
    You'll find a Doctor and a Black Belt in the gate, although only the Doctor
    will fight you. He uses a Yuniran L23, which is probably a Pokemon you haven't
    encountered yet before. After beating him, he'll gladly heal your Pokemon, and
    will heal them any time you talk to him in the future. That saves you a lot of
    steps walking back to that one house!
    Now this appears to be a pretty big place, so let's cover it one step at a
    time. Start by heading north and fighting the Backpacker with a Hatoubo L23,
    which is the evolution of Mamepato. To his north is a Stardust, which can be
    sold for money. Keep heading north and you'll find another Backpacker who
    uses a Miruhog L23. In the pit to the west of her, you can pick yourself up a
    pair of BlackGlasses, which boosts the power of your Dark-type attacks. This
    may be nice for anything that uses Bite or Crunch, too.
    Head just to the north of that pit and talk to the guy in the black suit with
    shades and he'll give you Soft Sand, which is similar to the BlackGlasses,
    except it is for Ground-type attacks instead. It does help boost Dig's power,
    though, so remember that.
    There's a bunch of ruins up to the north, so we'll explore these after we've
    done a perimeter check around the area. There's a Psychic off to the west of
    everyone you were dealing with and to the south of the ruins. She has a Gochimu
    L24, which is, you guessed it, a Psychic-type. Just north of her is some Fresh
    Water, which may help quench your thirst... or something. South of her, though,
    you'll find another Backpacker with an Ishzumai L23.
    Hugging the south wall of the Resort Desert and heading west, you can find a
    Psychic with a Yuniran L23 and a Koromori L23. Just to the west of him is a
    Fire Stone, which may be useful to you if you didn't get one earlier.
    To the northwest of where that Fire Stone was, there's a Pokemon Ranger who
    uses another Pokemon that is probably a new sight for you to see: a Koaruhi
    L24. It's a Water/Flying-type, so be on guard, especially if you don't know
    what to expect from it. Thankfully it's not too tough or anything. After
    beating her, she'll give you a Rawst Berry, which heals burn when held as a
    hold item (but is consumed afterwards).
    You can slip through that little passage to the west and fight another Pokemon
    Ranger. He has a Darumakka L23 and a Shimama L23. Like his friend, he'll give
    you a Rawst Berry after beating him.
    In the very southwest corner of this little crevice, you can find TM39 (Rock
    Tomb), a Physical-based Rock-type attack that doesn't hit very hard, but it
    always lowers the opponent's Speed. It can sometimes be useful for your
    Rock-type Pokemon, but generally not. Oh well, at least it's there for you if
    ever you decide you want to do damage but also need to slow something fast
    Now, there's also another Psychic in the area, just to the north (sorta
    north-northeast, really) of the two Rangers. He has a Desmas L22, which is your
    first exposure to Ghost-type Pokemon. Remember that Dark-type moves are your
    friend, as are Normal-type Pokemon (although he may switch if you pull any
    funny business). He also has a Munna L22.
    By the ruins, there's a Backpacker that has a Marakatchi L23. There's also a
    Super Potion nearby.
    Lastly, in the northwest corner of the desert, by this one tower, there's a
    Heart Scale for you to pick up, which can be given to someone later on to
    reteach forgotten moves.
    Anyway, now that you've explored some of this massive desert, you've probably
    taken notice of the tower off to the west and the ruins in the northeastern
    side of the desert. Well, this leads you to the Ancient Castle. Either of one
    them, really, although we'll start by checking out the one by all of the
    strange statues.
    (_| s5.4.3. Ancient Castle |_________________________________________________)
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Ancient Castle                     |)
    ( #057 | Meguroko    | GRD / DRK | L19, 20, 21                 )
    ( #068 | Desmasu     |    GHO    | L19, 20, 21, 22             )
    There's a bit of stuff to do in here, although for starters, there are some
    Psychics waiting in the first room. The first one has a Shinbora L24, which is
    a powerful Psychic/Flying-type Pokemon that has a lot of defense as well. The
    one on the other side of the sinkhole, Koromori L23 and a Munna L23.
    If you enter the sinkhole, you'll fall down to a basement level with a Revive
    sitting right there for you.
    Guess there's really not all that much you can do here for the time being, but
    at least you can catch Desmasu here if you're looking for some sort of cool
    Ghost-type Pokemon.
    In order to cross the sinkholes, you need to walk around their border. When I
    say walk, I mean walk; running will cause you to sink into the sinkhole!
    Cross the second sinkhole, then talk to the Backpacker by the sinkhole. She'll
    say she found a fossil, so you'll have your choice of either the the Shell
    Fossil (top option) or the Wing Fossil (bottom option). You can bring that
    Fossil back to the Museum in Shippou City to have them turn it into a Pokemon
    for you.
    You'll get the Water/Rock-type Turtle Pokemon Protoga if you pick the Shell
    Fossil, and you'll get the Rock/Flying-type Bird Pokemon Ahken if you pick the
    Wing Fossil. It'll be at level 25 when you revive it. Keep in mind that
    whichever Pokemon you don't wind up with will need to be obtained through a
    trade if you want it!
    You're not going to be able to proceed any further into the Ancient Castle at
    the moment, but at least you've got your fossil.
    So yeah, make your way back to the entrance of the Resort Desert, heal your
    Pokemon up with the Doctor, then make your way back to Route 4 and get to the
    Raimon Gate, which connects to Raimon City.
    (_| s5.4.4. Raimon City |____________________________________________________)
    On your way through the Raimon Gate, you'll run into Cheren and Prof. Araragi.
    Araragi gives you 10 Ultra Balls (wow!) to help make catching Pokemon easier,
    and then they both decide they need to go find Belle, because she's apparently
    still lost in the desert or something. So yeah, just make your way north into
    Raimon City itself.
    As soon as you enter, you'll find that Team Plasma is still up to their usual
    tricks, bullying an old man even. It's time for you to step in and stop them!
    The first Plasma goon uses a Miruhog L18 and a Yabukron L18. The second one
    doesn't even both with you, so the two of them run off. As gratitude, the old
    man gives you his Bicycle, which lets you ride much, much faster than you can
    Afterwards, Belle shows up and says some stuff about wanting to try the Pokemon
    Musical contest thingy. It's basically a replacement for the Pokemon Contests.
    You can find the Pokemon Center in the west side of town. One important thing
    that I absolutely must point out to you though is that the bottom shop person
    sells you TMs! Yes, that's right, you can buy all of the following TMs from
      o TM21 (Frustration) for $10000                                             
      o TM27 (Return) for $10000                                                  
      o TM73 (Thunder Wave) for $10000                                            
      o TM74 (Gyro Ball) for $10000                                               
      o TM16 (Light Screen) for $30000                                            
      o TM20 (Safeguard) for $30000                                               
      o TM33 (Reflect) for $30000                                                 
    Even though they look rather pricey, when you factor in you can use them as
    many times as you'd like, it's not really so bad. If you've got the cash,
    picking up Return is a good option if you're looking for a way to pump up your
    Normal-type Pokemon's attacks, particularly earlier ones like Yoterrie (and
    evolutions) or Minezumi (and its evolution), because it will probably be very
    friendly towards you anyway.
    Thunder Wave is a great TM to have on the ready for whenever you need it,
    because although it's not quite as effective as putting a Pokemon to sleep when
    it comes down to increasing your catch rate, it's at least something that helps
    give you an edge in catching Pokemon that maybe you don't want to have on all
    the time.
    Even though Light Screen and Reflect are rather expensive, they are very worth
    it to have, because they essentially half the Physical (Reflect) or Special
    (Light Screen) damage done to any of your Pokemon by 50% in a Single Battle or
    33% in a Double Battle, effectively counting as two X Defends or X Sp. Defs.
    They're great to have handy if you find you need just a little bit more defense
    or something, and having them as TMs means you can leave those moves off of
    your Pokemon while you're running through caves and stuff. That's why I
    recommend getting these two when you have a bit more money.
    So Belle is waiting for you in the northeast part of town, over by the Pokemon
    Musical stage thing. Inside, the owner of the place will give you each an Item
    Case, which can store different items for the musical thing. You'll then have
    to pick one of your Pokemon to try dress up. Don't think too hard about it or
    anything, because it's mostly for practice anyway.
    You see, there will be a few default items in a ring, and you can use your
    stylus to place them on your Pokemon. They snap to a certain position, which is
    very convenient. After you've selected a snazzy look, you can hit OK and then
    go to the next part, where you can tilt any piece of clothing by sort of
    tugging on it. It can help fine-tune your Pokemon's look.
    If you talk to the girl in the corner sort of by the PC in the Musical Hall,
    she'll give you TM49 (Echo Voice), a Special-based Normal-type attack that
    doesn't do much damage, but if you use it multiple times in a row, it makes it
    stronger. It also counts if any Pokemon on your team use it on the next turn,
    like for Double Battles or Triple Battles.
      ||                        Just Dance!                        ||
      || The Pokemon Musical is one of the newest additions to     ||
      || Black and White. It doesn't directly earn you anything    ||
      || you need, at least to my knowledge, but it can be a lot   ||
      || of fun watching your Pokemon totally cheese it up while   ||
      || dressed up really goofy. It's one of the funnest things   ||
      || they've done with the new sprites by a long shot!         ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || Now anyway, if you actually want to do one of these       ||
      || Pokemon Musical things, you just need to talk to the lady ||
      || in the middle. Agree to enter, then choose one of your    ||
      || Pokemon, and finally you'll choose a song to dance to.    ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || Once you've selected that, you'll be able to dress up     ||
      || your Pokemon like you were able to earlier. Some Pokemon  ||
      || dress up better than others, so play around and see what  ||
      || looks good on your Pokemon (you can do this by talking to ||
      || the lady on the eastern desk, by the way). Then, after    ||
      || you've chosen your Pokemon's look and tilted any of its   ||
      || accessories, you'll watch the Pokemon you chose as well   ||
      || as three other Pokemon all cooperate up on stage in a     ||
      || really adorable dance sequence.                           ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || If your Pokemon had on any special accessories, you can   ||
      || tap the button for it in the bottom screen to use it and  ||
      || hopefully woo the audience. If you use it at the right    ||
      || moment, like when the spotlight is on your Pokemon, it    ||
      || could have great effect. You'll hear clapping to indicate ||
      || how well everything went.                                 ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || After the dance is over, be sure to talk with random      ||
      || people that you see out in the hall! The better you did,  ||
      || the more there'll be, but if you did well, people will    ||
      || give you items that you can use in future performances!   ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || You can keep doing this to get a whole bunch of different ||
      || items to dress your Pokemon up with! Plus you can even    ||
      || play it with other friends, too.                          ||
    When you leave the Music Hall, you'll see Belle outside talking with her dad. I
    guess her dad just doesn't approve of her or something, so they get all
    emotional and sad music plays, but then this wierd lady in yellow shows up,
    eventually introducing herself as the city's Gym Leader, Kamitsure, and tries
    giving Belle a little pep talk. Things get settled, everyone leaves, woohoo.
    Anyway, right to the west of the Music Hall is the Big Stadium. There's not
    really much upstairs, so take that blue teleporter to go right onto the field.
    Depending on what day it is, they play different sports here. When they're
    playing soccer, there's a Soccer Player you can battle with a Koaruhi L25. If
    they're playing baseball, you can fight a Baseball Player with a Baoppu L23,
    Yanappu L23, and Hiyappu L23.
    Just to the west of the Big Stadium is the Little Stadium. It's the same basic
    thing as the Big Stadium; take the teleporter, and get on the field so you can
    take on one of the team members. If they're shooting hoops, you can fight a
    Basketball Player. He has a Hoyga L25 on his team.
    There's a building in the middle of town that, when you approach it, a lady
    with blue hair walks out and looks a little confused about it. She says
    something about the Gear Station and the Battle Subway, but right away she
    gives you the Vs. Recorder, which lets you record fights against other players
    and in the Battle Subway. Inside of that building are a whole bunch of subway
    trains that can take you to various places, I guess. A lot of them have to do
    with battling online from the looks of it, or are meant to replace the Battle
    Tower, but you can take one of the subway trains to a little town called Kanawa
    Town to get... well, a Rare Candy. That's it for now. But you can go if you
    Now, in the apartment building just to the west of the Battle Subway, go up to
    the second floor and talk to the guy up there. He'll give you the valuable Sun
    Stone, which can be used to evolve Monmen or Churine to their evolved form --
    very handy if you happened to have been using either on your team!
    One other very important item you need to pick up is in the apartment building
    right next door, farther to the west of the Battle Subway. Talk to the blue
    haired dude inside and he'll give you HM04 (Strength), which is a
    Physical-based Normal-type 80-power move that isn't a terrible HM, but since
    you can't get rid of it right away, I would avoid teaching it to any of your
    Pokemon just yet. Still, though, you'll need this in order to move boulders.
    Actually, in that same house, go upstairs and talk to the old lady upstairs and
    she'll give you the Soothe Bell, a valuable item that helps boost the bearer's
    happiness a lot quicker while it's held.
    You can actually go to the northeast gate leading over to Route 16 if you want
    to pick up a special item. Talk to the Black Belt inside of the gate and he'll
    give you the Macho Brace, an item that halves the users Speed while its held,
    but (in a nutshell) it causes that Pokemon's stats to raise quicker.
    Well, now that the main part of the city is out of the way, you can go to the
    flashy part of the city off to the east and you'll run into N again. It's been
    awhile since you've seen that oddball, huh? He'll lead you over to the ferris
    wheel and will then take you up in one of the carts, talking about Geechisu and
    his story, apparently. It's kinda weird, but whatever, it's a pretty cool
    ferris wheel to see. However, after your little ferris wheel ride, some Team
    Plasma Grunts show up and notice N! It looks like he has some pretty
    significant ties to Team Plasma after all, because now you're going to have to
    battle him!
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $2200 ||
    |\   Team Plasma N             |/-------\|
    |*| Meguroko     | GRD / DRK | L22 | M |#|
    |*|[   Assurance    ][    Embargo     ]|#|
    |*|[      ???       ][      ???       ]|#|
    |*| Darumakka    |    FIR    | L22 | M |#|
    |*|[   Fire Punch   ][     Facade     ]|#|
    |*|[      ???       ][      ???       ]|#|
    |*| Zulugg       | DRK / FTG | L22 | M |#|
    |*|[  Brick Break   ][    Swagger     ]|#|
    |*|[      ???       ][      ???       ]|#|
    |*| Shinbora     | PSY / FLY | L22 | M |#|
    |*|[    Psybeam     ][   Air Cutter   ]|#|
    |*|[   Whirlwind    ][    Tailwind    ]|#|
    You've seen a lot of these Pokemon before if you stopped by the desert at all,
    but N uses their abilities pretty well. Watch out for Shinbora, because it hits
    way harder than you'd think. Not only that, but it likes to increase its Speed
    (and the rest of the team's Speed) with an aptly timed Tailwind.
    After beating him, he'll get right up close to you, going into a pretty neat
    Livecaster-esque anime shot of N. He'll tell you that he wants to become the
    Champion or something like that and maybe he'll start collecting the Gym
    Badges. Ah, I don't know, he's such an oddball, but I love his music!
    While you're over by the ferris wheel, there's an X Attack hiding by a tree and
    bench just to the south of you. Go ahead and pick it up.
    The Gym is also just off to the west. Yeah, it's that flashy building that
    looks like it probably also doubles as a tilt-a-whirl or something. Whenever
    you're ready, now that you've got everything taken care of, head on in there
    and get ready for your fourth Gym Badge!
      ||             Sneak ahead for some new Pokemon!             ||
      || Routes 5 to the northwest and 16 to the northeast are     ||
      || both technically open for you to fight a few Trainers on  ||
      || and catch wild Pokemon in the area. Though you won't be   ||
      || able to proceed in either area right yet, you can at      ||
      || least earn some valuable EXP as well as get an            ||
      || opportunity to catch Pokemon like Yuniran, Gochiru, and   ||
      || Chillarmy. These sections will be covered, though, but    ||
      || you may want to check them out before your Gym Leader     ||
      || fight.                                                    ||
    (_| s5.4.5. Raimon Gym |_____________________________________________________)
    As always, you can talk to the coach to receive some advice and, more useful to
    you, a Fresh Water. Great.
    Ok, to get through the puzzle, you need to take those hover car things and ride
    around on them. They'll only travel through the circuit of dotted lines.
      o Take the right hover car over to the eastern platform.                    
      o Fight the Lady. She has two Emonga L24.                                   
      o Press the switch to reroute the blue track.                               
      o Ride the hover car to the next point.                                     
      o Head north and fight the Rich Boy and his Shimama L25.                    
      o Press the green switch.                                                   
      o Try to board the northern hover car, but get forced into a battle with    
        another Rich Boy. He has two Shimama L24.                                 
      o Take the hover car down to the purple area, press the switch, and then    
        fight the Lady inside the car. She has an Emonga L25.                     
      o Take the hover car through the loop-de-loop, use the boost to get through 
        (kidding), and then you'll be right where the Gym Leader herself is.      
     /  MY POKEMON  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Here's what my team was at this point... |)
    ( #008 | Futachimaru |    WTR    | L26                         )
    ( #013 | Harderrier  |    NRM    | L27                         )
    ( #031 | Gantle      |    RCK    | L27                         )
    ( #028 | Shimama     |    ELC    | L26                         )
    ( #039 | Dotekkotsu  |    FTG    | L26                         )
    ( #046 | Kurumiru    | BUG / GRS | L14                         )
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $3240 ||
    |\   Leader Kamitsure          |/-------\|
    |*| Emonga       | ELC / FLY | L25 | M |#|
    |*|[  Volt Change   ][   Aerial Ace   ]|#|
    |*|[  Quick Attack  ][    Pursuit     ]|#|
    |*| Emonga       | ELC / FLY | L25 | F |#|
    |*|[  Volt Change   ][   Aerial Ace   ]|#|
    |*|[  Quick Attack  ][    Pursuit     ]|#|
    |*| Zebraika     |    ELC    | L27 | M |#|
    |*|[  Volt Change   ][     Spark      ]|#|
    |*|[  Nitro Charge  ][  Quick Attack  ]|#|
    Both of her Emonga like to use the move Volt Change, which is a lot like an
    Electric-type U-Turn, hitting the target and then forcing the user to switch.
    She'll often switch between her two Emonga; one of them is male and the other
    is female, making them slightly easier to distinguish which is which.
    Her Zebraika is a lot less of a nuisance and a lot more of a powerhouse,
    hitting fast and hard, but thankfully it is weak to Ground-type attacks like
    Dig. Be wary, though, because that's a prime moment for it to use Volt Change
    to switch to an Emonga!
    After beating her, she'll give you the Volt Badge. That makes it so Pokemon up
    to level 50 will obey you if they're traded Pokemon. Additionally, she gives
    you TM72 (Volt Change), which is a 70-power, Special-based Electric-type attack
    that forces the user to switch after the attack is used.
    She advises that you go to Route 5 to continue your journey. You can get out of
    her Gym quickly by pressing the switch off to the left of her and taking that
    hover car back to the entrance.
    However, after healing your Pokemon, you may want to check out Route 16 in the
    northeast corner instead. It'll be closed off either way, but it never hurts
    since you're right here, and there are some new Trainers and Pokemon for you to
    encounter there. It's up to you, though.
    /#| s5.5. Quake Badge |###################################################::~/
    (_| s5.5.1. Route 16 |_______________________________________________________)
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 16                           |)
    ( #016 | Lepardas    |    DRK    | L20, 22                     )
    ( #080 | Gochimu     |    PSY    | L19, 20                     )
    :)                                              * Black only. (:
    ( #083 | Yuniran     |    PSY    | L19, 20                     )
    :)                                              * White only. (:
    ( #078 | Chillarmy   |    NRM    | L19                         )
    ( #074 | Yabukron    |    PSN    | L21                         )
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    | L19                         )
    :)                        * Rare, only when grass is shaking. (:
    ( #093 | Emonga      | ELC / FLY | L20                         )
    :)                            * Rare. Found in shaking grass. (:
    ( #079 | Chillachino |    NRM    | L22                         )
    :)                            * Rare. Found in shaking grass. (:
    There's a Policeman near the start of the route that will fight you at night.
    He has a Harderrier L24. There's also a Cycler near him that has a Koaruhi L22
    and a Lepardas L22 on her team. To the north, there's some patches of grass as
    well as a Backpacker with a Mogurew L23. Further east, there's another
    Backpacker that has a Zulugg L23, and then near the closed exit, there's
    another Cycler with a Hoyga L22.
    Head up north into the grass, and then, if you have your Pokemon with Cut
    handy, whip it out and you'll gain access to a Rare Candy.
    There's a boulder you can heave out of the way if you have a Pokemon that knows
    Strength in your party. Behind there is a lot of thick grass and even a
    valuable TM for you to pick up!
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 16 (Thick Grass)             |)
    ( #078 | Chillarmy   |    NRM    | L22                         )
    The Backpacker up there has a Kurumayu L23 for you to fight. She's guarding the
    valuable TM66 (Payback), which inflicts double the damage if the user is
    damaged before attacking.
    (_| s5.5.2. Forest of Doubt |________________________________________________)
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Forest of Doubt                    |)
    ( #026 | Hatoubo     | NRM / FLY | L22                         )
    ( #047 | Kurumayu    | BUG / GRS | L21, 22                     )
    ( #052 | Monmen      |    GRS    | L19                         )
    :)                                              * Black only. (:
    ( #049 | Fushide     | BUG / PSN | L20, 21                     )
    ( #027 | Kenhoroh    | NRM / FLY | L22                         )
    :)                                 * Rare, in shaking patches (:
    ( #019 | Baoppu      |    FIR    |                             )
    :)                                 * Rare, in shaking patches (:
    ( #017 | Yanappu     |    GRS    |                             )
    :)                                 * Rare, in shaking patches (:
    ( #021 | Hiyappu     |    WTR    |                             )
    :)                                 * Rare, in shaking patches (:
    ( #048 | Hahakomori  | BUG / GRS |                             )
    :)                                 * Rare, in shaking patches (:
    Not really much here, other than some interesting Pokemon for you to catch.
    There's a Big Mushroom inside of the stump near the entrance and the big field
    of grass.
    If you head north, you'll find a Backpacker. I guess his wife or girlfriend
    must be camping with him in his RV, but she's completely silent. Oh well, you
    don't need to deal with this now, but that's about all that's in this forest.
    Go ahead and catch whatever you want, then got on out of there and get moving
    to where you're supposed to be headed: Route 5!
    Although, since you're already here, do you want to check out some of the other
    optional stuff you can do and get now that you can push boulders?
    You can do all of this stuff after you're able to use Fly, but now that you
    have your Bicycle, you should be able to zip through to these past locations
    pretty quickly.
    (_| s5.5.3. Yaguruma Forest |________________________________________________)
    This one in particular is one of the biggest changes, because there was
    originally a guy blocking your way to the thick grass in the northern half of
    the route. Well, he's gone now, leaving way to some stuff. You can find this in
    a break in the fence just north of the two bridges.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Yaguruma Forest (Thick Grass)      |)
    ( #052 | Monmen      |    GRS    | L22, 23, 24                 )
    ( #026 | Hatoubo     | NRM / FLY | L23, 24                     )
    ( #050 | Hoyga       | BUG / PSN | L23, 24                     )
    ( #047 | Kurumayu    | BUG / GRS | L22, 23                     )
    Walk through the patches of grass until you get to stairs leading up and stairs
    leading down. Start by taking the batch leading up. Follow that through the log
    until you get to the Hyper Potion in the tree stump.
    Further back, you can find a bunch of boulders blocking the path to go further.
    Nothing you can do about it now, though, although you'll be able to return here
    to find a legendary Pokemon later in the game (as early as you receive the HM
    for Surf, after your sixth badge), so remember this spot!
    Go back to where you chose which set of stairs to take, now go south. The road
    will eventually fork; heading left leads to a dead end until you get Surf
    (actually, hint: use your Item Finder to find a Rare Candy), but heading right
    down several sets of stairs leading east brings you to TM22 (SolarBeam), a
    powerful Grass-type move that requires one turn to charge, then unleashes the
    power on the next turn. When the weather is sunny, though (as in through the
    move Sunny Day), it can be fired off instantly, so keep that in mind.
    (_| s5.5.4. Route 2 |________________________________________________________)
    Remember that old gigantic boulder you saw near the beginning of the game back
    on Route 2? Well now you have the Strength to move it, so shove it out of the
    way and get yourself the Rare Candy that was hiding over there all along.
    (_| s5.5.5. Kanoko Town |____________________________________________________)
    I'm not sure what the exact number you need for this is, but if you go back and
    talk to Prof. Araragi in her lab in Kanoko Town after seeing a certain number
    of Pokemon for your Pokedex, she'll give you the ever-useful TM54 (False
    Swipe), which is a move that will not knock out the Pokemon and leave it with 1
    HP left instead if it would have knocked it out.
    I had seen 52 Pokemon in my Pokedex when I received it, but I'm guessing it
    could be 10 - 20. Point is, I'm sure you have enough by now, so if you're
    feeling adventurous and longing for home, swing on by Kanoko Town!
    Alright, well that's about every location between here and there, so there's
    really nothing holding you back from going to Route 5. Ride that back and get
    going, partner! You've got a badge to get to!
    (_| s5.5.6. Route 5 |________________________________________________________)
    Right as soon as you enter the route after earning your Volt Badge, Cheren will
    show up and challenge you to a battle right away!
