How do i evolve eevee into espeon and umbreon?

  1. I have eevee's i mean alot of them.So how do i evolve them into espeons and umbreons?Please help!

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    Whiteroses1994 - 7 years ago
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    I have beat the game

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    How do i make them happier.

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  1. Espeon= Level up Eevee with high enough friendship between 4 AM and 7.59 PM

    Umbreon= Level up Eevee with high enough friendship between 8 PM and 3.59 AM

    PS= these times are that of which is your DS s clock

    how to get higher friendship:

    1. keep the pokemon in your party

    2. catch the pokemon in a luxury ball

    3. use stat-raising items such as calcium,protean, iron and zinc

    4.have it hold a sooth bell while traveling

    5. Level the pokemon up

    6. have it participate in gym battles

    7. have it participate in pokemon musicales

    8. teach it a TM

    9.use items like x-accuracy or x- attack on it

    10. feed it berry's

    11. give it sweethearts

    Things that LOWER friendship:

    1. fainting

    2. giving it medicinal herbs such as energypowder and healpowder

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  1. In order for it to evolve into either of those you need to increase its happiness enough. If it levels up and is happy enough during the day it evolves into espeon and if it is at night it evolves into umbreon.

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    videomaster721 (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 3
  2. To improve happiness, just train them enough. Also try to make sure they don't faint because that lowers happiness. There is also a person on the first floor of the Game Freak building that gives a massage once a day to improve happiness.

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    videomaster721 (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 4
  3. To add to that, I'm not sure where or when you get it, but the Soothe Bell is an item you give to your pokemon, and just by walking around with your pokemon it will grow happier. Also If it's a pokemon you catch in the wild, you can catch it with a luxury ball to make it happy quickly.

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  4. For espeon you need 2 level up eevee in the day at full happiness and umbreon in the night with full
    happiness,soothe bell helps with this but it does take a while just try not to let it faint if you battle with it and you should be able to get the two.

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  5. To improve happines just have them in your party and walk around (its a time thing) there are ways to make them happier faster like the soothe bell and poke-massages, so its just a matter of time my friend, also i believe there is a person some where that will tell you how happy it is i dont know wher though. and espion lvl up during the day time, and umbrion lvl up in the night time.

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  6. To improve happiness take them into battle and heal them often and don't make them faint.Do stuff that makes them unharmed.

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  7. Another good way to improve happiness is to use EV boosting items like HP Up and the Wings from Marvelous or Driftveil bridges.

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  8. To evolve an Eevee into Umbreon or Espeon quickly, you need to put a Sooth bell on it, when give it the berries that increase friendliness while decreaseing stats. About 10 - 15 will fulfill this even with a new pokemon. then level up in day for Esp or Night for Umb.

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  9. You have to level them up at max happiness at night for umbreon and during the day for espeon. To increase their happinness basically battle with them and dont let them faint much. For me my eevee didnt evolve into umbreon until it was at level 41 but it could evolve much sooner

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  10. You evolve the Eevees at night or day by happiness. To get Umbreon, evolve him at night with full happiness. Espeon is by day time. While having high happiness, level him up once at night or day depending the evolution you want.

    To make him very happy, the best way to do it is by using certain berries that make the Pokemon friendly, by using the Vitamins (HP Up, Protein, Carbos, Zinc... etc. it's found at the mall, route 9), or by using Soothe Bell (which I don't know where). They're not the fastest but you can make him happy by battling Pokemon, walking with him, leveling him up. Yeah, that's how.

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  11. In order to increase happiness you can do many things. there are ways to help make it more friendly faster; you can give it a massage(At the eastern road of Castelia City, if you enter the building on the left), give it a soothe bell(Nimbasa City), giving it vitamins, are a few of the easiest ways. also once it gets high enough also make it win battles and leveling up and soon enough it will evolve, the form will be different according to the time of day it evolves.

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  12. Get the evee's happiness up the train it at day for espion or night for umbreon

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  13. By leveling them up while at high happiness (I think 200) at night time (Umbreon) or day time (Espeon)
    You can increase their happiness by giving them proteins, leveling them up, or using them for gym battles.
    Hope this helps!

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  14. I don't have this game but I do remember this from the Generation II games. First, your Eevee needs to be very happy with you. The next time it levels up while it is happy, it will evolve into a Espeon (during the morning/day) or Umbreon (during the night). There are several ways to make them happy. Just look up happiness on Bulbapedia for detailed ways to raise or lower happiness.

    Also keep in mind once your Eevee does evolve, the change is permanent and the only way to obtain another is either by trading one from another game or hatch one from an egg.

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  15. Constantly use Eevee to make it happy towards you. The just simply level it up once to make it evolve (Day -Espeon/Night - Umbreon).

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  16. Use AR codes or PokeSav for modify EEVEE data including Happiness and then train them until level up only one and will evolve!

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  17. Umbreon:----Full hapiness, NIGHT ONLY.

    Espeon:------Full hapiness,DAY ONLY.

    You have to win battle only with Eevee,also, using things like: energypowder and bitter herbs, low his friendship,..... fainting in a battle low is friendship too.

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  18. Listen to masterm97.

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