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"Wizardry" is an RPG born in the United States in 1981, and is a world-famous work that is said to be a classic and original Computer RPG. This work is a new "Wizardry" that incorporates new elements while keeping the basic fun as the starting point.
The main concept is "enjoy the dungeon structure", and various gimmicks and traps are provided so that you can enjoy it just by walking without engaging in battle.
In addition, there are floors with a dungeon depth of 20 floors or more, and the estimated clearing time is about 50 hours on average, which is a very beefy work in terms of volume.

You can enjoy the strategy of selecting over 150 types of skills, the item search unique to "Wizardry", the gimmicks unique to the Nintendo DS using a touch pen, and the subsequent gimmick of movement in real time.

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