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Walkthrough by waldrumpus

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 06/17/2020

# Color Changing Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love
Japanese: Irodzuki Chinkuru No Koi No Balloon Trip

This guide will help you complete the 2009 Vanpool game 
Irodzuki Chinkuru No Koi No Balloon Trip and find 100% of its secrets.

Jump right into whatever chapter you need, 
or the FAQ if you have a specific question. If your question isn't already
in there, send it to waldrumpus@gmail.com.

# Change log:
2020-06-17: added FAQ

# Table of Contents
[A] Game and Guide Information and Legal Thingy
[B] Introduction
[C] Guide Version History
[D] Characters
[D.1] Love Push guide: Women and Their Likes and Dislikes
[E] Gameplay
[E.1] Basic Interaction and the Inventory
[E.2] Action Verbs
[E.3] The Friends Are Here to Help
[E.4] Love Push
[E.5] Keyboard Input
[F] Walkthrough
[F.0]  Beginning a New Game
[F.1]  Opening Sequence
[F.2]  Page 1 Prologue
[F.3]  Page 1 Chapter 1: A Strange Old Couple
[F.4]  Page 1 Chapter 2: Grandpa's Thing
[F.5]  Page 1 Chapter 3: Move, Mystery Machine
[F.6]  Page 2 Prologue
[F.7]  Page 2 Chapter 1: Dung-Clouded Sky
[F.8]  Page 2 Chapter 2: Great Fortune Teller
[F.9]  Page 2 Chapter 3: A Small Companion
[F.10] Page 3 Prologue
[F.11] Page 3 Chapter 1: The Yellow Brick Road
[F.12] Page 3 Chapter 2: A Favor for Old Peter
[F.13] Page 3 Chapter 3: Mechanical Trouble
[F.14] Page 4 Prologue
[F.15] Page 4 Chapter 1: The Dark Forest
[F.16] Page 4 Chapter 2: Hunt for a Coward
[F.17] Page 4 Chapter 3: Scaredycat Strongman
[F.18] Page 5 Prologue
[F.19] Page 5 Chapter 1: The Yellow Rails
[F.20] Page 5 Chapter 2: Runaway Train Parts
[F.20.1] Zoom-Zoom Junkyard Quiz
[F.21] Page 5 Chapter 3: Final Zoom-Zoom
[F.21.1] Train Parts Chart
[F.21.2] Train Parts Placing Requirements
[F.22] Page 6 Prologue
[F.23] Page 6 Chapter 1: Fill Her Up, Please!
[F.24] Page 6 Chapter 2: The Present Ploy
[F.25] Page 6 Chapter 3: Fish in Cold Water
[F.26] Page 6 Chapter 4: The Energetic Eel
[F.27] Page 7 Prologue
[F.28] Page 7 Chapter 1: Miss Village
[F.29] Page 7 Chapter 2: Three Conditions
[F.30] Page 7 Chapter 3: Twinkle Twinkle Go-Go
[F.31] Page 8 Prologue
[F.32] Page 8 Chapter 1: Fruit of Your Labor!?
[F.33] Page 8 Chapter 2: Enter the Gas Apple!
[F.33.1] Boss Fight: Evil Walking Plant "Gas Apple Tree"
[F.34] Page 8 Chapter 3: The Village Heroes
[F.35] Page 9 Prologue
[F.36] Page 9 Chapter 1: The Third Trap
[F.37] Page 9 Chapter 2: The Lost Tracks
[F.38] Page 9 Chapter 3: The Forgotten Project
<TODO: What about "Smash Rocks, Not Hopes">
[F.39] Page 10 Prologue
[F.40] Page 10 Chapter 1: Ports and Permissions
[F.41] Page 10 Chapter 2: Get a Job!
[F.42] Page 10 Chapter 3: Next, Please!
[F.43] Page 10 Chapter 4: Seaside Thievery
[F.44] Page 11 Prologue
[F.45] Page 11 Chapter 1: Paperwork
[F.45.1] Desert Facts
[F.46] Page 11 Chapter 2: The Desert Hunt
[F.46.1] Fighting in the Desert
[F.46.2] Enemies to Be Encountered in the Desert
[F.46.3] The Way Through the Desert
[F.47] Page 11 Chapter 3: Curious Liar Village
[F.47.1] Boss Fight: The Big Liar
[F.48] Page 12 Prologue
[F.49] Page 12 Chapter 1: Emerald City
[F.50] Page 12 Chapter 2: Good Night, Princess
[F.51] Page 12 Chapter 3: Hunt for Ingredients
[F.51.1] Ingredient #1: The Antidote Tea
[F.51.2] Ingredient #2: The Shark's Teeth
[F.51.3] Ingredient #3: Deku Tears
[F.52] Page 12 Chapter 4: Hello, Princess
[F.53] Page 13 Prologue
[F.54] Page 13 Chapter 1: Green Man, 3 Friends
[F.55] Page 13 Chapter 2: The Gentle Lion
[F.55.1] Boss Fight: MekaniKing
[F.56] Page 13 Chapter 3: The Final Lesson
[F.57] Page 13 Chapter 4: I Understand!
[F.58] Page 14 Prologue
[F.59] Page 14 Chapter 1: The Kiss of Gratitude
[F.59.1] Winning Azusa's Heart
[F.59.2] Winning Sensei's Heart
[F.59.3] The Dance Party
[F.59.4] Boss Fight: Majiyo
[F.59.5] After the Fight
[G] Side Quests
[G.1]  Bottoms Up (Page 1)
[G.2]  The Mysterious Clock (Page 1)
[G.3]  Time Travel Tingle (Page 2)
[G.4]  My Brother the Cook (Page 2)
[G.5]  The Munching Monk (Page 3)
[G.6]  Angel Rest Your Wings (Page 3)
[G.7]  And Then He Croaked (Page 4)
[G.8] The Nutty Monk (Page 4)
[G.9] Bed Wet No More (Page 4)
[G.10]  Fairy Tale (Page 4)
[G.11]  The Seven Fruits (Page 4)
[G.12] The Muddy Monk (Page 5)
[G.13] Trainforce (Page 5)
[G.14] Sunny Smile (Page 6)
[G.15] Village Fishing Champ (Page 6)
[G.16] World Fishing Champ (Page 6)
[G.17] The Hungry Vagabond (Page 7)
[G.18] Dungeon Master (Page 7)
[G.19] Presents For Everyone (Page 8)
[G.20] Hidden in the Flower Bed (Page 8)
[G.21] Choo Choo of Love (Page 9)
[G.22] Eagle's Reemployment (Page 10)
[G.23] Where the Heart is (Page 10)
[G.24] Storehouse Sniper (Page 10)
[G.25] Coin Collector (Page 11)
[G.26] Tell the Truth (Page 11)
[G.27] His Name is Baron (Page 11)
[G.28] Max Heart (Page 12)
[G.29] Another Man's Treasure (Page 12)
[G.30] Shinobi Road (Page 12)
[G.31] Grandfather's Bequest (Page 12)
[G.32] I Swear on the Truth (Page 13)
[G.33] I Finally Saw It! (Page 12)
[G.34] The Last Spoiler (Page 13)

# [A] Game and Guide Information and Legal Thingy
Game copyright: 2009 by Nintendo
Developed by: Vanpool
Guide: 2013 by Philipp Brendel (waldrumpus@gmail.com)

Please use this guide only for good, never evil.
All information in this walkthrough is original research by Philipp Brendel,
unless indicated otherwise (for example, I nicked this preamble from D.Hawkins'
guide to SMB, he he). You may freely redistribute this information and use this
information as long as the source is clearly labeled. I place no other
restrictions on the use of the information in this document.

# [B] Introduction
Welcome to this guide for "Color Changing Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love", the
second adventure game starring Tingle from Legend of Zelda. Like the first one,
"Tingle's Rosy Rupee Land", this game is filled with quirky characters, has a
weird story, and features a unique graphical style.
Incidentally, this is the first guide for a video game I have ever written.
Since this game has only been released in Japan, and there is no English
version, I decided to do the walkthrough in a narrative style so that
non-Japanese-speakers will be able to follow the story and enjoy the craziness
that is Tingle.
Since, as of this writing, I am still in the process of learning  Japanese, I
have likely made some mistakes in translating the story and the dialogue.
The actual walkthrough should be fine, though. If you have any comments,
corrections, or anything else starting with a "c" to make,
just contact me (see above).

# [C] Guide Version History
## Version 0.9 (24.11.2013)
Guide for main quest complete except for illustrations (desert map, spooky
forest map).
To be done:
- Create table of contents
- Side quests
- Add forest map
- Detailed Love Push explanation
- Girl gift preference data
- Description of individual game endings
- Find original wording of questions in the quiz round
- Wasn't there a final quiz by the hint guy at the end?
  Only in a specific ending?
- List different types of dances at the Dance Party
- Explain "Book of the Game" function

# [D] Characters
## Tingle
A 35-year-old bachelor with no job, not money, no girl. No prospects, either.
A cute dog is his only companion.
Tingle is the protagonist of this adventure game. His journey through a
different world is heavily inspired by a certain work of L. Frank Baum.

## Bespectacled Mystery Lady
In the very beginning of the game, this strange woman sells a book to Tingle
that will make his dull, dreary life so much better (or his money back).
The book starts him on a magical journey through an unfamiliar world.
Could she have an interest in his fate?

## Gramma & Grampa
One day, Tingle wakes up in a strange new place and strange new underwear.
These two elderly people seem to be his ersatz parents in this wondrous world.
In the beginning of the game, they help him get his bearings and set him on his
 way towards the great City.

## Princess
The object of Tingle's (and any living man's, really) desire. Apart from the
fact that the Princess is the pinnacle of perfection, the most beautiful woman
in the world, and all that jazz, Tingle has another motivation to pursue her:
He must dance with her during the great Dance Party in order to return to
his own world.

## Kakashi
A boy made out of straw. When Tingle first meets him, he works as a scarecrow.
He joins Tingle on his journey and has many useful characteristics and
abilities: 1) is small so as to crawl into small holes, 2) big heart,
much loyalty, 3) a shiny medal.
Everybody calls him stupid, and he wishes to become more intelligent.
1. *request* - make Kakashi crawl into a hole or tight spot, or make him run
   into things
2. *straw* - Kakashi pulls out one of his straws (ouch!) and uses it to
   interact with the target in surprising ways
3. *medal* - Kakashi proudly presents his shiny medal to the target

## Buriki
A strange woman made of metal, with a computer for a brain. She is very
intelligent and analytical, which is very helpful for Tingle
once she joins him.
She is driven by the desire to get the one thing her robotic body lacks...
a heart!
Also, kicks like a mule.
1. *request* - make Buriki kick the target with her foot
2. *analysis* - Buriki uses her robot sensors to make a detailed analysis
   of the target's properties

## Lion
This guy is *strong*! He can lift, push, break almost anything. What he lacks,
though, is courage! He is afraid of a lot of things; a fact Tingle and his
friends must keep in mind when they're traveling with Lion.
Secondary ability: Can communicate with animals. No, really.
1. *request* - make Lion talk with animals
2. *strength* - Lion uses his immense strength to do all kinds of things to the
   target, e.g. lift rocks, break chains, etc.

# [D.1] Love Push Guide: Women and Their Likes and Dislikes
Acknowledgements: Some of this data comes from 

たべもの = (f)ood
ファション = (s)tyle
インテリア = (d)ecoration
どうぐ = (t)ool
しゅみ = (h)obby
かわいい = (p)retty
アダルト = (m)ature
ゴージャス = (g)orgeous
ちんぴん = (r)arity
クール = (c)ool
Food       ?    Pretty   ?
Style      ?    Cool     ?
Decoration ?    Mature   ?
Tool       ?    Gorgeous ?
Hobby      ?    Rarity   ?

## Little Daughter of the General Store Owner
Level 1  o
Level 2   
Level 3   

Food       o    Pretty   o
Style      o    Cool     x
Decoration -    Mature    
Tool       x    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   x

## General Store Owner
Level 1  o
Level 2   
Level 3   

Food       x    Pretty   -
Style      o    Cool     x
Decoration o    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

## Iona's Mother
Level 1  o
Level 2   
Level 3   

Food       o    Pretty   x
Style      x    Cool     -
Decoration o    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

## Fruit Seller
Level 1  o
Level 2   
Level 3   

Food       o    Pretty   x
Style      -    Cool     o
Decoration o    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   x

## Mushroom Lady
Level 1  o
Level 2   
Level 3   

Food       o    Pretty   x
Style      o    Cool     o
Decoration x    Mature   o
Tool       -    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

## Pants-Headed Girl
Level 1  o
Level 2   
Level 3   

Food       o    Pretty   o
Style      o    Cool     o
Decoration o    Mature   x
Tool       -    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   x

## Iona
### 1st meeting (page 6)
Level 1  o
Level 2  -
Level 3  -

Food       o    Pretty   x
Style      x    Cool     -
Decoration x    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

### 2nd meeting (going back to page 8)
Level 1  x
Level 2  o
Level 3   

Food       o    Pretty   x
Style      x    Cool     -
Decoration x    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

### 3rd meeting (get Iona's green dress on page 8 to unlock her iron heart)
Level 1  x
Level 2  x
Level 3  o

Food       o    Pretty   o
Style      o    Cool     x
Decoration o    Mature   o
Tool       -    Gorgeous x
Hobby      x    Rarity   -

## Field Rental Lady
Level 1  o
Level 2   
Level 3   

Food       o    Pretty   x
Style      -    Cool     x
Decoration o    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

## Auntie Florist
Level 1  o
Level 2   
Level 3   

Food       o    Pretty   o
Style      o    Cool     o
Decoration o    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

## Auntie Fortune Teller
Level 1  o
Level 2   
Level 3   

Food       o    Pretty   o
Style      o    Cool     o
Decoration o    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

## Zonmi
Level 1  o
Level 2   
Level 3   

Food       o    Pretty   o
Style      o    Cool     o
Decoration x    Mature   -
Tool       o    Gorgeous x
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

## Guard Lady
Level 1  o
Level 2   
Level 3   

Food       x    Pretty   -
Style      o    Cool     x
Decoration o    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   x

## Clerk
Level 1  o
Level 2   
Level 3   

Food       o    Pretty   o
Style      o    Cool     x
Decoration x    Mature   o
Tool       -    Gorgeous o
Hobby      x    Rarity   -

## Crashed-Into Old Lady
Level 1  x
Level 2  o
Level 3   

Food       -    Pretty   x
Style           Cool     o
Decoration x    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

## Lia
### 1st meeting (page 11)
Level 1  x
Level 2  o
Level 3   

Food       o    Pretty   o
Style           Cool     o
Decoration o    Mature   -
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      x    Rarity   x

### 2nd meeting (going back to page 11)
Level 1  x
Level 2  x
Level 3  o

Food       o    Pretty   x
Style      o    Cool     x
Decoration o    Mature   o
Tool       -    Gorgeous x
Hobby      -    Rarity   o

### 3rd meeting (lake near Liar Village after 2nd Love Push)
Level 1  x
Level 2  x
Level 3  o

Food       o    Pretty   o
Style      o    Cool     -
Decoration o    Mature   o
Tool       -    Gorgeous x
Hobby      x    Rarity   x

## Bartender
Level 1  x
Level 2  o
Level 3   

Food       x    Pretty   x
Style      o    Cool     o
Decoration x    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   -

## Prison Warden
Level 1  x
Level 2  o
Level 3  o

Food       o    Pretty   -
Style      o    Cool     o
Decoration o    Mature   x
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      x    Rarity   x

## One-Pup the Dog (get a bone from the people feasting in the inn for her)
Level 1  x
Level 2  o
Level 3  o

Food       o    Pretty   o
Style      o    Cool     o
Decoration o    Mature   x
Tool       x    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

## Blue Lady
Level 1  x
Level 2  o
Level 3  o

Food       o    Pretty   -
Style      x    Cool     x
Decoration x    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      -    Rarity   x

## Azusa
### 1st meeting (page 5)
Level 1  o
Level 2   
Level 3   

Food       x    Pretty   o
Style      x    Cool     o
Decoration o    Mature   x
Tool       o    Gorgeous -
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

### 2nd meeting (going back to page 9)
Level 1  x
Level 2  o
Level 3   

Food       -    Pretty   o
Style      x    Cool     o
Decoration x    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

### 3rd meeting (give her the model train after the second Love Push)
Level 1  x
Level 2  x
Level 3  o

Food       -    Pretty   x
Style      x    Cool     o
Decoration x    Mature   -
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

## Sensei
### 1st meeting (going back to page 3)
Level 1  o
Level 2   
Level 3   

Food       o    Pretty   o
Style      -    Cool     o
Decoration o    Mature   x
Tool       o    Gorgeous x
Hobby      x    Rarity   o

### 2nd meeting (going back to page 3 after the 1st Love Push)
Level 1  x
Level 2  o
Level 3   

Food       o    Pretty   o
Style      -    Cool     o
Decoration o    Mature   x
Tool       o    Gorgeous x
Hobby      x    Rarity   o

### 3rd meeting (page 10, West Side, after the 2nd Love Push)
Level 1  x
Level 2  x
Level 3  o

Food       x    Pretty   o
Style      o    Cool     o
Decoration o    Mature   -
Tool       x    Gorgeous o
Hobby      -    Rarity   x

## Stone Statue
Level 1  x
Level 2  o
Level 3   

Food       -    Pretty   x
Style      o    Cool     o
Decoration x    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

## Old Farmer Lady
Level 1  o
Level 2  o
Level 3  o

Food       o    Pretty   o
Style      o    Cool     o
Decoration o    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

## Princess
### 1st meeting (page 12)
Level 1  x
Level 2  o
Level 3   

Food       o    Pretty   o
Style      o    Cool     -
Decoration o    Mature   x
Tool       -    Gorgeous o
Hobby      x    Rarity   x

### 2nd meeting (going back to page 12)
Level 1  x
Level 2  x
Level 3  o

Food       -    Pretty   x
Style      o    Cool     x
Decoration -    Mature   o
Tool       x    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   o

### 3rd meeting (fulfill the Princess' request after the 2nd Love Push)
Level 1  x
Level 2  x
Level 3  o

Food       x    Pretty   -
Style      o    Cool     x
Decoration o    Mature   o
Tool       -    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   x

### 4th meeting (going back to page 12 after the Princess disappears)
Level 1  x
Level 2  x
Level 3  o

Food       o    Pretty   x
Style      x    Cool     -
Decoration x    Mature   o
Tool       o    Gorgeous o
Hobby      -    Rarity   o

### 5th meeting (going back to page 12 after the 4th Love Push)
Level 1  x
Level 2  x
Level 3  o

Food       -    Pretty   x
Style      o    Cool     o
Decoration o    Mature   x
Tool       x    Gorgeous o
Hobby      o    Rarity   x

# [E] Gameplay
The game plays very much like a classic point-and-click adventure. The gameplay
design is very streamlined, in that you only ever use the touchscreen to issue
commands to Tingle and interact with the environment. The only exceptions are
the "Dungeons" which may alternatively be played with the D-Pad, and a certain
instance where you need to use the microphone.

## [E.1] Basic Interaction & the Inventory
Just tap stuff with the touch pen! It couldn't be easier. Whenever you tap
something in the environment, one of two things happens: Either Tingle
interacts directly with the object, making something happen like walking
through a door. Or the inventory screen pops up, and you may need to select
some item to use with the environment by tapping the item twice. You can
do this also the other way round: first open the inventory - tap either the
backpack icon in the top right of the touchscreen, or Tingle himself - then
select an item, and finally tap the object in the environment you wish to use
the item on. To scroll through your inventory, use the stylus to turn the
valve-like thing (a valve?) in the bottom right, using a circular motion.
To close the inventory, tap the "X" in the middle of the valve.

## [E.2] Action Verbs
Like a classic adventure game (think "Monkey Island"), this game makes use
of verbs to allow you to issue commands to Tingle. The verbs are the words
appearing in the green boxes in the top left corner of the inventory screen
when you have selected an environment object. The verbs are arranged from left
to right; in most instances, the leftmost verb is "examine".
Other verbs include "talk", "take", "turn". They will be mentioned as needed
and referenced by their position, e.g. the "second verb" is the second verb
from the left. Depending on Tingle's actions, new verbs may appear for the
target; e.g. it is often required to first "examine" something before more
specific verbs appear (example: the verb "turn" will appear only after you have
"examined" a crank).
A special case: the "bottle" inventory item. Like in Zelda, you can fill the
bottle with various liquids and other stuff. If you need to put something in
the bottle, but the bottle happens to be full, select the bottle
from your inventory. A special verb, "empty", will appear to the right of the
touchscreen. If you touch it, Tingle will empty out the bottle.

## [E.3] The Friends Are Here to Help!
Once Tingle meets new friends who accompany him on his journey, he can make use
of their special abilities. To do that, tap the object on the screen you want
to use an ability on. When the inventory screen shows up, tap the portrait of
the friend whose ability you wish to use in the top right of the touchscreen.
A list of two or three abilities, presented vertically, will show up. Tap the
desired ability to use it on the selected object.
See the above character summaries for a description of their abilities.

## [E.4] Love Push
Later in the game, Tingle will gain the ability to win the favor of female
characters by giving them thoughtful gifts. This is called the "Love Push".
You engage the Love Push by tapping on the female in question, then selecting
the orange "Love Push" button which is positioned just to the right of the
green verb buttons. I'll explain how the Love Push works at the appropriate
point in the walkthrough.

## [E.5] Keyboard Input
Now and again, you'll be forced to enter text to progress in the game.
Sometimes it's not very important what you enter - e.g. the protagonist's name
in the very beginning -, but most of the time you need to answer quiz questions
or give passwords. You will need to enter the answers using the three input
layouts provided by the game: Hiragana & Katakana (the two Japanese
syllabaries) and the Latin alphabet.
When the game displays the "keyboard", you can switch between the three input
layouts using the pink あ, ア, and A buttons at the bottom of the screen.
Some of the Japanese characters have alternate versions created by adding
so-called Dakuten (or ten-ten), or Handakuten (゛ or ゜). To write such a
character, first type the character without the Dakuten/Handakuten, then tap
the symbol to be added. Examples: To write the character だ, first write た,
then tap the ゛ symbol. To write パ, first write ハ, then add ゜.
Note that several characters exist in a large and a small form,
e.g. や vs. ゃ.
Take care not to confuse them, as they are not interchangeable.
When in doubt, use the search method described below.
The pink left arrow button (←) can be used to delete a character.
Use the longish yellow "confirm" button (けってい) to confirm your input.
To cancel, use the red "back" button in the lower right corner.
These are the layouts of the individual input methods, and how to reach them.
**Hint:** If you have a hard time finding the correct character, use
your browser's text search feature: copy the character you're looking for and
search for it in this layout overview to find its position.

- Layout あ (Hiragana)
あ い う え お   ま み む め も
か き く け こ   や   ゆ   よ
さ し す せ そ   ら り る れ ろ
た ち つ て と   わ   を   ん
な に ぬ ね の   ぁ ぃ ぅ ぇ ぉ
は ひ ふ へ ほ   っ ゃ ゅ ょ
" ゜   ー 、 。 ・       _
- Layout ア (Katakana)
ア イ ウ エ オ   マ ミ ム メ モ
カ キ ク ケ コ   ヤ   ユ   ヨ
サ シ ス セ ソ   ラ リ ル レ ロ
タ チ ツ テ ト   ワ   ヲ   ン
ナ ニ ヌ ネ ノ   ァ ィ ゥ ェ ォ
ハ ヒ フ ヘ ホ   ッ ャ ュ ョ
" ゜   ー 、 。 ・       _
- Layout A (Latin)
W X Y Z       ? ! , .
a b c d e f g h i j k
l m n o p q r s t u v
w x y z       + - × ÷
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  

# [F] Walkthrough
"Quit the jibba-jabba, let's go already!", I can just hear you say.
Well, alright!

## [F.0] Beginning a New Game
In the title screen, touch the screen, and three save game slots will appear.
If you've bought the game second-hand, there might be save games already
present; in that case pick one and press the rightmost of the three buttons
below the save game slots in order to erase the game data
(the button says 「さくじょ」).
The game will ask you to confirm the deletion, and you'll see
a nodding, air guitar playing Tingle ("yes"/「はい」)
and one who shakes his head ("no"/「いいえ」).
Pick "yes", and "yes" again, when the game asks you to confirm the choice.
**Notice that "yes" is usually to the left and "no" to the right, but not
necessarily so**; I think the designers sometimes switch their places to keep
you from accidentally double-confirming something you don't mean to.
In this case, the first "yes" is to the left, the second one is to the right.
Just pay attention to the pictures of Tingle and you'll be fine.
So, now that you have a fresh and unspoiled save game slot, pick it and confirm
that "yes", you want to start from that state.

## [F.1] Opening Sequence
Now you'll be treated to the opening sequence, introducing the game’s hero, a
35-year-old bachelor. "No job, no money. And of course, no girlfriend.", the
intro states, and that describes our hero to a T. There he is, watching TV and
scratching his butt in his filthy bachelor pad, when a fascinating show comes
on - "The Ripening Hero's Heroic Trip of Love." I'm using the word "ripening",
because that's what Wikipedia uses in the game's description; the Japanese word
「色づき」 can mean "color-changing", "ripening", or hint at "erotic love",
which is kind of the theme of the game. Anyway, the show promotes
a book "for adults" about romance, and heroics, and stuff.
The hero meets a lot of girls, a princess even, and that's what wins our
bachelor over. When a strangely angular bespectacled lady announces a price
drop from 4,800 to 2 rupees, he jumps to the phone and orders a copy. Delivery
is prompt, to say the least. The delivery man asks our bachelor to sign, and
now you must choose a name for him. I think you can sign pretty much any name
but 「チンクル」(read "Chinkuru" or "Tincle", Tingle's Japanese name),
because that name has a special significance later on. If you'd like to use
Latin letters for the name, press the button labeled "A". After signing the
slip, our bachelor immediately dives into the book, ignoring his dog's warning
barks. He is then magically whisked away inside the book by a tornado.
This is the first of many references to Frank L. Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard
of Oz". I won't be able to point them all out while I go along, because I'm not
familiar with the story, so sue me.