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $2600 ||
    |\   PKMN Trainer Cheren       |/-------\|
    |*| Lepardas     |    DRK    | L24 | M |#|
    |*|[    Pursuit     ][    Fake Out    ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][    Torment     ]|#|
    |*| Hatoubo      | NRM / FLY | L24 | M |#|
    |*|[   Air Cutter   ][  Quick Attack  ]|#|
    |*|[     Detect     ][     Roost      ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Tsutaja) ]*****|#|
    |*| Yanappu      |    GRS    | L24 | M |#|
    |*|[   Seed Bomb    ][      Bite      ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][   Leech Seed   ]|#|
    |*| Chaobu       | FIR / FTG | L26 | M |#|
    |*|[  Nitro Charge  ][    Rollout     ]|#|
    |*|[      Smog      ][   Arm Thrust   ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|*****[ (if you picked Pokabu) ]*****|#|
    |*| Baoppu       |    FIR    | L24 | M |#|
    |*|[  Flame Burst   ][      Bite      ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][      Yawn      ]|#|
    |*| Futachimaru  |    WTR    | L26 | M |#|
    |*|[  Shell Blade   ][  Water Pulse   ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Cutter   ][  Focus Energy  ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Mijumaru) ]****|#|
    |*| Hiyappu      |    WTR    | L24 | M |#|
    |*|[   Boil Over    ][      Bite      ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][  Water Sport   ]|#|
    |*| Janobi       |    GRS    | L26 | M |#|
    |*|[  Grass Mixer   ][   Mega Drain   ]|#|
    |*|[   Leech Seed   ][     Growth     ]|#|
    His Pokemon have improved a little bit from the last fight, but their strategy
    is still mostly the same. Not really sure what more to say in regards to him
    other than remember those type advantages!
    After beating him, Kamitsure shows up and then introduces you to Adeku, whos is
    holding some sort of festival and is a really big deal. In fact, he's so much
    of a big deal, that he's the League Champion of Isshu! Yeah, you know, the dude
    after the Elite Four, yeah, that guy. That is some wild hair, though, phew!
    After some dialogue, Adeku heals your Pokemon and then has you and Cheren
    battle against these two little kids. They each have a Harderrier L26, and
    Cheren uses his Lepardas L24. Remember to avoid Physical-based attacks if
    possible, due to Intimidate!
    Anyway, because Adeku is here, there are a ton of Trainers in the area itching
    for a battle! The Cook has a Baoppu L21, Yanappu L21, and a Hiyappu L21. The
    Clown has two Hoyga L22. The Musician playing the guitar has two Shimama L22,
    and he'll give you the Electric Guitar after beating him (for the Musical
    Hall). There's a Dancer that has two Darumakka L22. And lastly, in the area,
    there's a Painter with a Shinbora L23 on his team.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 5                            |)
    ( #080 | Gochimu     |    PSY    | L19, 20, 21                 )
    :)                                              * Black only. (:
    ( #083 | Yuniran     |    PSY    | L19, 20, 21                 )
    :)                                              * White only. (:
    ( #078 | Chillarmy   |    NRM    | L19, 20                     )
    ( #074 | Yabukron    |    PSN    | L19, 21                     )
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    | L22                         )
    :)                       * Rare, only found in shaking grass. (:
    Now that that hustle and bustle is over, you can check out a bit more of the
    area before heading west. Go back to the entrance by the fence and then sneak
    behind the fence on the southern side to reach a Hyper Potion.
    There's some tall grass to the north, along with a few Trainers. The first
    Backpacker has a Munna L23 on her team. There's a Great Ball right beside her.
    The second Backpacker in the north has a Gamagaru L23, which is the evolved
    form of the little tadpole guy. He happens to be right by a Revive and some
    thick grass.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 5 (Thick Grass)              |)
    ( #016 | Lepardas    |    DRK    | L23, 25                     )
    ( #074 | Yabukron    |    PSN    | L22                         )
    ( #078 | Chillarmy   |    NRM    | L22                         )
    ( #080 | Gochimu     |    PSY    | L19                         )
    :)                                              * Black only. (:
    ( #083 | Yuniran     |    PSY    | L19                         )
    :)                                              * White only. (:
    At the end of the thick grass is a Zinc waiting for you, which never hurts to
    have or use.
    Now just hop off the ledge and head towards the drawbridge, where Cheren and
    Kamitsure is and she'll convince the person to lower the drawbridge for you in
    a pretty sweet scene.
    Well, what are you waiting for? Get on that drawbridge!
    (_| s5.5.7. Hodomoe Drawbridge |_____________________________________________)
    As you go through the bridge, feathers may fall from the sky and appear as
    weird little shadows. You can pick these up by running right into them. There's
    a feather that corresponds to every stat, which, when used, act like a weaker
    variant of vitamins to raise a Pokemon's stat. There's also some other sort of
    plain feather, which I don't quite know what it does just yet.
    You might also encounter a Pokemon while picking up feathers! Every now and
    then you'll get into a fight with a Koaruhi, the Water/Flying-type duck
    Pokemon, which evolves into Swanna.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Hodomoe Drawbridge                 |)
    ( #086 | Koaruhi     | WTR / FLY | L23                         )
    Yep, just ride your bike along -- or walk if you're a Slowpoke -- and you'll
    eventually reach Hodomoe City.
    (_| s5.5.8. Hodomoe City |___________________________________________________)
    Not much at the very entrance, but as you head to the west, you'll find Cheren
    talking to a dude in a cowboy hat. It's the Gym Leader, Yahkon. The two of them
    seem to be having some disagreements or something about Team Plasma. Oh well.
    There's a dude in the second house from the entrance that will teach your
    starter Pokemon (or any region's starter Pokemon, for that matter) one of three
    different moves that's based off its type. It'll teach Grass-type starters
    Grass Oath, Fire-type starters Fire Oath, and Water-type starters Water Oath.
    These are 50-power Special-based moves, but their power apparently increases
    and they combine and stuff if you combine them in battle -- probably through
    Double or Triple Battles. I don't recommend teaching it to your Pokemon right
    now, though.
    The Pokemon Center can be found by heading north. They finally sell Dusk Balls
    for $1000 each, which may seem pricy, but it's twice as effective as an Ultra
    Ball which costs $1200 later on, so that's not bad if you like playing at
    night. You can also talk to the dude up the stairs by the Union Room lady and
    he'll give you a Repeat Ball, which has a great catch rate if you use it on a
    Pokemon already in your Pokedex.
    Inside of the house to the southeast of the Pokemon Center, you can trade a
    Chillarmy for a Basurao (that spiky fish thing), which is a great deal because
    you can get Chillarmy pretty often in Route 5 just across the bridge. You'll
    get the red-striped version in Black and the blue-striped version in White. The
    guy next to him also checks to see how many Pokemon you've seen on your
    Pokedex, and if you've got at least 50, he'll give you the Shell Bell, a held
    item that restores a small amount of HP relative to the amount of damage the
    bearer did with its attack.
    Want to try something fun? Go behind the Marketplace and talk to the Biker back
    there and he'll offer to do a Rotation Battle in Black or a Triple Battle in
    White. He uses a Warubiru L27, a Basurao L27, and a Zebraika L27.
      ||                      Triple Battles!                      ||
      || Triple Battles are one of the cool new battle modes of    ||
      || Pokemon Black and White! Throughout the game, there will  ||
      || be a few Trainers that will engage you in these sorts of  ||
      || battles, although they are more common in Pokemon White.  ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || Basically, it is a lot like a Double Battle, except you   ||
      || have three Pokemon out rather than two. The Pokemon on    ||
      || the far-left of your team can only attack the Pokemon     ||
      || directly in front of it or the Pokemon to the right, but  ||
      || not the one on the far end of your opponent's team.       ||
      || Attacks that attack all Pokemon like Surf or Earthquake   ||
      || just affect the adjacent Pokemon. However, the Pokemon in ||
      || the middle is able to attack any of the opponent's        ||
      || Pokemon, but it also means any of the opponent's Pokemon  ||
      || is able to strike it as well!                             ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || It's a really fun format and adds a whole new level of    ||
      || strategy to the tried and true mix.                       ||
      ||                     Rotation Battles!                     ||
      || What's a Rotation Battle, you ask? Well, it's like a      ||
      || Triple Battle, except only one Pokemon uses an attack     ||
      || each turn. You'll see all 3 of your opponent's Pokemon in ||
      || the battle, as well as yours, but each Trainer can rotate ||
      || their Pokemon to use a different one's attack.            ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || Think of it even more like a game of rock-paper-scissors, ||
      || because you don't know for sure if your opponent will     ||
      || have another Pokemon absorb your hit or not. You can      ||
      || rotate your Pokemon to use its attack for the turn by     ||
      || pressing the little rotation symbols in the Fight menu.   ||
      || Rotating does not use up your turn! (But switching        ||
      || Pokemon obviously does.)                                  ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || The battles play out like Single Battles other than that  ||
      || whole rotating feature. It's a fun new way to battle that ||
      || adds an extra strategy element to the tried-and-true      ||
      || battle formula!                                           ||
    In the house directly to the west of the Pokemon Center, there's a lady inside
    that will want to see a cute move. She'll tell you the name of the move, then
    you need to show her a Pokemon that knows that move (just have it in your
    party). In my case, she asked to see Light Screen, so I showed it to her and
    she gave me a Heart Scale. I'm assuming this is a once-a-day thing, and she
    comes up with new moves (likely just TM moves) every day.
    Now, one sweet part is in the western part of town. There's a big marketplace
    set up there, and you can buy a lot of different stuff!
      ||                       Bazaar of Goodies                       ||
      ||   o The lady in the northwestern corner of the shop           ||
      ||     sells you Moomoo Milk for $500 a bottle. She sells it     ||
      ||     individually (first option) or by the dozen (second       ||
      ||     option). Since this heals a staggering 100 HP, it's       ||
      ||     highly recommend you buy these over Super or Hyper        ||
      ||     Potions, at least for now while your Pokemon don't have   ||
      ||     that much HP. Go ahead and pick up a dozen... you'll be   ||
      ||     glad you did.                                             ||
      ||   o If you talk to the shady guy with a suit in the           ||
      ||     northeastern part (well, east, and then facing north)     ||
      ||     with a Pokemon that's at least level 30, he'll give you   ||
      ||     the Expert Belt, a great held item that powers up your    ||
      ||     Super Effective attacks by 20%. Yes, any of the bearer's  ||
      ||     Super Effective hits will hit for 20% more, so put it on  ||
      ||     something rather diverse.                                 ||
      ||   o The guy directly south of the Expert Belt guy, in         ||
      ||     the southeast block (if you will), sells you some         ||
      ||     medicine. It's very bitter medicine, though, that lowers  ||
      ||     your Pokemon's happiness when you use the item on it.     ||
      ||     That's not as bad as it sounds, because it doesn't affect ||
      ||     that much, and it isn't a permanent thing by any means.   ||
      ||     He sells the following items:                             ||
      ||   o Heal Powder for $450 (like a Full Heal)                   ||
      ||   o EnergyPowder for $500 (like a Super Potion                ||
      ||     ... Moomoo Milk is the same price and heals 2x as much)   ||
      ||   o Energy Root for $800 (like a Hyper Potion)                ||
      ||   o Revival Herb for $2800 (like a Max Revive,                ||
      ||     which is actually handy)                                  ||
      ||                                                               ||
      || The only thing really worth buying is the Revival             ||
      || Herb, just because you don't have access to Revives right     ||
      || yet, plus the healing-back-to-full part is really handy       ||
      || if you don't care about sacrificing a Pokemon's happiness     ||
      || (so what, Return does less damage?). Obviously don't do       ||
      || this for anything that evolves through happiness.             ||
      ||                                                               ||
      || By the way, you can sneak in the west side of the             ||
      || building from the outside. Just hug the wall and press        ||
      || right over by the Biker dude until you get in. You can        ||
      || get a Big Pearl back there. Don't let the guilt of            ||
      || stealing deter you, though!                                   ||
    Anyway, the Gym is in the far northeast corner of town, but the Gym Leader
    isn't there right now. Bummer.
    There's one more item hiding in the city. Go to the very northwest part of it
    and then sneak through that break in the trees up there and you'll find an
    Ultra Ball.
    Now, you can either go to Route 6 in the northeastern part of town, or you can
    go down to the Freezing Container to the south.
    (_| s5.5.9. Freezing Container |_____________________________________________)
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Freezing Container                 |)
    ( #013 | Harderrier  |    NRM    | L21, 22                     )
    ( #088 | Baniputchi  |    ICE    | L21                         )
    ( #078 | Chillarmy   |    NRM    | L20                         )
    ( #079 | Chillachino |    NRM    | L23                         )
    :)                            * Rare, found in shaking grass. (:
    ( #014 | Murand      |    NRM    | L23                         )
    :)                            * Rare, found in shaking grass. (:
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    | L19 - 22                    )
    :)                       * Rare, only found in shaking grass. (:
    Right from the entrance, head on east and fight a Youngster with a Hoyga L24
    and a Kabulmo L24, a rather odd new Bug-type. Then head south between two of
    the warehouses and talk to the Worker to receive a Rugged Helmet, which causes
    the opponent a bit of damage every time they attack you with a direct attack.
    It's helpful for slower, sturdier Pokemon to get in a little extra damage
    before they get to attack.
    Keep going east and you'll find another Youngster with a Bachuru L24
    (Electric/Bug-type tarantula!) and an Ishzumai L24. There's a Hyper Potion
    hidden over here (use your Item Finder), but that's about it.
    Go back near the entrance. A PP Up can be found in the trash can, which raises
    a move's PP permanently when you use it. Go south a little and then east to
    find an Ether, then keep going east to find some thick grass with a Protein in
    the middle of it. There's also a Worker with a Yanappu L24 and a Dokkora L24
    over there.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Freezing Container (Thick Grass)   |)
    ( #013 | Harderrier  |    NRM    | L25, 27                     )
    ( #038 | Dokkora     |    FTG    | L25                         )
    ( #078 | Chillarmy   |    NRM    | L24                         )
    ( #088 | Baniputchi  |    ICE    | L25                         )
    Anyway, head to the southwestern part of this little land piece and then Cheren
    will show up and say some stuff about Team Plasma. Before you go inside of that
    nearby door, you should take that path through the patch of grass to the north
    and pick up a Heart Scale. Alright, now go in the door.
    (_| s5.5.10. Freezing Container (Inside) |___________________________________)
    Hmm, doesn't look like there's that much shaking in here at first. There's a
    Net Ball up the steps, but you can't go further past that thanks to the ice, so
    go slide down on the ice below. Start by sliding at the very far left of the
    ice floor, slide north, then east, and then slide south to pick up a TM55 (Boil
    Over), which is a pretty good 80 power, Special-based Water-type move that also
    has a 30% chance of inflicting Burn. Definitely teach this to any Pokemon that
    can learn it, because chances are they don't have much better Water-type
    attacks at this point in the game.
    The first Worker down there has a Baoppu L24 and a Dokkora L24. Beat him, then
    slide across the ice to another set of stairs leading you to a second Worker.
    He has a Hiyappu L24 and a Dokkora L24.
    Oooooh, a sliding ice puzzle! How do you get through it? Here's how!
      o Enter from the bottom-most tile and go right.                             
      o Slide up.                                                                 
      o Slide left.                                                               
      o Slide down and you're there.                                              
    It looks more confusing than it is, don't worry. So go south and fight another
    Worker, who has a Dotekkotsu L25. Keep going south and go down all of the
    stairs til you find another Worker with a Buniputchi L24 and a Dokkora L24 in
    his party. Right beside him is a Ice Heal, which may come in handy down here if
    you get frozen.
    Ok, so continue north by sliding across the ice. Be sure to stay on the left
    side of the ice, too. Surprise, there's a Worker up there! This one has two
    Dokkora L23 and a Buniputchi L23. After beating him, pick up the Hyper Potion
    to the right, then head down towards the left.
    You can go up the stairs if you want to leave, but what you really want to do
    is go south of them near the open crate. As you approach it, Cheren will have
    magically caught up with you. He'll ask if you're ready to go inside. Make sure
    your Pokemon are healed and ready for a fight!
    Inside the box is Vio, another of the Team Plasma sage dudes that get a name.
    They'll stand to defend their leader, so talk to the ones on the right side and
    they'll battle you! One of them has a Lepardas L24, another has a Yabukron L24,
    while the one farthest to the right has a Meguroko L23 and a Miruhog L23. The
    one right in front of Vio has a Miruhog L23 and a Zulugg L23.
    After beating the four of them, Yahkon shows up with a bunch of Workers and
    they take those crooks out of there, puttin' up in the county jail or
    something. He tells you he'll be at his Gym, then leaves, with Cheren leaving
    shortly afterwards.
    Before you leave, though, make sure you pick up the NeverMeltIce in the room,
    which boosts your Pokemon's Ice-type attack's power by 20%!
    Ok, go ahead and leave by exiting the box, climbing the stairs, then sliding
    down the ice and walking out the exit. Go back, heal your Pokemon, then make
    your way to the Gym!
    (_| s5.5.11. Hodomoe Gym |___________________________________________________)
    As you approach the Gym, you'll see Cheren standing and watching, but you'll
    also see Yahkon with Vio, and Geechisu with his little army of Plasma goons.
    Then he decides to be a jerk and give Vio back to Geechisu before going into
    his Gym. Way to let the bad guys go, buddy, although at least they'll be out of
    your neck of the woods for awhile, which is I guess all that's important to
    Go ahead and talk to the coach inside of the Gym for your free Fresh Water,
    then head onto the left. Press A when facing the green down arrow to descend.
    Fight the first Miner and his Gamagaru L28 and a Mogurew L28. Take the lift to
    the north up if you want to fight another, although it's optional. He has a
    Meguroko L28 with Intimidate and a Mogurew L28.
    Doing that takes you back up to the start, though; where you really want to go
    is around the perimeter of the room, over to the western lift. The Miner there
    has just one Pokemon on his team, but it's a Warubiru L29 -- the first
    evolution of Meguroko.
    If you take the lift to the right, you'll go back up and fight the Businessman.
    He uses two Meguroko L27 with Intimidate and a Gamagaru L27. Ok, go back down
    and take the northern lift up, then walk along the northern wall, fighting the
    OL with her Mogurew L29, lastly take that lift WAY, WAAAAYYYY down to the Gym
    Leader himself, Yahkon.
    Go back and heal your Pokemon if you desire, then take on the fifth Gym Leader,
    the earthly cowboy, Yahkon!
     /  MY POKEMON  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Here's what my team was at this point... |)
    ( #008 | Futachimaru |    WTR    | L32                         )
    ( #013 | Harderrier  |    NRM    | L31                         )
    ( #032 | Gigaias     |    RCK    | L31                         )
    ( #040 | Rohbshin    |    FTG    | L31                         )
    ( #029 | Zebraika    |    ELC    | L27                         )
    ( #056 | Basurao     |    WTR    | L25                         )
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $3720 ||
    |\   Leader Yahkon             |/-------\|
    |*| Warubiru     | GRD / DRK | L29 | M |#|
    |*|[     Crunch     ][  Level Field   ]|#|
    |*|[    Swagger     ][    Torment     ]|#|
    |*| Gamagaru     | WTR / GRD | L29 | M |#|
    |*|[  Muddy Water   ][   BubbleBeam   ]|#|
    |*|[  Level Field   ][   Aqua Ring    ]|#|
    |*| Doryuuzu     | GRD / STL | L31 | M |#|
    |*|[   Rock Slide   ][     Slash      ]|#|
    |*|[  Level Field   ][  Claw Sharpen  ]|#|
    He starts off with his Warubiru, which has some pretty high Attack and can
    annoy you pretty well. Keep in mind that he has two Hyper Potions which he'll
    use in the battle whenever his Pokemon get weak, so try to avoid getting them
    in the red zone HP-wise.
    His second Pokemon is Gamagaru, which is an annoying combination of
    Water/Ground, meaning its only weakness is Grass Knot. That would be a great
    move to use if you've got it handy, and maybe even teach it before the fight if
    you're struggling.
    Last up is his Doryuuzu, which is a tough mixture of Ground/Steel, making it
    impervious to a wide amount of attacks. Fire-, Water-, Fighting-, or
    Ground-type attacks are your best bet against it and will take it down quickly,
    whereas Grass- and Ice-type attacks are still alright against it; anything else
    will be resisted, so you almost need to catch that weakness or you'll have a
    very tough fight!
    It can use Claw Sharpen to raise its Attack and Accuracy, and it has also has
    Groundwork to hit hard and slow you down.
    After beating him, he'll give you the Quake Badge, which allows all traded
    Pokemon up to level 60 to obey you, and he also gives you... an IOU for the TM.
    He forgot it on Route 6, so that should be your next destination after healing
    your Pokemon!
    Conveniently, on your way out, someone removed the orange cone blocking access
    to the lift. Why couldn't you just do that from the beginning? Haha...
    /#| s5.6. Jet Badge |#####################################################::~/
    (_| s5.6.1. Hodomoe City |___________________________________________________)
    As you head to the northwest, you'll run into Belle. She'll congratulate you
    for getting your badge, and will then challenge you to a fight right away!
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $2800 ||
    |\   PKMN Trainer Belle        |/-------\|
    |*| Harderrier   |    NRM    | L26 | F |#|
    |*|[   Take Down    ][     Crunch     ]|#|
    |*|[  Helping Hand  ][    Cheer Up    ]|#|
    |*| Musharna     |    PSY    | L26 | F |#|
    |*|[    Psybeam     ][    Hypnosis    ]|#|
    |*|[  Defense Curl  ][  Lucky Chant   ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Tsutaja) ]*****|#|
    |*| Baoppu       |    FIR    | L26 | M |#|
    |*|[  Flame Burst   ][      Bite      ]|#|
    |*|[    Amnesia     ][      Yawn      ]|#|
    |*| Futachimaru  |    WTR    | L28 | M |#|
    |*|[  Shell Blade   ][    Revenge     ]|#|
    |*|[  Water Pulse   ][  Fury Cutter   ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|*****[ (if you picked Pokabu) ]*****|#|
    |*| Hiyappu      |    WTR    | L26 | M |#|
    |*|[   Boil Over    ][      Bite      ]|#|
    |*|[     Taunt      ][  Water Sport   ]|#|
    |*| Janobi       |    GRS    | L28 | M |#|
    |*|[      Slam      ][  Grass Mixer   ]|#|
    |*|[   Mega Drain   ][   Leech Seed   ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Mijumaru) ]****|#|
    |*| Yanappu      |    GRS    | L26 | M |#|
    |*|[   Seed Bomb    ][      Bite      ]|#|
    |*|[   Leech Seed   ][    Torment     ]|#|
    |*| Chaobu       | FIR / FTG | L28 | M |#|
    |*|[   Take Down    ][    Rollout     ]|#|
    |*|[      Smog      ][   Arm Thrust   ]|#|
    She's not much more difficult than before, really. The Musharna is now a bit
    more challenging and has some high defensive stats, but shouldn't be too rough
    on you. After beating her, she'll reward you by giving you HM02 (Fly), which is
    a great Flying-type attack and also allows you to fly around outside of battle
    to any city you've previously visited. Now you can quickly get back to any town
    that you might have forgotten something in!
    Now that you can fly, you might want to go back to visit Kanoko Town again if
    you've seen at least 60 Pokemon. Talk to Prof. Araragi and she'll give you TM17
    (Protect), which protects your Pokemon from all attacks on that turn, but only
    has a 50% chance of working if you use it two turns in row.
    Go ahead and heal up your Pokemon, then go back to the northwest and get ready
    to head onto Route 6!
    (_| s5.6.2. Route 6 |________________________________________________________)
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 6                            |)
    ( #096 | Tamagetake  | GRS / PSN | L23, 25                     )
    ( #094 | Kabulmo     |    BUG    | L22, 24                     )
    ( #091 | Shikijika   | NRM / GRS | L22, 23, 24                 )
    ( #047 | Kurumayu    | BUG / GRS | L22, 23                     )
    ( #026 | Hatoubo     | NRM / FLY | L23, 25                     )
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    | L22, 23, 25                 )
    :)                       * Rare, only found in shaking grass. (:
    ( #093 | Emonga      | ELC / FLY | L25                         )
    :)                  * Rare, sometimes found in shaking grass. (:
    There's a Scientist with a Shikijima L27 right in the first patch of grass. He
    likes to start off by using an X Defend on it to raise its Defense, but that
    shouldn't bother you too much. Across the bridge and to the north is a Pokemon
    Ranger with an Emonga L27 and a Shikijika L27, and she gives you a Cheri Berry
    after beating her.
    Keep going and fight the Parasol Lady on the bridge. She has four Otamaro L24.
    Just a little bit past her is Scientist with another Shikijika L27, but he'll
    also use an X Attack to raise its Attack right away. Right past the Scientist
    is a house with a Hyper Potion sitting in the yard. The house is actually a
    little bit of a laboratory, where some scientists are studying the seasons. I
    think you can take Shikijika here and show it to one of them for something, but
    I'm not entirely sure what just yet.
    Just south of the house is a patch of grass behind the fence with an Elixir at
    the end of the fence. Go ahead and pick that up, then head to the west,
    fighting the Researcher and her Shikijika L27. She uses an X Speed on it right
    away. Beat her and then head across the bridge, to another field.
