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Version: 1.24 | Updated: 06/11/2019

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West
Version 1.24
Copyright June 2019 by Wilma Jandoc Win

Written by Wilma "Chibischala" "Schala" Jandoc Win
E-mail: chibischala (at) yahoo (dot) com

This walkthrough is currently available ONLY on GameFAQs.com. This may be not
be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may
not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a
part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of


Welcome to my second contribution to GameFAQs! I really loved the prequel game
to "Last Window," and that extended to this game as well. "Last Window" takes
place about a year after the events in the first game. You'll find the
storyline here is far more convoluted than the original "Hotel Dusk" and some
of the puzzles are trickier.



0. Version history
1. Explanation and disclaimers
2. Walkthrough
   - Chapter 1: December 18, 1980  [CH01]
     - 11:00 PM [CH01-11]
   - Chapter 2: December 19, 1980  [CH02]
     - 9:00 AM [CH02-9]
     - 4:00 PM [CH02-4]
   - Chapter 3: December 20, 1980  [CH03]
     - 2:00 PM [CH03-2]
     - 6:00 PM [CH03-6]
   - Chapter 4: December 21, 1980  [CH04]
     - 4:00 PM [CH04-4]
     - 5:00 PM [CH04-5]
     - 9:00 PM [CH04-9]
   - Chapter 5: December 22, 1980  [CH05]
     - 1:00 PM [CH05-1]
     - 5:00 PM [CH05-5]
     - 7:00 PM [CH05-7]
   - Chapter 6: December 23, 1980  [CH06]
     - 11:00 AM [CH06-11]
     - 12:00 PM [CH06-12]
     - 2:00 PM [CH06-2]
     - 3:00 PM [CH06-3]
   - Chapter 7: December 24, 1980  [CH07]
     - 7:00 PM [CH07-7]
   - Chapter 8: December 25, 1980  [CH08]
     - 3:00 PM [CH08-3]
   - Chapter 9: December 26, 1980  [CH09]
     - 11:00 AM [CH09-11]
     - 3:00 PM [CH09-3]
     - 4:00 PM [CH09-4]
   - Chapter 10: December 26, 1980  [CH10]
     - 9:00 PM [CH10-9]
     - 11:00 PM [CH10-11]
3. Story and game notes
4. Special thanks, contact info, and other notes



** Version 1.0 **
- October 2010: Complete walkthrough done

** Version 1.1 **
Oct. 18, 2010
- Corrected some typos
- Added the fact that the combination for the safety deposit box is a
  randomized number
- Added the fact that you can choose not to draw anything when Mila asks  
- Added clarification regarding the vending machine and winning bottle caps
- Added clarification on what you must do to begin your search for the
  condor engravings in Chapter 10

** Version 1.2 **
Dec. 3, 2010
- Revised my comment about knocking on vs. buzzing at someone's door
- Added a description about what the flyer is that Kyle picks up from his
  mailbox in Chapter 1
- Added a comment in "Story Notes" about the bucket and sponge that you find
  in Kyle's bathroom in Chapter 1
- Added an additional way to recover Marie's ring in Chapter 2
- Added more possible response choices in Chapters 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9
- Added more bottle cap clarification
- Added an additional item you can sell in Chapter 5
- Added notes in the "Story Notes" section about selling the Snow Globe in
  Chapter 5
- Verified that it's Charles who comes out of the cafe in Chapter 6
- Corrected the events surrounding the prize draw results in Chapter 6
- Added a note in "Story Notes" about using the Quarters in Chapter 6
- Added the fact that your drawing of Mila in Chapter 7 will be recorded in
  the "Last Window" novel
- Added note in "Story Notes" regarding the elevator getting stuck in Chapter 7
- Added the scenes with Tony and Sidney in the cafe where the $1000 comes up
  in Chapter 7
- Added brief descriptions of what you get if you win against Tony, Sidney
  and Claire in billiards in Chapter 7
- Added the fact that you can also show the Front Page to Will in Chapter 8
- Deleted some unnecessary searching in Marie's room in Chapter 9
- Added another way to rescue Marie from the roof in Chapter 9
- Added a scene in which Kyle gives Marie the $1000 check in Chapter 9
- Added clarification in the "Story Notes" section about what exactly you need
  to examine in Mags's room before being allowed to leave in Chapter 9
- Added clarification on what to do with the safe in room 406 in order to
  advance the game in Chapter 9
- Added another way to break down the door of room 406 in Chapter 10
- Made various minor sentence and wording changes

** Version 1.21 **
Feb. 7, 2011
- Added another way to open the maple butter jar in Chapter 6

** Version 1.22 **
Aug. 11, 2012
- Added another response when talking to Mags about the package in Chapter 7
- Added another response when talking to Sidney in the cafe while waiting
  for Tony in Chapter 7
** Version 1.23 **
Feb. 13, 2017
Didn't think there was still stuff to do in this walkthrough, huh?
- Separated off time changes within each chapter and modified a few sentences
  to match
- Made some minor text changes

** Version 1.24 **
June 10, 2019
- Added the times to the table of contents



- THIS WALKTHROUGH MAY HAVE SPOILERS! It does NOT include the game's complete
script, but it does summarize some character dialogue and the game's events
so that you know what's going on and can orient yourself.

- This walkthrough assumes that you know how to move around the game and what
all the menu icons and choices mean and how to use them, as they will not be
explained here.

- This walkthrough is NOT meant to give a coherent explanation of the story
and all the secrets that everyone has. A lot of dialogue summary has been left
out deliberately. However, if you are actually playing the game, you should
recognize the summaries that I do include.

- This walkthrough leads you through the quickest path through the game. It
highlights only the essential actions that you must take in order to advance
the game and tells which options to choose that won't cause a red shadow in
other people. It does NOT explore all dialogue choices, nor does it
necessarily tell you all the options for wandering around the building that
you may have at the time. Feel free to do whatever extra walking about or
examining that you want to do.

- I USE LEFT-HANDED PLAY! As such, there may be situations in which directions
will be mixed up for right-handers. PLEASE let me know if there are any such
mixups and I will fix them.

- When you're walking around an area, all directions refer to where things are
placed on the overhead view that you see on the TOUCH SCREEN. So if I say
something is on the right side, I mean the right side of the touch screen,
even if it's actually placed on the left side if you were looking from Kyle's
first-person point of view.

- When you're examining things and the touch screen switches to the
first-person point of view, all directions again refer to their relative
positions on the TOUCH SCREEN. So if I say something is on the left side, then
it will be on the left side of the touch screen. 

- The English version of this game was released only in Europe and so it uses
mainly British English spellings and terms. However, me being American, I tend
to use American spellings and terms in this walkthrough. Don't hold it against
me. ^_~

- For those who want to quickly know which choices to pick when you come to a
conversation junction, or the answers to text-based puzzles, or the answers
to the end-of-chapter quizzes, they've been preceded by three dashes, "---".
Do a search for that if you'd like to find those quickly in this walkthrough.
To do a search, press ctrl-F or command-F (for Mac users) on your keyboard and
type in three dashes.

- Chapters are labeled with a four-character code that you see in square
brackets [ ] next to the chapter name in the Contents listing above. To
quickly jump to the chapter you want, do a search for that code.

- Because this game is a sequel to "Hotel Dusk," many events from that game
will be referenced here. You don't need to have played the first game to
appreciate this one, as the events in "Dusk" are pretty well summarized in
"Last Window" when they pop up.



CHAPTER 1 - DECEMBER 18, 1980                                            [CH01]

Watch the game's opening scenes. A theft of a diamond...a fatal shot...Kyle
getting fired...A woman passing by on the stairs. Read Kyle's opening dialogue.

When the opening's done, you'll see a pair of double doors. Tap the handles in
the center of the screen to open the doors. In the lobby, you can either
approach the guy you see -- Tony -- and talk to him, or you can choose to pass
right by him, which will automatically trigger the conversation. When he
complains about Kyle having no chit-chat for old friend Tony, you can choose
either of the options that come up, as neither will cause a red shadow:

--- This guy for real? Since when've we been close friends?
--- This guy think we're joined at the hip or something?

Lots of talk ensues in which Tony's less-than-honorable character is made
obvious. When Tony says there won't be any more chats next month, choose:

--- "All we got left?" Meaning?

It goes to Questions. Ask your lone question about the letter and lots more
talk happens about the tenants being evicted. Another tenant, Betty, comes
down during this conversation. Eventually, Betty and Tony both leave.

When the talking ends, head toward the stairs. Kyle hears a door open, and
the landlady, Margaret or Mags, comes out. When she says "What a shame,"
tap the Inquire icon. You can choose either response, as both will eventually
bring up the same question about a pressing matter that Mags needs to discuss
with Tony:

--- What do you mean?
--- What's a shame?

It soon leads into Questions. When Mags grills Kyle about his own rent, again
you can choose either response, as it will bring up the same line of

--- Ah. Is that right?
--- Yeah, about that...

More talk about rent ensues. Mags complains about Kyle's overflowing mailbox.
Kyle eventually asks why Mags is selling the place. It soon goes to Questions.
Ask about how the situation is complicated. When Mags asks Kyle to refrain
from asking her again, tap the IGNORE icon and just let it slide.

Kyle and Mags talk about difficult situations. He mentions his mom being a
widow and that he can understand Mags's hardship. He talks about demolition in
the area. She talks about being hassled a little but that's not the main reason
she's selling. It goes to Questions. Ask your question about her reason for
selling. The conversation ends soon after that.

Now head to the mailboxes in the lower right corner of the screen. Examine
them. Kyle's mailbox is the one all the way in the lower left corner.

In the mini game that follows, first tap the dial to close in on it. Kyle will
talk about not remembering the combination. Tap the notebook icon flashing in
the lower left corner of the screen. It automatically brings you to the page
where Kyle's written his combination. It is:

--- 7 left, 7 left, 1 right

Return to the dial. Tap the glowing dot and move the dial left (in a 
counterclockwise fashion) until the arrow points at 7, and you'll hear a
click. You might have to slide your stylus slowly because the game doesn't
seem that responsive (or it could just be my own DS, who knows). Turn it left
again until you reach 7 again, and you'll hear another click. Now turn it
right (clockwise) until it reaches 1. You'll hear a loud snap and the mailbox
will open, spilling out letters.

Tap the letter in the very center of the screen to grab the Eviction Notice.
After Kyle reads it, tap on the white flyer in the upper left corner and Kyle
says that's not entirely useless. Then he'll scoop up the rest of his mail.
You can examine the other envelopes BEFORE grabbing the notice and the flyer
if you want to. (The flyer is the "Useful Information" piece that sticks out
of the side of Kyle's notebook when you go to the notebook icon.)

Head up the stairs to the second floor. Kyle sees someone coming down the
stairs, carrying a hammer; it's Dylan. Some talk happens and Dylan leaves.

Head all the way down the hallway to Kyle's room, 202, and examine the door.
Tap the flashing inventory icon and use the Room 202 Key on the knob to
unlock it.

When Kyle opens the door, a letter falls out. Grab the letter from the floor.
Kyle enters his room. Walk a little further into the room and a scene will
automatically play. He reads the letter. Then the phone rings once, and the
lamp (light) on the answer phone (answering machine) lights up. Tap the
flashing phone icon at the bottom to answer -- you don't need to actually walk
over to the phone to answer.

In the closeup screen that follows, tap where the glowing white dot indicates
-- that's the "play" button. You'll hear the sound of a tape playing, then
a beep, and the text of the message will scroll. (Whenever I hear the tape
sound, I always expect hear actual voices instead of just text. It always
throws me off.)

After all of Kyle's phone messages play, head to the coffee table on the right
side of the bed. Examine it, then tap the letter lying on the table. He again
reads the anonymous letter, which is an order sheet telling him to find the
Scarlet Star.

[[ 11:00 PM ]]                                                        [CH01-11]

Watch the scene that plays, and then it's time for the end-of-chapter quiz.

The correct answers in order are:

--- Tony
--- She had her own reasons
--- From a guy I didn't recognize

CHAPTER 2 - DECEMBER 19, 1980                                            [CH02]

Kyle wakes up to his alarm. He stares at the alarm with bleary eyes. To shut
it off, wait until the alarm comes into focus, then tap the white button on
top. The phone rings and a long scene plays in which Kyle learns of the
mysterious Rex Foster from his mom, Jeanie. Then there's another long scene
in which he reminisces about his past.

After he finishes, head toward the door. The phone rings. Answer it; it's
Rachel. Another long scene plays.

[[ 9:00 AM ]]                                                          [CH02-9]

After the phone call, it's time to watch the mayoral speeches on TV.

Head back to the coffee table and tap the TV. To avoid all of the annoying
shows and static in between and Kyle's comments on them, I suggest you do
this: Tap the channel selector in the lower left corner three times until
the red button is facing in the southeast direction (about where 5:00 is on
a clock face). Then tap the Power switch at the bottom right. It will
already be at the news channel.

When the news is done, head toward the door again. The buzzer sounds. Man,
this is a busy morning for Kyle. You can answer the door by tapping the
flashing door icon in the lower left corner -- you don't need to actually walk
up to the door.

Tony's at the door, blabbering on about needing help. When it comes to an
option, choose:

--- Calm down, will you?

Tony talks about being accused of stealing a ring from Marie in room 206. When
it goes to Questions, ask why Marie thinks it was Tony. When that's done, Kyle
automatically goes into the hallway.

Walk a bit to the right and talk to Marie further down the hall. When it goes
to Questions, ask why she's convinced it's Tony. A long conversation goes on.
Ask all the resulting questions. After some arguing, Betty comes out and gives
everyone a piece of her mind, then leaves. When Marie asks what Kyle is
implying, choose:

--- You should check your room again

Head to Marie's room at 206 and knock or press the buzzer. (I find it easier
to knock, because trying to double-tap something as tiny as that buzzer is
difficult. People will answer to either one, but it seems they open the door
faster if you buzz.) Go in her room.

After they finish talking, head to the dresser with the mirror on the left
side of the room and examine it. Swivel the view around and you'll see
something gleaming in between the dresser and the chest of drawers -- pretty
obvious to us that it's the ring. Tap it, and Kyle will remark that he can't
fit his arms in between to grab it. You'll need something skinny to fit there.

There are various things around the room that you can use successfully. (The
Wooden Hanger is NOT one of them.) There are at least 2 different ways to get
the ring, one easier than the other, in my opinion.

Walk to the cabinet underneath the flower painting on the right side of the
room and examine it. Pick up the Tape Measure inside the drawer and go back to
the dresser. Go to your inventory, select the Tape Measure, tap Use, then tap
the ring.

In the mini game that follows, tap the glowing dot and pull out the tape
measure until it's about 1.25 inches on your DS screen -- any longer and it
will bend out of shape and you'll have to redo it. Now grab the main part of
it and maneuver it so that the end of the tape measure latches on to the ring.
Now tap the glowing dot to wind up the tape measure and pull the ring out.

If you want to know what the second method is (in my opinion, it's the more
difficult method), then read the following indented paragraphs. If not, skip

     Check the sofa area at the bottom of the room and examine the items on
     the sofa. Examine the sewing box and grab the Thread. Then head to the
     cabinet beneath the flower painting on the right side of the room and
     examine it. Get the Safety Pin inside the drawer. Now go to your
     inventory, choose the Thread, tap Combine, then choose the Safety Pin,
     and tap Confirm. You'll now have a Threaded Safety Pin.
     Return to the dresser. Go to your inventory, choose the Threaded Safety
     Pin and use it on the ring. In the mini game that follows, tap and hold
     the glowing dot and lower the safety pin so that the open part lies
     flat on the floor to the right of the ring. Now slide the pin slowly
     underneath the ring until the pin goes as far as it can (stop when the
     ring starts sliding away). Now move the thread up and you'll see that the
     ring is hooked on the pin. Keep lifting the thread until the game
     automatically advances.

Talk to Marie again. Let the conversation play. When you're back in the
hallway, talk to Tony. When Tony mentions detective training, tap Inquire
and choose:

--- How did you find out about my past?

Tony says he heard about Kyle from Dylan. Tony splits and Kyle's pager goes
off. Go back to 202 and use the phone. Kyle tells Ed about the mysterious
order sheet that he found stuck in his door. Ed hangs up. Kyle decides to talk
to Dylan.

Go upstairs to the third floor. Kyle sees someone in the hall -- what do you
know, it's Dylan. Talk to him and ask him your questions. After the questions
are done, Kyle hears someone coming -- it's Frank Raver. Conversation ensues.
Frank mentions there's trash on the fourth floor and tells Dylan to clean
it up.

Kyle gets curious about the fourth floor, so go up there. He sees Dylan
cleaning up. Talk to him and ask him about the previous incident. He refuses
to talk, and leaves. Kyle gets the great idea to try to peek around the
fourth floor.