## [F.2] Page 1 Prologue
Our bachelor finds himself in a room similar from before, but not exactly the
same. A voice calls out: "Tingle, get up! Grampa needs your help. Bring the
hammer!" Tap on Tingle - that's his new name, the one you weren't allowed to
use earlier - and he'll get up and make a pretty disturbed face. Tap the door
to leave the room. Tingle'll end up in front of the house where  Gramma is
waiting for him. They have a short talk about his name - the one you entered
earlier - and how that is a lovely name indeed, and now get to work, Tingle.
They further talk about a Dance Party that's about to go down, and Tingle is
keen to go there.  Gramma tells Tingle to return to his room and get the hammer.
Tap the door to return to Tingle's room in the attic. There, tap the wooden box
that's on the floor. There's a lot of stuff inside, so let's get grabbing'.
Tap the _hammer_ and confirm "yes", you want to take it with you. Rejoice at
the sight of Tingle's ugly mug lighting up with glee as he pockets the
instrument. While we're here, also take the _jar_. The toolbox won't open
without a key. **Quick info about the verbs** (green boxes, top left) that
appear when you tap the toolbox: the leftmost one means "inspect", the one next
to it means "open". Leave the screen by pressing the red "x" to the lower
right. Leave the zoomed-in view of the wooden box by pressing the arrow in the
red box in the lower right. Next, let's have a look at the table. The zoomed-in
view reveals a notebook. Take it. This is your _notebook of secrets_, in which
you will collect stickers for any secrets you may uncover along the way. Now,
tap the small chest that's on the table, the view will zoom in. Press the
button on the chest's front to open it and take out the _map of the farm_,
a _screw_, and a _marble_. Go back to the table view. Tap the mushroom thing to
zoom in on it, and use the hammer on it to crack it open. A hundred rupees -
the previous game's Tingle would have been overjoyed by this finding.
This game, however, is about girls and love and making girls fall in love
(though we'll later see that in order to make them, we need presents, and for
that, lots of rupees. So yeah…). I guess the single most defining quality of
being a Tingle is having an unhealthy obsession with something, be it fairies,
money, or girls. That, and the green tights and hoodie. Zoom out. If you want,
have a look at the picture that's on the table. For some reason, the kid (?)
standing between Grampa and  Gramma has been blacked out with marker. Strange...
OK, so now that we've got the hammer like  Gramma asked, let's leave the room
again. And indeed, she is pleased. She gives Tingle something - his green
Tingle suit. After some failed attempts and a knock on the head he manages to
put it on. Now we're really Tingling! Gramma talks more about the Dance Party,
which is going to take place in the City. Finally, she again tells him to get
the hammer to Grampa. Our first quest!

## [F.3] Page 1, Chapter 1: A Strange Old Couple
The chapter's title probably refers to Gramma and Grampa, since Tingle doesn't
have any recollection of having seen them before. Before you leave, tap the
bush - you'll get rupees. In this game, you can often tap on things here and
there, giving you an amusing animation that's not vital to the plot, or a
little money. Anyway, let's head through the gate to the east. There we see
some sort of steam-leaking contraption, and Grampa standing next to it.
Talk to him, and he'll ask you if you brought the *thing*.
He must be talking about the hammer, right? So show it to him.
But somehow, that's not what he wants. He needs the *thing*, the *thing*,
you know! No, I don't know. Well, Gramma can tell you more details, he says.
So, back to Gramma. Tap her and choose the second verb from the left,
「はなす」("talk"). When the time comes to choose a conversation topic,
pick the third one. Gramma will hazard the guess that Uncle meant a different
tool. Now pick the fourth option to ask about that "different tool".
She'll tell Tingle to look in the toolbox and gives him the _key_ he needs.
Go back to Tingle's room. Oops - what was that? A floating pig just appeared
out of thin air?
These are the "save pigs". In order to save your progress, tap the pig.
It will greet you with the fascinating line, "Hello. I am a pig."
That may be some Zen stuff, I don't know. All I know is, you tap on the
rotating pink cel-shaded chunk of bacon, confirm "yes", you want to save your
game, pick a slot, and confirm twice. Presto, your game is saved.
Now for the toolbox. Use the key on it. It ope…..eeh? It doesn't open.
Wrong key. That's just the kind of game this is, you know. Back outside, show
the key to Gramma. She'll think about where the key could be... Let's see,
before she woke Tingle up, she fed Coco the chicken - and there we see
something glimmering in its nest.

## [F.4] Page 1 Chapter 2: Grandpa's Thing
So walk over to the west and just take what's in the nest, "yes"? Well, not if
Coco has anything to say about it. We'll have to just lure him away from there
for a second. Tap the metal silo, and choose the only verb available to inspect
it. This will result in adding a verb: 「うごかす」("move").
Try this next. Aha!
Chicken feed comes pouring out. Quickly, while Coco is distracted, take what's
in the nest. It's the _key to the toolbox_! Back into the house we go. Luckily,
Tingle's travel is expedited by Coco's vigorous pecking. Open the toolbox to
see that Uncle's much asked for *thing* is… a _screwdriver_. Take it with you
and head back to Uncle. Show the screwdriver to him. 
Finally, Uncle is pleased. He'll now direct Tingle's attention to the junk heap
beside which he is standing. By this machine Tingle will travel to the City,
he says. But it's too junky, so he asks you to apply his *thing* to it.

## [F.5] Page 1 Chapter 3: Move, Mystery Machine
Your task is now to tighten the screws on that steam-leaking junk pile.
Tap one of its three purple pipes to zoom in.
Now, pull out your Uncle's *thing*, I mean, take out the screwdriver.
**Side note: The easiest way to repeatedly use one item on a series of targets,
like in this case the screwdrivers to all the screws, is to double-tap the item
in your inventory and then, one after another,
tap the targets until you're done.**
Get to work and use the screwdriver on all the screws that are leaking steam.
Once you have re-affixed all three of them, you'll be rewarded by the patented
Zelda-"I've discovered a secret"-sound! Repeat this process with the remaining
two pipes, affixing nine screws in total. Nice! Now have a look at the control
panel to right of the machine, the one Uncle was standing in front of the whole
time. Uncle will explain that for the whole thing to work, you'll need to
constantly tighten the screws on the panel that are coming loose.
You can do that by just touching and holding, while the screwdriver
automatically tightens the screw you touched. When Uncle is done explaining,
say "yes", and play the mini-game. Any screw that comes loose, you tighten.
Once you have them all, the green light comes on. You do that three times in a
row, and the machine is finally good to go. Preparations for Tingle's trip to
the City are complete, and Gramma comes to watch his departure. Talk to her to
say goodbye, she'll blow her nose, heartwarming scene. Talk to Uncle one last
time, say goodbye to him as well. Now! Tap the chair in front of the machine,
and confirm that you want to go. Gramma gives you 100 rupees of pocket money,
there's some fireworks - pop! - and off you gooo! You have completed your first
"page" of the book that is this game.

## [F.6] Page 2 Prologue
BONNGGG! That was a bit of a rough one, wasn't it? So, Tingle's travels are cut
short by a collision with an unidentified flying object. He lands elegantly in
a barn by way of destroying its roof.
First of all, a scroll will appear informing you that there are certain items
that can only be used on specific pages. Once you leave the page, the item
disappears from your inventory. But don't worry, it will be right there
whenever you re-enter that page. You'll gain this ability later on; for now,
you go through the pages in order.
Tingle emerges from the barn, dirty and probably rather pungent, if the flies
buzzing around him are any indication. A strange beetle-like person appears for
a second and hurriedly leaves again.

## [F.7] Page 2 Chapter 1: Dung-Clouded Sky
(At least I think that's what the title says… Yucky yet strangely poetic…)
A save pig pops up. Save whenever you feel like it, you can't really die in
this game. But better safe than sorry, you never know when your DS might
lose its juice.
We can't do much in this screen but stare at the sheep (?).
Leave for the north. A strange house stands by the path, ignore it for the time
being. Continue to the east where you will find a fountain. Ah, perfect.
Tap the falling water and choose the second verb, 「あらう」("wash").
What's that? The statue moves its stream of water away from you!
But in doing so, it reveals a lever sitting right above its, ahem, posterior.
Tap that, and drag the lever from the "rotate" position into the
"do not rotate" position (the pictograms are pretty self-explanatory).
With the statue now fixed, try washing again. It works! Ah, finally fresh and
decent again. Though I could've done without those grimaces and squeals
of delight. Exit west, and witness a piece of paper floating down the screen.
Follow it, taking the west exit. Pick it up and get knocked down by some guy
who then proceeds to pick up the map himself.
People who have played Tingle's Rosy Rupee Land will recognize this kid as the
one who always sells maps to Tingle. He will sell you this one for 30 rupees,
oh lucky day. Back up to the north. Now that we're decent, we can dare enter
the house. Several of those bug creatures ogle you and then say it's cool,
you can come in. Enter the house.

## [F.8] Page 2 Chapter 2: Great Fortune Teller
So here we have several ladybug-type guys living together with a… large pink
lady who is currently asleep. She is also, as the bugs tell Tingle,
a Fortune-Teller. Go talk to her. Wake her up! There's a bit of confusion about
who you are, and then she proceeds to use her awesome powers of fortune-telling
to tell... that you are from very very far away.
Well, that's certainly true, and in more than one way.
Answer "yes". She's going to tell you your fortune for free, if you'd like.
Accept! You then have a "vision" (more like tele-vision, amirite) showing your
future - holding hands with Princess Emera in the City!
Your pink prophet pronounces this preposterous, since getting together with the
Princess is every stud's highest and farthest goal here in this land.
"Top of the mountain", she claims. Pinky loses all her strength and has to sit
down, while Ladybug Yellow offers to make her some herbal tea to strengthen
her. But alas, there's no more left. Talk to Punchbuggy... I mean, Ladybug Red,
he'll inform you of what needs to be gathered for tasty tea:
Three flowers, one red, one blue, one yellow. The number of their petals
must sum up to 15. Mathematical!
Leave the house and enter the garden path to the north. There are some bushes
bearing colorful flowers and a scarecrow there. Try to pick any flower, and the
scarecrow will jump down from its pole and scare you! That thing must be new to
its job, Tingle's not a crow! It scolds you for picking flowers willy-nilly and
introduces itself as *Kakashi*. Because his head is made of straw, everybody
automatically assumes he's stupid, he says. A straw guy lacking brains - where
have I heard that before? Anyway, once Tingle tells him the flowers are for the
Fortune-Teller Kakashi agrees to let him pick some. Help yourself to some
flowers that match the conditions the red bug gave you, e.g.: _a red flower
with 5 leaves, a blue flower with 7 leaves, a yellow flower with 3 leaves_
Head back into the house and give the flowers to Ladybug Yellow one by one.
He'll tell you to get some water, too. Walk to the fountain and fill your jar
with _water_. Bring it back to Ladybug Yellow. He'll make the tea, and the
fortune teller will perk right up. You watch the continuation of your fortune.
What's that? In the vision, Tingle and three hard to identify companions walk
along a yellow road. Though it's hard to make out the material of the road,
would you like to hazard a guess?

## [F.9] Page 2 Chapter 3: A Small Companion
The fortune teller believes one of the companions seen in the vision to be
Kakashi, the straw-headed boy you met in the garden. Leave the house and walk
into the garden to find Kakashi gone and a giant crow sitting there. Tap the
pile of bricks on top of which the raven is sitting, and use the verb to
examine it. Afterwards, use the newly appeared verb to peek inside. Wah,
foiled by the giant bird. Guess we're gonna have to scare it away, huh? Tap the
scarecrow sans head and confirm that you want to climb in there. Tingle does
his best scarecrow impression, but that only makes the bird… throw a baseball
at him?! Well, let's go get it. Leave the garden. Pick up the _baseball_. Head
back into the garden. So this crow thinks it can do as it pleases, eh? Well,
right back atcha, dude! Throw the ball at the crow and try to stay focused
through a veil of sympathetic tears as hilarity ensues. That didn't go
as planned. The crow, however, is exhausted by Tingle's antics and leaves.
Kakashi comes out of his hiding place. Talk to him. Ladybug Red appears and
tells you to hurry up, everyone is waiting. Leave the garden, and Kakashi will
follow you. Talk to the Fortune Teller, and she'll ask of you to take Kakashi
with you on your journey to the City. Of course you agree. Kakashi is a little
confused about this proposition, but he agrees to come along for the prospect
of work on the City's fields. Well, people might not be too far off with their
Tingle and Kakashi are well-met on this day and do a little dance of joy. From
now on, you can "use" Kakashi from the item screen whenever you are interacting
with the environment.
You can give him one of two commands: 「たのむ」("request")
will send him crawling into small spaces, because that's his awesome power -
he's small. 「ワラ」("straw") will make him use a bit of his straw to poke
around in whatever target you have selected, which will prove very useful, too.
The Fortune Teller has a parting gift for Tingle: an ancient medal that… oops,
dropped it, and it rolled right into the bushes. Not a problem! Tap the bush in
question and then tap Kakashi's icon in the top right. Select the first command
to send him into the shrubbery. After a quick introduction into the hows, ifs
and huhs of crawling, he actually manages to retrieve the medal. In
consideration of his bravery, the Fortune Teller now awards the medal to
Kakashi who shall bear it upon his breast. She makes it clear that the medal is
a very important item, and shows Tingle the path he must take: the yellow brick
road leading ultimately to the City. The meeting ends, and everyone gets on
their way.

## [F.10] Page 3 Prologue
Tingle and Kakashi follow the yellow brick road and get better acquainted on
the way. They reach a gate in front of a huge cornfield.

## [F.11] Page 3 Chapter 1: The Yellow Brick Road
Open the gate and enter. There seems to be a very small person drowning in the
creek. This is the time for Kakashi to use his second power. Use Kakashi's
second command to make him extend a straw to the drowner. He's saved!
He introduces himself as the Wise Man of Hints. As in, he'll give you hints on
the game's puzzles when you're stuck. In the future, he'll appear in the same
spot as save pigs at certain times. When you tap the pig, you can choose to
talk to him, and he will give you hints on how to progress with the main plot.
Good to know.
Continue to the northeast. Here, the yellow brick road already ends - in the
middle of nowhere! It's still under construction. A bit to the left you'll find
a man and a woman in conversation. The woman diagnoses the man with a sprained
leg and asks him how he got it. He talks about… aliens! A silver ball has
descended from the sky and knocked over his tractor. Could this possibly have
something to do with Tingle's accident? So, the man's a farmer, and the woman
is Sensei (I'm not sure if she's a doctor or something else, since "sensei" may
refer to a variety of professions. At any rate, she's a learned individual who
helps other people free of charge.)
Sensei and Tingle meet by bumping into one another. When he picks up her bag
and hands it to her, LOVE strikes. Be sure to pick up on the subtle imagery
like pink clouds and heart-shaped pupils. She hurries away. The farmer
introduces himself as Peter, owner of the corn fields. The party asks about the
road, and Peter replies he can't do anything about it without his tractor and
the silver ball blocking the way. Agree to help him.

## [F.12] Page 3 Chapter 2: A Favor for Old Peter
Walk to the left and follow the path. Sure enough, there's a huge silver ball,
and it's knocked the tractor over. Examine it; Tingle will discover a button.
Confirm that you want him to press it. A hatch opens in the ball and reveals
some sort of cockpit. Tap the interior and choose the second verb,
「すわる」("sit down").
For a moment it looks like Tingle can control the vessel, but in the end it
rejects him and the "cruise computer" tells him that something called
"BRK-0001" is its rightful pilot. Leave to the east.
There are two more of those troublesome ravens pecking at something.
Kakashi tries to scare them away, and they leave, taking something with them.
Now you can see there's a silver person lying there. Tap the figure.
Notice that it has a panel in its back, containing a battery. Two batteries
seem to be missing; now you know what the crows took with them. Let's look for
them! Leave to the south. In this corn field, you can see some sort of giant
corn cob rooting around. Tap it, and it is revealed to be the Map Kid.
Buy the _map of the farm_ from him for 30 rupees. There's a chest there, but
it's locked for now. Leave to the northwest. Back at the UFO; go north. In the
curve, you'll see a glint between the rows of corn. Send Kakashi into the hole.
He retrieves the first _battery_. Walk to the right, and Peter will
talk to you. He invites you to have a look inside, so let's enter the house.
There's a funny doll-like thing on the floor. Next to it there's a _slingshot_,
take it. You can use the slingshot by tapping it twice in your inventory. Drag
the sling around to choose a target and let it go to shoot. If you'd like some
training, talk to the corn doll and select the fourth option. It will hold up
some targets for you to shoot at.
Now, let's put our new toy to use: Activate the slingshot and shoot at the keys
hanging from a nail in the top right portion of the screen. They fall down!
Take the _keys_. Leave the house.
By the way, you can now also interact with various things in the environment by
shooting them with your slingshot. For example, when you manage to hit the
scare eye balloons that are positioned all over the farm, they'll drop some
rupees. Leave to the southeast, cross the creek, and arrive once more at the
farm gate. Looky here! One of those mischievous crows is sitting in its nest on
top of a tree. You know what to do, right? Hit him with the slingshot! Kakashi
picks up the dropped _battery_.
Walk all the way back to the silver person, tap it and… What's this? Someone
has put ears of corn in the compartment instead of batteries!? Tap them and
take them out using the second verb, 「はずす」("remove").
Put in the batteries and close the lid (2nd verb).
The person, apparently some kind of robot lady, gets up and begins to project a
holographic image. Interesting concept.
Sadly, the message is garbled, and the party can't make much of it. The robot
continues its re-activation process and seems a bit confused. It asks about its
whereabouts, then leaves through the corn field after being scolded by Kakashi
for its rudeness. Pick up the _corn_, then walk around the cornfield, back to
the creek. The robot comes out of the cornfield and, after seeing the yellow
brick road, deduces that it is not in the City. It walks back into the field,
starting to sound a little creaky. *sigh*, alright, back to the UFO again.
Kakashi proposes the robot lady join the party, who are heading to the City
themselves. But she ignores the offer and tries to get into the UFO - and
freezes in place.

## [F.13] Page 3 Chapter 3: Mechanical Trouble
We can't leave here hanging like this, despite all the rudeness and
strangulations. Head to the very southwest of the map, where the chest is.
Open it with the key you got in the farm house. Once the lock is removed,
examine the chest (1st verb). You'll get a _pump_. But where might we find oil?
Walk to the farm house; to the right of the house there are some barrels.
Examine them. Contents unknown, huh? Go over to Peter and ask him about the
drums (4th dialog choice). He'll tell you that they contain oil for use in his
machines. Ask him about the oil (5th choice), and he'll offer you some, which
you accept gladly. Oh, but he's missing his pump. Which you brought! He walks
over to the barrels and opens one. He draws a nice bottle of oil for you… and
loses it because it's so slippery! Walk south all the way to the gate - Kakashi
is in the crow's grip! Whip out your slingshot and hit the beast three times to
free your buddy. Now let's get that oil bottle! Walk up to the oil barrels
together and tap the hole in the corn bin left of the barrels. Use Kakashi's
crawling ability, and he will retrieve the _oil_ for you. Back to the UFO
landing site, and use the oil bottle on the mechanical lady. She regains her
mobility and tries to leave in her vessel. Some issues occur, and the page ends
with a nice display of fireworks.

## [F.14] Page 4 Prologue
Peter the farmer gives everyone a lift on his tractor. Kakashi keeps talking at
the robot Lady, and she finally reveals her name: *Buriki*.
The ride ends where the yellow brick road continues: at the edge of a forest.
A really dark, scary forest. But, Kakashi reasons, since there are now three
people in the group, it's not so scary after all, right? Three people? Buriki
seems to disagree and leaves.

## [F.15] Page 4 Chapter 1: The Dark Forest
Follow the road into the forest. It's really dark and creepy, just look at
Tingle's visage. Walk along the road a little, and you'll see Buriki using her
robot scanning and kicking powers to analyze a large bell standing beside
the road. Then she leaves. Follow her, and watch her standing in front of a
suspension bridge crossing a gorge. She scans that, too. She explains that she
is analyzing the bridge. Kakashi is impressed and asks her to analyze something
else. She scans him and the results are that he's 1) not an enemy and 2) made
of straw. Nice!
Well, since there is a (yellow) bridge ahead of us leading in the right
direction, let's cross it, shall we? Tap it and confirm that you want to cross.
Ouch! Foiled by Buriki. She gives Tingle a heads-up, and on the far side of the
bridge we see a mysterious hooded figure cutting the bridge's tethers with a
sword, and there goes our path to the city. The stranger ocarinas for a horse
and away they ride into the night.
Like a true robot, Buriki is pretty unfazed by the perspirings and marches on
to the northeast. Follow her, around the bend, and you'll be in a stretch of
the woods where several trees are standing. Tap the leftmost tree to zoom in on
it. There's a pair of yellow eyes peering down at you. Tap the eyes, and
they're revealed to belong to a strange-looking squirrel. Shoot it with the
slingshot to make it lose its hoodie, and it's Map Boy in disguise! Tap him to
make him sell you the _map of the dark forst_ for 50 rupees. Then leave the
tree and march on to the east. You reach a pond. You catch a glimpse of her
moving south. Follow her down and east to the forest's entrance and talk to
her. Buriki analyzes the current situation and comes to the conclusion that she
is in deep trouble, what with her "pod" crashing and the only path to the City
having been destroyed. Kakashi tries to talk her into going along with the
party; back him up by saying "yes". He then asks if she's on her way to seek
something, and she confirms, without going into detail. Now Kakashi does the
friendship dance and asks Tingle to join. Tap Buriki - denied! Well, as long
as she's coming along…
Now we have a straw man seriously lacking in the brains department, and an
emotionally distant iron lady. This is shaping up nicely; I wonder who else we
might meet…
Buriki's commands are 「たのむ」("request"),
which will cause her to kick the target (seriously),
and 「ぶんせき」("analysis"), which will reveal useful information
about the target and sometimes trigger events in the process.
OK, let's head back into the forest and see what's there to see. Follow the
path until you pass the huge tree at the bend again, and into the woods.
*CRASH* Something makes a very loud noise somewhere else in the woods.
Very reassuring. Walk to the east and at the pond to the south, then left a
little to where the huge bell... used to be. It's gone!
And a new path has opened to the south. Follow it. Ah, there the bell is again,
this time blocking
another path. Head east, you'll reach a patch of very high grass. Look to the
south, there's a bit of grass there too. Touch it, and a secret passage opens.
Follow it to a rickety shack. Tap the shack to zoom in on its interior. A lot
of garbage is inside. Tap the brown-reddish upright stick standing up in the
left half. The roof will come down, and with it some more interesting stuff.
Take the _scary book_. Tap the bottle as well, its cork will shoot out.
Take the _cork_. Leave the shack, and leave the screen to the west.
Again to the west, back to the bell. Nothing we can do here, so let's make the
tour through the woods again. That means, go north, and then west, and follow
the path all the way until you slide down that bank once again.
*CRASH* You'll hear that noise again. Walk to the left, only to find the bell
blocking the whole path this time. Mmh, can't seem to budge it, so head to the
right a bit… Wait, did that thing just move? Go back to the bell and use the
"examine" verb. *Holy crap, there's a huge beast thing under there and I'm
coughing up my skeleton bone!!*
It's a really big lion guy who tries to rob the friends of their rupees, or
else crush them with his admittedly impressive strength. However, he seems
easily scared - he flinches from a bat flying past… Let's try something here.
Use the scary book on the lion. Wow, that's really scary. The creepy faces
Tingle makes enhance the effect greatly. The lion has turned a nice shade of
scaredycat blue, but he's still holding his ground. Read the book to him again,
and again. That finally does it! He runs away like the big… cat he is.

## [F.16] Page 4 Chapter 2: Hunt for a Coward
Follow him to the south. From there, go west, and you'll reach a spooky cabin
in the woods. Try the door - locked, what else. But there's a hole underneath
the porch; send Kakashi in there. Somehow he manages to reach the inside of the
cabin. Try the door again; your combined powers make Captain Pla… er, I mean,
your combined efforts open the door. Tap the door once more to enter.
Boy, is it ever spooky inside! And dark as well. Tap the curtain to make Tingle
pull it aside. Now tap the apron lying on the table. It has a pocket - tap the
pocket. Out comes _small key_, take it. We've seen a small lock around here,
haven't we? Leave the cabin and walk all the way to the east and then to the
south to reach the shack. Zoom in on the shack and use the small key on the
locked box. There's a _box of matches_ inside, take it with you. Walk all the
way back to the cabin, enter it, and use the matches on the candle to light it.
Ah, that's better! Nice deer head on the wall there. Another candle has come
into view, light that, too. Another deer head, another candle. Light the next
one. And a third deer h… wait a minute, those antlers look fishy, don't you
think? Let's try something here - pull out your slingshot and fire away at the
phony third deer head. It doesn't seem to like that and pulls away and out of
sight. For some reason, a bottle falls from the ceiling and rolls to the left.
Let's get that later. First, tap the cardboard box on the floor. Tap it again
in the zoomed view to open it, and take the _rope_ that's inside. Leave the box
and walk to the left. The bottle is lying there, it seems to contain some sort
of purple juice. Take a sip, if you'd like, it runs right through Tingle.
Either way, leave it there, it may be useful later. Let's look for that big
scared lion now.
Head east and you'll see him crying there. He runs away to the east as soon as
he notices you. Follow him. From the patch of grass go south, to the shack.
Mmh. I see...  This seems like the perfect opportunity to employ
Buriki's special powers.
Tell her to kick that hinder! She does, and very thoroughly. But it
seems this butt might need one more kick. Let Tingle do the honors, using the
second verb. Haha, take that, you cowardly lion… who is walking away from
behind the shack?! Well, seems like Tingle p.o.'d one mother of a squirrel, and
he's ready to pay him back.
Well, the lion's gone once more. Let's do the forest tour to find him again.
Walk all the way through the forest until you reach the pond. A totally
inconspicuous bamboo pipe is sticking out of the pond. *sigh*
Time to end the shenanigans! Plug the pipe with the cork you picked up earlier.
He he. Follow the lion as he flees to the south. This time, he has left a
convenient trail of water splotches. Follow the trail - it ends at the grass
patch. Curious, the grass is now rustling in three places, when before there
were only two. Use the slingshot to find the spot in which the lion is hiding.
He will then play a little game of find the lady, er, lion with you; keep track
of his movements and fire at him using your slingshot. After several successful
attempts, he starts to talk to you. Just kidding, he flees again! Follow him
north, then walk west and follow the path till you reach a place where there's
a fresh pile of leaves. Tap the tree behind the pile - the lion is clinging to
it; his shaking makes the tree lose its leaves. Leave the zoomed-in tree view
and use your matches on the pile of leaves. Hm, won't burn. Put a little oil on
the leaves, then try the matches again. That smoked him out.
Ha-haa, look at him run!

