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FAQ/Walkthrough by Tyma

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 02/26/10

                       ,                             .***:
                     **** ,                         **:,:**        ,   .
                ***,   ,  *                        **,***.*+       *+  +
               **:***     *                .+****++*+****,**   ,       *
              **:::***    ,           **************:****.**+*****     *
             :***:::***           ,************...,,.,**,.***,+*,**   ***
             *****:::***        ******#**+:**.,..,,..,...,.*.****.**  ***
             +*****:::**+     *****#*+.....*....+..,.***...,.****.**   *
              ******:::**,  *****#+......***,,.**********:...***+.**   *
               ******::***,*****:....*******,.,***********.,,..,,***   +
           *******************:...+******#**.,,************+.,.,***    .
          ***:::::::::::::::*******#+.....**,..+**********:***,..**   ,***
          ***:::::::::::::::******:....+*****.,,******.*,.,***...+*  ***:**
          ***:::::::::::::::***#+...:********+,.,+****.,..****...+* **..,**
          ,  ....+**:::::********.,,+*****#**+:::******+...:******:,***.**.
          *    ,,**:::::******#+.,.******:.,,,,,,,,***************..*,..**
          *     **:::::******#:,,*****+.,,,,,:+++:,,,,+*****,.....,...:**,
          *    **************.,,***#+,,,,*************,,**,,.......,****:
       ,*****, ****+:::*****..,****.,,:*********::::*****,,..,.*:.*****
          *  ,.****::::****:.,***+,,,**********::::******..,****,.***
          * ,**++++:::++++**:**#+,,******++++:::::++++**+,.**+..,:**
          * +**:::::::::::*****+,,*** ***:::::::::::::**+.:*:.....,**
          . ***:::::::::::****+,,***  ***:::::::::::::***.**,.,...,.*,
            ***++::::+++++****,,***   ******::::*********,.*.*.:+,.,**
            **::::**::::::::+*******::::********+::::**,,.,*.*******  ,.
           .**::::**::::::::+******::::*********::::***..**,.**+*+    +*
           **+:::***::::::::+****+::::*********::::*****,..,**      .****:
          ,***************************************************        **
          ********************************,+***********:*****          +
          *******************************  :**********   ,
           *****************************    *********,          by Tyma
            ******:*********** +******:      *******,       faq(at)tyma.net


                                  Version 0.1
                                February 25 2010

Table of Contents

1.0  FAQ
2.0  Getting Started
3.0  Campaign Mode
4.0  Shop Mode

5.0  Songs
5.A  Default Songs
     #01 - Genesis Of Aquarion
     #02 - Dreamin'
     #03 - Anpanman
     #04 - Cloudy Skies
     #05 - My First Kiss
     #06 - Locolotion
     #07 - Cruel Angel's Thesis
     #08 - Dancing Pompokolin
     #09 - Bluebird
     #10 - Blue Sky Days

6.0  Special Thanks

What's New

Utacchi is out! The first draft of this FAQ covers everything you'll need to
play the 10 songs that come with the game, both in Campaign mode, and in
Karaoke Mode.

1.0  FAQ

Q. What is Utacchi?
A. Utacchi is the first DS game in Konami's long-running BeMani series. It's a
   music game where the player has to tap or swipe notes, as they fall down the
   screen, in order to produce music.

Q. Is This Pop'n Music?
A. It's part of the Pop'n Music series, but it plays very differently. The game
   is played with the stylus, and has four different types of notes, which
   require 4 different stylus movements. It's a lot more than just tapping
   notes to play the music.

Q. How many difficulty modes / charts are there per song?
A. Each song has 5 charts. Two 1-button charts, two 3-button charts and one 5-
   button chart. Because each note requires you to tap or swipe it in a
   different way, the easier modes can actually be deceptively challenging.

Q. Does this game have "keysounds"?
A. Yes, all the vocals are keysounds.

Q. Do you have to sing to unlock anything?
A. No. The Karaoke Mode is seperate from the actual game.

Q. Is this game aimed at children?
A. It's aimed at the exact same audience as the rest of the BeMani series.


2. Getting Started

When you first load up your cartridge, you'll be asked to select from one of 3
save slots. Select the slot you want, and then tap the big red button. The game
will open a brief tutorial, which you can skip by tapping the blue button in
the bottom-left of the screen.

