Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (North America)

  1. From thegamemaster8 (07/30/2012; 256KB) 100% Complete! All Browser Entries, Heart Slates, Missions, etc. completed with S-Ranks. Includes all Ranger Net Missions too.
  2. From Mi10tic_Fan (12/20/2010; 256KB) Name Summer, Browser Complete, Styler fully upgraded, All Wi-Fi Pokemon except Deoxys available for transfer
  3. From Nintendoboy375 (12/21/2013; 256KB) This save file has all of the data for the Ranger Net missions. It includes the 4 Special Missions and the 2 Extra Missions. There is no story data.

Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (Japan)

  1. From wabuffet (09/08/2010; 256KB) Pokemon Complete Save

Action Replay Max DS (.duc) Game Save (Europe)

  1. From bey2005 (05/10/2012; 256KB) 2 missions téléchargés

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