    Now, this field may look like it has a bunch of items in it, but some of them
    are actually Tamagetake! They'll attack you if you search them. The item right
    between the two puddles is a Leaf Stone, which you can use to evolve your
    Yanappu if you still have it. There's also a Parasol Lady with a Baniputchi L26
    and a Pururil L26. Right after her is another is a Pokemon Ranger with a
    Chillarmy L27 and an Emonga L27. He'll give you a Cheri Berry after beating
    him, just like the last Pokemon Ranger.
    Ok, now cross the bridge and then head to the east and you'll find a house.
    Inside of the house you can talk to the lady there and she'll heal your Pokemon
    back up to full, which hopefully saves you some walks back to town to heal.
    Talk to the little girl and she'll give you a Shiny Stone, an item that can
    evolve your Chillarmy into Chillchino right away -- although, beware, because
    Chillchino doesn't learn any new moves when it levels up (although there are
    plenty of other moves that can be taught by TMs and also relearned via Heart
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 6 (Thick Grass)              |)
    ( #026 | Hatoubo     | NRM / FLY | L27, 29                     )
    ( #094 | Kabulmo     |    BUG    | L26, 28                     )
    ( #047 | Kurumayu    | BUG / GRS | L27                         )
    ( #091 | Shikijika   | NRM / GRS | L26, 27, 28                 )
    ( #096 | Tamagetake  | GRS / PSN | L27                         )
    Just outside you'll find some thick grass. There's a path leading to the north,
    and a dead end to the east. There's also nothing you're missing on the western
    side of the route, so whenever you're done in the thick grass, head on north to
    the Electric Stone Cave! You'll notice that the entrance is blocked by some
    yellow web. Upon investigating it, Yahkon shows up (he's late!) and cuts down
    the yellow web, which is Denchura web, by having his Warubiru slashing it
    apart. He then gives you TM78 (Level Field), the move that he used earlier. It
    lowers the target's Speed and also does a fair amount of damage.
    He then leaves afterwards, leaving you free you enter the cave.
    (_| s5.6.3. Electric Stone Cave |____________________________________________)
    Almost as soon as you enter the cave, a mysterious character will teleport,
    grab you, and bring you over to N, who's just chilling in there. He yaks on
    about some stuff regarding Team Plasma, the Dark Trinity, Geechisu, and a bunch
    of other stuff. He'll leave you alone for awhile afterwards, though, running
    off to the north.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Electric Stone Cave                |)
    ( #031 | Gantle      |    RCK    | L24                         )
    ( #101 | Bachul      | BUG / ELC | L24, 25, 27                 )
    ( #103 | Tessheed    | GRS / STL | L24, 25                     )
    ( #000 | Gearu       | PSY / FIR | L25, 26, 27                 )
    ( #035 | Mogurew     |    GRD    | L24, 26                     )
    :)                 * Rare, found inside of the swirling dust. (:
    ( #108 | Shibishiras |    ELC    | L27                         )
    :)                                                     * Rare (:
      ||                  Keep the Pokemon away!                   ||
      || There are a lot of Pokemon in this cave and they attack   ||
      || you with unrelenting frequency. Because of this, it is    ||
      || highly recommended that you bring in a bunch of Super     ||
      || Repels during your exploration of the cave! Feel free to  ||
      || catch any of the Pokemon you want, of course, but since   ||
      || the Pokemon will likely be more of a nuisance than        ||
      || anything after your initial thrill of encountering new    ||
      || Pokemon, it will save you a considerable amount of time   ||
      || and not cut back on your training too much if you avoid   ||
      || most of the Pokemon inside.                               ||
      ||                     Get some stones!                      ||
      || If you see some swirling dust clouds, it likely means     ||
      || that there is a rare wild Pokemon for you to fight there, ||
      || but sometimes simply going to those clouds will result in ||
      || you finding a rare item. Among these items are the        ||
      || Thunderstone, Ghost Jewel (and presumably Jewels of any ||
      || type, which raise the damage of the bearer's attacks that ||
      || are of the Jewel's type), etc. The point is, check them   ||
      || out, using a repel right away if you want to be sure to   ||
      || get to one.                                               ||
    The path leading further into the cave is blocked by a crystal. Upon
    approaching it, Belle will show up and wonder how to move it. Prof. Araragi
    appears afterwards. She gives you the Lucky Egg (!!), a held item that
    increases the amount of experience a Pokemon earns in battle by 50%. It's a
    great held item to hold to help speed up training and it's incredibly awesome
    they gave you this without much effort; in the older generations, it was very
    difficult for you to obtain.
    Go ahead and push the floating rock and it will magnetize over to that electric
    rock thing. Now you can walk through to the rest of the cave. So go to the
    east, then north. There's another floating rock off to the west, so push that
    towards the east and you'll clear way to a Parlyz Heal. Ok, now head east and
    there's a Scientist for you to fight. He uses a Gearu L29 on his team.
    Just to the south of him are two more floating rocks. You can only push them
    towards the larger magnetized rocks, so push the top one to the right and
    you'll clear way for a Revive. Then head back north and there's a Cool Trainer
    up there to the east with an Ahken L31 on his team. Fight him, grab the Heal
    Ball to the north, then go east of the Cool Trainer. Belle and Prof. Araragi
    will show up and say some stuff about Gearu, then just sort of stick around.
    There's a Hiker you can fight up to the north with a Gantle L26 and a
    Dotekkotsu L26, both of which are evolutions of some of the Pokemon you
    encountered many times in the past. Now go south and there's a bridge. As you
    approach it, that mysterious ninja person appears and quickly rushes you
    through across the bridge, over towards the Hyper Potion. Go ahead and grab it,
    then head over towards the Researcher and the stairs leading down. The
    Researcher has a Gearu L29 to fight you with and uses an X Special on the first
    turn of the fight. Before heading down the stairs, go over to the two floating
    rocks and push the bottom one, allowing you to squeak through and grab the
    __|_| Electric Stone Cave B1F |_______________________________________________
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Electric Stone Cave B1F            |)
    ( #103 | Tessheed    | GRS / STL | L25, 26                     )
    ( #101 | Bachul      | BUG / ELC | L24, 25, 26, 27             )
    ( #000 | Gearu       | PSY / FIR | L25                         )
    ( #035 | Mogurew     |    GRD    | L24, 26                     )
    :)                 * Rare, found inside of the swirling dust. (:
    ( #031 | Gantle      |    RCK    | L24                         )
    In the first basement, head on over to the west until you find the two guys
    next to each other. Talk to them and they'll each give you a Nugget, an item
    which you can sell for $5000 -- although you should hold onto them for now, as
    there is someone who will buy them for more later on.
    Heading west of these two leads you to some stairs taking you up near the
    entrance, to a ledge you can jump down to get back to an earlier spot in the
    cave. This might make for a great time to go heal if your Pokemon are getting
    rather weak. Otherwise, head to the north of those two.
    In the northwest corner of the rocks, you can find a Timer Ball waiting for
    you. If you head over towards the eastern part of this little rock area,
    avoiding the Team Plasma Grunts looming for now, you'll find a Doctor off in
    the corner. Beat his Kurumayu L29 and he'll be more than glad to heal your
    Pokemon anytime you talk to him, which may be a lifesaver during your trip
    Ok, now for those Team Plasma Grunts! The first one uses a Meguroko L26, a
    Zulugg L26, and a Miruhog L26. The second uses a lone Zulugg L28. Grunt number
    three uses a Yabukron L27 and a Lepardas L27 on her team. The fourth Grunt uses
    three Yabukron L26, while the fifth one uses a Miruhog L27 and a Meguroko L27.
    Take a little break in the Plasma Grunt smashing action to push the floating
    rock to the west, walk around to the southwest to pick up the Thunderstone
    there, which can be used to evolve Shibishiras' first evolution to its second
    one and is very helpful for that purpose. Now go back north and take on the
    last two Plasma Grunts on the floor. The first has a Lepardas L28 while the
    second has a Meguroko L27 and a Miruhog L27.
    From here, you can optionally get some loot from B2F, or head to the stairs to
    the right to go back to 1F, heading where you need to go to get out of this
    __|_| Electric Stone Cave B2F |_______________________________________________
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Electric Stone Cave B2F            |)
    ( #000 | Gearu       | PSY / FIR | L25, 26                     )
    ( #101 | Bachul      | BUG / ELC | L24, 27                     )
    ( #103 | Tessheed    | GRS / STL | L27                         )
    ( #031 | Gantle      |    RCK    | L24                         )
    ( #108 | Shibishiras |    ELC    | L27                         )
    :)                                                     * Rare (:
    Go down the stairs and you'll find a Cool Trainer who has a Mogurew L30 and a
    Zebraika L30 on her team. Beat her, then push the floating stone to the south
    and proceed southbound. Fight the Cool Trainer down there and her team of
    Gochimu L29, Koaruhi L29, and lastly a Doredia L29. The Doredia gives a ton of
    EXP, but is pretty darn tough to take out. Down the stairs to your left is a
    Hyper Potion, and if you circle around the perimeter of the cliff, you can also
    get yourself a Rare Candy on the other side of the cliff.
    Now go back to the Cool Trainer with the Doredia and then head northeast. Keep
    heading all the way north down this chasm and you'll eventually find the
    BrightPowder, a held item that reduces the foe's accuracy by a bit when held.
    It can sometimes give you just the luck you need in a fight and is a good item
    to have equipped if you don't have anything better on your Pokemon.
    Go ahead and go back to where the Plasma Grunts were, then take the stairs
    __|_| Electric Stone Cave 1F |________________________________________________
    Head south, then head on over to the west to fight a Scientist. He has, of
    course, a Gearu L29, and begins the fight by using a Dire Hit. Keep going west
    and you'll find a floating rock that you can shove out of the way to get back
    to the entrance. You obviously don't want to go that way (unless you're a wimp
    and want to get out of here), so head back to the east. Heading to the south
    from the fork in the road takes you to a Cool Trainer that has a Elfoon L30 and
    a Protoga L30 on his team. Just past him is a Magnet, which powers up
    Electric-type attacks when held.
    Now, head back to the fork in the road and head east. You'll find N there
    again. He'll enter the battle with his new Team Plasma-themed entry!
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $2800 ||
    |\   PKMN Trainer N            |/-------\|
    |*| Gantle       |    RCK    | L28 | M |#|
    |*|[   Power Gem    ][   Rock Blast   ]|#|
    |*|[  Iron Defense  ][      ???       ]|#|
    |*| Bachul       | BUG / ELC | L28 | M |#|
    |*|[    Bug Bite    ][  Electric Net  ]|#|
    |*|[      ???       ][      ???       ]|#|
    |*| Tessheed     | GRS / STL | L28 | M |#|
    |*|[   Metal Claw   ][     Curse      ]|#|
    |*|[      ???       ][      ???       ]|#|
    |*| Gearu        | PSY / FIR | L28 |   |#|
    |*|[  Gear Saucer   ][  Charge Beam   ]|#|
    |*|[      ???       ][      ???       ]|#|
    He shouldn't be much of a challenge at all. After beating him, Belle and Prof.
    Araragi will show up and have a little conversation with N from afar, but then
    he runs off. Prof. Araragi then leaves to go find some more data or something,
    then Belle follows her afterwards, leaving you to leave this cave. Finally!
    (_| s5.6.4. Fukiyose City |__________________________________________________)
    Go ahead and heal up your weary Pokemon in the nearby Pokemon Center, then try
    head north through town. You'll be stopped by a man who takes notice of how
    many Pokemon you've seen in your Pokedex. He's Prof. Araragi's dad and will
    power up your Pokedex so you can see different forms of Pokemon or something.
    Right behind him is the Gym Leader herself, Fuuro. She mentions something about
    Sinnoh, though I'm not sure what. Maybe she just got back from Sinnoh in one of
    her airplanes, who knows! Anyway, she points over towards the Tower of Heaven
    to the north and says that's where Route 7 is as well. She'll leave for the
    Tower of Heaven after some more dialogue, leaving you free to explore the city.
    The Poke Mart inside of the Pokemon Center sells you some more TMs if you've
    got the money for them!
      o TM07 (Hail) for $50000                                                    
      o TM11 (Sunny Day) for $50000                                               
      o TM18 (Rain Dance) for $50000                                              
      o TM37 (Sandstorm) for $50000                                               
    None of these are must-haves for now, but Rain Dance and Sunny Day do help
    power up your Pokemon's Water-type and Fire-type attacks respectively (while
    weakening the other), while Hail and Sandstorm are also helpful. Sunny Day also
    causes SolarBeam to be used instantly rather than taking a turn to charge, so
    since you probably have the TM for SolarBeam, Sunny Day complements that move
    nicely. Depending on your team, you may want to get one of these, but do
    remember it is a high price to pay at this point in the game (although if
    you're stingy with money like me, you'll probably have enough to buy two
    without worry -- I'm just saying you probably shouldn't).
      ||                Move Deleter and Relearner                 ||
      || The house just to the east of the Pokemon Center is a     ||
      || very important one for you to check out. The lady in the  ||
      || top-left corner of the room is the Memorial Girl, who     ||
      || will offer to reteach your Pokemon any moves it can learn ||
      || through leveling up (up to its current level, of course). ||
      || She charges you one Heart Scale for doing this, which you ||
      || can obtain by using the Feeling Checker on your C Gear    ||
      || with other players -- or, if you're playing solo, I       ||
      || believe there's a girl in Hodomoe City who might do this  ||
      || for you.                                                  ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || The man to the right of her is the Move Deleter, a man    ||
      || that will delete a move of your choice on one of your     ||
      || Pokemon -- including HM moves, which can not be removed   ||
      || in any other way. He doesn't charge anything for this     ||
      || service.                                                  ||
    In the "airport" (it's actually just for cargo planes I think) on your way to
    the northwest of town, you can talk to one of the people inside to get the
    Sharp Beak, an item that increases the power of the holder's Flying-type
    attacks by 20%.
    The Gym is just past it, to the north, past the airplane. Yeah, that's right,
    an airplane! How awesome is that? Unfortunately, she's not here at the moment,
    since she went over to the Tower of Heaven instead. Awwww.
    At the very far south part of the runway, you'll find some storage container
    things. Not really all that much there from first glance, but you can pick up
    some items if you use your Item Finder, such as a Parlyz Heal, a Max Elixir,
    and a Repel. Joy.
    Hug the eastern wall on the runway as you head back north and you'll find a
    little inlet where a mechanic is working on a plane. There's also TM58
    (Freefall) right near him, which tosses the target into the air for a turn and
    does damage when it lands -- sort of like a reverse-Fly.
    Well, that's all of the excitement here for now, so head on northeast onto
    Route 7!
    (_| s5.6.5. Route 7 |________________________________________________________)
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 7                            |)
    ( #011 | Miruhog     |    NRM    | L27, 28, 29                 )
    ( #026 | Hatoubo     | NRM / FLY |                             )
    ( #091 | Shikijika   | NRM / GRS |                             )
    ( #027 | Kenhoroh    | NRM / FLY | L29                         )
    :)                            * Rare, found in shaking grass. (:
    ( #096 | Tamagetake  | GRS / PSN | L27, 29                     )
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    | L26, 28, 29                 )
    :)                       * Rare, only found in shaking grass. (:
    ( #029 | Zebraika    |    ELC    | L29                         )
    Sometimes, the weather here is rainy, boosting the power of your Water-type
    attacks while lowering the power of your Fire-type attacks. Be mindful of that
    when you're going through the route!
    There is some very tall grass on this route! Hiding in this grass are some
    Trainers for you to fight if you feel adventurous enough to wade through it.
    One of the Youngsters has an Ishzumai L30 and a Yanakki L30, which is the
    evolved form of the grass monkey, while the other Youngster has a Gamagaru L29,
    a Pendrah L29, and a Chobomaki L29. Several of these Pokemon give a fortune in
    terms of EXP, so definitely fight them! There's an Ultra Ball right in their
    corner, too, which doesn't really sweeten the deal, but it's there anyway.
    Rather than head that way, you can swing by the southwestern path to get to
    where you need to go, or you can avoid the grass altogether by walking on that
    thin platform. You can't use a bike up there, and if you walk over its edge,
    you'll fall down.
    Talk to the first lady in the southwestern path and she'll give you TM57
    (Charge Beam), an Electric-type attack that has a 70% chance of raising the
    user's Sp. Atk after use, making it a great attack to use to help power up your
    other attacks. It will come in handy in the upcoming Gym, so keep that in mind.
    There's a lone Backpacker you can fight on your way through the southwestern
    path. He has a Baokki L31, which is the evolved form of the fire monkey.
      ||               Trade a Gantle for an Emonga                ||
      || In the house along the way on the route (you can't miss   ||
      || it), you can trade a Gantle for the electric flying       ||
      || squirrel Pokemon, Emonga. Emonga is a little rare to      ||
      || find, whereas Gantle can be found in the Electric Stone   ||
      || Cave you were just in, so if you haven't had any luck     ||
      || finding the little electric rodent or you're just looking ||
      || to acquire a traded Pokemon, there's a great spot to make ||
      || your trade!                                               ||
    Keep moving along and you'll fight a Cool Trainer who wants to battle you in a
    Rotation Battle! Make sure the three Pokemon in your lead spots are capable of
    battling. Remember how Rotation Battles work? It's sort of like a 1-on-1
    battle, except you can switch your Pokemon with one of the other Pokemon on the
    field, using its attack and taking damage with it instead -- plus, switching
    that way doesn't take up a turn.
    He has a Kokoromori L32, a Lepardas L32, and a Miruhog L32 on his team. Getting
    the Kokoromori out of the way gives you a chance to take out his other two
    Pokemon with Fighting-type attacks. In Pokemon White, this Cool Trainer will
    challenge you to a Triple Battle instead! He still uses the same three Pokemon,
    but the style he battles you with is different, of course.
    North of him are some more Trainers and tall grass, including a Backpacker with
    a Chillarmy L31 on her team. There's a Pokemon Ranger hiding in the grass with
    a Kurumayu L30, a Hiyakki L30, and a Hatoubo L30. She gives you a Aspear Berry
    after beating her. Not only that, but there's a PP Up right behind her. Just to
    the north on that path is another Pokemon Ranger, this one having a Yuniran L31
    and a Kibago L31 on his team. Kibago is a new Dragon-type Pokemon, so handle it
    with care. Like his friend, he gives you an Aspear Berry after your victory.
    Through the thick grass to the east of him is a Max Ether.
    To the north is the Tower of Heaven, but if you go east, you'll find a house
    and a path leading further east. As you scale the steps, though, you'll receive
    a call on your Livecaster. It's from your mom! She says a whole bunch of stuff
    and then stops.
    In that house, you can talk to the lady watching the TV and she'll heal your
    Pokemon, which might be really useful to you now, particularly if you're
    interested in scaling the Tower of Heaven.
    Before going to the Tower of Heaven, you might as well check out a little bit
    to the east. You won't be able to progress up the mountain, but there are a few
    Trainers for you to fight, as well as a TM for you to obtain.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 7 (Super Duper Tall Blue Grass) |)
    ( #096 | Tamagetake  | GRS / PSN | L31                         )
    ( #029 | Zebraika    |    ELC    | L33                         )
    ( #026 | Hatoubo     | NRM / FLY | L30                         )
    ( #091 | Shikijika   | NRM / GRS |                             )
    ( #092 | Mebukijika  | NRM / GRS |                             )
    Cross the narrow bridge just to the east, avoiding the Clown if you so desire.
    He has an Emonga L30 and a Shinbora L30. On the other side is TM81 (X-Scissor),
    which is an excellent Physical-based Bug-type attack for you to teach your
    Pokemon if it is lacking in good Bug-type attacks. It can be learned by several
    Pokemon that aren't Bug-types, too, so you might as well see if any can learn
    If you fall into that tall blue grass, which I lovingly call the "super duper
    tall blue grass", you'll find the wild Pokemon in there stronger than a lot of
    the Trainers on the route. Be careful down there!
    Now on the northern section of this portion of the route, there's another
    balancing plank with a Clown circling around it. He has a Shibishiras L29, a
    Koaruhi L29, and a Hatoubo L29 if you wish to fight him.
    There's nothing accessible to the north for the time being, other than one lone
    Hiker which I will cover after you earn your Gym Badge (since he's more along
    the way if you know what I mean), so go ahead and make your way back to the
    house to heal, then head north to the Tower of Heaven!
    (_| s5.6.6. Tower of Heaven |________________________________________________)
    The Tower of Heaven is a lot like the old Pokemon Tower in Kanto, housing a
    bunch of gravestones for Pokemon that have passed away. Yeah, they have to be
    buried somewhere, and yeah, even Pokemon die eventually (just like humans),
    although thankfully never during any of your playthroughs of the game, so don't
    There's nothing really of note on the first floor, so go ahead and climb the
    circular stairs on the side to go up to the second floor.
    __|_| Tower of Heaven 2F |____________________________________________________
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Tower of Heaven                    |)
    ( #113 | Hitomoshi   | GHO / FIR | L26, 27, 28, 29             )
    ( #111 | Rigrey      |    PSY    | L27                         )
    :)                   * Uncommon; only confirmed on 3F and 4F. (:
    There are a few Trainers that want to battle you on this floor. The first is a
    Psychic that has a Rigrey L30, a Yuniran L30, and a Shinbora L30. That Rigrey
    should be a new sight to you; it's a rather slow, but somewhat strong
    Psychic-type. The second Trainer is just a Lass, but she has a Shikijika L30
    and a Gochimu L30. Hiding right behind her (well, to the right of her) is a
    Hyper Potion. Pick that up, then head over and fight a Pokefan with an Emonga
    L30 and a Harderrier L30 in his party, as well as his little girl on his back.
    But that doesn't count.
    Just one more Trainer on the floor, and she's over to the left side of the
    room. Once again, another Pokefan, although this one with less babies. She has
    a Kurumayu L31 and that's it. Immediately past her is TM61 (Will-O-Wisp), a
    Fire-type attack that only inflicts Burn. Not the greatest move in the world
    in-game, but since Burn halves the afflicted Pokemon's Attack, it can help
    against tougher boss fights.
    Now go ahead and climb up to the third floor!
    __|_| Tower of Heaven 3F |____________________________________________________
    More Trainers all over the place! The Psychic closest to the entrance of the
    stairs has a Musharna L32 on her team. The Psychic in the middle of the room
    has a Desmasu L31 and a Gobitt L31 on his team. The Gobitt may seem rather new
    to you; it's a Ghost/Ground-type Pokemon, so act accordingly.
    The Psychic on the west side of the room has a Hitomoshi L31 and a Kokoromori
    L31 in her party. Head south a little and then over towards another of the
    Psychics in the room, this one with a Dabran L32 in his party. Off to the right
    of him is a Spell Tag, a held item that pumps up the holder's Ghost-type
    attacks by 20%.
    The Nurse near the entrance of the stairs won't fight her unless you talk to
    her, but it's probably a good idea to do so if you want your Pokemon healed.
    She has a Gochimu L31 and a Mamanbou L31. Mamanbou is a big Water-type fish
    that sort of looks like Luvdisc. It has a boatload of HP, actually -- more HP
    than any Pokemon in Isshu! Special-based attacks are your way to go when taking
    it down.
    She'll heal your Pokemon after beating her, as well as any time you talk to her
    in the future. Make use of that. Now, head up the stairs to the next floor!
    __|_| Tower of Heaven 4F |____________________________________________________
    Near the entrance to the floor is a Cool Trainer with a big ol' Murand L33 on
    his team -- Murand being the final evolution of little Yoterrie. Just past him
    is a Revive and another Cool Trainer, although you should probably sneak over
    to her side of the room, since there's an item hiding over there. She uses a
    Kokoromori L32 and a Gochimiru L32. She's also guarding another valuable TM,
    TM65 (Shadow Claw), a Physical-based Ghost-type attack that hits with 70 power,
    but also has a higher chance of a critical hit.
    Climb up the stairs and you'll finally be at the top of the Tower of Heaven!
    __|_| Tower of Heaven Peak |__________________________________________________
    Way up at the top, Fuuro is there looking at some sort of bell. She says some
    stuff, but then just sits there. Right. Anyway, go over and ring the bell,
    which will make Fuuro sad or thoughtful or something, but most importantly it
    will inspire her to go back to her Gym. Excellent!
    If you have a Pokemon that knows Fly, you can fly off of the tower and back to
    the city. Otherwise, you're gonna have to climb down and walk there. Get going,
    Trainer, because you've got another Gym Badge to earn!
    (_| s5.6.7. Fukiyose Gym |___________________________________________________)
    Talk to the coach for some free Fresh Water, then head forward and you'll shoot
    out of a cannon. Yikes! No, it's safe, don't worry. (I think!) Here are the
    directions to get through the Gym's series of cannons...
      o Start by entering the first cannon you see.                               
      o Now enter the cannon to your right.                                       
      o Walk down the stairs and re-enter that same cannon to have it shoot you to
        the other side of the room.                                               
      o Fight the Worker and his two Hatoubo L32.                                 
      o Head up the stairs, then south. Fight the worker over by the red stripes  
        if you want. He has a Koaruhi L32 and a Koromori L32.                     
      o Enter the cannon just below that worker and it will shoot you across the  
        room again.                                                               
      o Fight against the Pilot, who has a Koaruhi L32 and a Shinbora L32.        
      o Don't enter the next cannon from the side! Instead, enter it from the     
        bottom, which shoots you towards the back of the room.                    
      o Let the cannon to your right shoot you over in that direction.            
      o Take on the next Pilot, who uses a Kenhoroh L33.                          
      o Shoot out of the cannon past the pilot over to the other side of the back 
        of the room.                                                              
      o Head up the steps, fighting against the Worker and his Kokoromori L33.    
      o Take the next few cannons right on over to the Gym Leader!                
