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Unlockable Guide by SpenceBot777

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/05/2014

Transformers War for Cybertron (Autobot Version) on Nintendo DS
Guide to Data Disks and Unlocking Bots
Version 1.0

Copyright Jared Teague 2014
This guide was made for display through GameFAQS.com and may be not be 
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. 
It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly 
without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web 
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.
Any and all trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Please send comments and suggested updates to 
Any that are applied in the text will be acknowledged.  Thanks!


1.  Why Write this Guide?
2.  List of Bots to Unlock
3.  Autobot Missions
3i.  Gathering Troops
3ii.  Retaking Iacon
3iii.  Infiltration of Kaon
3iv.  Rescuing Zeta Prime
3v.  Gaining Strength
3vi.  Saving the Core
3vii.  Destroying Trypticon Space Station
3viii.  Trypticon
4. Bonus Decepticon Missions
4i.  Reactivating the Energon Bridge
4ii.  Activating the Uplink
4iii.  The Attack of Iacon
4iv.  The Omega Key
5.  Arena Missions
6.  Bot Selection Comments
7.  Acknowledgements

1.  Why write this guide?
Simply put, there wasn’t one out there and it was fairly easy to do.  
I have no intent of doing a full walkthrough and I don?t think this 
game on the DS needs one.  Each person is going to have their own play 
style so what works well for me, might work awful for someone else.  
With that said, I have included a few notes along the way as to what 
worked for me at what seemed more challenging parts of the game.  At 
the end I decided to include some discussion about bot selection, 
maybe it will be helpful to someone; however, like I said, each person 
is going to have his or her own play style.

2.  List of Bots to Unlock

(Look at notes on each level for further details or tips.)

Optimus - Complete Gathering Troops mission.
Bumblebee - Complete Gathering Troops.
Ironhide - Complete Retaking Iacon.
Ratchet - Complete Retaking Iacon.
Cliffjumper - Found during Infiltration of Kaon.
Sideswipe - Found during the Rescue of Zeta Prime.
Swoop - Complete Gaining Strength.
Silverbolt - Use the code 10141 to unlock.
Warpath - Found during Destruction of Trypticon Station.
Jetfire - Found during Trypticon.
Jazz - Complete Arena Stadium #6 with Autobots.
Ultra Magnus - Defeat him in Arena Sewers #6.
Air Raid - Defeat him in Streets 6.
Hot Shot - Defeat him in Dam 6.
Grimlock - Defeat him in Purification 6. (You do NOT have to use 

Megatron - Automatically available for the first bonus mission.
Brawl - Find a disk to unlock in Attack of Iacon.
Starscream - Automatically available for the first bonus mission.
Skywarp - Found during The Omega Key.
Ramjet - Use the code 99871 to unlock.
Soundwave - Found in Activating the Uplink.
Barricade - Complete Arena Stadium #6 with Decepticon bots.
Motormaster - Defeat him in Arena Sewers #6.
Cyclonus - Defeat him in Streets 6.
Breakdown - Defeat him in Dam 6.
Shockwave - Defeat him in Purification 6.
Other Decepticons must be unlocked through purchasing the Decepticon 
game or multiplayer.

3.  Autobot Missions

3i.  Gathering Troops

Data Disk 1
In the room where you meet Air Raid and Ratchet at the start, there is 
a data disk in plain sight. Also check all the computer consoles.  One 
has a message that is awesome for anyone that remembers the 1985 
animated movie?

Data Disk 2
As soon as the character switches to be Optimus (not yet Prime) turn 
around and look for the descend Disk.

Data Disk 3
When you are told about the difference between a heavy bot path and a 
light bot path, take the heavy bot path by sped boosting into the 
cracked wall with Optimus.  The last data disk is in plain sight.

3ii.  Retaking Iacon

Data Disk 1
In the room *after* you encounter the deception melee fighter there is 
a path for light bots (Bumblebee) in vehicle mode.  Through this path 
is a Data Disk.

