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Reviewed: 03/31/10

A review of Pokemon SoulSilver.

You know, a lot of people are being too excited on this game. Practically, this game is the same as the old Crystal and Silver and Gold versions. The game can be exciting, but it has few new features added.

You start the game as a female, or male if you choose. You have to basically train to become the ultimate Pokemon master. You'll face difficult challenges, meet up with old rivals, meet new friends and enemies, and catch more Pokemon. It's an exciting game that'll keep the audience addicted and begging for more. That said, let's start the review!

Even though this game is a remake, it is definitely an addicting game. With more challenges and Pokemon to catch and train, who wouldn't want to keep playing? There are so many possibilities you can choose, thus, making the audience replay this game.

Since SoulSilver is a remake of the Silver version, there's really nothing you haven't seen, or done before; unless you've never played the old versions. Only a few features has been added, but nothing drastic has changed or been added, like the D/P/P versions. But there are more details this game has that wasn't in the old buy the game and find out what those additions are!

The music is really good, but again, they are too original and common. There should be more theme songs for each Gym Leader, and better ones for the Legendaries.

The graphics are way better and more detailed than G/S/C and D/P/P versions. You can find every little detail in this game, from the little, tiny rocks and spots on the floor, to the tips of Pokemon's ears. It's THAT excellent.

Again, there are so many different possibilities you can do in this game. From catching all pokemon, training them, battling, and collecting them all. Only 6 pokemon are allowed in your party...and more than 400 to choose from.

In this game, the touchscreen is needed for ALOT of things. It is used much more than the D/P/P versions. A good thing about these controls is that when you open your bag, you can access your things much more quickly. 6 slots of items per page CAN be useful, but also confusing. The downside is that trying to view your Pokemon's stats and checking your PC is difficult and confusing. The original controls of D/P/P versions are easier and not confusable.

Pokemon isn't a hard game to play at all, if you actually know what you're doing that is. Training, battling, and catching Pokemon is an easy process.

This game is addictive, and very fun to play. If you like remakes, then go buy yourself Pokemon SoulSilver.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Pokemon SoulSilver Version (US, 03/14/10)

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