## [F.17] Page 4 Chapter 3: Scaredycat Strongman
Walk to where the yellow suspension bridge used to be. The lion is still
blinded by the smoke. He runs right over the edge and cries for help.
Once Tingle and friends arrive, tap the edge where he dropped. Good thing
you've got a rope. Lower it on the lion. A mini-game begins in which you'll
have to rapidly tap a button to make Tingle and Kakashi pull the lion up while
Buriki stands idly by. Before you can pull him all the way up, Buriki will
comment, "Heavy, huh", and down the lion drops again. Tap Buriki to make her
help you. Answer "yes" to her question (you need her help), and when she asks
you who here is the perfect union of style and function, pick the last dialog
option, Buriki. Together, you'll finally be able to make it. Buriki and Kakashi
talk to the lion whose name is, big surprise there, *Lion*. He says he is
incredibly cowardly, though very strong. Furthermore, he is headed toward the
City. Kakashi informs him that the party are going there, too. They come to the
conclusion that an audience with the King may remedy Lion's situation, and
decide to travel together from now on.
This means you'll be able to use Lion's two powers. His first command,
「たのむ」("request"), is a surprising ability to talk to any kind
of animal. The second one, 「かいりき」("superhuman strength"),
will make him exert his strength in order to lift, move, or otherwise
manipulate objects.
Now it's finally time to leave these cursed woods. How could Lion's strength
be of use in crossing the gorge? Remember the tall *yellow* tree at the path's
bend? Go there, and use Lion's second command on it. Confirm to the cowardly
Lion not once, but twice, that you want him to fell the tree. In an impressive
display of raw power, he does. The fallen tree will serve nicely as a bridge,
and Kakashi as well as Buriki cross immediately. Lion, however, seems to need
some persuasion. Oh well, just whip out the scary book again for him, and
he'll be on the other side like *that*.

## [F.18] Page 5 Prologue
With the terrifying forest now behind them, the party reach the open plains and
see what looks like a train station. Everybody is excited, except for Lion, who
is afraid of riding vehicles.

## [F.19] Page 5 Chapter 1: The Yellow Rails
First things first: What is that ostrich doing there in the distance? Tap it -
and it'll come over to Tingle. It's Map Boy!
Tap him to buy the _train station map_ from him for 50 rupees. Now tap the
train station in the far distance to walk there.
The party talk and discover that at this point the Yellow Brick Road becomes
the Yellow Rail. Everybody walks off to the east; follow them. There seems to
be some sort of blockage on the rails. The party come to the conclusion they'll
need a train to be able to continue their journey. So let's look for that next.
Walk back to where you came from, the front of the station. If you read the
sign, it tells you that this is "Emerald City Railroad Station". So that's
the name of the City. Follow the blue rails to the back of the station. There
is a girl in a blue uniform there taking pictures of the station. When the gang
arrive, Tingle runs into her, making her drop her hat. By the time he's
returning the hat to her, he is already in love. As you will see many more
times before this game is over, he is *very* quick to fall for all kinds of
girls. This one, however, gets quite a shock from seeing his heart-eyed visage.
She pronounces him a pervert and flees. No matter, we're still looking for a
train first of all. The garage's shutter door won't open easily, so have Lion
use his strength. He manages to pry it open a little, then freaks out and runs
away screaming. Kakashi investigates the gap and finds - a human hand! Tap the
door to have a look for yourself. There are indeed hands there, or rather,
gloves. Take the _rubber gloves_ with you. Leave the view and walk west in
search of Lion. Walk east along the yellow rails. There he is, in the far
distance. Too far for Tingle to reach (he's on the upper screen, out of touch,
ha-ha). Make Tingle climb the tower by tapping it and selecting the second
verb. Now we can reach him, but how to bring him back? Use Buriki's *request*
command to make her give Lion a few kicks and drag him   back to the gathering
point. Climb down the tower by tapping it and selecting the second verb.
Lion is here, but he still believes to have seen a dead man's hands. Show him
the rubber gloves to make him realize the truth. Now he's ready to open the
door. Walk back to the door and have Lion try again to open it with his
*strength*. Enter the garage.
There is a steam train in there. Perfect! Climb into the cab. Wow, this is one
high-tech steam train. Its computer voice announces that four passengers have
been detected, and asks you the switch the "master controller" in the
"on" position. Tap the yellowish hemispherical thing just right of the middle
of the screen to zoom in. It has a plaque identifying it as the master
controller. But if you try to turn the knob at the top, it won't budge.
There seems to be a lever missing, or something like that. Leave the view to
see the whole of the cab again. Next, tap the satchel to the right.
Take the _station key_ that's inside. Leave the cab, leave the garage and go
back in front of the station. Walk left, and you'll reach a yard with a closed
gate. Use the station key to open it and enter. You are now in some sort of
junkyard. Pan to the left and you'll notice an old cupboard. Open the right
drawer. Inside, there's a _lever_. Take it with you.
All right, head back into the garage and enter the cab. Tap the master
controller and apply the lever to the knob on top. There! Now pull the lever
from left to right to switch the thing on. The train seems to be firing up for
a second, but then it turns off again. A hatch opens in the middle of the
dashboard. Tap it to investigate.
Now there's a sight you don't see… ever!? Inside there is some kind of layered
contraption with lots of empty sockets. In the only socket that's not empty,
there's a small, funny-looking guy. He proclaims that a new driver has come
(he must mean Tingle), and the view pans to reveal lots more funny-looking guys
and probably gals. The lead guy tells everyone to take their positions, but the
others are very excited to be able to go out and play; they leave. The lead guy
tells you that in order for the train to function, every train part (the little
guys) must be in position. He begs you to go out and bring back the others. To
this end, he gives you a list of the parts. He himself is on it, too; his name
is Ganeyan.

## [F.20] Page 5 Chapter 2: Runaway Train Parts
Leave the cab. One of the parts is running away in front of your eyes, and it's
taking something with it - looks like a valve wheel. Well, the first part is
right there on the train, it's blue and sparks with electricity. Tap it and
choose the second verb to take it. Yeeouch! Electricity, huh? Try again, this
time using the rubber gloves. It works, and the part, Daisaku, admits defeat.
It walks back into the cab and is marked on your list as found. So it's all a
game of hide and seek to them, eh? Leave the garage. There's the red part with
the wheel again, you've just missed it. Tap the grate on the ground to examine
it. Use Kakashi's *straw* ability to angle around a little and retrieve another
part, Mizui. Continue on the path to the front of the station. There's the red
one, balancing on the wheel. Shoot it with the slingshot to make it go back to
work (its name is Pinko). Grab the _valve wheel_. Tap the station to zoom in.
Pan the view up. There's a silver part poking out now and again from different
hiding places. To get him down, you have to hit it with your slingshot three
times. Hint: There's always a little dust falling in the place where it'll
appear next. Once Gikkon has returned to duty, pan up again and shoot at the
battery dangling from the clock. Pan down to get the _battery_, then leave the
view. Walk to the south to reach the save pig. There's a part just standing
there on a rock. Tap the rock and then the part. It'll tell you that it's been
a rambling loner since its birth and (here I'm not so sure) asks you to be less
rude in exchange for its going back to work. Confirm, and it'll leave, but it
won't go back to work right away. Go back to the station and then to the
Oh, the phone is ringing. Pick it up. There's a voice talking to you, it seems
they are waiting for your response. Now this is funny, you have to talk into
your DS's microphone to solve this puzzle. Say anything, but talk loudly,
really, get roaring. Whistling worked for me, too. Once the other "party" has
heard you, the receiver pops open and you've got yourself another train part. 
Mochimochi gets right back to work.
Back to the junkyard. See the soda cans on top of the fence? Now and then, one
of them will glint in the sun. Try to hit the glinting can with the slingshot;
it will fall down and walk out of the junkyard. Next, tap the pile of junk in
the middle of the screen; it will fall apart and reveal a large pipe.
Send Kakashi in there; he'll tell you to come in and have a look yourself.
So choose the second verb to crawl into the pipe. Tap the rock to lift it up.
Lots of bugs scatter out from under it, but one of them doesn't look altogether
buggy. It's a train part! Catch Gasu to make him go back to work. Leave the
pipe and leave the junkyard. There is the can again, toppling over. Tap the can
to see a close-up, then tap its opening. A part is inside, asking you if you
have already found the part called "Gou". We haven't, so leave the can for now.
Follow the yellow rails to the blockage. [Use Lion's **strength** to remove the
blockage and uncover a molehill.] Climb the tower. This will scare the red bird
away and uncover a train part. It's the "wanderer" from before. Answer "yes" to
his question, and he'll leave yet again.
Walk back and enter the garage again. Use the battery on the lamp that's
sitting on a crate to the left. Take the _signal lamp_. Use the valve wheel on
the hole right at the tip of the steam train (the smokebox? I don't know
trains…) Use Lion's *strength* on the now affixed wheel to open the
smokebox (?). Have Kakashi climb in (*request*), and he'll find nothing inside.
... or so he thinks, but there's a train part caught in his straw hair.
It asks you if you have already found the part called "Retsu." Say "yes", and
it will leave the garage. Follow it to the can in front of the station.
Tap the can and tell the part inside that, "yes", you have found its
counter-part. Go to the tower, and find the two parts standing there.
Talk to them. They explain that they want to race each other, and that Tingle,
the conductor, must give the start signal and decide the winner. Accept the
terms and climb the tower. Tap the signal light to start the race. Now climb
down and walk back to the front of the station. Now you'll have to watch very
carefully! Tap the bumper, where the race will end, and you'll see a finishing
photo, but only for a split second. Based on what you saw in the photo,
decide which train part won the race when they ask you:
1. the orange part
2. the purple part
3. don't know
Don't sweat it if you don't get it right the first time. Just walk over to the
tower and start a new race until you get it right. Once you have it right, the
parts "Retsu" and "Gou" will join their companions. Now walk south to get to
the save pig. Tap the large tree to the left. Tap the hole in the tree and
behold a squirrel cuddling our wandering train part. Talk to him and answer
"yes" once more, and he'll wander off again. Go into the train garage, open the
locker to the right (second verb) and use the signal lantern on it. There's our
wanderer! Confirm his question and *again* he leaves! Go to the front of the
station and tap the station/bench. Tap the large picture with the cracked
glass, it'll slide down a little. Tap it again. The little wanderer is hiding
here. Talk to him to make him finally go back to work. His name, by the way,
is "Battan."
For the second-to-last part, head back into the garage and enter the train's
cab. To the left there is a hatch with a grill, tap it. It's held in place by
two screws. Use your screwdriver to remove them. Good thing you still have it!
You find a train part! Tell "Ochime" to get back to work.
Now, the last part is the hardest, as is often the case. Enter the junkyard.
Pan to the left of the junkyard. Open the left one of the two drawers. Inside
you find a train part and two... sexy bunny squirrel girls?
Tap the part to start a quiz show.

### [F.20.1] Zoom-Zoom Junkyard Quiz
The quizmaster will ask you several questions. If you want to find the answers
for yourself, you'll have to closely examine the surroundings of this page.
I'll also list the questions and answers here.

I'll provide the original questions and answers for those who are playing the
game in Japanese. In addition I put in an English translation of the questions
and the answers according to the English fan translation.

To make things a little harder, the questions are in random order, so you'll
have to match the Japanese text in the game with the questions provided in 
the following list. Refer to the guide's **text input** section if you need
help with typing the answers.
Note: a slash ("/") means a line break

**Acknowledgements:** I have taken some of the questions and answers from
this site: http://g-k-h.com/ds/tincle2/page05.php
The credit for this list goes to them.

- えきちょうの なまえを /
フルネーム おこたえ ください。
Question: Give the full name of the station master.
Answer: ハーシア・オーライ (Al Aboard)
- この ひきだしの もっとも /
ちかくに いる ことりは なにいろ?
Question: Which color is the bird closest to this place?
Answer: あお (blue)
- あおくて ビカビカする /
ふとった アイツの なまえは なに?
Question: What is the name of the blue, fat train part?
Answer: ダイサク (Burly)
- おじさんの いえに ある /
にんぎょうの なまえは なに?
Question: What is the name of the doll in the man's house?
Answer: コーンぼうや (Corn Boy)
- この えきの なまえは なにステーション ?
Question: What is the name of the train station?
Answer: さいはて (Faraway station)
- しゃこの やねに たっている<0>はたの いろは なにいろ ?
Question: What color is the flag?
Answer: きいろ (yellow)
- さて やぐらの たかさは<0>なんタカーサ でしょう ?
Question: What's the tower's height?
Answer: 14
- しゃこの あかい かんばんの<0>ひょうごは なんでしょう ?
Question: What is the slogan written on the red sign?
Answer: ノーモアうっかり (Pay attention!)
- ピンクいろの キャラクターとともに /
かかれた キャッチコピーは?
Question: What is the catchphrase that goes together with the pink character?
Answer: あさだ!くっとけ! (Let's eat!)

With that taken care of, enter the final round of the zoom-zoom quiz.

## [F.21] Page 5 Chapter 3: Final Zoom-Zoom
The question is:
Which are the nine digits and letters that make up the steam train's ID number?
The answer is: 751VL1096
You can find this out by reading the train's partially identifiable
"license plate", which gives you the "-VL1096", and the inside of the
grill-hatch in the cab, which yield "751". Thus, the actual number is
"751-VL1096", but for some reason the game will not accept the answer if it
contains the dash, so "751VL1096" it is.
You made it! "Chekeo" joins the workforce. Phew, all is in place. Back to the
garage, and into the cab. Tap the hatch in the middle to view the electronics.
The party have obtained all the necessary parts, but the still have to be put
into place. If you talk to each of the parts, it will tell you the specifics of
its positioning. And boy, are they picky! Here is a list of the parts and their

### [F.21.1] Train parts chart
Ganeyan      Ochime
Gasu         Gikkon
Battan       Mochimochi
Daisaku      Chekeo
Retsu        Gou
Pinko (girl) Mizui (girl)

### [F.21.2] Train parts placing requirements
- Gasu: at the edge of the white row, next to Pinko
- Battan: into the blue row
- Daisaku: at the right edge of the white row
- Ochime: directly above Pinko
- Gikkon: into the same column as Battan
- Mochimochi: into the yellow row
- Pinko: directly above Gou
- Chekeo: flanked left and right by girls! (how fitting)
- Retsu: at the right edge of the blue row
- Gou: into the same row as Retsu
- Mizui: directly below Mochimochi

These instructions allow for exactly one placement. If you'd like to find it on
your own, don't read the next paragraph, because it contains the puzzle's
**Spoiler begins here: Train parts placement solution**
The rows, from top to bottom, are:

- Pink row: Ganeyan (fixed, he's the leader)
- Yellow row: Ochime, Gikkon, Mochimochi
- White row: Gasu, Pinku, Chekeo, Mizui, Daisaku
- Blue row: Gou, Battan, Retsu
**End of spoiler**

Once every part is in place to your liking, tap the topmost part, Ganeyan.
If there is something wrong with the placement, he'll just tell you to have
another look. If everyone is in place, something awesome happens: The train
powers up and goes through an incredible transformation into the...
This is now your personal vehicle, and it's personalized as well - its looks
are quite Tingle-ish, I believe. Let's get in! The computer voice informs you
that the Chinliner cannot be safely started inside the garage. Get out of it,
and use Lion's *strength* to push the train out of there. Get in again and tap
the master controller. Pull the handle to the right. The train charges and the
party leave the train station at warp speed. Before the scene changes,
Horse Guy and Horse show up, and it becomes apparent that they have sabotaged
the train, causing it to leak liquid.

## [F.22] Page 6 Prologue
The train speeds along, and little Kakashi really enjoys himself. Buriki
detects a decrease in velocity, and a blue-faced Lion wakes Tingle to tell him
about it. Tap the left window to have a look outside and talk to Buriki. She
tells Tingle to check on the train parts to see what the trouble is. Go back
into the cab and tap the train parts hatch. Talk to Gasu (leftmost part in the
white row), and he'll tell you there's something wrong with the fuel supply.
Remember the horse with the wrench in its muzzle? The magic voice then speaks
up and tells you to switch off the master controller. Tap it and pull the
handle to the left. The train comes to a halt. The party get off the train,
and Gasu tells them they need to replenish the fuel supply. They are to look
for plant-based fuel.

## [F.23] Page 6 Chapter 1: Fill Her Up, Please!
Tingle and Kakashi head off on their own. Climb the platform and leave the
screen to the east. You reach a hill with a nice view on a beautiful village
filled with flowers. A girl is standing there, picking fruit. She drops one and
asks Tingle to hand it to her. Pick it up. Tingle holds it out for her aaaaand
*LOVE!* strikes again. Yep. This girl gets the pervert vibe from Tingle as well
and flees down the hill. Follow her.
Cross the flower fields and enter the village. The first thing you'll see is a
general store. The owner freaks out a little at the sight of Tingle and
disappears, leaving her child to take care of the store. The house seems to be
some sort of windmill; there is someone strapped to its blades. Try to tap him
as he goes by - it's the Map Kid. He'll sell you the _village map_
for 50 rupees.
We'll now make a tour of the ring-shaped village. You'll notice that there are
a lot of shops, all owned by women. Each one of them has an averse reaction to
Tingle, if you care to check it out. From the general store, head west to reach
another small plaza with a flower shop. From there, go north to the next stop,
a fruit shop. Go north-east to the next point of interest, the seed store. The
girl with the pink hair from before is the owner of this store. She pulls down
the shutters and locks herself in the store. That's the kind of effect Tingle
has on womenfolk. We'll remedy that very soon, though. Go south to arrive back
at the general store, but this time you find yourself on the other side of the
stack of barrels you may have noticed before. A funny man jumps out of a
shrubbery, he is looks like a middle-aged, balding cupid. Talk to him. His name
is *Loveya*, the Cupid of Love. This is a play on words: "ya" means "store" or
"vendor" in Japanese, meaning he is the "love dealer" as well as alluding to
the english meaning "love ya". I think.
Aaanyway, this guy will change Tingle's life. He explains that he has observed
Tingle's arrival in this village and that he doesn't seem to know his way
around women. Loveya wants to help Tingle with this problem and asks him for
his trust. Answer "yes"; I mean, has Tingle got anything to lose? He will now
hand you the _girl notebook_ with which Tingle can keep track of his
relationships with the various women he meets on his journey. Now Tingle is
ready for his training - his *love training* (just imagine I just said that in
a rich, deep voice, like velvet chocolate poured over a baby tiger… I lost my
train of thought.)
The perfect test subject is the little crying girl in the general store.
Loveya removes the barrels, so now you can move freely through the village in
every direction. Walk a little to the left to get to the general store. At the
same time, Lion and Buriki join you again; apparently, Lion is finally feeling
better. Loveya will now teach Tingle a technique called *Love Push*.

## [F.24] Page 6 Chapter 2: The Present Ploy
First off, Loveya hands Tingle a _gift assortment_ as well a _gift box_.
You see, in order to persuade girls in this game, Tingle will first have to win
their favor by giving them gifts. Not every girl will like every gift; it's
your job to find out each girl's personal tastes and present gifts accordingly.
If your gifts please the girl, her love meter will fill up; when it's full,
Tingle gains a heart from the girl. Each girl has one or more hearts that need
to be filled over time; some have hearts that are locked away at first and must
be unlocked with the help of unique gifts before the Pushing can begin.
Be warned: Giving a gift that the girl strongly dislikes can decrease
the love meter, so be careful what you pick.
Now to get the little girl to stop crying. Tap her - this will create an entry
in the girl notebook. Have a look at the data: one heart (grey), the love meter
(empty), and a photo of the girl (crying). Continue. When the usual
inventory/action menu appears, choose the orange button to the right of the
green verb buttons, 「プッシュ」("push"), to engage in the Love Push.
See section E.4 Love Push to learn more about that mechanic.
Once you are successful, the small girl will stop crying. She'll tell her
mother to come out. Tap her, and Tingle will create a new entry in his girl
notebook. This will happen for every girl he can push, and it's necessary to
push all of those girls at some point to advance the story.
An example: If you try to talk to the owner of the general store now, she
won't answer. Once Tingle has gained a heart from her, she will! So let's do
that, since we're looking for train fuel and need help. In order to push her,
you'll probably need some more gifts. Follow the village main street in either
direction until you reach the fruit shop. Follow the boardwalk next to the
fruit shop to the northwest, and walk along until you meet Loveya again.
He has set up shop here; you can buy from him using the third verb,
This is where money comes into play, since buying all the gifts for the girls
will prove to be very expensive very soon. In the village, you can get money by
having Buriki *kick* the palm trees and collecting the falling fruit. There's
also fishing, which I'll mention later.
Buy a variety of gifts and head back to the general store. Once you have won
the owner's heart, talk to her (second verb). Choose the first dialog option to
talk about train fuel. She says she doesn't sell bio fuel (remember, it has to
be plant-based fuel), but she phones the fruit vendor, who tells her about a
fruit called the "gas apple" that might be what we're looking for. The general
store owner then tells you to go see the fruit vendor. Walk over to the fruit
store. Sadly, everyone is still afraid of Tingle there. Win the fruit vendor's
heart. She assumes correctly that you are here to hear about the gas apple, but
she has a request first. Her customer, the cowering mushroom lady in front of
the store, has a problem she could need your help with. Alright, so win the
Mushroom Lady over as well by pushing her. She says there is something else she
wants besides presents. Talk to her and confirm that you are willing to hear
her request. She needs an "energy eel" for her husband.

## [F.25] Page 6 Chapter 3: Fish in Cold Water
Go fish! Ha ha, ok, let's do it together. Before you leave the fruit shop, tap
the banana stand and buy a _banana_. Now go to where the general store is.
To its right there is a short pier with an old man. That's a fishing guy if I
ever seen one. Talk to him. He seems to have lost his dentures. Let's help him,
shall we? Walk westwards to to flower shop and go up the stairs to the right.
You reach a plateau surrounded by trees. A monkey with suspiciously large,
golden teeth is sitting on one of the trees. That rascal got Fishing Geezer's
dentures! There's no way to get them back right away, so go down the stairs
again. Talk to the beetle-person in the window of the flower shop and choose
the bottom-most dialog option. Answer "yes" to the beetle's request. You have
just agreed to walk a vicious-looking red dog called *Edelweiss.*
Side note: "Edelweiss" is the German name of "Leontopodium alpinum", a mountain
flower. Good name for the dog of someone owning a flower shop, don't you think?
As long as he is walking Edelweiss, Tingle is on his own. If you tap trees or
poles around the village, Edelweiss will do his business, and the beetle
shopkeep will pay you accordingly once you return the dog. However, we have
something else in mind first. Tap the dog and confirm to take it with you.
With Edelweiss in tow, go up the stairs again. Use the banana on the monkey to
make him climb down from the palm tree. Tap the monkey and use the third verb
to sic Edelweiss on him. While monkey and dog are brawling, something comes
loose. Pick up the _dentures_. Go down the stairs and talk to the florist
beetle. Confirm that you are done walking Edelweiss. Walk back to the old
fisherman by the general store and hand him the dentures. Boy, is he happy!
He gives you a _fishing rod_ as a present and teaches you *fishing!*
(the "!" is integral to the spelling).

## [F.26] Page 6 Chapter 4: The Energetic Eel
If you like, you can talk to the fisherman to learn all sorts of stuff about
*fishing!*. For example, he tells you that if you're trying to catch the energy
eel, you'll have to wait till the wind has died down completely.
Also, Tingle will need some bait. For that, walk to where the fruit stand is
and go northwest onto the boardwalk. There's an older woman with pink hair
there; this is the mother of the pink-haired girl you spooked when you first
arrived in the village. She turns her back to you. A challenge! Woo her using
Tingle's Love Push. That's better! She tells you that there is work to be done
on the fields. Talk to her and choose the bottom topic, "field work". Confirm
that you'd like to do some work. This will start a mini-game strongly
reminiscent of SMB2, in which you can collect either money or bait, depending
on the player you choose. We are out for bait, so choose Kakashi for now.
The game works as follows: Try to navigate Kakashi to the spots where no plants
are currently showing, so that he can angle worms from the holes. Collect a
good handful; maybe do the entire game two or three times to be safe.
When you're done, answer "no" when the lady asks if you'd like to continue.
Walk over to the seed store (it's the place in the south-east of the map).
Begin fishing by walking on the planks, choosing the fishing rod from your
inventory and then tapping the spot of water in front of Tingle when the wind
has died down. You can judge the wind speed by looking at the pinwheel sticking
out of the water. Once it stops turning completely, it's time to fish! Choose
any bait and wait until the sinker goes under with a "blubb", then pull it up
by repeatedly swiping upwards. You should be able to get the energy eel fairly
easily; I did it on the first try when I was writing this guide. You can
recognize the eel by its blue color, yellow eyes, curvy shape and this text:
Once you have the eel, walk to the fruit stand and give it to the
Mushroom Lady. Another satisfied customer! She leaves to meet with her husband
and enjoy some eel.
Now the fruit vendor is ready to spill the info about the gas apple.
Apparently, it used to be a common fruit in this village long ago, but hasn't
been around for some time. The fruit vendor thinks that maybe, Iona, the seed
vendor, may know more about the apple, and calls her on the phone. Iona reacts
strangely and hangs up in the middle of the conversation. Might this have
anything to do with her and Tingle's encounter earlier? The fruit vendor offers
to come along over to Iona's. But first - since it's noon, everyone's hungry.

## [F.27] Page 7 Prologue
Apparently, lunch is over in the flip of a page! Everyone is full and ready to
visit Iona in her seed store. The fruit vendor leads the way.