Data Disk 2
This data disk requires the use of a bot that can fly.  Use the code 
(10141) under the ?Code Input? option under the “Optionsâ€￾ menu to 
unlock Silverbot, if need be.
In the room where you are warned out the dark energon: there is a path 
to fly through.  The path is across from where you enter the room.  It 
is near the switch to open the door.
Fly around the curved path and there is eventually a door with the 
disk inside.

Note: If you are having trouble defeating the corruptors, I prefer to 
use Bumblee’s melee attack.  Shooting the crystals with either bot 
takes to long and Bee can run faster.

3iii.  Infiltration of Kaon

Data Disk 1
In the room where you start, take the door to the left (only one 
opens) and attack the vent.  Disk is inside.

Data Disk 2
When you are introduced to the Depth Charge, instead of going right, 
jump to take the left path.  On the left is a room with a disk.  (This 
one is Iacon Waterway - one of my favorites.)

Unlock Cliffjumper
Near the end of the mission, you shoot control panels to unlock prison 
cells.  I advise opening all of them, even though you only need to 
find the one with the power cell to finish the one.  One has an energy 
cube worse extra high XP (5,000!) and one has a disk item that is 
actually an unlock for Cliffjumper.

3iv.  Rescuing Zeta Prime

Data Disk 1
Early in the mission, the room where the shield tanks are introduced, 
there is a wall that a Heavy bot can drive through.  Inside is a data 

Data Disk 2
In the first room where Kaon prisoners are unlocked to attack you, you 
need a flying bot.  Fly down the large hole, but be careful not to 
touch bottom.  Near the bottom look around for a small room with this 
often missed data disk.

Unlock Sideswipe
In the room after the shielded tanks, take a light bot through the 
path on the left to find the unlock disk for Sideswipe.

3v.  Gaining Strength

Data Disk 1
In the room where the Decepticon Defender is introduced there is a 
wall that a Heavy bot vehicle can ram through.  Inside is the first 
data disk.

Data Disk 2
At the start of the race against the self destruct sequence - right 
after the second left turn - there is a path on the left after the 
left turn that only a light bot (like Bumblebee) can go under.  Shoot 
(or just ram) through a mine and soon afterwards there is the last 
data disk.

End of level note:  I don?t see a way to finish this level without a 
light bot (probably Bumblebee). Play the race against time over and 
over again until you know it fairly well.  If you get frustrated, but 
the game down, go get some fresh air and try again later when you calm 
down. The race to the end needs Endurance and Regeneration.  A flying 
bot doesn’t help because the weapon won?t regenerate while in vehicle 
mode. Drive strait at the shield generators and shoot.  Don?t bother 
trying to kill all the enemies and don?t go out of the way to get 
energy cubes.

3vi.  Saving the Core

Data Disk 1
The room after the area that is superheated has a ledge near the 
center of the room with a disk that a flying bot can reach.

Data Disk 2
After you exit the area (hallway) where you are warned of the floor 
hazards, turn left and the disk is up a ramp in plain sight.

Note on Fighting Brawl:
This fight did not not seem as bad as the one with Ultra Magnus in the 
arena, but still was challenging.  It feels like a cheap shot win to 
me but here is how I did this.  I never left vehicle mode with either 
Autobot for the whole fight.  I flew in big circles up high and did 
not attack Brawl with my flying bot.  Instead, when I saw Brawl pause 
on the other side of the room I would switch to my other bot, rapid 
fire a bunch from vehicle mode, then switch back to jet and fly around 
to regain health and weapon energy on the non-flying bot.  Save the 
flying bot weapon power for the Swarm enemies that Brawl makes every 
once in a while.  I never found another way of dealing with Brawl?s 
hammer hits than this method.

3vii.  Destroying Trypticon Space Station

Data Disk 1
Just before the room with the button to turn the power back on (the 
first time) is a hallway with a wall for a heavy bot to ram through.  
Inside is the disk.  If you miss it the first walk by it, don?t worry 
because after you turn the power back on you have to come back through 
this hallway.

