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Guide and Walkthrough by SirEagle

Updated: 11/07/2010


                     ETRIAN ODYSSEY 3 - THE DROWNED CITY

FAQ/Walkthrough by Sir Eagle
Please do not distribute without permission

   Table of Contents

1.  Introduction...........[1-INTR]
2.  Story..................[2-STRY]
3.  In-Game controls.......[3-CTRL]
4.  Mapping basics.........[4-MAPB]
5.  Dictionary.............[5-DTNR]
6.  Version History........[6-VRSN]
7.  Walkthrough............[7-WKTH]
8.  Quests.................[8-QSTS]
9.  Contact info...........[9-CTCT]
10. Legal Stuff............[10LEGL]

  Walkthrough contents

1. Armoroad...................[00-AMR]
    a. Explorers Guild........[01-GLD]
    b. Aman's Inn.............[02-INN]
    c. Napier's Firm..........[03-SHP]
    d. Butterfly Bistro.......[04-QST]
    e. Inver Port.............[05-PRT]
    f. Via Senatus............[06-SNT]
2. Stratum 1
    1. B1F....................[S1-B1F]
    2. B2F....................[S1-B2F]
    3. B3F....................[s1-B3F]
    4. B4F....................[S1-B4F]
3. Stratum 2
    1. B5F....................[S2-B5F]
    2. B6F....................[S2-B6F]


1. INTRODUCTION......................................................[1-INTR]

Welcome to my first FAQ. Etrian Odyssey is one of my favorite series on DS, 
and I'm happy to write an FAQ for it. Personally I recommend not using an FAQ 
until you have absolutely no clue where you should go next. However, I know 
all you lazy gamers out there probably won't listen to me anyway, so here we 

If you find any mistakes or have any questions, Contact info will be at the 
end of this guide.

2. Story.............................................................[2-STRY]

(From Atlus.com/etrian3)

South of the great continents, beyond the sea, lies the ocean city of 

The city is a trading hub, but legend has it that it was once much more: some
say that a part of the city sunk without warning a century ago to the bottom
of the ocean, taking with it untold technology that is now lost to mankind.

Intrigued by the legend, many explorers gathered in Armoroad, all hoping to 
challenge the undersea labyrinth. But so far, none have found that fabled 
sunken city.

You hope to succeed where others have failed. Set sail to Armoroad to navigate
the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, find the lost city, and win fortune and glory!

3. In-game Controls..................................................[3-CTRL]

Outside of the Labyrinth, the controls are really simple. You use the up and
down D-buttons to navigate through the menus, the A-button to confirm, and
the B-button to cancel.

When in shops, you can switch between characters with L and R, to view and
change their equipment for example.

In the labyrinth, you walk forward with D-up, backward with D-down, and you
turn left and right with D-left and D-right. you can use L and R to move
sideways, to scan walls for shortcuts for example.

Both inside and outside of the Labyrinth, you can open the menu with Y, and
zoom in on the map with X. When in the menu, open the options with START, and,
in the labyrinth, Suspend-save with SELECT.

4. Mapping Basics....................................................[4-MAPB]

In all Etrian Odyssey games, you will have to draw the maps yourself, since
the game isn't going to do it for you. I have some basics here you might
need/want to know. If you've played a previous EO game, you might as well
skip this section.

First, let's take a look at the tools you'll get to draw your maps with.
Zoom in to activate drawing mode. the tools wil appear on the right side
of your screen.

-------------      1. Pencil. Use this to draw walls.
|<floor> (X)|      2. Eraser. Use this to erase walls.
-------------      3. Paintbrush. Use to paint floors
| 1 | 2 |   |      4. Paint Eraser. Use to erase floor colors.
--------- 5 |      5. Trash can. Throw old, unnecesary icons in here to erase.
| 3 | 4 |   |
-------------      6 through 8 are use together with 3, and determine the
| 6   7   8 |      color of the floor you're painting. If you have automap
-------------      activated it will automatically color the floors blue.
| 9 |10 |   |      I use yellow paint to indicate the areas in which FOEs walk
---------13 |      and red with walls for impassible areas and without walls
|11 |12 |   |      for mud mud.

