Nintendo GTS or WFC facts?

  1. My boyfriend doesn't have his own 3DS but he will after his paycheck. My question is, if he uses my 3DS to connect to the Nintendo GTS or WFC to trade/battle with people online (and to find out his friend code) will there be issues with his pokemon white when he gets his own 3DS?

    User Info: Ji66y

    Ji66y - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yes, but only a very minor one. Nintedo WFC considers the game and system a unit. Connecting with a different 3DS will cause the WFC data to reset, and will be necessary the first time he connects afterward. So, he'd end up having a new Friend Code and having to re-enter any FC's he wanted to keep.
    I don't remember about Dream World, but I imagine something similar applies-having to reregister the game.

    User Info: Pokegirl

    Pokegirl (Expert) - 6 years ago 0   0

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