    If you need to go heal, you can do so by taking the cannon from behind her. I
    recommend it, then make your way back to her, save your game, and take on the
    sixth Gym Leader, Fuuro!
     /  MY POKEMON  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Here's what my team was at this point... |)
    ( #009 | Daikenki    |    WTR    | L37                         )
    ( #014 | Murand      |    NRM    | L38                         )
    ( #040 | Rohbshin    |    FTG    | L37                         )
    ( #032 | Gigaias     |    RCK    | L38                         )
    ( #067 | Shinbora    | PSY / FLY | L37                         )
    ( #029 | Zebraika    |    ELC    | L28                         )
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $4200 ||
    |\   Leader Fuuro              |/-------\|
    |*| Kokoromori   | PSY / FLY | L33 | F |#|
    |*|[  Heart Stamp   ][    Acrobat     ]|#|
    |*|[   Assurance    ][    Amnesia     ]|#|
    |*| Kenhoroh     | NRM / FLY | L33 | F |#|
    |*|[   Razor Wind   ][   Air Slash    ]|#|
    |*|[  Quick Attack  ][      Leer      ]|#|
    |*| Swanna       | WTR / FLY | L35 | F |#|
    |*|[   Air Slash    ][   BubbleBeam   ]|#|
    |*|[   Aerial Ace   ][   Aqua Ring    ]|#|
    All of her Pokemon are part Flying-type, but despite their second type, they
    all share a weakness to Electric- and Rock-type attacks. Ice-type attacks also
    work great against the first two Pokemon, although it's just neutral against
    None of them are overly difficult. Your recently acquired Charge Beam TM may
    come in handy. Volt Change is also helpful if you don't mind switching. The
    point is, there are plenty of TM moves that can help your battle if you're
    running into problems.
    After beating Fuuro, she'll reward you with the Jet Badge, which enables traded
    Pokemon up to level 70 to obey you. She also gives you TM62 (Acrobat), a
    Flying-type attack that hits with 2x the usual power if the user isn't holding
    an item. That can be well worth giving to one of your Flying-type Pokemon!
    (Although, surprisingly, not a ton of Flying-types can learn it.)
    Now that you have your badge, take the cannon behind Fuuro to shoot out of the
    Gym! Right out the ceiling! ...ok, well, not quite. But it will take you to the
    However, immediately upon exiting the Gym, N is waiting outside for you! Yikes!
    He says some stuff about your lead Pokemon, about where you're from, and then
    also about some stuff called the Light Stone and the Dark Stone. Hmmm... So
    yeah, he says a bunch of stuff, then leaves.
    Go ahead and heal your Pokemon, then return to Route 7, except rather than
    heading north to the Tower of Heaven, continue east, followed by north until
    you reach Mt. Neji!
    /#| s5.7. Icicle Badge |##################################################::~/
    (_| s5.7.1. Mt. Neji |_______________________________________________________)
    Remember where Mt. Neji is? It was to the north of the eastern part of Route 7,
    where I told you not to check out just yet. Yeah. So anyway, right as you enter
    the exterior, your favorite friend, Cheren, shows up, just itching for a battle
    with you!
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $3500 ||
    |\   PKMN Trainer Cheren       |/-------\|
    |*| Kenhoroh     | NRM / FLY | L33 | M |#|
    |*|[   Air Slash    ][     Detect     ]|#|
    |*|[     Taunt      ][     Roost      ]|#|
    |*| Lepardas     |    DRK    | L33 | M |#|
    |*|[   Assurance    ][    Fake Out    ]|#|
    |*|[    Torment     ][  Claw Sharpen  ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Tsutaja) ]*****|#|
    |*| Yanakki      |    GRS    | L33 | M |#|
    |*|[   Seed Bomb    ][      Lick      ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][      Leer      ]|#|
    |*| Chaobu       | FIR / FTG | L35 | M |#|
    |*|[   Take Down    ][    Rollout     ]|#|
    |*|[      Smog      ][   Heat Stamp   ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|*****[ (if you picked Pokabu) ]*****|#|
    |*| Baokki       |    FIR    | L33 | M |#|
    |*|[  Flame Burst   ][      Lick      ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][      Leer      ]|#|
    |*| Futachimaru  |    WTR    | L35 | M |#|
    |*|[    Revenge     ][  Water Pulse   ]|#|
    |*|[    Aqua Jet    ][  Fury Cutter   ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Mijumaru) ]****|#|
    |*| Hiyakki      |    WTR    | L33 | M |#|
    |*|[   Boil Over    ][      Lick      ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][      Leer      ]|#|
    |*| Janobi       |    GRS    | L35 | M |#|
    |*|[   Leaf Blade   ][      Slam      ]|#|
    |*|[   Mega Drain   ][   Leech Seed   ]|#|
    He's gone ahead and evolved most of his Pokemon by now, with his starter
    Pokemon just one level away from evolution. Cheren's starter now heals some of
    its HP every turn with some Leftovers, so that will prove to be more of an
    annoyance to you, although the rest of his Pokemon shouldn't be a worry. Watch
    out for his Water-type Pokemon if it is rainy out, though!
    After defeating Cheren, you'll hear Adeku's voice. He was watching the fight
    from up on the cliff, then jumps down (ouch!) and says hi to you guys. Because
    he's such a cool dude, he gives you the valuable HM03 (Surf), which not only
    allows you to cross the water like you've wanted to do, well, forever... but
    it's also a really good Water-type attack capable of doing a lot of damage.
    It's one of the best Water-type attacks in the game, possessing a solid 95
    power. Definitely teach it to any of your Water-type Pokemon that can learn it,
    unless they happen to have absolutely terrible Sp. Atk.
    Adeku then heads south while Cheren heads towards the mountain's entrance,
    leaving you with the possibility of exploring either the mountain along with
    Cheren or to go back and find some other goodies now that you can Surf!
    Before you make up your mind, though, go put that Hiker up the stairs out of
    his misery. He only has a Gantle L34 and a Dotekkotsu L34.
    Now that he's out of the way, it's your choice if you want to take a break and
    go check some stuff out by surfing. I'll cover all of the optional areas you
    can go. Otherwise, you can always check them out later. Either way, you'll
    continue at this point in the walkthrough when you're done.
    However, if this sweetens the deal... You can get your first legendary Pokemon
    if you check out one of the optional spots! Yep, absolutely, no joke. It's a
    strong level 42 Pokemon that will greatly help in your next Gym Battle, so if
    you're up for the adventure, go get it.
    Go ahead and jump to the optional areas section if you're interested!
    __|_| Mt. Neji |______________________________________________________________
    Just go straight ahead and you'll see Cheren talking with Yahkon. He says some
    stuff about Team Plasma, then runs out the entrance while Cheren heads further
    into the mountain. Oh, that Cheren...
    Go ahead and follow him and you'll reach an exit. That exit takes you out to
    the main chasm of some huge mine. I'm gonna call this the main chasm, just so
    you don't get confused.
    Alright, so when you arrive in the main chasm, you can go either north or
    south. There's a Revive and a dead end up to the north. Heading south leads you
    to another entrance into the mountain, as well as a Full Heal just east of
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Mt. Neji Inside                    |)
    ( #121 | Freejio     |    ICE    | L31                         )
    :)                                                     * Rare (:
    ( #031 | Gantle      |    RCK    | L28, 29, 30, 31             )
    ( #119 | Kumashun    |    ICE    | L28                         )
    ( #039 | Dotekkotsu  |    FTG    | L28, 30                     )
    ( #035 | Mogurew     |    GRD    | L31                         )
    :)                      * Rare, only inside of swirling dust. (:
    ( #033 | Koromori    | PSY / FLY | L30                         )
    Enter the southern door inside and head over to the Hiker. He has a Koromori
    L33, a Gantle L33, and a Dotekkotsu L33. There's a Hyper Potion hidden in the
    wall nearby him.
    There are two paths heading north after him. The closest one leads to a dead
    end with a Cool Trainer at the end, having a Baniritchi L35, a Gochimiru L35,
    and a Dabran L35. She's probably good practice anyway, so take her on, then
    head down that other corridor. There's a Battle Girl down there, doing her
    training stuff. She has a lone Nageki L36 on her team.
    Head out the entrance and into the main chasm again, fighting the Worker to the
    south if you'd like. He has a Gantle L34 and a Doryuuzu L34. Now snake around
    to the north until you reach another entrance into the mountain.
    Inside here, there's a Worker hiding under some of the rubble, which may
    surprise you if you're not paying attention. He uses just one Kokoromori L35.
    If you keep going east from him, you can find a Moon Stone back there.
    Otherwise, just head down the steps and descend into the first basement, sorta.
    Head south until you see a bunch of rubble. There's a hidden item around there,
    but there's also a Worker hiding! He's got three Gantle L33 on his team. Phew!
    Alright, now head out the door to the west to return to the main chasm, except
    a floor lower than before.
    There's a Max Potion just to the northeast that you might as well pick up, but
    otherwise head straight west until you reach another entrance. Oh yeah, pick up
    that Ether right by the entrance before heading inside!
    Inside, head north down the first path to get a Nugget (as well as a Revive
    hiding nearby), then go through the path on the other side instead. That pile
    of rubble right near the end is actually a Worker, and he'll attack you if you
    try to get to that item. On his team is just one Doryuuzu L35, but it can hit
    pretty hard, so watch out. Take it down, grab that PP Up he was guarding, and
    then head east, out the exit into the main chasm.
    Right outside is a Doctor -- no doubtedly just in a nick of time, huh? He has a
    Dabran L34 and a Musharna L34. Dispose of them however you see fit, remembering
    that he'll totally heal your Pokemon after the fight.
    Now, if you head to the north and then east, you'll notice there are two
    entrances you can enter; the farther one is actually more of a one-way exit,
    really, so go inside the closest entrance.
    Heading east at the first turn takes you to a jump that leads you over to the
    other door, which is stupid. Go north instead. Fight the Hiker right by a door
    leading in deeper. He has a Koromori L34 and a Gantle L34.
    The door takes you to another room, which has steps leading down to a lower
    level inside. There's a Black Belt kickin' around down there with a Dageki L36
    in his party, although before you proceed south, grab the Ultra Ball to the
    east and up the steps.
    Just south of him is another hidden Worker. He has a Dotekkotsu L34 and a
    Gantle L34. Speaking of hidden, there's also a Protein hidden right by him in
    another pile of rubble. Head outside, back into the main chasm once again!
    Outside, you're finally near the bottom. There's an empty house thing with some
    beds, and there's also a vending machine for replenishing your Lemonade supply
    if you need.
    Ok, we're almost done with this thing... You can head inside of the entrance on
    the southern end, down a few more steps, and then wander through to the back
    and you'll reach a really interesting sort of cave thing. There's a big hunk of
    something in it, but if you walk around the eastern perimeter, you can also
    snag yourself TM91 (Flash Cannon), a fairly ok Special-based Steel-type attack.
    Being Special-based makes it unusual, but quite a few non-Steel-types can learn
    it, helping add to diversity. It will be effective against your upcoming Gym
    Battle, though, so it's definitely nice to have handy!
    Alright, now go back outside and over to the northeast entrance into the
    mountain. Inside, Cheren is talking to a Plasma Grunt, and then after a little
    more dialogue, they talk about N before leaving in an instant. What weirdos!
    Anyway, head past Cheren and over to the exit, into Sekka City.
    (_| s5.7.2. Sekka City |_____________________________________________________)
    Immediately upon exiting, Prof. Araragi's dad comes over, checks out your
    Pokemon, asks you a question (don't know what), and then heads to the north
    into the city. Hmmm...
    The Pokemon Center is to the north. Might as well go there to heal up your
    Pokemon. There's actually a lot of interest in the Pokemon Center here!
      ||               Get more gold for your gold!                ||
      || The gentleman in a suit standing by the counter of the    ||
      || Pokemon Center is interested in buying rare items for     ||
      || high prices. You can sell him things like Nuggets,        ||
      || Pearls, Big Pearls, Evolutionary Stones, etc. for double  ||
      || what you would normally get for them in a Poke Mart!      ||
      || You're not going to get a higher price for them, so       ||
      || unless you're planning on using them (i.e., Evolutionary  ||
      || Stones), unload your wares to this guy and pick up some   ||
      || extra benjamins for your junk!                            ||
    Additionally, the bottom counter at the Poke Mart has some more TMs for sale!
    These ones are pricey, inaccurate, but also pretty darn powerful if they hit.
      o TM14 (Blizzard) for $70000                                                
      o TM25 (Thunder) for $70000                                                 
      o TM38 (Fire Blast) for $70000                                              
    Blizzard becomes 100% accurate if you've got Hail going (which you can buy a TM
    for in Fukiyose City), and Thunder becomes 100% accurate if it's raining out
    (again, the TM is for sale in Fukiyose), so keep that in mind when buying them.
    Fire Blast actually has passable accuracy at 85% for a whopping 120 power, so
    it's probably the most important of the ones to pick up for now, although you
    very well may want Blizzard for the Eighth Gym, where Dragon-types are abound.
    The fun doesn't stop there in this Pokemon Center! Talk to the old lady in the
    lobby and she'll give you TM31 (Brick Break), which is a staple Fighting-type
    attack that a variety of Pokemon can learn.
    As for the rest of town, far to the east of the Pokemon Center, across the
    bridge, are a hidden Ultra Ball and Timer Ball. You can also catch some pretty
    neat Pokemon down in the pond down on the south side of town. There's also a
    Max Revive cleverly hidden in there somewhere.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Sekka City (walking in the pond)   |)
    ( #042 | Gamagaru    | WTR / GRD | L30, 31, 32                 )
    ( #124 | Maggyo      | ELC / GRD | L31, 32                     )
    ( #122 | Chobomaki   |    BUG    | L31, 32                     )
    Anyway, head to the northern part of town and one of the houses in the
    northwestern side, sort of by an empty pit and the dancing people, well... I
    think it's a Pokemon fan club of some sort. But it's pretty small. The lady
    inside with the Munna I believe tells you if you've maxed out your Pokemon's
    Effort Values. She'll end her last sentence with ジェラシーよ! if it's
    maxed. You can also talk to the gentleman and show him your Pokemon to hear
    what level it was at when you first got it and what level it's at now... or
    something. I just showed him my Daikenki and he gave me another Exp. Share, so
    woohoo. I'm thinking he gives it to you if you've trained up the Pokemon you
    show him a lot, but only once.
    When you enter another house north of that, and a little east, the lady inside,
    Nandeya, runs over to greet you. She apparently brings you in to take a quiz of
    some sort, that her husband, Wakarude is giving. And the daughter's name is
    Seyana, for whatever it means. Anyway, you need to input an answer to the
    question, but I didn't happen to catch what it was, so I just answered the name
    of a Pokemon. They gave me a Full Heal for that. Hopefully they'll let you take
    the quiz again, haha, although being in Japanese, well... yeah.
    Alright, whenever you're done, head to the Gym!
    But wait, before you do, you can check out a little place to the north early if
    you'd like. It has some cool new Pokemon, including a powerful Dragon-type
    (yeah, not gonna help in the Gym) and a pretty sweet Fighting-type Pokemon
    (that might). It's just to the north of town, in a place called Dragon Spiral
    Tower. Well, at least the entrance part.
    (_| s5.7.3. Dragon Spiral Tower |____________________________________________)
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Dragon Spiral Tower                |)
    ( #125 | Kojofu      |    FTG    | L31                         )
    ( #026 | Hatoubo     | NRM / FLY | L30, 32                     )
    ( #091 | Shikijika   | NRM / GRS | L31, 32                     )
    ( #127 | Crimgan     |    DRG    | L31                         )
    :)                                                     * Rare (:
    ( #027 | Kenhoroh    | NRM / FLY | L33                         )
    :)                            * Rare, found in shaking grass. (:
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    | L30, 32, 33                 )
    :)                       * Rare, only found in shaking grass. (:
    Nothing really much you can do here at the moment, but the patch of grass has
    some cool Pokemon, like Kojofu and Crimgan, for you to fight.
    When you're finished, head on over to the Gym!
    (_| s5.7.4. Sekka Gym |______________________________________________________)
    Start up by talking to the coach to get your daily offering of Fresh Water,
    then get ready for the puzzle.
    This isn't your totally generic sliding puzzle, oh, no; instead, you'll be
    sliding at angles and stuff, thanks to some of the bumper things. Yeah, weird.
    Don't worry, I'll walk you through it, as I usually do!
      o Start by walking directly north, which well send you against the bumper   
        and over onto the ice.                                                    
      o Slide to the right and fight the Black Belt there with his two Kumashun   
        L35 and a Freejio L35.                                                    
      o Press the red switch and then slide forward across the ice.               
      o Fight the Battle Girl and her Freejio L37.                                
      o Climb the stairs, then slide across the ramp to another Black Belt. He    
        uses a single Kumashun L37.                                               
      o Slide to the right, then up, then right, and then up.                     
      o Battle against the Battle Girl. She has a Kumashun L36 and a Baniputchi   
      o Slide directly south from the Battle Girl, then to the right.             
      o Walk across the steady ground and then slide to the left in the direction 
        the track is pointing. You'll twist on over to the southeast part of the  
      o Slide up to hit the switch and rotate the bumper.                         
      o Slide up, then left so you're back by the Battle Girl.                    
      o Slide down in the direction the track is pointing, right into the bumper, 
        letting it knock you over to the northwest corner of the room.            
      o Climb the stairs, cross the jump via the ice slide, and then take on      
        another Battle Girl. This one has two Baniputchi L36.                     
      o Slide to the left, then up, hitting the bumper and knocking you over to   
        the side.                                                                 
      o Slide right, up, then right again so you hit the bumper once more, but    
        from a different angle.                                                   
      o Slide up, walk across the stable ground, then fight against the Black     
        Belt. He uses a Baniputchi L36 and a Kumashun L36.                        
      o Press the red switch nearby, slide to the right, then slide down to be    
        knocked to the corner by the bumper.                                      
      o Now, slide left, then down, and then right back into the bumper by sliding
        left again.                                                               
      o Just slide up and you're set!                                             
    Once you've gotten through that puzzle, which isn't really as difficult as it
    may look here, you can fight the Gym Leader or take the slide down and exit the
    Gym. If you are in need of healing your Pokemon, now would be a great time to
    do so. Otherwise, save your game (just in case), and get ready to take on the
    seventh Gym Leader!
     /  MY POKEMON  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Here's what my team was at this point... |)
    ( #009 | Daikenki    |    WTR    | L42                         )
    ( #014 | Murand      |    NRM    | L41                         )
    ( #032 | Gigaias     |    RCK    | L42                         )
    ( #040 | Rohbshin    |    FTG    | L41                         )
    ( #067 | Shinbora    | PSY / FLY | L41                         )
    ( #117 | Onondo      |    DRG    | L41                         )
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $4680 ||
    |\   Leader Hachiku            |/-------\|
    |*| Baniritchi   |    ICE    | L37 | M |#|
    |*|[  Mirror Shot   ][   Ice Breath   ]|#|
    |*|[    Astonish    ][   Acid Armor   ]|#|
    |*| Freejio      |    ICE    | L37 | M |#|
    |*|[  Aurora Beam   ][   Ice Breath   ]|#|
    |*|[   Rapid Spin   ][    Reflect     ]|#|
    |*| Tsunbear     |    ICE    | L39 | M |#|
    |*|[  Icicle Drop   ][     Slash      ]|#|
    |*|[     Brine      ][    Swagger     ]|#|
    Hachiku's Pokemon are nothing remarkable, but Tsunbear is definitely the most
    cumbersome to deal with due to its high stats and fairly high level. Remember,
    all of his Pokemon have an obscene amount of common weaknesses: Fire-,
    Fighting-, Rock-, and Steel-type attacks will all quickly shatter his team.
    After beating him, he'll give you the Icicle Badge, which will enable traded
    Pokemon up to level 80 to obey you without any problems. He'll also give you
    TM79 (Ice Breath), a weak Ice-type move at first glance, but it is very
    powerful in the fact that it always scores a critical hit against the target!
      ||             Badge Thief! (Thieves, actually!)             ||
      || Yes, Hachiku should be ashamed of himself. He's handing   ||
      || out the Icicle Badge, which, if you know your badges well ||
      || like a good Trainer should, should seem rather fishy.     ||
      || That's right, the Icicle Badge was the one given out by   ||
      || Candice in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum!          ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || So what gives? Well, you see, the Japanese name for       ||
      || Hachiku's badge is indeed the "Icicle Badge". Since this  ||
      || isn't an English remake, there's nothing else we can call ||
      || this without making something up. It will definitely be   ||
      || named something different in the English versions, don't  ||
      || worry.                                                    ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || ...but wait. "If that was the Icicle Badge, what was      ||
      || Candice's Badge in Japanese," you ask? That's another     ||
      || great question, which only adds to the badge confusion!   ||
      || The Japanese name of the badge you got for beating        ||
      || Candice in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum was the "Glacier  ||
      || Badge". Now wait a moment... Hey! Once again, we've got   ||
      || another thief! The "Glacier Badge" in English belongs to  ||
      || Pryce from the Johto region! His badge was called the     ||
      || "Ice Badge" in the Japanese version, so there is no       ||
      || conflict if you're a Japanese player, but it's a very     ||
      || interesting story of stolen badges if you're an English   ||
      || player such as myself, that's for sure!                   ||
    Now that you're done with that, go ahead and take the slide to the west to
    quickly (and stylishly) get out of the Gym.
    Immediately upon exiting the Sekka Gym, Cheren and Belle will be outside to
    greet you. They say some stuff about Kanoko Town, but then Hachiku pops out
    after a bit more dialogue.
    Things suddenly get dicey when those three shadowy figures show up from earlier
    in the Electric Spider Cave -- the Dark Trinity! They're telling you that
    Geechisu is waiting for you in the Dragon Spiral Tower, as is N. Or something
    regarding those guys and that tower. Cheren and Hachiku quickly head for the
    Dragon Spiral Tower, while Belle stays behind, seeming rather worried.
    Go ahead and heal up your Pokemon, then head north to the Dragon Spiral Tower!
    /#| s5.8. Legend Badge |##################################################::~/
    (_| s5.8.1. Dragon Spiral Tower |____________________________________________)
    __|_| Dragon Spiral Tower (Entrance) |________________________________________
    As you head north towards Dragon Spiral Tower, you'll see Mr. Araragi standing
    at the edge of the forest. He was actually there earlier, but assuming you've
    got your 7th Badge, Belle will show up when you approach him. It sounds like
    Team Plasma has taken over the Dragon Spiral Tower and, from the sounds of it,
    Cheren did something stupid like go in after them. Gah! Mr. Araragi gives you
    some Old Gateau, which heals your Pokemon's status conditions when used. Uh,
    ok, sure...
    __|_| Dragon Spiral Tower (Outside) |_________________________________________
    Outside of Dragon Spiral Tower, you'll notice that some of the pillars were
    knocked over (they weren't like that if you visited earlier) and also there's
    an opening blown into the base of the tower. Oh yeah, there's also a bridge.
    Yeah, now you can actually do stuff here, but before you get ambitious and try
    to take on the tower, why not surf over to the east? There are some Trainers,
    wild Pokemon, and even a TM for you to find over there!
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Dragon Spiral Tower (Outside)      |)
    ( #026 | Hatoupo     | NRM / FLY | L31, 32                     )
    ( #125 | Kojofu      |    FTG    | L31                         )
    ( #091 | Shikijika   | NRM / GRS | L30, 32                     )
    ( #127 | Crimgan     |    DRG    | L32                         )
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    | L30                         )
    :)                       * Rare, only found in shaking grass. (:
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Dragon Spiral Tower (Thick Grass)  |)
    ( #026 | Hatoupo     | NRM / FLY | L35                         )
    ( #125 | Kojofu      |    FTG    | L34, 35                     )
    ( #092 | Mebukijika  | NRM / GRS | L34, 36                     )
    ( #127 | Crimgan     |    DRG    | L35, 37                     )
    The first Cool Trainer on the southern side of the land area has a Banritchi
    L36 and a Denchula L36. The one to the north has a Kumashun L35, a Hihidaruma
    L35, and a Hahakomori L35.
    Between the two Trainers and the differing patches of grass, you can pick up
    TM63 (Embargo), an attack that prevents the target from using any held items
    for five turns, including healing items by the Trainer. It's not really all
    that useful in-game, unfortunately, and, well, not even really against other
    players... Oh well.
    Now go ahead and enter the tower!
    __|_| Dragon Spiral Tower 1F |________________________________________________
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Dragon Spiral Tower (Inside)       |)
    ( #125 | Kojofu      |    FTG    | L33                         )
    ( #128 | Gobitt      | GRD / GHO | L30, 31, 32, 33             )
    ( #127 | Crimgan     |    DRG    | L33                         )
    :)                                                     * Rare (:
    Nothing really much to see in the first room, other than some new Pokemon that
    you can encounter. Head to the northeast and towards the stairs leading up.
    Before you can climb the stairs, though, you'll hear some ominous shaking
    noises coming from somewhere... maybe it's upstairs. Uh oh! Up you go!