Walk to the door on the left side. Examine it and tap the handle. Tap the
glowing dot and slowly bring the handle downward. When it's all the way down,
a loud bell rings -- oops, you set off the fire alarm. Quickly head to the
bottom right corner of the screen and examine the control panel on the wall.
The switches are in the ON position. To turn it off, tap BOTH switches at the
SAME TIME -- it's easier to use your fingers here -- and slide them sidewards
to turn them to the OFF position.

Too late. The alarm brings Dylan back to the fourth floor. Following shortly
behind him is Mags, who demands to know what's going on. Dylan says he was
conducting a test. When he asks for Kyle's confirmation, choose:

--- That's exactly what happened

Mags buys the story and leaves. 

[[ 4:00 PM ]]                                                          [CH02-4]

It's time to watch the news again. Switch on the TV and let the program play
out, in the course of which Kyle learns about the crime ring Condor that was
conducting jewel thefts all over Los Angeles.

After the news, go down to the first floor to find Lucky's Cafe. In the lobby,
you'll meet up with the frilly-shirted Charles. You can either approach him
and talk to him, or you can pass by him and make straight for the cafe on the
left side -- if you do that second one, Charles will stop you anyway and
you'll automatically enter conversation.

Charles chews you out about not remembering his name, then asks about the
alarm bell. When he says something about another incident, tap Inquire and

--- What did you think had happened?

It goes to Questions; it's straightforward from there. Learn about the fire
that took place 2 weeks ago. Charles leaves. Head to the cafe again. On the
way, Kyle bumps into Frank coming out and asks him about the fire. Now you can
FINALLY get to the cafe.

Kyle is greeted by Claire, daughter of the cafe owner. Let the scene play.
Sidney, the owner, comes by to chat. When the scene ends, walk over to that
shifty-looking guy that Sidney points out, and the conversation will
automatically play. Turns out it's the mysterious Rex Foster. When he admits
he's been following Kyle, tap Inquire. You can choose either response, both
of which will eventually bring up the same question in Kyle's mind:

--- Got a reason for staring at me?
--- Something you want to say?

It goes to Questions. When Rex talks about there being trouble today, you can
again choose either response:

--- Right, nothing happened
--- Well, there was something

If you pick the second choice, you'll get extra conversation. Ask the rest of 
the questions, then Rex hotfoots it out of there.

Sidney comes back and you have a little chat. Ask him all the questions that
result and learn more about what Rex has been up to and about what happened
in the building 13 years ago. Sidney also talks about the mayoral race and the
recent jewel thefts in the area.

After Sidney leaves, examine the table and the newspaper lying on it. It talks
about the jewel robberies possibly being by Condor and of a mysterious woman
in a hat seen at the scenes prior to the crimes. And then it's time for the
end-of-chapter quiz.

The correct answers in order are:

--- Jeanie
--- They had been called by Rex Foster
--- Marie
--- Dylan
--- An incident 13 years ago

CHAPTER 3 - DECEMBER 20, 1980                                            [CH03]

Kyle wakes from a dream to hear his phone ringing. It's Rachel, who tells him
Ed wants to rehire him. Ed gets on the phone and says a weird dream made him
reconsider, but Kyle has to prove he really wants to work and that he'll think
of something Kyle has to fulfill. Kyle talks to Rachel about the strange order
sheet and his run-in with Rex. He asks Rachel to look into Rex. Kyle hangs up
and gets dressed.

The buzzer sounds. Answer the door to find Mags, who asks if he recalls their
chat the other day. Tap Inquire and choose either response:

--- Of course I remember!
--- Don't have a clue

Mags reminds him of the $400 in rent that he needs to pay. Kyle asks about
what happened at the building 13 years ago, but Mags dismisses the rumors and
leaves. Kyle thinks he has enough money in his wallet to cover the rent. Boy,
this guy carries around a lot of cash.

Walk over to where Kyle's suitcase is lying on the table on the right side of
the room and examine it. Tap his wallet twice to retrieve $380, then exit the
screen. Head south and try to examine the entertainment center Kyle has along
the bottom right corner, and the buzzer will sound.

Answer the door to find Tony raving about some sure-fire way of making ten
times the money they put in. Then the phone rings. When Tony asks if Kyle has
a problem with him using Kyle's money, tap IGNORE and answer the phone.

It's Mags on the phone, wanting the rent money by the end of the day. After
she hangs up, deal with Tony. Ask him about the tight spot that he's in. Tony
lets slip that he's in trouble with his rent. Kyle digs into him about gambling
his money away, and Tony leaves.

Head back to Kyle's entertainment center and examine the bottle sitting on top
of the chest of drawers. It's full of cash.

In the mini game that follows, tap and hold the bottle and lift it up, then
turn it upside-down to have a couple of coins fall out. After Kyle's short
remark, tap and hold the bottle and shake it around vigorously until three
more coins fall out, at which time the mini game will automatically end. Kyle
figures he has to smash the bottle and needs something to whack it. Remember
someone who had a hammer recently?

Go upstairs to 304 and knock or buzz. In Dylan's room, walk toward him and the
conversation automatically starts. Kyle asks to borrow a hammer. When Dylan
asks why, choose:

--- I need it to smash open a bottle

Dylan leaves to get the hammer from his car. Walk further into the room and
Kyle sees a picture of an angel hanging on the wall. This is kind of an
inside joke relating to the previous game, "Hotel Dusk," but it has some
importance in this game too.

Walk over to the far left wall and examine the angel jigsaw puzzle. Kyle
remembers that the original painting was stolen by a crime syndicate called
Nile. Kyle, being the nice guy he is, tries to dust off the frame, which
causes the puzzle to crash to the floor and some of the pieces to fall out.
You'd better reassemble it before Dylan gets back.

In the mini game that follows, tap a piece to choose it. Arrows will appear in
the upper corners; tap those to rotate the piece. Don't worry about the weird
angles; the pieces will right themselves once you start rotating them. When
you have it in the position you want it, tap and hold the piece and drag it
to wherever to want to put it. Thankfully, the piece automatically snaps into
place if you have it positioned correctly, so you don't have to be awfully
accurate. Do this with all the pieces.

When you finish, Dylan returns and hands Kyle the hammer. Kyle talks to him
about the angel puzzle, then leaves.

Go back downstairs to 202 and examine the bottle again. Go to your inventory,
select the Hammer, tap Use, and tap the bottle. Keep tapping the bottle until
it breaks -- three taps will do it. Kyle pulls out $25.

[[ 2:00 PM ]]                                                          [CH03-2]

Go downstairs to Mags's room and knock/buzz. Go through the top door and into
her living room. Talk to her, go to your inventory, and choose the $405. Don't
worry, Kyle will hand over only the requested $400 and keep the extra $5.

It goes to Questions. Ask who else is behind on their rent. She names Tony and
Marie and asks if Kyle could speak to them about it. They chat more. Ask all
of the questions that result. Kyle leaves. He's still curious about the
incident 13 years ago, so head to the cafe to pick Sidney's brains.

Watch the scene with Claire and Sidney. Kyle tries to ask about 13 years ago,
but Sidney puts him off. To change the subject, he gives Kyle a crossword
puzzle, saying that it's for a contest the cafe is running, with the prize
being $1000. Kyle takes his usual seat and Claire comes with his food. 

After Kyle finishes his food, you can have a go at the crossword puzzle quiz,
or you can save it for later. (If you've already got a Winning Bottle Cap and
you talk to Sidney at this point, Kyle will automatically give him the cap
and Kyle will get his prize.) Take note that finishing the crossword is
OPTIONAL and the game will NOT remind you to finish it. So if you want to have
a chance at the prize (or rather, if you want Kyle to have a chance at the
prize), then I suggest you finish the crossword BEFORE leaving the cafe right
now. If you just want the answers, skip the following indented paragraph.

     The main key to solving the crossword are the colors. If you've examined
     things in the cafe, you'll probably have noticed that there are lots of
     posters, signs, and other things around. The words are color-coded, and
     if you check around the cafe, you'll find words that match the colors in
     the crossword. There's only one word of each color with the proper number
     of letters, so there should be no mistaking the correct answers.

To enter your answers in the crossword, tap the square in which you want to
write a letter, then tap the letter you want to write in. When you write in a
letter, it automatically goes to the next square, so be careful when entering
answers that already have letters filled in from previous answers. The
crossword puzzle answers are:

--- Blue: ICED
--- Orange: CAFE
--- Purple: JUKEBOX
--- Green: LUCKY (note the apostrophe and S are NOT green on the sign)
--- Red: BEEF

The secret answer is JUICE.

After you finish the crossword, talk to Sidney and Kyle will give him the
paper. Sidney will give him an Entry Slip and tell him that the prize drawing
will be on December 23.

Kyle can now leave the cafe. Walk a little way and about halfway into the
lobby, he runs into Marie. She apologizes for the ring incident, then breaks
down and cries about things being tough. When she talks about getting on Kyle's
nerves, you can choose either response (depending on whether you want to be
more nice or more mean, I suppose):

--- Maybe a little
--- Are you in some sort of financial trouble?

If you pick the first response, you'll get extra conversation, but it
eventually comes to the fact that Marie is indeed in financial straits. While
they're talking about it, the front door opens and Rex walks in. Marie gets
scared for some reason and leaves. You can either go up to Rex and talk to him,
or ignore him and try to leave the lobby -- if you do that second one, Rex will
stop Kyle anyway and the conversation will automatically happen.

Rex wants to know what you two talked about. Ask who he's come to visit. When
Rex says he has business with someone and tries to leave, tap Inquire and you
can choose either response:

--- The person's in this building?
--- What business do you have with me?

Again, depending on your choice, you'll get different dialogue. Ask all the
questions that come up in the resulting conversation. Rex leaves. Go back up
to the second floor and walk toward Kyle's room. Along the way, you'll notice
something on the floor between rooms 203 and 205. Examine the area and pick up
an Insurance Letter, addressed to Marie.

Knock/buzz on 206. Inside the room, talk to Marie, then go to your inventory
and give her the Insurance Letter. Ask all the questions that come up. When
Marie talks about Rex, she shows Kyle a bugging device and says Rex planted it
in her room. Kyle says he'll confront Rex.

After the conversation, return to the cafe. Who should be standing outside the
door but Rex. Talk to him and Kyle will confront him about the bugging device.
Rex says Kyle has no proof of anything, and Kyle has to admit he's right. 

[[ 6:00 PM ]]                                                          [CH03-6]

Kyle is back in his room, slumped on the sofa.

Walk toward the door and the buzzer sounds. It's Dylan, asking for his hammer
back. Go to your inventory and give the Hammer. Dylan asks if Kyle's noticed
a shifty-looking man around. Ask the detective question and listen to Dylan
get all eager about the subject before Kyle shoots him down. Kyle then asks
if Dylan's noticed anything out of place lately. Dylan mentions the radio
reception has been bad.

Go to the entertainment center and examine the radio. Slide the switch at the
bottom right corner to the right to turn it on. Then swivel the big dial at
the top in a clockwise direction until it reaches almost to 100 FM, then Kyle
will automatically make a comment. (Don't swivel the dial too fast, because if
you quickly overshoot the correct point, Kyle won't recognize it and you won't
advance the game.) You can hear music mixed with static. Doesn't that music
sound familiar? The mini game will automatically end and the phone rings.

It's Rachel on the phone, with dirt on Rex. He's an insurance claims
investigator and supposedly any client he looks into never receives their
cash. Kyle asks Rachel to look into Hotel Cape West. He also tells her of
the evictions. After he hangs up, he decides to check around the building
some more.

Head back to the cafe. Rex is still hanging around, but you still don't have
proof. Go in the cafe and examine the Christmas tree. Kyle sees a strange
thing attached to the trunk; tap it to grab a Bugging Device. If you didn't
ask Claire or Sidney about this when you first came in, Sidney will then say
Marie usually sits at the table by the tree when she comes to the cafe. Kyle
figures he has all the evidence he needs to pin things on Rex. Talk to him
again and it's time for a showdown.

Kyle says he knows why Rex is there. When Rex asks what it's got to do with
Kyle, tap Inquire and choose:

--- You don't fool me!

Rex again denies it and Kyle says he knows he's the one who planted a certain
item. When you need to show something, go to your inventory and choose Bugging
Device. But Kyle says he's not interested in handing Rex to the cops; he just
wants answers. When Rex says Marie's got Kyle right where she wants him, tap
Inquire and choose:

--- She hasn't done anything to me!

Ask why he's investigating Marie. When he admits he's working for an
insurance company that wants to keep tabs on her, choose:

--- Do you think she's committing fraud?

Ask what kind of person Rex thinks Marie is. He says she's a specialist in
fraud. When he questions whether Kyle fell for her story and Kyle says he did,

--- I trust her more than I trust you

The other questions are straightforward. Rex talks about the suspicious
circumstances that both Marie's husband and brother died in. He claims he's
looking into Kyle and the building also only to get more information about
her. Kyle asks if he knows anything about what happened 13 years ago and about
the Scarlet Star. Rex grins and says Kyle's father would know more about that
than anyone else. Rex escapes, and it's time for the end-of-chapter quiz.

The correct answers in order are:

--- A hammer
--- Rex
--- A bugging device
--- An insurance claim investigator
--- She was suspected of insurance fraud

CHAPTER 4 - DECEMBER 21, 1980                                            [CH04]

Kyle wakes up and heads to a park to clear his head. When he gets back to the
hotel, he decides to have a look at the fourth floor. Then Betty accosts him,
saying she'd been calling to him, but he didn't answer. They talk about Tony
and his schemes, and a jewel robbery that happened nearby. Kyle is reminded 
of the woman in the hat he passed on that first night.

After Betty leaves, head to the stairs. Kyle is interrupted by Mags. She tells
him the power to the fourth floor will be cut off as of the 25th. Kyle
actually asks for permission to go up there, which of course he doesn't get.
Ask all the resulting questions, which are straightforward.

Mags leaves. Kyle realizes the fourth floor is untouched since the crime 13
years ago. Suddenly who should call out to Kyle but Dylan, who says he can
open up the fourth floor for him -- IF Kyle will tell him more about Rex. Kyle
tries to put him off, but Dylan insists he knows who Rex is after. When Dylan
says he knows it's Marie from 206, tap IGNORE and let that creep squirm.

Kyle gets it out of Dylan that he was just fishing for information. Dylan says
he knew Marie from before. When you get to questioning him about it, he says
he did repair work on her old house. He tells Kyle to meet him on the fourth
floor at 4:00 if he wants to poke around there.

Dylan leaves and Kyle's pager goes off. Go back to 202 and Kyle sees there's
a message on the machine. Tap the play button to hear an unknown man's voice
saying that if Kyle wants to accept the order, he needs to put a penny in the
envelope that the letter came in and leave it in the mailbox for room 404.

Kyle's pager goes off again, so he calls Rachel. She tells him more about Rex.
About the hotel, she finds it closed 13 years ago in 1967. The owner was
Michael McGrath. On the hotel's final day, McGrath held a party, during which
his wife Kathy was killed. Her body was found in a room on the fourth floor,
with the cause of death being cyanide. A hotel worker, Peter Rivet, found the
body. Doesn't that last name sound familiar? Kyle asks her to dig into 25 years
ago, which is the time frame that the order sheet mentions.

Kyle thinks Marie might be hiding something. Knock/buzz on 206 and get ready
for a showdown with Marie.

He tells her about the bugs and talks about Rex being an insurance claims
investigator. He demands to know if there's any truth to what Rex said. When
she stammers, tap Inquire and choose:

--- Look me in the eyes!

Kyle says her brother's death caused the insurance company to get suspicious.
When she says that's a total lie, tap Inquire and choose:

--- Is Rex making this all up?

It goes to Questions. Ask if she's trying to commit fraud. When she asks if
Kyle thinks that's the kind of person she is, choose:

--- Well, no, but...

Ask what happened 13 years ago. She talks about the death of her brother,
Mike Porter, in a car accident and how Peter comforted her during that time.
She insists she's not committing fraud and says she wishes Kyle would believe
her. When she tells Kyle not to listen to that rat Rex, choose:

--- You have to make me believe

The rest of the questions should be straightforward. Marie reveals her
uncertainty at marrying Peter due to the fact that they married after Mike's
policy was paid out. She talks about Peter and their money arguments and
apologizes for hiding what she knew about Kathy's murder. He asks about the
Scarlet Star, but all she knows is that the word Star was used by hotel workers
as a kind of code relating to the closing-down party.

Kyle leaves Marie's room and prepares his response to the order sheet. He
needs a penny, so return to 202, go to the left side of the room, and look in
Kyle's closet. Examine the Pinkie Rabbit bank. Kyle says he doesn't want to
break it, so the only option is to get out the coins through the coin slot.