-------------      9 through 12 are autopilot arrows. With autopilot on, the
-------------      character will automatically move in the direction 
| a | b | c |      I never use them though.
| d | e | f |      a through r are mapping icons. They indicate whatever you
-------------      want them to, but i'll list what I use them for.
| g | h | i |
| j | k | l |
| m | n | o |
| p | q | r |

A. Stairs up. used to indicate the location for a staircase that goes up a
b. Stairs down. used to indicate a staircase that goes down one floor.
c. Treasure chest location
d. Door location
e. Monster location. Only use this for FOEs that DON'T MOVE! they're
   pointless otherwise.
f. Take. Used to indicate a Take-item point
g. Event. To indicate an event that stays on the specified location.
   the location for important quest locations for example.
h. Pitfall.
i. Chop. Used to indicate a Chop-item point
J. Memo. Use this to put reminders such as "Look out, strong monster"
   I use them on the first floor's unused tiles as a notepad of sorts
   as well.
k. Resting Point. Indicates a point where tents and such can be used.
L. Mine. Indicates a Mine-item point.

m through r are arrows that can be used to indicate passages or shortcuts.

How to actually draw walls and paint floors, as well what FOEs are, is 
explained in-game. If there is anybody who wants me to include those, 
contact me with the details below.

5. Dictionary........................................................[5-DTNR]

In this Walkthrough I will use several terms to explain things you should do.
Why? because I'm lazy.

Straight forward          - Keep walking forward until you hit a wall

Strafe                    - Walking sideways

AT                        - Ariadne Thread

Around the corner         - Moving in an U-shaped pattern, like this:
>>>>>V|      |V| |^|
----|V|   or |V| |^|
----|V|      |v|_|^|
<<<<<<|      |>>>>>|
-------       -----

# spaces, tiles           - Steps.

Obtaining                 - Receiving the items listed in the box above

D-<enter direction here>  - A button on the D-pad, corresponding with the 
                            direction. e.g. D-Up is the D-pad button up.

Following the path/Corridor - Keep going until you reach a crossing or the

6. Version History...................................................[6-VRSN]

My version is determined as follows, until it's completed:

0.<# stratums included>.<# Floors of that stratum included>.<# floors of
quests included>

for example, if the Walkthrough includes everything up until stratum 2, floor
7, with the quest up until the 6th floor, the version will be:

get it? Good.
Version Updated until and including the fight with Narmer (B4F).
                 Completed stratum one, storyline.

Version Updated the Treasure list for B2F. Added quests for B2F.
                 Corrected some mistakes.

Version Second version. Quests for B1F added and Walkthrough for B2F
                 complete, quests excluded.

Version the first version! included everything up until the end of 
                 the first floor, excluding it's quests.



|                                                                 [00-AMR]   |
|1. ARMOROAD                                                                 |
|     the regal ocean city                                                   |

First you'll get one of those "welcome to" introductions where they tell you 
about the city and that it's ruled by the so called Senatus, and about the 
Labyrinth. If you're interested in it, go ahead and read it, but skipping 
won't hurt anybody in this case.

After the introduction, you'll find yourself in the town menu... with only one
option, the Explorers Guild. Enter it.
______Location_______                                            [01-GLD]
     join up today!

*sigh* another intro... The guildmaster will give you a few sentences of 
welcome and a few items.
|ITEM GET:               |
|      -Guild Certificate|
|      -Cross Script     |
|      -Resolve Script   |
|      -Offence Script   |

He'll then ask you to enter a name for your guild. Go ahead and enter one.

Now comes the fun part: Party members!

In later versions, a detailed Class guide will be included, but for now
you'll have to act on intuition when forming your party.

Your total Guild can consist of 30 members, and you can take up to 5
with you at a time. the class does not change leveling speed.

    Register Guild members
    -Retire   : <unavailable at this point>
    -Rest     : The character will lose five levels, but all skill points will
                be reset. You won't need this now, but it'll come in handy
                later on in the game
    -Dismiss  : Deletes the Character. You'll probably never need it.
    -Rename   : Does that need any explaining?
     Here you can decide what formation your party should have.
     Keep the classes in mind when assigning positions.
     Talk to the guildmaster

_____Menu End_____

When you're finished with making your party, leave the Guild. the master will
remind you to take a look at the scripts. The game then explains them.

                            -----Location Exit-----

When you're back in town, you'll notice all of the options are now available.
There is no specific order you should mind when visiting the various places,
so i'll just list them from top to bottom.

