Journal pages?

  1. Hey anyone wanna tell me where I can find all of the journal pages? I have a few but I don't remember which so if you have them all please tell me!

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  1. Journal Pages

    1: Get from Mac, after you rescue him, unlocks the ability to play the Story
    mode of the game.

    2: Get from Satipo, if you beat his challenge. Unlocks Cross of Coranado

    3: Get from Lao Che, if you beat his challenge. Unlocks Hanger 51 Mini-Game.

    4: Get from the Monkey on the beach near Lao, Irina Spalko will tell you about
    it. Unlocks Mine Cart Mayhem Mini-Game.

    5: Jump to where Donovan is stuck on the ledge. Unlocks Grail Trials Mini-Game.

    6: Smash a rock near the mysterious number near Irina Spalko. Unlocks Jungle
    Race Mini-Game.

    7: Beat Major Toht & his henchmen in a Snowball fight, cross the bridge to grab
    it in front of the cabin. Unlocks Ark Spirits Mini-Game.

    8: Smash the rocks to the left of the cabin to find a Throw Pad to build.
    Use it to throw your partner on to the roof of the cabin go right & jump
    to the next roof to find it near the chimney. Unlocks Rooftop Pursuit

    9: Swim in the water near the crab game, where Lao is at. Unlocks Boulder
    Escape Mini-Game.

    10: Climb the wall on the left botom area of the mine. Unlocks Rope Bridge
    Rumble Mini-Game.

    11: Beat Mola Ram to get a Journal Page. Unlocks Maharajah Hunt Mini-Game.

    12: Need a character with a Crystal Skull. Go to the area after the Monkey Pad
    use the Crystal Skull to move the shovels. Dig up a Whip Pad to build & use,
    smash the rocks to find another dig spot, dig up, build & use a Spinning Switch
    & the Spinning Switch next to it to lower some platforms, go to the left and
    cut a rope, then build a rope, and use the Spinning Switches to adjust the
    platforms so that you can grab the Journal Page. Unlocks Crusher Chaos

    13: Need a Scholar character. Use the Scholar panels to rescue Dr. Elsa
    Schneider to get it. Unlocks Monkey Business Mini-Game.

    14: Need a character with a Pet Monkey, use the Monkey pad in the area where
    Mac is to climb some vines to find it. Unlocks Mutt Swing Mini-Game.

    15: Need a Strong character, after you rescue Elsa, go inside the cell and use
    a Strong Panel to make a Bounce Pad to build appear. Build & use it to hop on
    top of the prison to get it. Unlocks Making Tracks Mini-Game.

    16: Follow the clues that Belloq gives you, you will need a digger to find them
    and to dig up the page. Unlocks Castle Rescue Mini-Game.

    17: Need a character with a Crystal Skull. From the area with Belloq go right
    to find a swarm of bugs, use the Skull to make a path. Use a Digger to dig
    up Colonel Dovchenko to get a Journal Page as a reward. Unlocks Alien Ship

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