Check the box of Red Crown items lying on the floor below Kyle's suitcase on
the right side of the room. Double-tap the clear plastic box in the upper-right
corner to grab a Small Ruler. Go back to the closet. Go to your inventory,
choose the Small Ruler, and use it on the Pinkie Rabbit bank.

In the mini game that follows, slide the ruler as far as it can go inside the
bank. Keep the ruler generally straight and quickly flick it upward (toward
the top edge of the touch screen), which will cause the bank to jerk up and
the coins to jump in the air. If the coins don't jump high enough, flick the
ruler up higher. If you're lucky, a coin or two will land on the ruler. When
it does, tilt your end of the ruler downward so that the coin(s) slide out.
Do this until you manage to snag the penny. If you want to, you can keep doing
this until you grab all of the coins in the bank, but it's not necessary.

Now go to your inventory. Choose Empty Envelope, tap Combine, choose the
Penny, and tap Confirm. You will now have an Envelope with Coin. Now you have
to drop it off.

Go to the first floor and examine the mailboxes. The boxes for the fourth floor
are on the right side. Go to your inventory, choose the Envelope with Coin,
tap Use, then tap the fourth-floor mailboxes. Kyle sees the slots have been
closed up with tape.

In the mini game that follows, tap either the right or left edge of the tape
and it will start coming off. Keep tapping at it until you can see the slot
start to be uncovered, at which point the tape will stop coming off. Now, tap
and hold the top corner of the tape and SLOWLY slide your stylus across to
peel it off. The tape will eventually come off at an angle; just keep following
that angle. If your stylus gets too close to the edge of the screen, you can
tap on a spot closer to the center and continue peeling the tape. Once you've
peeled off enough, Kyle automatically drops the envelope in and re-seals
the tape.

[[ 4:00 PM ]]                                                          [CH04-4]

Watch the short scene with Kyle and then head to the fourth floor to meet up
with Dylan.

On the fourth floor, talk to Dylan. He tells Kyle of the two alarms he needs
to disable to go through the fire door. He also warns that the handle on the
other side of the fire door is busted (what is up with that?) and says Kyle
needs to prop open the door to prevent being trapped in there.

First go to the familiar control panel in the lower right corner of the screen.
Examine it and Kyle will automatically turn the switches off. Now go to the
fire door on the left side of the screen and examine the area. Look in the
toolbox that's hanging on the wall and grab the Doorstop.

Now examine the case above the toolbox, which holds the fire bell and a lever.
When you tap it, the cover will suddenly swing downward, although it doesn't
come off completely. Kyle notices that there's still a screw in the upper
right corner.

There are two ways to approach this: the easy way and the not-so-easy way.

The easy way is: When the cover swings off, use your stylus or your finger
(or a pen or whatever other pointing device you want) and swing the cover
completely out of the way -- doesn't matter what direction, the important
part is that the glass is totally out of the way and STAYS out of the way.
(It's much easier to push it to the right, because if you push it upward,
gravity is apparently working against you because it tends to fall back down
pretty easily.) Now, while you're holding the glass cover out of the way, use
your other hand and pull the lever on the left side downward. This will shut
off the alarm and Kyle can freely enter the fire door.

If you want to know what the not-so-easy way is, read the following indented
paragraphs. If not, skip them. And yes, I admit this is what I did in my
first playthrough.

     One thing I hadn't realized about this game until this point is that it
     supports simultaneous, multiple taps. No, I did not realize this when
     I first turned off the control panel, I thought that was just a one-time
     thing for purposes of that puzzle.
     Anyway, if you've already gotten the Screwdriver from Kyle's room, you
     can, if you so choose, take the not-so-easy route. Go to your inventory,
     choose the Screwdriver, and use it on the glass cover. The screwdriver
     should appear in the upper right corner where the remaining screw is.
     Use one hand to TAP AND HOLD the glass cover near its top edge, then use
     your other hand to tap the screwdriver. It will AUTOMATICALLY undo the
     screw and it will NOT stop until the screw is completely out. This means
     that, if you're NOT holding the glass cover, it will CRASH ON THE FLOOR
     and bring Mags running in for a game over.
     When the screw is out, slowly bring the glass cover down to the bottom
     of the touch screen, toward where the floor would be in the game. When
     it's low enough, it'll automatically set down. Now you're free to pull
     the lever in the control box.
With both controls out of the way, Kyle can now safely open the fire door.
Enter the fourth floor hallway. BEFORE YOU GO FORWARD, turn BACK around and
go to the fire door again. Tap the flashing door icon in the lower left
and it will show a closeup of the door. Go to your inventory, choose the
Doorstop, and tap the fire door or the space between the door and the
door jamb to put the doorstop there and prop it open.

Head down to room 404, which is the only unlocked door. Examine the desk on
the right side and check the papers scattered on top of it. Tap the small
rectangular card near the top of the desk. It has a star symbol and Hotel Cape
West written on it, but it's so dusty Kyle can't read it.

In the mini game that follows, blow into the DS microphone to get rid of
the dust. It'll stop after a little while and Kyle will remark how much dust
there is. Continue blowing until the game advances.

Kyle reads the card; it's an invitation to the hotel's closing-down party.
After he gets the invitation, Dylan comes in; the 30 minutes that he gave
him are almost up. Dylan reminds Kyle not to come up to the fourth floor when
there are lots of people around.

[[ 5:00 PM ]]                                                          [CH04-5]

Head back down to the second floor. When you get there, Kyle sees some kind
of argument in the hall between Tony and Frank. Walk toward them and the
conversation starts automatically when you get close enough. When Tony
shouts out about having no idea what Frank means, tap Inquire and choose:

--- Is there a problem here?

Frank leaves after a bit. Ask Tony what Frank's accusing him of. He says Frank
lost his tape recorder and thinks Tony stole it. Ask where he and Frank ran
into each other, and Tony says it was in the lobby, just after Frank had come
up from the basement. Tony then leaves. Looks like it's time for you to head
to the basement.

Go into the laundry room. Look under the table and you'll see something.
What's this? It seems to be a tape recorder that's been slightly cracked.
Kyle decides to return it to its owner.

Go to the third floor and knock/buzz on 302, Frank's room. No answer. Head back
down the hall toward the stairs and Kyle's pager goes off. Go back to 202 and
call Rachel. She's found out that Rex used to be a reporter for a magazine
called the Los Angeles Beat.

Kyle decides to see if Frank is back, so leave his room. Out in the hall, he
sees the door to room 201 -- Tony's room -- is ajar. Kyle looks through the
gap and sees Frank. Tap the doorknob or the black space between the door and
the door jamb to go in the room, startling Frank. Go confront the fool.

Kyle asks how Frank got in the room. When Frank keeps silent, tap Inquire
and you can choose either response:

--- Can you hear me?
--- You won't find what you're looking for here

Ask him what's on the recorder. When Frank demands how Kyle got it, choose:

--- It was on the laundry floor

Frank goes on about Tony's shifty look and criminal record. Ask him the
questions that come up. Kyle figures out Frank is ex-LAPD. He gives back the
recorder, and Frank notices the tape is missing. He refuses to apologize to
Tony until he gets the tape back. Then he leaves.

Kyle decides to clean up the mess that Frank made. Examine the papers lying
on the floor and Kyle realizes it's the same kind of paper that the order
sheet was typed on. (Tony will return immediately after you examine the paper,
so if you want to check out the rest of his room -- this is the only chance
you'll get -- then do so BEFORE examining the papers.)

Tony returns and says Frank told him what happened. But Tony says he knows
nothing about the missing tape. Ask if he left the mysterious letter. Tony
denies it and says the letter set that Kyle saw on the floor was given to him
by Dylan. Kyle takes his leave.

Head to the stairs. When you're almost there, who should you run into but
Dylan himself. Ask about the paper. Dylan says he got them from Mags and also
denies putting a letter in Kyle's door. Dylan says he was on his way to see
Mags to return something, so they might as well go together.

Go to Mags's room and knock/buzz. Dylan hands back a huge set of keys and
leaves. Ask her about the letter set. She says you can buy the set at the
local drug store for cheap. Mags also denies leaving a letter in Kyle's door.
She also mentions Tony has promised to pay his rent. Mags leaves.

[[ 9:00 PM ]]                                                          [CH04-9]

Kyle decides to look around the fourth floor some more.

Go to the fourth floor, go up to the fire door, and tap the door icon. Tap the
doorknob or the space between the door and door jamb, and Kyle makes a remark
about the door being open. Head to 404 again and Kyle sees Frank in there.
Talk to him. Frank gives a story about the door already being open and him
investigating why, then he suddenly leaves.

Examine the desk again and Kyle finds one of the drawers is open and that
something was obviously in it but has been taken away. Walk toward the door
and it will open, and in walks Tony, who says he's up here just to look
around, and tells Kyle to leave. Kyle's not buying any of it and starts
putting the pressure on him.

Kyle questions Tony about the cash he says he'll be getting soon. Tony refuses
to reveal anything. When he complains if Kyle is deaf, tap Inquire and choose:

--- You planning on ripping somebody off?

Kyle warns him to come clean. Tony begs him again to leave. When Kyle asks
who's supposed to visit and Tony says he can't tell him, tap Inquire and

--- You're expecting Frank

Ask both of the questions that come up. Unfortunately, Tony refuses to speak
and Kyle doesn't have all the facts, so both questions will remain
unanswered for now. Leave the Questions screen and Kyle will tell Tony
to wait there. There's only one person you can bug to get some answers.

Leave the room and go to 302. Talk to Frank, who'll say that Tony called him
up to the fourth floor. Kyle asks if he got back his tape, and Frank says no.
Looks like you have a pretty good idea now of what Tony's up to.

Return to 404 and talk to Tony. Confront him about him planning something.
Tony still refuses to talk, saying Kyle will know what a worthless human being
he is. At that point, choose:

--- You're not a worthless human being!

Ask him what this plan is that he's talking about. He won't say. Kyle says
Tony's not doing a good job of hiding it, because he knows what Tony's up
to. Choose:

--- extort money from Frank!

Ask the rest of the questions and Tony finally breaks down. He talks about his
past convictions. Kyle tells him to focus on his music and fulfill the promise
he made to a fan that he would start afresh and live a better life. Tony gives
him Frank's tape and Kyle says he'll take care of it. Tony leaves.

But of COURSE Kyle isn't going to give back the tape until HE listens to it.
Go back to 202 and head for the phone. Go to your inventory, choose Frank's
Tape, tap Use, and tap on the answer phone.

You have to eject the tape that's already in there, so tap where the glowing
dot indicates. Then you can choose side A or B on Frank's tape. Side B is the
one you want, so switch sides by tapping "Side B" right above the tape. (Side
A is just music; listen to it if you want, because this is the only time you'll
be able to do so.) Then tap on the big glowing dot on the tape to insert it.
Now press the play button.

Kyle hears only snippets of words but can't make out exactly what's being
said (why he says "Coherent" after that, I have no idea). Do NOT press the
"rewind" key or you will get a game over! To listen to it correctly, first
press the pause key on the very left side of the answer phone. Then press
the play button, then press the fast-forward button to the right of the play
button. Keep BOTH those buttons depressed, and then tap the pause button to
un-pause it and start it playing. It will now be coherent.

On the tape, it says a person died at the hotel 13 years ago, Kathy McGrath.
Kyle recognizes the voice as Frank's. The voice says he's swept room 404
and needs to find the lost items connected with Condor. Kyle realizes 404
was where Kathy's body was and that Frank is investigating it for some reason.
It's now time for the end-of-chapter quiz.

The correct answers in order are:

--- Dylan
--- Peter Rivet
--- A secret code used in the hotel
--- Kathy McGrath's murder
--- Lost items connected to Condor

CHAPTER 5 - DECEMBER 22, 1980                                            [CH05]

Kyle wakes up to the phone; it's Ed. He tells Kyle that if he wants to work
for Red Crown again, he needs to sell items to 2 of his neighbors. Rachel
encourages him. She also tells him Mila is back in town and is staying at
Rachel's place. He asks her to look up Condor.

Go over to the box of Red Crown products and see what's inside. Double-tap
each item to have Kyle identify it and give whatever comment he wants to.
After you do that for each item, Kyle takes everything with him. (You can
also leave the screen without checking every item, but I recommend against
doing that, because you kind of need to know what your items are if you're
going to try selling them. But if you do exit the screen, you can go to your
inventory and tap each one to get a short description.)

The phone rings; it's his mom. She asks if everything's okay. She'd called Ed
beforehand; the LAPD had called her, saying they were going to reopen the case
involving the murder of his father, Chris.

After the phone call, go outside the room. Kyle remarks that the second floor
seems like a good starting point for Ed's assignment. There are 4 tenants whom
you could possibly sell items to, so if you fail with one, you have others to
try. Once you sell the second item, the other possible customers will not
answer to your knocking/buzzing. (I haven't deliberately tried failing with
all 4 people so I don't know what happens if you do so. My guess is you'll get
a game over.) You can approach the residents in any order; I'm listing these
in the order of how close in vicinity they are to Kyle and how easy it is to
sell something to them.

Possible customer #1 is Tony. Knock/buzz on 201 and they'll start talking
about getting Tony's life back on track. He asks if that's the reason Kyle
came over. Kyle says that's one reason. When Tony asks what else, choose:

--- Is there anything bothering you?

Tony says there was something he was thinking about buying. When he says it's
something to use on a guitar, tap Inquire and choose:

--- Guess a guitar's pretty valuable

Kyle praises guitars as invaluable musical equipment and the sacrifices
artists will make for their guitars. Tony wants something to put the shine
back on his guitar because he has an upcoming audition. He wishes there were
something cheaper available to make it shine. Kyle says there is.

Go to your inventory and show the Wax. Kyle says it's guaranteed to put the
shine on anything and it's just $3. Tony says it's a deal and hands over the

If you want, you can also sell the Snow Globe to Tony -- in fact, you can sell
the globe to almost any of your possible customers AFTER you sell them the
main item and BEFORE you sell your second Red Crown item to another resident.
HOWEVER, some people have said that they encountered a bug in the game in
which they sold the Snow Globe and the game wouldn't advance -- apparently none
of the residents would answer their doors after that and they weren't allowed
to call Ed. So far I haven't come across this bug, and I have successfully sold
the globe to everyone possible without the game glitching, but you might want
to be careful. (There's really no reason to sell the globe anyway, aside from
the fact that you'll get end up getting $9 total instead of the usual $6, and
the fact that Kyle won't be having a seasonal item burning a hole in his box
for the rest of the year.)

Also note that the globe WON'T count toward finishing Ed's assignment,
because you're selling to the same person instead of to 2 people like he

Anyway, read the following indented paragraph if you want to find out how to
sell the globe to Tony; if not, skip it.

     Knock/buzz on Tony's door again and he'll answer. Kyle says he might be
     interested in something, considering it's the Christmas season. Go to your
     inventory and show the Snow Globe. Tony will talk about how he played
     around with such things as a kid and how it reminds him of something pure
     and innocent. He'll buy it from Kyle for $3.

Possible customer #2 is Charles. Knock/buzz on 305 and talk to Charles, who
says he's a little busy. Choose:

--- Sorry to have bothered you

Charles says it's no problem. When he says he's got something quite serious
to take care of, tap Inquire and choose:

--- What've you gotta take care of?

Charles asks if Kyle can help. He explains he broke a fragile piece of pottery
that was going to be used in filming. When he says it was an accident, tap
Inquire and choose:

--- On second thoughts... That's pretty bad!

Charles says the item broke down the middle and bemoans that he'll probably
lose his job over this. When he wonders if there were a way to return the pot
to the way it was, tap Inquire and choose:

--- I may have just the thing for you

Go to your inventory and show the Super Strength Adhesive. Charles agrees to
try it and buys it for $3. 

Possible customer #3 is Marie. If you want, you can try to knock/buzz on 206,
but she'll say she's feeling ill. Head to the cafe and talk to Sidney, who
says he noticed Marie looking down in the dumps and that he had Claire speak
to her in the hopes of raising her spirits. Talk to Claire and ask what she
and Marie spoke about. When she says Marie has got lots on her mind right now,
tap Inquire and choose either response:

--- What's Marie concerned about?
--- Is Marie feeling bad because of her worries?

Turns out Marie's worried about her door having only a single lock and she
doesn't feel safe. Marie wants to increase security until she leaves. Well,
Kyle can certainly help with that.

Knock/buzz on 206, and this time Marie answers. Ask about her safety. When she
says she's always thinking about what would happen if someone broke in at
night, tap Inquire and choose:

--- Let's do something about it

Go to your inventory and show the Security Lock. Kyle says it's easy to install
and will give peace of mind -- and it's a mere $3. Boy, money sure went a long
way in 1980. Marie says she'll take it and gives him the money.

If you still have the Snow Globe, you can sell it to Marie. Read the following
indented paragraph if you want to find out how; if not, skip it.