    __|_| Dragon Spiral Tower 2F |________________________________________________
    As soon as you enter the second floor, Cheren will shout your name and direct
    your attention over to him in the west side of the room. Looks like this place
    is a mess right now, ugh... all the work of Team Plasma!
    You need to go up and help him out with his Team Plasma crusade, so head
    northwest and then shove that boulder into the hole with Strength. Before going
    up the stairs, though, you can search the northeastern corner of the room to
    find a Hyper Potion sort of hiding by one of the arched pillars.
    Don't have Strength on you? Well you can just take a detour by that Hyper
    Potion, walking up the broken pillar (it's like a slope) and then on over to
    where Cheren was.
    At the top of the steps, grab the Stardust on the crumbled pillar to the south,
    then head into the other room.
    In the next room, climb up the circular steps, and then you'll want to jump
    across the ramps to your south. This is a ramp puzzle similar to the one in
    HeartGold and SoulSilver. They're one-way jumps, so you'll want to take the
    right set.
    Ignore the top ramp; instead, take the middle ramp to be led over to a Shiny
    Stone. The bottom ramp then takes you over to the next flight of stairs.
    __|_| Dragon Spiral Tower 3F |________________________________________________
    There are a ton of Team Plasma members up here, fighting against Hachiku and
    Cheren! Yikes! Hachiku and Cheren have the ones in that wide open area under
    control, so you'll want to go south and take on the two guarding the stairs.
    The first one has a Miruhog L34 while the second one has a Lepardas L34. Walk
    up the stairs, then fight Plasma Grunt #3 with his Zulugg L34. More stairs to
    climb, and another Grunt to fight! The fourth Grunt has two Lepardas L33. Geez,
    keep going up these stairs and you'll run into a fifth Grunt, with a Miruhog
    L32, a Zulugg L32, and a Warubiru L32 on his team.
    Finally there's enough of a break in the linear path of stairs and Grunts to
    give you a choice to head up or to the east. There's a Dragon Fang to the east,
    which improves the power of the holder's Dragon-type attacks by 20%.
    Now head upstairs into the next room.
    __|_| Dragon Spiral Tower 4F |________________________________________________
    Talk about a spiral! This whole room wraps around the pillar in a circular like
    fashion, with the camera moving along with you, making for an interesting
    experience. Head right until you get to the plank leading you into the 2nd ring
    from the center (not counting the center part as a ring).
    From here, you can head either left or right; heading left leads you to a Star
    Piece and a ramp leading you to the closest ring from the center. You might as
    well go this way, because you can easily get back to the other way.
    Head to the right, skipping the plank leading to the middle column, and cross
    the two planks in a row. You'll be by some stairs, but from the other side, so
    head on left to pick up some more Stardust.
    Alright, from the Stardust, head back right and then back across the two
    planks, heading left when you get to the 1st ring from the center, then keep
    going until you can cross over to the middle pillar.
    From there, head right and jump down the ramp, cross the plank and head left,
    then cross the next plank so you're on the 2nd ring from the center. Head
    right, but don't cross that plank just yet; keep going to score a Revive. Head
    back to that plank, cross it, then head left to climb up the stairs (or right
    to start back at the beginning).
    __|_| Dragon Spiral Tower 5F |________________________________________________
    As you proceed north, you'll witness another great shaking, as well as hear a
    deafening cry. Oh snap! There's some big Pokemon up in here! Not good, not good
    at all! Should you turn around? Nahhh, keep going, of course!
    In the northeast corner of the room, literally right on your way, pick up that
    Max Elixir just sitting there. Now head west and you'll find one of the Team
    Plasma dudes, Jaro, with a bunch of Plasma Grunts in his court. They quickly
    surround you, overwhelming you and battling you right away!
    The first Grunt has a Miruhog L33 and a Warubiru L33. Number two battles you
    immediately afterward, and he has a Warubiru L34. The third one has a Yabukron
    L33 and a Lepardas L33 on her team, while the fourth and final one has a
    Miruhog L34.
    Once you've beaten all four of them, they'll get out of your way. That Jaro guy
    won't battle you or do anything afterwards, so just head south and then up the
    __|_| Dragon Spiral Tower 6F |________________________________________________
    You know stuff is going down when the music gets eerie... head just a little
    north and you'll be greeted by the sight of either Zekrom (in Pokemon Black) or
    Reshiram (in Pokemon White) standing there, looking really awesome in 3D and
    everything. N is also right beside that massive Pokemon! And so it's clear,
    yes, you do see the opposite legendary here. This is not the one you catch in
    the game, so don't freak out.
    He says a bunch of stuff about Zekrom and Reshiram, as well as taking on the
    Champion and stuff like that before flying away on one of his random Pokemon.
    Zekrom or Reshiram also fly away in this time. Um, ok, not good, those things
    could do some damage!
    After that little scene, Cheren and Hachiku finally catch up to you, then lead
    you down the tower. Oh, joy.
    Everyone talks all doom and gloom and stuff, but then Adeku shows up and says a
    bunch of stuff about Zekrom and Reshiram, thinking that may be the only way to
    stop him and Team Plasma. Mr. Araragi and Hachiku head back into the forest,
    then Cheren and Adeku head off back towards town, leaving you with Belle, who
    tells you to go to the Resort Desert on Route 4 in order to locate the Ancient
    Well, that sounds like the place we need to go, so fly on back there and then
    make your way to the Ancient Castle! Remember, the Resort Desert is on Route 4,
    just south of Raimon City and then due west. The Ancient Castle, on the other
    hand, are found in the northern part of the massive Resort Desert.
    (_| s5.8.2. Ancient Castle |_________________________________________________)
    __|_| Resort Desert |_________________________________________________________
    Right as you're about to enter the Ancient Castle, Cheren shows up and orders
    you to stop! He says some stuff about the Resort Desert, then says something
    about Adeku. Oh well, go inside anyway.
    __|_| Ancient Castle B1F |____________________________________________________
    Head on over to the west, but be careful not to RUN while walking over that
    sand trap. That'll just send you down to the basement. If you haven't gotten
    your fossil yet, you can talk to the scientist right past the second sand trap
    to get either a Shell Fossil or a Wing Fossil, but I'm hoping you've already
    got that by now.
    Now you'll be able to go past where that worker was blocking earlier. Head on
    down the stairs there and see what lurks in the area of the basement you were
    unable to access before!
    __|_| Ancient Castle B2F |____________________________________________________
    Yikes! Lurking right down in the basement is another one of the Team Plasma
    dudes, Ryokushi. He tells you some stuff about Geechisu, then lets you go.
    Right past him and guarding a sand trap is a Plasma Grunt with a Miruhog L34
    and two Warubiru L34. Beat him, then head into the middle of the sand trap and
    fall down to the next floor!
    __|_| Ancient Castle B3F |____________________________________________________
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Ancient Castle B3F and Below       |)
    ( #069 | Deskaan     |    GHO    | L34, 35, 36, 37             )
    ( #058 | Warubiru    | GRD / DRK | L34, 35, 36, 37             )
    Just south of where you fell is a Max Potion, so pick that up then head left to
    fight the Plasma Grunt and his Zulugg L35 and Miruhog L35. Don't fall down that
    sand trap right next to him; walk through it slowly, then go over and fight the
    next Grunt. She has a Dasutodas L36.
    Once again, sloowwwwwly WALK across the sand trap to grab TM30 (Shadow Ball), a
    powerful Special-based Ghost-type attack that has a chance of lowering the
    opponent's Sp. Def. Now that you've got that, go ahead and fall down the pit.
    __|_| Ancient Castle B4F |____________________________________________________
    The nearby Grunt has a Warubiru L36. Just to his south, across the sand trap
    (walk slowly!) is a Max Revive. Now, you'll notice there are a ton of different
    pits on this floor, possibly making your decision of which one to fall down
    rather difficult. The northeastern-most three pits all take you down to a dead
    end in the basement, although there is a Sun Stone down there for you, so it
    might still be worth falling anyway (you'll return up to B3F afterwards).
    The hole you want to fall down is the one to the direct west of the first
    Grunt, where you'll have to fight another one guarding it with a Lepardas L34
    and two Yabukron L34. Beat her, walk across the sand pit to grab a PP Up, then
    fall down the hole.
    __|_| Ancient Castle B5F |____________________________________________________
    You'll land right next to two more Plasma Grunts. The first one has a a Miruhog
    L35 and a Zulugg L35. The second has a Yabukron L35 and a Lepardas L35. Beat
    the two of them, then fall down to the bottom floor.
    __|_| Ancient Castle B6F |____________________________________________________
    As soon as you land, you'll see Adeku standing off against Geechisu. Uh oh!
    Cheren immediately falls down afterwards. The three of you head over to talk to
    Geechisu and talk for a very long time about important stuff like the
    Dark/Light Stone, Reshiram and Zekrom, and stuff about the Pokemon League. This
    is serious business!
    After a lot of dialogue, he pushes you aside and walks over towards the stairs
    you can see in the corner. Then the three of you chicken out or something
    (well, ok, probably not... Geechisu probably just already took the Dark/Light
    Stone or whatever he came here for) and leave the Ancient Castle.
    Everyone worries about N and Geechisu having the two legendary Pokemon, but
    then you'll get a call on the Livecaster. It's Prof. Araragi! She's shouting
    your name several times, then tells you to go to Shippou City immediately!
    Adeku quickly flies off, leaving you free to return there.
    (_| s5.8.3. Shippou City |___________________________________________________)
    Heal up your Pokemon really quick, then head to the Gym on the northern side of
    town. You'll see Adeku, Belle, Prof. Araragi and her dad all standing outside
    of it. This isn't good... Aloe then pops out and asks about the Dragon Pokemon
    in the Resort Desert.
    More dialogue happens, then Adeku asks you something about N. Just go ahead and
    say yes, and then, after even more dialogue, Aloe bestows to you the Light
    Stone if you're playing Pokemon Black, or the Dark Stone if you're playing
    Pokemon White!
    That Stone can be used to sway the Dragon Pokemon's power. Or something. Adeku
    then tells you to go to Souryuu City to take on the Gym Leader there, who uses
    Dragon-type Pokemon. He then flies off. Prof. Araragi tells you about the Gym
    Leader in Souryuu City, then heads off.
    Belle tells you the best way to get to Souryuu City is by crossing the Cylinder
    Bridge. So what are you waiting for, Trainer? Head back to Sekka City and then
    head east! You'll have to go under a bridge to get to Route 8, by the way.
    (_| s5.8.4. Route 8 |________________________________________________________)
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 8 (Pond)                     |)
    ( #042 | Gamagaru    | WTR / GRD | L30, 31, 32, 33             )
    ( #122 | Chobomaki   |    BUG    | L30, 31, 32, 33             )
    ( #124 | Maggyo      | ELC / GRD | L31, 32                     )
    Hug the northwestern corner of the route and fight the Pokemon Ranger up there.
    He has a Kumashun L34, a Gamagaru L34, and a Marakatchi L34. He'll reward you
    with a Pecha Berry after beating him. Just to his north is a Poison Barb, a
    held item that raises the power of the wearer's Poison-type attacks by 20%.
    Speaking of Poison-type attacks, just to the northeast of him is TM36 (Sludge
    Bomb), a Special-based Poison-type attack that hits pretty hard and has a
    chance of inflicting Poison. Not too shabby!
    Now head eastbound, fighting the Parasol Lady and her team of Pururil L34 and
    Koaruhi L34. Just to the east of her is a Full Heal, which you should pick up
    after the battle.
    If you're looking to get to the bridge as soon as possible, head south and
    you'll get there after some Trainers, but if you're up for some exploring, I
    recommend taking the northern path first.
    There's a Pokemon Ranger with a Chillachino L36 blocking your path to the
    optional Sekka Wetlands. She, too, will give you a Pecha Berry after beating
    her. There's a Full Restore hiding just to the northwest of her, which you can
    find with your Item Finder. Before entering the Sekka Wetlands, grab the Ultra
    Ball right nearby.
    __|_| Sekka Wetlands |________________________________________________________
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Sekka Wetlands                     |)
    ( #124 | Maggyo      | ELC / GRD | L31, 32                     )
    ( #042 | Gamagaru    | WTR / GRD | L30, 31, 33                 )
    ( #122 | Chobomaki   |    BUG    | L30, 31, 32                 )
    The Sekka Wetlands are a pretty big place. Let's start by heading east and
    we'll get through it by going around the perimeter.
    Along the bottom on your way east is a Fisherman near a pool of water. He has a
    Basurao L34 and a Maggyo L34. Head just a little northeast from him to pick up
    a Max Revive amongst some trees,then continue heading eastbound until you find
    a Pokemon Ranger. She uses an Emonga L34, a Marakatchi L34, and a Mamanbou L34.
    She'll give you a valuable Sitrus Berry after beating her.
    Circle around the rest of this eastern area and you'll eventually be led back
    to the start, which is ok, because we're now gonna explore more of this place.
    Head north into a field and then keep going north, heading due east towards the
    Pokemon Ranger when given the opportunity. Go right on up to him and battle
    him. He's got a Baniritchi L35 and an Onondo L35 in his roster. He'll reward
    you with another Sitrus Berry after beating him. Head on to the northeast and
    then pick up the Max Elixir before heading back to where the Ranger was.
    From the Pokemon Ranger you just battled, head west, then north, and then back
    east to get to that item you saw earlier. It's a Max Potion, which it never
    hurts to have.
    That's all there is over on the northern side, so go back to the field you were
    in earlier (due south) and then head west. You need Strength in order to push
    the boulder aside, so if you've got it, use it and shove it into the hole there
    to cross.
    On the western side of that little lake is an Ultra Ball. The southern
    extension leads you to a Carbos, as well as a Parasol Lady packing two Pururil
    L34 (one of each gender). There's also a Max Elixir hiding right nearby if you
    use your Item Finder.
    That's all there is in here for now, other than perhaps a stray hidden item of
    little worth (there's some mushrooms I think). Worthwhile? Probably not, but
    it's at least there for you.
    __|_| Route 8 |_______________________________________________________________
    To the southeast of that Parasol Lady from earlier in the route lies the path
    you need to take to get to the Cylinder Bridge. There are just a few more
    Trainers available for you to fight on the route beforehand, though!
    The Parasol Lady may look like she wants to fight you at first glance, but you
    definitely want to talk to her, because she'll give you the fairly useful TM42
    (Facade), a decent Physical-based Normal-type attack that doubles in power if
    the user is affected by a major status condition like Burned or Poisoned. This
    is particularly fitting on any Pokemon with Guts, too, which gives it its own
    boost. Otherwise, it's probably not worth your while, unless you're lacking a
    better move and the Pokemon can't learn Strength or Retribution.
    The nearby Fisherman will battle you if you talk to him. He uses two Basurao
    L34 (both versions of it). The Parasol Lady close by will also battle you, and
    she has a Mamanbou L35 on her team.
    Lastly, the Parasol Lady hiding behind the sign will give you a Damp Rock*
    after talking to her, an item that, when held, increases the duration of Rain
    Dance from 5 turns to 8 turns. That's very helpful against bosses when you want
    that rain to last longer to help soup up your Water-type attacks or to raise
    Thunder's accuracy. Definitely worthwhile for any of your Pokemon with Rain
    Dance. (* she may give you a different item, such as a Heat Rock, under certain
    Alright, now that you're through all of that, go ahead and head towards the
    bridge. As soon as you approach the entrance, Belle will stop you, itching for
    a battle!
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $4000 ||
    |\   PKMN Trainer Belle        |/-------\|
    |*| Murand       |    NRM    | L38 | F |#|
    |*|[     Crunch     ][  Retribution   ]|#|
    |*|[      Roar      ][    Cheer Up    ]|#|
    |*| Musharna     |    PSY    | L38 | F |#|
    |*|[    Psybeam     ][    Hypnosis    ]|#|
    |*|[  Defense Curl  ][  Lucky Chant   ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Tsutaja) ]*****|#|
    |*| Baokki       |    FIR    | L38 | M |#|
    |*|[  Flame Burst   ][      Lick      ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][      Leer      ]|#|
    |*| Daikenki     |    WTR    | L40 | M |#|
    |*|[     Slash      ][    Revenge     ]|#|
    |*|[    Aqua Jet    ][     Encore     ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|*****[ (if you picked Pokabu) ]*****|#|
    |*| Hiyakki      |    WTR    | L38 | M |#|
    |*|[   Boil Over    ][      Lick      ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][      Leer      ]|#|
    |*| Jaroda       |    GRS    | L40 | M |#|
    |*|[   Leaf Blade   ][      Slam      ]|#|
    |*|[   Mega Drain   ][   Snake Coil   ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Mijumaru) ]****|#|
    |*| Yanakki      |    GRS    | L38 | M |#|
    |*|[   Seed Bomb    ][      Lick      ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][      Leer      ]|#|
    |*| Enbuoh       | PSY / FIR | L40 | M |#|
    |*|[   Take Down    ][   Assurance    ]|#|
    |*|[    Rollout     ][   Heat Stamp   ]|#|
    After beating her, she gives you a Full Restore. Um, ok, thanks? She'll then
    head off from whence she came afterwards, leaving you free to explore the
    (_| s5.8.5. Cylinder Bridge |________________________________________________)
    Cylinder Bridge is a very massive bridge with lots of subway trains zipping by
    beneath you! Did I mention it's really huge? It is at a pretty sweet angle,
    though, so enjoy the cool scenery behind it. Riding your Bicycle might make the
    trek more manageable.
    The second person you'll run into on the bridge, a Battle Girl walking all
    around, will give you TM43 (Nitro Charge) when you talk to her, which is a
    fiery Physical-based attack that raises the user's Speed one stage after doing
    a moderate amount of damage. It's a good way to fire up some slower Pokemon
    while hitting for some damage!
    Keep walking towards the end and you'll eventually find... oh no, it's
    Geechisu! Just as soon as you approach him, the Dark Trinity instantly surround
    you, bringing you right over to him. He wants your Light or Dark Stone! He yaps
    on a lot about a bunch of stuff, including talk of N and the Stones, but at the
    end of the day, he just walks off into the distance, with the Dark Trinity
    disappearing afterwards. Lovely.
    You'd better get going yourself! Walk through the gate and head onto Route 9!
    (_| s5.8.6. Route 9 |________________________________________________________)
    Just as soon as you enter the route, a baseball player will catch your
    attention, tossing you TM56 (Fling), a Dark-type attack that tosses the user's
    held item -- PERMANENTLY (except in battles against, say, friends or in the
    Battle Subway) -- to do damage. Definitely avoid teaching it to your Pokemon if
    you value their items!
    There are a few more Trainers on the route you'll need to fight before you get
    to the city. The first Biker has a Warubiru L36 and a Zulugg L36. The Cueball
    up to the north also has a Warubiru L36, but he has a Dastodas L36 as well.
    The next Cueball and Biker will fight you in a Double Battle! They each have a
    Zulugg L37. The one further east of them has a Komatana L37 on his team, which
    is likely a new sight to you. Don't worry, you'll be able to get one soon!
    Finally, the last Cueball in the northeast corner of the route, by the vending
    machines, also has a Zulugg L37.
    There's a giant shopping mall on the north part of the route, but before
    checking that out, you might want head east and then south into the gate so you
    can fight some wild Pokemon.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 9                            |)
    ( #016 | Lepardas    |    DRK    | L33                         )
    ( #000 | Gochimiru   | PSY / FIR | L31, 32, 33                 )
    :)                                              * Black only. (:
    ( #084 | Dabran      |    PSY    | L31, 32, 33                 )
    :)                                              * White only. (:
    ( #130 | Komatana    | STL / DRK | L31, 32, 33                 )
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    | L31                         )
    :)                       * Rare, only found in shaking grass. (:
    ( #082 | Gochiruzel  |    PSY    | L34                         )
    :)                            * Rare. Found in shaking grass. (:
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 9 (Thick Grass)              |)
    ( #130 | Komatana    | STL / DRK | L31                         )
    ( #078 | Chillarmy   |    NRM    | L37                         )
    ( #075 | Dastodas    |    PSN    | L36, 38                     )
    ( #000 | Gochimiru   | PSY / FIR | L36, 38                     )
    :)                                              * Black only. (:
    ( #084 | Dabran      |    PSY    | L36, 38                     )
    :)                                              * White only. (:
    Keep heading west behind the fence and you'll reach some thick grass, which has
    much better Pokemon in it. There's an HP Up right above the cave, although
    there's also a Max Elixir hiding behind the trees further west.
    To the south, away from the cave, lies a Full Restore. The cave itself,
    however, happens to be closed for now, courtesy of the Black Belt in your way.
    __|_| Colorful & Wonderful Life Shopping Mall R9 |________________________
    There's a Waitress in the northeast corner of the first room that has a
    Chillarmy L36 and a Dredia L36. In the room right past her is a PP Up in the
    top-right corner of the room.
    On the second floor, on the eastern side, a Rich Boy will battle you if you
    talk to him. He has a Lepardas L36 and that's it. Right by him, though, is a
    shop that sells TM15 (Hyper Beam) and TM68 (Giga Impact) for a whopping $90000
    a piece. Each of these attacks is a powerful Normal-type attack with 150 power,
    but Hyper Beam is Special-based and Giga Impact is Physical-based. Both require
    the user to recharge on the following turn, but they may still be helpful in a
    On the west side of the floor, you can buy a huge variety of different Poke
    Balls and Mail.
    Head up to the third floor. The shop on the west sells vitamins (Protein, Iron,
    Calcium, Zinc, Carbos, and HP Up) at the left counter for $9800 each and sells
    the X items on the right counter.
    Just off in the middle circle area is a Waiter with a Chillarmy L36 and a
    Lamprah L36. There's also a Lady you can battle with a Murand L36 upstairs.
    Lastly, you can talk to the worker guy and he'll give you a Thunderstone if you
    answer yes to his question. Hmm, that sure does give you a lot of Thunderstones
    throughout the game...
    Whenever you're done, head on east to Souryuu City!
    (_| s5.8.7. Souryuu City |___________________________________________________)
      ||            The different looks of Souryuu City            ||
      || Depending on which version you're playing, Souryuu City   ||
      || will look drastically different. In Pokemon Black, the    ||
      || whole city is very dark, lit up with cool blue lights all ||
      || over the ground and the walls; in Pokemon White, the city ||
      || is a lot more rural looking, having older looking         ||
      || buildings.                                                ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || There are no major differences aside from that, and all   ||
      || directions I provide are exactly the same in each         ||
      || version, but just keep that in mind as you're playing     ||
      || through.                                                  ||
    Not too far after entering Souryuu City, Adeku will be there, and he takes you
    to the back of some huge gathering. It's Geechisu again! He's talking with a
    bunch of his Team Plasma goons similarly as he did back in Karakusa Town! He
    says a bunch of stuff, then leaves, stopping in place so his Plasma Grunt can
    take formation. Really? He can't be that high ranked if he has to stop in place
    for one of his goons, haha...
    So that seriously worries everyone, including- hey, is that Iris from earlier?
    By golly, it is! Adeku takes you on over to say hi to Iris and her grandpa,
    Jaga. They talk about N, Zekrom and Reshiram, and a bunch of other stuff. After
    telling you that you need to get the Gym Badge here, Adeku heads off.
    Iris leads you forward, in sight of the Pokemon Center, then heads a bit ahead
    of you. Go ahead and follow her. She just can't wait to take you to Jaga's
    house, where he's already waiting for you inside.
    The two of them proceed to tell you the whole story of Reshiram and Zekrom,
    going on in elaborate detail that would undoubtedly be so much more engaging if
    you knew what they were saying. Afterwards, one of them -- depending on which
    version you're playing (Jaga in Black and Iris in White) -- will head off to
    the Gym.
    Before leaving, head upstairs and talk to the football player and he'll tell
    you "Let's Slim Diet!" and give you a Pumice Stone, a held item that lowers the
    bearer's weight, causing it to receive less damage from attacks like Low Kick
    or Grass Knot. Talk to the girl on the other end of the table and she'll give
    you an Aim Target, which allows the user's attacks to hit Pokemon that have an
    immunity to that attack due to the type chart, such as Normal-type attacks
    hitting Ghost-type Pokemon.
    In one of the houses on the west side of town, there's a gentleman inside who
    will give you a Present Box or something for the Pokemon Musical.
    The Souryuu Gym is in the northwest corner of the city, but you may want to
    check out the rest of the city first.
    In the first house to the east of the Gym, talk to the girl inside and she'll
    give you the Destiny Knot, a held item that infatuates the opponent if the user
    becomes infatuated by Attract or Cute Charm. Not really all that helpful,
    really. Oh well.
    In the next house to the west, you can participate in Rotation Battles in Black
    or Triple Battles in White. The Cool Trainer in the middle will fight you with
    her trio of monkeys, using a Yanakki L39, a Hiyakki L39, and a Baokki L39, all
    in the Rotation Battle or Triple Battle format (depending on your version).
    Upstairs, there's another Cool Trainer that will battle you, although with a
    more diverse team. Sort of. He uses a Kojofu L39, a Rigrey L39, and a Komatana
    In a house on the eastern side of town, if you head upstairs, there's a guy
    that will ask to see a Pokemon with the move Charge. I didn't have one handy,
    but I'm pretty sure he'll give you something if you show him a Pokemon with
    that move.
    Whenever you're done and all healed up, head on over to the Souryuu Gym to earn
    your final Gym Badge!
