How to Solve Level 20 Puzzle?

  1. I can't through level 20 on jewel master Egypt I run out of time long before I get the chains broke can I skip this level somehow?

    User Info: roscolola

    roscolola - 9 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You cannot skip the level, but you can tweak it in your favor, depending on the bonuses you have. Remember that you can use the dynamite bonus to deal damage to a chain as if you matched it.

    Also, if you have acquired the lightning bolt bonus, using it right at the start of a level can help tremendously. If you have about 25% or less of your time left, fill the bonus and then don't use it; if you run out of time, you'll get to keep those filled on the new game, and can use the bonus right away.

    Sometimes, levels just refuse to give you what you need; in these cases, you just have to keep going at it until the Random Number Gods see fit to let you do it. The only other advise I can give, is take out chains that block more things from falling first, and also clear anything that can only be gotten in one way (like a narrow path against the edge of a wall). Good luck!

    User Info: dragonlontar79

    dragonlontar79 - 9 years ago 1   0

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