Utacchi is a music game. Notes will fall from the top of the screen, each
holding a Japanese character. The player has to tap or swipe the style across
each note, as it reaches the bottom of the screen.

The tutorial introduces you to the 4 different types of "Tatsuchii"

Red (Tacchi)
Tap the note when it reaches the bottom of the screen.

Yellow (Hanechi)
Tap the note when it reaches the bottom of the screen, then swipe the stylus
upwards, as if your drawing a small line up the screen.

Blue (Nobichi)
When the note reaches the bottom of the screen, press the style onto it. Lift
the stylus up as the note is about to vanish.

Green (Kosuchi)
When the note reaches the bottom of the screen, press the style onto it, and
drag it back and forth in long movements. As the note is about to leave the
screen, swipe the stylus upwards.

Once you've beaten the tutorial, you'll be taken to the main menu.

Main Menu

Single Player
Wai Wai Mode (Multiplayer)
Download Mode (Multiplayer)

The Multiplayer modes will be covered later in the FAQ. Omake Mode contains an
autoplay feature (which allows you to hear all the songs being played
perfectly), and a Character Museum mode, which allows you to view all the in-
game sprite animations. Selecting "Single Player" will take you to the
following menu

Single Player Menu

Free Play

Campaign Mode is the game's main mode. Letting you play any song on any of the
5 difficulties. Beating each song earns you points to spend at the Shop, and
also the chance to win scratchcards. This is the only mode used for unlocking
new characters and songs.

If you hate unlocking new things, and select Free Play mode, you'll first be
offered to select a character. Timer has an awesome name, so you should
definitely choose him. As you unlock new characters in Campaign mode, they'll
be selectable here.

Free Play Menu

Normal Play
Voice Play

Normal Play is the same as Campaign Mode, although your character (which is
Timer, if you have any sense at all) replaces the character that usually
appears on that song. Playing songs in Free Play doesn't allow you to unlock
new characters or songs.

Voice Play prompts you to record a short noise through the DS microphone. When
you play songs in this mode, the keysounds in the song will all be replaced by
a pitch-shifted playback of this recording. It's kind of fun, but ultimately

Karaoke Mode is a terrifying incarnation of Pop'n Music, which makes 9-Button
Ex Mode players tremble in fear. In this mode, the player sings along to the
song themselves, using the console's built-in microphone. It doesn't detect
pitch, but it does detect how long you hold the note. Good luck playing Cobalt.


3.0 Campaign Mode

After selecting Campaign Mode, you'll be taken directly to the song select
menu. You can use the stylus to move up or down through the songwheel, and tap
the name of the song you want to play, to start immediately.

Utacchi has 5 modes of difficulty, which change both the song's vocal
complexity (and difficulty), and also the number of lanes in which notes will
fall down the screen (the layout). The current difficulty is displayed at the
top of the screen, and a flashing cloud icon in the bottom left of the screen
allows you to enter the difficulty selection screen.

Choosing to change the difficulty will take you to a separate screen, where you
can choose the layout at the top, and then the difficulty at the bottom. Note
that "5-button" mode can only be played on Hard difficulty. Once you've chosen
your difficulty and layout, tap the red button to return to the song select

The 5 possible combinations are from hereon referred to as :

1-Button Easy     1-Button Hard
3-Button Easy     3-Button Hard
5-Button Mode

The left side of the Song Select screen shows information about the song,
including the banner graphic, the difficulty of the song (measured in stars),
and the speed of the song (written in Japanese). It also tracks your all-time
high score on the song, and the highest combo you've earned.

To start off, you'll need to pass a song. The default song "Genesis Of
Aquarion" is actually pretty challenging on any mode. The easiest song is
"Cloudy Skies" (Donten), which is the 4th song down on the songlist.

Once you select a song, the game will begin. On the right screen, notes will
fall down the screen, and need to be tapped or swiped, in time to the music
(there's an explanation of each note in the Getting Started section of the
guide). As you hit each note, the game will grade you on your timing.

Orange - "Great"
Yellow - "Good"
Green - "Bad"
Blue - "Miss"

On the left screen, you can see your current score, your current combo, and
your "Groove Meter" Hitting any note will increase your combo and your Groove
Meter. Missing a note completely will reset the combo to zero, and lower the
Groove Meter. In order to pass a song, you have to fill up at least 2/3rds of
the Groove Meter, and keep it filled until the end of the song.