    (_| s5.8.8. Souryuu Gym |____________________________________________________)
    The first Cool Trainer in the gym has a lone Onondo L41. Go ahead and get him
    out of the way, but be wary of its Dragon Dance attack, which raises its Attack
    and Speed by one stage. A lot of Dragon-type Pokemon have this attack and it is
    capable of turning that Pokemon into one-Pokemon wrecking crew rather quickly,
    so try to take out these Dragon-types as quickly as possible.
    Now, head east and you'll follow a long, snakey path before reaching a
    junction. As per usual, here are the steps to get through the Gym.
      o Past the first long snakey path, head right and jump across the ledge.    
      o Walk north and fight the Cool Trainer, who has a Monozu L41 -- a          
      o Head west and jump down the ledge. That will cause the dragon's head to   
        turn to the left.                                                         
      o Walk west, north (up the dragon), then west some more, and finally south  
        until you find another Cool Trainer. He has two Onondo L40 on his team.   
      o Jump down the ledge, which will cause the dragon to face up.              
      o Head east, then up the dragon, up to the platform up top, then head east  
        and around until you run into another Cool Trainer. She uses an Onondo    
      o Keep continuing forward until you jump down the ledge, which will cause   
        that dragon's right hand to lower and its head to turn towards the Gym    
      o Jump down the southern ramp and head south until you run into a Veteran.  
        He uses a Crimgan L42.                                                    
      o After beating him, head west, thne north, and then east to jump down the  
        ledge. Doing so causes the dragon to raise its left hand while also       
        turning its head to the right.                                            
      o Climb the dragon by heading north, then keep going until you walk down a  
        flight of stairs leading you to a Cool Trainer. This one has a Monozu L39,
        a Onondo L39 and a Crimgan L39.                                           
      o Head south of that Trainer, then jump down the ledge. This causes a third 
        dragon to lower one of its claws and turn its head forward.               
      o That dragon head isn't going to take you anywhere, so jump down the       
        northern ledge and keep going until you're back to where that Cool Trainer
        was. Go back south and jump down the ledge you just jumped down to return 
        the dragon's head to where it was, off to the west.                       
      o Climb the dragon's head to the south and then follow the path to another  
        Cool Trainer. She uses a Monozu L40 and a Crimgan L40.                    
      o Jump down the ledge, which causes the dragon to reach its head to a high  
        up platform.                                                              
      o Climb the dragon's head once again, then follow the path around until you 
        get to a fork in the road. The northern route is blocked by the Veteran,  
        so head east and you'll find a lady Veteran Trainer with an Onondo L40 and
        an Onondo L41.                                                            
      o Jump down the ledge right near her, which will cause the dragon to reach  
        its head right up to the Gym Leader.                                      
      o Now just climb up the dragon's head and you'll be right at the Gym Leader!
    If you need to heal, you can take the green teleporter behind the Gym Leader to
    return to the entrance of the Gym. Do that if you need to, save your game, and
    get ready to take on the final Gym Leader!
     /  MY POKEMON  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Here's what my team was at this point... |)
    ( #009 | Daikenki    |    WTR    | L46                         )
    ( #014 | Murand      |    NRM    | L46                         )
    ( #032 | Gigaias     |    RCK    | L46                         )
    ( #040 | Rohbshin    |    FTG    | L46                         )
    ( #067 | Shinbora    | PSY / FLY | L46                         )
    ( #117 | Onondo      |    DRG    | L47                         )
    Depending on which version you're playing, you'll face off against either Jaga
    (Black) or Iris (White). Ultimately, they each have the same Pokemon, so the
    only real difference is the genders of their Pokemon, which match what the Gym
    Leader's genders are. It only matters if you're using Attract, really. Because
    of that, the strategy remains the same.
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $5160 ||
    |\   Leader Jaga               |/-------\|
    |*| Onondo       |    DRG    | L41 | M |#|
    |*|[  Dragon Tail   ][   Assurance    ]|#|
    |*|[  Dragon Rage   ][  Dragon Dance  ]|#|
    |*| Crimgan      |    DRG    | L41 | M |#|
    |*|[  Night Slash   ][   Repayment    ]|#|
    |*|[    Revenge     ][  Dragon Tail   ]|#|
    |*| Ononox       |    DRG    | L43 | M |#|
    |*|[     Slash      ][  Dragon Tail   ]|#|
    |*|[   Assurance    ][  Dragon Dance  ]|#|
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $5160 ||
    |\   Leader Iris               |/-------\|
    |*| Onondo       |    DRG    | L41 | F |#|
    |*|[  Dragon Tail   ][   Assurance    ]|#|
    |*|[  Dragon Rage   ][  Dragon Dance  ]|#|
    |*| Crimgan      |    DRG    | L41 | F |#|
    |*|[  Night Slash   ][   Repayment    ]|#|
    |*|[    Revenge     ][  Dragon Tail   ]|#|
    |*| Ononox       |    DRG    | L43 | F |#|
    |*|[     Slash      ][  Dragon Tail   ]|#|
    |*|[   Assurance    ][  Dragon Dance  ]|#|
    Onondo and Ononox are both capable of using Dragon Dance, while all three of
    Jaga or Iris' Pokemon can use Dragon Tail to hit hard and force you to switch
    your Pokemon. This can become rather annoying after awhile, plus Dragon Dance
    pumps their already-high Attack and decent Speed up a stage each, making them
    quite deadly.
    All three have a Dark-type attack at their disposal in the form of Assurance or
    Night Slash, while Crimgan also has Revenge to hit for some Fighting-type
    damage. Your best bet against these powerful Dragons is Ice- or Dragon-type
    attacks, because that is their only weakness. Strong STAB attacks performed by
    the user are also effective if you don't have any Ice- or Dragon-type Pokemon
    yourself, although avoid using Fire-, Water-, Grass-, or Electric-type attacks
    against them, because they'll be rendered much weaker.
    Ononox in particular is very scary, because it has uber-level Attack and decent
    Speed to boost. If it manages to pull off one Dragon Dance, it will rip you
    apart; if it can pull off two, you're as good as done in the fight unless you
    can withstand a lot of hits. However, remember that Dragon Tail has very low
    priority, so it will always strike last -- this can work to your advantage and
    at least give you a turn to do something to the Gym Leader's Pokemon. Also keep
    in mind that Jaga or Iris will heal their Pokemon with up to two Hyper Potions
    throughout the battle, clearing away your efforts.
    After beating Jaga or Iris, they'll give you your final Gym Badge, the Legend
    Badge. It ensures any traded Pokemon will obey you, regardless of its level.
    Additionally, Jaga or Iris will give you TM82 (Dragon Tail), a
    moderately-strong Dragon-type attack that always strikes last and forces the
    target to switch afterwards; if used in a wild Pokemon battle, it ejects that
    Pokemon from the fight permanently after damage.
    Now that you've earned all 8 Badges, you're going to want to exit the Gym and
    head northeast to Route 10, on your way to Victory Road and the Pokemon League!
    As soon as you exit the Gym, though, Prof. Araragi will be outside and notice
    you've gotten all 8 Badges, she'll congratulate you, then bring you over to the
    gate heading to Route 10. She'll then ask a question, which I just answered yes
    to, and afterwards... she'll give you the Master Ball, an item that catches
    whatever wild Pokemon you toss it at with a 100% chance of catching it, no
    matter what! You can only really get one of these in the game, though, unless
    you trade or get very, very lucky, so don't waste it on anything!
    As you head through the gate to Route 10, though, the gate clerk inside will
    tell you she heard on her Livecaster that they're having a terrible storm or
    something on Route 7, so maybe you should check that out first. And by "maybe
    you should check that out," I mean you should check that out if you want
    another legendary Pokemon!
    It's up to you whether you want to check out Route 7 and encounter another
    legendary Pokemon or if you just want to get things done at the Elite Four.
    /#| s5.9. Pokemon League |################################################::~/
    (_| s5.9.1. Route 10 |_______________________________________________________)
    Get ready for the final stretch! There are plenty of Trainers and Pokemon on
    this route leading to Victory Road, so get ready for a few more battles up
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 10                           |)
    ( #132 | Bufflon     |    NRM    | L34, 35                     )
    There's a Battle Girl near the beginning of the route with a Zulzkin L39 and a
    Kojofu L39. Just to the north of her is a patch of grass with three "items" in
    it, although the two on the left are Tamagetake L30; the right one is a Full
    Further down the road to the east lies a Cool Trainer with an Onondo L39, a
    Shibibeel L39, and an Agilder L39. The female Veteran after her has a
    Marakutchi L39, a Freejio L40, and a Mamanbou L39.
    As you reach the end of the bridge, Cheren and Belle will come up to you and
    say that Jaga told them Araragi talked to you or something like that. Then
    Cheren will want to take you on before taking on the Pokemon League!
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $4500 ||
    |\   PKMN Trainer Cheren       |/-------\|
    |*| Kenhoroh     | NRM / FLY | L43 | M |#|
    |*|[   Razor Wind   ][   Air Slash    ]|#|
    |*|[     Detect     ][     Taunt      ]|#|
    |*| Lepardas     |    DRK    | L43 | M |#|
    |*|[     Slash      ][  Night Slash   ]|#|
    |*|[   Assurance    ][     Taunt      ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Tsutaja) ]*****|#|
    |*| Yanakki      |    GRS    | L43 | M |#|
    |*|[   Seed Bomb    ][      Lick      ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][      Leer      ]|#|
    |*| Enbuoh       | PSY / FIR | L45 | M |#|
    |*|[   Head Smash   ][  Flamethrower  ]|#|
    |*|[   Assurance    ][   Heat Stamp   ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|*****[ (if you picked Pokabu) ]*****|#|
    |*| Baokki       |    FIR    | L43 | M |#|
    |*|[  Flame Burst   ][      Lick      ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][      Leer      ]|#|
    |*| Daikenki     |    WTR    | L45 | M |#|
    |*|[   Aqua Tail    ][     Slash      ]|#|
    |*|[    Aqua Jet    ][     Encore     ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|****[ (if you picked Mijumaru) ]****|#|
    |*| Hiyakki      |    WTR    | L43 | M |#|
    |*|[   Boil Over    ][      Lick      ]|#|
    |*|[  Fury Swipes   ][      Leer      ]|#|
    |*| Jaroda       |    GRS    | L45 | M |#|
    |*|[   Leaf Blade   ][      Slam      ]|#|
    |*|[   Giga Drain   ][   Snake Coil   ]|#|
    Immediately after defeating Cheren, he'll heal up your Pokemon, then step
    aside, wishing you luck. Belle will give you a Max Revive just to be nice, then
    after a lot more dialogue, the two of them head off.
    Victory Road is up ahead, but there's some thick grass just to your north, so
    you should check that out really quick.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 10 (Thick Grass)             |)
    ( #013 | Harderrier  |    NRM    | L36, 38, 39                 )
    ( #045 | Dageki      |    FTG    | L38                         )
    ( #132 | Bufflon     |    NRM    | L38, 39, 40                 )
    ( #135 | Vulchai     | DRK / FLY | L39, 41                     )
    :)                                              * Black only. (:
    ( #133 | Washibon    | NRM / FLY | L39, 41                     )
    :)                                              * White only. (:
    ( #097 | Morobareru  | GRS / PSN | L39, 40                     )
    There are more "items" scattered back here, although they are actually just
    Morobareru L40. The first two you encounter are Morobareru, while the third is
    actually a Hyper Potion and the fourth is a Dawn Stone. There's also a Black
    Belt back there with a Dageki L40 on his team.
    Keep going west, then south across the bridge to fight a Hiker. He uses a
    Dotekkotsu L38 and a Gantle L38. Talk to the Veteran hiding in the trees just
    south of him and he'll give you another Dusk Stone. Then, head east and pick up
    TM05 (Roar), a move that makes you act last, but then forces the opponent
    Pokemon out of the battle, ending the fight if it's a wild Pokemon or switching
    out another Pokemon if it's a Trainer battle. Not overly useful in-game, but it
    has its definite strategic purposes when battling against friends or online.
    Now head back east, except rather than getting distracted by the thick grass,
    keep going and fight a Cool Trainer with a Mebukijika L40 and a rather
    huge-looking Bloongell L40. Just past her is a Veteran, who has a Tsunbear L39,
    a Gamageroge L39, and a Shubalgo L40. Jump down the nearby ledge and you can
    pick up a Full Restore, then head through the Badge Check Gate.
    __|_| Badge Check Gate |______________________________________________________
    You'll proceed through the gates one badge at a time, showing the badges as
    proof of victory. It's pretty silly, because you obviously have them by now,
    but it at least adds to the authenticity and the effect of the old Red and
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Badge Check Gate                   |)
    ( #045 | Dageki      |    FTG    | L36                         )
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Badge Check Gate (Thick Grass)     |)
    ( #013 | Harderrier  |    NRM    | L39                         )
    ( #132 | Bufflon     |    NRM    | L40                         )
    ( #045 | Dageki      |    FTG    | L38                         )
    There are some patches of tall and thick grass on the way, and the scenery is
    all pretty cool. The Jet Badge room in particular is really awesome, let's just
    Keep going til you reach the very end, which will lead you right into the
    entrance of Victory Road!
    (_| s5.9.2. Victory Road |___________________________________________________)
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Victory Road (Outside)             |)
    ( #137 | Kuitaran    |    FIR    | L37, 38, 39, 40             )
    ( #133 | Washibon    | NRM / FLY | L38, 40                     )
    :)                                              * White only. (:
    ( #135 | Vulchai     | DRK / FLY | L38, 40                     )
    :)                                              * Black only. (:
    ( #125 | Kojofu      |    FTG    | L38, 40                     )
    ( #117 | Onondo      |    DRG    | L40                         )
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Victory Road (Inside)              |)
    ( #036 | Doryuuzu    | GRD / STL | L36, 37, 39, 40, 41         )
    :)                      * Rare, only inside of swirling dust. (:
    ( #138 | Aiant       | BUG / STL | L37, 38, 39, 40, 42         )
    ( #125 | Kojofu      |    FTG    | L39, 41                     )
    ( #139 | Monozu      | DRK / DRG | L38, 40                     )
    ( #033 | Koromori    | PSY / FLY | L37, 39, 40, 41             )
    ( #031 | Gantle      |    RCK    | L37, 39, 41                 )
    You'll start at the outside of a big cave complex. Not much to see out here, so
    just go ahead and head inside.
    If you have a Pokemon with Surf, go ahead and cross the water in the northern
    part of the room to reach a Max Revive. Otherwise, climb the stairs and head to
    the second floor.
    Upstairs is a Cool Trainer with a Elfoon L45 and a Zebraika L45. Beat her, then
    head outside to the south.
    You'll be along a cliff thingy out there. As you walk forward, the two Trainers
    up atop the cliff will notice you. One of them will slide down the edge of the
    cliff while the other will be too chicken to. That's your cue; you can slide
    down any cliffs near the breaks in the fence while on the outside.
    The first cliff you should slide down is the one off to the east. Slide down
    there, then keep heading east, then head back into the insides of the cave.
    Inside, you can surf across the water for a shortcut, but there's also a Rare
    Candy across the water to the north that you should get first. Head up the
    stairs on the western side of the room.
    Up the stairs, ignore the southern exit; it just takes you back outside where
    you can slide down to where you just came from. Instead, head north and climb
    up even more stairs.
    One more Cool Trainer for you to fight here. This guy has a Murand L45 and a
    Pendrah L45. Go outside after you've taken him on.
    Now's where you have some options. Head west and then there will be two
    entrances of the cave you can go into...
    Going into the first one (which is optional, but advisable) leads you to a
    Veteran with an Orbem L44, a Dredia L45, and a Kuitaran L44. Once again, you're
    faced with going either east and down the stairs or up and up the stairs. Go
    ahead and go east so you can push the boulder you saw earlier out of the way,
    granting you quicker access here in case you need to heal or leave or
    something, then go up the stairs and fight another Cool Trainer, who uses a
    Yanakki L44, a Hiyakki L44, and, you guessed it, a Baokki L44. Just past her is
    a Full Restore out the exit. Go back to where the two entrances were, and then
    go inside of the second entrance to the west.
    In the second entrance, which is the one you actually want to go in, head
    inside and fight the Black Belt. He has a Zulzkin L43, a Kojofu L43, and a
    Rohbshin L43. Head upstairs, and then fight the Doctor right there. You know
    you want to fight him! He's got a Gochimiru L43 and a Hahakomori L43. After the
    battle, he'll heal up your Pokemon, and will heal them any time you talk to him
    in the future. Sweet!
    Head along the edge of the room, then push the boulder into the hole to help
    you avoid taking the long way again. Head up the stairs and then you'll be able
    to go either north or south. South takes you to the edge, which lets you jump
    down the cliff and back to an earlier spot; north is where you really want to
    Climb those stairs, then fight the Cool Trainer. He uses a Gigearu L44, a
    Hihidaruma L44, and a Gamageroge L44. Once more, you'll be able to choose
    between left and right, so choose the left exit to reach a Full Heal, then take
    the right exit to get to another place outside.
    Uh oh, there are two breaks in the fence, and you can't see down below you!
    What do you do? Just fall down the one to the far right, that's what you do.
    It'll take you down to a previously inaccessible ledge with a cave. Inside the
    cave, there are a bunch of steps for you to climb, along with a Veteran for you
    to fight. He's got a Gigaias L45 and a Shibildon L46.
    Keep climbing up those steps until you reach the next floor, where you can go
    south to go outside or go down some stairs to the west.
      ||                Legendary Pokemon: Terakion                ||
      || If you've already visited the Fukiyose Grotto and         ||
      || released the legendary Pokemon there, you can find        ||
      || yourself the third of the trio hiding in here: Terakion.  ||
      || Just go down those stairs to the west, shove the boulder  ||
      || out of the way, and then head west across the boulder     ||
      || until you see a cave. Terakion will be waiting inside for ||
      || you if those conditions have been met! Save your game,    ||
      || then take on the legendary beast!                         ||
      ||                                                           ||
      ||   ,------------.________________________                  ||
      ||  / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\                 ||
      || (|   Victory Road (Hidden)              |)                ||
      || :)--------------------------------------`\______________  ||
      || ( #145 | Terakion    | RCK / FTG | L42                  ) ||
      ||  `-----^-------------^-----------^---------------------'  ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || As with most Pokemon, Dusk Balls are your absolute best   ||
      || bet, but Ultra Balls will function pretty well, too.      ||
      || Weaken it to the best of your ability, then just keep     ||
      || chucking Dusk Balls at it. It may take some time, but if  ||
      || you run too low on balls to use, just reset and try       ||
      || again.                                                    ||
    Regardless of if you want to catch Terakion or not, you'll want to head outside
    at some point, so go ahead and do that afterwards. Now, you can slide down to
    the right, but that just takes you back to whence you came. There's a Pokemon
    Ranger that remarks depending on where you slide, you'll end up at a different
    place. True, very true, so you need to aim carefully.
    These next two parts are optional; you might want to head north to the Pokemon
    League right now before doing them so you can quickly fly back there, since
    you'll be sent to the beginning.
    Aiming to the right of the man will cause you to slide allllll the way down,
    although to a previously inaccessible valley. There's a Nugget down there, as
    well as a cave. Inside of the cave, head up the steps, but keep a watchful eye
    because you can actually head east as you're heading up the stairs. There's a
    hidden Max Revive in the area as well as a hidden Max Potion. Finally, keep
    going up the stairs and you'll reach a ledge with TM02 (Dragon Claw), a
    powerful Physical-based Dragon-type attack that has no other effects, but a lot
    of clawed Pokemon can learn it. The ledge takes you back to where the Black
    Belt was.
    Falling down to the left of the man leads you to a bridge that has TM93 (Wild
    Bolt) on the other side, which is a powerful Physical-based Electric-type
    attack that inflicts 25% of the damage as recoil to the user, making it
    powerful but also harmful. It's still good, though, so you might as well teach
    it to something that can make good use of it that can't learn Thunderbolt (or
    has way less Sp. Atk than it does Attack). Fall down once again and then cross
    the next bridge to reach a cave that has a Calcium there, right by where the
    Doctor was. Don't jump just yet, though; head out of the cave and back to where
    you fell to fall down again. Over there you can get an Ultra Ball. Yeah, now
    you have to run east and you're at the very entrance again... but wasn't it
    worth it?
    Alright, now that's out of the way. Head on north to the glorious Pokemon
    (_| s5.9.3. Pokemon League |_________________________________________________)
    Whoa, just take a look at this place! Is this amazing or what? You'll notice
    there's really a lack of any Pokemon Center or anything right away, but don't
    worry, just head to the west. That building there has a Pokemon Center and a
    Poke Mart where you can buy lots of stuff from.
    Before taking on the Elite Four, I strongly, strongly recommend having at least
    20 Hyper Potions, 10 Full Restores, 20 Revives, and 10 Full Heals. X Attacks, X
    Defends, X Speeds, X Specials, and X Sp. Defs are also highly recommended,
    because they almost guarantee you can win a fight as long as you save your game
    before each battle. You can use the defensive ones right away to stack on those
    defense bonuses, then load up a Speed or two, and finally use either X Attacks
    or X Specials to raise your Pokemon's main attacking stat, then just chop
    through their team. Don't switch no matter what, obviously! Yeah, that's a good
    strategy that works well that, well, you know, you should know in advance.
    Also, make absolutely certain you have plenty of Dusk Balls and Ultra Balls!
    I'd recommend 30 - 40 between the two, though more never hurts. Just trust me
    on this.
    Alright, so here's what's on my team right before taking on the Elite Four...
     /  MY POKEMON  \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Here's what my team was at this point... |)
    ( #009 | Daikenki    |    WTR    | L49                         )
    ( #014 | Murand      |    NRM    | L48                         )
    ( #032 | Gigaias     |    RCK    | L48                         )
    ( #040 | Rohbshin    |    FTG    | L48                         )
    ( #067 | Shinbora    | PSY / FLY | L49                         )
    ( #118 | Ononox      |    DRG    | L49                         )
    I'd recommend your team be at least level 42 before taking them on, but 45+ is
    Once you go in to challenge the Elite Four, the only way you'll be able to
    leave is if you lose. You don't get to heal at a Pokemon Center. There are no
    doctors! You do this hardcore if you want to be the champ, so make sure you've
    got all of your affairs in order before you head in. Once you're ready, save
    your game, then proceed inward!
    (_| s5.9.4. Elite Four |_____________________________________________________)
    Unlike the previous games, you can now fight the Elite Four in any order you
    want. This may not necessarily work to your advantage, but hey, it's nice to
    see a change of pace for a change. After all, why does the last member of the
    Elite Four have to be the... the elitist, huh?
    You can fight them in whatever order, but I'll be fighting them going
    clockwise, starting from the room to the west, then taking on the northwest
    one, then the northeast one, and lastly the east one. It's a logical path, but
    if you would rather take one of them on in a different order, be my guest.
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $6000 ||
    |\   Elite Four Shikimi        |/-------\|
    |*| Deskaan      |    GHO    | L48 | F |#|
    |*|[    Psychic     ][  Shadow Ball   ]|#|
    |*|[   Grass Knot   ][  Will-O-Wisp   ]|#|
    |*| Goluug       | GRD / GHO | L48 |   |#|
    |*|[   Earthquake   ][  Brick Break   ]|#|
    |*|[  Shadow Punch  ][     Curse      ]|#|
    |*| Bloongell    | WTR / GHO | L48 | F |#|
    |*|[      Surf      ][  Shadow Ball   ]|#|
    |*|[  Energy Ball   ][     Brine      ]|#|
    |*| Shandela     | GHO / FIR | L50 | F |#|
    |*|[   Fire Blast   ][    Psychic     ]|#|
    |*|[  Shadow Ball   ][    Payback     ]|#|
    Her Pokemon are all part-Ghost-type, so Normal- and Fighting-type attacks will
    not hit them. Normal-type Pokemon, however, can serve as a valuable defense
    against her Pokemon's stronger Ghost-type attacks, so try to have a Normal-type
    with something like Crunch, Shadow Claw, or Shadow Ball available to hit her
    Pokemon hard.
    Shandela in particular is a real pain due to its high Sp. Atk. It will hit very
    hard and you may not be able to withstand its attacks for overly long without
    healing. Handle it with care!
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $6000 ||
    |\   Elite Four Giima          |/-------\|
    |*| Zulzkin      | DRK / FTG | L48 | M |#|
    |*|[     Crunch     ][   Poison Jab   ]|#|
    |*|[  Brick Break   ][  Sand-Attack   ]|#|
    |*| Lepardas     |    DRK    | L48 | F |#|
    |*|[  Night Slash   ][   Aerial Ace   ]|#|
    |*|[    Fake Out    ][    Attract     ]|#|
    |*| Warubiaru    | GRD / DRK | L48 | F |#|
    |*|[   Earthquake   ][    Trickery    ]|#|
    |*|[     Crunch     ][  Dragon Claw   ]|#|
    |*| Kirikizan    | STL / DRK | L50 | F |#|
    |*|[   X-Scissor    ][  Night Slash   ]|#|
    |*|[   Aerial Ace   ][   Metal Claw   ]|#|
    He uses all Dark-type Pokemon on his team, but they have very different
    typings. Thankfully they all have a common weakness to Fighting-type attacks,
    so make use of your TM moves like Brick Break and Focus Blast. Kirikizan is
    very weak to Fighting-type attacks, but is also weak to the usual stuff
    Steel-types are weak to.
    Don't underestimate his Pokemon, though, because they all have very high Attack
    stats and can do some serious damage with their attacks!