## [F.28] Page 7 Chapter 1: Miss Village
Walk over to the seed store. The fruit vendor is standing in front of it and
knocking at the shutters. With success! Iona seems a bit paranoid, looking out
of a tiny slit there… She knows about the gas apple, but refuses to talk to
unenlightened individuals such as Tingle and his friends. Luckily, the fruit
vendor vouches for them. Even so, Iona, a beautiful girl, won't be won over
easily. A-ha! Get pushing and win that heart of hers. The first one, that is.
The other two will follow later. Having been properly be-gifted, Iona thaws up
to the party and apologizes for her harsh reaction earlier. When asked about
the gas apple, she explain that it no longer exists in this village, just like
the fruit vendor said earlier. However, she has a plan to get her hands on the
apple soon, with the help of Team Tingle.

## [F.29] Page 7 Chapter 2: Three Conditions
Once your conversation with Iona ends, talk to her again to learn about the
three conditions that must be met if you want to grow the apple:
1. *Soil:* You need to secure some especially fertile ground to grow the apple
tree in. This means the field in the centre of the village, up the stairs,
where you fought the monkey. Iona gives you a _letter of introduction_ to
present to the field's owner. Answer "yes" to her question to get it.
2. *Fertilizer:* You'll need fertilizer to make the tree grow quickly.
That is, you need the dust from the wings of the Perfect Butterfly
(ゼッコーチョウ, seems to be a bit of wordplay).
3. *Gas apple seeds:* Arguably most important, you'll need the seeds of the
gas apple.

All Iona knows is that the seeds are currently not to be found in the village;
she is researching their location, so Tingle should focus on the first two
ingredients in the meantime: soil and fertilizer. Let's leave.
A stocky blonde fellow with blond hair has appeared beside the seed store.
He proclaims that he is going to take Iona to the Dance Party. He asks if you
have the same intention - answer "yes" (why the heck not?). He finds that
amusing. His name is Nimimam Nimistop (a pun on "Minimum Ministop"?). He's got
it all planned out; he'll get the girl and he won't lose to Tingle.
All right… I guess?
Let's get the soil first. Walk to where the flower shop is. At the foot of the
stairs, notice the strange contraption hanging down from the trees on a rope?
Examine it (first verb). Afterwards, pull on the string (second verb). It seems
to be some sort of telephone: A voice demands you show some ID. Use Iona's
letter of introduction on the box. After verifying the letter, the Magic Voice
demands you answer a question, as well: What is the name of the monkey that's
being kept by Iona's place? Answer: マサル
Ascend the stairs. The voice belongs to a purple-clad lady. The mere fact that
she agrees to see you doesn't mean she'll do business with you, so Tingle must
win her heart first. Wow, she grows a… flower for Tingle? She then asks him if
it's ok if she calls him "darling"; agree to that, I guess. She then awards
Tingle with a _field ticket_ which enables him to use her fields to grow stuff.
One condition fulfilled already - that was easy!
On to the next item, fertilizer. Stroll on over to Iona's seed store. Tap the
monkey, and the little girl will ask you to collect "Pokonuts" with the
monkey's help. Agree, and you'll receive Masaru the monkey in exchange for
Kakashi (don't worry, it's only temporarily). With the monkey in tow, walk out
of the village, to where you first met Iona. There is a large palm tree there,
with a straw hat up on its leaves. Tap the tree and then the new monkey icon to
make the monkey climb up the tree. He will throw down a _Pokonut_ and retrieve
the _straw hat_ as well. Walk back to the seed store and talk to the (uuuugly)
little girl to exchange the monkey for Kakashi again. She'll pay you a few
rupees for the Pokonut. Walk to where the fruit shop is; in the lower right
part of this screen there is a crying man with a butterfly net. Give him the
hat. It's his straw hat! With it, he regains the power to catch butterflies -
how convenient. Walk over to the flower shop. Butterfly Guy is standing to the
left of the shop, ogling a giant fire red butterfly - this must be the
Perfect Butterfly. Talk to him; he proposes that Tingle help him catch the
beast. Agree to that. Now you'll have to tap Butterfly Guy the exact moment
when Butterfly Guy gives you the sign. Tingle will give him a boost so he can
catch the animal. If you make a mistake, the butterfly will fly away; don't
worry, just leave the screen and enter again, there the butterfly is again.
Once you've made it, you'll get the Perfect Butterfly, and Butterfly Guy will
leave for more exciting adventures! Great, now Tingle has gotten everything he
was told to get. Walk back to the seed store. Give the field ticket and the
Perfect Butterfly to Iona. She is thrilled with Tingle's progress and now
tells him what she has learned in the meantime. She has found out where Tingle
can get his hands on the gas apple's seeds! She asks the party to meet her at
the gate north of the village, where Loveya has his shop. Go there right now!
Talk to her. She opens the gate and walks through. Follow her to reach a pier
at the edge of a swamp. Talk to her again. She shows you the book that contains
the information about the gas apple. Tap the individual parts of the pages
she's showing you to gain information about the apple seeds (there are the
three "tappable" parts). Leave the book - Iona will ask you if you are done
reading; confirm this. She explains that you must travel across the swamp to
some ancient ruins; the monkey Masaru will act as your guide. In the meantime,
Iona will prepare for the planting and raising of the apple seeds.

## [F.30] Page 7 Chapter 3: Twinkle Twinkle Go-Go
Tap the boat and confirm that you want to cross the swamp. Soon you reach an
island. Go north. You reach the gate to the ruins. Tap the gate to open it and
Pitch-black darkness. Suddenly, lights go on and reveal… some sort of nerd
cave? Amid game-related figurines and posters and memorabilia there are two
weird-looking guys. These are Dan and John, the keepers of the Dungeon
(get it?). The dungeon is a dangerous place that provides a challenge for real
men! When the party asks about the apple seeds, John (the blond guy to
the left) mentions he might have seen something like that during the
construction of the dungeon, so the party decides that Tingle will face the
dungeon's peril's to get the seeds - on his own. After the scaredy cats have
left, tap the bell on the counter to talk to Dan. He explains the rules:
Once you have entered the dungeon, collect coins to make money. Also there are
time power ups that increase the ever-running-down timer. If you meet and
enemy, you'll have to play a quick game of rock-paper-scissors against him; if
you win, you'll gain a little time, if you lose, you lose a lot of time. The
dungeon has multiple levels; once you have found the exit of the deepest level,
the dungeon is cleared and you may keep the coins and stuff you gathered.
The most important thing: Find the apple seeds that are hidden in the dungeon.
First, however, you'll go through the beginner's dungeon as a warm-up exercise.
Tap the cartridge to select the dungeon - later on, you'll have the opportunity
to try out many different dungeon types. This will become the quickest way to
make lots of money for Tingle.
Beginner's dungeon: Just walk through it - this time, there are no enemies.
Dungeons are presented  in a 3D-view like the classic dungeon crawlers of old.
Tap the upper middle portion of the screen to move forward, tap the left side
to turn left, right side to turn right. Exits are always located in the very
northeast of the map; try to make your way through the maze to reach the exit
of the third level. You'll be pulled up and given some rupees for each coin
you collected.
Now the real fun begins. Ring the bell to get Dan's attention and use the first
verb, 「ダンジョン」("dungeon").
From now on, playing a dungeon will cost you rupees, but don't worry, it's
only 30 rupees for now, and usually you'll get much more than that back as a
reward. Choose the newly presented dungeon,
「とんでもラビリンス」("laughable labyrinth", the red cartridge).
Confirm that you will pay 30 rupees for the game. This dungeon is a little
bigger than the first one, and there are some enemies. Keep an eye on the map
and try to get to the little golden star-icon-thingies. Usually they indicate
coins and timers, but somewhere in this dungeon the apple seeds are hidden,
and they also have this icon. I've found the seeds on the second level in each
playthrough, so I suspect they're always in that level. Once you have the
_gas apple seeds_, you'll still have to leave the dungeon alive (i.e. with time
to spare).
Once Tingle has managed to clear the dungeon and get the seeds, the party will
appear and congratulate him. Dan informs you that it's already late in the day
and that the village gates will be closing soon. The friends hurry back to the
village. Now let's meet Iona and finally grow ourselves some apples!
Walk to where the flower shop is. Iona talks angrily to the rental lady, who
has stepped back from her promise to rent her the field, it seems. Iona wants
Tingle to show the seeds to the rental lady, so do that. It seems that someone
else has already rented the fields. Nimistop! He's used the field to grow
flowers for Iona, the fiend! He presents the "spiral flowers" to Iona to make
her go to the Dance Party with him. *SMACK!* That didn't work, he he.
Go southeast to the pier next to the general store. There's Iona, looking onto
the water. Talk to her. For some reason she keeps talking about the lady who
owns the flower shop. Go to the flower shop and talk to Ladybug Green. Choose
the second topic, then the fourth one. It seems that the flower shop lady is
looking for the spiral flower herself. Walk up the stairs to the fields.
Tap the flowers. Nimistop allows Tingle to take a _spiral flower_ after hearing
his story. Go back down to the flower shop and present the flower to
Ladybug Green. He is thrilled that you found it and calls the owner on the
phone. A few seconds later she flies in by balloon. Say, she bears a great
similarity to the Fortune Teller, doesn't she? Talk to her. She is looking
forward to getting some gifts from Tingle, so indulge her and win her heart.
She seems easily pleased... Once that's done, she asks Tingle if she can
have the spiral flower. Give it to her. She announces that she has something
important to tell you. She wants you to deliver the flower
to the Fortune Teller.
Lion protests since the party is on a quest of their own and has already
traveled far. Not to worry, the Flower Seller says, she'll give Tingle some
amazing item that will make it possible for him to deliver the flower.
She proceeds to stick a _magic balloon_ on Tingle's back. (Long-time fans of
the big-nosed, green-tights-wearing fairy lover know that the balloon is
usually his preferred mode of travel.) With this, he can deliver the flower to
the Fortune Teller, who is the sister of the Flower Seller.
Whoa, what's happening? Tingle somehow leaves his body, flies away into the
air, and passes through the already visited pages of the story book. We arrive
back at the Fortune Teller's pink house. There's more - although Tingle's
journey so far must have taken many days, he arrives at the moment he left this
place, with the Fortune Teller having her hinder stuck in the door.
*Page 2, the World Hereafter:* Open the door and enter the Fortune Teller's
house. The pink lady asks Tingle if he's forgotten anything - to her it seems
like he's only gone a minute. Try to give her the flower - now she also wants
presents! Once you start, it never stops… OK, give her some and win her heart.
If you don't happen to have any presents with you, talk to the red ladybug:
He will give you a present that you can then give to the Fortune Teller.
Afterwards, try to give her the flower again. She accepts it and is overjoyed
and intrigued. She asks if you came here by balloon; answer "yes". She explains
the rules of traveling by balloon.
The magic ballon changes the gameplay quite a bit. From now on, Tingle can
visit any of the already completed pages at any time. You'll see that they are
all a bit different from what you remember, new people, new items, new stuff to
do. You can also travel back to the most recent page. Be aware of two things:
Tingle doesn't carry all the items of one page over to the others; some items
are for use on one specific page only. But that's ok really, since a slimmer
inventory makes it easier to solve puzzles. You'll have everything you need to
solve them, guaranteed. The other thing to keep in mind is that if you leave
the most recent (i.e. unfinished) page, your progress on that page will be
reset to certain check-points once you return. Think twice before whipping out
the old rubber.
Once the Fortune Teller is done, she'll ask you if you'd like to hear the
explanation again, so answer "no". She wishes you a nice "balloon trip" (a-ha!)
and you're even awarded with a sticker.
As for your field-rental related trouble, she proposes you make a balloon trip
back there and arrive a little earlier this time (I don't really get how that
works, but that's time travel for ya, eh?). So, use the balloon from you
inventory (you have to confirm) and flip the pages to the most recent one.
Tap it and confirm to go there. *DO NOT BE ALARMED* by the guitar-wielding,
star bursting Hints Guy who comes floating along on his cloud to tell you how
selecting a page works.
You will now witness a scene you have already experienced - you have arrived at
the point in time when you departed to the dungeon. Ah, so that's how it works:
It's earlier in the day again, but somehow, Tingle still has the items gathered
since then, including the seeds. Alright! After Tingle has dropped back into
his body again, head straight for the rental fields. Lion will be a bit
confused, since the party planned to go to the island, but he'll come along.
Walk up the stairs, and Iona follows. Tingle shows the seeds to everyone. That
does it - you have snatched the rental away from Nimistop. Iona uses the
Perfect Butterfly's wing dust to fertilize the ground. Now put the seeds in the
Fast forward to the late evening. While everyone is chatting, a delicate little
shoots springs up from the ground! It's a little surprising how fast that went,
but Iona credits the speed of the growth to the fertilizer.

## [F.31] Page 8 Prologue
Tingle's peaceful snoring is interrupted by Lion, who asks him to come
right away!

## [F.32] Page 8 Chapter 1: Fruit of Your Labor!?
Start walking into the village. The others are standing on the hill.
Lion directs your attention to a red something that has appeared on the fields
you rented. Could it be…? Walk on up to the fields. There really is already a
fully grown gas apple tree there! Tap the top part of the tree, where the
fruits are attached. Use the first verb to examine them. Then, use the second
verb to try and pluck an apple. Holy crap, the tree is actually a huge monster,
and it kicks you right out of there.

## [F.33] Page 8 Chapter 2: Enter the Gas Apple!
We need those apples! (Remember why? To make fuel for the Chinliner, of course.
Remember, three chapters ago? Man, we've been in this village a long time,
haven't we?)
Before he can meet the challenge of the demonic tree, Tingle must gather his
scattered companions. Walk to the fruit shop. Lion is lying on the ground,
paralyzed with fear. Maybe a splash of water will wake him up? Go to the pier
and use your jar on the water to get a _jar of water_. Use your jar of water on
Lion to wake him up. Answer "yes" when he asks you if he has really just been
punched by a walking tree. Next, walk to the pier beside the general store.
Kakashi is floating in the water; get him out with your fishing rod. Finally,
walk to the flower shop. Buriki is sticking head first in the ground;
use Lion's *strength* to pull her out. Everyone's back together again, now
let's take on that plant. Walk up the stairs…

### [F.33.1] Boss fight: Evil Walking Plant ・ Gas Apple Tree
Look at you, your first boss fight! I remember it like it was yesterday when
you were still a 35-year-old bachelor living in filth with only your small dog
to keep you company…
But I digress. First off, don't be afraid of boss fights, you can't really die.
If you are defeated, the guys will just tumble down the stairs, and you can try
The Gas Apple Tree will try to push the team to the left, down the stairs.
If that happens, you lose. So we first have to make some room. Tap the Tree and
use Lion's *strength* on it. This will start a sequence in which you'll have to
tap a big button labelled "Touch!" as quickly as you can until the small Lion
icon on the meter is all the way to the right. This will topple the Tree,
exposing its soft, vulnerable underbelly. Some sort of hole opens up; *request*
Kakashi to crawl in there (best not to think to deeply about this). He crawls
up into the Tree's head and weighs it down a bit. Now is the time to take out
the slingshot and shoot one of the three exposed eyes on the Tree's head.
Now the Tree is really pissed off! It spits out a bomb-like seed (?) towards
the party. You can use Buriki's *request* to kick the seed in the direction of
the Tree, but if you do so right away, it'll just kick it back and hurt you
anyway. To avoid this, first tap the seed and examine it. This takes some time,
the seed will swell up and pulsate more quickly.
*Now* you use Buriki's *request* and kick the seed towards the Tree. It will
explode on impact, damaging the Tree.
From here on, the procedure repeats:
1. Push the Tree back using Lion's *strength* to topple it over
2. *Request* that Kakashi crawl into the hole
3. Shoot on of the remaining eyes with your slingshot
4. Examine the bomb seed in front of you
5. *Request* Buriki to kick the seed towards the Tree
There are some variations:
- Sometimes, instead of the bomb seed, the Tree will spit out a string of
firecracker-like peppers that will make a lot of noise, scaring Lion. If the
Tree attacks with Lion still cowering in the corner, you're defenseless.
So immediately *request* Buriki to kick Lion's butt to make him fall back in
- At one point, instead of one hole, three may open. I have no idea if it's
possible to tell which one is the right one, so in the worst case you'll have
to try them one by one.
- Generally, each time you take an eye out, the "Touch!" and slingshot
sequences will become harder. Don't panic, just maintain a steady hand and try
again, if need be.

Once you have hit the third eye with the slingshot, the Tree will die and spew
forth its precious load of apples. Everybody rejoices in dance, except for
Buriki, who is much to cool for that.
Iona is grateful for everything Tingle has done to help the village.

## [F.34] Page 8 Chapter 3: The Village Heroes
Walk into the village. Lion is standing in front of the general store; talk to
him. The gas apples have been made into fuel. Lion picks up a barrel. Walk to
the seed store. Kakashi says goodbye to the exceptionally horrific looking girl
and leaves for the train station. You'll find Buriki at the fruit shop,
explaining her inner workings to the fruit vendor and the Mushroom Lady. Once
she's done talking, she, too, will leave for the station. Now walk to the
station yourself.
Everyone is waiting, preparations for the Chinliner's departure are almost
complete. Talk to Lion, he is done filling the tank. The train parts are
satisfied that everything is in order and get back on their positions.
Iona once again expresses her gratitude to everyone. Climb aboard the
Chinliner. Crank up the master controller to the max, and prepare for
departure. Iona says goodbye to Tingle and asks him to visit again, if he's
around. The train departs, onward to adventure!

## [F.35] Page 9 Prologue
The Chinliner's departure is being watched. Who holds the binoculars?
None other than Horse Guy. He makes a call on his cell phone (does Link know
things like that exist? That would make his journeys a heck of a lot easier…)
and we learn that his name is Segare (セガーレ). Apparently, he is
talking to his mom, informing her of Tingle's progress. Whoa, he even wears a
crown, those things cost up to a million bells in Animal Crossing. Fancy boy,
eh? He seems determined not to let Tingle interfere with his chances to ask the
Princess out for the Dance Party. He spurs his horse, Umare (ウマーレ), …
Whoops, how embarrassing.

## [F.36] Page 9 Chapter 1: The Third Trap
The Chinliner speeds along the yellow railroad track. Inside, Kakashi shows of
his medal once again to pass the time. Lion can't hear it anymore, he knows the
story of the important medal. Kakashi reveals that he is four years old.
Meanwhile, Buriki is on her lookout post. Suddenly, she detects a human and a
large animal up ahead. Uh-oh… Horse Guy and Horse (I'll just keep using those
monikers even though we know their real names, since they're just so much more
insulting) are setting a trap for the train: some sort of big wooden ramp on
the tracks. Buriki sounds the alarm, but too late. The train derails! But it
safely lands on a new set of tracks. Phew. But the tracks end soon in a pile of
junk! Buriki calculates that it's only 30 seconds till impact. A scary timer
appears, and you have to **think fast**! Well, what can you do, except
switching off the master controller. The train stops just in time, only Buriki
is hurled through the air and lands head first in the junk heap. I'm beginning
to suspect that's kind of her thing. To get her out, use Lion's *strength*.
Oops, way to lose your head, ha ha. Tap the spot on the junk heap where Buriki
was stuck and choose the second verb to pull out _Buriki's head_. Use it on her
body to put her back together. Buriki has another one of her holographic
seizures, but she manages to pull herself back together. Using her astounding
analytic prowess, she correctly states that the railroad tracks here aren't
yellow, which means that the party is literally on the wrong track. They need
to get back on the yellow railroad track as quickly as possible. But where are
they now…

## [F.37] Page 9 Chapter 2: The Lost Tracks
Walk down the stairs to the right. There is some sort of lever here. Tap it and
use the first verb to examine it. It's a lever! Use the second verb to try and
pull it. This will turn the disc on which the Chinliner is standing, making it
face the other way. Which is good, because that's the way to leave the platform
you're currently on. Go up the stairs again and tap the Chinliner. Confirm that
you want to board it.
In this chapter, you will spend a lot of time moving the Chinliner from
platform to platform, using switch points to change the path of the railroad
tracks. If you tap the yellow arrow, you move the Chinliner forward to the next
stop. If you tap the green triangle you leave the train and continue on foot.
So, tap the arrow to move forward to the platform labeled "2". The platforms'
numbers indicate which switch point they will activate. It's important to
understand that there may be more than one platform controlling the same
switch. Get off the train. Tap the chest to collect 100 rupees. Try out the
switch to see its effect on the tracks. Neat, huh? Switch it so that the tracks
make a right turn. Go back on the Chinliner and go forward. You reach "0". From
there, you can see the yellow railroad track. Lion is convinced we are as good
as back on track. Just use the switch point here, he says. But - the lever is
behind a locked door. Read the warning sign; it says that this lever is behind
a lock because it is very important: It is the connection to the yellow track
that leads to the City. To use it, you will need the #0-key from the
construction office. The office, as you see, is just to the northwest of the #0
platform. Get in the Chinliner and ride on to #3. Use the switch. 
Ride on to #5. Get off the train. If you wait here for a few moments, you'll 
notice a strange, boy-like shape riding along the tracks to the northwest with
the word "Touch!"
OK - touch him. He's the Map Kid, and he'll sell you the map for 50
rupees. This may be the most important map in the game, since it shows all
platforms and switches as they are at any given moment. The map is so good,
this guide is pretty much pointless.
Aaanyway, switch #5. Get back on the train and go forward. Switch #6.
Go forward. Check the box here, it contains _someone's reminder_. Go forward,
and you're back at the switch for #6. Switch #6. Go forward. Switch #7. Go
forward. Switch #5. Go forward. Now you have reached the construction office.
Lion is a little spooked here. Still, enter (you have to confirm this). Inside,
a wild spider appears! Lion is scared out of his mane and leaves the office for
good. If you look around the office, you can find memos, schedules, and
pictures of the construction crew who are apparently building a tunnel from
here to the harbor at the end of the yellow railroad track. Try to open the
middle locker; Tingle isn't strong enough. *Request* Buriki to kick the door of
the locker. There's an old notebook inside. Tap and confirm to read it; read
the third option. A scrap of paper falls out of the book; pick up the _memo_.
It has the combination of the fuse box thingy in the right upper corner of the
office on it. Tap the box to zoom in, tap the lock and enter
the combination: 5595. Inside is a power switch; throw it to activate the power
on the platform. Go outside. The switching lever, previously without function,
is now active. If you try to pull it just like that, however, Tingle is in for
a refreshing electric shock! So use the rubber gloves on the lever
to switch #4.

## [F.38] Page 9 Chapter 3: The Forgotten Project
Board the Chinliner and go forward. This will take you to a new part of the
area, on a separate map. The Chinliner stops at the entrance of the tunnel
under construction. Enter the tunnel.
While the gang are surveying their surroundings, a pale face appears in the
shadows and watches them. As the notice the newcomer, he greets them and
beckons them onward. He seems to believe they are "aid" sent by the
"management". Go north, deeper inside the tunnel. There's a figure slumped over
a lever. It's a corpse! Tap it and talk to it - wazza? The
heap of bones pulls itself together and starts to talk. Since you are the
management-appointed aid, the bony man invites you to walk along and talk to
the foreman. Go all the way north and talk to the big guy at the end of the
tunnel, he is the foreman. He realizes you are not the aid they're waiting for,
but rather some travelers trying to get back on the main line. For that #0 must
be switched, he says. He even has the key Tingle needs for this, but he'll only
release it if Tingle does something for him. Choose option three to ask what
errand he has for Tingle. It's a delicate issue - he wants Tingle to collect
the dynamite that is scattered around the area. He needs it to complete the
tunnel - with a bang! He needs at least 50 sticks. Confirm that you'll help
with that. The foreman says he'll let you use the lever to switch #C (in this
area, the switch points are labelled with letters rather than numbers). He also
explains that you will need a freight car to carry rocks with your Chinliner,
and that the operator will tell you the details. So, talk to the operator, the
green-haired woman standing close by.
It seems that operator Zonmi has a pretty violent averse reaction to seeing
Tingle's face. Push her and win her heart to soften her up. I'd like to
reiterate two related topics here.

**Buying presents:** It's likely that at this point you may not have the right
gifts to charm the operator. If that is ever the case, you can use the magic
balloon to make a trip to anywhere Loveya has set up shop and buy fresh
supplies. For example, you could go back to page 8 now and buy presents from
him in the village. When you are done and return to the current page, you'll
continue from a checkpoint. The time and location of this checkpoint depends on
your progress on the page. So don't be alarmed if you see a cut scene for a
second time and have to go through a lot of dialogue again. Just repeat any
"lost" progress and you'll soon be back on track.
**Making money to buy presents with:** You can always make a little on the side
by tapping bushes and the like while walking through the game, or by shaking
trees to collect the fruit, or by fishing. But the single most effective way to
line your pockets with sweet sweet moolah is doing dungeons. If you return to
page 7, there's suddenly one of those pink, red-lipped butt-monsters standing
by the train platform. Tap it and confirm to be brought to the dungeon ruins
via a convenient shortcut. Go dungeoneering as much as you like and simply fly
back by balloon. A mere fifteen minutes with Dan and John will net you
thousands of rupees.

Back to our business in the tunnel with operator Zonmi, whom I assume you have
just charmed the helmet off of. Talk to her. She tells you that she can arrange
for you to get a freight car, but you need to go to switch point H for this.
Leave her and walk downwards. Switch the C switch in the tunnel. Leave the
tunnel entirely (you will be asked if you're sure, confirm this). Board the
Chinliner and go forward. You are now at the H point. Use the phone booth on
the platform (confirmation necessary) and choose the first dialog option
(confirm). The operator sends a freight car your way that automatically docks
with the Chinliner. You don't need to explore the rest of the dialog options;
the operator will basically tell you that it is forbidden to use the H switch
at this point.
Let's go on another wild train ride. This time I'll put the info in the form of
a list for easier reference.
- from where you are now (H), drive on with your train
- at B, switch B, drive on
- at A, drive on
- at D, take 17 sticks of dynamite, take a rock using Lion's *strength*.
Drop the rock into the hole, switching D. You'll need to do this more often
later, so pick up another rock and board the Chinliner - Lion will put the rock
on the freight car. Drive on.
- back at D again, facing the other way. Go on.
- at E, drive on
- at F, take 100 rupees, switch F, drive on
- at G, take 10 sticks of dynamite, drive on
- at a rock pile, take a rock, drive on
- at G, switch G, drive on
- at a rock pile, take 13 sticks of dynamite, take rock, drive on
- at D again, drive on
- at E, switch E, drive on
- at a rock pile, take a rock, drive on
- at G, drive on
- at a rock pile, drive on
- at D, drive on
- at a platform empty except for 2 sticks of dynamite (pick them up), drive on
- at another E switch, take 8 sticks of dynamite. Now you have 50 sticks of
dynamite! Drive on.
- You're back at the tunnel. Leave the Chinliner and enter the tunnel.

