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Why does the HM Cut not work on my Garchomp? Side Quest 2 19 hours ago
Is there an AR code to turn my Pokemon shiny? Tech Support 4 19 hours ago
I'm desperate: action replay isn't working? Tech Support 2 1 week ago
Where can I find all the sages? Side Quest 1 1 week ago
How 'Bout That Buffeting? General 2 2 weeks ago
How do I beat N and Ghetsis? Enemy/Boss 1 2 weeks ago
Is there any way I can use Pokémon Dream World after being discontinued? Side Quest 1 3 weeks ago
Black City-Nobody lives there? Build 3 3 weeks ago
Pokemon Black Replacement Label? General 2 3 weeks ago
How do I evolve eevee into leafeon and glaceon? General 3 3 weeks ago

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