______Location_______                                            [02-INN] 
     Let the waves lull you asleep

You'll get the usual intro, and after that a menu shows up.

   -Store goods
   -Claim goods

_____Menu End_____

When selecting stay, you can select the time to wake up. Your party will
be fully healed, except for the fainted characters. Those can be revived with
'Treatment' (a loli running an Inn, giving 'Treatment' to revive fainted party
members... hmmm)

You can store important items in the Store. I recommend always having a few
AT's in stock when they're available. You'll need them.

Make sure you save your game frequently. When you go Game Over, you return
to the last point you saved.

                            -----Location Exit-----

______Location_______                                            [03-SHP] 
     Professional-Quality Provisions

Another Intro, and another menu. You might have noticed your bottom screen
change, now showing a party member and it's equipment.

}Change Equipment
_____Menu End_____

This is the shop of the game. To unlock items, sell loot and resources
here. Forge is currently unavailable, but when it is, you can use it
to strengthen weapons.

Change equipment moves the controls to the bottom screen, and from there
you can, well, change your party's equipment...

                            -----Location Exit-----

______Location_______                                            [04-QST] 
     Relax and take in the sights

GOD HER ENGLISH IS BAD! And her boobs are huge 0.o. Does she really have to
hold them up with her arms like that? They look like they're about to pop
out of her dress...

*ahem* 'scuse me.

You'll get an intro (in which the owner doesn't even make the effort of
telling you her name) KEEP YOUR EYES AT THE DIALOGUE SCREEN >:(. And
another menu

}Accept Quests
}Report Results
}Gather Information
}Talk (Ah, so her name is Missy)
_____Menu End_____

The first to seem obvious to me: you take on optional quests, and when you're
finished, you report back. I suggest taking on a few, since some may unlock
new items in the Firm.

Gather information is a new function to the game. You can talk to other
explorers here. Sometimes they'll talk nonsense, sometimes it's worth
remembering. I suggest using unused map tiles and putting memo's on them
to remember important stuff.

                            -----Location Exit-----

     Your point of embarkation

Yarr Matey, Y'arr not yet able to set sail onto the Sev'n Seas yet.

So I'll return to this later.

                            -----Location Exit-----

______Location_______                                            [06-SNT] 
     Seaside Parliament

Some old ha- *cough* nice old lady welcomes you and tells you to accept a 
mission she issues you. An information dialogue pops up, and a menu appears. 
(Did you notice she didn't tell her name either?)

}Accept Missions
}Report Results
}Report Discoveries
   -Monstrous Codex
   -Item Compendium
}Talk (Apparantly, her name is Flowdia)
_____Menu End_____

The Senatus is where storyline-related missions can be taken on, as well where
you can report discoveries. The Codex and Compendium are basically 
dictionaries with monsters and items in them

Accept her mission

|New Mission|
|Objective: Make a map of B1f    |

|ITEM GET:               |
|      -Labyrinth Map    |

After obtaining, your touch-screen will change into the map-screen.
You can now enter the Labyrinth.

                            -----Location Exit-----

     Explorers Beware!

}Enter the Labyrinth
}Return to town
_____Menu End_____

This is where the fun starts. select 'Enter'
|                                                                            |
|   1ST STRATUM: wATERFALL wOOD                                              |

Welcome to the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.

|           |                                             |
|  IN-GAME  |                                             |
|   TIME    |                                             |
|___________|                                             |
|                                                         |
|                                                         |
|                                                         |
|                                                         |
|                                                         |
|                                                         |
|                                                         |
|                                                         |
|                      ENVIRONMENT                        |
|                                                         |
|                                                         |
|                                                         |
|                                                         |
|                                                         |
|                                                         |
|                                                         |
|                                                _________|
|                                               |ENCOUNTER|
|                                               |  STATUS |

That is what the top screen will look like now. The in-game clock
you can ignore for most of the game. Some quests or missions it might
be important.

The encounter-orb, as I call it, shows you the chance of encountering an 
enemy. If it's red, you'll probably encounter an enemy within a few steps.


 ________Floor________                                            [S1-B1F] 
|1. B1F
|     A glorious journey's start
|Enemies  : Fanged Fish
|           Forest Frog
|           Deadly Durian
|           Great Lynx
|Treasure : Nectar
|           Medica
|           Amrita
|           Medica II
|           100en
|           Bravant
|           Feather Armor

After taking a few steps forward, you'll get a dialogue in which the game
tells you how beautiful the forest is. After that, go straight forward until
you see a waterfall.

