How do I pass chapter 9? *POSSIBLE SPOILERS WARNING*

  1. I'm currently at the section where I'm helping the prisoner escape and have hidden in the blind spot. What am I supposed to do after that? Yes, I've checked a guide but I didn't get any more intelligent from that, sadly....

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    TheSwordLedgend - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Chapter 9 is an absolute pain. You pretty much have to restrict moving Jowd only when the hunters are looking away, and/or are well clear of the path he's traveling.

    First stop is to get him to the adjacent cell's bed when the hunter isn't looking that way. After that, wait till both hunters near the stairs are either looking away or away from the spot under the stairs. Checkpoint save here.

    Wait till the top hunter is right on top of the trap door, and activate it. Once done, go to the valve on the right of the trap door and lead Jowd there. Close up the trap door behind him, so that he isn't made by a falling hunter or anything. After that, make your way to the far left cell and again, wait till the hunter at the rocker's cell is right on top of the trap door to trigger it. Signal Jowd to climb up to the floor above, close the trap door, and lead him across. That should cover it.

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Top Voted Answer

  1. Guide him to the bed on the lower right cell.
    Guide him to behind the stairs.
    Open the right trap door.
    Guide him to the valve on the air duct.
    Guide him to the valve on the left end of the air duct.
    Play the drums.
    Open the left trap door.
    Guide him to the guitar.
    Close the left trap door.

    And that's it. after that just make your way to the phone and follow the story

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Other Answers

  1. Go to the switch to open the trapdoor and to make the guard fall. Go to the valve beside it and guide him to you when the guards don't see him ( the bottom one facing left, the upper one climbing the stairs ). Now he will be in the safe spot ( under the floor ). Close the trap, go to the upper switch, then wait for the guard to pass the trapdoor and quickly posses the guard's vest. Wait for the guard to go to the left of the room and posses the prisoner bed. Now you can guide him easily to the next room. At the upper left room, make the guard fall by distracting him with the drums and open the trapdoor. Make the prisoner go to the surface, close the trapdoor, and you're done.

    I spend half an hour to figure this TT___TT now I'm stuck on chapter 15

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  2. Basically there are 3 hiding spots Jowd can move to (not counting where you start off).

    1) Move to the bunk bed in the adjacent cell. When the leftmost hunter is looking away, call Jowd there.

    2) There are 2 hunters to deal with here. One walks up the stairs and back, the other is hiding above the hatch. When the walking hunter gets close to the bunk, jump to his vest. Wait till he walks up the stairs, close enough so you can jump to the valve/hatch mech and manipulate it to make the hiding hunter fall.

    Jump back to one of their vests and wait till he walks up the stairs, then jump to the area right below the stairs. When both hunters are up the stairs (you can close the hatch if you want to keep one hunter up there for longer), call Jowd to hide below the stairs.

    3) Go back to the hatch again (with the help of the vests) and open it. Now you have to distract the hunters so Jowd can climb up. Jump to the bell, wait till one hunter is near, and ring it. It'll keep him there for awhile. Then wait till the other hunter is walking up the stairs, and call Jowd to the hatch. He'll get inside the little tunnel. Then close the hatch and call him to the left side of the hatch door.

    Stay on the hatch and wait till the hunter gets here. As soon as he walks to the left of the hatch door, open the hatch and quickly jump to his vest. He'll walk all the way to the left so you can reach the bunk bed. From here, move to the drum and sound it. The left hunter will walk over the hatch door here, so open it to make him fall. Then call Jowd over, move above the hatch and call to make him climb up. Then close the hatch and call him to the left bunk.

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  3. This is directly from the FAQ for the entire chapter

    Navigate your way to the spoon digger guy in the next room.
    Jump to bed->phone->toilet->mirror.
    Manipulate the mirror.
    Jump to Jord and ask him all questions.
    Make your way to the bed on the spoon digging guy's cell.
    Slide your map to see where Jord is.
    Guide him when the guard is looking the other way.
    Jump to the patroling hunter's suit.
    Jump to the hidden hunter suit between the floors.
    Jump to the trapdoor switch on the left and manipulate it to drop the hunter.
    Manipulate it again to close the trapdoor.
    Jump to the can at the top of the stair.
    Jump to the fusebox under the stair.
    Guide Jord when the hunter is climbing the stair. (Save Point)
    Jump to the trapdoor switch again and manipulate to open it.
    Jump to the valve just right of the trapdoor switches.
    Wait for the right moment to guide Jord.
    Jump to the trapdoor switch and manipulate it.
    Jump to the top patrolling hunter suit.
    Wait till he's at the end of his route patrol.
    Jump to the top trapdoor switch in the next room.
    Guide Jord here.
    Jump the drum instruments and manipulate it.
    Jump to the trapdoor switch and manipulate it when the guard is standing on
    top the trapdoor.
    Jump to the electric guitar above the trapdoor switch.
    Guide Jord here.
    Jump to the trapdoor switch and manipulate to close it.
    Jump to the bed and guide Jord here.
    Jump to the phone and manipulate it. Choose 1st option.
    Manipulate the phone. Choose the 2nd option. Teleport to the newly discovered
    Jump and talk to Jord. Ask all questions.

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  4. I made a video walkthrough of this part. I hope it helps.

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