How strong do I need to beat Leonyx?

  1. How strong do I need to be to beat Leonyx(not Malevonyx)?
    I want to know about what stats I need to beat Leonyx.He keeps beating me, especially with his normal attack then kazap
    This is my team:
    I can't quite remember all my stats
    Lethal Armour(+3)
    Attack(with weapon):440-450
    Wisdom:About 200
    Skill sets:
    Frizz and Sizz 2(done)
    Defence boost 3
    Defence boost 2
    He's my main attacker I don't use his spells much especially because of bounce and his low MP. I don't think he will need to be much stronger for Leonyx

    HP:About 500
    MP:About 100 maybe a bit less
    Attack(with weapon):440-450(a bit less if I use miracle mallet)
    Agility:About 200
    Skill sets:
    Attack boost 3
    Defence boost 2(done)
    He's my second attacker mainly because he has kabuff.

    Slime stack(+3)
    Agility:About 200
    Wisdom:About 200
    Skill sets
    Cure-all(on 99 points because omniheal is to much MP)
    Defence boost 2
    He's my only healer(besides my subs) and my main weakness because of his low defence and HP and he is the only good healer and only zinger I have.

    My subs
    Killing machine,Belial,Magic slime
    Killing machine and Belial have about 300 attack and HP each and about 250 defence each with no spells.Magic slime has about 225HP and 250 defence and knows midheal.

    So thats my team, any suggestions on how to make it strong enough to beat Leonyx?

    User Info: falcon_blade99

    falcon_blade99 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well, I'd suggest posting this on the message boards instead of here. People pay much more attention to topics... Another suggestion would be to make use of your Killing Machine and it's Double Trouble. I'd say try to get a Elemental Slash skillset and double up on Attack Boost III. That'd give you a really strong attacker (at least for this stage).

    User Info: WightWolffe

    WightWolffe - 8 years ago 0   0

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