Review by psychopenguin77

Reviewed: 08/03/10

Finally a remake of my favorite pokemon game

When I first heard that a remake of Pokemon Gold and Silver I was thrilled. Finally a chance to replay my favorite Pokemon game. After buying Soulsilver, I am pleased to say that this game retains what I loved from the original, but also adds new content for slightly different experience.

The story and gameplay of pokemon HG/SS are, as you might guess, largely the same as G/S. If you were hoping for a brand new game you will be disappointed. Despite the similarities, some nice new revisions were made. The strange touch screen-button hybrid in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl was fixed so that the touch controls actually feel natural. While a little strange at first, eventually I quit using the ABXY buttons at all and only the touch screen.

Another good addition to the remake was the pokeathelon. For those who don't know, the pokeathelon is sort of like the supercontests in Diamond and Pearl except they have you choose three pokemon to compete in touch screen oriented mini-games. Why is this good? If you earn enough points from the pokeathelon you can actually get elemental stones without waiting for a random trainer to call you and give you one. In my opinion, this corrected a major flaw in the original version.

For those who played the original, you will probably also notice the huge new safari zone near cianwood town. This safari zone is actually quite different than the safari zones in past games and allows you to catch pokemon previously only obtainable much later in the game. The slot machines in Goldenrod city have been replaced with a voltorb flip game, and you no longer buy coins. This is both good and bad because now you don't need any money to play, but you actually have to win the game to get any prizes (like the TMs for icebeam, thunderbolt, and flamethrower).

What impressed me most about HG/SS was everything you could do after you beat the game. You can go to battle tower, rematch all the gym leaders (and the elite four), and catch just about any legendary pokemon you want (except the obvious like arceus, darkrai, shaymin, etc.). You can log in endless hours on HG/SS even after you beat the game. And for those of you who remember the intense Red battle in G/S, you're in for a change in Red's pokemon and their levels (they're at least 8 levels higher).

If you're looking for a brand new game with lots of new gameplay and innovation, sorry, HG/SS is not for you. This game is a remake after-all. But if you want to re-experience a great game or weren't around for G/S, then HG/SS is defenently worth your money. After all, now you don't have go through hoops to get the G/S pokemon needed to complete a Diamond and Pearl national pokedex.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Pokemon SoulSilver Version (US, 03/14/10)

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