     Knock on Marie's door again and she'll answer. Kyle talks about it being
     the holiday season and he wants to show her something she might be
     interested in. Go to your inventory and show the Snow Globe. Marie will
     talk about how she used to want one as a kid, but her brother couldn't
     afford one. Kyle urges her to not forget the things she held dear as
     a child (and he thinks he can't make it as a salesman?). Marie falls for
     this smooth talk and buys the globe for $3.

Possible customer #4 is Betty. Head downstairs to the first floor, and if
you haven't sold your required number of items yet, Kyle will meet up in the
lobby with Betty, coming from the basement. She seems upset. When she says
everything's not okay, tap Inquire and choose either response:

--- Why the long face?
--- What're you up to?

Betty runs off. Go down to the laundry room and examine the washers on the
left side of the room. Examine the center machine and you'll find a dress
with stains. (Once you sell your required number of Red Crown items, the dress
will no longer be in the machine.) Looks like you've found the cause of
Betty's upset.

Knock/buzz on 203. Betty opens the door. (Note that Betty won't open up unless
you find the dress first.) Ask who left their dress in the laundry. When she
asks if you've been going through her washing, tap Inquire and, despite the
risk of sounding like a lecherous old man, choose:

--- I have to confess, I have

Kyle says he'd been worried at how she was acting, which is why he checked
the laundry. Turns out she borrowed the dress and accidentally spilled wine
on it. When she says she'll be in so much trouble if her friend finds out,
tap Inquire and choose:

--- I might be able to help you out

Go to your inventory and show the Concentrated Detergent to Betty. Kyle extols
its virtues and Betty eagerly buys it for a mere $3.

If you still have the Snow Globe, you can sell it to Betty. Read the following
indented paragraph if you want to find out how; if not, skip it.

     After Betty buys the detergent, go down to the laundry room and she'll
     be there. Talk to her. When Kyle says it'll be Christmas soon and he
     wants to show her something, go to your inventory and choose the Snow
     Globe. She'll reminisce about how it reminds her of her first love
     and asks how much the globe is. Kyle's willing to let it go for just
     $3. Betty happily buys it.

Great, Kyle's passed Ed's little test. Go back to 202 and use the phone so you
can give Ed the good word. Ed rehires him, but Kyle still has a favor to ask.
He wants to work from home so he can get to the bottom of the mysterious
order sheet and possibly learn more about his dad's death. He asks Ed to look
into Frank Raver. He hangs up the phone.

[[ 1:00 PM ]]                                                          [CH05-1]

Kyle figures he needs to find out more about the building, and it seems
Sidney's the one to ask. Go to the cafe. He orders coffee and pasta and takes
his usual seat.

Sidney passes by and they talk about the cafe and its imminent closure. Kyle
asks about what kind of hotel the building used to be. Sidney gives him a
picture of the hotel from 13 years ago. He walks away.

[[ 5:00 PM ]]                                                          [CH05-5]

Kyle goes out into town and he finds himself at the movie theater. When he
gets back to the apartments, he notices a light on the fourth floor. Gee,
guess where you'll be headed. In the lobby, he meets a strange man, Will White
from room 306. He's a salesman who travels a lot, so he's hardly in the

Go to the fourth floor. Kyle sees the fire door is open. Enter the door and
in the hallway, he sees that the door for room 405 is ajar. Tap the doorknob
or the black space between the door and door jamb to enter the room and find
Dylan. Kyle mentions he went into 404 the last time he came up here. When Dylan
wonders who the culprit is, tap Inquire and choose:

--- The culprit for what?

Apparently there was a ruckus up here and Will complained to Dylan. Ask what
kind of complaint it was. Ask the resulting questions, then Dylan leaves,
allowing Kyle to look around some more.

He hears a thud, and the screen shows something lying on the floor next to the
fallen stool. You can either go to the door and try to open it, or you can
examine the fallen stool at the top of the room and pick up the Doorknob next
to it. Yup, it looks like the knob to the room 405 door has come off. If you
picked up the knob first, now examine the door and the empty space where the
knob used to be. Not good; you can't get out of the room. What to do?

There are, again, two ways to approach this: one easy and one slightly less

The easy way is: Examine the light switch. In the mini game that follows,
flick the light switch and Kyle will comment. Flick it again and Kyle will
make another comment. Then quickly flick the lights on and off and keep doing
so until you get the scene where Dylan notices the lights. He comes back to
the floor, frees Kyle, and says he'll repair the knob later. They leave.

If you want to know the slightly less easy way to do it, read the following
indented paragraphs. If not, skip them. Yes, I will again admit that I took
this route during my first playthrough. I seem to have found a lot of the more
difficult ways of solving the puzzles.

     Pick up the Doorknob if you haven't done so already, then twice examine
     the hole where the knob used to be, until Kyle makes a comment about
     possibly reattaching it. Then go to your inventory, choose the Doorknob,
     and tap the hole in the door. In the mini game that follows, note
     carefully the notches in the knob and the hole and their positions. Bring
     the knob to about the center of the touch screen. Tap and hold the edge of
     the knob and slide your stylus to rotate the knob so that the notches in
     it match up with the notches in the door hole.
     When you think you've got it positioned correctly, close the DS and open
     it after a few seconds. If the knob was properly aligned, you'll see the
     knob back in the door. If not, keep trying until it slides back in. Kyle
     can then open the door on his own.
Leave the room and go back through the fire door. Head toward the stairs and
Kyle's pager goes off. Return to the second floor. At the second floor, Kyle
sees Tony in the hallway. You can either go up and talk to him, or ignore him
and pass by him -- if you do that second one, Tony will call out to Kyle and
the conversation automatically happens. When Tony giggles (well, that's what
I call it), immediately get suspicious and tap Inquire and choose:

--- What's with all the smiles?

Tony says he saw a hot chick waiting outside Kyle's room. Ask how she looked
like. Kyle can't think who it could have been. Tony leaves. Continue on to
202 and Kyle sees a note in his door. Grab the note and Kyle sees it's from
Mila, who came to visit but he wasn't in.

Go in the room and use the phone. Kyle sees the answer phone is lit, so press
the play button. He hears a beep and a man's voice that somehow sounds
familiar, telling him to deliver the Scarlet Star to the person responsible
for Kathy McGrath's death, and that if he wants information on the reward,
check under table B in Lucky's Cafe at 7:00 PM today.

Kyle's pager goes off again and he calls Rachel automatically. Ed comes on the
line and says his dad's murder case is being reopened in order to crack down
on a certain crime syndicate -- specifically, Nile, which Kyle had investigated
in the previous game. Kyle is shocked. Ed reveals that his superior at the time
was Hugh Speck. Kyle tells Ed about the message that was just left on his

Head toward the door and the buzzer sounds. Answer the door to find Frank
standing there. He wants his tape back. Go to your inventory and give
Frank's Tape. When he asks why Kyle had it, choose:

--- I found it

Frank's a bit suspicious of that answer, but Kyle manages to put him off the
scent. Kyle admits to listening to the tape and asks why Frank is still
investigating Kathy's murder. He warns Kyle to stay away from the people
connected with the crime.

Ask who is connected to the crime. Frank gives him a photo of a funeral,
saying that he'll recognize people in there and those are who he should stay
away from. Kyle asks about Condor, but Frank warns him again to keep away.
He leaves.

Time to check out the photo. Go to your inventory and choose the Funeral
Photo, then tap on Examine. In the mini game that follows, tap anywhere on
the photo and it automatically closes in on a woman on the left side -- Kyle
recognizes Marie. When the arrows appear on the edges, move the spotlight
to the left of Marie to highlight a man leaning against a tree. Kyle
recognizes him -- it's Rex Foster.

[[ 7:00 PM ]]                                                          [CH05-7]

Kyle is lost in his thoughts, then realizes it's time to head to the cafe
for the promised information.

Walk out into the hallway and Kyle sees the door to 203 is open. After a bit,
he sees Betty come out -- with Rex, who then leaves.

Go up to Betty and talk to her. (If you try to pass by her without talking
to her, it'll automatically start the conversation.) Ask about Rex. He tries
to warn her about him. Betty leaves.

Continue down to the cafe. Claire's standing just inside; if you want to, you
can ask her which is table B. It's the second table from the left. Go to the
designated table and check underneath. Grab the thing you find taped there;
it's the Reward Letter.

Kyle reads the newspaper article from 1955 that's included in the letter. He
realizes the article is about his dad. He also notices that the letter "t"
is higher than the other letters in the typed note. He compares it to the
order sheet and determines they were typed on the same typewriter.

Kyle figures that whoever sat at the table today is likely responsible for
putting the reward letter there. Ask Claire about it. She says both Charles
and Dylan sat there and that there might have been others, but she doesn't

Time to head to the third floor to talk with those guys. You can visit either
one first, but you actually don't need to visit Charles at all; it's really
Dylan you want. (Did you doubt?) You can head directly to 304, or you can go
bug Charles in 305 first.

If you visit Charles, knock/buzz on 305. Charles denies putting the letter
under the table. When he asks if Kyle has reason to doubt what he's saying,

--- I just wanted to ask

He says Dylan sat at that table right before he did. Kyle grills him a bit
more, then he finally believes Charles and leaves.

Head to 304 and try to knock/buzz. Before you can do so, the door to 306 opens
and Will White steps out. He's surprised to see Kyle. Will warns Kyle about
Dylan, saying the man has an obsession with getting information on the other

Will leaves and the door to 304 suddenly opens. Dylan comes out and
immediately starts grilling Kyle on what they talked about. Kyle gets on
Dylan's case about him seeming to always be around when Kyle's talking with
someone. Dylan retreats into his room.

Knock/buzz on Dylan's door. He refuses to open it and Kyle starts banging
on it. The commotion draws Frank, who starts chewing out Kyle. All of a
sudden Dylan opens up and apologizes to Frank for the noise, saying he
couldn't hear Kyle knocking. Frank leaves.

Kyle goes in 304. Talk to Dylan and ask if he went to the cafe. Dylan knows
about the letter, but he mocks Kyle about it. When Dylan urges Kyle to tell
him what was in the envelope, tap IGNORE and let Dylan stew in his curiosity.
Kyle says he must have made a mistake and turns to leave.

Suddenly Dylan snaps, yelling that everyone treats him like an idiot. Kyle
again tries to leave, but then Dylan mentions that someone else got an
unmarked letter also.

Ask him about who's being threatened. Dylan tries to shut up, but then finally
says it's Mags. Ask how he knows about the threat. He says he was doing work
in her room when she got a threatening call, and since then he's noticed
unmarked letters and packages arriving for her.

Kyle asks if Mags knew Dylan was there. When Dylan says he kept as quiet as
a mouse, choose:

--- Did you think it'd be bad for you if she knew?

Ask what kinds of things Dylan knows. He says he knows about Mags's past.
He insists again that he didn't send the letter to Kyle, but he'll tell him
about Mags's secrets if Kyle will tell him what was in the letter. Kyle says
he'll think about it, then leaves. It's time for the end-of-chapter quiz.

The correct answers in order are:

--- Sell items to two tenants
--- Nile
--- Rex Foster
--- An old newspaper extract
--- Mags

CHAPTER 6 - DECEMBER 23, 1980                                            [CH06]

Kyle wakes up to the TV. When the news is over, tap the Power button and it
will automatically exit the screen, or tap the return arrow in the upper right
corner. Kyle recalls how Tony invited him out for drinks after his talk with
Dylan last night.

Kyle's still feeling the alcohol, so he decides to go to the cafe. Just before
he gets to the cafe door, he hears a sound -- the elevator is finally working
again. Mags steps out of the elevator and they talk. When she says she doesn't
want there to be trouble before handing the place over, choose:

--- Has there been any trouble before?

Mags's head suddenly starts aching, and she leaves. Continue on to the cafe
and knock or try the knob. Kyle realizes he came down too early and the cafe
is still closed, so he decides to go to the vending machine. (If you want, you
can skip the entire thing with going to cafe and just go straight to the
vending machine after talking to Mags.)

Examine the machine, which is just around the corner from the elevator. Go to
your inventory, choose the Quarters, tap Use, and tap the machine. Tap the
glowing dot on the quarter in the upper left of the screen to put it in the
coin slot automatically. Now swivel the view so that you can see the right
side of the machine and your choices. Tap the button of whatever flavor you
want (I usually get the Cool Pop since that's Kyle's favorite) and it'll be
dispensed at the bottom. Kyle will automatically drink it all and then check
the bottlecap to see if he's won a prize. Kyle will get a winning cap at this
point if you haven't gotten one before now.

Exit the screen. Walk toward the stairs and Kyle's pager will go off. Head back
to 202. When you're almost there, a door opens and Tony steps out. They talk
about last night. Kyle praises Tony's new song. Tony says his song will be
played on the radio at 11 AM. He leaves.

Go inside 202 and use the phone. Rachel has information on Condor. The hotel
used it as their official symbol, for one. Then she tells him that Ed's been
acting strange ever since Kyle asked him about Frank Raver yesterday. They
think there's something more to Ed and Frank's relationship than Ed is saying.
Rachel says Mila is staying at her place. 

[[ 11:00 AM ]]                                                        [CH06-11]

It's time to catch Tony's song on the radio. Go to the radio and switch it on.
Turn the dial slowly until it's about halfway between 90 and 91 FM; when you
have it tuned correctly, it'll stop automatically and you'll hear music and the
DJ speaking. Tony's new song is called "Belief," and I think it's a nice song.
Keep it playing and Kyle will eventually make a comment. 

[[ 12:00 PM ]]                                                        [CH06-12]

Kyle decides to go back to the cafe. When you're near the cafe, the door opens
and Charles comes out, complaining about how he thought he did well on the quiz
but didn't win.

Go in the cafe and Claire greets Kyle. If you entered the quiz competition,
Claire will also mention that the winning number has been posted on the wall.
Read the following indented paragraphs for more; if you didn't enter the prize
draw, you can skip them.

     After you finish talking to Claire, walk over to the far wall near the
     kitchen door and examine the items hanging on there. You'll see a notice 
     to the left of the large photo of the hotel; examine it to find the
     winning number for the prize drawing, which is No. 053. Kyle looks at his
     Entry Slip. Wow, looks like he won!
     You must claim the prize now in order to advance the game, so go talk to
     Sidney behind the counter. Go to your inventory and give him the Entry
     Slip. Sidney will hand over a check for $1000.

Kyle sits at his usual spot and Claire brings him his coffee. Then she asks
him for a favor, but she doesn't want her dad to hear, so she asks him to meet
her in the kitchen when her dad isn't looking.

Talk to Sidney behind the counter. He's having a bit of trouble; he can't
remember what he needed to take care of today. When he says he's starting to
remember, tap IGNORE and just leave him with his thoughts.

Ask what he'd forgotten. Turns out it's Sidney's turn to clean the toilets.
Sidney walks off. Looks like this is Kyle's chance to sneak into the kitchen.

Go into the kitchen and talk to Claire. She's a bit hesitant at first, then
she asks for help with something else. She needs to open a jar of maple
butter, but the lid is on tight and she asks if Kyle can remove it.

There are, once again, two ways to solve this. The first way is not only far
easier, it's also a lot funnier.

When Claire gives the maple butter, a mini game will automatically start.
When you see the jar on the touch screen, blow into the DS microphone and at
the same time, tap the far left end of the jar cover and slide your stylus
across it to the right. The lid will fly off and land somewhere with a crash.

Some flustered coversation follows in which Claire admonishes him and Kyle
apologizes. Claire tells him it's OK. He gives back the maple butter.

If you want to know the second way to solve it, read the following indented
paragraphs. If not, skip them.

     In the mini game, tap the far left end of the jar cover and slide
     your stylus to the right. The jar will jiggle. Do this several times and
     Kyle will complain that his hand keeps sliding off. At this point you can
     leave the screen, or keep trying and hear Kyle make more funny comments.

     It's obvious you can't get the lid off, so leave the mini game. Kyle asks
     if there's anything he can use to get it open. Claire says he can look

     Examine the shelves in the upper left corner of the kitchen. On the
     second shelf that you can see, tap the small glass jar on the very right
     of the shelf. It has several rubber bands in it. Ah hah. Tap the rubber
     bands in the jar and Kyle grabs one.

     Go to your inventory. Choose the Rubber Band, tap Combine, and choose the
     Maple Butter. It will go back to the mini game, this time with the rubber
     band around the lid. Again slide your stylus on the lid from left to
     right, and this time the lid comes off very easily. He gives back the jar
     and rubber band.

Claire finally reveals her trouble. She wants to know if her dad has "someone
special" in his life, but she's too scared to ask him herself. Kyle agrees
to try to talk to Sidney.

Leave the kitchen and Kyle's pager goes off. Sidney comes back in from
cleaning the toilets. 