Enter the passage to the east. The game will tell you about the 'Custom' 
option in the main menu, so let's take a look at the main menu. Press Y to 
open it.

|                                                         |
|_______MENU_______                                       |
||}Items          |               _______________________ |
||   -Key Items   |               | Chop  | Mine | Take | |
||   -Inventory   |               | #/#   | #/#  | #/#  | |
||}skills         |               |_____________________| |
||}Status         |                                       |
||}Equip          |                                       |
||}Custom         |                                       |
||   -Skill       |                                       |
||   -Limit       |                                       |
||}Party          |                                       |
||}Book           |                                       |
||   -Quests      |                   ____________________|
||   -Missions    |                   |                  ||
||   -Guild Card  |                   |      IN-GAME     ||
||                |                   |       DATE       ||
||____Menu End____|                   |__________________||
|                                                        ||
||                                                       ||
||                                                       ||
||                     PARTY STATUS                      ||
||                                                       ||

That's the main menu. As you can see, the custom screen is used
for equipping Limits as well. The rest it pretty easy to figure out.

In the Book menu, you can view your current missions and quests.
If you forgot what you were doing, just check here.

The Chop/Take/Mine part shows you how many times you can perform the
action on the current in-game day, and your total daily limit.

Assign the skill points as you wish via the Custom menu, and assign
Limits, and close the screen.

Keep going forward until you encounter a soldier. He reminds you of your
mission and the game gives you a mapmaking tutorial.

Mark the Guard's location on your map. you'll need it.

You have two options:
   1. Cheat, and copy a map from here.
or 2. Go and explore the floor yourself.

I recommend picking the second, since you'll need the experience
from battles in further battles. Keep in mind that each floor is
about twice as hard as the previous.

There are several shortcuts that go back to the stairs. If you strafe along
the walls of the path to the exit, you'll find them. You won't be able to
use them until you've accessed them from the other side though.
When you find them, make sure to mark the locations on your map with an arrow,
so you'll be able to find them from the other side later.


When you have mapped everything you can currently access (or at least when you
think you have) go back to the guard. He'll tell you if you're done. When you
are, go back to the town and go to the Senatus.

                            -----Labyrinth Exit-----


-> Report Results
       Unlock: Ariadne Thread at Napier's Firm
               Using the Inver Port to sail the seas (yarr)

       Reward: 500en
               1500 EXP

----------MISSION COMPLETE------------

You can now go to the port to set out and sail the seven seas, though right
now, it has no storyline-value.

So, now that we have unlocked it, let's get into the Inver Port, shall we?

______Location_______ ........................................[05-PRT]
     Your point of embarkation

Upon entering, the captain guy (yarr) tells you about the 'Calamity', and
that he wants you to create new sea charts. He then asks you to name your 
ship. (this guy doesn't tell you his name either. Such impolite people in 


}Set Sail
}Sea Quests
   -Guild Cards
}Report Discoveries
   -Barter Log
   -Cargo Manifest
   -Epic Glossary
}Talk (It seems this guy doesn't have a name. poor guy)
_____Menu End_____

When you select 'set sail' he'll give you a flag and some biscuits. You'll 
need the biscuits to sail.

Sea Quests are unlocked when you have arrivad at certain places at sea. These
can be done solo, or by linking up with a friend.

Barter is communicating with another DS. I can't tell you anything about that,
I've never done it.

Report Discoveries is clear I think.

Until it is required by storyline, or until after completion, this guide will
not cover sea navigation.

                            -----Location Exit-----

Go back into the Labyrinth

                           __________LABYRINTH ENTER___________

 1. B1F

When you pass the crossroad the guard was at, he'll give you a some hammers.

|ITEM GET:               |
|      -Attack Hammer    | 
|      -Guard Hammer     |
|      -Flash Hammer     |
<Forging is now available at Napier's Firm>
Forging is pretty easy. You pick the weapon, you pick the hammer, and done.

After this, go north, and then go left, and immediatly right again. You'll 
enter a room. Exit it from the south end. After 2 steps, turn left to see the
stairs to B2F.

     | ->

 ________Floor________                                            [S1-B2F] 
|2. B2F
|     Marshlands of Misfortune
|Enemies  : Claw shrimp
|           Great Platypus
|           Titan Arum
|           Largebill (only at day)
|           Gigapede (only at night)
|FOEs     : Greedy Lizard
|Treasure : Hamao
|           Ariadne Thread
|           Coupon
|           Stun Blade

Welcome to the second floor.