Walk all the way through the end of the tunnel and put the dynamite in the box.
The construction crew now prepare for the detonation. The foreman asks if
you'll do the honors; answer "yes". Tap the plunger box thingy and confirm -
it's go time!
As the wall breaks down entirely, sunlight streams into the tunnel and the
construction crew vanish, turned to dust. They were ghost all along, you see…
(you may have guessed so already)
Walk north, out of the freshly blown hole. An old man is standing outside.
He thinks you are ghosts and cowers in fear. Talk to him; he will realize he
was mistaken. Choose the first dialog option, and he will tell you that there
are indeed ghost in the tunnels, he saw them with his own eyes. Ever since the
construction crew vanished, something has been lurking in those passages…
He does a really good job of telling a scary story. Choose the second option to
ask who he is. He is Jijee, the mountain keeper (I think; like a house keeper,
only for mountains?). Choose the third option to ask where we are. We are
standing on top of the mountain "Kachinko", he says. At the mountain's foot,
there is the "Big Channel" and the harbor. Finally, choose the fourth dialog
option to ask about the ghosts' true identities. Maybe the construction crew…?
Something catches gramps' attention, and he walks inside. Follow him. He is
watching something glittering on the ground. Tap the shining spot. Confirm to
pick up the _#0 key_. With this, Tingle and friends can finally get back on the
main track. At this point, Lion awakes from his fear-induced paralysis. He is a
little confused, he says, and he wonders if the construction crew have left the
mountain safely. Let's say "yes" here to make him feel better.
Leave the tunnel. The friends get on the Chinliner and ride it back into the
first half of the map by themselves. Get off at #0. Tap the switch and use 
the #0 key on the lock. Pull the lever. Get back on the train and drive on, 
finally back on the yellow railroad tracks!

## [F.39] Page 10 Prologue
Soon other tracks unite with the yellow ones as they lead into the harbor. From
there on, Tingle and friends will have to go on by ferry. The train stops at a
gate with two guards greeting Tingle.

## [F.40] Page 10 Chapter 1: Ports and Permissions
Talk to the guard standing next to the train. He asks to see Tingle's passport.
He does have a passport, doesn't he? You can try to lie, but in the end, it
won't do any good. So just say, "yes", no passport (you heard me). The quest
once again comes to a screeching halt as the party is now forced to come up
with a passport before they are allowed on the ferry. Buriki has identified a
city building not far from here, so maybe we can just get ourselves one.
Walk to the right, and witness a big, funny man doing something… suspicious?
Ignore him for now. Enter the building.
This looks very bureaucratic. Lots of people standing in line. Tingle's friends
take a seat on a bench and entrust him with the task of getting the papers
sorted out. Tap the leftmost counter. Talk to the bureaucrat guy there, and
he'll tell you you need an application form first. Leave the window and tap on
of the people on the right edge of the screen. You're not really interested in
the guy, but the screen will pan a little to the right, revealing a table with
some forms on it. Take an _application form_. Go back to the left counter.
Present the form to the man. As you can tell by his facial expression, he is
very pleased with your efforts. He proceeds to explain the application
progress. First you will need to answer some questions and get a stamp. Next,
you must visit the middle counter and present your employment certificate (?),
and get a stamp for that, too. Finally, hand over a portrait photo of yourself
for use in the passport at the third counter. That's all there is to it!
He begins questioning Tingle for the passport application process:
1. Question: Where do you plan to go with your passport?
Answer: シティ
And that's already it, you've got your first stamp! The next step, however,
won't be so easy: Tingle - and all of his friends - need a certificate of
employment. Tap the middle counter. The woman manning it (he), is a little
scared of Tingle and calls the guards on him. A large woman appears and takes
Tingle out like the trash. She tells him she doesn't like his face. Well!
Tap the guard and begin with the charming! Once you have persuaded her to be a
little more forthcoming, she asks if Tingle is going to the City for the ball.
Not only for that, Kakashi says and proudly presents his medal. If you pay
close attention you will notice a kid appearing from somewhere who is eyeing
the medal. Meanwhile, the guard woman suggests that Tingle give the woman at
the middle counter a present to soften her up. Enter the office once more.
Shower the lady clerk with gifts until she begins to like Tingle. When you
talk to her again, she asks to see a certificate of employment. Answer "yes",
you don't have one. She tells Tingle that he'll need to find work in the
harbor, or else he can't get a stamp, meaning he won't get a passport.
Then she has an idea! She shows Tingle a picture of a guy - the weird-looking
guy you saw in front of the office earlier. Her son, she explains proudly.
When he was little, she used to call him
「シーシーちゃん」("little Sheeshee").
Maybe consult her son, who is himself a salary man, about work?

## [F.41] Page 10 Chapter 2: Get a Job!
Let's get crackin'! Leave the office. Loveya walks over and tells Tingle that
his new lineup of merchandise is ready for sale! This means that from now on,
you can buy Level 2 gifts from him. Tingle will need them to unlock certain
hearts on women from here on out. You'll know that's the case when a woman
refuses your gifts with a "Wrong Level" message.
Loveya overhears the guys talking about employment certificates. Sadly, he can
only hand those out for employees. Since Tingle and friends are his customers,
not his employees, they can't have one. But, he says, there's plenty of work to
find in this harbor, if one applies oneself to the search.
Let's explore the beautiful harbor and find work for Tingle's goombahs. Walk
east, until you are at the foot of some stairs. Two cats are snarling at each
other up on the wall. Tap the black one - gah! It's the creepily disguised
Map Kid. Buy the _harbor map_ from him for 50 rupees. Walk up the stairs. Go
left along the path until you see something shiny on the ground. Tap the
sparkling spot. As you try to pick it up, a dramatic collision with some old
granny occurs. Tap the old lady and win her heart. You will see that this lady
won't accept Level 1 gifts. So go buy some Level 2 ones until you win her over.
Now she is willing to part with her _rusty key_. The old bat winks and leaves
at terrifying speed.
On to the next collision, I guess. Walk back to the west pier, where the
mustached man in the orange overalls and the hard hat is standing. Give him the
rusty key. With it, he can move the forklift and open his box of… chicks? Talk
to him. He is trying to guess the gender of the individual chicks, and having a
hard time with it. Use Buriki's *analysis* on the box of chicks. Using her
robot powers she can perform over fifty megachicks per second. Thus, hard hat
guy offers her a job! Agree to it - one down, three to go. Side note: Since the
forklift is gone, you can walk west from the west pier to reach the other side
of the harbor via the walkway. Walk a little to the right, to where the two
seamen are throwing boxes into a warehouse. Tap the big wooden crate to their
right and use Lion's *strength*. The seamen are impressed by Lion's raw power,
and since the scrawny one could use a rest, he is hired, once you agree to it.
Only Tingle and Kakashi are without work now.
Leave the scene to the west. Here you'll see "Li'l Sheeshee" (the son of the
counter lady, remember?) bargaining with some dude in white pajamas. He is
*very* annoyed by your interruption and asks what you want. Enter his nickname,
シーシーちゃん, and enjoy the look of embarrassment on his face.
He sends Pajamas Guy off with a warning to get rid off him. Now you can talk.
He'd like to keep this little story between Tingle and him, all right?
Confirm. He thanks you and tells you that his name is Eagle. He offers you his
assistance whenever you need it. Great - we need it now! Talk to him again.
Choose the second dialog option to talk about work. He has a "dangerous"
proposition for Tingle. It seems Shee… e-hem, "Eagle" was contacted by an
official-looking person who offered him work. To apply for this job, solve
this riddle: "the staring right eye looking to the west: ching gong ching"
(or something, I'm not entirely sure). He also gives you _Eagle's memo_.
On the memo, the riddle is written down so you can read it again anytime.
Walk all the way east and then south, back over the train tracks again.
When you're standing in front of the office again, walk east. You are now at
the east dock, where there are three heavily high-tech loading stations.
Don't bother to apply for work here, they have robots doing all the heavy
lifting. Now, notice the eye-like pulsing sensor thingies on top of each
station? Go to the leftmost one of the three, and, using your slingshot, hit
the gray center of the "eye", then the blue ring surrounding the center, then
the center again. "Ching gong ching" - get it? Well, someone gets it: a guy in
a cool secret agent outfit standing on top of the warehouse. He climbs down
and starts to talk. He asks if you are ready to take the test, warning you
that this is not something to be taken lightly - they are looking for the best
human resources only, top material. To get the job, you'll have to solve four
problems. Confirm that you want to go along. The problems are posed in the
form of haiku-like riddles. This one is: "Wake someone up quietly, lying in
the sun" (again, I'm not really sure, translating those is heavy stuff).
You get the _Agent memo 1_.
Walk west and cross the walkway until you reach the clown ice cream vendor.
From there, there is a path into the back of the screen. Take that path and you
enter "Neko Park", some sort of recreational spot. Walk to the right and look
at the floor - isn't there a hexagonal spot that looks slightly raised?
Fill your bottle with water from the pier to the right, and use the water on
the strange pattern on the ground. It's a turtle! Finding this turtle was your
task. Good job! The turtle gracefully makes an exit. On to the next riddle.
Walk to the west pier, and you'll see the agent hiding behind a barrel next to
the waffle-munching fat guy. Talk to the agent. The riddle is: "Mark is in the
place where there is a strange apparition"
(おかしいぞ へんかの あるとこ めじるし だ).
The screen flashes and… some things have changed. You receive a "mark", i.e.
a physical mark to place on anything you might find strange around this area.
Just select the mark from your inventory and use it on things you find strange.
Good luck hunting! In case you need help, these are the things:
- The waffle-munching fat guy is now a banana-munching ape!
Once you've marked the hard-to-overlook gorilla, you'll be given five more
marks, and now you need five more "strange things".
- The big seaman seems to be missing some clothing.
- The bum's cat has turned into a Maneki Neko.
- Some of the rubbish next to Eagle has been replaced by a coffin.
- Part of the fence on the wall on which the small kid is sitting is now a
- On the ship in the background right next to the small kid there is a skeleton
pirate on the lookout. Hi there, back to Tingle's Rosy Rupee Land with you!

Once you have used all of your marks on strange phenomena, talk to the agent
again. You get the next riddle: "Tell the cirrocumulus cloud apart from the
animal cloud" (うろこぐも しかと みわけよ ケモノぐも).
OK, let's go cloud watching.
Go to the walkway up the stairs. On the far right end of the walkway, there is
one of those telescope things. Use it, it costs only one rupee. Let's see,
there's the sky and some fluffy clouds… Over time, one of the clouds changes
and begins to look like a pig's snout. Tap that cloud, but don't take too much
time, because the telescope shuts down after a certain amount of time.
The agent re-appears and congratulates you for having such powers of
observation. He says it's time to meet the Boss now. Of course, that also
involves solving a riddle. "Choco, single berry…", I don't know…
(チョコまぶし ベリーの シングル ぎょうぎ よく).
Walk down the stairs at the walkway's east end; walk a little to the left until
you reach the ice cream-vending clown. Talk to him and agree to buy some
ice cream for 100 rupees. He asks you which size you want,
say シングル("single", second option).
What flavor? ストロベリー("strawberry", second option).
Topping? スプレーチョコ("spray choco", fourth option).
Served in a…? カップ("cup", first option).
Ah, so the riddle was actually a specific ice cream recipe, sort of a secret
handshake. The clown suddenly goes all business-like. Even his "voice" changes.
He reveals himself to be the Boss. He wants you to clean up among the harbors
criminal elements. Then he'll give you your employment certificate. Agree to
the terms. Tingle's target is at the west side. He, er, "goes" there
immediately. Now walk to the west side, too. The Boss is standing next to the
waffle-muncher. Talk to the Boss. Tingle's target is in the warehouse. He asks
if you're ready - of course!
Now you're in the warehouse. The Boss explains that Tingle will have to catch
the bosses of three gangs here. This is a fun little shooting mini-game that
works like this: There are three gangs, so you'll play three games. Each game
is divided into two rounds. For the first round, the Boss Clown shows you a
picture of the gang boss. Try to remember characteristics like color, hair,
etc. Then a shooting gallery begins, and you must hit only those guys that
look very similar to the boss's picture. They're not really the gang boss,
but they look almost like him. When you've hit enough of those, the second
round will start. In it, you must hit the gang boss himself. Three games of
this, and you've fulfilled your contract. If you miss, just start over again.
If you're successful, the Boss awards you with a _certificate of employment_.
Kakashi is also included in this because he didn't interfere with Tingle's
work. That must count for something, right? Now everybody has worked hard,
let's gather the gang and deliver that certificate!

## [F.42] Page 10 Chapter 3: Next, Please!
First, we'll have to travel a little. Using your magic balloon, travel to
page 8. You're back in the village now. Walk to the apple fields in the center
of the village, where you grew the gas apple tree. The Rental Lady seems to be
giving an interview to a guy in a green shirt. Talk to the Interviewer.
He wraps up the interview and talks to Tingle. He seems intrigued by Tingle's
appearance - "sharp head, huge nose, beard and birthmark". He correctly guesses
that he is dealing with Tingle! He asks Tingle if he'd mind giving a short
interview? First question: Was the gas apple tree a formidable enemy?
"Yes", I guess. (I don't think it matters wether you answer "yes" or "no").
No time left, so last question: Is Iona Tingle's girlfriend? He he, why not?
"Yes". And how about a picture to go with the article? Oops, I wonder how
that'll turn out…
Now back to page 10 via magic Ballon trip.
Talk to Buriki and Lion to pick them up from their work places and obtain
_Lion's certificate of employment_ and _Buriki's certificate of employment_.
Walk west to where Eagle is standing, then walk a little to the left.
Get a _newspaper_ from the stand. If you inspect it in your inventory, you'll
see it has Tingle's picture in it. Great!
Now head on over to the office building and enter. Visit the middle window once
again and present your certificates to the lady. The second stamp - finally!
Now visit the third window, the one to the right. Talk to the man. For the
final stamp, Tingle needs a portrait photo of himself. Well, present the
newspaper to the clerk. He accepts the picture and hands Tingle his very own
passport! Oh lucky day!
Leave the office. Kakashi is so happy that they can finally go on the ferry!
The guard lady asks to see his medal one more time. A wild thief appears!
The little brat snatches the medal right from Kakashi's chest and makes a run
for it!! An action-packed chase unfolds and the party see the thief running
towards Neko Park.

## [F.43] Page 10 Chapter 4: Seaside Thievery
Enter the park. The thief is standing on the pier. He says that a guy on a
horse has promised him 100,000,000,000,000 rupees for the medal. On the other
hand, money isn't that important to the little guy, so he might consider giving
the medal back in exchange for… *something*. Now it's up to Tingle to find the
thing that little thief will value more than a truckload of money. Leave the
park. Talk to Boss, who will still sell you ice cream, for a discount even,
only 50 rupees. Get the _ice cream waffle_. Now get the waffle to the west
side, as quickly as possible. The best path is to walk east, cross the walkway,
and you're there. Go to the fat guy who isn't munching waffles any more, and
give him the ice cream waffle. If you're too slow, the waffle will melt and
you'll have to get a fresh one from the Boss. Although he is completely full,
he still can't resist one more. Confirm that you want to give him the waffle.
In exchange, he gives you the _Machinda Robo_. Fatty has his digestive system
destroyed by one waffle too many, but that's not your concern. Go back to Neko
park. Give the Machinda Robo to the kid. He freaks out over the toy and thinks
it's a fair exchange for the medal. The strange old lady with which Tingle
collided earlier shows up; she is the kid's grandmother. A whistle is being
blown, the ferry will leave soon. Walk to the Chinliner. The guard lady talks
to the party again. She asks if the medal is safe and sound. Then she tells
Kakashi something: The medal is an incredibly important item. Haven't we head
that one before? Everybody must take care of the medal, okay? Say "yes".
With this, Kakashi gains a new power: *Medal*! Use this command to make him
present his medal to whomever or whatever for interesting results. It is the
third command in his list of commands. Now get on the Chinliner for real.
The guard at the gate again asks for your passport - this time, just pull it
out and present it to him! The Chinliner is put on the ferry, and the voyage

## [F.44] Page 11 Prologue
The ferry brings the Chinliner to some sort of way station. Buriki explains
that Tingle will have to get a ticket at the booth to be able to continue on
the railroad tracks. A man speaks to the party, he says his name is Great.
He is a desert guide. He explains that if you want to take a trip through the
desert, you'll have to be prepared. Lion answers that the group isn't
interested in the desert. Confirm this. So Great wanders off…

## [F.45] Page 11 Chapter 1: Paperwork
Tap the booth to get in line for a ticket. Kakashi gets distracted by some
commotion. Let him. Use the second verb on the person at the counter to get in
the queue. Suddenly, a bell sounds, and the clerk is on break! Nimistop shows
up, he is as far on his way to the City as Team Tingle.
Kakashi is looking at a juggling street performer and his one-horse-band.
Something's fishy about those two, but I can't quite put my finger on it…
Talk to Nimistop again. He's getting impatient - why should he wait like a
regular poor person? And he actually gets a ticket! That smug son of a…
Lion suggests Tingle try it again. Talk to the clerk once more. No dice, he
says. The guy from before just got his ticket because he's a person of really
high social standing. If Tingle had someone like that with him, maybe he'd get
exceptional treatment as well. Walk over to Kakashi and talk to him. He asks if
it's okay to watch a little longer. "No", because we need him now. Make him
present the *medal* to the clerk (third command). The clerk immediately
realizes who he's dealing with and apologizes for his rudeness. He addresses
each member of the party individually. Tingle, Buriki, Lion, Kakashi - Kakashi?
Maybe he went to see the street performer again? But the performer is gone,
along with Kakashi! We've got to find him! Leave the scene to the west. There
are the clothes of the performer! Inspect them. There's straw on the clothes,
and the footprints are actually hoof prints. Maybe that guy kidnapped Kakashi?
He must have used this path. The sign says "To the desert".
So use Lion's *strength* to open the gate. Follow the path. From here you can
see all of the desert below. And there is Horse Guy! Lion runs after him
without hesitation. Buriki, however, warns Tingle that this desert is extremely
hot. The probability that Lion will collapse from dehydration is - 100%! Being
a robot, she can withstand the high temperature. She follows Lion. Walk after
her, down the plateau. Sure enough, there's the big guy, face-down in the sand.
Tingle faints the second he arrives, too.
They awake on the plateau. Buriki has saved them, thank Robot Jesus!
She pronounces the probability of the guys' survival in the desert 0% if they
don't prepare and gather information first. Now let's see, who could provide us
with info about the desert? Right, go back to where the trains are and talk to
Great. He asks if Tingle wants his help in dealing with the desert.
Answer "yes". He goes ahead, meet him at the plateau at the desert's entrance.
The survival training begins! You better listen up - according to Great, each
year several guys walk into the desert and never come back. He instructs you to
prepare your mind and talk to him when you're ready. Ready? Okay, talk to him.
He will explain the qualities necessary for survival in the desert. Then he
will as Tingle if he has understood everything. Answer "yes"; he will then ask
Tingle to repeat the second quality necessary for survival. Besides Powers of
Observation, you need Tenacity (しゅうねん, 3rd option).
Very good, young grasshopper! For Tingle's final preparation, Great goes and
hides something in the area around the ticket booth. He returns and shows you
what it is that Tingle must find - it is printed on his undershirt: a stag
beetle, superstar of the beetle world. Walk to where the booth is. See the
three bushed next to the path into the desert? The middle one occasionally
twitches - tap it, and a beetle comes flying out. It flies onto the roof of the
booth. Tap the sign at the top of the booth. The screen will scroll up and
reveal the roof. Use the slingshot to shoot the beetle down and pocket it
immediately. If you wait too long, it will get up again.
With the _stag beetle_, return to Great. Give it to him. He is impressed, and
now asks you to follow him into the desert.
Now it's time for Great to explain to Tingle the important things he'll need to
know in order to survive in the desert.

### [F.45.1] Desert Facts
He hands him the _King of Water Flasks_. In this flask, you have 500 units of
water. Walking through the desert, each move costs a little water. Should
Tingle run out of water, he faints and is returned to the plant you see now.
The plant is his home base, so to speak, and if he manages to advance to the
next plant, that is his next home base. He can refill the flask at oases that
are scattered throughout the desert, as well as blue plants which will allow a
one-time refill of a small amount of water. He gives Tingle the _desert memo_,
where all of this is written down.

## [F.46] Page 11 Chapter 2: The Desert Hunt
(さばくの だいそうさく)

### [F.46.1] Fighting in the desert
The desert works like typical JRPGs in that you'll have random encounters with
enemies, against whom you must "fight". You can do this by using the verbs
which are, from left to right: *examine*, *fight*, *run*. You can also use the
usual powers of Tingle's companions. Whenever you win fights, you can get items
like demon coins (the currency of the desert), water, or the desert map. See
the section "Enemies to be encountered in the desert" to find out what to
expect & how to react.

### [F.46.2] Enemies to be encountered in the desert
- Map Kid: Use *fight* - he will offer you the _desert map_ for 150 rupees.
Agree, and he will relinquish the map after being pelted by rupees.
- Snake Charmer: Wager 20 units of water to win demon coins from him.
If you choose to play, you must memorize the sequence in which his snakes
appear. If you can reproduce it correctly, you'll earn 20 demon coins.
- Cactus Quartet: These cacti do a little dance - but one of them is out of
sync. Try to identify it and shoot it at the end of the dance - you'll earn
some demon coins.
- Roaming Water: Pick one of its legs and pull it using the second verb.
If you're lucky, you'll get some water out of it.
- Rascal Mummy: The youngest member of the mummy family. To fight him, use
Lion's *strength* on him, then play the **Touch** game until Lion can topple
him over.
- The Adolescent Dead: The Rascal Mummy's older brother is a little tougher
than he is, but otherwise you can beat him the same way.
- Mummy Mummy: You've beaten her sons, now she's mad! Dispose of her the same
way as the other mummies. She is pretty tough, though!
- Dead Dad: Head of the household, he is the toughest mummy to beat.
The technique is the same, though.