[[ 2:00 PM ]]                                                          [CH06-2]

If you talk to Sidney now and you still have a Winning Bottle Cap, Kyle will
automatically give it to him. Sidney hands Kyle his prize: an electronic Pinkie
Rabbit Land game, which is similar to those game-and-watch games and is pretty
easy to play.

You can talk to Sidney again, and this time he'll give more information about
the hotel. He'll talk about a mystery with room 406. There's something about
that room that sets it apart from the others on the fourth floor. According
to rumors, the room has never been used, and that's the mystery.

If you try to talk to Sidney again after all else has been taken care of,
Kyle stammers and says it's nothing. It's just not the right time to talk
to him about what Claire said.

Head back to 202. Along the way, Betty's door opens and someone comes out;
it's Marie. When Marie sighs, tap Inquire and choose:

--- What's going on?

Marie puts him off and goes back to her room. Kyle wants to know what's up,
so knock on Betty's door at 203. He says he's worried about Marie. Ask about
money. Betty keeps mum and goes back in her room.

Finally go into 202 and use the phone. Ed talks about Frank and the incident
13 years ago. Frank was pulled from the front lines after an internal
investigation. Ed gives details about Kathy's death, including the fact that
her ring had been taken. Kyle asks whether Ed is hiding anything from him
about knowing Frank, which Ed denies. Ed does say, however, that the person
who had Frank removed from the front lines was his former boss, Hugh Speck.
Rachel finalizes plans for dinner tomorrow night with Mila.

Head toward the door and the buzzer sounds. It's Betty, who wants to talk
about Marie. She says Marie needs cash and came in trying to sell a ring, the
same ring that she'd accused Tony of stealing a few days ago. Betty bought it
for Marie's asking price of $500 -- and such a low price for a supposed
three-carat diamond ring with rubies gets both of them suspicious.

Ask why Marie wanted to sell. Betty says it's because Marie didn't like the
idea of keeping it anymore, that knowing what she knew now, she didn't want
to keep it. Ask why Dylan might be able to help. Betty says he collects
rare stones and has a special magnifying glass to look at stones. Ask about
the promise to Marie. Betty asks him to not tell Marie that she told Kyle
about the ring.

Kyle remembers that the ring was given to Marie by her dead brother, Mike.
He asks to hold on to the ring for a bit. He figures he'll ask Dylan.

Go up to 304 and knock/buzz. When Dylan asks why Kyle wants to borrow his
magnifying glass, choose:

--- I want to check out a crystal

Kyle leads Dylan to believe that he's a collector. Dylan invites him in to
look at his collection. Examine the shelves on the right and check out all
the crystals and bug collections.

Then examine Dylan's desk in the lower right and look at everything on it.
A little to the left in the default view is a notebook. Tap on it and the
view will close in on it. You'll find the magnifying glass on it. Tap it
and Kyle will ask Dylan about it. Dylan's phone rings and Kyle figures this
is the perfect time to secretly use the glass on Marie's ring.

Examine the desk and notebook again. When it closes in on the notebook, go to
your inventory, choose the Ring, tap Use, then tap the magnifying glass.

In the mini game that follows, tap and hold Kyle's hand and slowly bring it
up to his eye. You'll see his view of the diamond on the other screen. You
won't see Kyle's hand move very much, but you will see that the view of
the diamond will get closer and closer, so keep your eye on the other screen
instead. Keep moving his hand up until the ring comes completely into focus --
the diamond should almost completely fill the screen when it's at the correct
distance. When it does, the game will automatically advance.

Kyle sees something engraved in the ring. When the ring is shown on the
touch screen, tap the diamond and it will pop out. Kyle sees a condor symbol
beneath the ring. Then he notices the sketch in Dylan's notebook -- it's also
of a condor.

Dylan suddenly calls out. Kyle asks about the drawing. Ask about what Dylan
saw on the fourth floor. He says he saw a condor drawing in room 406. Kyle
thanks him for letting him look around, then leaves. Kyle thinks about what
Condor means.

[[ 3:00 PM ]]                                                          [CH06-3]

Looks like it's time to head back to the fourth floor. Go to 406 and try
the knob, which is of course locked. Kyle hears someone coming -- who else
should it be but Dylan. He unlocks the room and they go inside.

Examine the junk piled up on the left side of the room. Swivel the view all
the way so that you can see the framed picture hanging on the wall on the
right. When the view closes in on it, tap on the black wing that you can see
poking out from underneath the right side of the picture. Then tap on the
picture itself.

In the mini game that follows, tap and hold the picture frame. First slide your
stylus UP to remove the picture from the hook that it's hanging on. Then slide
it downward toward the floor, and it will reveal the condor underneath.

Go back to examining the junk. Tap on the reddish book on top of the table to
grab the Old Photo Album. Now Kyle can leave the room and he decides to let
Betty know what he found out.

Head down to 203 and knock/buzz. Talk to Betty inside her room. She has no
idea of the ring's history, so Kyle fills her in. Betty says she would never
have bought it if she'd known how precious it was to Marie, so she tells Kyle
to return it to her. Betty's buzzer sounds and she answers it. She returns
something to the visitor.

Kyle leaves. Just outside Betty's room, he sees Charles. Talk to him and find
out he was the one who was talking to Betty just now. Ask all the questions
and find out Betty had borrowed the room 205 key from Charles. His friend
Billy used to live there. Charles had the spare key because Billy gave it to
him after he found it after moving out, and now Charles is supposed to return
the key to Mags. Ask why Betty borrowed the key. Charles thinks her new
boyfriend asked her to borrow it for him.

Now Kyle asks if he can borrow the key. He manages to convince Charles, who
then leaves. Go to room 205, then go to your inventory, choose the Spare Key
to Room 205, and use it on the doorknob.

Kyle goes in the room. Examine the closet in the upper left corner. Examine
the item in the upper right shelf of the closet; it's a typewriter. Kyle takes
it out and puts it on the cabinet in the upper right corner of the room.

Examine the typewriter again. Kyle wants to check how it types, but he has
no paper. Go back a screen so that you can see the cabinet that the
typewriter is on. Examine the drawers on the right side to find some Sheets
of Paper. Leave that screen. Go to your inventory, choose the Sheets of Paper,
and use it on the typewriter to feed a sheet in.

In the mini game that follows, Kyle remembers the "t"s were skewed. Type a few
letters -- it doesn't matter for now that the caps lock is on. Now turn off
the caps lock by tapping the red "CAP" key on the very left side of the middle
row of keys, and then type a lowercase "t." Once you do so, Kyle says "Bingo"
and the game advances. You need to type a minimum of 2 letters -- the lowercase
"t" and one other letter -- to advance the game. You can type whatever else
you want before doing so, so go to town before typing that "t." Just be sure
to identify the skewed "t" before reaching the edge of the paper, or else the
mini game will stop and Kyle will say he can't prove anything. If that happens,
just examine the typewriter again and type the necessary letters.

So that proves this was the typewriter on which the order sheets were written.
Kyle guesses Betty's not telling him something, so head back to 203. Knock/buzz
and go in Betty's room again. Talk to her and get ready for a showdown.

Kyle asks why she borrowed the key. She says she just wanted to look around.
He doesn't believe it. When she insists it's the truth, tap Inquire and choose:

--- Did you borrow it for Rex?

She admits it. Kyle says Rex is bad news. When she says she knows but that
it's okay, tap IGNORE and let Betty finally admit out loud what's going on.
She knows she's just being used.

Ask what Rex was going to do in the room. When Betty says there was something
he needed to check, choose:

--- Was it about Marie?

Betty says she thinks so, but then she reveals that she and Rex aren't
speaking anymore.

Ask why Rex went out with her. She says it was because he wanted to check
the situation on the second floor. When Kyle asks what interested him, choose:

--- Was it the tenants?

Ask the remaining questions. After everything, Betty insists that all she did
was give Rex the key; she never went in the room herself. She insists that she
doesn't know what Rex did in the room. After some more conversation, Kyle
leaves and it's time for the end-of-chapter quiz.

The correct answers in order are:

--- About the Hotel Cape West emblem
--- He was disgraced by Hugh Speck
--- A ring
--- A condor
--- The "t" letter was slightly skewed

CHAPTER 7 - DECEMBER 24, 1980                                            [CH07]

Read Kyle's dialogue about going Christmas shopping. Back in room 202, head
toward the door and the buzzer sounds. Surprise, surprise -- it's Mila.

In Kyle's room, talk to Mila. She says tonight's dinner has been canceled;
Ed was taken to the hospital this morning and Rachel is watching over him.
Ed insisted that no one tell Kyle because it was just the same old thing.
Kyle exclaims that Ed is an idiot because Ed knows he has heart problems
and yet he still won't listen to the doctors. Mila says Rachel will call if
anything happens, and also says she has to leave tomorrow already.

The phone rings and Mila answers it. It's Kyle's mom, who asks who the girl
was who answered the phone. She gets the completely wrong idea. Anyway,
Jeanie tells him that she's sent him a package, saying it's a special present.

Talk to Mila again after getting off the phone. Kyle thinks about Mila's
past, which touches on the plot of the previous game. Mila gives him a
present from Rachel -- a wine bottle wrapped in festive red cellophane. He
unwraps it and remarks that it's his favorite wine.

Then Mila gives him his present from her. He unwraps it to find a portrait
of himself, drawn by Mila. Then she tells him there's something she'd like:
a picture of herself drawn by him. Tap the flashing notebook icon and do your
best (or your worst), or you can just immediately tap the return arrow in the
bottom right and not draw a darn thing. When you're done, tap the return arrow
and Kyle will give the drawing to Mila. (Just be warned that your drawing will
be recorded in the "Last Window" novel for posterity, so do what you will.)

Mila says she'd like to visit the roof to see the lighthouse structure. Go to
the door and just outside Kyle's room, Charles calls out to him. Kyle tells
Mila to take the elevator to the roof and he'll meet her.

Talk to Charles. He wants the key back, so go to your inventory, choose the
Spare Key to Room 205, and give it to him. Charles leaves.

Go to the elevator and tap the button on the left side of the elevator door.
Inside the elevator, examine the front of it and tap the "R" button in the
upper left corner of the control panel to go to the roof.

On the roof, head to the left to find Mila looking at the lighthouse. They
talk about it for a bit and about being lost in the darkness. Mila heads to
the other side of the roof to look at the view. Go follow her and talk to her.
They decide to go back downstairs.

Go to the elevator and press the button. Inside, press the "2" button to go
back to the second floor. The elevator moves, but then it suddenly stops.
Examine the control panel and press any button. Nothing happens.

In the mini game that follows, tap on the elevator door to pound on it, and
Kyle makes a remark. Pound on it some more. After a bit, there will be a scene 
in which Dylan hears something. It doesn't quite grab his attention, though.
Keep pounding at the door and Dylan will finally check it out. Dylan gets the
elevator moving again and promises to have the problem fixed. After that,
Mila leaves.

Walk a little way in any direction, and then Tony appears in the lobby. Go
talk to him. Turns out the mailman was just outside with a package for Mags,
and Tony signed for it. When he asks if Kyle will take it to Mags for him,

--- Sure, hand it over

Tony asks what Kyle's doing this evening and invites him to have a drink
tonight. Tony leaves.

Knock/buzz on Mags's door, go into her living room and talk to her. Go to your
inventory, choose the Package for Mags, and give it to her. She looks at it and
sees there's no sender's name, and she gets alarmed. When she asks Kyle to open
it for her, you can either be brave or take a cue from the obvious and choose
either response:

--- Sure, no problem
--- I'm not sure I would...

Walk over to the table in the center of the room and tap on the box once
to close up on it, then again to actually open it. Kyle finds a gold watch

Ask what she thought it was. When she stammers, tap Inquire and choose:

--- Don't treat me like a fool!

Ask about a bomb. She talks about the ticking of the watch and shows him
a threatening letter she received some time back. She asks about the young
lady who paid him a visit. Kyle leaves and his pager goes off.

Go back to 202 and use the phone. Rachel says the doctor said Ed's attack
this time was significantly worse than before. She promises to call if
anything happens.

Head toward the door and the buzzer sounds. It's the mailman, delivering the
package from his mom. Open it up to find a Christmas card saying that the
items in the box were things that his dad had in his suitcase when he was
killed. Examine the other items in the box: a car key and a baseball.

[[ 7:00 PM ]]                                                          [CH07-7]

The buzzer sounds again. This time it's Tony. He says drinks are on him
tonight, which Kyle can't believe. He says to meet him at Lucky's Cafe.

Go down to the cafe. Tony's not there. Claire greets him. Sidney enters the
conversation and they talk about Tony. Claire reveals that Sidney had actually
invited Tony to the cafe tonight and said it was on the house. Kyle tells
Sidney that Tony invited him here. When Sidney talks about that being
amusing, you can either choose to IGNORE, or tap Inquire and choose:

--- What's so funny?

Whatever you choose, Sidney says that when he invited Tony, Tony had asked if
he could bring a friend. Ask why Sidney thinks Kyle even likes Tony. They talk
about his music and how Sidney is a fan. He tells Kyle to pick a tune from the
jukebox while waiting for Tony to arrive.

Go to the jukebox and pick whatever song you want. Exit the jukebox screen
and walk a bit, then Tony enters. Go talk to him. Kyle says he knows about
Sidney's invitation. He says what's a little embarrassment among friends, the
last word of which surprises Tony, considering how Kyle's acted toward him
all this time.

Tony starts talking about how a record label might be interested in him. He's
worried about making a demo tape and the money it will cost to make a good
recording. If you won the $1000 in the cafe's prize draw, you'll eventually
come to a point where you can decide to give the money to Tony or not. If you
want to give the money, then choose:

--- Will $1000 be enough?

If you DON'T want to give him the money, then choose:

--- You'll be fine

Neither one will cause a red shadow, but hanging on to the $1000 will allow
you to save it to give to another resident at other points in the game. If you
do give it to Tony, he'll thank you profusely and you'll get slightly different
conversation at the end of the game.

Sidney comes back and says the food will be awhile, so he suggests that they
go play some billiards. Go into the billiards room with Tony in tow.

They turn it into a competition and Tony suggests break-shot: Shoot the cue
ball into the rest and sink as many as you can in one hit. If Kyle wins, Tony
has to play his new song. If you want to practice first, choose "Not yet, I'm
a little rusty." Go up to the billiards table, examine it, then examine the
balls and it'll go to the practice setup.

Tap and hold the glowing white dot at the end of the cue stick. Adjust the
angle of the stick by sliding the stylus slightly left or right. Pull the stick
upward or downward to get the end of the stick as close to or as far from the
cue ball as you want. Then flick upwards rapidly to hit the ball with the
stick, being careful to try to keep the angle of the stick about in the same
position as you had it.

Unfortunately, I'm not great at these games; I lost all my games in my first
playthrough and I gave up after replaying about 5 times. These are the only
pieces of advice I can give:

- Put the DS flat on a hard, even surface to keep it stable. Take your hands
  away from the DS to avoid accidentally moving it.
- The physics are just about the same as in real billiards, so you probably
  want to angle the cue stick so that it sends the cue ball at the other 9
  balls at a slight angle.
- I think I had the best luck when I had the end of the cue stick about at the
  edge of the green felt before I hit the ball.
- Practice and pray. A lot of this really is luck.

When you think you're ready, tap the arrow in the lower right to exit, and
then talk to Tony. Choose the first option (the text changes depending on how
many times you've talked to him) and it's game time.

If you win, Tony says he doesn't have his guitar and so he'll play his song
in Kyle's room later. Kyle says there's a change of plans: He wants Tony to
play his song to that fan who believed in him. Kyle talks about the time he
and a friend would play billiards in Manhattan. He mentions that this friend
was also on the force. He thinks to himself about how he and Bradley would
go to the pool hall every chance they got. Tony says the image of two cops
playing in a pool hall sounds cool, and that Kyle is still pretty cool now.

After the game with Tony, Sidney and Claire come in. Challenge each of them
when you think you're ready. If you win against Sidney, he promises to bring
out his special bourbon. If you win against Claire, the meal she brings out
later will be better (well, I suppose that adjective is subjective) than what
she brings if you lose.

Leave the billiards room after the games with Sidney and Claire. Back in the
cafe, Kyle sees Will at the bar. When Will says maybe they could have one
drink together, you can choose either response:

--- You want to drink with me?
--- I don't feel like it

Will starts giving his psychological analysis of Kyle. He brushes Will off.
He says Kyle will probably regret refusing Will's offer to talk, then leaves.

Approach any of the other people in the bar and try to talk to them, or walk
toward the cafe door. Betty shows up and invites Tony out for drinks. When Tony
tells Hyde sorry, tap Inquire and choose:

--- Don't mess this one up!