When you enter a new floor, always mark the stairs' location on the map. You
might not be able to find it later. Also, make sure you have an AT with you.

You might notice the bar beside the encounter orb. I'll explain that later.

Enter the corridor to the left. Keep walking until a dialogue screen pops up.
A blond dude in red stops you and asks you a question. The answer doesn't
really change anything, aside fron his reaction.

Anyway, he'll explain FOE's to you, well, sort of... My advise: AVOID THEM
AT ALL COSTS. Foe's are very strong monsters, (as in 1hit-KO'ing strong). if
you accidently run into one, make a short prayer for survival and keep
pressing the escape button. Immediatly use an AT directly after to heal
your party at the inn.

I always mark the paths of patrolling FOEs with yellow floor paint. I suggest
you do that as well.

After your encounter with the blond dude, pass the FOE and follow the
corridor.go north at the crossing and keep following the corridor again. 
Go north again at the next crossing and go around the corner to find another
FOE. Pass it and keep going until you reach a T-crossing.

You'll meet up with a cloaked loli with headphones, Olympia.

|ITEM GET:               |
|      -Tent             |

She'll tell you there is a campground to the right (south.) If you want to
heal, I suggest you go there to rest up. Otherwise, go north.

Keep following the path to another T-crossing. To the right you'll find
a locked door like you may have encountered on the first floor. Mark it, and
go left.

Now comes a fun part :)


Mud tiles take two turns to cross, meaning that a FOE can make 2 steps while
you can only make one when in mud. Keep this in mind. I suggest marking
mud tiles with red floor paint.

Pass the foe up ahead on the right side and enter the corridor to the west.
Exit the corridor (you should be facing south now) and go south. You'll enter
a room. Check the wall to the southeast to open up a shortcut to the stairs.

  _| |_
_|E    |

At the wall to the northwest, you'll find a guard who you can trade certain
loot with. I advise making a chat with him, though it has no storyline value

Exit the room at the southwest corner to arrive at a crossing. go west at the
crossing and ignore a passage to the right. follow the corridor the find
yet another T-crossing.

Go west again. You'll enter a room with four exits. The corridor to the
northwest will end up at a Take-point. the lower two exits will end up
at the same FOE trail.

 |_      __
   |    |
 --'    '--

Enter the room at the exit marked with an X in the picture above. and follow
the corridor.

Now comes a tricky part. step back and forth until the FOE passes you, heading
north. Enter the trail, go 3 steps south and exit the corridor on the right

step back and forth again until the FOE passes you, again heading north, and
go back into the FOE trail. after 2 steps south, exit the trail into the
corridor at the left hand side. At the end of this path, you will find the
next staircase.


1. D3: a loli in purple asks you to help her finding her guildmember, some
       ninja dude.
2. E3: A room where you can have an optional battle with 2 Venomshrooms.
3. E2: In a corridor, you'll find mushrooms that'll heal 5 TP.
4. C1: At a dead end, you'll find mushrooms that'll heal 20 HP.
5. E5: At a dead end, Optional battle with 2 Forest frog and a Spotted Frog.

 ________Floor________                                            [S1-B3F] 
|3. B3F
|     The surging river shores
|Enemies  : Scylla crab
|           Spotted Frog
|FOEs     :
|Treasure :         


Exit the roo with the stairs. Keep going until you reach a corridor on the
right side with a door. Behind this door you will encounter your first
aggressive FOE.

Agressive FOEs are FOEs that will attack you when you are a certain
distance away from it. They are hard to pass and, almost always,
a lot stronger then patrollers. keep that in mind.

To pass this FOE, strafe one step to the left and keep going forward until you
hit a wall. Strafe one step to the right to reach a campsite. Exit the
campsite and go three steps west to reach the door that you will need to
progress further.

go through the door and keep following the path  until you can go right to 
enter a door. behind this door is another FOE. and there's mud. keep that in
mind. this one is somewhat difficult to pass.

with your back against the door you entered from, go one step north. then one
step east, two north, one east, two north, two west, and enter the door you're
facing now. Follow the path and go right at the T-crossing. check the
wall to open up a shortcut to the stairs. Go left, then right.

go one step north. You'll encounter a ninja boy who tells you there's a strong
FOE behind the door you're facing, and asks you to help. 

another hard FOE to pass, but I promise you, It's the last one on this floor.

to pass, go 3 steps east, 3 north, 1 west, 2 north, 1 east, 2 north,
3 west, 3 south, 2 west, 1 south, 2 west, 3 north, 1 east, and enter
the door.

