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Reviewed: 08/31/11

Cute witch game is not for hardcore gamers.

The Nintendo DS may be a very succesfull hardware, but it has received some critisism from hardcore gamers. It has been called a "kiddy system" because alot of the games are for younger auidences like Cooking Mama and the Inmagine games.

But yet again, a new game for a younger auidence come out to the DS called Witch's Wish.

Story: 5/10

Vicky, is a young girl who live with her grandmother. Vicky's dream is to become a witch, but she is poor and only rich girls can go to witch school. One day, while walking to school, Vicky befriends a girl named Tayna, who is arrested for stealing. Vicky later helps her escape and Tayna teaches her how to use magic with a magic board. But later on,Vicky then learns that Tayna is trying destroy magic one and for all. So Vicky decides to use magic only for good.

Gameplay: 4/10

Witch's Witch is not an RPG. It is a adventure game visual novel(if you want to call it that). Overall, there are thirteen chapters in the game. If you beat a chapter, you can go back and replay it.

You control Vicky with the D-Pad and you can select items and talk to people with the touch screen. There is some backtracking, but because the worlds aren't too big, it's not a big deal.

In order to cast a spell, you'll have to trace on the touch screen a spell. After that, you'll have to draw a circle for the spell in order to activate it. You can use spells on items and people. You can also unlock parts of Vicky's diary and photos and music in the game.

The gameplay is slow paced and there's alot of cutscenes. The duel system is like a rock, paper, scissors game. The duel system is unique, but it relys alot on chance.

Music: 5/10

The music is okay. Some tracks are slow, but they are cheery and cute. But the music could have been better.

Graphics and Design: 5/10

The graphics themselves are decent. The only problem is that some of the the characters look ugly in the 3D graphics more than they do in the 2D artstyle.But, then again, this is the Nintendo DS by the way. What were you expecting? XBox 360 graphics?

The design, however, is very cute and an adorable anime style. Those who are a fan of anime wil definately love the artstyle of this game.

Controls: 8/10

The controls worked pretty well. It wasn't too hard trying to draw a spell. Vicky moves a bit slow sometimes, but she's easy to control as well, too.

Replay value: 4/10

There's really nothing to come back to in this game. You can replay the chapters, listen to music, look at photos and unlock some of Vicky's diary, but other than that, if you didn't like the game and you finished it, you probably sell it because there's to come back to.

Final Score: 6/10

Overall, Witch's Wish is an okay game. Anyone who buys this game expecting an RPG will be surely disappointed. If you want a better witch game that is an RPG, go buy A Witch's Tale for the Nintendo DS.

I'd only reccomend this to casual gamers. Anyone else, can probably skip it.

Rating: 6

Product Release: Witch's Wish (US, 05/26/10)

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