At the top of the left screen, the lyrics of the song are displayed in
hiragana. This is fairly irrelevant, unless you're playing the game in Karaoke
Mode, or have some strange desire to act like a Japanese preschooler, and sing
along to the game. Please don't do this.

At the end of the song, you'll either fail, and get taken back to the song
selection screen, or you'll pass, and get to play The Awesome Scratch Card
Minigame Thing.

Before any cards are scratched, you'll be awarded a number of points based on
your score (which you can spend to unlock new songs in Shop Mode), and shown a
breakdown of how many notes you hit, and how well you hit them.

The Awesome Scratch Card Minigame Thing will appear, showing a grid of 9 stars.
When you scratch off a star, you'll reveal one of three symbols :

O - Good!
X - Bad!
@ - Win!

Collecting three "O" symbols, or the "@" symbol will win the game, and unlock a
new character. Collecting "X" symbols will kick you out of the Minigame, and
back to the song select screen. The card is completely random every time, so
even if you get a card with the same graphic, the symbols will be randomly

Note that the songwheel is still showing the song you just played, but now
displays "CLEAR!!" on the far right. This is called a "Pass Lamp". If you hit
every note in the song, you'll also get a golden crown Pass Lamp next to it. On
the left screen, your High Score (or only score) will be recorded, along with
your highest combo. The game tracks separate scores for each song, on all 5
Difficulty Modes.

Once you've beaten 4 or 5 songs, you can start unlocking more, by visiting the


4.0 Shop Mode

The Shop Mode allows you to unlock new songs, by spending points accumulated in
Campaign Mode. At the beginning of the game, the following songs are available.

Cha La Head Cha La [1500 Points]
Kibun Joujou       [1800 Points]
A Perfect Sky      [1500 Points]
Zenryoku Shounen   [1500 Points]
One Night Carnival [1500 Points]
Freckles           [1800 Points]
Nihon no Mikata    [1800 Points]
Strength           [1800 Points]
Asterisk           [1800 Points]
Haruko Kanata      [1800 Points]
Pray               [1200 Points]

Once you've purchased 4 songs from the shop, a second wave of songs opens up. A
third wave opens up once you've purchased your 8th song.


5.0 Songs

Utacchi features 40 songs, which span the entire Japanese musical spectrum (but
mostly consist of songs from Pop'n Music and Jubeat games). The game starts off
with 10 playable songs, and 10 more which you can unlock in Shop Mode. Each
song is listed here, using the following format :

Song Title                                                              Song #]
                                       [                            Song Speed]
Character                              [Easy Mode Difficulty | Easy Mode Notes]
Genre                                  [Hard Mode Difficulty | Hard Mode Notes]

Japanese Title  : The song's romanised Japanese title.
Original Artist : The artist who originally recorded the song
Origin          : The anime or game from which the song is taken. If the song
                  has appeared previously in any BeMani games, these are also

Lyrics : The lyrics to the song, exactly as they appear in the game



#01 - Genesis Of Aquarion
#02 - Dreamin'
#03 - Anpanman
#04 - Cloudy Skies
#05 - My First Kiss
#06 - Locolotion
#07 - Cruel Angel's Thesis
#08 - Dancing Pompokolin
#09 - Bluebird
#10 - Blue Sky Days


Genesis Of Aquarion                                                        #01]
                                                        [               Normal]
White Merry                                             [Easy   ** | 158 Notes]
Anime Theme                                             [Hard **** | 238 Notes]

Japanese Title  : Sousei no Aquarion
Original Artist : AKINO from bless4
Origin          : Genesis Of Aquarion (Anime)
                  Pop'n Music Party (BeMani)
                  Dance Dance Revolution Music Fit (BeMani)

Lyrics :

sekai no hajimari no hi
inochi no ki no shita de
kujiratachi no koe no
tooi zankyou futari de kiita

nakushita mono subete
aishita mono subete
kono te ni dakishimete
ima wa doko wo
samayoi iku no

kotae no hisomu
kohaku no taiyou
satsuriku no tenshi de
fushi naru matataki motsu
boku no hane
kono kimochi shiru tame
umarete kita

ichiman-nen to
nisen-nen mae
kara aishiteru
sugita koro kara
motto koishiku natta
nisen-nen ato mo
kimi wo shitta
sono hi kara
boku no chigoku
ni ongaku wa taenai
oh -
huh - - - -
hmm - -