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $6000 ||
    |\   Elite Four Caitlin        |/-------\|
    |*| Rankurus     |    PSY    | L48 | F |#|
    |*|[    Thunder     ][  Focus Blast   ]|#|
    |*|[    Psychic     ][  Energy Ball   ]|#|
    |*| Shinbora     | PSY / FLY | L48 | F |#|
    |*|[    Ice Beam    ][    Psychic     ]|#|
    |*|[  Shadow Ball   ][   Air Slash    ]|#|
    |*| Musharna     |    PSY    | L48 | F |#|
    |*|[    Psychic     ][  Shadow Ball   ]|#|
    |*|[  Charge Beam   ][    Reflect     ]|#|
    |*| Gochiruzel   |    PSY    | L50 | F |#|
    |*|[  Thunderbolt   ][    Psychic     ]|#|
    |*|[  Shadow Ball   ][   Calm Mind    ]|#|
    Yes, this is the same Caitlin that fought beside Darach in the Battle Frontier
    of the older games. Now she's a member of the Elite Four, and she uses some
    pretty wicked Psychic-type Pokemon.
    Her team of Psychics have a diverse set of moves on each other them, so you'll
    have to really watch out! Each one of them packs a powerful Psychic, but you'll
    also find Electric- and Ghost-type attacks on most of her Pokemon, so be wary!
    Dark-, Bug-, and Ghost-type attacks are the way to go. Moves such as Shadow
    Claw, U-Turn, or even Bug Repellant would be helpful in your fight.
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $6000 ||
    |\   Elite Four Renbu          |/-------\|
    |*| Nageki       |    FTG    | L48 | M |#|
    |*|[   Stone Edge   ][  Level Field   ]|#|
    |*|[    Payback     ][ Mountain Storm ]|#|
    |*| Dageki       |    FTG    | L48 | M |#|
    |*|[   Stone Edge   ][  Retribution   ]|#|
    |*|[  Karate Chop   ][   Grass Knot   ]|#|
    |*| Rohbshin     |    FTG    | L48 | M |#|
    |*|[   Hammer Arm   ][   Stone Edge   ]|#|
    |*|[  Retribution   ][   Grass Knot   ]|#|
    |*| Kojond       |    FTG    | L50 | M |#|
    |*|[   Jump Kick    ][   Rock Slide   ]|#|
    |*|[     U-Turn     ][  Retribution   ]|#|
    Though all of Renbu's Pokemon are pure Fighting-type, they have very diverse
    attacks set to counter Flying- and Psychic-type Pokemon. Expect to be hit in
    the face if you try to use any of those Pokemon. There are very few types that
    can survive the whole of Renbu's onslaught, but give any Pokemon Flying-type
    attacks like Acrobat or Freefall to help turn the tide in your favor.
    If you can't take advantage of the type chart, just do things the old fashioned
    way by using your strongest attacks against him. X Defends come in handy, and
    any Pokemon that has a high Defense stat (that isn't weak to Fighting-type
    attacks) will do well here.
    After you've beaten the Elite Four, the statue in the middle will start
    glowing. Press A, and you'll descend into the depths of the mountain... climb
    up the countless steps to the north until you see a little shrine sitting
      ||                     No need to heal!                      ||
      || After beating the final member of the Elite Four, don't   ||
      || worry about healing your Pokemon by using your items.     ||
      || Save them. You'll have an opportunity to heal before your ||
      || next battle, so there's no reason in the world you should ||
      || waste your items healing!                                 ||
    (_| s5.9.5. Endgame |________________________________________________________)
    Walk up the stairs and then... you'll see N! He just battled against Adeku, the
    real Champion, and now that he has the power of Zekrom or Reshiram, he defeated
    him like it was nothing.
    However, once you show up, he'll say some stuff about your Light Stone and how
    his Zekrom is way better than that (or the Dark Stone and Reshiram in White, of
    course). But then, he raises his hand and sends forth a WICKEDLY AWESOME
    POKEMON LEAGUE WITH STAIRS!! There's no better way to capture my enthusiasm
    than with CAPS, trust me. It's very cool.
    After you recover from what just happened, Cheren just runs in like it was
    nothing and says some stuff to Adeku. The two of them then tell you that you
    need to go on! You just need to!
    Go ahead and climb the stairs to make your way into N's Castle!
    __|_| N's Castle |____________________________________________________________
    6 of the Plasma sage dudes will all be inside, stepping forward and telling you
    how good and stuff they are. You're definitely outnumbered by a lot of old
    dudes. That's not good! But, just when you need it the most, you receive a very
    welcome surprise! Yahkon shows up, followed by 7 other Gym Leaders from Isshu!
    (The trio from Sanyou City are absent, and both Iris and Jaga show up.)
    They step in to stop the six sages, saying how you're going to triumph over
    evil because you have the Light Stone (or the Dark Stone in White).
    Woohoo, so they're gonna be busy for awhile, leaving you free to explore the
    rest of the castle and find where N ran off to. Head to the west, then through
    the little hall and back east to some stairs.
    __|_| N's Castle 2F |_________________________________________________________
    The first room you come across has nothing of importance in it, but as you head
    further east, you'll be stopped by one of the Dark Trinity, who tells you that
    you'll have a chance to heal and use the PC and stuff. Cool!
    Inside of the room that dude was looking towards is a lady with pink hair that
    will heal your Pokemon up to full health. See! Told you you didn't need to
    The room off to the east has a Max Potion in the back. Grab it, then head
    __|_| N's Castle 3F |_________________________________________________________
    Inside of the very first room you come across is a PC, which you can use to
    switch your Pokemon around.
      ||                  Make room for a Legend                   ||
      || Ok, spoilers, but you probably guessed it by this point   ||
      || anyway, so I'm going to spoil something so you're able to ||
      || make your decision now rather than wait until it's too    ||
      || late.                                                     ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || The very next fight you're going to enter is going to be  ||
      || against Reshiram if you're playing Black or Zekrom if     ||
      || you're playing White. You'll have a chance to catch it    ||
      || right then and there. If you catch it and have less than  ||
      || 6 Pokemon on your party, it will automatically be sent up ||
      || as your first Pokemon when you enter the following        ||
      || battle.                                                   ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || This does make it pretty cool, and being L50, it is       ||
      || definitely pretty powerful at that. However, not everyone ||
      || wants to use their legendary Pokemon right away, so if    ||
      || you don't want to, make sure your party is full right     ||
      || now. If you do think it'd be pretty sweet battling with   ||
      || your Reshiram or Zekrom, by all means, leave some room    ||
      || for it. It's a great Pokemon that will help you during    ||
      || this final chapter of the game!                           ||
    Do whatever there, then head over to the middle room, where there's a Max
    Revive just chillin' in the corner. You know you definitely want that. The
    third room has a Plasma Grunt in the corner that will give you an Ultra Ball if
    you talk to them. But most importantly...
      ||                Finish your business later!                ||
      || Did you forget something? Are your Pokemon not quite      ||
      || strong enough? Do you have something more important you   ||
      || need to do than save the world? Hey, whatever your        ||
      || reason, Trainer, you're free to leave at this point. Just ||
      || go into the third room from the right on the 3rd Floor of ||
      || N's Castle and talk to the Plasma Grunt in the top-right  ||
      || corner of the room. He'll offer to teleport you out.      ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || You'll be teleported back to the "Pokemon Center" in the  ||
      || Pokemon League. When you want to go back, all you need to ||
      || do is talk to the Plasma Grunt inside of that building    ||
      || and he'll send you back to that room.                     ||
    Right before taking the stairs to the 4th Floor, another of the Dark Trinity
    will stop you and say some more stuff about N. Great.
    __|_| N's Castle 4F |_________________________________________________________
    Immediately upstairs, the last member of the Dark Trinity points you into the
    direction of N's Room. That's where he spent his sad, lonely childhood, with
    only Pokemon as friends... or something like that. Go ahead and check it out
    and you'll see a bunch of toys, a basketball hoop, and, most importantly (for
    you, anyway), a Rare Candy right in the middle of a halfpipe. N can shred, huh?
    Never would have guessed.
    That's all there is there. In the next room over, there's a Grunt that talks
    about Team Rocket and Team Galactic and how they're so distant and dormant they
    don't matter. Or something. But there's also a Full Restore in there, so you
    don't want to pass that up.
    There's nothing at all you need to worry about in the third room, so just go
    forward and up the stairs.
    __|_| N's Castle 5F |_________________________________________________________
    Go forward, and then when you head towards the door, Geechisu will just be
    coming out of it and say some stuff about your Light Stone. He says some stuff
    about the Champion and about Isshu and stuff, but ultimately he just steps
    aside and allows you to proceed.
    __|_| N's Throne Room |_______________________________________________________
    As you walk forward, you'll see N sitting atop his throne, saying a bunch of
    stuff and basically calling you out. Go ahead and approach him, then he'll walk
    to the side and say a few things about himself and his feelings, about Reshiram
    (if you're playing Black) or Zekrom (if you're playing White), how it's just
    not there to save you now.
    Then, he raises his hand and summons forth his legendary Pokemon, Zekrom! Or
    Reshiram in White!
    AWESOME cutscene ensues of Zekrom or Reshiram CRASHING THROUGH THE WALL and
    landing back aways, then charging up its tail thing. BOOM, HUGE ATTACK,
    incredible music, and there it is, standing ready for some action.
    Then, all of a sudden... What? Your Light Stone (or Dark Stone in White) is
    reacting?! And then N is like "No, the Light Stone is summoning Reshiram!" or
    something like that (make the obvious substitution if playing White). Oh snap!
    The Light Stone is emitting some sort of aura!
    Another crazy cutscene ensues with the Stone spinning around wildly and
    bringing forth your version's legendary Pokemon, either Reshiram (Black) or
    Zekrom (White), and they use their big huge attack in a massive swirling storm
    of awesomeness. There, right behind you, lies the counter to N's plan!
    Be careful when mashing the A button to get through N's speech about good and
    evil, because as soon as you talk to Reshiram or Zekrom, you'll start your
    Take this moment to SAVE YOUR GAME, and then get ready to take on Reshiram or
      ||                        Yin or Yang                        ||
      || Both Reshiram and Zekrom are at L50. Reshiram is a        ||
      || Dragon/Fire-type while Zekrom is a Dragon/Electric-type,  ||
      || giving them both rather odd typings. Your goal is to      ||
      || catch Zekrom or Reshiram. In fact, that's the only way    ||
      || you'll be able to continue -- knocking them out will      ||
      || force you to fight them again!                            ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || Thankfully they're both easy to catch, all things         ||
      || considered. They don't have the same difficulty to catch  ||
      || as, say, Kobalion, Tornaeros, or Boltros have (they're    ||
      || more like Dialga, Palkia, or Gyarados from older          ||
      || generations), but they'll still prove to be a challenge.  ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || You don't need to worry about leaving your Pokemon weak   ||
      || after the battle, because they will be healed afterwards. ||
    After catching Reshiram, N will come over to heal your Pokemon, then he'll step
    back to his side of the ring and challenge you to a battle right then and
     _______________                _________
    || BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~||$10000 ||
    |\   Team Plasma N  (in Black) |/-------\|
    |*| Zekrom       | DRG / ELC | L52 |   |#|
    |*|[  Giga Impact   ][ Cross Thunder  ]|#|
    |*|[  Zen Headbutt  ][  Light Screen  ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|********[ (in PKMN White) ]*********|#|
    |*| Reshiram     | DRG / FIR | L52 |   |#|
    |*|[   Hyper Beam   ][  Cross Flame   ]|#|
    |*|[  Extrasensory  ][    Reflect     ]|#|
    |*|                                    |#|
    |*|********[ (both versions) ]*********|#|
    |*| Abagora      | WTR / RCK | L50 | M |#|
    |*|[   Stone Edge   ][   Waterfall    ]|#|
    |*|[     Crunch     ][    Aqua Jet    ]|#|
    |*| Gigigearu    | PSY / FIR | L50 |   |#|
    |*|[   Hyper Beam   ][  Thunderbolt   ]|#|
    |*|[  Flash Cannon  ][  Metal Sound   ]|#|
    |*| Baibanira    |    ICE    | L50 | M |#|
    |*|[    Blizzard    ][  Flash Cannon  ]|#|
    |*|[   Ice Breath   ][      Hail      ]|#|
    |*| Zoroark      |    DRK    | L50 | M |#|
    |*|[  Focus Blast   ][  Flamethrower  ]|#|
    |*|[  Night Slash   ][  Retribution   ]|#|
    |*| Ahkeos       | RCK / FLY | L50 | M |#|
    |*|[   Stone Edge   ][     Crunch     ]|#|
    |*|[  Dragon Claw   ][    Acrobat     ]|#|
    He'll lead with either Zekrom or Reshiram, depending on your version of the
    game. If you had room in your party, you'll lead with your own Reshiram or
    If you're using Reshiram (i.e., you're playing Black), Zekrom should go down in
    about two hits of DragonBreath, since Reshiram has such high Sp. Atk.
    Reshiram's Cross Flame attack isn't very effective against Zekrom until it uses
    Cross Thunder against it, then it'll do about as much as DragonBreath. Instead,
    save your Cross Flames for future Pokemon. Unfortunately, if you're playing
    Black, he sends out Abagora or Ahkeos and will likely take you out with Stone
    Edge right away, which stinks.
    If you're using Zekrom, though, you should be able to take out Reshiram. Use
    Zen Headbutt to KO it, or go ahead and try DragonBreath to see how much it does
    (it'll do less than Reshiram will do with it). After you've taken down
    Reshiram, if you've got Cross Thunder activated by a hit from Cross Flame,
    you'll have nothing opposing you except the ice cream cone, which you can
    probably take out with a Thunderbolt (be careful, though).
    Not using these two? Watch out, because both Zekrom and Reshiram are pretty
    tough! Their signature attacks will hit pretty hard, so you'll want to avoid
    anything that's weak to them. Ground- or Dragon-type Pokemon or attacks are
    your best bet, although Rock-type attacks work great against Reshiram while
    Ice-type attacks hit Zekrom pretty hard.
    The rest of N's team are no laughing matter. They have almost a unanimous
    weakness to Fighting-type attacks, however, so smash 'em up with Brick Break,
    Low Kick 2.0, Focus Blast, and any other Fighting-type attack you've got in
    your arsenal.
    Ahkeos is very zippy and has monstrous Attack, so be wary of that! It hits very
    hard with Stone Edge, but doesn't appreciate one in return (or a similar
    Rock-type attack).
    After beating N, he'll be disappointed that his Zekrom (or Reshiram) was
    defeated, then says something about the two of them before... uh oh, before
    Geechisu shows up!
    Geechisu proceeds to say a whole bunch of stuff about how he was using N to
    take over the region for his own doing. Oh snap!
    Now it's time to take on Geechisu and end Team Plasma's plans once and for all!
                    \_______|_______/              \____|____/
                   -|| BOSS BATTLE \`~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|| $9720 ||-
                    |\   Team Plasma Geechisu      |/-------\|
                    |*| Deskaan      |    GHO    | L52 | M |#|___________________
                    |*|--------------^MOVES:-----^-----^---|#|  _____||______ ###|
                    |*|[    Psychic     ][  Shadow Ball   ]|#|  \_     ____  \ ##|
                    |*|[     Toxic      ][    Protect     ]|#|    `',  |###\  \ #|
                    |*|____________________________________|#| _____|  |____)  )_|
                     >*>=============v===========v=====v==<#< <  ___|  |___/  /__|
                    |*| Bufflon      |    NRM    | L52 | M |#| \ \  |  |##/  / ##|
                    |*|--------------^MOVES:-----^-----^---|#|  \ \ |  | /  / ###|
                    |*|[   Afro Break   ][   Earthquake   ]|#|   `,;|  |<_,` ####|
                    |*|[   Wild Bolt    ][   Poison Jab   ]|#|     \|  |.  ######|
                    |*|____________________________________|#|     /|  | `. #####|
                     >*>=============v===========v=====v==<#<  _.~` |  |>  `~ ##;
                    |*| Shibildon    |    ELC    | L52 | M |#|<_____|  |______>;
                    |*|--------------^MOVES:-----^-----^---|#|:     |  | #####;
                    |*|[  Flamethrower  ][   Wild Bolt    ]|#| \    `. | ####/
                    |*|[     Crunch     ][    Acrobat     ]|#|  `~-.__\|_;-~`
                    |*| Kirikizan    | STL / DRK | L52 | M |#|
                    |*|[   Stone Edge   ][   X-Scissor    ]|#|
                    |*|[  Night Slash   ][  Metal Burst   ]|#|
                    |*| Gamageroge   | WTR / GRD | L52 | M |#|
                    |*|[   Earthquake   ][  Muddy Water   ]|#|
                    |*|[   Slime Wave   ][   Rain Dance   ]|#|
                    |*| Sazandra     | DRK / DRG | L54 | M |#|
                    |*|[   Fire Blast   ][  Focus Blast   ]|#|
                    |*|[      Surf      ][  Dragon Pulse  ]|#|
    Geechisu's Pokemon are all pretty darn tough, so you need to be on guard. The
    most annoying one is the one he sends out first, though, which is his Deskaan.
    It loves to lead the fight with Toxic, badly poisoning your Pokemon and then
    spamming Protect to let it waste away. It can also hit with Shadow Ball for
    some moderate damage.
    Bufflon is rather sturdy and hits pretty hard with its Afro Break, but it can
    also injure itself, which may very well work to your advantage.
    Don't let Shibildon's Electric-typing fool you: it has Levitate, which gives it
    total immunity to Ground-type attacks, effectively giving Shibildon no
    weakness. Add to that it can hit hard with Acrobat or Wild Bolt and you've got
    a force to be reckoned with! Since it has no weakness, your best bet is to just
    hit it with your strongest attacks.
    Kirikizan has that glaring weakness to Fighting-type attacks, plus it also has
    several other weaknesses (mostly from its Steel-type). Take it out with one if
    you've got one handy, otherwise roast it with Fire-type attacks or shake it up
    with a good Earthquake or Dig.
    Gamageroge is a rather pesky Water/Ground-type Pokemon with only a weakness to
    Grass-type attacks. It's a little less sturdy than some of Geechisu's other
    Pokemon, but it's certainly no slouch and has a lot of HP to boot.
    Last up is his main menace, the dreadful Sazandra. This powerful level 54
    Dark/Dragon-type Pokemon is capable of doing a lot of damage very fast! It can
    strike with Dragon Pulse, which will be its most powerful attack that isn't
    Super Effective and boy will it hit hard and fast, thanks to its wicked Sp. Atk
    and Speed. Surf can hit any Rock-types looking to exploit its weakness while
    Fire Blast cooks any Ice-types looking to do the same. Focus Blast can wreck
    them both, but only if it hits. Be very wary around this thing! It doesn't have
    a particular counter to Fighting-type Pokemon or attacks other than a powerful
    Dragon Pulse to the face, so that's probably your best bet against it if you're
    looking to exploit a weakness.
    After a drawn out battle, you'll finally defeat Geechisu. There'll be a lot
    more dialogue before Adeku and Cheren take Geechisu away for good.
    N then goes over to you and takes you over to his thrown. He remembers first
    meeting you in Karakusa Town, says he enjoyed his time and stuff, but is also
    clearly having doubts about stuff. Then, in one last act, he tosses away his
    Zekrom or Reshiram before saying goodbye.
    Annnnddd... CREDITS!
        _______   _    _   ______       ______   _    _   _____
       |__   __| | |  | | |  ____|     |  ____| | \  | | |  __ \
          | |    | |__| | | |__        | |__    |  `.| | | |  : :
          | |    |  __  | |  __|       |  __|   | .  ' | | |  | |  _   _   _
          | |    | |  | | | |____      | |____  | |`.  | | |__; ; / \ / \ / \
          |_|    |_|  |_| |______|     |______| |_|  \_| |_____/  \_/ \_/ \_/
    No, ok, it isn't REALLY the end. Don't worry! There's still plenty more to do,
    and I'll be sure to cover it all in a future update to the walkthrough.
    Continue your game, then go out and embark on a new adventure in search of more
    thrills and exploration!
    ( s6. OPTIONAL AREAS | ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: )
    /#| s6.1. After getting Surf |############################################::~/
    You get the HM for Surf shortly after receiving your sixth Gym Badge, and there
    is a lot you can do in the game after you have that option, including catch two
    Legendary Pokemon!
    Here's a quick look at some of the optional areas you can that grant you some
    items, though, and then I'll show you the other larger areas to explore.
    (_| s6.1.1. Sanyou City |____________________________________________________)
    There's a hidden Zinc in the northeast corner of the garden on the western side
    of town. Use your Item Finder to find it.
    Talk to the Hiker in the northwest corner of the garden and he'll give you a
    Big Pearl.
    (_| s6.1.2. Underground Water Hole |_________________________________________)
    There's a hidden PP Up in the little nook by the higher land that's available
    only if you surf to it.
    Surf across the water over to the west and there's an Elixir waiting there for
    you. Head southeast and down there stairs to find an Escape Rope, and also some
    stairs leading down further into the cave...
    __|_| Underground Water Hole B1F |____________________________________________
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Underground Water Hole B1F         |)
    ( #030 | Dangoro     |    RCK    | L10, 11, 12                 )
    ( #033 | Koromori    | PSY / FLY | L10, 11, 13                 )
    It's very dark down here, so you're going to want to teach one of your Pokemon
    Flash in order to light up the cave. After teaching it, you'll need to use it
    like an HM move in order to illuminate the cave.
    There's nothing of much importance over to the east just yet, so head on north.
    When you get to some water, surf across the eastern pond and then follow the
    corridor to get to TM47 (Low Kick 2.0), which is an entirely separate attack
    from the original Low Kick that is just a basic Fighting-type attack that
    lowers the opponent's Speed after striking.
      ||                       Low Kick 2.0?                       ||
      || The original Japanese name for the attack we all know as  ||
      || Low Kick is romanized as "Ketaguri". This is actually a   ||
      || sumo move that's translated as "pulling inside ankle      ||
      || sweep" according to one Japanese dictionary. So they      ||
      || named it Low Kick when they released Red and Blue in      ||
      || English.                                                  ||
      ||                                                           ||
      || However, this Low Kick 2.0 actually directly translates   ||
      || to "Low Kick" in Japanese. "Roh kikku" is                 ||
      || exactly what it describes, a low kick; however, there's   ||
      || already a Low Kick in the English games... so what do we  ||
      || call this attack? It's not like it can be translated to   ||
      || anything else. So, why not just call it "Low Kick 2.0"    ||
      || until the translation team at Pokemon decides what to do  ||
      || with it.                                                  ||
    Now go back to that path across the water you were at earlier, following the
    path on the land until you see a Black Belt and some Battle Girls down there.
    The Black Belt has a Zulugg L34, a Nageki L34, and a Dageki L34. The Battle
    Girl to the right has a Dotekkotsu L35 and a Dageki L35, while the Battle Girl
    to the left has a Dotekkotsu L35 and a Nageki L35.
    Past them, up the stairs and to the west, circle around the perimeter to find a
    Dive Ball. Go back and head east instead, then walk down the first set of
    stairs you see on the southern side. That will lead you to a Mystic Water,
    which powers up your Water-type attacks by 20%.
    Now head to the northeast set of steps, then north until you're at the water.
    Surf across the pool of water, then climb up the steps to get another valuable
    TM, TM52 (Focus Blast), a powerful-but-inaccurate Special-based Fighting-type
    attack. It has a whopping 120 power, but only 70% accuracy, making it somewhat
    of a risky attack to use. Thankfully, a wide variety of Pokemon can learn it,
    so it can still make a nice trump card for any of your Pokemon if you need a
    Fighting-type attack in a pinch and don't have access to one.
    Before you leave, there's also a Max Elixir hiding in the walls to the east.
    That pretty much does it. Two more TMs added to your arsenal! Now go ahead and
    use that Escape Rope to get out of there, assuming you've gotten everything of
    value down here.
    (_| s6.1.3. Route 3 |________________________________________________________)
    In the southern part of Route 3, you can surf north across some of the water to
    get yourself a Full Heal.
    You can also surf far to the west of that Full Heal to find a huge patch of
    grass. There's a Rare Candy hidden right near the steps leading up. There's
    also a Pokemon Breeder chillin' over there with a Yanakki L32, a Hiyakki L32,
    and a Baokki L32. He'll give you a Lum Berry for beating him, which is an
    excellent berry that cures any status condition when afflicted.
    To the immediate north of this chap is an HP Up, and down to the southeast is a
    Max Ether.
    I'm doubting there's anything rare or different in these patches of grass,
    since it seemed like they were all at the same level and stuff, but there very
    well might be. Hmmm... 
    (_| s6.1.4. Hodomoe City |___________________________________________________)
    In the northeastern corner of town, there are some steps leading down to the
    shore, giving you access to surf.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Hodomoe City (Surfing)             |)
    ( #098 | Pururil     | WTR / GHO | L16, 20, 24                 )
    Pururil is a bit of a strange Pokemon, but you can find it over here. It's a
    Water/Ghost-type, giving it a very unusual typing indeed. You'll start seeing
    a lot of this Pokemon when you're surfing, so get used to it.
    Surf across the water over to the Lighthouse and then pick up the Water Stone,
    which can be used to evolve a Hiyappu into Hiyakki should you desire.