### [F.46.3] The way through the desert
Go west to find the first oasis. The guy there lets you refill your flask there
for 7 demon coins. Go northeast until you find a traveller. He wants demon
coins, say "yes". He will then tell you to meet him at the far end of the
desert, in front of the Liar Village. Head north. There is a very heavy gate
there. You can open it using Lion's *strength*, but since it's so heavy, he
requires to take a sip out of the flask, subtracting 100 units of water.
The gate will close behind you, so you'll need to invest 100 units of water
each time you want to pass the gate. Give Lion the water, and walk through the
You have just left the "training area" and are now in a much larger part
of the desert.
Just a little to the northwest, there's a man who will tell you about a young
guy who just came through here on a horse, carrying what looked like a doll.
Looks like we're on the right track. Walk a little farther west. There's a
stone pillar there with a stone slab on top. One bit of the slab is colored
red. Tap the pillar and examine it. When Tingle's done examining, there will be
a new second verb, "rotate". With it, you can rotate the pillar so that the
colored bit changes position. Take note of the pillar's position, as you will
need to get back here later.
Now, walk a good bit to the north and a little to the east to the pond (you can
see it on the map, too). Here you can recharge  your water supply for 7 demon
coins. A little south of the pond is another pillar, this time with a blue bit
on top. Memorize its location. Walk east, then north to get to a spot
immediately to the right of the rocky indentation. Here is the
final pillar, this time it's yellow. Memorize its location.
Now for something completely different. Look at the map - south of where you
are now, there's a boulder icon. South and a teensy bit east of that boulder is
another boulder. Walk to the point halfway between those boulders. There is a
huge rock standing upright here. Use Lion's *strength* on it to get rid of it.
A spring wells up - now you have your own endless water supply, and it's free.
Come here whenever you need a refill.
Walk to the far east of the region, and then as far north as possible. The path
here is blocked by a pillar with a multicolored slab on top. Tap it to get it
in your sights and take note of the arrangement of the colors. Take note of the
position of the red, blue and yellow wedges. You must now return to each of the
three pillars you saw in this region and rotate them until their respective
color is in the same position as the same color on the multi-colored pillar
blocking the path.
When you're done, return to the multi-colored pillar. To the left of it,
there's a stone tablet. Tap it to read it; at the end of the text, Tingle will
ask you if he should push the tablet. Say "yes". A mechanism engages and the
path is cleared!
Cut to Horse Guy, Horse, and the tied-up Kakashi, who begs to be released.
Horse Guy reveals that he intends to use Kakashi as bait for a trap for Tingle!
Kakashi is supposed to write a letter to lure the rescuers into a trap.
Kakashi refuses - can he even write?
Back to Team Tingle. Walk north along the newly cleared path and leave the
Oh! A letter on the ground! Pick up the _letter lying in the desert_.
The letter is written in a peculiar style and tells of Kakashis abduction and
torture at the hands of a "mysterious, good-looking man". Kakashi begs you to
come and free him, "before loneliness and pain devour [him]". Mmh. He is being
kept in the Liar Village, on the other side of the desert.
Walk north to the giant plant, your new home base. Also, there's a save pig.
In this new area, walk east, then north into the crevice. This is the place
where we save Kakashi being held captive. There is some shiny object on the
ground - tap it. It's 30 demon coins, what luck. But what's that rumbling?
An earthquake? Something is coming! It's…
The Royal Coffin! The next "boss fight" against some sort of sadistic
sarcophagus. Regular attacks are useless against this coffin made of stone.
Careful examination, however, reveals that the thing is held together by
screws. So, use Tingle's screwdriver to unscrew each of the four screws.
After each of your turns, the coffin will alternatingly charge up and fire a
beam at Tingle, causing him to lose a lot of water. If you keep methodically
unscrewing those screws, you shouldn't be hit by more than one beam.
Once all four screws are off, the contents of the coffin is revealed -
a scrawny, shivering mummy! Use Buriki's *request* to kick the bandages off of
that guy. After a Final Fantasy-like boss explosion, you get some demon coins
and are able to move on.
Leave the crevice to the south and continue east until you reach an oasis where
you can fill up on water. Now walk to the very north. There's a piece of paper
on the ground. Take the _expedition journal_. Read it from your inventory.
It contains the final words of some explorer who has discovered too late that
the "Roaming Water" will supply anyone who pulls the right tentacle with fresh
water. Mmh, we knew that already.
Walk south again, towards the gate you can see on your map.
Use Lion's *strength* and spend 100 units of water to pass through the gate.
On the other side, walk north to the bridge. Talk to the man standing in front
of it. He will work the crank and lower the bridge for you in exchange for
1 demon coin. Agree and cross the bridge.
On the other side, walk north, and a bit west. There is another giant boulder
which you can remove using Lion's *strength* to create another free water
supply. Continue walking west until you reach a strip of quicksand.
This you cannot cross on foot. Luckily there's a man with a giant beast
standing right there, waiting to help you out. Talk to him - he will ask you if
you want to cross. Say "yes". He will now offer to let you use his beasty to
cross the quicksand for 80 demon coins. Say "yes" again, if you have the money,
otherwise fight a few fights until you do and come back here. The party hops
aboard and is taken across the quicksand.
On the other side, walk straight north to find your new home base and a
save pig. Walk west and north to the next bridge. A monkey is fiddling around
with the crank-box. Tap the monkey. He takes the crank and makes a run for it
towards the north. Follow the monkey north, and a little east. Tap it, and Lion
will try to talk it into giving up the crank. The monkey screams for help, and
a random monster appears. Once you beat the monster, the monkey flees south and
leaves the current area. Follow him and leave this area through the narrow pass
in the far south. You'll find yourself back in the very first area of the
desert, in the northeast portion which you weren't able to reach before.
The monkey is in the northeast corner. Tap him. Again he calls for help, and
you must fight another monster. The monkey flees back through the pass through
which you came just now. Follow him. You see the monkey run west into the long
corridor. Note that the water plants have refilled when you re-entered the
area; if you need a refill, now's the chance. Walk west all through the
corridor until you reach the cornered monkey. Tap it. It will scream and
scream, but this time, no help will come. Time to fight the Crank Monkey!
In the fight scene, the monkey looks bigger than before, and also a lot like a
cardboard cutout… Let's make this short and sweet. Use Buriki's *request* to
administer several kicks to the monkey's… area. The cardboard facade keels
over, revealing one embarrassed monkey. He gives up the crank and is gone.
Once the fight is over, pick up the _crank_. Walk all the way back to the
bridge, where the whole monkey business began. Use the crank on the crank box
next to the bridge. Tap the box and turn the crank using the second verb.
This will lower the bridge. Cross the bridge and walk west a little; there is
an oasis here, refill your water supply.
Walk all the way south, then west. You'll come to a gate. Now be careful -
right behind that gate there is another gate. For each one you'll need the
usual 100 units of water - if you don't have enough, you'll be stuck between
the gates. So make sure you're filled up on water, and pass those two gates.
Once you're past them, walk west, then south to find another huge rock that can
be removed by using Lion's *strength*. This will reveal another spring where
you can refill your flask for free. Walk back northeast again and pass the
third gate walking north.
Walk west, then north towards the big structure marked on your map.
This is the entrance to the Liar Village. Once you're standing in front of it,
Great will appear from out of nowhere and congratulate you for successfully
crossing the desert (i.e. being still alive). He warns you of the perils that
are to be found in the underground Liar Village. He says the Liars worship as
their god a cave-dwelling create called The Big Liar. 
When he's done explaining, Great leaves. Tingle and his friends 
enter the village.
Before entering the village proper, Tingle and friends find themselves in a
sort of antechamber. There is a big stone arc, tap it - the inscription reads
"Goodbye". Hm. Walk right until you reach a closed gate in front of which a
pajama guy is standing. If you talk to him, he tells you that he came here to
sell novel products to the Liars, but he can't enter the village because the
gate is locked. Tap the stone tablet on the wall to read it.
It says, "1) step on red platform, 2) dance". If you try and follow the
instructions, nothing happens. (I recommend you do it anyway at least once,
just to see the spectacle of Tingle dancing)
Now remember we are here in the *Liar* Village, and together with the strange
"Goodbye" sign at the entrance, this is starting to make sense. Always do the
opposite of what these guys tell you! So, step on the *blue* platform, and when
the game asks if Tingle should dance, say "no". The gate opens!
Pajama Guy walks in.

## [F.47] Page 11 Chapter 3: The Curious Liar Village
Walk through the gate to enter the real village. See all those stocky, striped
people - they're the Liars. Walk right, and try to climb down the ladder. The
slightly reddish Liar with the funny stick - let's call him and his colleagues
"shamans" - demands you answer a question before you're allowed to continue.
It is, "How many Liars in this room are not carrying spears?" Remember the
Liars' way, and lie to him: "2" - because two people *are* carrying spears.
You're allowed to go on. Climb down the ladder.
Now you are in a strange room with wall-mounted idols displaying smiling and
frowning faces. Walk to the right - another shaman guy stops you from
advancing. Read the stone tablet on the wall: "Don't light fire at the
pedestals! Smile smile frown frown smile frown frown." Aha, don't light fires,
got it. So, in order to solve this riddle, Tingle *must* light fires to create
a sequence of smiles and frowns that fits the description on the tablet.
But how to light or extinguish fires? Talk to the two children Liars. The left
one asks, "Need matches?". Answer "no" to get the _matches_ from him - sigh...
The right one asks "Need sand?", to which you must also answer "no" if you want
to actually get the _sand_. Now you can light a fire in one of the pedestals
standing in front of the idols using the matches, or extinguish one of the
fires using the sand.
Before you set out to create the proper sequence of smiles and frowns, remember
the Liar logic. The sequence must be inverted, i.e. you'll need to make a chain
like this, from left to right:
*frown, frown, smile, smile, frown, smile, smile*
Once you're done, the shaman turns around and says, "Absolutely wrong", which
is great, since it means you did it right and may advance. Climb the ladder.
You reach the final chamber of the Liar Village, a room full of sheep (?). Walk
right, and you'll get to overhear an argument between the Liar Chief and his
granddaughter, Lia. She tells him she really loves the interesting work she has
to do, and she also loves her grandpa. Ouch, that's some heavy stuff. When she
turns to leave the chamber, she bumps into Tingle who gets heavily kicked by
the sheep, and also falls in Love with the cute young Lia. She reacts in the
usual way, i.e. she runs away screaming. Then the chief addresses Tingle.
He can speak Tingle's language, meaning he doesn't lie with every word he says.
Walk over to him and talk to him. He informs Tingle that beyond the closed gate
to the right, there is a cave that is a very important place for the Liars.
The doll and the Handsome Man went there. Lion wants to go immediately and save
his friend, but the Chief demands the party make an offering first. To do that,
Tingle has to get Lia back to her grandpa first!
Climb down the ladder to find Lia in the idol chamber. Tap Lia to get her entry
in your diary. Do the Love Push on her (she requires level 2 items). When you
have won her over, talk to her again. She seems to be sad to have to live in
this village and do all that stupid work. Then she says, "Don't follow me", so
walk after her, back up the ladder, where the Chief is still waiting. Talk to
the Chief. He is grateful you have returned his tomboy granddaughter. Now, for
the offering you're supposed to get, you need the milk of the Nose Goat
(ハナヤギ - a play on a "Japanese school of dancing"?).
The goats in question are the animals in this very room. Traditionally, the
Chief explains, a young woman chooses and milks the goat for the sacrificial
milk. Lia "loves milking", a-ha. She describes the chosen goat to Tingle; it
must have "red fur", "a long tail", and "short ears".  Keeping in mind that
she's a liar, that means you are looking for a goat that has
- blue fur
- a short tail
- long ears
Look at the goats; once you have found the correct individual, tap it and
confirm. Tingle will bring it to Lia, who will carry out the act (of milking).
You get _milk_.
Now that you have the offering, the Chief will open the gate for you. When
you're ready (you might want to save for the upcoming boss fight), step
through, confirming that you want to go in.
Tingle and consorts find themselves in a cave. Cross the suspension bridge -
there is Kakashi, chained to a rock. Use Lion's *strength* to unchain him.
Lion asks Kakashi if he is okay, which he is. Buriki notices that the medal is
gone. Suddenly, Horse Guy makes his entrance. He stands on the other side of
the bridge, holding the medal. He gloats a little, but the Tingles don't
recognize him, which makes him angry. He explains that they have met before:
1) at the bridge in the forest, 2) on the yellow railroad track, 3) disguised
as a mime, and 4) now. Lion still can't remember having met him, and that makes
him even more angry. Well, to make sure Tingle will never meet with the
Princess - he wants her all for himself -, Horse Guy cuts the bridge!
He informs Team Tingle that a terrible beast dwells in this cave and, with lots
of flowery prose, wishes Tingle a hasty demise. Suddenly, a sound - something's
coming. It is The Big Liar!
The giant monster appears; it grabs H.G. and devours him - only to spit him out
seconds later,
right out of the Liar Village. Well, he's safe on his horse.
But Tingle & friends are still in danger. Lion defies the monster and yells,
"You are not scary!", but he faints as soon as the monster lets out its roar.
Time to get into gear! Tap the monster, and use the milk on it. This seems to
have a profoundly mind-altering effect on the beast. Buriki receives a
telepathic (?) communication from the monster, in which the creature explains
that it is not very pleased to be woken up right now, but it will let the
intruders live if they can pass its test.

### [F.47.1] Boss Fight: The Big Liar
This fight is in the form of a pop quiz. Tingle has to answer ten yes/no
questions each of which has a time limit of only a few seconds. If he answers
wrong, or if the time is up, it's Game Over, man!! Of course, you can then
simply answer "yes" on the "Continue y/n" screen and try again.
The main difficulty here would be that the The Big Liar asks you rather
convoluted questions, and you have to answer the Liar way, meaning you have to
say "yes" if you mean "no", and vice versa. Have no fear, this guide is here -
to help you with the answers. Here come the questions!
1. Q: Are you a woman?
A: Yes
2. Q: Is that big guy over there really strong?
A: No
3. Q: Is the goal of your journey to *not* reach the City?
A: Yes
4. Q: Did you first meet this machine in Vegetable Village?
A: Yes
5. Q: Do women find you attractive?
A: Yes
6. Q: Are you a bachelor?
A: No
7. Q: Do you travel by truck?
A: Yes
8. Q: Is your vehicle powered by fuel made from fruit?
A: No
9. Q: Is this question #8?
A: Yes
10. Q: Did you come from another world?
A: No

After answering the questions, the monster awards Kakashi once again with the
medal before it disappears, and Buriki regains her self-control. The Chief and
Lia enter the cave. The Chief is relieved that the The Big Liar is asleep 
again; he will help Tingle and his friends leave the cave.
In front of the village, the Chief and Lia are introduced to Kakashi.
Lia says: "Good day, poorly made boy", which is to be taken as a compliment,
I guess?
The Chief and his granddaughter then say their farewells. Lia even calls after
Tingle, "Don't come again! I won't be waiting!"
Back at the ticket booth (remember?), the crew finally get their ticket.
The journey may continue!
Great shows up and wishes them good luck in the City, which is, after all, just
a big desert with buildings. He seems to have taken a liking to them since they
are the only ones he has ever met who have survived the desert. Well, time for
Tingle and his friends to move on...

## [F.48] Page 12 Prologue
The Chinliner is on its way to the City! The friends talk about Horse Guy. Lion
believes he might have met him before (no kidding). An actor? An opera singer?
I guess we'll never know.
Kakashi is excited: Soon they will be in the City! He will show everyone his
medal! Lion finds his behavior childish, which leads to a discussion about
Lion's childhood. Kakashi is interested in knowing what kind of child Lion
was - well-behaved? strong? Lion tells them he was a rather timid child.
Suddenly, the train itself speaks up: We are nearing the City! Soon after, the
Chinliner reaches the Gate of Emerald City
(エメラレラ シティ - weird name).
Luckily, with the passport ready, this time Tingle has no trouble passing, and
the friends enter the City. From the castle's balcony, a skinny blonde woman
watches their arrival through a telescope. She puts on a funky pair of glasses,
which make her see Tingle with a blue tint. Pink mist can be seen rising off
his body. The woman says to herself that there is still work to be done until
the dance party starts...
Now Tingle has arrived in the streets of the City! Oh, look who's here, too -
Nimistop >:-(
He makes a bit of small talk with Tingle and finally lets him know that he
intends to dance with the Princess in the spotlight, and Tingle can pack his
tights and head for home right here and now.

## [F.49] Page 12 Chapter 1: Emerald City
To the left of the screen, there's a guy with a spyglass. Tap him, and the
screen pans towards the castle. You can see a monk walking up and down the
castle steps. Tap the monk, and he will suddenly jump towards you.
It's the Map Kid from whom you may now buy the City map for 50 rupees.
Tap the guard in front of the castle gate. Talk to him and choose the second
dialog option to ask for an audience with the King. His reply is that a
commoner like you won't stand a chance of ever getting an audience. Mmh.
Use Kakashi's *medal* on him (the third command), to change his opinion.
He can see now that Kakashi is a man of valor, and apologizes for his rudeness.
Kakashi explains that Tingle wants to go to the Dance Party, and the others
wish to talk to the King regarding their respective issues. The guard informs
you that the Dance Party will be held tomorrow, and audiences will be granted
afterwards. For now, you may stay at the Royal Inn. To this end, he gives you
the _inn coupon_.
Leave the screen to the east and walk further right. The journalist from before
sees Tingle and talks to him. He thanks Tingle for helping him with the
Gas Apple story, which became a big success. Walk further to the right.
It looks like a lot of people Tingle has met on his journey have come to the
City for the Dance Party. After you've walked to the right a bit, the camera
will pan up to show the inn's roof. A window opens, and a big telescope
appears. Try to continue walking right, only to be interrupted again. Watch a
group of peculiar-looking fellows visit the inn for a drink. Now you may
finally enter the inn yourself. A boy who is mopping the floors tells you to
talk to the Bartender if you need food or lodging.
Tap the Bartender. The woman certainly has self-control, since she neither runs
away at Tingle's sight, nor does she start crying uncontrollably. She merely
grimaces a little. Still, she won't talk to Tingle, so do the Love Push.
Afterwards, give her the inn coupon to receive your _room key_. The room is on
the 2nd floor, she says, which means it's on the 1st floor (Japanese count from
the ground up, yo). Walk to the right - there's something sticking out of the
blue door in the background, isn't there? Tap the door, and out comes Loveya,
to fulfill your gift purchasing needs while in the City.
Now walk up the stairs.
Walk to the left, and you'll see the big telescope you saw earlier from the
outside. A greasy guy is looking through it. Anyway, his chair is blocking the
door to your room, so tap the chair. The guy talks to himself a bit, how he
"wants to become a bird", and "I wanna be a little bird" (in English, which
seems to be his thing!). He introduces himself as Sigma.
Now he notices Tingle, and he "understands" that Tingle probably wants a peek
at "heaven", too. So, tap the telescope and let's find out what this guy thinks
heaven looks like.
You see a balcony - and the Princess walks on the scene! In a severely
over-saccharined display including birdies and flowers it is made clear just
how lovely this girl is! Tingle falls in love like never before! Sigma speaks
up again and identifies himself as the #1 champion of "Princess Mania", meaning
he is the highest authority on Princess-related information and creepy
Princess-stalking. He goes back to peeping. Tap the chair again; the guy
finally gets your drift, picks up the chair and goes to his room (the Princess
has left the balcony, anyway). Now tap the door to your room and confirm that
you wish to enter. Lion reasons that since tomorrow will be such a big day for
everyone, they should just take it easy for the rest of today. Kakashi seems to
think of this as a sleepover. Before Tingle can close the door, Sigma whispers
to him to come out again later, to catch the "main attraction".
That sounds **creepy**!

## [F.50] Page 12 Chapter 2: Sleepy Night's Sleep Princess
(ねむれぬ よるの ねむりひめ)
Now it's dark outside. Sigma calls for Tingle: "Now is the chance to worship
the phenomenal figure!" Tingle comes out of his room. He may go first at the
telescope, what an honor. Tap the telescope. The Princess is peacefully playing
the harp on her balcony, when someone hands her a drink. As soon as she has
finished it, her face turns all green and she drops to the ground. Tingle is
horrified and tells Sigma what just happened. Sigma is not entirely convinced
that Tingle really saw what he seems to think he saw. According to Sigma, the
Princess is the number one, the only one, the ultimate idol! He will teach
Tingle about the Princess. He (literally) drags Tingle into his room and tells
him about the Princess until the sun comes up. Tingle comes out of his room
looking dazed.
Walk down the stairs, Tingle's friends are already up. Walk left, and the
friends join Tingle. Leave the inn.
Walk west until you reach the castle gate, where a crowd has formed.
The mustachioed guard makes an announcement: Because the Royal Family has just
experienced some "trouble", the Dance Party will be delayed indefinitely!
The journalist tries to get more information out of the guard, but no luck.
The crowd disperses. Talk to the guard. He tells Tingle that the
Education  Commissioner has been looking for him and that she has gone to the
inn. Go to the inn.
Inside, a woman is standing at the window, looking out. You might recognize the
back of her head from before, when she was on her balcony, spying on Tingle.
Talk to her. She introduces herself as the Education Commissioner, Mrs. M.
She discloses to Tingle that the Princess is in a bad condition. Although the
definite reason for the Princess' sickness hasn't been found yet, Mrs. M
believes that she has been poisoned. Lion wants to know why she tells this to
Tingle and his friends, of all people. She says it's because it's not safe to
trust the people around here, should the Princess actually have been poisoned.
When Mrs. M heard that the four people who saved the Windmill Village had just
arrived in the City, she had the idea of entrusting them with the retrieval of
the ingredients for the special treatment necessary to cure the poisoning.
Thus, she wants Tingle to find the three ingredients. Will he do it?
Answer "yes", because we really want to save the Princess, don't we? Mrs. M
hands Tingle _3 memos_ detailing the required ingredients.

## [F.51] Page 12 Chapter 3: Hunt for Ingredients
Alright, let's have a look at those memos first. The details of the ingredients
are as follows:
1. In a far-off village, on an elevated point, quietly and glittering, a
healing herb to make tea from. This healing herb is very hard to find with the
amateur's eye.
2. Catch a certain shark living where the sea is shallow. To learn the best way
to catch it, ask a professional who knows all about fish and fishing spots.
3. Somewhere in the world, there is a fearsome tree that speaks the human
language. Collect a drop of the cleansing tears of that tree.

That's all pretty self-explaining, right? So, let's go!

### [F.51.1] Ingredient #1: The Antidote Tea
For the first ingredient, travel to page 9 by magic balloon. You'll land at the
entrance of the mine; walk north until you reach the place where the
mountain-dwelling old man is standing. Talk to him, and he'll ask about the
memo Tingle is holding. Use the ingredient memo #1 on him. He says he can help
with healing herbs. Tingle may have this poison-removing herb he just picked
today! Get the _detoxer_. But we still have to make tea out of that. Who could
help us with that... Right! Travel to page 2, enter the Fortune Teller's house
and present the detoxed to Ladybug Yellow. He asks you if you'd like him to
make tea out of that, which you confirm. He hands you a _water pitcher_,
because he needs you to bring him some water for the tea.
Leave the house, walk east and use the water pitcher on the fountain to fill it
with _water_. Walk west again, enter the house and give the filled water
pitcher to Ladybug Yellow. He'll get right to work and give Tingle the
_antidote tea_.

### [F.51.2] Ingredient #2: The Shark's Teeth
For the second ingredient, let's talk to the fishing pro in the
Windmill Village. Travel to page 6 and walk to the general store. At the pier
to the right of the store you'll find the fishing pro. Talk to him, he also
notices the memo you're holding. Show him the ingredient memo #2. The shark
Tingle seeks to catch is a dangerous fish, he says. It can only be done with
the _shark bait_ he hands to Tingle. Since it's a shark, it can be found in
salt water, meaning the ocean. Which in turn means that you can't find the
shark in this village. Use the magic balloon to travel to page 10, the harbor.
Go to Neko Park, because there's a pier there. Get on the pier and use the
shark bait on the fishing spot in the water. After a few seconds, something
will pull the sinker underwater; catch the fish like you'd usually do. It's a
pretty big shark - and he retaliates by biting Tingle on the butt! Luckily,
Tingle's butt seems to be pretty tough, and the shark loses his _shark's teeth_
and leaves his victim alone. That's it for this ingredient.

### [F.51.3] Ingredient #3: Deku Tears
Finally, the third ingredient. Travel to page 4. In the dark forest, there is a
talking tree somewhere. To find it, walk to the screen west of the pond. From
where you land, that would be crossing the screen to the west twice, north
once, and east once. Here there are three big trees; the right one has a face.
Tap the tree. It immediately starts talking (darn that chatty flora...) and
tells Tingle that its six children (fruits) have been abducted by squirrels!
OK, this is going to require a little more work than the other two ingredients.
Let's find those pesky squirrels.
1. Go to the giant bell that Lion was carrying when you first met him.
It's just south of the yellow brick road. A squirrel is inside the bell. Shoot
it with the slingshot to get the fruit it held, Mokushirou.
2. Just to the east of the bell, there's a squirrel hiding in the high grass.
Use the slingshot to shoot at the rightmost of the three rustling spots of
grass. The fruit-thieving squirrel will show its head and start the
"find-the-squirrel" game again. Shoot the correct spot to bring the squirrel
out. You can try as often as you like, but each wrong guess will cost you
rupees. If you guess right, the squirrel will throw the fruit Itsuki at you.
3. To the south of the high grass, at the rickety shack, a particularly ugly
squirrel is chewing on a fruit. Shoot it with your slingshot and pick up the
fruit it drops, Udoroku.
4. Walk all the way west until you reach the scary house. Enter the house, and
pick up the _spoiled juice_. Leave the house and walk to the pond. Use the
fishing rod with any bait to fish in the pond, and you'll catch the fruit
Kiichi. Still at the pond, use the slingshot to shoot the flower next to the
pier. A bee will fly over to the flower, and the frog will hop over and eat the
bee. Pick up the tired _frog_.
5. Tap **tree #5**, the right one of the duo standing directly at the yellow
brick road. The squirrel in the tree taunts you by showing you the fruit, then
stuffing it into its mouth. It has a hard time digesting it, so use the spoiled
juice on the squirrel to help get the fruit, er, free. Pick up the fruit
6. Walk back to the front of the spooky house; tap the tree next to the house.
The squirrel there is chased away by a snake while it's still taunting you with
its fruit. Well, the snake is quite scary, isn't it? Use the frog on the snake
to distract it. Then, shoot the fruit with the slingshot to make it come down.
Pick up fruit Konomi.

Now that you have acquired all six fruits, head back to the talking tree. Hand
over the fruits to the tree one by one. After welcoming all of its children
back home, the tree calls for a pelican postman (I wonder if there's any
relation to the guy from Animal Crossing?) and has him carry the children away
to distribute them all over the world.
Suddenly, the tree grows one more fruit. It names it the Deku 7, and asks
Tingle to find a nice place for it to grow up. Preferably a place in a park
somewhere with an ocean view. You get the stamp **Seven fruits**. The tree
sends Tingle off quickly, because it hopes to see the faces of its
grandchildren soon.
So, sea view, then? Fly to page 10. Eagle is standing in front of the office,
looking gloomy. Talk to him to learn that he no longer has a job and is
somewhat down about it. When he's finished, talk to him again and choose the
first option to ask him about his wanting to find work. He asks Tingle to find
a job for him. Agree to that.
Now go to Umineko Park. The tarpaulin in the middle of the park has gone,
revealing a tiny little speck of soil. Next to it, there's a bandana-wearing
tough guy. Talk to him. He is a gardener, and gives you his
_gardener's business card_. Go back to Eagle in front of the office and hand
him the gardener's business card. He seems to like the idea of learning the
gardening business, and heads off to the park. Follow him to Umineko Park.
Tap Eagle to witness his getting rejected by Bandana Man. Talk to the
Bandana Man after Eagle has left. The big gardener seems to believe that Eagle
lacks spirit, because he gave up so easily. So, go to the walkway, where you'll
find Eagle lying on a bench. Give him Deku 7, the remaining fruit of the
talking tree. The super-cuteness of the little fruit seems to renew Eagle's
inspiration, as he rushes back to the park to try again for the gardening
position. Augh, is this some sort of ping-pong game? Follow him to the park.
Talk to Eagle again. The Bandana Man says that he likes Eagle's spirit; now
comes the exam! Exam? Eagle is not prepared, of course. He immediately asks
Tingle to help him cheat. Well. The questions are:
1. Q: What creatures eat fruits like this one? (Meaning Deku 7)
A: 1st option, "squirrels"
2. Q: What creature carries these fruits?
A: 3rd option, "pelican"
3. Q: These fruits are the seed of which tree?
A: 4th answer, "humanoid tree"

Now the Bandana Man will take Eagle on as his pupil. The first thing they do is
plant Deku 7. Eagle is so proud that he needs to go tell his mother. Follow
Eagle inside the office, and tap him to overhear him talking to his mother. She
is very proud of her son. Eagle leaves the office to return to the park
(PING-PONG!). Follow him to the back, where Deku 7 is already grown up! Talk to
the young tree, who thanks Tingle for the great location he has been planted
in. The tree grows a fruit, names it Coco-chan, and entrusts it to Tingle to
take back to its grandmother so it may know motherly love.
Fly to page 4, walk to the talking tree and hand Coco over to it. The tree
grandma takes on her grandchild and is overcome by emotions, causing it to weep
uncontrollably. A-HA! Use your empty bottle (if it's full, empty it out with
the special verb, remember?) on the tree's face to get _Deku tears_! Now you
have all of the three ingredients necessary for the Princess' cure.

### [F.51.4] Delivering the Ingredients
Travel back to page 12. Tingle drops back into his body right after Mrs. M's
explanation of his quest. Give her one of the three ingredients: the shark's
teeth, the antidote tea, or the Deku tears. She will be astounded you have all
of the items already with you, since she just told you about them a minute ago.
That's just one of the many perks of having a magical time and space travel
balloon thingy! Also, Lion is dumbfounded, since neither of Tingle's friends
noticed him gather the ingredients on their journey. Mrs. M mutters to herself
that she wished she'd had a little more time to work with, but quickly composes
herself and asks for the ingredients. She will now prepare medicine for the
Princess from the ingredients. Also, she invites Tingle into the castle.