Dreamin'                                                [                  #02]
                                                        [               Normal]
Risette                                                 [Easy   ** | 158 Notes]
Utacchi Television CM Song                              [Hard **** | 217 Notes]

Original Artist : Stereopony
Origin          : Utacchi

Lyrics :

kaerimichi ishikoro
kettobashite miru
omou you ni toba nakute
muchuu ni naru
surechigau inukkoro
chotto odoroku
chippoke na kurikaeshi no
mainichi da keredo

ashita wa kitto kawaru yo
negai wa kanau
jibun shidai de
yowasa ni sayonara
me wo mukeru mado no soto ni
sekai wa hirogaru

sou sa
dare mo ga itsumo
yume wo mite
fugainai toki wa kizutsuite
futto ukaberu
namida no naka de
toki ni
okubyou ni mo naru

shinjite itai no ni
motto warattetai no ni
boku wa tabi wo
tsudzuke nagara
tokimeite itai'n da


Anpanman March                                          [                  #03]
                                                        [                 Calm]
B-Kun                                                   [Easy   ** |  88 Notes]
Anime Theme                                             [Hard  *** | 156 Notes]

Japanese Title  : Anpanman no March
Original Artist : Dreaming
Origin          : Soreike! Anpanman (Anime)
                  Pop'n Music 11 (BeMani)

Lyrics :

Sou da ureshiinda
Ikiru yorokobi
Tatoe mune no kizu ga

nan no tame ni umarete
nani wo shite ikiru no ka
kotaerarenai nante
sonna no wa iya da!

ima wo ikiru koto de
atsui kokoro moeru
dakara kimi wa ikunda

sou da ureshiinda
ikiru yorokobi
tatoe mune no kizu ga
itan demo

ah ah Anpanman
yasashii kimi wa
ike! minna no yume
mamoru tame


Cloudy Skies                                            [                  #04]
                                                        [                 Calm]
Roku                                                    [Easy    * | 102 Notes]
Anime Theme                                             [Hard  *** | 135 Notes]

Japanese Title  : Donten
Original Artist : DOES
Origin          : Gintama (Anime)

Lyrics :

namari no sora
omoku tarekomi
mashiro ni yodonda
taiyou ga kudakete
mimiari wo togaraseru

hyururi hyururi
hikui tsubame ga
hachi no ji nasotte
biru no tani wo kakeru
moujiki ni
yuudachi ga kuru

donten no Michi wo
kasa wo wasurete
aruku kanojo wa
ame ni obieteru
node Boku mo
yowamushi burasagete sora wo aogu


My First Kiss                                           [                  #05]
                                                        [                 Calm]
Rie-Chan                                                [Easy   ** |  96 Notes]
Anime Theme                                             [Hard  *** | 137 Notes]

Japanese Title  : Hajimete no Chu
Original Artist : Anshin Papa
Origin          : Kiteretsu Daihyakka (Anime)
                  Pop'n Music 6 (BeMani)

Lyrics :

nemuranai yoru
kimi no sei da yo
saki wakareta
wakaranai noni
mimitabu ga for you
moetairu for you

hajimete no chuu
kimi to chuu
i will give you
all my love
naze ka yasashii
kimochi ga ohh ippai

hajimete no chuu
kimi to chuu
i will give you
all my love
nami daka de child
otoko no guuzen
be in love with you

loving you
loving you
loving you


Locolotion                                              [                  #06]
                                                        [               Normal]
Nickey                                                  [Easy  *** | 151 Notes]
J-Pop                                                   [Hard **** | 221 Notes]

Japanese Title  : Locolotion
Original Artist : Orange Range
Origin          : Utacchi

Lyrics :

ah oh
nanka ii kanji
aozora umi
dou kono location
ah ah
maji de nice body
come on baby
do the locolotion

ah ah locolotion
ah ah locolotion
ah ah locolotion
ah ah

kanari no tenki
tropical bungee jump
hi sweet
ahatteke yo!
tokoton hora hot
sashikomu taiyou
high tention
chira rizumu girigiri
dou misetai
show time
shoutai natsu no
dai samaaseeru

kimi wa hibi tell me
fukuramasu mousou
manatsu ni hajimaru
serenade oh oh oh

ah oh
nanka ii kanji
aozora umi
dou kono location
ah ah
maji de nice body
come on baby
do the locolotion

shigeki tappuri no kimi he
escort shitee

ah ah locolotion
ah ah locolotion
ah ah locolotion
ah ah locolotion


Cruel Angel's Thesis                                    [                  #07]
                                                        [               Normal]
Kagome                                                  [Easy  *** | 118 Notes]
Anime Theme                                             [Hard **** | 210 Notes]