Ask if Tony's okay. He says he actually can't think of any place to take
Betty. Kyle suggests the bar that he and Tony went to before. He tells Tony
not to mess it up because he might not have another chance. They leave.

Kyle takes his usual seat and Claire brings in the food. (If you lost against
Claire in billiards, it'll be a half roast chicken along with a glass of
bourbon. If you won, it'll be a whole roast chicken with a glass of special
vintage bourbon.) When he finishes eating, talk to Sidney. (If you head toward
the cafe door, Sidney will stop you anyway and the conversation automatically
happens.) He says Claire had plans to meet a friend and went out. The two men
start drinking. 

If you still have the $1000 from the prize draw, Kyle will give his approval
of the brandy they're drinking and Sidney starts talking about it. This
particular one is so high-end, it costs nearly $1000 a bottle. Well now, what
a coincidence. Sidney says that is a steep price, and that gets Kyle thinking.
If you want to give Sidney the $1000, choose:

--- Get another bottle of this stuff

Kyle hands over the check. Sidney tries to refuse it, but Kyle insists.

If you DON'T want to give the money, then choose:

--- You sure you wanna waste it on me?

They chat more. Sidney mentions his ex-wife. He talks about a song called
"Promise" and gives Kyle a record of it, telling him to listen to it tonight.

Grab the record from the counter. Sidney talks a little more about his ex-wife.
Kyle says he's had enough to drink. Sidney closes the cafe.

Return to 202 and go to the entertainment center. Examine the record player
just below the window. Go to your inventory, choose Sidney's Record, and use
it on the player.

In the mini game that follows, tap the glowing dot in the lower right corner
to turn the player on and start the record turning. Then tap and hold the
brown-orange thing on the right -- that's the needle. Bring it over so that
it's positioned above the record as close to the outer edge as possible, but
don't have it at too high of a height. Then release the stylus. The needle
will drop into place and the song will start playing automatically. Kyle gets
a little sad, and then it's time for the end-of-chapter quiz.

The correct answers in order are:

--- Mila
--- The lighthouse
--- A bomb
--- A card, a baseball, and a key
--- Will

CHAPTER 8 - DECEMBER 25, 1980                                            [CH08]

Kyle wakes up and remembers why the song "Promise" sounds so familiar to him.
After the scene, walk toward the door and the phone rings. It's his mom.
They talk about the key and baseball she sent and more about his dad.

After she hangs up, the buzzer sounds. Answer the door to find Tony there. He
wants to talk about his date with Betty last night. Ask what Betty wants Tony
to look after. Tony hands Kyle a notebook, which belongs to Rex but he
accidentally left it behind. Tony leaves.

Go to your inventory and examine Rex's Notebook. Inside is written a couple
of events that happened in 1967, among them the disappearance of a man
named Jack Green.

Kyle's phone rings. Answer it; it's Rachel. Ed's made a recovery. Kyle asks
Rachel to look up someone named Jack Green. He hangs up and remembers he
needs to return Sidney's record.

Go down to the cafe and talk to Sidney. Go to your inventory and give
Sidney's Record. Afterward, Sidney stammers and says he wants to ask Kyle's
help with something; it's about Claire. Something's been up with her since
last night and she won't say anything, so he wants Kyle to talk to her.

Head into the billiards room to find Claire and talk to her. She says she's
busy cleaning. When she sighs, tap Inquire and choose:

--- Are you still worried about your dad?

She asks if Kyle ever got around to talking to Sidney. Ask all the questions
that come up to learn more about Claire's mom. Kyle encourages Claire and
tells her to keep her spirits up. But now Kyle's curious about these loans
that Claire said her dad took out to keep the cafe running.

Go back in the cafe and talk to Sidney again. Kyle says Claire's worried about
love. Sidney gets the wrong idea and starts going off. Kyle tells her what
Claire is really worried about.

Ask Sidney about Mags's loan. Then ask the resulting questions to find out
how Sidney knew Mags's late husband, George Patrice, and Sidney's problems
with his ex-wife. He also lets slip that Mags was put on trial for something.

Ask when Mags stood trial. When Sidney asks him to forget about that, tap
Inquire and choose:

--- So you can't tell me, huh?

Sidney caves and tells him how 13 years ago, Mags was suspected of killing her
husband, but she was found innocent of the crime.

Ask about the parties called Scarlet Star. Sidney gives some details about
when they were held at the hotel and how George Patrice always attended them.
They end their talk with some discussion about Sidney's feelings for his

[[ 3:00 PM ]]                                                          [CH08-3]

If you talk to Sidney again, he'll tell another story about the hotel. He says
the elevator was very temperamental in the hotel days, always stopping
between the fourth floor and the roof. But when the building was renovated
into apartments, the problem stopped.

Leave the cafe and Kyle thinks about what Sidney said about a certain person
always attending the Scarlet Star parties. He figures he needs to know more
about that person. Who is Kyle referring to? George Patrice, of course. And
who would know the most about him? His widow, naturally.

Go knock/buzz on Mags's door. When she comes out and asks what Kyle wants
to know about, choose:

--- I'd like to hear about your husband

Kyle explains that he really likes jazz and has been wanting to hear more
about George ever since she told him that he played the sax.

Inside Mags's room, talk to her. They talk about his music-playing and Kyle
asks when George gave it up. He mentions that George used to attend events
at the hotel quite often. When Mags asks how he knew that, choose:

--- I looked it up

He says he found it in a newspaper article alongside one about Mags's court
case. Mags asks why Kyle is investigating her. When she says he seems to know
everything and laughs, tap Inquire and choose either response:

--- Will you tell me what I want to know?
--- What's so funny?

She says it's interesting how Kyle is suddenly digging up her past. After a
bit, she agrees to answer his questions. She talks about the trial and how
her husband was killed.

Ask if the real culprit was ever caught. Afterward, the phone rings and Mags
leaves to answer it. Kyle thinks there's a photo of George somewhere in the

Go to the cabinet on the right side of the room and examine the 4 photos on
the cabinet and on the wall. He notices that Mags is wearing a very unique
necklace. After you examine all 4 pictures, Mags returns.

Ask if one of the women in the picture with the two dancers is Mags. When
she asks if he can tell which one is her, you can choose either response, but
the correct one is:

--- You're the one on the right

Ask Mags when the photo of her and George was taken. She mentions her necklace
was a present from George and is one of a kind.

Mags's head suddenly starts hurting. She asks him not to tell anyone about
what they talked about, and he promises not to. Kyle leaves.

Outside her room, Dylan suddenly appears. When he asks what they talked
about, choose:

--- We talked about leaving this place

Dylan goes into Mags's room and Kyle's pager goes off. 

Return to 202 and use the phone. Rachel gives him some information about
Jack Green, a reporter who died in a car accident in 1967. He and Rex worked
together. And Jack's final article was about Condor. Kyle asks her to get
him a copy of that article. She also passes on a cryptic message from Ed.
Kyle figures the photo album he found on the fourth floor might be able
to give some clues.

Go to your inventory, choose Old Photo Album, and tap Examine. Go to the
second page of photos and tap the top one, with the woman in a red dress.
The screen will close in on it. Hang on, doesn't that necklace on a woman
standing behind Ms. Red Dress look familiar? Tap the necklace and Kyle will
recognize it; it's the same one Mags always wears. Which means Mags Patrice
attended one of the Scarlet Star parties. He decides to have a chat with
her again.

Go out of the room and head down the hallway. Along the way, the door to
room 205 opens and Charles comes out. He's surprised at seeing Kyle. He asks
what Charles was doing in there. He won't say anything, so Kyle tells him
to get back inside 205 so they can discuss things. Time for a showdown.

He asks what Charles was up to. When he says he can't say, tap IGNORE and let
him gather his thoughts.

Ask what he doesn't want people to know. Charles says he's working on a
screenplay for a competition. Ask all the resulting questions to find out
Charles knew about the murder 13 years ago and is using it as the basis for
his script.

He says he's knows Kyle has gone to the fourth floor, and says he himself has
been going there to get inspiration for his script. He says he caught something
interesting on film. Kyle wants to see it, so Charles makes him a deal: If
Kyle will tell Charles what he was looking for, then Charles will show him the
film. There's nothing Kyle can do but agree.

Once outside, go up to Charles's room at 305. Inside the room, Kyle tells
him that he's been investigating an old incident, revealing his past as a
detective and saying his instinct is pushing him to solve it.

Charles hands him the film. They can see a man's wrist with a watch captured
on the film. They figure it's someone who lives in the building. Charles says
he has photos of the people here from when he took shots as research for his
story, but there's an undeveloped picture still in the camera. Charles says
they can develop the print in the bathroom, but his red lamp is broken and asks
Kyle to find some kind of replacement.

Go back to 202 and head to the kitchen sink at the top center of the room.
Remember that wine Rachel gave Kyle for Christmas? Examine the bottle and grab
the Red Wrapping.

Head up to 305 again and open the door (you don't need to knock or buzz).
Talk to Charles, go to your inventory, and show him the Red Wrapping. He says
it might work. Now go to the bathroom, go to your inventory, choose the Red
Wrapping, and use it on the wall light above the toilet. Kyle will cover it
with the wrapping.

Kyle asks Charles if he'll let him develop the picture -- a total amateur
who has never developed photos before. This game WOULD make us do things like
that. Charles tells him to put the film in the liquid-filled tray and move it
around until an image appears. When the image is clear enough, remove it from
the tray. Be careful not to leave it in for TOO long, though.

Before going on to the next few steps, I suggest you save your game at this
point, as this is one of those puzzles that kind of rely on your instinct
more than anything.

Examine the tray atop the workbench next to the toilet to get started. In the
mini game that follows, tap and slightly drag the glowing dot upwards to put
the film in the liquid. Tap and hold anywhere on the print and swish it
around, and you'll start to see the image appear. It will darken pretty fast 
the longer it's in the liquid. Once you see the edges of the photo are pretty
well defined -- it will take only about a few seconds, so be alert -- then
slide the print upward to remove it from the liquid. If you leave it in too
long, the print will be ruined and turn completely black, and you'll get a
game over.

It really is mostly timing -- the game seems to be pretty lenient in regards
to time, so my suggestion is you just listen to your gut instinct in
determining when to remove the print from the liquid. If you think it looks
sharp enough, chances are it is, so just remove it.

It's a photo of Frank. Charles gives you the other pictures he took of the
male residents, pictures of Tony and Will. If you want some hints as to how
to get the answer, read the following indented paragraph. If you just want
the answer, skip it.

     Go to your inventory and Examine each of the photos of the residents
     and make careful note of how their watches look like before following
     the steps below. If you don't Compare the correct photo the first time,
     you'll have to redo the entire tedious process to compare a different

Now go to your inventory, choose the 8 mm Film, tap Compare, then choose one
of the photos of the residents, then tap Confirm. The film will be on the
touch screen. Tap the down arrow to move the film down to the particular
frame you want to look at -- the one you want is the one that shows the man's
wrist with a watch. It'll take some time to reach it, so when you do get to
it, I suggest you take a really careful look at the guy's watch. When that
particular frame is in the center, tap on the big glowing dot to close in on
the scene. Tap the watch and Kyle will make a comment on whether it matches
with the photograph you're comparing it to.

The one you want is the Photo of Will. Compare that with the film using the
procedure above and Kyle will say "Bingo" and will also note that Will has a
camera in Charles's photo of him.

Kyle thinks it's time for a chat with Will, so go to 306 and knock/buzz.
No one answers. Charles comes out and says Will hasn't been home since
yesterday. Turns out Charles has been suspicious of Will for some time, so he
suggests Kyle look around Will's room while he's out.

Charles gets ready to pick the lock, so he goes to the doorknob. The door
opens suddenly and Dylan comes out. Charles gives some kind of story about
hearing noise and trying to peer through the keyhole. Dylan says he was taking
care of something Will asked him to do, then quickly flees.

Talk to Charles in front of 306. They notice the room door is open. Charles
says he'll stand guard, saying that if someone walks by in the hallway, he'll
knock to let Kyle know to be quiet. When the coast is clear, Charles will
knock again.

In room 306, walk about halfway into the room and the phone will ring. The
answering machine picks up and Kyle hears a threatening voice talking about
the goods being obtained and the money in the usual place.

Examine the table in the lower part of the room. Look at the newspaper on the
table, and Kyle sees there's a part missing and notices the date of December
1955. He thinks this could be the paper that the article about his dad came
from, the article that had been included with the reward letter. Kyle grabs
the Front Page.

Examine the black case on the table. It's locked and instead of a keyhole,
there's some kind of round indentation.

Charles knocks on the door suddenly. KEEP STILL AND DO NOT MOVE OR EXAMINE
ANYTHING until you hear the footsteps pass and Charles knocks again. If you
move even the smallest bit, you will get a game over.

Go to the closet on the left side of the room and examine it. Check the left
side of the closet to find a safety deposit box. Kyle can't open it yet, so
leave it alone for now. Now check the right side of the closet. Examine the
gray jacket hanging in the center. Kyle finds a Magnetic Key in the pocket.
(Take note that Kyle will NOT look in the pocket until you've first examined
the black case on the table.)

Go back to the table. Go to your inventory, choose the Magnetic Key, and use
it on the black case. When it's open, examine the black notebook, which gives
a mysterious message to "check the mirror." Examine and grab the Letter Set,
which Kyle sees is the same as the paper used for the order sheet. Examine
the camera, and Kyle notes that it's a toy and that something seems to be
inside it.

Leave the case and go to the mirror in the upper left corner of the room and
examine it. It looks like there are fingerprints on it. The screen will close
in on it -- take note that this will NOT happen until you check Will's
notebook. (Examining the sink will also cause the screen to close in on the
mirror.) In the closeup, tap the hot water knob on the left side of the
faucet to turn on the water. Let it run for a little bit and allow the steam
to rise. Soon a message will appear on the mirror. It will consist of a
RANDOMIZED 6-digit number. Write down that number; it's the combination to
the safety deposit box.

Return to the closet and examine the safety deposit box again. Enter the code
you found on the mirror and press the green "OK" button, and it will open.
Check the passport; it says Will's name is actually Will McGrath. Now where
have you heard that name before? Kyle takes Will's Passport.

until the footsteps pass and Charles sounds the all-clear.

Go back to the table and examine the black case once more. Examine the camera
again. (Take note that the mini game will NOT play until you've looked at
Will's Passport.) In the mini game that follows, tap the camera to flip it to
its back side. Then tap the glowing dot in the upper left. Looks like you have
to enter a day, month, and year. Remember something you looked at very recently
that had such a date? If you don't remember it, exit the screens until you're
able to access your inventory. Examine Will's Passport. The date is:

--- 28 NOV 42

Enter that date in the camera. The two numbers in the day and year parts move
separately. Tap and hold the number and slide it up or down until you reach
the desired number. Do the same for the month.

When you've entered the date, tap the return arrow in the lower right. If you
entered it correctly, then the glowing dot will shift to the shutter button
in the upper right corner. If not, the dot remains on the date entry section
in the upper left and you'll have to re-enter the date.

Tap the shutter button as indicated by the glowing dot. Keep tapping it 
until the back pops open (it should take 2 taps). Kyle grabs a Torn Postcard
from inside the camera. The postcard has the name "Michael McGrath" on it.

Kyle suddenly feels a gun pressed up to his back. Whoops, looks like Will has
caught him. Time for a showdown.

Will demands to know what Kyle has been doing in his room. Kyle says he knows
Will's secrets. When Will says there's no way Kyle could know what he's been
doing here, tap Inquire and choose:

--- Nice try. I'm onto you!

Kyle tells what he knows about Will's real job, and about the lies and deceit.
When Will asks what Kyle thinks he's been lying about, tap Inquire and choose:

--- You faked your identity

Ask where the banknotes came from. When Will asks where he came across
banknotes, choose:

--- In the safety deposit box

Ask what his real name is and choose:

--- Will McGrath!

Will denies it, so the question goes unanswered for now. Back in the questions
list, go to your inventory and choose Will's Passport and show it to him.
Will is shocked. Ask the question about his real name again and he'll finally
admit it.

Kyle says he's not going to rat Will out to the police; he just wants answers
about what happened 25 years ago. Kyle says Will is connected to a murder
13 years ago. When Will asks how Kyle figures that, choose:

--- Because you're the victim's son

Will denies any relation. When it goes back to the questions list, go to your
inventory and show the Torn Postcard. Will admits his identity, but he's still
quiet about everything else. Kyle puts the pressure on him. When Will says 
he's simply a tenant living in the building like Kyle is, tap Inquire and

--- You're looking for the culprit!

Will says he's wrong. He explains how he's angry by Kyle's seeming uncaring
to find out the truth behind his own father's death. When Will talks about
the reason for pointing Kyle in the right direction, tap Inquire and choose:

--- So the order sheet was your doing!