## [F.52] Page 12 Chapter 4: Hello, Princess
Walk to the gate and talk to the guard. He will open the gate for you. Tap the
gate and confirm that you wish to enter.
As you can see, the Yellow Brick Road continues through the courtyard. Looks
like it ends right at the Princess' doorstep...  A guard welcomes you and asks
you to continue inside the castle. Make your way to the northeast and tap the
doorway to enter the castle proper. Inside, try to continue northward. One of
the guards will speak up and offer to guide you through the castle. When he's
done guiding you, walk through the door in the north wall. The path to the
Princess' room is blocked by a luggage jam. If you ask the guard about it,
he'll tell you to take the doorway to the left and get there by a detour.
Alright, walk west from here. Go up the stairs, and, on the landing, go up the
stairs again. In the next room, go up the small set of stairs and through the
door. Now you are on a ledge high up in the castle. A bit scary, right?
Looks like you'll have to activate the bridge to get to the other side, so tap
the crank and examine it. This will unlock a second verb, "turn".
Turn the crank. Once the bridge has fully extended, cross it and enter the door
at the east side. The next room has an elevator in it. Go down the stairs and
tap the triangular elevator call button. Confirm that you want to press it.
A menu pops up asking where to go; select the 1st option to go to the first
floor. There we are - in front of the Princess' chambers. Mrs. M is already
here. Talk to her, she will give you the _special medicine_. She also asks
Tingle to enter the chambers alone, so as to minimize the disturbance. Tap the
door to enter the Princess' chambers.
Inside, the King is moping up a storm. Use the special medicine on the Princess
and watch her get better immediately. Tingle falls in love with the beautiful
Princess with levitation-bestowing fierceness. The Princess, being a woman, has
the usual averse reaction to Tingle's appearance and refuses to talk to him.
Tap her again to get her profile. Now you have to Love Push her to make her at
least talk to Tingle. When you're done, she'll be willing to talk to him. Her
father, the King, informs her that it was Tingle who saved her life, and she
agrees to see him at the Dance Party tomorrow.
Meanwhile, the scene is witnessed by Mrs. M, who is watching through a crack in
the door. She seems to be pleased by the way things turned out, and she says
that all the beauty and youth will soon be hers. Mmh. Lion asks her about the
Princess' condition, and Mrs. M gives him the good news. Also they will be able
to have their audience with the King tomorrow, after the Dance Party. There is
much rejoicing.

## [F.53] Page 13 Prologue
It is the next day. Sigma is on his post, manning the telescope.  Suddenly, he
sees something funny and calls Tingle, who comes out of his room to join him.
Tingle has a look through the telescope and sees the Princess on her balcony.
Tingle seems to think everything's fine with that picture (note the tongue
lolling out of his mouth), and Sigma has another look. He says he may have made
a mistake and apologizes, everything seems fine now.

## [F.54] Page 13 Chapter 1: Green Man, 3 Friends
Walk to the right, down the stairs. The others are already up and talking; they
can hardly believe the day of the great Dance Party has finally come. Walk to
the left, and the others join Tingle. Leave the inn. Outside, Mop Boy is
cleaning some paint of the inn's walls. Strange. Walk west - what happened
here? People are covered in paint with the buckets still on it, and women are
screaming all over the place. Continue west into the next screen and prepare to
be shocked: A guy in green tights and his three companions are harassing the
mustachioed guard! The Green Man taunts the guard a little and even introduces
his group to him. First, the strong idiot, Lion. Next, the analyzing idiot
Buriki. Then, the regular idiot, Kakashi. And finally, the Green Man himself
is... Tingle?! These guys are trying to pass for Tingle's guys and committing
crimes in their name! "Tingle" uses a slingshot to fling some rotten fruit in
the guard's face, then the impostors run away.
Lion wonders if those guys seemed somehow familiar... Now the guard wakes up
and is joined by what seems to be the whole palace guard. The immediately
apprehend Tingle and his friends.
Now it's evening, and fireworks are lighting the sky. The Dance Party will
probably start any minute now. And where are Tingle and his friends? In a
prison cell! A cell that's so cramped that Kakashi has to sit **inside** the
toilet bowl. They discuss their bad luck and are shushed by the prison guard.
Note that one of the two guards is female...

## [F.55] Page 14 Chapter 2: The Gentle Lion
OK, ready for the prison break scene? Tap the female guard to get her entr...
Oops! She interrupts Tingle's sketching - writing strictly forbidden!
Examine the guard - she is deep in conversation with her fellow guard.
You gain a new verb, "listen". Use it to overhear the conversation. Seems like
the female one was out drinking yesterday. Then why is she in such a bad mood?
Because she had to drink alone. And it seems she lost her ring. She still had
it when she went out to drink...
Interesting. If only Tingle had been there the other night, he would surely
have gained an advantage from it. Wait, I've got an idea! Let's do that!
Pop out the old magic balloon and travel to yesterday evening, also known as
page 12.
On page 12, start walking east to get to the inn. You'll be intercepted by
Loveya, who has a great announcement: From now on, you can buy level 3 gifts
from him. Good to know. Continue east and enter the inn.
At the bar, there's a woman whose purple hair you've seen before - the prison
guard. Tap her to get her profile. Go Push the moves on her - just FYI, she
accepts level 2 gifts, so no need to buy level 3 gifts for her. Good, now she's
ready to talk. But first, leave the inn. See the cat lying to the right of the
inn's entrance? Tap it to scare it away. There's a hole in the wall where the
cat lay, use Kakashi's *request* to send him in there. He retrieves _somebody's
ring_, and we already know who that "somebody" is, right? Return to the inn and
give the ring to the guard lady. She is very relieved that her ring has been
found and ensures Tingle that she won't forget this kind act of his. Great, we
could need the help of a prison guard - tomorrow!
So fly back to page 13, and you're back inside the prison cell. Speak to the
female guard, and what do you know - she recognizes Tingle's face! She sends
her colleague away to guard something else and opens up the prison cell.
Free to go! Walk up the stairs to leave the prison. You'll see the guard join
his colleagues in guarding the Dance Party. Lion wars Tingle that progress will
be dangerous from now on because they are considered criminals. Walk northeast
in the direction of the castle. Somebody stops you. It is - Horse Guy!! He is
very unhappy about the continuing disturbance of his plans by Tingle.
The Princess is his, and Tingle shall never reach her. Lion finds "that guy" a
little strange and tries to leave, but H.G. stops him. He explains that the
Yellow Brick Road leads from places all over the country to this castle gate.
But here it ends! That's quite the double entendre, because he now reveals that
inside the statue of the King, a killer robot is hidden! Time to fight...

### [F55.1] Boss Fight: MekaniKing
The final trap of Horse Guy, MekaniKing is a formidable piece of
"Super Technology", as H.G. puts it. Its primary strategy for destroying Tingle
is to use a force shield to push him into a wall of spikes (constructed, it
seems, by the Horse).
Use the red arrows to scroll the screen to the left. See the small hole where a
board is missing? Tap the hole and use Kakashi's *request* to make him crawl
through the ditch, coming out behind MekaniKing, close to the power outlet,
where the robot is plugged in. Now that your "turn" is over, MekaniKing will
advance and push you a little in the direction of the deadly wall. Scroll the
screen to the right, and tap the power outlet. Use Kakashi's *request* again to
make him run into the outlet, removing the plug. The shield is down!
Realizing what happened, H.G. changes tactics. MekaniKing pulls out a huge
hammer - the "Hammer of Judgement". Care to guess what the verdict will be? He
won't hit you right away with it, though. First, he has to perform a
"Power Charge". The first time he charges, energy goes up to 35%. Each turn you
take, he gets the chance to power up a little more, until he's at 100% - hammer
time! We can't have that, so tap the hammer (be careful not to accidentally
select the torso of MekaniKing) and use Lion's *strength* to play the "Touch!"
game and topple MekaniKing. The fallen robot reveals its soft underbelly and -
screws! Thank the almighty Zora we still have that screwdriver. Use the
screwdriver to unscrew one of the four screws.
The robot gets back on its feet. This time, H.G. decides to attack with a giant
trumpet! Use Kakashi's *request* on the trumpet to block the instrument and
topple MekaniKing again. Unscrew the second screw.
The next weapon in H.G.'s arsenal is the flame thrower! Use Kakashi's...
No, wait, straw probably isn't fire proof, right? But metal is!
Use Buriki's *request* on the flame thrower to repel the attack and knock the
robot down once more. Loosen the third screw.
MekaniKing's final weapon is a big magnet which he uses to capture Buriki.
Tap Buriki (not the magnet) and use Lion's *strength* to pull her free.
The robot falls over. (Is that thing made by Mercedes-Benz by any chance?)
Remove the final screw!
MekaniKing gets back on his feet, and since you have disabled all of its weapon
arms, H.G. now tries to crush the friends with the robot's body. At the last
possible moment, the robot suddenly suffers an attack of explosive diarrhea
(the German word "Durchfall" fits the circumstances better - it literally means
"falling through". So much for the linguistic excourse!).
Horse Guy lands on his butt, and the robot lands on top of him. Good riddance!
Ignore the pile of scrap metal and move to the northeast. The gate is already
closed, so tap the doors to the left of it. Confirm that you wish to enter the
castle. But what is this? Horse Guy speaks up again! He crawls out of the
wreckage... and pulls out a FRICKIN MISSILE LAUNCHER! Will this guy never stop?
He fires at the gigantic castle ornament shaped like the King's head, which
begins to fall. Is this the end for our friends after all? Amidst the panic and
confusion, Lion has a powerful flashback to his childhood. Having been bullied
by the other children without fighting back, he is told by his father that he
did right. "He who is strong must not fight hastily!", says father Lion.
"Then when should I fight back?", asks young Lion. His father lessons him on
that it's better not to fight, but to run away. If you can't run away any more,
it's time to be strong! With that thought in mind, Lion catches the giant stone
and tells the others to hurry and flee, because he can't hold it forever.
H.G. prepares another missile, and suddenly a timer bar appears. Quickly tap
the door before time runs out. Lion closes the door behind the others, and the
screen fades to black. Tingle, Kakashi, and Buriki make it safely inside the
castle. Suddenly, a loud crash is heard from the outside. Kakashi fears greatly
for Lion's life. Buriki states that it's impossible to tell from here if Lion
is still alive. Kakashi asks Tingle if he thinks Lion will be ok.
Let's say "yes" to soothe the straw boy.

## [F.56] Page 13 Chapter 3: The Final Lesson
Buriki hears the voice of a palace guard, and the friends hide behind a vase.
The next part of the game is somewhat similar to the part in Ocarina of Time,
where you had to avoid being seen by the guards in order to enter the palace.
You advance by tapping the column or vase which you want the team to advance to
next. They will go there in one continuous movement, at the precise moment when
you tap the target. The goal here is to get to the far end of the hallway
without being noticed by the guard, meaning you have to move when they turn
their back to you. Once you have passed one guard, you won't have to worry
about him any more, only about the next guard on the way.
Just try to get over there, no hurry. If you get caught, just choose "yes" on
the Game Over screen to continue.
This continues for two corridors, then you reach the heavily guarded entrance
to the ball room. Buriki concludes that going the straightforward route is out
of the question, they must make  a detour around the guards. Walk through the
eastern door. Here we could use the elevator if it wasn't for the guard in
front of it. Walk down the stairs into the basement. There's a switch with
which you can call the elevator. Tap the switch and select the first option
indicating you want to go to the roof. The elevator arrives, but something's
wrong. The power is out. As if that wasn't enough, the guard is about to show
up! Say "yes" when Buriki asks if you should hide. The team go into hiding as
the guard comes down the stairs. He is surprised to find no-one here. He takes
out a bag of fish feed from under the floor tiles and throws some of the feed
into the little pond. Nothing else happens, and he leaves again. Tap the book
he left behind - it's a magazine about fish. Select "yes" to read it and choose
the last option to learn about what to do when your fish won't eat. It says to
mix some medicine with the feed.
Now tap the bag of fish feed and use the second verb to take some. Use it on
the pond to throw it in - the fish won't accept it. Now use your special
medicine - the stuff you made for the Princess - on the bag. This will mix the
medicine with the feed.  You get _special feed_. **Note: I find it strange that
you first have to try the regular feed and fail, even if you have already read
the magazine. However, when I tried to put the medicine in the bag before
taking and using the feed first, it didn't work. I think it might be because
Tingle doesn't know what's inside the bag before you try and take some
out of it...**
Throw the special feed into the pond, and, after a few seconds, an enormous
fish emerges. Use Buriki's *analysis* on it to learn that it's a giant electric
eel, likely the power source of the elevator. After the analysis, you gain a
new verb for the fish - "touch". If you try and touch the fish unprotected, the
results will be... shocking! Use the rubber glove on the fish to touch it.
Once Tingle has his hands on the animal, rub it with the stylus to massage it
everywhere. This will release the electric energy, and the transformer will
light up. But it's too much power for the old equipment! Overload!! Tap the
elevator before it's too late, select the first option again to go to the roof.
One of the cables blows up. Isn't that just perfect! Tap the broken cable and
use Buriki's *analysis*. She figures out a solution and asks Tingle and Kakashi
to get aboard the elevator. Say "yes". Buriki asks Tingle who is the android
(I'm really not sure what the exact question was). Answer with the third
option, "Buriki". She thanks Tingle for putting the batteries into her back
when they first met in the corn field. She tells Kakashi to take care of
Tingle. Then she uses her body to bridge the flow of electricity! This sends
the elevator out of the room. Buriki's holo-projector function is activated
again. The image of the old man appears, who identifies himself as Dr. G.
I believe the gist of his story is that he apologizes if this robot behaves in
a rude manner, but its mission is to learn about emotions starting from zero.
Tingle and Kakashi reach the top floor, and the elevator's power goes out
again. Kakashi, with his big heart, worries if Buriki will be alright.
Then Tingle and he have to hide because a guard comes around the corner.
He finds nothing wrong. Suddenly, the draught from the open window blows out
the candle that is lighting the room. The guard closes the window and lights
the fire again before going back to his post.

## [F.57] Page 13 Chapter 4: I Understand!
Since the guard is blocking the door, we need to get him away from there.
We could try to open the window again; fixing the candle took him some time.
If you try to open the window by tapping it and using the second verb, the
guard will quickly come to your position because the shutters are squeaking
loudly. Use the oil from your inventory on the shutters first, then open the
window. The candle will go out again, and the guard will try to re-ignite it.
Now's your chance! Tap the stairs to climb them, then tap the weapons stand to
the left. Examine it to gain a second verb, "knock over". Use the second verb
to make the stand come down on the guard, incapacitating him. Just as planned!
Next to the corpse, er, next to the unconscious guard there's a rope.
Take the _rope_. Now walk up the stairs again and try to open the door with the
second verb. It's locked! Tap the guard, and Tingle will notice a key on his
belt. Take the _tower key_. Open the door with the tower key and leave
the room.
You're on the extensible bridge again, and like last time, it's retracted. Only
this time, you're on the wrong side and can't reach the crank! Use the red
arrow to pan the screen to the other side and tap the hitch (the connector
thingy at the end of the bridge). Use the rope on it to make Tingle try and
connect the rope to it. He does a rather good job of it, but because there's
nothing attached to the rope, it won't catch. Kakashi thinks about what to use
as a grappling hook. Hey - I've got a wild idea! Use the rope on Kakashi. He
fastens it around his waist, and you get _Kakashi-on-a-rope_. Use it from your
inventory on the hitch/connector on the other end of the bridge like you did
previously with the rope. It works! Kakashi makes the connection. Tap the rope
and confirm to begin the tightrope walk.
The tightrope is sort of a mini-game. You have to alternately tap the rope in
front of Tingle to make him move forward little by little, and play the
"Touch!" game to make him regain his balance. At the same time, Kakashi's grip
is slipping (I'm guessing Tingle's potbelly has something to do with this), so
you can't afford to take too much time, or else both of the guys will fall to
their Game Over. If it happens, just say "yes" to continue and start the
tightrope from the beginning.
Once you've made it to the other side, you still have to help Kakashi. Tap him
and choose the third verb, "pull up". Before Tingle can pull Kakashi to
safety, a guard has stepped on the rope and tries to reach your side.
While Tingle is frozen in fear, Kakashi sees an option. Should he try it?
Answer "yes". Kakashi says ok, and lets go of the bridge! He falls down and out
of sight, so that the guard can't follow anymore.
Tingle if safe, but at what cost?
What follows may just be the saddest scene in any game I've every played.
Even if the made Old Yeller into a video game, it still couldn't possibly be
this heartbreaking. Having lost every one of his dear friends, Tingle can now
no longer walk at a normal pace. All he can muster for the next few screens is
a slumped, dragging shuffle of moroseness.
Tap the door to make Tingle drag himself through it. In the next room he has a
vision of Lion spurning him on. Walk down the stairs to continue. On the next
landing, Buriki's image appears and further nudges Tingle to go forward. Follow
the purple-carpeted hallway. Finally, a vision of sweet little Kakashi cheers
him on: Behind these doors is the Dance Party they sought to reach for so long.
And he's right, you know. This is it, the moment Tingle has been waiting for
all this time.
Tap the big double doors and open them with the second verb. Before Tingle can
enter, Nimistop comes out! Also, guards sneak up from behind.
Looks like Tingle's goose is cooked - if it weren't for the Princess who shows
up right on time to invite Tingle in. The guards can do nothing, ha-ha!
Together, the two of the step into the ballroom. If this is a dream, don't wake
me up!

## [F.58] Page 14 Prologue
But what's this? A waiter stops Tingle, and the Princess is nowhere
to be found. Will the obstacles never end? The waiter explains that Tingle is
the last guest to arrive at the Party.
He suggests Tingle get a drink from the bar.

## [F.59] Page 14 Chapter 1: The Kiss of Gratitude
(かんしゃの くちづけ)
**Note: This chapter is the actual dance party (yay). To successfully complete
it, you need to dance the Dance of Love (tm) with four girls you met earlier in
the game: Iona, Liar, Azusa, and Sensei.** For this to happen, you have to have
at least one heart filled up in the profile of each of those girls. Iona and
Liar you had to push anyway in the course of the game, but not necessarily
Azusa, the train girl, or Sensei, the teacher from the corn field.
If you haven't gotten at least one heart with everyone, don't bother trying to
do the Dance Party, it won't work. Instead, follow this guide to get to first
base, er, heart with them.

### [F.59.1] Winning Azusa's (train girl's) Heart
If you don't already have the **Super Express Model B** (check in your gift
box, it has the blue "not for sale" tag), fly to page 9. It is in the very room
you land in, on the table. Take the model train, _Super Express Model B_.
With it, fly to page 5 (the train station), and walk into the train garage
behind the station. Go down the open trap door to find Azusa in the basement.
Do the Love Push to give her the Super Express Model B (use the blue tag to
find it; its icon has a yellow border). This will bust open her first heart,
which you can then fill up doing a regular love push with gifts of level 1 and

### [F.59.2] Winning Sensei's Heart
Fly to page 3, the corn field. Follow the yellow brick road until you reach the
farm house. Sensei is right in front of it. You can do a regular Love Push on
her (gifts: level 1 and above) and win her first heart, just like that. By the
way, her real name is "Florence", but in the Love Journal she is still listed
as "Sensei".

### [F.59.3] The Dance Party
It only makes sense to continue here if you have won at least one heart of the
"important" girls you've met in the game. You can do the Dance Party in any
case, but it won't end well if you aren't on friendly terms with all of the
Back to the action.
Who cares for drinks at a time like this? But as it turns out, the waiter won't
let Tingle pass without a drink. Oh well. Tap the bartender. He can't talk to
you, because a big blue woman is complaining about her milk not being low-fat
enough! This might take some time. But since she's a woman... Tap the lady to
get the Blue Lady's entry in your Love Journal. Now give her all you've got in
the Love Push, but beware that she requires level 3 gifts! When you're done
with her, the bartender will have her drink ready. She'll order one more of the
same - for Tingle! She also seems to have some pointers for Tingle, if he wants
to dance with the Princess.
Last year, Segare (Horse Guy's real name, remember?) tried to force the
Princess to dance with him, causing a great ruckus.
The Princess smacked him right in the face for that. Once the Dance starts,
confidently select a partner. You have to dance with four young women, before
you can tackle the Princess.
When she's done talking, tap the bartender to get your drink. Now that everyone
has their drink, the Dance Party may begin! The king leads the raising of the
glasses, and the dance begins!
In this mini-game it's your goal to dance with four women (one after another,
of course). You have to pan the screen left and right and to zoom in and out
using the stylus, always looking for the next target. The next target is the
woman Nimistop is dancing with right now. Once you have made out your target,
try to get it in your "sights", i.e. in the center of the screen, not too far
away, and tap the woman repeatedly to try and invite her to dance with you
next. This will trigger a new mini-game: the dance-off with Ministop.
He does some dance moves which you'll have to remember. Each move corresponds
to a direction, so you'll just have to remember a short sequence like
"left, right, left", for example. Now repeat the sequence using the appearing
arrow-buttons. What a great opportunity to see Tingle do some really
goofy moves! If you mess up too many moves, it's Game Over! Pretty harsh for
just missing some dance steps, huh? Anyway, you can continue right away by
choosing "yes" (the left option) on the Game Over screen. If you manage to beat
Nimistop, you get treated to a bobble-headed dance animation of Tingle and the
respective girl. You'll have to dance successfully with Iona, Liar, Azusa, and
Sensei to advance to the Princess. Nimistop's mini-games are getting a little
harder each time, but don't worry, it's not too difficult.
If you can beat Nimistop, you'll get to dance with the girl. Depending on how
many hearts you have filled with her in the course of the game, the quality of
the dance will vary from the "Heck No Dance" (no hearts at all),
over the "So-So Dance" (less than full hearts) to 
the "Love Love Dance" (full hearts).
If you have zero hearts, you'll only get the "No-No Dance", and you can't
continue with the Dance Party.
**Note:** The number of hearts you filled up is important for one more aspect
of the game: the more hearts you have, the more power Tingle will possess when
it's time for the final boss fight. So while it's entirely possible to complete
the game with the bare minimum of hearts you get when following this guide up
until here, it'll be a whole lot easier if you collect some more hearts.
See the side quests section (section G).

Now that he has successfully danced with four girls, Tingle stands before the
King and Princess. The Princess introduces Tingle as the guest of honor at this
Dance Party. She tells the other guests how she became ill a few days ago, and
how Tingle brought her medicine and saved her from the brink of death. Then she
asks Tingle to introduce himself to the other guests; answer "yes". Tingle
strikes a pose and earns a round of applause. The Princess goes on to say that
she will soon inherit her father's throne, and because of that, it is time to
choose a husband. She chooses Tingle! The King is shocked - Tingle isn't a bad
person, he says, but isn't this a little sudden?! Still, she wants Tingle, and
he approaches her like a missy-faced steam train. However, before he can reach
her, he is stopped short by Buriki, who drops from the ceiling, rolled-up all
Metroid-Style! She's alive!! And has analyzed the Princess, whose face looks
unnatural, she says. Next, the room shakes with the arrival of Lion! He has a
tied-up Segare in tow and announces that this isn't the Princess at all - it's
Majiyo (wordplay: the name "Majiyo" is very similar to the word "majo",
meaning "witch"). The King seems to know that name; Majiyo is the empress of
the neighboring country. And now even Kakashi shows up! He is very glad that
Buriki and Lion are alive and well. He is unharmed as well; since he is made of
straw, he survived the fall unscathed.  The wind blew him through the window of
the Princess' chambers, where he found... The Princess!
Kakashi's Princess addresses the other Princess as Mrs. M, or rather, Majiyo.
The false Princess unmasks herself and reveals her self to indeed be Majiyo.
Majiyo asks if the others are familiar with the term "Feropon" (a play on the
word "pheromone"?) - it's a kind of spiritual essence she intends to harness to
increase her magic powers. Suddenly, the King keels over, green in the face.
Majiyo poisoned his drink! The Princess tells Majiyo that nobody here has any
of that Feropon stuff, but Majiyo explains that Feropon is produced by
delusions - for example by a man falling in love. All the gift-giving and
emotions have played right into her hands, and now she's ready to harvest the
Feropon generated by Tingle. But before she can do anything, Tingle's friends
move in to defend him. Majiyo quickly grabs the Princess and demands to have
the Feropon and Segare. She disappears, leaving behind some sort of magical
seal on the floor. Tingle's friends discuss what they should do and decide to
band together once again to save the Princess. One after another, they step
onto the seal and disappear.
Now it's Tingle's turn. Move over to the King and give him some of the special
medicine to remove his poisoning (if you don't do it right now, don't worry: 
you can do it after the upcoming boss fight as well).
Next, tap the seal on the floor and use the second verb to "jump in". 
Confirm that you want to do it. 
At the last second, the Blue Lady tells Tingle to wait! She wants him
to stay a while and listen before beginning the battle. She asks to see
Tingle's slingshot, and by some... er, fairy magic, she improves its power.
Now it's time to go. Through the portal, Tingle reaches some weird dimension.
His friends are all there, as are Majiyo and the captured Princess Emera. Lion
demands Majiyo release the Princess. Majiyo summons Sigma. She sucks the
Feropon (built up by his Princess-worshipping) out of him, and he disappears -
I just hope he's ok! With the power of the Feropon, she changes form and
invites the others to follow her before disappearing.
Tingle concentrates and harnesses the power of the girls' hearts he collected
along his journey. The more hearts you got him by now, the greater his power
(hit points) will be in the following battle. Tingle, Kakashi, and Buriki jump
on Lion's back to form sort of a battle team, and off they go to fight...