Japanese Title  : Zanokou na Tenshi no Thesis
Original Artist : Takahashi Youko
Origin          : Neon Genesis Evanlegion (Anime)
                  Pop'n Music Iroha (BeMani)

Lyrics :

zankoku na
tenshi no youni
zhonen yo
shinwa ni nare

aoi kaze ga ima
mune no door wo tataitemo
watashi dake wo
tada mitsumete
hohoenderu anata
sotto fureru mono
motomeru koto ni
muchu de
unmei sae
mada shiranai
itaikena hitomi

dakedo itsuka
kizuku deshou
sono senaka ni wa
haruka mirai
mezasu tame no
hane ga aru koto

zankoku na
tenshi no teze
madobe kara
yagate tobitatsu
atsui patosu de
omoide wo
uragiru nara
Konoto wo
daite kagayaku
shonen yo
shinwa ni nare


Dancing Pompokolin                                      [                  #08]
                                                        [                 Calm]
Pierre & Jill                                           [Easy  *** |  94 Notes]
Anime Theme                                             [Hard **** | 179 Notes]

Japanese Title  : Odoru Ponpokorin
Original Artist : B.B Queens
Origin          : Chibi Maruko-chan (Anime)
                  Pop'n Music Fever (BeMani)
                  Dance Dance Revolution Music Fit (BeMani)

Lyrics :

nan demo kan demo
odori wo odotte iru yo
onabe no naka kara
inchiki oji-san

itsu datte wasurenai
ejison wa erai hito
sonna no joushiki
ta-ta ta-ra-ri-ra

piihyara piihyara
piihyara piihyara
piihyara piihyara
o heso ga chirari

piihyara piihyara
piihyara piihyara
odoru ponpokorin
piihyara pii
onaka ga hetta yo

piihyara piihyara
piihyara piihyara
odoru ponpokorin
piihyara pii
onaka ga hetta yo


Bluebird                                                [                  #09]
                                                        [                 Calm]
Kagome                                                  [Easy  **  | 151 Notes]
Anime Theme                                             [Hard **** | 189 Notes]

Original Artist : Ikimono-gakari
Origin          : Naruto Shippuden (Anime)
                  Pop'n Music The Movie (BeMani)
                  Pop'n Music Portable (BeMani)
                  Dance Dance Revolution Musicfit (BeMani)

Lyrics :

habata itara
modoranai to itte
mezashita no wa
aoi aoi ano sora

kanashimi wa mada
setsunasa wa ima
tsukami hajimeta
anata e to idaku
kono kanjou mo
ima kotoba ni
kawatte iku

michi naru sekai no
yume kara mezamete
kono hane wo hiroge

habata itara
modoranai to itte
mezashita no wa
shiroi shiroi ano kumo

mitsukaru to shitte
furikiru hodo
aoi aoi ano sora
aoi aoi ano sora
aoi aoi ano sora


Sky Blue Days                                           [                  #10]
                                                        [               Normal]
Lotte                                                   [Easy  **  |  92 Notes]
Anime Theme                                             [Hard **** | 164 Notes]

Japanese Title  : Sorairo Days
Original Artist : Shoko Nakagawa
Origin          : Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Anime)
                  Pop'n Music Wii (BeMani)
                  Dance Dance Revolution Music Fit (BeMani)

Lyrics :

kimi wa kikoeru
boku no kono koe ga
yami ni munashiku

moshimo sekai ga
imi wo motsu no nara
konna kimochi wo
muda de wa nai

akogare ni
osu tsubusarete
akirametetan da
hateshinai sora no iro mo
shiranai de

omoi ga ima demo
kono mune wo tashika ni
kyou no boku ga
sono saki ni tsuzuku
bokura nari no asu wo

kotae wa sou
itsumo koko ni aru


6.0  Special Thanks

Unknown Gamer - Thank you so much for your work with translations, research,
romanisation, and keeping me company while I had to stay up until 4am, playing
Anpanman March 12 times in a row.


0.1  Version History

v 0.1 - February 25, 2010 -  Basic structure established, and default songlist

NEXT  - First batch of song unlocks

                                                     Copyright 2010 Tyma Hughes

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