WFC Error?

  1. Every time I want to connect to Wi-fi, my game constantly does the following:
    - Connects for a while (2-3 bars of connection) then it turns to 0 bars OR at first looks like it connects, then a blue screen appears and both problems display either Error code: 52100 or 61010

    -After dozens of tries, finally connects then after doing any action (as in selecting trade, talk to a friend, etc) freezes up for a while, then displays Error code: 84030 or 85030

    I've done everything Nintendo's support site suggests (add 10 IP numbers, turn off firewall, etc) but to no avail. (Extra note: my router is not listed on Nintendo's list (mine is a Motorola SB5101i))

    So does anyone have any suggestions fixes to this? Thanks.

    (Another Extra Note: Strangely Game Sync works just fine)

    User Info: DissidiaFF

    DissidiaFF - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Try to re-do the connection up to your router (make a new connection and delete all of the ther ones). Or see if it does the same on another DS system

    User Info: burner001

    burner001 (Expert) - 8 years ago 1   0

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