### [F.59.4] Boss Fight: Majiyo
This boss fight is like a shooter in that you have to use the slingshot to
shoot at Majiyo to damage her, as well as defend yourself against her various
attacks. The battle is divided into different stages. **Hint: There seems to be
no way of pausing during the battle, and since requires a high level of
concentration, this can be very tiring. If you're playing this on a 3DS, use
the "Home" button to suspend the game altogether - just be careful not to
return to the home screen and lose your progress.**

#### Majiyo Stage 1
You main goal is to drain her hit points by hitting her body. A health bar
appears underneath her body indicating how many hit points she has left in
this stage. The ring of balls floating around her protect Majiyo against you
attacks, so you'll have to hit her head or body spot-on. You can hit her
whenever she is on-screen, even while she's launching you attacks, so try to
sneak in shots at her whenever you have a second to spare.
Sometimes, a capsule containing a heart will appear for a few seconds; if you
shoot it, your energy will increase a little.
In this form, she has several attacks she will launch against you:
- **Mosquito Swarm:** A series of mosquito-like creatures will attack you one
after the other. Just take them out before they get too close.
- **Caterpillar:** A long, caterpillar-like creature moves slowly towards you.
Its only vulnerable spot is its mouth. Each time you hit its lips, it loses one
segment of its body. When all segments, including the head, are gone, the
creature is defeated.
- **Froggy Snake:** Majiyo will change into a snake-like creature and fly
alongside Tingle. She begins to launch frogs from her back which you must shoot
before they get too close. Her vulnerable spot is her head which you must shoot
at every opportunity. This does not subtract hit points from her main health
bar; rather, the scene changes back from the sideways-scrolling snake fight to
the regular scene where you can damage her main form again.

#### Majiyo Stage 2
In this stage, Majiyo takes the form of a giant floating head. A heart-shaped
form is visible on the forehead, this is her vulnerable spot; hitting it will
detract from her health bar. The heart capsules from stage 1 will also appear
here; get them if you have the chance, but don't neglect your defense because
of them.
Hands are circling the head. They defend the heart-shape agains attacks,
so make sure you only fire at a spot that is not currently covered by a hand.
The hands will also project images of the Princess or Majiyo. The images of
Majiyo change over time to look fiercer and angrier, and after several seconds
have passed, they will attack you. Shoot them before that happens to make them
disappear. You must not, however, attack the images of the Princess; if you do,
you'll suffer damage.
Once you have completely drained Majiyo's health bar, the heart-shape shatters
and Majiyo's face appears in it. Shoot the face! A winner is you!

### [F.59.5] After the fight
The battle is won. Lion frees the Princess from her chains. Majiyo is lying
flat on her face. Lion asks if they should give her the death blow. I'm gonna
go with "yes" here, because I don't like my emotions being toyed with by
evil witches! You choose whatever you like.
In any case, Segare appears and tends to Majiyo. (I'm sorry, I'm not quite sure
what's begin said here...)
Everyone steps out of the portal, into the ball room. The Blue Lady appears to
congratulate Tingle and his friends on their success. Then she asks where her
sister is. It appears that Majiyo is the Blue Lady's younger sister!
The Blue Lady puts Majiyo and Segare into a cage as punishment, and apologizes
for the trouble her sister has caused. She leaves. The Princess looks after the
King, who seems to be fine. Talk to the King to bring him up to speed. Now Lion
addresses the King to ask the questions everyone came here for.
The King understands and wants to know what everyone's wishes are.
Lion: Courage! Buriki: A heart! Kakashi: Intelligence!
The King's response: Lion has fought bravely for his friends,
Buriki has protected Tingle from the evil plans of Majiyo, Kakashi has seen
through the schemes of Majiyo and Segare. Strength, compassion, and wisdom are
to be found inside each of the companions! So, they had what they sought for
all along... Nice story!
Suddenly, Tingle starts to waver, and his appearance changes.
The Fortune Teller comes running into the ball room and explains what's
happening: According to his fortune, Tingle hasn't got much time left to return
to the world he originally came from. Since there's no time for explanations,
she magically whisks everyone away...

Tingle finds himself somewhere outside, between the rolling hills. Walk to the
right - Lion is here, too, and he sees people gathering further to the east.
So continue moving right until you reach the Flower Vendor who gave you the
balloon and the Ladybugs. Tap the Fortune Teller. She congratulates Tingle on
his travels and efforts, and tells him to keep walking to meet the others.
Walk right to meet up with Lion, Kakashi, and Buriki. Keep moving to the right
to finally reach a place where everyone is gathered around another magical seal
on the floor. This is the place where Tingle first came into this world -
see the farm of his "Aunt" and "Uncle" in the background? Lion and Kakashi are
arguing wether Tingle will return to his own world or not. The Fortune Teller
explains that Tingle has to return to his world. Suddenly, the seal begins to
sparkle. The door to Tingle's world will open soon! The Princess has an
objection: The prophecy has not been properly fulfilled! According to the
original story, Tingle has to dance with the Princess in order to return to his
own world. The other girls and his friends also wish for Tingle to stay.
So, the Fortune Teller decides to do another Dance right here, right now.
Since the princess she saw in the prophecy was really Majiyo in disguise,
Tingle should choose his dance partner himself.
Now you can decide which girl Tingle should do his final dance with.
The Princess, Iona, Liar, Sensei, or Azusa. You can also try to select the
Fortune Teller, but she won't dance with Tingle, he he. Tap the girl you like
and use the third verb to point her out, then confirm your choice. As Tingle
and his chosen dance partner step inside the circle, the magic awakens...

**You made it! Enjoy the beautiful end credits of this charming game, but
don't switch off just now...**

You'll be treated to slightly different end credits, depending on which girl
you chose. Once the credits have ended, you... get a new item? Tingle receives
the _thing Ladybug Blue is looking for_. Read the section *Secrets* for more
on that.
Also, you can now read the "book of the game" from the game's 
menu screen (meaning it lets you read the descriptions that appear before 
and after each page).
Finally, the game asks if you want to save your data, which would be pretty 
reasonable at this point.

# Secrets
## The Thing Ladybug Blue is Looking for
When you complete the game, after the end credits, you'll get the
"thing that Ladybug Blue is Looking for". It looks like a tube from an old
radio - because that's what it is! Fly to page 2 and enter the Fortune Teller's
house. Give the "thing" to Ladybug Blue so that he can repair his radio.
Now you can use the radio any time you like to access a neat sound check mode.

[G] Side Quests
NOTE: Most of the side quests can only be completed after you finished the main
story line. New events and characters to interact with will populate "the world
thereafter" of many pages.

Acknowledgements: Some of this data comes from 

[G.1] Bottoms Up (Page 1)
You can do this side quest only very late in the game, once you get the
Miracle Medicine you need to cure the Princess of her illness.

Return to page 1's "the world thereafter", to the farm where Tingle woke up
when he first entered this world.
Leave the house and walk east to the place with the machine that grandpa and
grandma used to fire Tingle towards the City. What happened here!? Grandpa
and grandma are laying on the ground, their faces green. Next to grandpa you'll
see a letter. Pick it up and read it. It's from a person who asked them to do
something, and sent them some sort of drink to toast after a job done well.

Use the Miracle Medicine you got on page 12 and use it on grandma. She'll
recover immediately and ask you to heal grandpa as well. Agree to that and
watch the elderly people regain their senses. When they're done talking,
present the letter you just picked up to grandpa. The two of them will explain
that a person paid them to take Tingle in, pretend he's their grandson and set
him on his way to the City. Then they ask Tingle to forgive them their deceit.
Once you forgive them, the side quest is complete.

[G.2] The Mysterious Clock (Page 1)
Return to page 12's "the world thereafter", enter the inn and walk up the 
stairs. Right in front of Sigma Jet's room (the one on the right), there's
something glittering on the ground. Pick it up. It's a wind-up key!
Return to page 1 and use the wind-up key on the keyhole on the right of the
clock hanging in Tingle's room.
Watch the Glockenspiel, and the side quest is complete.

[G.3] Time Travel Tingle (Page 2)
You complete this side quest as soon as you perform your first time leap with
the red balloon.
This side quest is completed in the course of the main story line.

[G.4] My Brother the Cook (Page 2)
In the flower garden of page 2's "the world thereafter", you'll find the
red ladybug. Talk to him and he will tell you the story of the youngest ladybug
brother who went out into the world all by himself.
Use the balloon to fly to page 7's "the world thereafter", and meet a 
mysterious purple stranger on the platform. He'll ask you to do something for
him, which leads to you completing the page 7 side quest "The Hungry Vagabond".
Having done that, fly to page 12 and find the vagabond again on the roof of the
inn (you have to use the arrow to look up for that). He'll give you a special
dish he cooked and ask you to find the right person to eat it. Walk all the way
west to where Nimistop is, and give him the dish. He likes it so much that he
wants to meet the cook who made it. Walk back to the inn and talk to the
vagabond to get him to meet Ministop. They'll agree to go into business 
together and fly off, leaving the vagabond's bundle behind. Pick up the bundle.
Fly back to page 2' "the world thereafter" and give the bundle to the red
ladybug in the back yard. He'll taste the vagabond's - who's really the 
youngest of the ladybug brothers - cooking and it'll bring tears to his eyes.
Strictly from nostalgia, of course. The side quest is now complete.

[G.5] The Munching Monk (Page 3)
In page 3's "the world thereafter", grab some corn from the heap next to the
farm cottage. Enter the cottage and throw the corn into the fireplace to make
roast corn. Return to the entrance of the corn fields, where the gate with the
big sign is. Use the roast corn on the statue next to the gate. The statue
munches the corn and the side quest is complete.

[G.6] Angel Rest Your Wings (Page 3)
In page 3's "the world thereafter", perform the Love Push on Sensei to gain
her 2nd heart. Then when she asks you if you think she should take a break
from work and go to the Dance Party, answer "yes" to complete the sude quest.

[G.7] And Then He Croaked (Page 4)
Go to the swamp on page 4. Shoot at the frontmost one of the target-shaped
flowers with your slingshot. This will make the frog come closer. Pick up the
frog. Use the frog on the breathing tube that's sticking out of the swamp to
complete the quest.

[G.8] The Nutty Monk (Page 4)
This one's just a little bit tricky. Find 4 different nuts in the bushes that
are scattered all about page 4. Tap on each and every bush you see in all the
locations, until you've found the 4 nuts there are to find.

The locations of the nuts might be random, but here's where I found them:
- The Rolling Nut close to the T-intersection where you first saw the big bell.
- The Striped Nut on the easy-to-miss bush in the bend of the road where the
yellow tree is.
- The Raspberry in a bush in the location where the Face Tree is.
- The Golden Nut next to the patch of high grass where you played hide and seek
with some squirrels.

Once you have a nut of each kind, take them to the statue next to the hunting
lodge. Use the nuts on the statue and watch it munch on them. For every kind
of nut you feed it, a tiny little flower blooms at its feet. Once you've fed
it all 4 kinds of nuts, the side quest is completed.

[G.9] Bed Wet No More (Page 4)
On page 4, go to where the fallen yellow tree is. You'll find a yellow ladybug.
Talk to him. He'll ask you to catch a fish called a Nushy in the forest swamp
for him, to cure his bedwetting. 
Walk to the swamp in the east and fish until you catch one, then return to the
yellow ladybug and give it to him. Consuming this special fish cures the
ladybug from his bedwetting! 

[G.10] Fairy Tale (Page 4)
On page 4, after you've completed the side quest "The Frog That Moved On",
go to the stretch of trees where the Face Tree is. A knocking sound is coming
from one of the trees. Check the tree to find a woodpecker.
The bird is continuously pulling insects out of the tree to eat them.
You need to shoot at the bird with your slingshot while it's holding an insect
in its beak. If you time it right, the bird'll drop the insect, and Tingle'll
pick it up. Walk east to the swamp and put the insect into the breathing tube
sticking out of the water. Watch the events unfold before your unbelieving

[G.11] The Seven Fruits (Page 4)
On page 4, return all of the Face Tree's children to their parent.
This side quest is part of the main story line.

[G.12] The Muddy Monk (Page 5)
On page 5, use some water on the dirty stone statue next to the platform to
remove the moss from it (you can get water from the tap right outside the
garage, put it in your bottle). Then tap the statue and choose the rightmost
verb, "polish". Tingle will polish the statue, completing the side quest.

[G.13] Trainforce (Page 5)
Find the 3 train-related relics:

1. The Priority Strap: You'll find this strap-like handle in the shelf in the
   basement underneath the train garage after you've met Azusa there.
2. Conductor Hat: You'll find the hat on the locker in the train garage.
3. Conductor Badge: You'll find the badge behind the picture on the platform.

As soon as you've collected all the train items, they will combine to form the
almighty Trainforce!

[G.14] Sunny Smile (Page 6)
On page 6's "the world thereafter", go to Iona's mom and ask her to do some 
farm work with just Tingle. 
At this time of day, the vegetables have a special stage in their ripening
process: a pink smiley-faced mandrake. 
If you manage to pull out 5 of these smile mandrakes in one game, you have
completed this side quest. Tingle will get a "PK cart" for use at the DunJon.

[G.15] Village Fishing Champ (Page 6)
On page 6, after returning the fishing expert's dentures, talk to him to learn
about Fishing!. Ask him about collecting fish stamps. He'll give you a stamp
card. You can get a stamp for each of the fish that can be caught in 
Vegetable Village. The 8 kinds of fish are:

1. Shy Zander (インドジョウ)
2. Big Buddy (キョウダイブナ(あに))
3. Little Buddy (キョウダイブナ(おとうと))
4. Chuzpe Carp (バッチコイ)
5. Longleg Shrimp (アシナガエビ)
6. Sweetfish (アマイワナ)
7. Soleless Shoe (そこなしシューズ) (these are shoes, rather than actual fish)
8. Energy Eel (ゲンキウナギ)

The Energy Eel can only be caught in the fishing spot in front of Iona's shop.
You have to wait for the wind to die down; the time to cast your line is 
as soon as the small pinwheel next to the fishing spot stops spinning.

For the other fish, there are no special conditions. Which fish you catch
depends on the fishing spot and the color of the bait. Try every combination
until you've caught all the fish, then give all of them to the fishing master
(use the rightmost verb with him to sell all your fish) to fill your stamp card
and complete the side quest.

[G.16] World Fishing Champ (Page 6)
On page 6, after completing the side quest "Best Fisherman in the Village",
the pro fisherman takes away your regular fishing stamp card and gives you
a golden fishing stamp card that has room for 10 more fish. While the fish in
the previous side quest could all be found in Vegetable Village, the ones on
the golden stamp card are from all over the world.

This is where you find them:

- Broken Pole (ゴミつりぐ): Page 3, irrigation channel
- Old Tire (くずタイヤ): Page 3, irrigiation channel
- Dullet (ズボラ): Page 3, irrigation channel
- Unseen Trout (ツレンギョ): Page 3, irrigation channel
- Dumb Snapper (バカサギ): Page 3, irrigation channel
- Nushy (ヌッシー): Page 4, swamp
- Jet Bass (ジェットバス): Page 4, swamp
- Fugu Custom (フグカスタム): Page 10, Seagull Park
- Quititsquid (ヤメナイカ): Page 10, Seagull Park
- MekaMarlin (メカジキ): Page 10, Seagull Park

Give all of them to the fishing master (use the rightmost verb with him to sell
all your fish) to fill your golden stamp card and complete the side quest.

A "GR Cart" for use at the DunJon will be your reward.

[G.17] The Hungry Vagabond (Page 7)
Visit the red ladybug by the fallen tree on page 2 and listen to his story
about the youngest of the ladybug brothers who went out into the wold on his 
Next, go to page 7 and talk to the purple-clad figure standing on the platform.
Answer "yes" when the mysterious figure asks you to go on a food hunt for them.
What they need is some fish, mushrooms, and some seasoning. If you talk to the
cloaked figure again, you'll get the details about the food you need to find.
All of the food items can be found on page 7, in nighttime Vegetable Village.

- Fish: Catch 1 Shy Zander (インドジョウ).
  Refer to the fishing guide to learn where to catch it.
- Mushroom: Gather 5 Nightcap mushrooms (ヨルダケ), glowing mushrooms that can
  only be found during nighttime.
  You can find them to the left and the right of the General Store, at the foot
  of the stairs to the plot rental, in the grass near the fruit shop, next to
  the seed store. Touch the glowing spots in the grass repeatedly until you
  have the mushroom in your hands.
- Seasoning: Find a spicy butterfly to season the final dish.
  Next to the flower store, the insect-catching youth is trying to capture a
  butterfly. Touch the butterfly, and the youth will ask you to catch it for
  him. Catching it is as simple as touching it the moment an exclamation mark
  ("!") appears over it.
Return to the cloaked figure on the platform. Give all of the food items you've
gathered to them. The mysterious figure thanks you and takes their leave.

[G.18] Dungeon Master (Page 7)
Collect all of the DanJon cartridges that are scattered all over the world and
hand them over to Dan.

"Easy" level cartridges:
- Cart GY: Talk to the Boss (the unmasked Clown guy) on page 10's "world 
  thereafter" and play the mouse-shooting game. Get a score of 11 or more to
  be awarded the cartridge.
- Cart BP: Complete the page 11 side quest "Coin Collector" to receive this.
- Cart PK: Visit Iona's mom on page 6's "world thereafter" and play the field
  work minigame. Collect 5 or more Smile Mandrakes to receive this cartridge as
  a reward.
- Cart PBL: Do the Love Push on the stone statue (yes!) in page 2's "world 
  thereafter" to receive this.
- Cart GR: Complete page 6's side quest "The Best Fisherman in the World" to
  receive this as a reward.
- Cart DGY: Talk to the Mushroom Lady on page 12 to receive this.

"Difficult" level cartridges:
- Cart DBK: You'll find this one glittering in a trash heap in the cellar
  beneath the train garage in page 5' "world thereafter".
- Cart EBK: Complete the page 12 side quest "Shinobi Road" to receive this.
- Cart OR: Complete the page 4 side quest "Bed Wet No More". Then talk to the
  ladybug in the flower shop on page 8.
- Cart SBL: Complete the page 13 side quest "I Finally Saw It!" to receive 
[G.19] Presents for Everyone (Page 8)
Perform 3 Love Pushes on Iona.

1. Meet her on Page 6 after catching the Energy Eel for the Mushroom Lady.
2. Meet her again in Page 8's "the world thereafter".
3. On Page 8, get her green dress at the seed shop, and give it to her to
   unlock her final heart and do the Love Push on her one last time.

[G.20] Hidden in the Flower Bed (Page 8)
Perform the Love Push on Monpe, the girl working in the flower fields in
Vegetable Village. Then, after completing the page 4 side quest "Fairy Tale",
shoot the girl to the top right in the same screen as Monpe with your 
slingshot (yes!). Surprise!

[G.21] Choo Choo of Love (Page 9)
Perform 3 Love Pushes on Azusa.

1. In Page 5's "the world thereafter", meet her in the basement of the train
   garage. Give her the train model you found in the tunnel on page 9 to unlock
   her heart.
2. Meet her again in Page 9's "the world thereafter", in the train tunnel.
   You'll need the Train Force (see the side quest of the same name) to unlock
   her heart and do the Love Push.
3. On Page 9's "the world thereafter", after winning her 2nd heart, she'll ask
   you to do something for her. Flip the C switch, get on her train and ride it
   to the next stop, the one with the phone box. Call her on the phone and ask
   her to flip the H switch. Ride to the next station, open the box that's
   there to find the Ultra Express Train A. Keep riding the tracks until you're
   back at the tunnel, get off the train and give the model train to her to
   unlock her final heart.

[G.22] Eagle's Reemployment (Page 10)
Complete the page 4 side quest "The Seven Fruits".
Go to page 10's "world thereafter". Talk to Eagle, who is standing in front of
the passport office. He'll ask you to collect business cards from businesses in
the port because he's looking for a job. The card you need is the one the big
burly gardener in Seagull Park will give you if you talk to him. Bring the card
back to Eagle. Gevi Dekusept (デクシチ), the 7th child of the Face Tree you got
from the page 4 side quest, to Eagle to present to the gardener.
Help Eagle pass the following quiz with these right answers:
Question 1: Squirrel (リス)
Question 2: Pelican (ペリカン)
Question 3: Face Tree (じんめんじゅ)
Go back to the passport office.

[G.23] Where the Heart is (Page 10)
Perform 3 Love Pushes on Sensei.

1. Meet her in Page 3's "the world thereafter".
2. Meet her once again in Page 3's "the world thereafter".
3. Meet her on Page 10, in West Side.

[G.24] Storehouse Sniper (Page 10)
Talk to the Boss (the unmasked clown) on page 10's "world thereafter" and play
the mice-shooting mini game. Score 11 points or more.

[G.25] Coin Collector (Page 11)
On page 11's "world thereafter", give 50 Demon Coins to the person waiting in
Liar Village, right next to the entrance. A BP cart will be your reward.

[G.26] Tell the Truth (Page 11)
Perform 3 Love Pushes on Lia.

1. Meet her on Page 11 as part of the main story line.
2. Meet her in Page 11's "the world thereafter"; she's in the Grinfrown shrine.
3. Meet her again in Page 11's "the world thereafter". She's sitting at the 
   pond south of Liar Village.

[G.27] His Name is Baron (Page 11)
Talk to the village chief of Liar Village. He will tell you about a monster
named Baron that lurks outside the village at night. Agree to attempt to slay
the monster. He will give you the Grief Mask, which, when worn, will attract
Baron, he says.
Leave the village, remember to fill up on hot water for the night walk, and 
walk around the area around the oasis in the upper part of the center of the
map. After a while you will be attacked by Baron. The monstrous being has been
poisoned and seems to be about to attack you against its will.
Use the Miracle Medicine that you used to cure the Princess on Baron.
After the battle, the Grief Mask transforms into the Serene Mask.
Take the mask back to the village chief.

[G.28] Max Heart (Page 12)
Do the Love Push 5 times on the Princess.

1. Meet her on Page 12 as part of the main story line.
2. After completing the game, meet her in Page 12's "the world thereafter" in
   the Castle.
3. After the 2nd Love Push, she'll ask you to get her a treat from the inn.
   Show the note she gives you to the inn's bartender, learn that she tricked
   you, and return Page 12's "the world thereafter" right away.
4. After the 3rd Love Push, run an errand for her again. Return to her only to
   learn that she already left. Return to Page 12's "the world thereafter" 
5. After the 4th Love Push, return to Page 12's "the world thereafter" one more

After Love Pushing the Princess 5 times, go to the Princess' room and talk to
her. Touch the bird on the veranda and request Lion to interpret for you.
When everybody has left, talk once more to the Princess.

[G.29] Another Man's Treasure (Page 12)
After you've completed the page 12 side quest "Max Heart", go to the Princess'
room and pick up the glittering item. Give it to Sigma Jet at the inn.

[G.30] Shinobi Road (Page 12)
Complete the page 8 side quest "Hidden in the Flower Garden". Perform the Love
Push on One-Pup, the Mushroom Lady's mushroom dog on page 12. The little dog
will tag along for awhile.
Go to the inn and take the stairs to the upper floor. On the door down the hall
you'll see something fluttering. Touch it and answer "yes" to tear it off. It's
the ninja again! He challenges Tingle to a hide-and-seek duel.
Go to the Castle gates and touch the guardsman, then touch One-pup the dog and
answer "yes" to make it bark. 
Go back to the Mushroom Lady - or Ladies, because now there are two! Touch the
left one and set the dog on her using the rightmost verb.
Talk to the man with the telescope next to the save point and shoot the ninja
with your slingshot.
Proceed towards the Castle and pull out the buried ninja using Lion's 
"strength". A cartridge EBK will be your reward for completing the side quest.

[G.31] Grandfather's Bequest (Page 12)
On page 9's "world thereafter", examine the equipment where Zonmi, the 
operator, used to work. You'll find a glass pendulum.
Take it to the man sitting in the inn on page 12.

[G.32] I Swear on the Truth (Page 13)
Go to the inn on page 13 and take the journalist's armband from one of the
tables. Leave the inn.
In front of the inn, you'll see the journalist rummaging around in a hole in
the wall. Give the armband to him to complete the side quest.

[G.33] I Finally Saw It! (Page 13)
Talk repepatedly to the boy on the ground floor of the inn. He'll tell you
about the lucky star he'd like to see. A star made of machines that can be
seen in the night sky and fulfills wishes by sending down a silver angel...
After talking to him three times, he'll ask you if you disbelieve him.
Answer "no". He'll tell you all about the star and ask you to tell him should
you ever see it.
Go to the inn's upper floor and look through the telescope. Pan the view to the
left using the red arrow. There's a red and blue flashing object in the sky!
Touch it and choose "yes" when the game asks if you want to tell the boy about
it. Tingle will tell the boy. Follow the boy up the stairs. Talk to the boy.
He makes his wish, and the side quest is completed. Your reward is a SBL cart.

[G.34] The Last Spoiler (Page 13)
After you have completed EVERY OTHER side quest (I know!), you are ready to
tackle the final one: the final Zoom Zoom quiz!

Go to see the Spoiler Hermit on page 13. He's the small man who lives in the
save pig's save screen. Talk to him and prepare to answer his questions. If you
answer wrong more than twice, you lose the game.

Q: The milk you gave to the Big Liar was from which animal?
A: はなやぎ (Nose goat)
Q: What's the name of the park located in the port's east side?
A: うみねここうえん (Seagull park)

Q: What's the name of the chicken that lives on the farm you woke up on? 
A: コッコ (Cucko)
Q: What animal is on the cereal box in the junkyard next to Faraway Station?
A: ぶた (pig)
Q: How many pairs of train tracks lead from the mountain tunnel to the port?
A: 6
Q: What can you give to the animals in front of the House of Fortune Telling to
   make them give you rupees?
A: はな(びら)(flowers)
Q: Of DanJon's Dan and Jon, which one has the Pompadour hair?
A: ダン (Dan)
Q: What kind of tool is depicted on the sign of the General Store in
   Vegetable Village?
A: はさみ (scissors)

Q: Which direction does the save pig rotate?
A: ひだり (left)
Q: What's the name of the Sensei you met in the corn fields?
A: フローレンス (Florence)
Final Stage:
Q: The squirrel to my left, the squirrel to my right... Which one's my type?
A: りょうほう (both)

[H] Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: How can I get more worms as bait for fishing?
A: Use the balloon to return to page 7, Vegetable Village at night time.
   Talk to Iona's mom and do the farm mini-game with Kakashi to catch worms.
   If you haven't progressed beyond page 6 and you still have all your party
   members with you, you can simply do the farm mini-game right on page 6.

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