Data Disk 2
In the first room that you have to shoot a switch to turn on a bridge, 
there is a path on the bottom level of the room for light bots only.  
Drive through to collect the disk.

Unlock Warpath:
When the mission starts, turn around and look at the window.  See that 
disk?  You are going to have to go get it.  Go through the door, then 
the next.  Transform with a flyer bot and do a 180 into the sky to go 
around and get the disk.

Note: Shortly after the room with the second disk is an obvious 
location for a heavy bot to ram through.  Be sure not to skip this, if 
you have a heavy bot, because there are two energon cubes worth 
5,000XP each inside.

Boss Note: Trypticon Power Core/Cannon:
This battle took me a couple of tries.  I eventually ruled out using a 
flying bot and also ruled out trying to do a lot of damage in vehicle 
mode.  Although I finally used Bumblebee and Optimus to win, I also 
ruled out Optimus? ground pound move as useful.  Anything that makes 
it hard to dodge the primary cannon blasts was a big hinderance.  I 
ran back and forth in the back of the room with dodging main cannon 
blasts as the first priority and doing damage the second.   This 
eventually worked.  Bee?s blasters are great for damage, especially 
once he is at the level to get splash damage.

3viii.  Trypticon

Data Disk 1
In the room where you first fight an enemy there is a disk.  It is on 
top of some pipes near the top of the room.  You can reach with a 
flyer or with any bot by jumping on boxes to get to the pipes.

Data Disk 2
In the area that is superheated, just before the exit door, take the 
left path.  Continue on the high road until you find a hidden alcove.  
Inside is a small ramp on the right side that will take you to another 
hidden area where the disk is at.  If you find an energon cube at the 
first alcove but don?t see the ramp, don?t be discouraged, you just 
missed it by a dozen steps or so.

Unlock Jetfire
In a room near the end of the stage with lots of dark energon crystals 
(leaves???) and some tendrils on the floor pass by the door on the 
left and search the back of the room.  The disk that unlocks Jetfire 
is behind some crates.  If you reach the room where the door blows up 
and you hear Trypticon roar, then you missed Jetfire by one room to 

Boss note:
Only only fought Trypticon once and thought it was about the easiest 
fight in the game.  Granted, I knew what I was doing by that time.  I 
moved back and forth and rarely stopped shooting.  You do need to pay 
attention to when your lock on is lost and be sure to keep pressing L 
to reestablish.  I noticed that some attack sequences would take not 
all but close to 1/2 my bot health so anytime that the health was 
about at half, I switched.  I never payed attention to what weapon 
type was best to use.  Took him down easy.  Used Bumblebee at lvl 18 
and Optimus at lvl 15.

4.  Bonus Decepticon Missions

4i.  Reactivating the Energon Bridge

Data Disk 1
The room right after the one you start in there is a red switch to 
shoot.  This will unlock a door with a disk inside.

Data Disk 2
When given the option take the path that is ?quieter? but more 
difficult to navigate.  On the level before the topmost is the disk.  
Not hidden.

Note: In the Autobot version you default have Starscream for this 
mission, which makes it much easier.  Although Ramjet is an option I 
prefer to use Starscream with either Megatron or Ramjet not Megatron 
and Ramjet, so that all the weapon types are covered.

Note:  If you look around near the entrance to the not so quiet path, 
there are some energon cubes for the taking.

Note: If the room with the two artillery specialists is giving you 
trouble, then you don?t actually gave to go into the room and fight 
them.  The switch can be activated by shooting it from outside the 
room and you can walk away.

4ii.  Activating the Uplink

Data Disk 1
In the area after the ?superheated? room there is a path with three 
doors.  Use a light bot to get under the third door.  A data disk is 
around the corner.

Data Disk 2
When you start in the room with the rotating cylinder that sends out 
lightning bolts, turn to the left and use a flying bot to get to the 
ledge with the disk.