Ask what kind of revenge Will wants. Kyle accuses him of sending the order
sheet talking about the Scarlet Star. Will asks for proof. It goes back
to questions, and the question about revenge remains. Go to your inventory
and show the Letter Set OR the Front Page, then ask about revenge again. When
Will says that someone working in the hotel told him about Chris Hyde's murder
25 years ago, choose:

--- Michael McGrath?

Ask who killed Kathy. Will says the main person responsible for it is dead
now, but their accomplice remains. When Kyle tries to name the accomplice,

--- Mrs. Patrice?

Ask the remaining questions to learn more about Nile's involvement and how
Chris Hyde is linked to the Scarlet Star. Will then finishes his story,
telling about his father Michael's death and how Will came to know about
what happened all those years ago. He talks about the order sheet and how
he tried to get Kyle to investigate what happened. Will returns the Torn
Postcard to Kyle, saying that his father told him that it was a vital clue
to finding the Scarlet Star. Then Will leaves.

Exit room 306. Charles comes out of 305 and Kyle reveals who Will really is.
He tells Charles to just forget about Will and to steer clear of him. And
then it's the end-of-chapter quiz.

The correct answers in order are:

--- A reporter
--- George
--- Mags
--- That he was using a false name
--- He wanted to avenge his mother's death

CHAPTER 9 - DECEMBER 26, 1980                                            [CH09]

After thinking over the events of last night for a bit, Kyle decides to call
Rachel. Head over to the phone and use it, but then someone knocks on the

Answer the door and talk to Dylan out in the hallway. He wants to know what
happened yesterday after Kyle and Charles bumped into him outside 306.
Kyle refuses to say what he and Will discussed. When Dylan says he's curious
and Kyle is skeptical about that, tap Inquire and choose either response:

--- You're worried about what was said, aren't you?
--- You were inside room 306, right?

Depending on which you choose, you may or may not get an extra question. Mags
eventually appears. Ask what Will wants; he wants Dylan to move his things
because he won't be returning. Dylan leaves. Kyle tells Mags that he needs to
ask her about the thing he's looking for. Ask all the resulting questions. She
and Kyle agree to meet in her room at 4 in the afternoon.

Kyle's phone rings. Go back into 202 and answer it. A recovered Ed gets on the
phone. Kyle tells him about the information he got last night from Will. Rachel
tells him more about the last article that Jack Green wrote. She says there
will be a TV news special at 11 talking about the recent jewel robberies. 

[[ 11:00 AM ]]                                                        [CH09-11]

It's already time to watch the news. Go to the TV and turn it to the news
channel. They interview one of the robbed store owners, who talks about a woman
in a black hat and sunglasses who was seen before the robberies. He mentions
one other distinguishing feature: She wore a diamond ring with rubies. Now
where have you seen something like that before?

Go outside the room and Kyle hears a door close somewhere nearby. Walk a little
way down the hall and Kyle sees Tony. Tony asks if he saw someone come up
to the second floor just now. Kyle says no. When Tony says that's weird, tap
Inquire and choose:

--- Did you see somebody?

Ask what woman he saw. Tony says it was the woman with the hat who the two of
them saw last week. He insists she went up the stairs just ahead of him.
Tony leaves. Kyle is pretty sure he knows who the woman is.

Knock/buzz on 206 and Marie steps out. When she asks what she can do, you can
choose either response:

--- How did your insurance claim go?
--- Are you all set to move out?

They talk about whatever subject you chose. She invites him in to talk more.
Ask about Rex's investigation. Kyle finds it strange that the insurance company
agreed to pay out. He asks if Marie is still hiding anything and mentions the
woman in the hat.

The buzzer sounds and Rex walks in. He says the insurance company told him to
halt his investigation and demands to know what Marie did. She runs out of the
room. Rex says there are some things Kyle should know about Marie, then leaves.
Kyle leaves as well.

Outside room 206, Kyle hears the elevator. Go to the elevator and examine it;
Kyle sees that it's stopped at the roof. Go up to the roof and find Marie on
the left side. She'll refuse to talk, so take the elevator back to the second
floor and go back to 206 to find evidence you need to get Marie to spill
the beans.

Go to the closet just below the bathroom and examine it. Examine the box on top
of the closet. It's too high for Kyle to reach. Go back to Marie's dresser on
the left side of the room and tap on the cloth-covered stool to have Kyle grab
it. (Note that he won't get the stool unless you first check the box on the
closet.) Go back to the closet area and examine it, then go to your inventory.
Choose Stool, tap Use, then tap on the closet door. Kyle will place the stool
in front of the closet. Examine the closet again and you'll see that you're at
a higher height than before. Swivel the view all the way and now you can reach
the box.

Examine the box and grab the Hat and Sunglasses from inside it. Also examine
the blue envelope, which turns out to be a Threatening Letter. Kyle will take
that too, and he says he now has everything he needs to confront Marie.

Leave 206 and use the elevator to return to the roof. Kyle can't see Marie
at first, but it turns out she's just moved a bit to stand by the lighthouse
structure. Talk to her, and Kyle will mention the woman in the hat and
threatening letters. She denies knowing anything.

When you need to show proof, you must show 3 items, but it doesn't matter
what order you show them. Show the Hat and Sunglasses. She doesn't quite
break down yet, so show the Threatening Letter. When Kyle describes what the
letter contains, choose:

--- Instructions for you to follow

Marie STILL won't talk, so finally show the Ring. When Kyle says now would be
a good time to talk to him, choose:

--- Why would you sell something so valuable?

After showing the third piece of evidence, Marie finally cracks, but she keeps
insisting she can't tell him what's going on. Suddenly she runs to the edge of 
the roof. Better prevent her from jumping off. Be careful because if you DON'T
do this next part correctly, you will get a game over.

There are two ways to do this. You'll see Marie on the touch screen and Kyle
on the other screen, both in color. Marie starts off standing slightly looking
back toward you. If you tap her at any time, she'll warn Kyle to keep away.
Wait for a bit and Marie will turn her back fully toward you for just a few
moments. When that happens, quickly close the DS for a few seconds, then open
it again. If you've done it correctly, you'll see both Kyle and Marie on the
touch screen, both looking a bit shaken.

If you DON'T time it correctly, then when you open the DS, Marie will say
something about Kyle making a big fuss, and she'll walk away. Kyle looks down
at the street to see a crowd and some police cars, and it's game over. Retry
and follow the steps above, or you can try the second method as outlined in
the indented paragraph below.

     Wait for a rather long while -- she should turn her back fully toward
     you three times -- and Marie will eventually kneel down, as if she's about
     to jump. When she's in that position, tap on her. Kyle will exclaim "Now!"
     and he'll grab her.

After Kyle pulls Marie from the edge, they'll have more dialogue. When Marie
says she's the only one who knows how terrifying those people can be, tap
Inquire and choose:

--- Who do you mean by "those people"?

After a bit more talk, it goes to Questions. Ask all the questions, and Marie
will confess everything, talking about her brother and husband and how they
were connected to Condor, and how she eventually got roped into working with

After Marie finishes talking, Rex makes his presence known. He's been
eavesdropping on them. When Rex says he's been piecing things together since
"he" died 13 years ago, tap the Inquire icon and choose:

--- Are you talking about Jack Green?

Rex is surprised Kyle knows about Jack. It then goes to Questions. When Rex
asks if Kyle can figure out who's behind it all, choose:

--- Nile

But Rex says there's a disturbing truth that only he and Jack knew. Ask the
remaining questions. Rex talks about the connection between Nile and Condor.
He tells Marie he no longer will be tailing her and says he will help her
leave and get out from under Nile's power. Kyle returns Rex's notebook. Rex
then leaves.

After Rex finishes his piece, talk to Marie again. She then leaves. Kyle's
pager goes off. Go back in the elevator and return to 202.

On the way there, Kyle sees Dylan standing outside his room door. Go near and
you'll automatically talk to him. He says he saw Rex go up to the roof. When
he asks what happened up there, choose:

--- Rex won't be coming round here anymore

When Dylan asks if Rex proved that Marie was getting away with fraud, choose:

--- No, he didn't

That finally gets Dylan hauling out of there. Go into Kyle's room and use the
phone to call Rachel. She hands the phone to Ed. He tells Kyle that Condor may
have made a return. Apparently there's something about Nile regarding Condor
that LAPD knows but isn't making public. Kyle asks Ed to dig more into that.

[[ 3:00 PM ]]                                                          [CH09-3]

After the phone call, walk toward the door and the buzzer will sound. Answer
the door and who should it be but Frank, who says Dylan told him about the
rooftop gathering and demands to know what happened. Kyle tells him to bug
off, but he does let on that he's been looking into Frank and Condor.

Frank challenges Kyle to reveal what he knows. When he wants Kyle to tell him
what he knows about him, you can choose either response, but the one that
truly answers what Frank asks is the second choice:

--- I know Nile's behind Condor
--- I know your name came up in internal investigation

Kyle says he's looking into an incident that happened 25 years ago. When Frank
reveals his shock, tap Inquire and choose either response:

--- Why so surprised?
--- Do you know what happened 25 years ago?

The Scarlet Star is mentioned, then it goes to Questions. Frank says only
Michael McGrath was likely to know what happened to the Star. Kyle and Frank
eventually agree to meet at Lucky's Cafe at 5 to talk more, and Frank leaves.

Head toward the door again and the phone will ring. Answer it; it's a scared
Marie, saying someone's outside her room. Leave 202 (finally) and head toward
206. Kyle stops and sees Dylan outside 206. Walk toward him and conversation
will automatically happen. Dylan runs off.

Knock on 206 and talk with Marie. He says Dylan knew her before from when he
did maintenance on Marie's former home. She insists Dylan's never been to her
old house. Kyle asks her to give him the threatening letter. The two of them
come to the unspoken conclusion that Dylan sent her the threat.

Head up to 304 and knock or buzz. In the room, Kyle notices the place is in
disarray. Talk to Dylan and it's finally time for a showdown.

When Dylan asks what Kyle wants to show him, go to your inventory and choose
the Threatening Letter. When Kyle demands to know what Dylan was doing outside
Marie's room, tap Inquire and choose:

--- Keeping tabs on Marie!

When Dylan talks about doing the plumbing in her old house, tap Inquire and

--- You've never been to her old house!

Ask about who told him to watch Marie. When Kyle says he knows who told Dylan
to watch her, choose:

--- It was Nile!

Ask about the information Dylan received. Kyle figures Dylan was supposed to
relay that information to Marie. When Dylan asks if Kyle knows what kind of
information it was, choose:

--- Her brother and husband working for Condor

Ask the remaining questions. Dylan says Nile used Condor to liaise with LAPD,
which is how no Condor member was ever caught. Dylan says he now has to let
Nile know that Kyle's on to them and will likely be an obstacle. Kyle says
that won't intimidate him.
Kyle warns Dylan that Nile will likely off him, too. Kyle tells him that if he
can't find somewhere to run, call him and he'll have a way for Dylan to escape
undetected. Dylan suddenly pulls out a gun. He says he'll think about what
Kyle just said. Until then, neither Dylan nor Nile will make any kind of move.

After talking, Dylan leaves the room. Leave 304 and head back to 206. Kyle
tells Marie what happened. (If you still have the $1000 check from the prize
draw, Kyle will give it to Marie to help her get away.) 

[[ 4:00 PM ]]                                                          [CH09-4]

You'll be back in room 202. It's time for your little chat with Mags. Go to
Mags's room and knock/buzz. She refuses to open the door, so you've got no
other choice than to return to 202.

On the second floor, Frank calls out to you. Kyle reveals Dylan's identity.
Ask all the questions that result. Frank says he'd noticed Dylan's strange
movements. He believes all this was to find clues to locate the Scarlet Star.
Frank talks about Kathy's murder, the Patrices, and the Scarlet Star. He
reveals he's been looking into this building's past in order to restore
a certain reputation.

Ask whose reputation needs restoring. Frank says it's his, of course. He
believes the internal investigation against him was a conspiracy perpetrated
by a certain person. This person, Frank says, got in deeper with Nile. When
Kyle guesses who orchestrated the conspiracy, choose:

--- Hugh Speck?

Frank says his ultimate aim is to bring Speck and his corruption down. He says
he vowed to find out the truth behind what happened 13 years ago. He suspects
Kyle is hiding information and demands to know what it is, but Kyle denies
knowing anything. After more talk, Frank leaves.

Head toward the stairs to the first floor and Kyle will hear someone coming
down the stairs. It's Frank again. Frank apologizes for his behavior just now
and says the Star might be hidden either on the fourth floor or in Mags's
room. Frank suggests they team up to search her room.

After the talk, go downstairs and a scene will automatically play. Go into
Mags's room, pass through the living room and enter the door in the lower left
corner to go into her bedroom.

Check under the desk in the upper left of the room for a torn piece of paper.
Turns out it's the other half of the threatening letter that she showed you a
few days ago.

Now examine her closet in the bottom left corner of the room. You'll see
something wrapped in a white cloth on the right side. Examine it to find a
music box. Open it and Kyle sees there's a key stuck in there. Now prepare to
solve the craziest puzzle in the game.

Let the music box run and you'll notice there's a gap in the cylinder
through which the key can fit. You'll also see there's a long piece that
extends into the non-touch screen part of the DS. That long piece is
essentially the "off" switch for the music box and will stop the cylinder from
moving and, thusly, stop the music from playing. Also note there's some kind
of lever next to that piece with an "R" beside it (or an "L" if you're using
left-handed play). Those are your clues. Press the R button (or L button if
you're on left-handed play), and Kyle will make a comment; the key will be
pushed up a little bit, but the cylinder is blocking it. Turn up the volume on
the DS to have a little easier time for the next part.

To remove the key, first swivel your DS so that it's no longer "book style"
and you're holding it like you would for a regular game. Slowly flip the
non-touch screen back down like you're closing the DS, but DON'T close it all
the way. When it is almost closed, at a certain point you will hear a click
and the music will stop. Keep your DS open just a little before that point to
allow the music to play and the cylinder to turn. Keep your finger poised above
the R (or L) button. Let the cylinder run until it's almost at the gap,
then quickly stop the music. Press the R or L button. If you think you've lined
up the gap with the key correctly, lift the DS cover just a tad and a glowing
dot will appear at the top of the key where the condor symbol is. If the
glowing dot doesn't appear, it means the key and cylinder aren't lined up
properly. Repeat the above until you finally get the glowing dot. When you see
that, KEEP YOUR FINGER ON THE R OR L BUTTON and open your DS fully. Tap the
glowing dot (it may take a few taps) and the key will come out.

If you don't get it right the first time, you'll have one more chance before
the music box stops. If it stops, you'll have to exit the mini game screen
and examine the box again to have another go at it.

When you get the key out, Kyle notices there's a condor symbol at the top.
What could this key be for?

Examine EVERYTHING else inside the bedroom and bathroom. If you've done it
properly, when Kyle is heading to the bedroom door, he'll stop and have an
internal dialogue about Frank and McGrath. If you don't check everything you
need to, Kyle will refuse to exit when you try to leave through the main door.

Head toward the cafe. Mags comes out of the cafe. After a brief talk, Mags
goes back to her room. Go into the cafe and head toward Frank. A conversation
will automatically begin. Kyle tells him about the key, while Frank tells Kyle
again to stop investigating. Kyle brushes him off and Frank goes away in a

Tony then enters the cafe and talks to Kyle about Betty. Tony says he owes it
all to Kyle and wants to pay him back, so if there's anything he can do, give
him a call. Kyle tells him about a diamond being hidden on the fourth floor,
and enlists Tony's help to find it.

Leave the cafe and go to the fourth floor, where Tony is waiting. Talk to him.
There are a couple problems: It's pitch black in there (remember that the power
to that floor was shut off), and they don't have the keys to the rooms. Tony
says Dylan had a set of keys. Go back to room 304 and check the small chest of
drawers at the bottom of the room, next to the mini fridge near the bed, and
grab the keys from the open drawer. (Note that you won't be able to grab the
keys until after you talk to Tony.)

Go back to the fourth floor and talk to Tony again. He gives you a flashlight.
Go into the fourth floor hallway. Your vision will now be limited to a narrow
area in front that the flashlight is illuminating. Go to room 406 and use the
Fourth Floor Keys on the doorknob to unlock it. 

Inside the room, head to the left side of the bed at the bottom of the room.
Tony points out the safe. Examine the safe. In the mini game that follows,
tap on the handle of the safe and it will wiggle. Tap the handle again and
Kyle will make a comment. Now exit the mini game screen, and Kyle will say they
need some kind of tool. Tony offers to go get a crowbar. While he's gone, the
end-of-chapter quiz starts.

