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Any action replay saves to chapter 7? Tech Support
Can the manual be found online? Tech Support
How do you get to the hole you make with Cherry Bomb that is up high? Side Quest
what? General

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
How do I beat the giant toad? Enemy/Boss 4 3 years ago
how do i get the brush skill (rain) when i beat Akuro? Enemy/Boss 1 4 years ago
I dont how to save the game? General 1 5 years ago
Mr. Flower? Side Quest 2 7 years ago
How can I cut the Stone lamp? Tech Support 4 7 years ago
Cut the stone lamps? Tech Support 3 7 years ago
Yami into five pieces? Plot 1 7 years ago
How do you get in the playhouse after getting Kagu? Side Quest 1 7 years ago
Is there a way to keep multiple saves? Tech Support 1 7 years ago
How to remove all saved data? Tech Support 2 8 years ago

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