    /#| s6.2. Legendary Pokemon: Kobalon and Birijion |#######################::~/
    After you earn your sixth badge and have access to HM03 (Surf), you can return
    to Route 6 and embark on a quest to obtain two Legendary Pokemon, as well as
    the pure Dragon-type Pokemon, Kibago.
    (_| s6.2.1. Route 6 |________________________________________________________)
    Right near the entrance to the route, there's a stream with two bridges
    crossing over it. Well, you can surf between these two bridges and pick up TM84
    (Poison Jab) there, which is a Physical-based Poison-type attack that has a 30%
    chance of inflicting Poison. It's a pretty good attack for any of your
    Poison-type Physical attackers, since those sorts of attacks are often in short
    supply. Several other non-Poison-types can learn it, too!
    Further north on the route, up by the lab where the scientists are studying
    Shikijika, you can surf across the northeastern waters and pick up the Silk
    Scarf hiding in the grass up there. That increases the power of your Pokemon's
    Normal-type attacks by 20%, so it's pretty handy!
    But wait, there's more! Keep heading over near the entrance to the Electric
    Stone Cave, but when you get to the house where you can heal, head northeast,
    cutting through the thick grass. Surf across the water, then downstream until
    you reach the entrance to a cave!
    (_| s6.2.2. Fukiyose Grotto |________________________________________________)
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Fukiyose Grotto                    |)
    ( #035 | Mogurew     |    GRD    | L31                         )
    :)                   * Rare, only found in the swirling dust. (:
    It's really dark in here, so you're gonna want to make sure you have a Pokemon
    with Flash on the ready. Not only that, but one of your Pokemon is gonna need
    to know Strength in order to move some boulders around.
    Push the first boulder two spaces east, then two south to shove it in the hole.
    There's a Hiker just past that, and he has a Mogurew L33 and a Dotekkotsu L33.
    Make short work of him, then shove the nearby boulder east into the hole and
    continue onward.
    There's another Hiker up ahead with a Gantle L34. Win the fight, grab the Max
    Repel to the northeast, go back to the Hiker, then head on west until you see
    some steps and a boulder. Grab the Hyper Potion to the north, push the boulder
    east so you can use it as a shortcut, then head south and up the stairs to the
    second floor.
    __|_| Fukiyose Grotto 2F |____________________________________________________
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Fukiyose Grotto 2F                 |)
    ( #033 | Koromori    | PSY / FLY | L30                         )
    ( #031 | Gantle      |    RCK    | L28, 29, 30                 )
    ( #116 | Kibago      |    DRG    | L31                         )
    :)                                                     * Rare (:
    Head south, push the boulder into the hole, but grab the Ultra Ball hidden in
    the nearby rock first. There's also a Hyper Potion hiding in a rock on the
    other side of the hole on your way west. Climb the steps, head east, then head
    south and around the southern perimeter until you reach a Hard Stone, an item
    that powers up the bearer's Rock-type attacks by 20%.
    Now head north and push that next boulder into place, but before you head
    across it, swing north some more and keep going around the northern perimeter
    of the cave to find TM80 (Rock Slide), a great, staple Rock-type attack with 80
    power that hits for Physical-based damage. It has a good chance of inflicting
    flinch, plus it also hits two opponents in a double battle. It's a very handy
    TM to have at your disposal!
    You can also slither on through the narrow chasm on the floor, heading around
    and picking up the Iron, along with a PP up hidden in the western side of the
    There is a ledge you can jump down if you're feeling gutsy, but you should just
    go back to that boulder now. Go ahead and push its brother into place, too, so
    you'll have better access for later. Then, head up the stairs, leading you into
    somewhere new!
    __|_| Friend Room |___________________________________________________________
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Friend Room                        |)
    ( #116 | Kibago      |    DRG    | L31                         )
    :)                                                     * Rare (:
    ( #031 | Gantle      |    RCK    | L29, 31                     )
    ( #033 | Koromori    | PSY / FLY | L28                         )
    No Flash necessary here, although it probably doesn't really matter.
    Just to the west of the entry is a Revive. As you head to the eastern side of
    the room, you'll see a dude there. As you approach the steps, he'll come over
    and say some stuff before asking you a question. Not sure what it is, but just
    answer yes and he'll go on for awhile longer, telling you about the legendary
    trio of this generation: Kobalon, Terakion, and Birijion. He talks on and on
    for a long time about them... Hmmm...
    Anyway, head to the east of him and down that path to find a Dusk Stone, an
    item that evolves your Lamprah into Shandela.
    Go back to where the old dude was and then head down the path, although heading
    west rather than going south so you can pick up a Rare Candy. One step away
    from the Rare Candy is a hidden Carbos, though, so don't miss that!
    Now push the two boulders to the south out of the way, then head to the west,
    and finally up to the north along the western edge of the room. SAVE YOUR GAME,
    then get ready to take on one of the Legendary Pokemon that old dude was
    talking about... Kobalon!
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Friend Room                        |)
    ( #144 | Kobalon     | STL / FTG | L42                         )
    :)                                                     * Rare (:
    Depending on your levels at this point, Kobalon might be very difficult for
    you! Either way, it has an obscenely low catch rate, so it will likely take you
    30+ balls in order to catch it. Dusk Balls are your best bet against it. Try to
    paralyze it or put it to sleep if you're able.
    After catching it or knocking it out, the old man shows up and wonders where
    the other two are. Yeah, I sort of wonder that myself, actually. I think he
    says they are roaming around now.
    Well, that's all there is to do here for now. If you did accidentally knock it
    out, I'm pretty sure it'll reappear here after you've beaten the Elite Four...
    but hopefully you caught it.
    Use an Escape Rope, Dig, or just muscle your way back out of the cave.
    But first, you tell me... was this leg of the voyage worth it? I think so!
    After you've encountered Kobalon, you'll be able to encounter the second of the
    legendary trio inside of the Yaguruma Forest, so go ahead and restock your
    Ultra and Dusk Balls and get ready to catch another legendary Pokemon!
    (_| s6.2.3. Yaguruma Forest |________________________________________________)
    There's a break in the fence near the northern half of the main road leading
    through the forest, right by the bridges, on the eastern side. You might have
    been here earlier. Anyway, slip through that fence, then head east. There's a
    path leading northeast, and then one leading south.
    If you take the southern path and keep following it, moving towards the water
    all the time, you'll eventually reach some steps leading you down to the
    water's edge. You can surf across the water over to the west, underneath the
    bridge, to find yourself some SilverPowder, a held item that boosts the power
    of Bug-type attacks by 20%.
    But if you take the northeastern path at that fork in the road instead, you'll
    reach a clearing with some patches of grass in it. You might have noticed this
    earlier, too, although assuming you've already encountered Kobalon, the
    boulders that were once blocking entrance into the trees are now cleared.
    Inside of the Field of Meditation, you'll see a green figure standing there.
    Save your game and get ready to fight another legendary Pokemon, Kobalon's
    compatriot, the Grass/Fighting-type Birijion!
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Field of Meditation                |)
    ( #146 | Birijion    | GRS / FTG | L42                         )
    This little beastie is a bit of a pain to catch, just like its friend, Kobalon.
    However, one thing it has that Kobalon doesn't is Giga Drain, allowing it to
    heal its HP when it gets low. This can pose a problem if you're trying to
    weaken it in order to increase the chances of catching it.
    Paralyzing it or putting it to sleep will definitely help. Otherwise, just
    weaken it the best you can and chuck a ton of Dusk Balls at it. Don't have Dusk
    Balls? Ultra Balls will work, albeit only half as well.
    /#| s6.3. Route 17, 18, and the P2 Lab |##################################::~/
    After getting your sixth gym badge and obtaining HM03 (Surf), you can explore a
    bunch of places. One such place actually takes you back to Route 1, where your
    journey began. You can now surf along the route to reach an interesting water
    route filled with great treasure and even a really rare Pokemon!
    (_| s6.3.1. Route 1 |________________________________________________________)
      ||                 Leave room in your party!                 ||
      || During your trip down this way, you'll be given a special ||
      || Pokemon Egg. In order to receive it, though, you need to  ||
      || have room in your party! It's definitely a good idea to   ||
      || make room ahead of time and avoid catching any other      ||
      || Pokemon until after you've gotten the Egg.                ||
    On Route 1, you can use surf to access a secret part of the route. Surf south,
    then west a bit until you reach land. To the west is a Max Ether you can pick
    up, and then there's also a Pokemon Ranger off to the southeast with a
    Kokoromori L35 and a Baokki L35 on her team. After you win, she'll give you a
    Persim Berry, which heals confusion when your Pokemon becomes affected by it.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 1 (Thick Grass)              |)
    ( #011 | Miruhog     |    NRM    | L32, 34                     )
    ( #013 | Harderrier  |    NRM    | L33, 34                     )
    ( #065 | Zulugg      | DRK / FTG | L33, 34                     )
    Talk to the Fisherman off to the west and he'll battle you with his two Pururil
    L34 (one of each gender). Now head to the southeast and there's another Pokemon
    Ranger there, this one with a Chillachino L35 and a Zebraika L35. He, too,
    gives you a Persim Berry when you beat him. Just to the south of him is a
    Now head through the gate into Route 17.
    (_| s6.3.2. Route 17 |_______________________________________________________)
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 17 (Surfing)                 |)
    ( #098 | Pururil     | WTR / GHO | L5 - 15                     )
    ( #100 | Mamanbou    |    WTR    | L19                         )
    :)                         * Rare, found as a surfacing fish. (:
    There's a lot of water on this route, that's for sure! But there's also some
    shallow water for you to land on, where you can fight a Fisherman with two
    Basurao L34 (one of each stripe color, of course).
    Since the currents are preventing you from traveling north, head on west,
    picking up TM06 (Toxic) as you go. Toxic is a great move used in tandem with
    Protect, because Toxic badly poisons the target, adding to the damage dealt
    with poison every turn. After a few turns, it is doing significant amounts of
    The Swimmer south of the TM, which is where you're headed, has a Mamanbou L35
    on her team. Past her is where all of the current fun starts... This first
    batch isn't too bad; just head south and you'll see two separate current
    streams. The bottom stream will shoot you over to the next area, while the top
    stream launches you on the inside of the "ring", where there's a Swimmer to
    your south and an item on the shallow water to the east.
    The Swimmer has four Basurao L32, which are relatively easy to beat and also
    give great EXP. In the shallow water is a DeepSeaTooth, which is a relatively
    useless item, as it only works on Clamperl -- a Pokemon you can't even obtain
    in Isshu just yet.
    Now swim through the bottom current and you'll be right near an island, which
    officially marks Route 18.
    (_| s6.3.3. Route 18 |_______________________________________________________)
    Land on the island, then climb up the stairs until you reach the Hiker up
    there, who has a Gantle L34 and an Iwaparess L34.
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 18                           |)
    ( #065 | Zulugg      | DRK / FTG | L30                         )
    ( #044 | Nageki      |    FTG    | L29, 31                     )
    ( #011 | Miruhog     |    NRM    | L30                         )
    ( #063 | Ishzumai    | BUG / RCK | L30                         )
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    | L28                         )
    :)                       * Rare, only found in shaking grass. (:
    Past him is a bunch of tall grass and then a house. Inside of the house, the
    lady in blue hair will heal your Pokemon if you talk to her, which is as handy
    as ever. However, there's someone else important you'll want to talk to inside
    of the house as well...
    Talk to the Pokemon Ranger in red in the house and, as long as you have an open
    spot in your party for it, he'll give you a Pokemon Egg. What's inside that
    egg, you might wonder? It's a bizarre Bug/Fire-type Pokemon, Meralba, that's
    what! Meralba hatches at level 1 after what seems like an eternity (it takes a
    long time for it to hatch), and even then, it doesn't evolve until level 59!!
    That's pretty insane, so I wouldn't recommend actually using it on your team
    for now, at least not until after you've beaten the Elite Four. When it does
    evolve, though, it becomes one of the strongest Pokemon in the game, Ulgamos,
    but that's a very long when. It certainly doesn't hurt to hatch it and at least
    add it to your Pokedex, though.
    Anyway, just to the west of the house is a Backpacker with an Emonga L35. Now
    you'll have an option to either cross the bridge to the south, by shoving a
    boulder out of the way with Strength, or heading down a bunch of steps on the
    western side. Past the boulder is a field of grass with a Max Elixir in the
    bottom right corner, so grab that, then head down the stairs along the side of
    the mountain.
    You can go either north or south. Although there's nothing south on the beach,
    there are some steps leading up to a boulder you can push into a hole. Fill the
    hole, then head east and you'll find a Backpacker guarding an item inside of
    this deep pit. He has an Elfoon L35 on his team and that's it. After beating
    him, pick up the Dragon Scale, a held item that boosts the holder's Dragon-type
    attacks by 20%. Probably not all that useful just yet, but it may be handy
    Now go back to the steps you climbed down just a minute ago, but head north
    instead. Don't head too far north yet, though; walk through all of that grass
    on the narrow cliff and you'll be led right to HM05 (Waterfall)! It's a pretty
    good Physical-based Water-type attack with a solid 80 power and a 20% chance of
    inflicting Flinch. Surf or Boil Over are better moves, but if your Pokemon's
    Attack stat is quite a bit higher than its Sp. Atk, Waterfall will perform
    slightly better.
    I'll get to telling you some spots you can go once you've got Waterfall, but
    for now, let's continue exploring this island. Continue heading north, through
    the patches of grass until you see some steps leading up and a field of grass
    to the east. There's nothing past the field, so just head up the steps.
    Just up the steps is a Veteran who has a Basurao L35, a Hihidaruma L36, and a
    Yanakki L35. Beat him, then cross the bridge and head down the steps over to
    the water. Ah, good old water. Surf back on over to another portion of Route
    (_| s6.3.4. Route 17 / P2 Lab |______________________________________________)
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   P2 Lab                             |)
    ( #011 | Miruhog     |    NRM    | L28, 29                     )
    ( #065 | Zulugg      | DRK / FTG | L29                         )
    ( #013 | Harderrier  |    NRM    | L28, 29                     )
    ( #037 | Tabunne     |    NRM    | L28, 29                     )
    :)                       * Rare, only found in shaking grass. (:
    ( #105 | Gearu       |    STL    | L29, 31                     )
    There are two currents that you can take, although the northern one just loops
    you around, you you're definitely gonna want to take the southern current. Take
    it and then it will send you all over the place, placing you right next to a
    shore containing the P2 Lab. Go ahead and land on the shore, then check out the
    lab on the little island first. There's a Dubious Disc inside, which is an item
    that helps you evolve your Porygon2 into Porygon-Z. Probably not useful in your
    immediate future, but cool nonetheless.
    There's a patch of grass with a Scientist on the island as well. He has a
    Dasutodas L35 on his team. That's just great and all, but the real reward is
    sitting right by him. I'll give you a hint: it's one of the best Electric-type
    attacks in the game... yep, that's right, it's TM24 (Thunderbolt)! It's a
    fantastic Special-based Electric-type attack with a whopping 95 power and a 10%
    chance of paralysis. Can't really top that as far as reliable Electric-type
    attacks go, so go with it right away on any of your Pokemon it would suit!
    Now that you have that, there's one more little portion of Route 17 and 18 for
    you to explore, but you'll have to do some maneuvering to get there. Surf over
    towards the shallow water, then swim south alongside the currents (but don't
    actually go in them!). Head a little west and swim over towards the Swimmer,
    who has a Pururil L34 and a Hiyakki L34.
    Crush him, then carefully surf between the ramp and the current just to the
    east of him. You'll want to hug the southern edge by the southern-most currents
    with the ramps, but be extremely careful not to accidentally get sucked into
    either the northern or southern current as you head to the west! Just swim
    right over to the west until you hit the Swimmer. She has a Koaruhi L34 and a
    Pururil L34.
    Now, very carefully, head south and hug the very southern-most wall while
    heading west. You'll then reappear back in Route 18!
    (_| s6.3.5. Route 18 |_______________________________________________________)
    The action is up to the north, but you should totally swim south first to pick
    up a Heart Scale along the beach there. Ok, now head north, pick up the hidden
    Pearl and Big Pearl on the shore, and then take on the Battle Girl with her
    Zulugg L35 and a Dotekkotsu L35. Best her in battle, then head north and you'll
    find a grove of thick grass with a TM in the northwest corner. It's TM19
    (Telekinesis), an attack that causes the target to float in the air for the
    next three turns and avoid Ground-type attacks. It's particularly handy in a
    Double or Triple Battle.
    Remember, there are some pretty tough wild Pokemon lurking in this thick grass,
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Route 18 (Thick Grass)             |)
    ( #064 | Iwaparess   | BUG / RCK | L34, 35                     )
    ( #011 | Miruhog     |    NRM    | L32, 34                     )
    ( #065 | Zulugg      | DRK / FTG | L33, 34                     )
    ( #044 | Nageki      |    FTG    | L33                         )
    :)             * Uncommon. Possibly found only in White here. (:
    ( #045 | Dageki      |    FTG    | L33                         )
    :)             * Uncommon. Possibly found only in Black here. (:
    Yep, well that's about all there is to see here to my knowledge. At this point,
    you can go back to the optional area section if that's where you left off, or
    you can just go straight back to Mt. Neji. Your choice!
    /#| s6.4. Legendary Pokemon: Tornaeros or Boltros |#######################::~/
    After you've earned all 8 badges, as you try to pass through the gate onto
    Route 10, a person at the counter will stop you and tell you that there's been
    reports of some pretty gnarly weather on Route 7, suggesting you should go
    check it out. If you're up for a little adventure and a chance to catch another
    rare legendary Pokemon, head on over there!
    (_| s6.4.1. Route 7 |________________________________________________________)
    It starts off as a downpour on the whole route, but quickly grows into a raging
    storm. You'll want to make your way halfway through the route, over to the
    house you could heal in (just to the east of the Tower of Heaven).
    When you try to pass it, an old lady will open the door and invite you inside.
    She'll then ask if you'd like some soup. Mmmm, soup! Can you really turn down
    soup from an old lady? I didn't think so! Answer yes and she'll make you some,
    telling you about one of Isshu's legendary Pokemon -- Tornaeros in Black or
    Boltros in White.
    Now, as soon as you leave the house, Tornaeros or Boltros will swoop down from
    the sky, causing some more extreme weather before flying off again. Yikes! And
    then... then it all clears up.
    So what happened, you ask? And how do you get that legendary Pokemon? Well,
    it's a bit of a pain in the rear to do. It's a lot like the older versions,
    where you have to chase it down on a route.
    The best way to encounter it is to fly to Raimon City, go to Route 5, then just
    go in and out of the Route 5 gate over and over. You'll know that Tornaeros or
    Boltros is in the area when the route is stricken with the vicious storm that
    you experienced on Route 7!
    Head into a field with wild Pokemon in it and you might run into your version's
    legendary Pokemon! Believe me, you'll know it when you do!
     / WILD POKEMON \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
    (|   Roaming Isshu                      |)
    ( #147 | Tornaeros   |    FLY    | L40     * Black only.       )
    ( #148 | Boltros     | ELC / FLY | L40     * White only.       )
    Like Latias/Latios, Mesprit/Cresselia, and Entei/Raikou from the previous
    generations, Tornaeros and Boltros both run from you during the first turn of
    the battle. However, any damage you do to them will persist between each
    encounter, so you should definitely weaken them with a hit or two before you
    start chasing them down.
    Again, the best way to encounter it is to just entering and exiting a route by
    a gate. You can encounter it once a minute without too much effort, plus it's
    really easy to spot. However, you may still run into other wild Pokemon, and
    this may cause it to flee to a different route (you'll notice it's no longer
    storming if this happens).
    Since Tornaeros and Boltros flee so often, it's recommended you set a limit to
    the number of balls you wish to throw to catch it. Quick Balls or Dusk Balls
    are your best bet against it, but Ultra Balls are possible to use as well if
    you're lucky. After you've gotten it weakened to the point you want it at, save
    your game (do this often anyway), and then promise yourself you'll only
    encounter it, say, 5 times, tossing a ball at it each time, before you turn off
    your game and turn it back on. Otherwise, you're just wasting money, because
    it's not like you have to worry about weakening it again like other legendary
    Pokemon you fight.
    ( s7. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS | ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: )
    If you have any questions about the game, up to the point covered in the
    Walkthrough, please feel free to e-mail me and I will answer them for you. I
    will also post some questions I get on this FAQ.
    I am writing this guide as I play the game, so I cannot answer any questions
    that are further into the game than I am (which is usually the point of the
    Walkthrough), I'm sorry.
    QUESTION : How many new Pokemon are there?
    ANSWER   : 156, bringing the total to 649.
    QUESTION : Will Black and White work with an American or European DS?
    ANSWER   : Yes and no! This is REALLY important: if you have a DSi or DSi XL,
               you will NOT be able to play Black and White on it! If you have a
               regular old DS or a DS Lite, that will play the games just fine.
               It's just that the DSi systems are region-locked, meaning they won't
               play games outside of their native region.
    QUESTION : When is Black and White being released in English?
    ANSWER   : Spring 2011. As of now, they have not given a precise date. Ignore
               the "April 1st" date that you might hear, because only gullible
               people actually believe that.
    QUESTION : What's the best starter to pick?
    ANSWER   : I've started with both Mijumaru and Tsutaja so far, and a friend
               went with Pokabu. I definitely preferred Mijumaru to Tsutaja, who
               seemed a little lacking in decent attacks for awhile, and I also
               heard that Pokabu was really good. You can get through the game with
               any of them and I'm sure whichever one you choose will serve you
               just fine.
    QUESTION : Can I get both legendary Pokemon in one version of the game?
    ANSWER   : No, you cannot. You only get the one that's on the cover of the box;
               Reshiram in Black and Zekrom in White. You do, however, get a chance
               to see the other version's legendary during the game, so don't get
    ( s8. CONTACT INFO | ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: )
    So you want to get ahold of me, huh? Well the best way to get in contact with
    me is through my website. I have a contact form there that you can categorize
    your question in, pointing out any bugs, asking any questions to get through
    the game, or, well, pretty much whatever related to Pokemon Black and White.
    Though, before I continue... a few ground-rules.
        o DO NOT ask me to battle you or trade with you! These messages WILL be
          100% IGNORED. I'm a busy person, I'd love to help, but I can't weigh
          myself down by doing this with anyone that asks. Make one exception, and
          then you have to make more, so that's why this is a no exception thing.
        o DO NOT ask me about YouTube or anything related to that. No, I'm not
          doing videos for Black and White, so there's nothing more that needs to
          be said on that.
        o DO point out any bugs, errors, inconsistencies, or other problems with
          this guide! I'm looking to improve it, and one of the best ways to do so
          is to let me know if something's wrong. Just be specific, though!
        o DO include your e-mail address when you contact me and make sure it's
          correct. I shouldn't have to remind people of this, but you'd be
        o DEFINITELY get in contact with me if there is anything WORTHWHILE you
          can add to the walkthrough! I'm talking coverage of minigames,
          translations, side stuff, um, well, not entirely sure, but don't just say
          generic stuff like "I want to help" or "What can I do".
        o DO understand that I'm only human. I may not get around to responding to
          messages right away, or even at all if I get busy or get asked a rather
          obvious question.
        o PLEASE remember that I'm updating the version of the walkthrough on my
          site first, because I can do that instantly, whereas I have to reformat
          the walkthrough into a text version, which takes a lot of time to do. I
          can't update this version as often, but I will do updates probably once
          a week or so until it's complete.
    Yeah, I know, I'm a really demanding fella, aren't I? So hopefully you read all
    of that.
    Anyway, here's the best place to get in contact with me:
    There, that wasn't so bad, was it? I look forward to hearing from you and would
    love your input!
    ( s9. END CREDITS | :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: )
    So you made it all the way down here now, did you? Excellent! Now you get to
    see just what you wanted to see: credits!
    I would like to give credits to the following people and/or entities
    (whichever you prefer to call them):
    - Credits to Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, Game Freak, and Creatures Inc. for
    creating yet another marvelous new Pokemon game!
    - Credits to my websites, http://www.marriland.com and
    http://pokemon.marriland.com, and all of their visitors, because without
    either of them, I certainly wouldn't have had the inspiration to write a FAQ
    like this! Check them out sometime, will 'ya? *shameless plug*
    - Big time credits to Eevee (http://www.veekun.com) for providing a ton of data
    for the Pokedex, attacks, and a bunch of other stuff.
    - Definite credits to HackMew and Gamer2020 for items, mugshots, cries, and
      some other great stuff for the site.
    - Credits to the Pokemon Black and White Summary Wiki, a very resourceful
    Japanese wiki for Black and White that has provided tons of information on
    different attacks and such. (http://bit.ly/dddnHJ - JAPANESE)
    - Credits to another very fine Japanese wiki, pkmnbw, for tons more
    information, including attacks for all of the Boss Battles.
        (http://www23.atwiki.jp/pkmnbw/pages/13.html - JAPANESE)
    - Credits to everyone that contacted me and pointed out an error, a feature,
    a Pokemon I missed, or pretty much anything else that caused me to update this!
    You rock, all of you!
         ,-~-.  ,-~-. ,-~.  ,-,  ,-~.        ,` ,` ~~===~~~  / ~~===~~ ,~`
        (  C  ) ,-~^`/   /   /  /   / ~==~  /|,/|  _  _ _ o / _  _  _ / ~==~
         `~-~' '---- `~-` -~'~- `~-`   ~._,` '` |_/_l/ / / / /_l/ //_/    

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