Soundwave unlock
Along the hallway that you start in there is a disk up on a ledge that 
a flying bot can reach.  This is on the right and is in a fairly 
obvious location.

4iii.  The Attack of Iacon

Data Disk 1
In the room where the medic is introduced.  Up on a ledge by the 
grenade launcher.

Data Disk 2
In the room where an artillery specialist and a grenade launcher are 
guarding an energon cube.  Use a flying bot to get the disk up on a 
ledge.  Note: If you fight the Captain Autobot you have missed the 

Unlock Brawl
In the room with circular platforms surrounded by energon there is a 
path a flying bot can navigate.  The path is the same as that for a 
data disk in Autobot “Retaking Iaconâ€￾ mission.  More detail described 
in that mission?s disk guide.

4iv.  The Omega Key

Data Disk 1
When you exit the building to an outside area which a bridge (there is 
a small energon “waterfallâ€￾ ahead of you, transform into a jet mode.  
Fly up to find a path to a disk.  The entrance is marked by an energon 

Data Disk 2
In a room where an Autobot with a sword has a medic with him.  There 
are several of the circular decorative patterns of lights common to 
the Iacon scenery in this room.  There is a light bot path to drive 
through to find the data disk.

Unlock Skywarp
Near the end of the stage there is a room with a shield tank and some 
shield turrets.  When the door into the room opens there is cracked 
wall on the left a heavy bot can ram through.  Beyond this is the 
unlock for Skywarp.

5.  Arena Missions

Stadium 1
The disk is in the area where you fight the waves of enemies.  Right 
in the middle of the stage.

Stadium 2
After gate number 7 the disk is on the right.  Note that you do not 
need to complete the mission to keep the disk so you can return for it 
after completing the mission and just exit without finishing.

Stadium 3
Disk is in a room along the normal path with a canon and some worm 
enemies.  Not hidden.

Stadium 5
Beside one of the generators that needs to be destroyed.  Not hidden 
at all.

Sewers 2
Before you get to the first melee fighter there is a path to the right 
with a disk.  No walls to break or anything.

Sewers 3
Early in the stage, after the room with the worm enemies, take the 1st 
of two doors on the way to the goal point.  It takes you up a ramp to 
the disk.

Sewers 5
After planting the bomb, the room that the shield tanks come out of 
has a disk in it.

Sewers 6
This has no disks to find, but two bots to unlock.  Ultra Magnus if 
you play Autobots and Motormaster if you play Decepticons.  This is 
such a chore to accomplish that I figure I should at least mention it.  
Each person will have their own play style but here is how it did it.  
The bots and stats were:
Silverbolt lvl 11	Bumblebee lvl 15
End. 4			End. 4
Reg. 5			Reg, 6
Frp. 6			Frp. 8
Skl. 3			Skl. 1
I used the Kaon data disk to get these stats.
(For the Decepticons I used Starscream and Barricade.)
My battle plan was to transform into a jet then go into the room until 
the enemy appeared.  Shoot in vehicle mode until the enemy bot got 
close then fly over him and through the wall that was busted down.  
Then fly on top of of one of the short hallways that connect to 
nothing (after you finish 5 stages in the sewer, you know these).  
Wait here in vehicle mode for the enemy to open a nearby door and 
shoot at you.  Fire back rapidly.  The enemy will retreat before 
finishing you off.  Switch bots and repeat.  Transform when the enemy 
runs away from the door so that weapon energy can recharge (remember 
flying bots don?t gain energy back if they or their partner is in 
vehicle mode.)  Repeat until enemy is defeated.  This may take more 
than one (or ten) tries.  Once the clock is about to run out the enemy 
attacks are enough to finish one of your bots off in one barrage.  If 
it gets that far, defeat is almost certain.

Streets 2
Use a flying bot to go up high.  The tallest building has a path 
underneath a circular decorative logo.  This path has the disk.

