Where can I find all the HM's?

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  1. Seriously, it's much easier if you look at the Serebii site...

    The first 3 HMs are given to you through the game automatically, as you need them in order to advance. The later 3 HMs, however, require you to speak to people or find them.

    HM04 Strength can be found at Raimon City, at the top left building above the pokemon center.
    HM05 Waterfall can be found at Route 18, which you can get to surfing from Route 1.
    HM06 Dive can be found at Sazanami Town (post-E4), from the first girl you find after you enter the town from the north.

    As I said, from 4 to 6 are not required to complete the game, but you'll need them to get to some of the legends and fully explore the Sazanami Bay.

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  1. HM 01 (Cut) - In Sanyou City, talk to Makomo after you have beat the gym. She can be found on the second floor of the building to the right of the entrance of the city.

    HM 02 (Fly) - In Hodomoe City, after you're done with the gym, head to Route 6. Belle will give it to you on the way.

    HM 03 (Surf) - After you have beaten the Fu_kiyose City gym, head to the end of Route 7 and Adeku will give it to you on the entrance to the Ridge.

    HM 04 (Strength) - Found in Raimon City, inside the top left building. Talk to the people inside.

    HM 05 (Waterfall) - Route 18, the route closer to your hometown. It is lying around somewhere there. You need surf to get there.

    HM 06 (Dive) - Sazanami town is where it is. You need to beat the game at least once to get there in the first place. Talk to the people outside the houses and Pokemon Center.

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  2. I was know all place but in gamefaqs no allow i give you a absolute place as image XD, check serebii!!!!......... and don't lazy to find XD

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  3. have you tried looking for that on serebii.net's HM list? -.-

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