The correct choices in order are:

--- Dylan
--- Her brother and husband working for Condor
--- To watch Mags and find clues about the Scarlet Star
--- Michael McGrath
--- A key with a Condor mark

At the end of the quiz, a scene plays in which someone sneaks up behind Kyle
and sprays him with something, rendering him unconscious. It's now on to the
final Chapter 10.

CHAPTER 10 - DECEMBER 26, 1980                                           [CH10]

Kyle wakes up to his beeper. He realizes he's been tied up. When you get
control of Kyle, move him around as much as you can. After a few butt shuffles,
he'll comment that he should be able to get around if he does it slowly enough.
Move Kyle toward the table that's illuminated on the north end of the room and
bump into the front of it. Keep bumping it until the vase falls off and breaks.
Pick up the shards and Kyle will automatically cut his ropes.

Go to the door and examine it. Either knock on it or tap the doorknob and Kyle
will realize it's been fastened shut from the outside. Again, there are two
ways to bust open that door, one easier and one much harder.

The easier way is: Go to the junk on the left side of the room and examine the
chairs. Kyle grabs one. Return to the door and examine it, then go to your
inventory, choose the Chair, and tap the door to use it.

In the mini game, use your stylus to move the chair as far to the right as you
can, then quickly fling it against the door. A black hole will start to appear.
Smash the chair again in the same spot to break down the door. (It should take
at least 2 hits to bust open the door.)

If you want to know the harder way to break down the door, read the following
indented paragraphs. If not, skip them.

     Go to the bathroom in the upper left of the room and examine the toilet.
     In the closeup screen, examine the pipe and Kyle will grab it. Now go back
     to the room door and examine it. Go to your inventory, choose the Toilet
     Pipe, tap Use, then tap on the door.
     In the mini game that follows, use your stylus to move the pipe as far to
     the right as you can, the whack it against the center part of the door.
     Keep whacking IN GENERALLY THE SAME SPOT and a black hole will appear (it
     took me about 5 hits). Keep on hitting and after awhile the hole will get
     larger (it took me about 10 hits). Keep going at it and the hole will
     enlarge a third time (it again took me about 10 hits). The hole's still
     not big enough, apparently, so keep hitting until the hole enlarges
     a fourth time and the game advances -- again, it took me about 10 hits,
     which is a bit weird, because you'd think the door would be weaker and
     thus require fewer hits. But whatever.
     The important things to remember when using the pipe are to aim for
     the center of the door AND to focus your hits on around that same spot.
     If you don't do so, the door won't break down and you'll just be wasting
     your time and effort.

Go through the door. Kyle sees that room 406 used to belong to the manager of
the hotel. Keep moving down the hallway back toward the fire door, and Kyle
sees Tony on the floor. Tap on him to wake him up. After a little talk, Kyle
grabs the crowbar from the floor.

Go back to room 406 and head to the safe. Examine the safe, go to your
inventory, and use the Crowbar on the safe. In the mini game that follows, tap
and hold the glowing dot on the end of the crowbar. When Tony counts to three,
bring the end of the crowbar toward the left side of the screen. Examine the
now-busted safe and examine the box that's inside.

After being disappointed by the empty box, examine the safe door lying on the
floor. Examine the corner that's coming off. Grab the book that you find
inside. It's Michael McGrath's diary. Kyle reads McGrath's writings about the
Scarlet Star, Kathy, and George Patrice.

Kyle realizes the safecracker mentioned in the diary is his dad. After he
reads the diary, Tony complains about his foot and head. Kyle sends him away,
promising to get him if he needs Tony's help again. Kyle's pager goes off.

Go back to 202 and use the phone. Kyle tells Ed about McGrath's diary and
also about being knocked out and tied up. Kyle decides to confront the person

Do NOT confront Frank at this point. If you do, you'll go through this long
conversation, questioning and search that will ultimately lead to a game over.
When you get the game over screen, choose Retry and it will bring you back to
just after you get off the phone with Ed and Rachel. Then continue below.

Go to Mags's room and knock/buzz. She refuses to let you in. Frank comes along
and after some dialogue, it goes to Questions. It's pretty straightforward
until Frank leaves again.

Go back to 302 and talk with Frank. He says the mess that Hugh Speck caused
resulted in the safecracker's death. When Frank demands to know who told Kyle
about the safecracker, choose:

--- Michael McGrath's son

When Frank refuses to talk about the safecracker, tap Inquire and choose:

--- Did you help him get in?

Frank admits to it, saying he knew the safecracker's name as "Gregory." When
Frank says Speck did something beyond words, tap Inquire and choose:

--- Told Condor about your plan

After some more talk, it's the showdown with Frank and it goes to Questions.
Be careful, because if you ask the questions in the wrong order, it's game
over. Choose:

--- What was your plan 25 years ago?

Frank says he decided there was only one way to bring Condor to justice: catch
them in the act. He enlisted Gregory. The plan was to have Gregory break in,
get the jewels and send Frank a signal. Then the police would arrive. The
signal was supposed to have been Gregory's flashlight through the window. But
something went wrong with the signal.

After Frank talks, you'll get a new question. Next choose to ask:

--- What went wrong?

Kyle asks if Gregory ever sent the signal. Frank says he thinks the signal
WAS sent, but then refuses to say anything more after that, saying it
concerns the promise he made to Gregory. He says the only person he could ever
tell the rest of the story to is a relative of Gregory.

When it returns to Questions, choose:

--- What kind of agreement did you have?

Frank says Gregory wanted to leave crime behind, so he promised to erase
certain events from Gregory's past if he helped Frank's investigation. Gregory
refused at first, so Frank gave him the keys to a new car as a kind of advance

Now choose the remaining question:

--- What was it that happened to you?

Frank says that has nothing to do with what Kyle wants to know. Kyle says that
if he were to bring a member of Gregory's family here, would Frank tell them
everything? Frank says yes.

Go back to room 202. Examine the package that came from Jeanie. Grab the Car
Key and return to 302 -- you don't need to knock or buzz. Talk to Frank and
Kyle will automatically show him the Car Key. That will finally convince Frank
to open up, and he talks about the night that Chris Hyde was killed.

When Frank finishes, Kyle tells him he'll find the evidence to take Speck down,
but without Frank's help. Frank finally backs off and hands Kyle the other half
of the ripped postcard that Will had. Frank had found it on the fourth floor.
Kyle figures he needs to finally talk to Mags, and Frank says he will at least
help out there and get her at ease so she will talk with Kyle. 

[[ 9:00 PM ]]                                                         [CH010-9]

Go to Mags's room and knock/buzz. Enter her room and talk to her. After some
conversation, Mags will refuse to discuss Condor and says for Kyle to please
don't ask her anymore. Tap Inquire and choose:

--- Is it because your husband was Condor's ringleader?

Mags talks a bit about her husband. When Kyle asks who killed Kathy McGrath,
tap Inquire and choose:

--- George Patrice!

Mags says the murder was payback for being double-crossed by Michael. It then
goes to Questions. Ask about how they secretly sold the jewels. When Kyle
talks about the purpose of the hotel parties, choose:

--- To find people to buy the jewellery

Mags mentions a hidden chamber that was used to exchange the jewels. Ask about
Michael double-crossing George. When Kyle talks about the reason George waited
so long to have his revenge, choose:

--- Michael wanted out of the stolen goods trade? 

The other questions are straightforward. After the questioning, Mags will give
you several items to help you find the secret room, including a 1950 Hotel 
Photo, a Small Key, and a Fourth Floor Sketch.

After the conversation ends, Kyle automatically compares the two photos of the
hotel to see how they differ. Draw a circle around the second circular window
that you see on the top floor, near the right side of the photo. (If you do
NOT do this, you won't be able to start the hunt for the condors as described
in the next paragraph.) Kyle figures the hidden chamber must be between the
elevator and room 405.

Examine the sketch and you'll see that certain parts are circled. Go back up
to the fourth floor and go to the approximate positions of each of the circled
places marked on the sketch. Examine whatever items you find that are in the
area. When you examine the correct item, the screen will close in on an
engraving of a condor along with a Roman numeral. Tap the engraving and Kyle
will automatically draw it in his notebook. There are 6 in total; the locations
of the engravings are as follows:

--- Room 401: The bed in the upper center of the room
--- Room 402: The closet on the left side of the room
--- Room 403: One of the chairs in the upper-left corner of the room
--- Room 404: The desk at the right side of the room
--- Room 405: The dresser at the top center of the room
--- Far end of the hallway: The window

If you haven't already done so, Combine the two torn pieces of the postcard
to get one whole one. Now examine it and make note of all the symbols printed
on the back, as well as their positioning (I suggest using a separate piece
of paper for this rather than Kyle's notebook). I think it's pretty easy to
see that these are elevator symbols, so enter the elevator. Use the Small Key
to unlock the thing that's covering the button for floor 4. The cover will fall
off and you'll see a switch. Flick the switch. The switch disables the regular
operation of the elevator buttons so you can enter a code. If you want some
clues to solving the code, read the next few indented paragraphs. If you just
want to know what the code is, skip them.

     To discover the code to enter on the elevator panel, you must use the
     condor engravings you found along with the symbols on the back of the
     postcard. The direction that the BODY of each condor points refers to a
     specific square on the postcard code, while the direction the HEAD points
     refers to one of the numbers or symbols within the square.

     So take condor I. Its body is pointing northwest and its head is facing
     to your right. Look at the postcard code again -- take the northwest
     square and choose whatever is written on the right, which is a 3. Do that
     for all the squares, and you'll have the correct code.

This is what you must press in order on the elevator button panel:

--- 1st: 3
--- 2nd: 1
--- 3rd: R
--- 4th: open door symbol
--- 5th: 2
--- 6th: close door symbol

The elevator will then move and stop between the fourth floor and the roof.
(Remember what Sidney told you about the elevator always being "broken" despite
constant maintenance?) Kyle hears a sound. Turn around and examine the right
side of the elevator where the bench is. A panel has popped open and underneath
is a keyhole. Use the Condor Key on the keyhole, and Kyle opens the side of
the bench. Kyle crawls through the side into the secret room.

Examine the desk in the upper right corner of the room. Examine the papers on
the desk to find a ledger that has detailed records of transactions. Kyle grabs
the Condor Records.

Examine the desk itself and Kyle will look in the drawer. He finds an envelope
with an LAPD police badge and a photo inside. In the photo are George Patrice,
Michael McGrath and Hugh Speck. Kyle takes the Photo and Police Badge.

Examine the painting on the left side of the room. Kyle notices a switch. Flip
the switch and the lighthouse in the painting will suddenly give off light.
Head to the right side of the room and examine the framed picture of the four
card aces. Turns out the lighthouse painting is casting a shadow of a condor
on the aces. Examine the shadow and Kyle notes that the condor's beak is
pointing to the Ace of Diamonds. This is a clue that tells you that turning
on the lighthouse leads to the diamond. Remember the lighthouse structure on
the roof of the building?

Leave the secret room and Kyle will automatically take the elevator to the
roof. He sees that the lighthouse is on. You can also see a shadow being cast
on the ground by the light. Go to the structure that's a little to the right
of the lighthouse, face downward, and move around until the magnifying glass
icon lights up. Examine that area. Examine the brick wall that you see. The
shadow is pointing to one particular brick. Tap the brick and Kyle will remark
that it's newer than the others.

In the mini game that follows, tap the upper right corner of the brick and
pieces will come off. Keep tapping at the brick until the game automatically
advances. You've found the Scarlet Star.

As Kyle holds the diamond, he reflects on what he's learned about his father's
death. Soon he hears the elevator. Mags steps out onto the roof and the
conversation automatically occurs. After some talk, it goes to Questions. Ask
all the questions, and then Margaret will finally tell her complete story.

[[ 11:00 PM ]]                                                       [CH010-11]

Watch the following scenes and scroll through the dialogue. When you can
finally control Kyle again, feel free to knock on everyone's doors to talk
about their plans. Then head down to the first floor and you'll get a scene.
When that ends, walk a bit in any direction and you'll get another scene.
I think it'll be pretty straightforward after that. Then sit back and watch
the ending credits.

Congratulations! You've finished Last Window!


** SPOILERS MAY FOLLOW! ** These notes contain questions that have come up
during gameplay; clarifications to some events that don't really fit within
the main walkthrough; uncertainties that I have not yet solved; and changes
in dialogue or events that I've noticed depending on what you do and what
choices you make in the game. These notes also include instructions on specific
actions that you must take before the game advances. Take note that I have not
necessarily discovered ALL the minimum actions needed; these are just the ones
I have managed to find so far.

Chapter 1:
- I have no idea what the bucket of water and sponge in Kyle's bathroom could
possibly be used for. The reason I think they can be used for something is
because the screen closes in on them when you examine them. They may not
necessarily be used in this chapter; I'm just listing it here because you can
examine them starting from here. If anyone knows what they're for, please let
me know! (I've tried using them to solve the Pinkie Bank puzzle, but no dice.)

Chapter 3:
- You can buy a drink from the vending machine once you get your first
Quarters out of the whiskey bottle. There's been some consensus that you can
get only 1 winning cap per game and that the chance of getting a winning
bottlecap is random until you MUST buy a drink in Chapter 6. If you wait until
the last minute in Chapter 6 to buy your first drink, then you will get a
winning cap if you didn't get one before then.

Chapter 5:
- After you find the dress in the washing machine, you'll get a question marked
with a white icon in your Questions list -- this means that you're not sure
whom you're supposed to ask the question to. If you want, you can go around
and ask the question to the other residents and get some pretty funny answers
from the men in the building.

- So far I haven't found any way to sell the Snow Globe to Charles. Once he
buys the Super Strength Adhesive, he says he's going to the studio immediately
afterward. He doesn't answer his door if you knock/buzz again and I can't find
him anywhere in the building, so my guess is that he actually does leave.

Chapter 6:
- The sign on the vending machine says you can see either the cafe owner or
the landlady if you get a winning bottlecap, but I've always given the cap
to Sidney because he's far easier to find throughout the game. Basically, it
seems the game takes the first chance it can get to force Kyle to show the cap.
If you initiate conversation with Sidney when you have a winning cap, Kyle will
automatically hand it over, so it's kind of hard to NOT give it to Sidney.

If you want to show the cap to Mags, you can try knocking/buzzing on her door
at any time during the game and see if she answers -- I've done so at random
times and she does seem to respond if you have a winning cap (otherwise, your
knocking will go unanswered). You can also show it to Mags during any
conversation with her in which you have questions to ask. When it goes to the
Question list, go to your inventory, choose the Winning Bottle Cap, and give it
to her. She'll give you the prize.

- It seems you can buy only one drink per chapter -- if you try to buy more
than one, Kyle says he's not really thirsty right now -- so there's no chance
of you using up your quarters before you're required to buy something from the
vending machine in this chapter.

Chapter 7:
- When you're coming down from the roof in the elevator with Mila, you can
actually press any button aside from the roof, 4th floor, and fire alarm to
get the elevator moving and trigger the scene. The elevator will stall at the
third floor no matter what and you'll ultimately end up on the first floor in
any case.

Chapter 8:
- When Kyle is raiding Will's room, I'm not sure when exactly Charles knocks.
I do know that he will knock at least twice during the course of Kyle's
investigation. The important thing is that when he does knock, Kyle needs to
KEEP STILL and not walk around or even examine anything or else you will get
a game over.

Chapter 9:
- When Kyle is rifling through Mags's room, there is a minimum in the items you
need to check before the game will allow you leave her room. Aside from the
letter and the condor key, I estimate that you MUST examine the chest of
drawers on the left side of her bed ("left side" in first-person view), her
dresser, the bookcase area (you don't actually need to examine the bookcase
itself or anything else in the area), and any one item in the bathroom. For
the drawers and dresser, you don't even need to actually examine the gloves,
handkerchiefs, and beauty items that you see -- just getting the closeup screen
seems to be good enough for the game.

- If you took the time to examine the storage room in the basement before now
and you found the flashlights, then when Kyle and Tony are about to search
the fourth floor, Kyle will tell Tony that he saw the flashlights in the
storage room. If not, Kyle doesn't mention it.

Chapter 10:
- If you want to, you can completely bypass the entire part about searching
for the condor engravings on the fourth floor and instead go directly into the
elevator, use the Small Key, and enter the code.

- You MUST also examine the condor shadow in the secret room before the game
will allow you to leave.



- Special thanks to Sumiyoshi for double-checking this walkthrough for typos.

- Thanks to Bernard and James for the tip on the randomized combination number
for the safety deposit box.

- Thanks to Rayster for the tip on the second way to pull Marie from the
edge of the roof.

- Many thanks to Jim P for finally figuring out the other way to open the
maple butter jar!

- Thanks to everyone on the Last Window message board on GameFAQS.com for
various other clarifications in certain puzzles.

- If you catch any spelling errors, punctuation errors, etc., or would like
to send me suggestions, story possibilities, or other comments, feel free to
e-mail me at chibischala (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks!

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