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The story for DodoGo! takes place back in the Cretaceous period, after a terrible tidal wave has swept away the home island for the Dodo species, stranding and scattering its eggs across an isolated piece of rock in the middle of the ocean. The devastating wave has also brought a hungry and sneaky predator to the island looking for tasty eggs to snack upon. Lost and alone, the Dodo eggs will need a big helping hand, or rather a helping stylus, to get out of this mess and back to their nests. Armed with just a toolbox and their own ingenuity, players must guide the fragile Dodo eggs across nearly 100 levels of inhospitable environments while avoiding obstacles, pitfalls and threatening predators. Players cannot control the eggs themselves, but through manipulating the environment by digging, backfilling, sawing, scraping and cutting, players will work to succeed at returning the Dodo eggs back to their nests.

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