You'll meet ninja boy again. He'll be like "aha, so that's how you pass it"
exit the room to the right and go right at the first bridge. go left and
strafe along thee wall to find another shortcut. at the end of the path are
the stairs.

 ________Floor________                                            [S1-B4F] 
|4. B4F
|     Bladed ordeal in the muck
|Enemies  : Scylla crab
|           Spotted Frog
|FOEs     :
|Treasure :         

The last floor of this stratum. walk two steps forward. You'll run into the
cocky blond dude who'll tell you you can't pass.

And that's the end of the game!

nah, just kidding. Go back to the Senatus to accept a new mission.

                            -----Labyrinth Exit-----

|New Mission|
|PROOF OF WILL        |
|Objective: Defeat Narmer on B4F |

An easy defeat-the-baddy-mission right?


                       __________LABYRINTH ENTER___________

|   B4F

You can pass Kujura, as he's called, now, so I suggest doing so, as you won't
be able to progress otherwise (duh).

|ITEM GET:               |
|      -Medica II        |

Follow the corridor. You'll arrive at a patrolling FOE's track. pass it
(MUD!) and exit it into a corridor leading east. Go right at the crossing and
keep going. you should reach a room with a locked door at the south side.

Go west and keep following the path until you reach a room with three doors.
One of them leads to a FOE track (west), one to a mine point (north-east), and
one to where you should go (southeast). Enter that one and keep following the
path. Ignore the small corridor to the north and keep going until you reach
square A2 (on your map). Exit the room at the south side to enter a double
FOE-track with mud. Passing it is tricky, but I don't think it needs
explaining, since it's all just a matter of timing.

so pass it, exiting the track on the north side, and go east, and south again.
keep folloing the path until you reach a crossing, at which you'll encounter
ninja-boy. Select yes two times. Go north and keep going until you reach a
door. Behind this door is Narmer.

____________BOSS FIGHT SEQUENCE________________________________[BS-NMR]____
|                                                                         |
|I call this Boss battle a Sequence, since it's not actually just a       |
|battle You'll have to corner Narmer first. To do so, you'll need to      |
|explore the room thoroughly. Don't worry, Narmer's a wuss, it won't      |
|attack you.                                                              |
|                                                                         |
|Anyway, you should notice that each corner of the room, as well the east |
|and west walls, have passages. Open up each one of them. The north-east  |
|one is useless, so don't mind that one unless you want a treasure.       |
|                                                                         |
|To fight Narmer, push him into one of the other three corners. then walk | 
|away from it and use the passages in the east and west walls to sneak    |
|up on it.                                                                |
|                                                                         |
|__________________BATTLE_____________________                            |
|      | HP: 3281           SKILLS: Earthquake|                           |
|NARMER| AT: 20                     Fin Smack |                           |
|______| DF: 16                     Mud Throw |                           |
|                                             |                           |
|WEAKNESS  : Volt damage.                     |                           |
|                                             |                           |
|RESISTANCE: All melee damage excluding Pierce|                           |
|                                             |                           |
|STRATEGY TIPS:                               |                           |
|This boss fight music is awesome isn't it?   |                           |
|Anyway. Narmer's got a sh*tload of HP and a  |                           |
|very high defence. Also, It'll run away after|                           |
|a few turns. If it does, just sneak up on it |                           |
|ASAP, or it'll heal slowly. Don't AT during  |                           |
|the sequence, you'll have to start all over  |                           |
|again.                                       |                           |
|                                             |                           |
|Since the only type of attack Narmer isn't   |                           |
|overpoweredly strong against is pierce, and  |                           |
|it's elemental weakness is Volt, I suggest   |                           |
|forging a few Volt-bows, guns and spears.    |                           |
|You might need the Prince(ss)'s Guard order  |                           |
|and Shock arms skills as well.               |                           |
|                                             |                           |
|Narmer can dive into the mud prior to using  |                           |
|his Earthquake skill (which hurts), so       |                           |
|having a Zodiac with Binary Thunder isn't    |                           |
|too bad either.                              |                           |
|                                             |                           |
|RECOMMENDED PARTY:                           |                           |
|                                             |                           |
|FRONT: (Gladiator,) Prince, Monk,            |                           |
|Back : Zodiac, (Buccaneer,) Arbalist         |                           |
|                                             |                           |
|Both Gladiator and Buccaneer aren't          |                           |
|necessary, but Gladiators have strong        |                           |
|offence, and Buccaneers can use guns, which  |                           |
|are strong Back-line weapons                 |                           |
|_____________________________________________|                           |
|                                                                         |
|After running away for the first time, four Bog Lurker FOEs will appear. |
|They are strong, but they're just patrollers, so mind your step and keep |
|up the hunt.                                                             |