Streets 4
Getting the disk will probably cost you the mission, but that 
shouldn’t burn much time at all.  Start with a flying bot and when the 
timer starts go directly forward.  The building that is eventually in 
your way strait ahead has the data disk on top of it.  Take no turns 
and follow no curves.  If the road curves right, your are at the 

Note:  I found this mission to be much easier with a light bot and 
could not finish it with a flyer only.

Streets 5
Running across the stage, essentially cutting it in half down one 
direction is a long, narrow building.  The building has several blue 
lights that travel on tracks up and down around it.  On top of this 
building is the disk.  It is accessible to a flyer and near the middle 
of the stage.

Note:  Most of the stage I found a light bot to be good, but at the 
point where there are several goals on rooftops, I found switching to 
a flyer to be best.

Dam 2
During wave 6 of enemies some doors unlock.  In one of these doors are 
some stairs that lead up to a path blocked by a shield, but just 
before the shield barrier is the disk.

Dam 3
Once a quick cutscene shows that the topmost door unlocks, go get the 
energon conductor pickup. (By the way, do you recognize the conductors 
from the first episode in the 80’s cartoon?)  When you move away from 
this area take the first left, then take a left through a door that 
was locked until now.  Inside is the disk.

Dam 4
Note: No disk here, but if you are having trouble then there is a 
great hiding spot where the disk in Dam mission 5 is at.  If you 
position yourself right, you can shoot out from the inside.

Dam 5
On the next to top most level accessible by stairs (not accessible 
with doors locked) there is a corner where light bots can fit under.  
Disk is in the back of this hiding spot.

Dam 6
Non-Gameplay Note: ?Hot Shot? is supposed to be ?Hot Rod? but there is 
some problem with trademark violation with the name ?Hot Rod?.  Due to 
curiosity I have tried to find out which company actually holds the 
trademark and have given up.

Purification 2
In the cylindrical room that you start the mission in the disk is on 
top of one of the platforms that have the Autobot logo on them.

Purification 3
This level is made of two cylindrical, tall rooms.  One is light blue 
is tint and the other purple.  At the base of the purple one is an 
alcove that is rather large.  In the center of it is the disk.

Purification 5
Disk is at the top of the purple room.  Now, doesn’t that feel good to 
(So at a certain point in the mission your goal is to destroy the 
backup power generators to get the power back??? Hmmmm?)

6.  Bot Selection Comments

I thought Transformers was better than sliced bread as a kid and so 
unto today I think that for a game like this each person should enjoy 
the game and find out what they like and what their play style is.
Okay, however; if someone really wants my proverbial two cents…
The best Autobot combinations are:
A) Bumblebee/Optimus
B) Bumblebee/Silverbolt

(A) This combination covers all three weapon types.  You start with 
both of these bots so they are two of the fastest to level up.  With 
Bumblebee you can focus more on damage and with Optimus more on 
health.  With this combination Optimus is the damage taker while 
Bumblebee is the damage dealer.  At high enough levels and with the 
right data disks (I prefer either “Kaonâ€￾ or “Iacon Waterwaysâ€￾) both 
have good health and damage.
(B)  Same argument in favor of Bee as in (A) but Silverbolt is good 
because he can fly.  I used him for moments in the game that I call 
the Holy Grail moments, after the scene in Monty Python and the Holy 
Grail where he screams “RUN AWAY!!! RUN AWAY!!!â€￾ Yes, Silverbolt was a 
great runner in jet mode to let Bee recharge.

I’m sure someone prefers Optimus/Swoop because it covers the weapon 
options and if you decide to compare Swoop to Bee, Swoop can fly and 
can level up Skill instead of Strength, making him better at ranged 
fighting.  All in the personal play style and preference.  Point to be 
made: I am not saying my choices were really the best, just my 

Also, in the Decepticon missions I preferred Starscream/Soundwave over 
Starscream/Megatron simply because I was a bigger fan of Soundwave 
than Megatron in the 80’s cartoon.  That simple.  To each their own!

7.  Acknowledgements

None yet - have any suggestions???  (See email at top)

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