Can a pokemon still evolve after you canceled his evolution?

  1. I canceled my mareeps level 15 evolution but can he still evolve to his level 30 evolution?
    Is there a way you can evolved after you cancel an evolved pokemon?
    bloodydart42 - 10 years ago - report
  2. Same happened with me I feel you. PokemanZan2159 - 7 years ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  1. Yes, for exmple, a Pidgey can evolve at level 99 if you wish so. Cancelling an evolution does not permanently halt it, just until it levels up once more. Of course, if the unevolved Pokemon is level 100 (in terms of levelling up) or holding an Everstone, it cannot evolve. Earth_Echidna - 10 years ago - report 9   4


  1. You can still evolve a pokemon after canceling its evolution.

    Just level it up again and it will evolve.
    mnkysprn (Expert) - 10 years ago - report 3   1
  2. You just have to level it up say a flaaffy you can let it evolve at level 99 if you let it have an everstone or keep canceling it's evoltion. The main thing is that if you cancel it's evolution level it up one level and it will evolve. PokemanZan2159 - 7 years ago - report 2   1
  3. Yes just level it up again or if it requires trading then just trade again. EthanTrainer (Expert) - 9 years ago - report 1   4
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