                            -----Labyrinth Exit-----


-> Report Results
       Reward: 1500en
               15000 EXP

----------MISSION COMPLETE------------

8. QUEST INFO........................................................[9-QSTS]

Whenever you set foot in a new floor, new quests will become available.
The quests listed here are listed in unlocking order.

There are four types of quests:

Labyrinth Quest: -Collect: The client specifies certain item(s) he or she
                           needs. wheter these are loot, resources, or
                 -Scout:   The client wants you to find a certain type of spot
                           in the Labyrinth. As soon as you find it, the quest
                           is complete.
                 -Defeat:  The client wants you to defeat (a) certain
                           monster(s). Defeat the requested amount to complete
                           the quest

Sea Quest      : -Fish:    Fish a certain amount of the specified type(s) of
                           fish. Return to town when they are caught.

There are also two types of rewards:

 -Unlock: Unlocks a certain feature from the game, or a certain item that is
          now available for purchase
 -Get:    You get a certain Item or amount of money.
You also will always recieve a certain amount of XP points. I have put this
amount next to the name.

The sea quests you take on at the Bistro are different from the Sea quests you
take on at the Port.

All the quests listed here are quests you take on at the Bistro. Port quests
might be listed in future versions of the guide.    


|OBJECTIVE: COLLECT - 1 frog cheek|
|                     3 slimy legs|
|REWARD   : GET     - 3 Tents     |

An easy one. Go to the labyrinth, Kick some Forest Frog butt, and done.


|OBJECTIVE: SCOUT   - Find a quiet|
|                     spot for the|
|                     Fisherman   |
|REWARD   : GET     - 100en       |

You might have noticed the spot while exploring for the first mission.
If you didn't mark it, it's in square A2 at the end of the corridor.


|TANNIYN HUNTING...............[1500 XP]|
|OBJECTIVE: FISH    - Catch a     |
|                     Tanniyn     |
|REWARD   : GET     - 2 Ariadne   |
|                       threads   |

Ah, the first quest at sea. Make sure you have a Harpoon, perferably a Tanniyn
Cannon, or you won't be able to catch it. It's location is marked by a large
fish icon.


|HO! THE GIGAPEDE!.............[1500 XP]|
|REWARD   : GET     - Pedant's    |
|                     Book        |

one of those easier-said-then-done-quests. Go to B2F at night, walk around
until you encounter a Gigapede, kick it's incectoid ass, go back to town, 
quest complete.
Gigapedes are quite strong. Keep in mind that they ONLY appear at night.


|REQUEST FROM THE FIRM.........[1000 XP]|
|                     Tanniyn     |
|REWARD   : GET     - Volt Hammer |
|           UNLOCK  - Nectar      |

After accepting, go to the firm and talk to the owner. Go to B2F, Find a Take-
point (make sure you have a character in yout party with Take) and bring back
a Small Flower. Sell it to her, and go to the Bistro to finish the Quest.

9. CONTACT INFO......................................................[9-CTCT]

If you have any questions or additions, send an E-mail to
Timmy (underscore) 1995 (underscore) 1 (at) hotmail (dot) com

10. Legal stuff......................................................[10LEGL]

Disclaimer: Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City is property of Atlus. I
do not own any part of it of it.

Only Gamefaqs, Supercheats, Neoseeker and Gamershell have permission to host
this FAQ. If any other sites or persons take the entire or a part of this 
walkthrough without permission, legal action can and will be taken.

Copyright 2010 Sir Eagle (c)

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